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Fundamentals of Success in a Deteriorating Democracy

The US dollar has been hot recently.

Don’t buy it… it is not likely that we can make the dollar great again.

Don’t get me wrong, the dollar might remain strong versus other currencies, but they will all lose purchasing power.

Yet it is likely that the greenback will fall versus other currencies.

Luckily we can see the current strength of the almighty buck as an opportunity to build assets that will rise when the dollar falls.

The fundamental problem of what had been the world’s leading currency began with the Boomer generation, those of us born from 1946 to 1964.  (I was among the first, born in 1946.)

We were too young to have personal memories of WWII, but old enough to remember the postwar American High, when America really was the biggest and best.

We were taught to believe, that as good as life was, everything would get even bigger and better.

Then reality struck as the Tytler Cycle rolled along at its normal relentless pace.


Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee  was born one day later (15 October) and 199 years earlier (1747 to my Oct 14 1946) than I was.

He was a Scottish judge, writer and historian who served as Professor of Universal History, and Greek and Roman Antiquities at the University of Edinburgh (where my son attended university).

Tytler was a friend of Robert Burns.

In his lectures, he reasoned that”a pure democracy is a chimera” (an illusion or fabrication of the mind; especially an unrealizable dream ) and that human social order were ruled by the nature of monarchy.

Tytler believed that democratic forms of government such as those of Greece and Rome have a natural evolution from initial virtue toward eventual corruption and decline. In Greece, for example, Tytler argues that “the patriotic spirit and love of ingenious freedom … became gradually corrupted as the nation advanced in power and splendor”.

He is attributed by some as saying: A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy–to be followed by a dictatorship.”

The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.

Many Americans argue that this is not true, that the political system will make America great again.

The chart below from Armstrong Economics suggests that we should pay less attention to political hype and more to Tytler’s reasoning.


We can see the impact of this cycle by the fact that the Millennial generation is the first in U.S. history to enter adulthood in worse economic shape than their parents.  The unemployment rate for millennials is higher than it was for their parents at the same age, and they have higher student debt.

History suggests that the deterioration of Western democracy will continue, so we have to ask, “what should we do?”

Ask, “How can we make our lives great again even if our democracy fades”?

The first step toward making life better in a deteriorating democracy (after all Italy remained and remains a great place to live) is to recognize that life will not remain the same.  WE need to adjust our beliefs and adjust to a longer, more accurate history  than what we were taught in school and what we are promised by the people who run our commercial and political structures.

See below one way to adjust and live better, as the world changes.


How to be Free Despite the Growing Deception

While the world has been distracted by the craziness of global politics, a frightening new cartel took advantage of the distraction.   A syndicate of seven companies formed an alliance that can restrict your food, hurt your health and even reign in your thinking.   The worst part is that almost none of the public knows.

As I researched the depth of this connection between creators of food, makers of chemicals and controllers of communication, I kept seeing a dark connection to social network engineering.  At first this made no sense at all.  Then the power of the social network was revealed in the Presidential election and suddenly the hidden engineering made all the sense in the world.

Almost half of America’s voters rejected the postwar global economic order and rising inequality of wealth.  They demanded change, told big government ENOUGH!   Yet, even as America’s population was voting, this bigger danger continued to grow in a way that the public cannot vote on.

A struggle is taking place, right now.  In fact the cartel’s timing was chosen specifically to take advantage of the fog of government transition.  You are reading about a tiny part of this conflict daily in the news, but most of it has been hidden and overshadowed by the vote.

Most of the danger is that the bulk of this formation is hidden from view.   The public does not see underneath the visible spin nor do they understand the truly horrible consequences and treachery that this struggle brings.  You are reading about it in the news daily yet,  most of the public does not understand the terrible dangers.

If the struggle is lost what’s left of your privacy, the safety of your food supply, the control over your health, the safety of your money and even the sanctity of your opinions and thoughts could be lost.

Fortunately, there is a a loophole that can set you free.  I have already jumped though this loophole and want to share how you can and why you should as soon as you can.

The momentum of the malignancy in this alliance has picked up much faster than anticipated.  I began researching and preparing a report “Learn Anywhere, Earn Everywhere” last month when the Bayer-Monsanto merger was the big deal.  Bayer and Monsanto are two of the seven firms involved in this almost invisible take-over of our food and medical chain as well as the internet, cell phones and TV.  I started researching when I found that the Bayer-Monsanto merger was not the biggest merger in the deal nor the most sinister by far.

