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Ecuador Beach Property – Jama

Yesterday’s message began a series on Ecuador beach property because I believe there is extra value on the beach now due to  rumors that have scared some buyers away.

Looking beyond the rumor allows us to take advantage of the truism, “Buy on the rumor and sell on the news.”

This provides us with extra opportunity and life on a beautiful beach like this.


Ecuador beach north of Bahia.

One recent rumor came from a BBC  article entitled “Americas on alert for sea level rise” by James Painter the 
BBC Latin America analyst.

Excerpts of the article say:

Coastal areas in parts of Mexico are among those under threat

Climate change experts in North and South America are increasingly worried by the potentially devastating implications of higher estimates for possible sea level rises.

The Americas have until now been seen as less vulnerable than other parts of the world like low-lying Pacific islands, Vietnam or Bangladesh.

But the increase in the ranges for anticipated sea level rises presented at a meeting of scientists in Copenhagen in March has alarmed observers in the region.

Parts of the Caribbean, Mexico and Ecuador are seen as most at risk. New York City and southern parts of Florida are also thought to be particularly vulnerable.

This sent shivers up the spine of many investors who had been thinking about buying on Ecuador’s coast.   That is because they did not read the entire article.

Further on the article says:

According to a recent World Bank study of more than 80 developing countries, Ecuador features among the top 10 countries likely to be most affected by sea level rise when calculated as a percentage of its GDP.

Argentina, Mexico and Jamaica also appear in the top 10 when measured by the impact of a one-metre rise on agricultural lands.

This makes Ecuador’s beaches to sound vulnerable until you read on where the article says:

New research led by Dr Jianjun Yin at Florida State University suggests that whereas South American coastal cities are not at threat this century from an extra sea level rise caused by Amoc, New York City and the state of Florida are.
The coastal plains around the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador, the country’s main economic hub, are also known to be vulnerable to a combination of sea level rises, storms and sea surges.

A recent study by researchers at Espol, a science institute in Guayaquil, suggested that even a half-metre sea level rise would put the storm drainage system in the southern part of the city under severe strain, possibly causing it to collapse.

The concern about Ecuador’s coast is the rumor.  Here is the news.  Guayaquil… which is inland  is at risk… a huge economic problem yes… but not for the Ecuador beach cities.  Should these rising water problems come true… the coastal cities in Ecuador may become even more important and valuable.

Do not get me wrong… global warming may be a huge problem everywhere… but may not be  a concern in our life times on Ecuador’s coast.  In fact as higher water driving people from Florida and Guayaquil could create opportunity for Ecuador beach property. I have put the address of the entire BBC article at the end of this message.

I am adding a stronger buy signal for Ecuador beach property and this week we are running a series looking at Ecuador beach areas from Salinas to Esmeraldas as shown on an excerpt of this Ecuador map.


Those who have been reading our messages for any length of time know that I have focused my efforts on the middle portion of Ecuador’s beach from Manta to Bahia in the province of Manabi.

You can see why I consider Manta the key to Ecuador beach growth here.

I checked water levels carefully before buying here. Last year before construction began, there were record rains. Much of Ecuador’s coast looked like this.


The land where the condos were to be built looked like this.


Here are the condos there now.


See why I like these San Clemente beach condos any why I have invested in here.

However there are many other great Ecuador beach areas I would like to share so I asked a few of the many contacts I have made, up and down the coast, to tell us more about the beaches where they are in Ecuador.

Today we look north of San Clemente from Bahia… north with an article by Gary Swenson an American who lives in this area with his family and brother Larry.

Bahia North by Gary Swenson

I have been an adventurer all of my life. Driving race cars all over the world for a living and traveling the Pacific for four years with my sailboat.


Gary Swenson’s  race car.


Gary Swenson’s sailboat.

I found Ecuador on that four year Pacific sailing adventure.  I had visited many countries in my work and exercising my passion. The people here made me feel like family. I have been here now for 8 years. We have been investing in North Coastal real estate for 7 of those 8 years, and have close to 30 properties on the beach. Some with a quarter acre, and some with as much as one mile of beachfront.

