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Ecuador Swine Flu & Brazil Sandwiches

This message looks at Ecuador swine flu and the Brazilian Multi currency sandwich.

The Ecuador swine flu comes…


second when we see how this weaver and Ecuador’s natural ways can help avoid swine flu.

First, the Brazil multicurrency sandwich.

Investors interested in Ecuador may also be interested in other Latin investments. Those who would like to take risk now, (I am not ready to do this), a US dollar Brazilian real multi currency sandwich makes sense for three reasons.

The first reason is the interest rate differential commonly called positive carry.

You can borrow US dollars at Jyske Bank now for 3.375%.

Brazilian bonds pay 10%.

If you invest $100,000 in Brazilian bonds, you earn $10,000 a year income.  Use those bonds as collateral to borrow $100,000.  Invest this US dollar loan in more Brazilian bonds. Your interest cost is $3,375, your income $10,000.

This increases your total income to $16,625 a year or 16.625% per annum.

Let’s look at what this means on a five year basis. Assume for a moment that you held a Brazilian bond sandwich ($100,000 invested and $100,000 borrowed) for the next five years. You earn 15% per annum to begin.

Let’s assume that the Brazilian real appreciate 10%  versus the US dollar and that the bonds appreciate 1o%. The bonds become worth $240,000. You pay off the loan of $100,000 and have $140,000 plus the $83,125 of interest you have gained over five years.  That is a total return of $123,000 of income and gain returned on $100,000 invested or 24.6%  per annum return.

There are two more reasons why this investment may now make sense.

Learn them and the reason I am not increasing my position in Brazilian bonds in these volatile times (I have these bonds in my portfolio already) yet as a multi currency subscriber.  I posted a message with full details plus including a way to cash in on this distortion through any US stock broker.

Learn how to be a multi currency subscriber here.

Ecuador Swine Flu


One great thing about Ecuador is the balance of the shamanic wisdom.   I do not think the shamans of Ecuador are very concerned about swine flu.  The ancient knowledge flows with nature’s way and uses nature in every aspect of life balancing out problems of this sort.

Nature and balance are in every part of the ancient ways.  Here for example the weaver pictured earlier shows how yarn is naturally dyed.  A plant creates green.


A herb is used for red orange and…


a beetle that lives on cactus creates a natural purple dye, cochineal-in history very rare, very special.


In places like Cotacachi balanced shamanic knowledge is incorporated in daily life. Here a shaman leads a ceremony in the village plaza.


The ceremonies attract…


thousands of participants from the area because this wisdom is still in use.


Even Ma attends!


This appears to not be the case at Ecuador’s national level so this Andean nation’s reaction to Swine Flu was abrupt.

When swine flu first appeared, Ecuador declared a national emergency on swine flu… even though there was not have a single case of swine flu reported there.

In late April Ecuador barred foreigners who have been in Mexico from arriving in Ecuador on commercial flights as a precaution against swine flu.  Ecuador also suspended charter flights to and from Mexico to prevent the spread of the virus.   Visitors arriving in Ecuador who have been in Mexico are currently not allowed into Ecuador, although Ecuadorians are allowed to return home, but are closely monitored for flu symptoms.

Now new Ecuador swine flu events have taken place. If you are traveling to Ecuador from the US, I expect for now you’ll be wearing a mask on your flight.

Learn why when you read our entire Ecuador swine flu update as an Ecuador Living subscriber. See details here.

Here is one tip that can help avoid the swine flu anywhere that I believe is more along the lines of Ecuadorian shamanic wisdom.

An Ecuador Living subscriber reader sent me this note.


This matched up with what Merri and I have learned from Ecuadorian shamans, but I asked our friend Candace Newman, the expert on essential oils, to confirm this.  Here is her reply.

Gary, more and more the health community is definitely acknowledging the antibacterial and antiviral properties of essential oils…. because they are SOOOO needed.

The three below are certainly good ones…there are many.

Some other top ones include: Eucalytpus, Peppermint, Ravintsara, Tea Tree,
Oregano and Thyme.

Keeping a little bottle of the pure essential oil in your pocket as an inhaler is a good idea, and using any combination of these in a mist for misting your face, hands, and air around you is another good idea.

Putting some of these in a room diffuser for the bedroom or office room helps too. It is best to dilute them in a good base oil for rubbing into large areas of the skin like a chest or neck rub. Some of these oils are strong skin irritants. Take care, Candace.

You can the following essential oils  from Candace Newman below.

Tea Tree 10 ml

Peppermint 10 ml

Eucalyptus 10 ml

Lavender 10 ml

Lemon 10 ml

Whether due to shamanic wisdom or Ecuador’s strict restrictions Ecuador swine flu does not look like it will go far.


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Ecuador Joys

Readers continually ask me about the joys of Ecuador… and I reply that Merri and I first love the  people… then the land and of course the great weather, low prices  and opportunity.