I miscalculated how much time we have.   Even before I have finished the report the pace of this hidden union has sped up.  Now another merger is taking place, far more destructive and the alliance has an incredible lobby program working to make sure that the deal goes through.

A triad of three huge concerns and four smaller global corporations have hundreds of billions of dollars in capital as well as one of the most formidable lobbying operations in Washington.  Nearly 100 registered lobbyists are already on retainer and they include former members of Congress.  One company in this triangle is also the largest donor to federal lawmakers.  The donations, that we know of, are equal more than   $11 million to 374 of the House’s 435 members and 85 of the Senate’s 100 members in this election cycle.   

This deadly seven point affiliation is likely to snake its way into almost every part of our livelihood.  One part of the cartel will increase our dependence on modified food that can purposely increase our needs for pharmaceuticals manufactured and sold at outrageous prices by another arm of the group.  The organizations will know more about us than any other group in existence.  They will (in fact already are) act as spies for the government, control what ads we see, the products we buy and even monitor and influence what we see on TV.

Sadly most of the public will not even know what has taken place.

This is why I am rushing a report to you that contains seven steps we can take to gain benefits and protection from this cartel that is unifying as you read this message.

Here is some background.  At the beginning of the 20th century, Carl Duisberg, the head of Bayer, created a profit sharing cartel from three firms BASF, Bayer and Agfa, called the Dreibund (Triple Alliance) or little IG.

This German chemical association dominated commerce everywhere under the name of IG Farben the largest company in Europe, the 4th largest anywhere and the largest chemical company in the world.

Because “Power Corrupts” and “Might can become forcefully but not morally right” this company morphed into something truly evil before and during the Second World War.

After WWII IG Farben was considered so morally corrupt it could not be allowed to continue to exist and was split into its original constituent companies.  Today Agfa, BASF, Sanofi and Bayer remain.

This is where facts become scary.  Some of these very same companies have merged with other mega concerns to create a new American Dreibund (a Triple Alliance dominating the USA).

This new cartel has such power it can take control of your food, your medicine and even influence if not control what you read and access for health and wealth.

From a political point of view we cannot do much about this alliance.   There will not be a vote and our opinions are simply outgunned.  Our purchases do not matter much.  Our complaints are not likely to be heard.  Our comments to regulators are virtually ignored.  Even our votes in the election won’t count for much.

But we can take advantage of the inadvertent results of this triple alliance, if we act quickly.   There is a way to use the silver linings in the dark clouds of greed, arrogance and deceit that we are subjected to every day.  We can be among the few who gain from the horrible reality that this alliance will bring.

The report “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” shares how to stop a group that is taking over mainstream media, our food supply as well as our medical history and health care, from forming our opinions and from this big business draining the fullness of our daily efforts and savings.

How to Gain Extra Freedom – While Almost Everyone Loses Theirs.  Become a Pruppie!

May I coin a new word, Pruppie?

We all know about Preppers.  They believe that the world, as we know it, is about to end.  And we also know about Uppies, upward professionals as in Yuppies, young upward professionals.  Uppies expect their world to get better.

The reality is that our worlds have changed and for most of us, there is still great opportunity for a better lifestyle, yet the preppers could be right.

I invite you to join Merri and me as Pruppies, those who expect the world to get better and live and earn based on the upward expectation.  Instead of being one of the two (Prepper or Uppie) integrate the best of each and have an enjoyable, progressive lifestyle that also prepares us for bad times as well as good.

Just in case the world goes sideways… we will still survive and prosper anyway.  We do not give up anything much.  We can enjoy the good parts of the new economy, as we protect ourselves from what can be bad.

Life is too short to shrink in fear and avoid satisfying our purpose and fulfillment in life because of something bad could happen.  Live life to the full in a way that you’ll land on your feet whichever way we are thrown.

We can live where we choose (in America or abroad) but earn all over the world and escape the dangers of the American Driebund.

merrily farms

I’m Gary Scott and would like to share some truth on how to have more freedom, less expense, greater income and better health.

Big has made many great nations.  America, Canada, China, Europe and Russia are examples.  These nations are big, huge, with borders separated by thousands of miles.  They are so big that they have lost the personal touch.  Their citizens cannot see what’s going on with the central power.  A resident in Seattle or Los Angeles, Houston or even Miami doesn’t really know what politicians are doing in Washington.

