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Happiness Index

A recent message at this site looked at a happiness index and how we can improve our international investing and business decisions by looking at the cost of happiness.

Our business in Ecuador has blossomed because so many Canadian and American readers are unhappy with how life in their country has evolved.

People are moving to seek happiness at a lower cost.

If we can use happiness as input in our investing and business decisions about countries, shouldn’t we also have a personal happiness index involved in our business and investing decisions as well?

Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, “Outliers-The Story of Success”, explains that people who have a fulfilling business are happier and healthier as well as better off financially.

The three keys for a business to be satisfying are:

#1: Autonomy.

#2: Complexity.

#3: A direct relationship between effort and reward.

This is why earning in Ecuador or globally offers such satisfaction.  This method of earning fits all three requirements.

We can increase our chances of being happy if we have a way to earn income that has these three qualities and is based on a personal passion.

Most of Merri’s and my ideas come from our Passions.

Here is an excerpt from Lesson Eleven in our emailed course, “Tangled Webs – How to Have an Internet Business.”

During a holiday weekend, friends stopped by for lunch.  After sharing a meal we relaxed, looked over our front yard meadows and talked.


These friends are successful publishers of a leading edge magazine on health so… they are always thinking… asking… seeking.

They asked the thought provoking question…”What’s next?”

I told them that I did not know… logic did not make sense… so I was waiting either for an event or to have a “feeling” or a “passion” for what is next for me.

Then I explained about a health product that Merri and I planned to develop that had  grown from one of our passions.

We believe that health and wealth are related.  Stress is a leading cause of health problems.  We live in a stressful world and the high cost of medical care adds to the stress.

Our belief is that there is a Problem with health care.

Our Passion is to enjoy and help others enjoy better, less expensive, less stressful health care.

The Profitably Priced Product is a dental – dermatology program in Ecuador.

The idea behind this Product came when we noticed that guests staying at our hotel raved about dental and dermatology work they had when visiting there.

We decided to develop a program that would let all our readers who have an Ecuador and health focus know about this excellent, low cost care.

The Product is a simple information service. We train our staff at the hotel to translate dental and medical terms.  We offer, for a small fee, to accept a dental or dermatological quotes.  We pass this onto the Ecuador dentist and/or doctor.  If the reader then comes to use the dentists or doctor and stays at our hotel, we offset the fee paid against room charges at the hotel.

Products can easily be profitable when there is little cost involved in the production.  The doctors and dentists exist. So does the hotel’s staff.  So all we have to do is a bit of training. This will be our entire cost to develop this product.

The  lesson here is to always look for ways to expand existing products for increased profit.

Yet we also always observe an important rule when creating a new product…test…. test…. test.

I had two Prospecting ideas to reach two markets.

To plan was simply to  write articles on Ecuador dentistry and  doctors… providing good, useful content about this subject.

The first prospecting idea was to email a link to my existing 16,000 + readers.

The lesson here is  to build lists of  readers, customers or contacts that have a common interest.

The second idea was to write these useful articles in a way that they ranked well with the search engines.  This would act as a Prospecting tool both for people interested in lower cost health care and Ecuador.

I tested whether we could be effective at prospecting by writing and posting three articles.

They have worked pretty well.

Currently those articles rank #1, #2 and #3 at Google for the phrase “Ecuador dentists”.


Plus the article also ranked #1 at Google for the phrase “Ecuador Doctors”.


In addition we gained an unexpected benefit.  Because the content was so useful, a number of other websites posted our text at their site (with a link to our site).  The text was good enough that three of those websites ended up ranking on Goggle’s first page (#8 – #9- and #10) for the phrase “Ecuador Dentists.”


The lesson here is that clear content with a Promise explaining  a good Product that helps solve a big Problem can be both a Prospecting tool as well as a Presentation.

Happiness is a quality that all living beings seek.  The excerpt above shows that human happiness  can be increased by turning your passion into profit in a way that you can earn though good times or bad at home… in Ecuador or anywhere you choose.


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ecuador-wine and cheese

After a busy seminar day at the seminar, we’ll have a wine tasting at the New River Winery.

New River Winery is the first commercial winery in Ashe County, in Lansing near the headwaters of the New River, one of the oldest rivers in North America and close to our farm.

We’ll add cheese from the Ashe County Cheese Factory.


Ashe County Cheese is North Carolina’s oldest cheese plant, and has been producing quality cheese since 1930.


Enjoy as you learn:  ideas on business, cheese and wine… cool mountain weahther… fresh air… pure water  and a low stress pace.