I have walked close to 50 miles of beachfront myself, searching for the most beautiful pieces, and as a bonus have also found many pre-Colombian artifacts just lying on the beach!


Treasures found on the beach.

I have concentrated on the North Coast for one main reason, and that is that it is the last area of the coast of Ecuador that was mainly undeveloped, somewhat inaccessible, and the prices affordable. That is all changing right now! Many properties that I have purchased now have new coastal highways and roads being built right past them as they open up this coast. This area is slowly being found out by Ecuadorians, foreign retirees and investors alike.


New road construction near Bahia.

The President of Ecuador knows that tourism is a big part of the future here and is spending the money necessary to develop the coastal areas.

One of the largest developments in Ecuador is on the North Coast and largely unknown to the rest of the outside world is in Same (pronounced saw may). It is a sleepy tourist town (true for most of the North coast) that wakes up during Ecuadorian holiday times and vacation times for the kids from Quito.

It is only 30 minutes from the Esmeraldes airport. Years ago Esmeraldes was a wild place and somewhat dangerous, but that was years ago. I find it safe and friendly, with better roads and infrastructure that is better than most of the rest of Ecuador.

There are also other well developed areas such as Atacames (pronounced otta-calm-es), Sua (Sue-ah), Pedernales with high rise condos and hotels.


Then there are hidden gems like, Cojimies with miles of coconut plantations lining the beaches, Mompiche, Estero De Platino and Canoa with great surfing, and Jama/ElMatal for kite boarding, river rafting, and just relaxing if you like.


More Ecuador beach north of Bahia.


Sunny and underpopulated.

Bahia De Caraquez with a laid back Mediterranean feel and an international Marina, great schools and theater.



This coast has great diversity and friendly people where you can walk most beaches any time of the day or night safely. With your choice of miles of virgin beachfront to choose from.

This is paradise!

This North coast also has many mini climates from a dry tropical climate equal to Santa Barbara, California in the spring with no humidity to a more lush semi wet tropical, lush green terrain all year long.


Lush beaches

There are also a few larger towns with night life, restaurants, hotels and touristy things do do in between the many friendly small towns with just a restaurant and hostel.


Gary Swenson and his son Archie on the beach.

Here you can find whatever type of beach that you would like to live on. From high banks with a bird’s eye view overlooking miles of coastline while watching the whales and dolphins play in the swells, or fishing, to low lying sandy beaches that you can walk and wiggle your toes in for miles!

Yes, you can find what your heart desires here.


Gary Swenson fishing.

To get to the Bahia area you fly into Quito and take a short 1/2 hour flight to the Manta airport and then a 1 hour taxi or bus ride to Bahia.

To Esmeraldes it is a half hour flight from Quito. The airport in San Vicente is in the middle of a dispute with the city and is supposed to be resolved this year and restart flights from Quito.

I have eaten at just about every restaurant in Bahia, San Vicente, Canoa, Jama, and others further north and rarely have a bad meal! The average cost of a lunch (almuerzo) including fresh seafood, chicken or meat, small salad, rice, beans, soup of the day, and fruit juice is between $1 and $2, and the food and juice is all fresh! Nothing out of a can here. The population of Bahia and the surrounding areas is around 20,000 but you would never know it as it is a tourist town and only fills on some weekends and holidays.

The weather from San Clemente/Bahia to just north of Pedernales is a dry tropical climate and is similar to the climate of south central California in the spring/early summer. It averages 75 to 80 degrees and very low humidity, and a nice sea breeze for 7 months a year. We have 2 months that they call the rainy season that we have a 1 or 2 hour rain at night maybe twice a week. Very seldom does it rain during the day. This time of the year it averages 80 to 95 degrees and is slightly more humid. Then there is what the locals call summer when the temperatures are 70 to 75 degrees every day and mostly cloudy with a little afternoon sun. It could be true that Ecuador has the best climate in the world!


Ecuador beach sunset near Jama.