Consumers in Bangor, Maine for example have a hard time knowing the inside scoop on a produce company in California that grows their food.

The global economy expands this problem.  Another example.  Someone with cancer in San Diego can’t get much of an inside picture of the Takeda Oncology Company, but they may have to use their services anyway.  Takeda is a private collaboration between Japanese and American pharmaceutical experts, based near Boston, so someone using their care, unless they are right there in Massachusetts, doesn’t really know.

Bigness and distance are benefactors for those who lie.  This means most of us find that our bank accounts, lifestyles and families are cheated, chiseled, robbed,  tricked, bluffed, conned and swindled away.  We struggle with obstacles like hidden fees, unhealthy products, forced, faulty insurance and outright fraud, while the big corporations, who cheat and lie, get rich.

Today you can learn how to fight back.

In the 1990s, we (we’ll get to who we and I are in a moment) started a grand experiment investing heavily in Ecuador and Smalltown USA.  The results from that real time, real life research can help you break free of the lies.

As a reader at my website you know a bit about me, but I’ll share some stuff you don’t know in a moment.  First, let me share a more important thought about how truth can set your life, your health, your wealth, your fulfillment and satisfaction free.

The results of that experiment goes to the core of a greater experiment I began in 1968, almost 50 years ago.  The results reveals powerful ways to live, to earn, to invest and protect your wealth for the decades ahead despite the dangers to our privacy, our freedom, our health and our money that are growing rapidly more powerful.

You won’t hear these secrets anyplace else.  You may well hear some of the information I revealed years ago… from others… now, but what I am about to share has not been exposed before by anyone, ever before.   You’ll also see why what we share is generally on the leading edge of how to live free in an increasingly  confined world.

You won’t read in the mainstream press about the places I’ll introduce in a moment.  In fact you’ll see that when big media arrive Merri and I have already  began to move  onto the next thing.  We’ll share how we have escaped the traps set up by the establishment’s misrepresentations again and again and how you can too.

We’ve earned well without jobs.  We have virtually eliminated big government taxes, we have avoided big bank’s mortgages, spit on their offered car loans, and laughed at their attempt to pile up banking fees and credit-card debt.

In short, we have become free.  We don’t want help from the big banks, big pharma, big agri or any of these institutions.  We have accomplished this in part by being quiet, remaining small (but rich) and avoiding the temptations that the establishment wishes we would succumb to.

We are recluses in many ways but have a small, loyal following who also keep their heads down (and their bank balances and health up).   Since the early 1970s, that small core of readers have become free of debt and eliminated chains of red tape and stagnant income that tie up the lives (and money) of most people.

I invite you to share in secrets that our most recent experiments in freedom have uncovered.  They can help you be free of debt, tax, ridiculous health care costs and all of the things that big business do wrong (on purpose) today.

The secrets we share create freedom from stress, from family tension, office politics, and free us from disease management (AKA health care) that is little more than extortion.

I’m not trying to sell you something unusual or complicated.  The ideas are far easier to augment than you might imagine.  In fact you’ll see that the secrets show you how to gain freedom by being smaller, less obtrusive and in a way more common.  You’ll see incredibly simple ways to live better, enjoy better health, better finances and be more extraordinary by being simply more ordinary.  The secrets are incredibly practical and doable right now.

Here is a clue;  you’ll learn how tents can be more profitable than McMansions.  Why is this important?  Most of us can afford an income producing tent.  Not many of us can buy a McMansion.

The report  is based on easily doable steps.  Merri and I have learned from our real experiences and what thousands of readers, people like you and like me… all over the world have reported on how to live better and more free.  You’ll even see how to make your dining room table bring you more control, more time, more income and more freedom.  After all, what can be more accessible than a dining room table?


You’ll even learn how to turn dining room tables into income and tax deductions as we have with these dining room tables we build (and sell) out of local wood.

Let me be clear.  I expect that the world will get better, at least for the few who adapt and avoid the next step big business has planned for the public!  Believing in progress is most important.  There is a huge,  new economy ripe with potential for the common person, but doubt can kill growth and the mainstream media always focuses on doom and gloom that spawn doubt.  When  you read the news, the world does seem about to end.  That’s the way it is been since I began business 50 years ago.