Perhaps one of these ideas will create a helpful spark in your passion!

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Here are delegates at the wine tasting last year.


Our North Carolina courses in 2009 will be conducted in the new…

ecuador-wine and cheese

West Jefferson Hampton Inn.

ecuador-wine and cheese

Just opening this July 2009 with very nice rooms and…

ecuador-wine and cheese

really great…

ecuador-wine and cheese

views. I took these from the hotel’s parking lotecuador-wine and cheese

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Ecuador & Banking

When living in Cotacachi, Merri and I do not use Ecuador banking. See below why banking globally is better.


This Cotacachi plaza has one of the village’s two Cathedrals and…


a bank with an ATM… plus


a new credit institution with an ATM as well.


This works just fine for us.

This is an even better idea now that the Ecuador government has created a new wealth reporting regulation. See yesterdays article on Ecuador’s new financial reporting law if you missed this.

For wealth protection we bank mainly with Jyske Global Asset Management… who look after our investments in Denmark, but comply with US regulations.

I have banked abroad for 40 years and this has become increasingly difficult… though there are still ways.

In fact I co hosted Jyske Global Asset Mangement’s (JGAM) first US seminar  last month in Naples, Florida. Here I am with Thomas Fischer of  JGAM. While other banks are dumping Americans, Jyske is working harder to enhance its global service for US investors.


Since I wrote my first book, Passport to International Profit in the 1970s, my mantra has been to have what I call a “Six Point Command Posture” which is to:

Live in one country
Bank in a second country
Invest in many countries
Earn in two or more countries
Use a company incorporated in a fifth country
Take a second residence


The seven speaker panel answered questions at the JGAM – Gary Scott seminar.

Since Merri and I reside most of the time in the US and Ecuador, we do as little banking in these countries as possible.

There are some good reasons to have the “Six Point Command Posture”.   You can see why below.  The “Six Point Command Posture” is worthwhile even though recent events remind us that this posture is regretfully more difficult to attain than before.

The British Telegraph newspaper published a recent article entitled Lloyds Bank hit by Obama tax purge.  Excerpts (a link to the entire article is at the end of this message) say:  Banking group drops American customers in UK ahead of costly proposals to stamp out tax evasion.

Lloyds Banking Group is ditching American customers based in Britain pending a crackdown on international tax evasion planned by President Barack Obama.

This week American private client account-holders at Lloyds’s received letters informing them of an “important change in policy regarding clients who are resident, domiciled or linked to the United States by property or asset holdings”. They were told the bank had “no choice” but to “cease acting as your investment manager.”

One recipient, who has lived in the UK for over 25 years, said: “After all this time, I’ve suddenly been told I must take my money elsewhere and I don’t understand why. Now I’m scared that other banks won’t take me on either.”

The proposals, which were unveiled in the President’s first budget, have been designed to clamp down on American tax evaders abroad. But bank bosses say that in practice they could be asked to take on the task of collecting American taxes at a cost and legal liability that make servicing the clients inexpedient. The rules have not yet been finalised and are still subject to debate in Congress.

The letters also contained four comprehensive descriptions of the bank’s definition of clients that are affected. These included clients that hold green cards, pay American taxes, are American domiciled or even those where there is “any indication” that a client spent more time in the US than “normal holidays currently or in the past or future.”

There has been a continual erosion of the liberty that US investors  enjoy when banking abroad.

First, the Swiss Banks started limiting what US resident investors could invest in  (in the 1970s). Then the Swiss started dropping US resident investors all together.  Many Canadian financial institutions stopped accepting US resident investors  years ago.

Now the British banks have jumped in and as the article shows… it is not just US residents.  Even US citizens who have lived in England for 25 years are losing their accounts.

Fortunately, since banking abroad is not about reducing tax,  there are still great, safe and proper ways to bank and hold assets abroad.

Merri and I use Jyske Bank and Jyske Global Asset Management because they offer an excellent global investment service that conforms to all US rules.


Lars Stouge President of JGAM speaking at the Naples seminar.

See more on this in a TV interview between Thomas Fischer and me here.

Why Bank Globally?

Some investors mistakenly think that banking abroad reduces tax.  This is not correct and has not been for decades. There are numerous good tax planning ideas, but they work as well with local investments as well as overseas.

The reason to bank abroad is that we live in a global economy.  We are dependent on production from many nations every day.  Even though we do not do so directly we spend many currencies every day.   The ultimate form of financial security is a multi currency existence.

We are multi national spenders so we need to be multi national investors.  We need bankers and investment managers who have international and multi currency experience and expertise.