The sweet people of Ecuador include this weaver.

Yet there are some other bigger more important internal benefits of living in Ecuador or anywhere different around the world.

Ecuador-joys Here is another weaver in Peguche, Ecuador. We visit both on our Ecuador export tour

Our daughter Francesca who has been living in Swaziland sums it up in the note below.


Ecuador musical instrument makers.

The Joys and Challenges of Traveling & Living in a Foreign Country
by Francesca Scott

If you’re into self development and personal growth, I highly recommend a stint traveling or living in a foreign country, and if you’re in for an additional challenge, a country that speaks a language different from your own.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to travel frequently since I was a child, and traveling overseas has now become a way of life, having lived and/or worked in 12 countries since I graduated from university 10 years ago.  In every new country I travel, I experience a whole range of joys and challenges that leave me incredulous at the beauty and diversity of both humanity and our planet.  It becomes almost addictive, the ongoing realization through such experiences that, while we are all so incredibly different, we are also profoundly similar. That no matter what you eat, what language you speak, whether you have lived through poverty, wealth, war or peace, that a parents’ love for their child, the humiliation of failure, the contentment of a stomach well fed and the smell of freshly cut grass are universal.

To me, the challenge of living overseas is to have the courage to overcome what can at times appear insurmountable differences between your own ways of living and interacting and those of a different culture – to accept the awkward, the alien and the contradictory.  The joy is that in doing so, you sift through much of what is social engrained and culturally specific to your own upbringing, and begin to see the values that are common to all humanity, as well as the values that are uniquely important to you.

A few qualities that you are likely to foster in your journey of personal and international exploration include:

–          Humility.  Living in a different culture to your own will inevitably result in your looking like a complete idiot at one time or other, and if you’re like me, on a daily basis, which can be quite a humbling experience.

There will be boundless opportunities to use the wrong word, wear the inappropriate attire, break some cultural taboo. When my mother worked as an au pair in France, she told her host family that she was ‘pregnant’ (pleine), rather than ‘full’ (plein), after a tasty meal they had served her.

Even within the same language, there are abundance of opportunities for confusion and embarrassment.  When traveling through North Carolina with my family, we stopped for a snack.  I asked in my usual English accent for four waters.  The lady at the counter looked bemused and darted around the back.  She returned soon after, explaining apologetically that they didn’t sell ‘otters’!

–          Gratefulness. I am full of boundless gratitude for the generosity of the friends and acquaintances, in pretty much all the countries where I have traveled, giving me the benefit of the doubt that I was not actually trying to insult them when I made yet another cultural gaffe, but it was merely that I am a clumsy ignoramus.  In Swaziland, where I have been living for the past two-and-a-half years, it is considered extremely rude to hand over food with your left hand.

It took me a good few months to realize this, before someone shyly pointed out my indiscretion, and it then another few weeks before I managed to train myself not to do it instinctively.  Never once did my friends or colleagues show me overtly their distaste of my behavior, although, once aware of this culture, I noticed a looked of suppressed surprise on the odd occasion that I forgot myself.

I, in return, committed myself to not taking offense when confronted with what were, at times, behaviors or situations that were personally quite offensive, such as the practice of polygamy (in Swaziland) or having to eat snails of a remarkably large size (in Nigeria – they were about the size of a tennis ball!).

–          Open mindedness. For me, one of the most amazing things about traveling or living in a different culture is learning that so many of our most fundamental assumptions about life are in fact only that – assumptions – socially engrained from birth onwards. My time in Swaziland has expanded my horizons incredibly in this sense.

Most Swazis have so little materially, in fact 70 percent of the population lives below the poverty line (one dollar a day), which is tragic by any standards.  However, their sense appreciation of life that is not filled with material things is impressive, while their hope for the future, even in the most desperate of circumstances is remarkable, and certainly puts my daily irritations and stresses into perspective. Their strength of community is also a refreshing alternative to the urbanized and individualistic societies in which most of us live in the west.  Every country I have been to, has provided me with unique insights.

If you’re game for some personal exploration, combined with international adventure, I would highly recommend getting out your atlas and passport.  With an open mind, genuine interest in learning something new, and a conscious effort to engage with the people in your selected destination, unforgettable experiences are no doubt in store. Certainly, I will always cherish experiencing different countries and cultures, and aspire to emulate the cultural aspects I admire most, in some small way, no matter where I call home.

My experiences of different countries have truly enriched my life, and have undoubtedly made me a better person. There have been blunders and unintended insults along the way, but every one of them has been character building, and the laughter and joy has far outweighed any tears.

The joys of Ecuador include the happy children. Here they play football on the beach in Manta.


Here Ecuador children are a joy playing football in the Andes.

May, wherever you go, you find joy.


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