Yet despite all the negative headlines, we have lived through Cold War and MAD, Y2K, GridX II, the Peak Oil Crisis. etc. etc. etc.  Chicken Little is always out there, selling “the sky is falling”.  Don’t buy into this story!  The wealth of the world, albiet with inequality, has continued to grow and we do not want nor do we need to be rambling around in the woods in survival gear, while the Uppies are getting rich.

Ramble around in the woods by all means if you want.  Such rambles are good for you, but do it in a way that improves your life and increases profits in a  progressive world.

There is an incredible new economy that’s growing.  There are great new opportunities and many of them offer enormous income potential but also works  well in disaster scenarios.

Let me provide one simple, concrete example.  Ginseng.  This is a great health root.  The demand is growing especially in China.  At times good dried Ginseng sells for $1,000 a pound!  This is an incredible and easy crop to grow.   The less care you give it, the more valuable it can become.  Yet if everything goes south, the health qualities will be good to have and make it an excellent barter item.  Once you know what to do with ginseng, it’s easy to grow in your back year.

Even better one of the best kept secrets is that ginseng and 125 other medicinal crops, that are currently unsustainable, can be grown on land  that is extraordinarily cheap.

goldenseal ginseng

Ginseng growing in my back yard.  I know about growing ginseng through experience and explain why and how in this report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere”.

The report not surprisingly is called “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere” because almost any can do this now.

There are are Specific Places that Reduce Your Living Expenses… Easily Increase Your Income, Make You Smarter, Healthier and Provide Tax Benefits as Well.

Learn about these specific places.  More important learn what makes these places special and seven freedom producing steps that you can use to find other similar spots of opportunity.

Here are some of the experiences this report shares:

Places to live that offer FREEDOM.

The report shares two specific places that can help you free your earnings potential from the old boy’s system, right now.

The specific places the report reveals, offer extraordinary opportunity because of an incredible loophole for those of us who want to escape the rat race. The loophole develops new sources of income and reduces the costs of living.   Learn how to even get the government and big business to actually subsidize your progress.

The “Live Anywhere” report not only reveals these two specific places, but uses them to explain how and why there are other such places and why they will become increasingly available.   Learn what to look for and how to find and profit from these places.

After explaining the place, the report provides a step by step process that anyone can use to build real wealth created by extra income and growing capital gains.  The report shows how to pay off mortgages, eradicate car loans and wipe out credit card debt.

Learn how to own property as well. without upfront cash using subordination.

See how special places offer better health, greater longevity and even make you smarter right down to your DNA.   Learn how these places help you escape big agri and the high costs of medical care.  Finally find out how these places provide tax advantages so that your earnings, your health care, your life style and even your travel provide extra tax deductions.

Why the 20 Year Experiment?

50 years ago, quite by accident, in the late 1960s I stumbled on  the fact that big business, big banks and big brokers were in cahoots with the US government to mislead American investors.  A trap had been set to lock an unwary public into a faltering stock market and a crumbling US dollar.

The trap worked.

Most investors lost their shirts in a US stock market that slid sideways for nearly 20 years (while other markets rose five and even ten times more) and it takes about $150,000 today to buy what you could get for $10,000 then.

That accidental discovery led me to create a system that was so good, the big guys had to block it.   It took them twenty years to do it, but they did.  More about that later.

Here it’s enough to say that I learned the power of ordinary, invisible and small.

By 1990 the US government had helped big banks and big business riddle the old system with so much red tape, something new had to be done.  The old system still worked but the cost of compliance has risen so high that most people could not afford it.   A new approach that is easy, inexpensive and small was required.

Our Smalltown USA real life, real time experiment began.  Americans had become trapped by, stagnating income, poor work conditions, high health care costs, infernal amounts of red tape in every aspect of their lives.  Americans (as well as the British and Canadians) had learned that almost every promise made by the establishment was based on lies.

Insurance companies led the way.  They forced themselves upon us.  Big banks seduced home buyers into dangerous mortgages, and then sold the mortgages  to investors while they sold the investments short.  Military brass sold out to big business so they could retire as high paid consultants.  Members of Congress did the same.   Corruption grew up and down the line from small town politicians to the nation’s highest office.  Dangerous, sometimes even useless (but profitable for MDs) medical procedures were increasingly prescribed.  Medicare scams grew.  The IRS stomped down on political opponents.  Big Pharma raised the cost of life saving drugs so they drained the life out of people’s pocketbook.  The educational system became more concerned with winning football and basketball games than having top scholars.