I believe in Ecuador, and the future holds many good things here for the people that have a little adventure in their souls.  Gary Swenson


Gary Swenson’s family on the beach.

You can learn more about this area from Gary Swenson at www.ecuadorbeachfront.com

or email lswenson@bendcable.com

Gary Swenson and his brother, Larry, own an Ecuador beach development at Coco Beach Village.


Gary & Larry Swenson’s project.

They have a gated community of 1/4 acre beachfront lots with homes that start at $99,000 with underground utilities, tennis courts, swimming pool, clubhouse.  This is in the friendly Jama/El Matal  community on Ecuador’s beach.


Your own hammock near Jama.

Until next message, good global investing.


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See the entire BBC article Americas on alert for sea level rise at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7977263.stm

Ecuador Crafts – After the Fall

Ecuador crafts can provide opportunity for three reasons we’ll review here.

Ecuador crafts people are excellent in the crafts business. they start and learn early on.


Merri and I have returned to our North Carolina farm for spring planting.  The local wisdom is that lettuce, radishes, potatoes and  onions should be planted on Good Friday. Everything else goes in on Mother’s Day.

Things change slowly here in the mountains except the seasons.   Spring really does jump out quickly here.

One day the branches are bare. Next day there is a distinctive red blush as the buds have popped out seemingly overnight. You can see the red tinge in this shot I took from my office window yesterday.


Saturday all we had in the lawn was green. Easter the dandelions were there.


This makes me happy.   My favorites are the dandelion salad and the dandelion quinoa pancakes that Merri cooks for breakfast… topped with one of the great blue eggs that our hens lay.

Here’s my morning collection sitting on the kitchen counter…waiting!


While out collecting those eggs a thought about change… the change that’s going on… in the Western world… in the entire world, popped into my mind.

Here is the thought.

Change comes suddenly… like the spring. One moment it’s not.  Then suddenly it is.  Yet really change isn’t sudden. The forces that created the dandelions and the tree buds have been at work for quite some time.  The physical manifestation that we see only seems sudden because we do not see the subtle shifts that are happening everyday that bring this explosion of apparent change.

Take for example, yesterday’s message that showed how America’s debt has been growing and the US dollar falling since 1969.

A further look at the graph from that message… with this new thought in mind… shows how the change really began in the 1940s… because since then… America has almost always been at war… the occupation… Korea… VietNam… the Cold War…  Iraq… twice.  Afganistan.

This huge cost… plus others (such as Social Security) have created continual change… though it may seem that we are just seeing the big shift now. deficit chart I have studied this change for 40 years. Just understanding the greenback’s fall has been enough to prosper… but this new thought crystallized an error.

I have been studying the fall of the Roman Empire to see what I could learn from the past about our change now.

Here is the error.  I should have been studying who succeeded… and how after the fall.

I will now study this and suspect here are a few of the rules that the Italians who thrived and prospered post Post Roman Empire.

#1: They accepted the change and did not bury their heads in the sand.

#2: They saw the change as an opportunity… and grasped it.

#3: They moved to or already were in safe places out of any battle zones.

#4: They did not display their wealth (the Latin habit to this day is to live within walled courtyards- modest outside- luxurious within).

#5: They took risks based on fundamental distortions created by those who did not embrace change.

#6: They were frugal.

#7: They were independent.

This type of thinking shows why Ecuador crafts make sense from a business point of view.

Shigra handbags made from agauve fibers and natural dyes.


One way we can see change is in an article from Time Magzine entitled “Here’s to the Death of Broadcast” by James Poniewozik.  The article says:

When ER goes off the air April 2, we will say goodbye to more than the medical staffers who have lived, loved and been tragically killed off for sweeps over the years. We will also say goodbye to the era of broadcast TV it represented: the era of big shows, big audiences and big money.

In 1994, when ER debuted, NBC, CBS and ABC ruled TV. The fourth network, Fox, had no top-20 shows. Cable was flourishing but was hardly a threat. Only a handful of dorks (like me) were using “graphical user interfaces” like Netscape to look at something called the World Wide Web.

