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Ecuador Beach Condo Review

Here is an update on the Ecuador beach condos Vistazul in San Clemente Ecuador.


Here is an update as of March 2010.


Rooftop terrace at Vistazul Ecuador beach condos.

This project has progressed steadily despite the 2007 and 2008 recession in the West.


Vistazul Ecuador beach condo trim.

The Vistazul Ecuador beach condo project took off very nicely two years ago. About half the units in the first couple months were  sold. Then the recession hit and as these are more a second home, rather than full time living, destination, sales slowed badly.

Added to this, the road from Manta to San Clemente is being redone. This has really made it hard and circuitous to reach these Ecuador beach condos.  Long term though this will of course be really good!

However sales have continued… just at a slower pace.  The developer wrote that there are only two condos left in the blocks that are finished. One is a resale unit 506 and unit 301.  Unit 301 is the only finished unit that has not been sold.

There are eleven units left in the unfinished buildings two and six.

Structural work on these units should be ready within a month but as I mentioned Kjetil Haugan will wait with the finish work on these units until he has completed the infrastructure work on the development.  Gary

Let’s review the entire history of the project so you can see how surprisingly well it has sold considering the utter collapse of the real estate market in the USA.

We have worked with Kjetil for 12 or 13 years and ten years ago Kjetil, Merri and I drove the entire coast.  This San Clemente property is one that Kjetil liked and purchased.

Kjetil introduced us to the project in December 2007 when he was in the process of building the Palmazul Hotel & Spa and it looked like this:


Construction was…


well under…



We put money up front and bought the first six Vistazul units to get construction started.  By then Palmazul looked like…



A view of the land has gone from…


this to…


this to…


We always liked this project because the hotel clubhouse was finished and in operation before ground was broken on the condos.

We put enough money into the project so we knew it could be done.

All seven of the factors we like to see in a new project  were in place before we began sales.

#1: Land owned with title insurance.
#2: No debt on the land.
#3: Infrastructure complete.
#4: Financing in place.
#5: Experienced engineers and architects involved.
#6: A logical sales plan set up.
#7: Long term management organized.

Since we send about 20 people a month to the area on real estate tours and they stay at the hotel club house, the project has an advantage though we do not allow the developer to push this over other projects or properties on the tour.

The project’s unique position on the beach… in a really quiet location where little else can be built makes these to our way of thinking a real winner at $79,000 to $89,000.

Some US real estate prices have fallen so they compare to Ecuador real estate prices… but NOT ON THE BEACH.  US beach property is still far more expensive than Ecuador beach prices.  I have never seen any US beach front which compares  anywhere close to the prices at Vistazul.  Why is this?  First, Kjetil bought the land 10 years ago when prices were unbelievably low.  Second, the bulk of the construction was done before inflation started to push up construction costs. Third, we have sent all the buyers to the project and do not receive commissions, thus eliminating a normally large sales cost.

But we really recommend that you visit and see to make sure that this rustic area appeals to you and to see which units available best suit you.

The developer Kjetil Haugan also offers financing on the $89,000 units.

History of Vistazul from our website. Our Garyascott.com archives tells the tale of Vistazul.

December 2007 see the Ecuador beach club house under construction.

See how we began and the Ecuador beach land in December 2007.

See what we said and the Ecuador beach land by December 2008

We introduced the project in February 2008.

Three buildings under construction by September 2008.

We financed the completion of the club house by adding two penthouses.





this, to…


Here is the penthouse interior.


Learn how to rent these penthouses here.

See more on why I like this area and at

Ecuador Beaches

Ecuador Seafood

Ecuador Beach Restaurants

Fishing in Ecuador

This project was originally planned for 62 units at three price levels. After the economic slowdown it was reduced to 38 units for the time being.  See the site plan at Ecuador Beach Condo Party


How We Can Serve You

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Fwd: keppler

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Capital Ecuador Income

Here is a capital idea to gain some extra capitals gains as income.

Kjetil Haugan, owner of the Vistazul project, where I have purchased condos, recently sent me the note below that sparked some capital income ideas.


Mid coast Ecuador tour delegates visiting Palmazul condos.

Kjetil wrote: Gary, I am getting more and more requests for the time-share units and think I can do quite well with a bit more marketing here in Ecuador. I already have a company interested in working with me to sell the weeks..they sold out Casablanca, a project in the north of Ecuador and another time share development in Esmeraldas and they need more inventory.