We needed this experiment to find a new way to a better, freer life!

Before we look at the results of this research and how its conclusion can help you leap ahead let me tell you little more about us (Merri and me) that you probably do not know.

What you probably do know is how extraordinarily rich Merri and I became by being ordinary.  We both attended college for four years but did not graduate.  We jumped into business instead.  We both worked for big businesses at one stage and saw that this was not our forte.  We both did some crazy things (everyone told us we were crazy at least) and that craziness put us on the leading edge where we have stayed.

We have a family, a big one in fact, five children, one in health care helping the poor, a veterinarian, an attorney, a U.N. executive and a successful entrepreneur.  Now eight grandkids, all in good health and ship shape.   We are in our 70s, still active, run a small but global business with multiple streams of income all based pretty much on the internet, but we do not have (nor want) a smart phone.

This is all pretty well known about us.

What you may not know is how many pies I had my fingers in.  You may already be involved with some of these pies.  You may have been using some of the secrets from our old system and not even known it.

For example, I was an original director of the largest retail publishing conglomerate that started over 30 years ago.  These companies have published a combined total of more than 300 books and over 120 newsletters through thirty-six publishers and millions of readers.   One company I started was the foundation of a club you will have heard of and may even be a member.  I was on the original board of governors of a society develop to help protect individual freedom.

Yet I have not remained with any of these organizations.  Let me explain because I consider the people that I used to work with to be wonderful friends.  Their organization are among the largest leaders in anti establishment information and they help millions of people.

The fact is however that Merri and I are not company people.

With BIG, we do not do well.

We don’t want to commute any further than from our bedroom to our dining room to work.  We only want to answer to our friends, family and readers.

We do not want corporate or government politics between us and the small, quiet cadre of readers we serve and know.

We love the start up process, but when each of the companies we worked with became big, we moved on.

Here is another important fact you should know.

I write from experience…. not theory or education.

In the 1970s, I wrote my first book, “Passport to International Profit”, and recommended becoming a Citizen of the World.  I walked my talk and lived in Hong Kong, London as well as the Isle of Man, Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Now I write about living and earning in Small-town USA because that’s how Merri and I live.

In the 1970s “Passport to International Profit” contained leading edge ideas on how to be free by being international.  We developed a system for investing, earning and living around the world.  In the 1980s I developed a system, I called the Six Point Command Posture, “Live in one country, Bank in a second country, Earn in a third country with a company formed in a fourth country, with an office in a fifth country  and investments in a sixth and more countries”.  We conducted real estate and investing tours globally to help readers implement this system in Hong Kong, London, Isle of Man, throughout Europe, Belize, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Slowly the US government put a stranglehold on the system.  First, the SEC stopped overseas companies from offering securities to Americans.  Next it stopped them offering financial advice.  Then the government made it almost impossible for banks abroad to open American accounts and the Treasury Department came down hard on investors with overseas companies.  Not one single law made investing abroad or using overseas structures  illegal.  The system simply made the cost of complying with regulations so punitive that the cost was higher than the benefit.  This is how BIG does it using the weight of red tape and small print to stop SMALL from starting most new things that challenge the old boys network.

Thus in the 1990s we began our second experiment and led a large movement of Americans migrating to Ecuador.  We tested the idea of living in Ecuador and we tested the idea of living in Smalltown USA.

Now we are walking our talk again and living only in Smalltown USA.

You might ask “What happened?,  you were always Anti-America, now you are All-American. How did you get there?”

The answer to this question can help you become truly free.

Merri’s and my purpose has never been anti-American.

We have always been pro freedom instead.   “Passport to International Profit” explained how to be a citizen of the world and gain freedom to live where you choose.

We lived in many places, but we never left out the USA.

We still believe in serving the global economy.  We believe you can earn everywhere but live anywhere you choose.  In our case Ecuador was great but the geographical location of our children and grandchildren made Smalltown USA better for us.  So today we have a global income with a self publishing micro-business with readers around the world, but we run it from our current homes in Smalltown USA.

Self Publishing has created exactly the lifestyle we desire with a farm in Smalltown North Carolina, orange groves and home in Smalltown Florida.