Fifteen years later, the networks are, as the TV docs say, crashing. In the 1994-95 season, 43% of U.S. households, on average, watched the Big Four at a given moment in prime time. Now it’s 27%.

Programmers and cultural critics are warning of the end of the mass-media era, when shows from I Love Lucy to Seinfeld joined tens of millions of Americans in a common experience.

Shigras in Otavalo Ecuador crafts market:


As we shift from the era of broadcast to broadband, we’ll no longer have an entire population mesmerized by the same performers, programs and modes of thought.  Smaller unique businesses with quality products such as organic Ecuador crafts produced by individual crafts people will thrive.

Ecuador crafts include some great art like these religious reproductions.

More Ecuador crafts and art we view on our Ecuador export tours.


Colorful art in bowls…


Ecuador crafts and art in woodwork.


Ecuador crafts and art in textiles.


Ecuador purses and rugs.


Ecuador crafts are perfect products positioned to sell well in the broadband era ahead… organic… authentic…colorful… exotic…useful and meaningful.

One does not have to be crafty to prosper from change… but many can prosper from more hand made crafts… from Ecuador or anywhere in the world.

Until next message, may you prosper from change.


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Economic downturn?

Yesterday’s New York Times article entitled “Jobless Rate Hits 8.5%; 663,000 Jobs Lost” said:

The unemployment rate reached its highest level in a quarter-century after 663,000 jobs were lost in March, the 15th consecutive month of job losses.

Yet our Ecuador and other businesses are expanding so fast that I can barely keep up. More and more readers are wanting to know… “How do you increase affluence like this when so many are losing it?”

This created the 2-4-1 concept that offers a special opportunity for you.

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Here is Alberto leading our last real estate tour on the coast.

You could not be in better hands.  Alberto was in the Ecuador travel business for more than 10 years and has been our main real estate researcher for three years. He has helped us find most of the good Ecuador property deals and is doubly helpful because he bargains down the price!

Here is Alberto (left) leading our staff at International Living’s Ecuador seminar in March.


On the coastal real estate tour,  you’ll see these houses near the beach for $19,500.


Here is an interior shot.


Plus on the Imbabura – Cotacachi real estate tour we’ll see these excellent houses.


with these views and…


with top quality finish.


Plus on the Imbaburra – Cotacachi real estate tour we’ll look at (unless it has sold) a really well organized 12 acre avocado farm just minutes from Ibarra.  The owner has returned to Loja.  Here is the entrance.


the main  house.


inside living room and…




Here are both houses from the rear and…


the back garden.


Here, in front of the houses, is the fruit… the cash generator.


The avocados are flowering for their first crop.


We are told they will offer a $50,000 a year income after two years… $25,000 potential this year. (Be sure to check this out as we are not avocado farmers so cannot discern the truth.)

Asking price with these two houses, land and crops is $260,000.

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You can read the entire article “Here’s to the Death of Broadcast” at

Cotacachi Real Estate Upgrades

Cotacachi real estate upgrades  can create extra profit. Here are thoughts about thought from readers around the world and we hope that this helps your international investing.

Yesterday’s message, a thought on thought was about change  and upgrades and readers sent an overwhelming response from all over the world. We’ll look at that in a moment, but here is another shot of the Barro Viejo renovation and upgrades in Cotacachi. We’ll see what a magnificent job they did on the indoor swimming pool later in this message. First…


See more of this Cotacachi real estate at Cotacachi real estate rejuvenation.

This message shared a theory about how seven year cycles may change the way we process information in each cycle. This is vital stuff. Nothing affects our wealth, health and happiness as much as the way we process information.

Some readers found the theory helpful. For example, one reader from Alabama shared this idea:


Your messages are resonating with me — especially this one. It explains so much of my spiritual searching since ‘rewiring’ from my Orthodontic practice 3 years ago. And I can’t wait to meet Blaine Watson for perhaps a further explanation of where I am headed. Thank you so much for your newsletter and see you soon for the celebration at El Meson and the course.

