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NB: All my daily messages are now in the archives section.

A note about printing articles. We have removed the separate "printing" section of our website. Instead, when you select print, the menus within a page will be removed automatically and your printer should just output the actual article.

With over 1 million words at my website, we have been working hard to make it simpler to find and use information.

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We have structured the archives section in chronological order. You can browse articles by the year, month or day on which they were published. For example, to access all articles written in 2002, simply type in For June, 2001, type in We chose the "YYYY/MM/DD" format as it is the one least likely to cause confusion in different countries.

We have divided the rest of our website into five main categories which you can select from the menu at the top of the page.

If you get stuck, just ask for help.

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