If your readers buy a unit I would still sell at $ 89,000 but offer them a quite good return if they offered their unit as time share. If I helped out to sell the high season weeks (let’s say 20 weeks + @ $ 4000 each) they would recover most of their investment and still have 30 weeks for themselves.

This is a speculative capital idea that can create some tax free (in Ecuador) capital gains.

Let me share a few of the reasons why Merri and I are enthusiastic about the Vistazul Ecuador beach condo project.

First, it’s the water.


Most parts of Ecuador’s coast are without a central water supply and water is delivered in trucks like this.  That system works okay, is inexpensive  and the water is good.. yet to have your own water supply is even better.  Vistazul has its own water wells.  The water is a bit saline but Kjetil also developed a company that owns several Galapagos cruise ships so has experience with desalination.  As you’ll see below these beach condos have their own water… generator and  desalination.

Second, we love the warm water and waves.


Merri and I lived on the Gulf of Mexico for many years and love to frolic in the waves… but in the Pacific?  Where I grew up in Oregon… the water is just too cold to stay in long.   Yet on Ecuador’s Pacific the water is almost as warm as the Gulf of Mexico… yet the waves are good.  We can play in the water for hours without getting to cold.  We never worry about hurricanes because they do not have them on the Ecuador coast.

Plus the weather is best in the winter when its coldest up north.

Third… the empty beaches and protection from excessive  development. You can walk for about 30 miles at low tide. Here is a shot from Crucita.  You can walk all the way to the point in the distance (this is where Vistazul is located).


Then once around the point you can walk many miles more… often never seeing another person. Here are Merri and me with our friend Steve Hankins enjoying this broad beach with our hound, Ma.


Fourth, peace & quiet. San Clemente is a small fishing village and Vistazul is on a secluded dead end road… with little traffic and hills behind the condos.  The town is quiet and the community concerned with developing tourism… but without destroying the environment.  Kjetil spent many hours with community leaders obtaining a consensus on how what and how much to build.


This is the center of San Clemente, very quiet, yet only 45 minutes to central Manta… and all the resources of a major port city.

Local transportation into San Clemente is on foot (Merri and I enjoy ambling on the beach), or in these quaint taxis.


Fifth, fresh seafood… really fresh…  really cheap. The fishermen bring in their catch each day and you can buy right from the boat.


Sixth, safety in the fact that your are buying real property… not just a promise. The club house exists… the pool… the tennis courts… the spa, the condos.You are buying completed or nearly completed condos with a title and US title insurance.


Palmazul Spa is Vistazul’s clubhouse.  Pool, Tennis, spa and gourmet dining on the beach.


or parties poolside.


Merri and I purchased at the beginning when the project looked like…


this… but now most of the condos are complete and some residents have moved in.

Here is a group of delegates inspecting one of my Ecuador beach condos at Vistazul.


Finally, Merri and I love the sunsets. When we lived in Naples, everyone gathered to watch the sunsets and I thought they could never be better. At the Equator they are!

Here is a group enjoying a roof garden party as…

ecuador beach real estate

they enjoy a warm, sea breeze and a sun that sinks gently into the sea.


Vistazul is a great place.  So too is the profit potential. Here is how Kjetil explained this capital gains opportunity of buying whole and selling in pieces.

Gary, Here is a quick update on the project.  Business has been slow as the government is rebuilding the roads from Manta to this area so we currently have to take a much longer back way to get here from Manta.

This means I get complaints about all the driving time but in the long run the improved road will dramatically enhance value.

I have received a private loan from one of the buyers at Vistazul and should have enough money to complete all the units..I still need a couple of sales to be able to complete all the infrastructure but I am negotiating credits, etc. so I may be able to make it with what I have.

Block 5 is ready..block 4 is painted and with tile and block 2 is almost ready to be painted and for tile to be installed. Block 6 will have the second floor put in next week. I have already contracted a swimming pool and a desalination system that will produce enough portable water for Vistazul and the hotel. We also have a group of 13 carpenters working 14 hours per day to complete all woodwork on all the units so things are going well.  In total there are approx. 40 people working at Vistazul right now.

We had a group of Ecuadorians at Vistazul yesterday and they committed to buy 12 weeks for time share..I am making a brochure and planning on a marketing campaign starting in January so I believe the time share idea could work well over time. The downturn is that you will have families with kids times of the year but mainly in July/August when most of the current owners will be back home.

I have mentioned the option to sell weeks to several of the condo owners and they seemed to be interested in the idea.  If they pay $ 89,000 and sell the premium weeks + some high season weeks they should be able to recover their investment and still have 30 weeks for themselves. They could even try to sell the 30 weeks over time and make good money if it was only for investment.