Others were confused. One reader from California shared this:


Great thinking on thoughts. Hmmm. So, 7 x 7 = 49. 7×9 = 63. So even with 9 Chakras, emerging every 7 years that only takes us to 63. Then you shift to 2 year 50 cycle thoughts. Add in a couple of Chakras at 7 years each you get 114 not 119. First 50 plus second 50 = 100 + 2 seven year Chakra cycles and we get 114. Even if we repeat the 7 Chakra cycles, that is 7×7 (2) = 98 + the 8th and 9th = 112. Huh? So why do none of these formulas add up to what you are saying.??? What am I missing here? Love reading you thoughts. Just looking for clarity.

Hopefully my reply clarified the confusion and yours if you have as much as I do. I wrote:

There are nine chakras in Andean thinking . Nine X 7 years gets us to age 63. This is pretty close to what we call retirement age.

The second eight 7 year cycles takes us another 56 years and makes us 119 years of age. That’s pretty close to 120 which is about the length Vedic Astrology suggest we should live. Perhaps then we enter the second ninth chakra stage (the ninth chakra relates to the ultimate being). In this stage, perhaps if we have advanced as much as we should, we easily join with the ultimate being. A theory? Guess we only really know when we reach 120!

This still leaves a 13 year gap between the age 63 retirement and the age 50 retirement mentioned in Leviticus.

Another reader from England makes a suggestion about this and writes:

Hello Gary, I have a couple of thoughts. At the time Leviticus was written, 50 could have been a very great age. Most of the text (return to your property: ashes to ashes?; you shall not sow, reap, or harvest; take only what the land provides–could this all be an indication that you are soon to be returning to those already departed and that you shall contribute to the land once again.) suggests this as a possible meaning.

I’ve spend most of my professional life with those at least a generation older than me. I often encounter a resignation to the way things are, however bad. I realize that I’ve made a couple of jumps of thought here but my professional experience suggests that we do start to let go. Perhaps with greater longevity expectations, 50 is the age where we really realize that we’ll ‘never be President’ or attain goals once thought possible. I have definitely changed in the last few years (53 now) and realize that we are meant to be obsolescent and that the vigor of youth is NECESSARY to accommodate an ever changing environment. This is not to say that we at this age are incapable, only that we are less likely to embrace much of the new perhaps because we’ve seen the old tricks before (think politics) and really don’t want to jump thru the same hoops. As an independent entrepreneur, you have had different experiences/expectations than many (also a case of think or swim?) so I probably only speak for a minority.

In any case, thanks for a good article. The idea of advancing up the chakras (from base desires to enlightenment) is surely an idea that has merit, especially when the idea of higher purpose is not a mainstream concern. Your reader in London.

Another reader from Japan also outlined where there could be a one year gap in our thinking.

Hi Gary, Interesting e-mail. As an editor and sub-editor, I couldn’t help noticing this:

“What does appear in many religions and philosophies is a major shift at age 50.

“You shall have the trumpet sounded throughout all your land. And you shall hallow the fiftieth year and you shall proclaim liberty . . .”

No sir, that is at age 49. When you started your second year of life, you were one year old. When you started your 50th, you were 49. And to “hallow the fiftieth year” — that must be the sounding of the trumpets to greet its arrival. (Damn — just for the moment I can’t think of the musical term for a short passage which announces a change and a new direction.) So, you could argue that this too fits the seven-year cycle. Seven squared, in fact. Best wishes from a dull and drizzly Tokyo

Others just outlined how they changed in life during different seven year cycles. One reader from South Carolina shared this thought.

Dear Gary, From age 21 to 28, I lived mostly on an old sailboat (I have already written you about this). Maybe I can help with age 28. At that age, or perhaps late 27, I returned to the U.S. and visited all of my college friends. I had not been in a motor car for years, and I immediately smelled their stink. I got serious about my life and applied to Emory for medical school. My friends, all in fear of age 30, started drinking, doing drugs (more than they had before). At least five of them either dropped girl friends or divorced wives. Actually, I think it was more people than this. Several were killed in motorcycle accidents. Some died in Vietnam , although I don’t remember the precise age I was when this occurred because in many cases it took me years to find out. Hope my experience helps with age 28. I remember that Winston Churchill wrote that his twenties were the “best years of my life” Cordially Yours.