An excerpt from a recent multi currency question and answer session sent to my multi currency course subscribers explains why and how in more detail:

There are numerous benefits gained by using Jyske. The first benefit is Jyske’s global investing experience, 24 hour trading facilities and their low fee structure.

Jyske Bank has incredible in depth knowledge of markets and have a very broad access to global markets.  Jyske Global Asset Managers (JGAM) not only tap into Jyske Bank for data, but they also use  Morgan Stanley and Bank Credit Analysis for research.  There is rarely an investment question that I cannot get answered at Jyske.

The low fees are also a huge benefit.  I used to hold accounts at 14 banks around the world. Finally I started researching the fees I was paying and bean eliminating the accounts that charged the highest fees.

In the end I was left with Jyske and my London stock broker.  For example Jyske’s fee to buy bonds was one-sixth that was charged by my Swiss banker.

Hidden fees and shaved interest rates, especially those charged when you in exchange currencies, and buy stocks and bonds often chew an investor to pieces.

Plus Jyske has been in the banking business for over 100 years. They have enormous experience and are very conservative.  They were not hit by the sub prime mess. They had no Madoff investments.  I like this type of old fashioned stability.

Jyske is in touch with the pulse of the market. They trade 50 billion dollars of currencies and commodities a day.

Another important aspect gained at Jyske is bank safety. Denmark is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world to bank.

In addition there is great privacy and asset protection. No one that you do not inform can see your account.  Should someone sue you and gain a judgment against you, that judgment is not automatically enforceable in Denmark.   The creditor would have to start a legal action to attain the funds in Denmark and to date this has never happened at Jyske.

Q: Can you explain what type of account the multi currency transactions would be conducted?

A: There are two types of JGAM accounts… managed and advisory.

JGAM can buy any type of investment for Americans in managed accounts… because it is JGAM is making the decision… not the client.  Depending on the size of your account, you can ask Jyske to hold a specific investment in your account and if it makes sense in terms of the execution, diversification and your risk profile, they will do this… but it must be JGAM’s decision.

The managed accounts are available in four risk profiles… low risk… medium…high or speculative.  You can learn more about Jyske’s asset allocation strategy at the JGAM site linked later in this message.

Q: I have residency in Mexico there although I do not claim foreign residency for US tax purposes at this time.

A: Your residence does not matter when it comes to managed accounts.

There is a residential impact for advisory accounts.

If your main residence is outside the US (JGAM will want to see a utility bill as proof of residence), then JGAM can buy any investment without qualification.

If you have an advisory account and your main residence is in the US, then JGAM is restricted to buying qualified (US traded) investments for you.

However you still gain the asset protection and privacy benefits as these US traded assets are held in Denmark.

Q: Do you use a foreign LLC to conduct your business with Jyske Bank?  If so what country is the LLC issued from?

I do not use an LLC for our Jyske accounts. It is much easier to open an account in person.  However our account ownership is part of a plan that takes tax, asset protection and estate planning into account.  Everyone should make their decision on what type of structure and where it is organized based on their own plan that suits their own circumstances.

I highly recommend using a Strategic Asset Snapshot offered by Cox & Nici that  looks at all these variables. Joe Cox the senior partner of this firm has been my tax attorney for about 20 years.

You can get information about their Strategic Asset Snapshot Joe at jcox@coxnici.com

Learn about our Multi Currency Course and how to get this entire session here.

Having a six point command posture has become increasingly important over the  past 40 years as we have increased our involvement in the global economy.  Yet this secure method of living, investing and doing business has also become more difficult to achieve.  The result is that this posture is even more important and more worthwhile.

US investors See Jyske Global Asset Mangement’s new website here.

Non US investors contact Reny Matys at mathys@jbpb.dk


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Our North Carolina courses in 2009 will be conducted in the new…

ecuador-wine and cheese

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Here is what one reader wrote about our last seminar.

Hi Gary, Just a note to express our appreciation for a great event.  The Naples Beach Hotel provided a comfortable  setting for the gathering. The hotel should be congratulated for the excellent food and service. We enjoyed all of the speakers. I particularly enjoyed John Mauldin. I have followed his writings over the years.  In  1994 we attended several of your seminars, I enrolled in the Multiple Currency Course and opened an account with Jyske Bank.  This activity has provided us with a nice retirement income over the years. With economic disruptions world wide I decided to become reacquainted  with currencies as an investment tool as a consequence of  my very dark view of the USD’s future.  Keep up the good work. My day is always brightened by your daily emails.

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Read the entire Telegraph article: Lloyds Bank hit by Obama tax purge at