We have also made each of our homes multi dimensional… a home AND a source of income.  This is important because multi dimensional homes help us escape governments that cannot keep their economic promises.  History is littered with stories of serious national debt and economic problems that ruined pensions and retirees.  The burdens of debt and fiscal imprudence cause governments and societies to lose their ability to keep their promises.  Multi dimensional earnings can help overcome the risks these conditions create.

Starting without a penny… deeply in debt, writing and independent publishing have brought all of these material benefits to Merri and me, numerous homes… many investment properties and millions in the bank… all debt free.

In a moment I’ll explain how you can do the same by buying land, wherever you choose that provides freedom and creates income.   One example has a start up cost (for an income producing home) as little as $29,000 to begin.  But if you do not have the $29,000, don’t worry there is another example that has  way to start with even less, much less.

You’ll see how to find amazing benefits in North Facing Slopes that can create income and free yourself from big pharma and big agri.

Now is the time to start using this system.  When Monsanto recently agreed to be bought out by the German chemical company, Bayer, for $66 billion, big business fired a warning shot.  Both companies are notorious for failed promises, aggressive business tactics, lies and greed.  They are each monsters of greed.  Combine them and you get mega big, a dangerous freedom restricting trend.  Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the past decade BIG everything have made advances against most of us.  BIG government has forced us to buy BIG insurance, even if the insurance only covers pharma and procedures we do not want (and not close to all of it).  BIG pharma has jacked up (take EpiPen as an example) prices of life saving drugs to a degree that can only be called extortionate.

BIG banks… well, we could spend a long time here delving into the crimes of any one of the big government supported banks.

BIG education is no exception.  Nick Saban was paid $7,087,481 to coach the Alabama Crimson Tide.  He beat out Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh. who in his first year with the Wolverines earned a “measly” $7,004,000.  University professors on the other hand who change lives, challenge the world of their students and teach them skills needed to improve the world, start earnings around $30,000.

“Full-time professors can earn $500,000 and more”, it is said.  Well actually seven can.  Of all the professors in America, the top five earn over a million dollars.  Two earn $700,000, two earn $500,000 and one $400,000.  The two best paid coaches earn more than the top ten professors put together.

BIG justice and BIG law enforcement are also concerns.  Attorney Harvey Silverglate wrote a book “Three Felonies a Day”, that “even the most honest and informed citizen cannot predict with any reasonable assurance whether they engage in a wide range of seemingly ordinary activities that might be regarded by federal prosecutors as felonies.”   The book explains how the average American does something about three times a day that could be turned into a federal crime by an enterprising or overreaching prosecutor.  The ambiguity in the legal system can stamp a permanent criminal record on an honest, squeaky clean unknowing and harmless individual.   This is the way BIG wants the law.  When they make everyone a criminal, they can stomp on anyone who steps out of line.

Fortunately the “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” report shows how to reduce such risks.

The report includes a tax and career plan broken into four age groups, before you start school – from age 25 to 50 – age 50-to 65 and what to do when you reach the age where that tradition wants you to re-tire.  (Another clue-you do not need to retire and probably should not.)

The report is very specific because this report is about what we (Merri, me, our children and even my sister) and thousands of our readers have done and are doing.

Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere

The How to Find Truth report focuses on a system that takes advantage of Smalltown USA.  This is one place where BIG works to SMALL’s advantage.  America is big and a lot of American real estate is cheap but has enormous hidden value.

  • Learn about the magic of the north facing slope.   This is where Merri and I live almost half of our time.  North facing mountain land is some of the least expensive in the world but has hidden values that the report reveals.  There is a lot of this land and a lot of hidden value that you can tap.  When we bought our Blue Ridge farm (252 acres) I mentioned this to my Swiss banking friend.  “That’s bigger than the entire village where I live!”, was his response.  Smalltown USA offers a last chance at having a lot of space.  By living in two Smalltown places there are enormous tax advantages as well.  One step in the system saves Merri and me over $28,345 in taxes a year.

The report shows how to buy cheap north facing slopes and create an income producing tiny homes that pay for the land for $29,000 or less.

If you lack the $29,000 to invest, a start-up using tents is even less.  These are tipis we put up at our farm before we built our first tiny home.  Learn how they can create tens of thousands of dollars in income for you.