Here is an important point I believe that this reader stumbled across. Modern Western society is so youth oriented and so materialistic that it surrounds and bombards us with the idea that success relates to production and consumption and how much stuff we have and how many things we do and places we go. Western doctrine is all about the outward stroke. Thus inward urgings are met with resistance at every level. Those who start shifting within have zero support. They feel out of odds with society, out of odds with everything they have been told and out of odds with the flow of everything surrounding them. This creates enormous tension when our correct natural path gets out of odds with the way everyone tells us we should be. This could be what causes this phenomenon, when people go off the deep end and do something crazy, so often called the seven year itch.

This reader from Poland gave some great food for thought.

Dear Gary, Allow me to share few of my experiences regarding life circles. I agree with you that the life shifts every 7 years. In my case generally there is a small shift every 7 years and a bigger one every 14 years. I seem to have some in-between periods, where there is a lot of shift.

At 21/22, I officially moved away from Poland to Japan . At 29 my mother passed away – she was a very strict lady. Her death freed me to start walking my path. In the 7th year of my procedure I managed to get Japanese passport.

After studying, for 14 years, what I thought, at that time, to be spirituality, I made a 180 turn and jumped into business world.

After working for 7 years in a top Japanese company, I was delegated to Central Europe (Poland and Czech Rep.). Again after 7 years in Central Europe, I am going back to Japan . The result of these 14 years? I seem to have finally developed my own model for business that should allow me to become self-employed.

Next year I will turn 50. A really huge transition seems to be happening.

During the last 7 years, I was working to finally understand spirituality. I was differentiating everyday life from spirituality. This is the idea I heard from my birth for over 30 years. At 49, I finally accepted that the highest spirituality is to live everyday life, but live it with full consciousness. Every move, every thought, every emotion, every deed is to come from the spirituality within.

Our education is teaching us to look outside for spirituality. This actually is the biggest mistake. The real spirituality is within us. So-called “Heaven” is not somewhere in the stars. To get there flying to the stars, would take as long as all satellites or spacecrafts need to travel. Far too long.

The surprising thing is: when we start focusing inward, not only within ourselves, but when we go with our mind and spirituality into Earth, there is a shortcut to the Moon, Sun and Stars.

I am developing a coaching system for discovering the Inner Strength (Peace) within. The system is called WaKiDo.

At present I have a short sabbatical, in favor of first developing a more tangible subject. At my 50th birthday, I would love to be able to announce becoming self-employed.

In my case, I didn’t develop chakra by chakra. (By the way, There are far more charkas then 9, but this is not the important subject.) In my case the top chakra was overactive for 49 years. Finally at 50, I seem to be reaching the overall balance.

It might seem to negate your theory that after 50 people tend to move away from pure money making, into more spiritual side of work. Actually it does not. Spirituality that I was taught was a special, holy, world detached state of mind that did not really recognize holiness of the everyday life. If we talk about this kind of outside spirituality, then yes this understanding would contradict your theory.

Best regards,

I am sorry if this reader misunderstood my thoughts on detachment in the second seven year cycle. Merri and I are well into our second cycle and getting busier every year. But the business is not about the financial bottom line any more. I could not agree more that our work everyday life and work can be our holiness and especially agree with this reader’s comment:

At 49, I finally accepted that the highest spirituality is to live everyday life, but live it with full consciousness. Every move, every thought, every emotion, every deed is to come from the spirituality within.

I could not have said it better!

Until next message, may all you deeds come from great wisdom within.


You can see Cotacachi property like this on our next Cotacachi real estate Ecuador information tour.

Here is that swimming pool and another shot of the Barro Viejo renovation just down the street from our hotel.

Plus here is the Barro Viejo team with the owners of this renovation who so kindly allowed our group to tromp through their beautiful home.