We are promoting premium weeks (Christmas, New Year, Carnival and Easter) at $ 6,995, High season (February, March, July, August) at  $3,995 and the rest of the weeks at $ 1,995.  We charge 10% to sell the weeks and I believe we should be able to sell most of the weeks over time (2 to 3 years). We have already received about 200 inquiries for the New Year weekend at the hotel and we sold out months ago for this date so San Clemente is getting more and more popular with Ecuadorians.

You can see our first offer at our Spanish website for these time shares at www.lacostaecuador.com

Regards,  Kjetil.

There you have it. beauty… charm and opportunity.  There are some risks involved. Once you start selling the time share units… you lose the opportunity to sell as a whole unit… plus you have to manage, maintain and care for this type of ownership.  Plus there is no guarantee you can resell enough units this way to recover your whole investment.

On the other hand if you recover your investment selling half the units, this means you end up with half a year of use for yourself free.

There are other ways to profit from an Ecuador beach property like this… such as advance rentals.

A New York Times article entitled “Making Her Dream House Pay for Itself”  by Amy Silverman tells how  Julie Hampton bought a villa in Tuscany, raising the purchase price by selling three-week stays for $1,000 each.

Here are excerpts from that article:  WHEN Julie Hampton was a graduate student, she decided that she wanted to buy a small house in a remote Italian village about a 90-minute drive northwest of Florence. But she didn’t have the more than $80,000 she needed, so she came up with a plan.

She went to the local office of the Small Business Administration and told a volunteer adviser that she wanted to finance the purchase largely by persuading 60 people to pay $1,000 each in exchange for three weeks at the villa. The adviser laughed.

Then he bent over and began searching around her feet. Ms. Hampton didn’t understand why he was doing that, she recalled nearly six years later, sitting in her apartment in downtown Phoenix. So she asked him a question — did he drop his pen?

“And he said, ‘No, I’m looking around for my bucket of cold water.’ ”

But Ms. Hampton was unfazed: “I said, ‘I’m provin’ you wrong, pal.’ ”

So prove him wrong she did. The meeting took place in early 2001. That same year, Ms. Hampton, after coming up with all the money, in exactly the way she planned, bought a 2,500-square-foot house in the medieval village of Vitiana.

She e-mailed the owners and went off to Los Angeles for New Year’s 2001. When she came back, an e-mail response was waiting: “If you can come before Jan. 15, we’ll show you the house.”  Ms. Hampton bought a plane ticket and left for Italy within a week. A friend of a friend arranged a place for her to stay in Florence and left a key with a neighbor.

Several days later, she drove to Vitiana with the two owners.

She felt she had to have the house. But she kept reminding herself that she didn’t have the money. Nonetheless, she agreed to buy it, putting down, as a binder, $2,300 — college-fund money that was left after she had paid tuition.

Back in the United States, she found a lawyer willing to help her create a limited-liability company and draw up simple legal arrangements for the transactions that would implement her plan. With only a few weeks to go until a $28,000 down payment was due, Ms. Hampton made a color brochure and offered three weeks at the villa to anyone willing to pay her $1,000. (Not all of the weeks needed to be taken at one time, and if the money was sent before the down-payment deadline, the buyer would get a bonus week.) She also put a six-line classified ad in The New York Times Travel section for four weeks at $270 a week.

She met the deadline — getting all the money from subscribers.

Long before New Year’s 2002, the house was Ms. Hampton’s. She wound up paying $82,000 — including $12,000 from a retirement account, a $6,000 loan from her parents and $8,000 in loans from her credit union. About half the 60 subscribers came from the Phoenix area, and half from responses to the ad.

An Ecuador beach rental would seem to be much easier to rent than an Italian villa in the current depressed economy… closer and far… far less expensive.

If you are looking for a speculation that could bring good capital gains or the use of an Ecuador beach condo for half the year… consider buying whole and selling some of the pieces.

Save even $10,000 more. We have several units reserved for Ecuador Living subscribers at $79,000, $10,000 off the retail price of these Ecuador beach condos.  See more details on how to become an Ecuador Living subscriber here.


Join us on Ecuador’s coast this winter.   Attend our seminars and tours in Florida and Ecuador. See the best Ecuador property for you.  Find the best real estate offers.  Know more of Ecuador. To help you experience a bigger adventure in this wonderful nation, to broaden your horizons, to expand your awareness of all Ecuador offers, we are providing deep discounts in 2010 for those who sign up for multiple tours.

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