Fwd: gary-scott-tipis

  • See ways that small businesses like Tipi rentals can create BIG tax savings as well as extra income.  For more than 30 years Merri and I have enjoyed a strong six figure income, some years more, in the millions in one year.  Yet there have been very few years when we had to pay federal income tax.  The “Live Anywhere, Earn Everywhere” report lays out a five structure program and how it is used when you are in school (up to age 30), then from 25 to 50, 50 to 70  and beyond 70.   Learn why Chapter C Corporations and pensions can be better than the normally recommended Chapter S (a clue: many tax preparers are coerced just a bit by the IRS).   See how new mileage log rules give you a possible opportunity to increase your tax deductions using IRS Form 4562.  Using a two-vehicle strategy you can gain $12,976 in new deductions even if you do not have to drive one mile further or spend one additional penny on your car.
  • See how a green house can help you eat better and be healthier, plus provide income and a tax deduction and be funded by a government grant.


Our North Carolina greenhouse.

See how to to add value to greenhouses in numerous ways.


We added value to our North Carolina greenhouse with this chicken run.

  • There are similar benefits from having a second home office defined in IRS publication 463 and IRS publication 587, even if your desk is a dining room table.  The report also shows how your dining room table can become an actual income producer as its creates a huge tax deduction at the same time, not to mention a great place to eat, work and lay out plans for a brighter, safer more lucrative and enjoyable future.
  • Living in this environment is also healthier, economically as well as physically.  You’ll see in the report how researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health studied 108,000 subjects and found an amazing correlation between living in conditions found on north facing slopes, longevity and mental health.  The researchers were quite surprised by this strong correlation that also extended into mental health.  In addition to feeling better, reducing stress and having more Joie de Vivre the places outlined in “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere”can help you avoid hospitals, high cost disease management (aka health care) and BIG pharma while providing an investment opportunity in three plants that have some of the fastest growing demand in natural health care.  These three plants are just one of seven business opportunities that can create multiple streams of income.
  • How changes in cell phone and internet technology eliminated the need to be in one place.   An old law that creates new opportunity for a small business in small towns is available to everyone.
  • Use the specific search and purchase guide.  Construction plans are included that show how to generate first tier income that leads to five, second tier avenues of earnings.


See how we created second tier income by harvesting our own timber and using a portable saw mill to cut this wood.


  • How to pay off old debt and avoid new by avoiding spurts and embracing value. 
  • Learn seven skills that will always have value.  See how to turn First Aid, medicinal plants, hospitality, sustainable timber, trees, alternate energy and writing to turn into everlasting, low stress wealth.

merrily farms

This pond looks like a pleasure (and it is) but also helps create a safe, healthy food supply and a tax deduction as well.

Why Listen to a Guy Who Does Not Have a Smart Phone and Why This is Urgent?

Now is the time to take control.  The all time great investor, Warren Buffet, summed up the importance of urgency when he once said, “You’ve gotta keep control of your time and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life.”

Big business wants to addict you to the internet on your computer and cell phone so they can monitor every step you take and keep you overwhelmed with shallowness.  BIG everything wants you to procrastinate.  They want you to stick around as long as they can continue to bilk you with their lies.  Merri and I  began learning how to be rich and fulfilled by opting out almost 50 years ago.  Our system worked for twenty years and we helped hundreds of thousands learn how to use it.

A great deal of our wealth comes because we do not get caught up in BIG media, continual texts and cell phone calls and alerts.

We developed systems of deeper, relaxed concentration and applied this to health, income creation and investing.  We were among the first to use this system.

Those systems lasted over 20 years but those who joined us earliest gained the most.  Once we realized that a new system was required, we began our 20 year experiment in other countries and then Smalltown USA.  Those who joined us early made more and benefited the most.

In the 1970s I wrote the book “Passport to International Profit” and urged readers to use the advice in the book ASAP from the 1970s.  This is why I want to rush the “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” report to you as soon as possible.

My Guarantee

This may be the most important report I have written in 50 years.  The information is certainly the most urgent.  Do not delay.  The risks are upon us right now, and you’ll understand how the final steps of the alliance are taking place as you read the current news.  I take the risk out of gaining this urgent information with my full satisfaction or money back guarantee.

If you are not totally happy, simply let me know.  I guarantee you can ask for a full refund any time within 60 days and I’ll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

You can keep the report as my thanks for ordering it.


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