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Panama Relocation Tour

The two countries I am asked most about are Ecuador and Panama.  To help readers who have an interest in Panama I stay in touch with our friend, Jackie Lange, and am passing along this information she sent to me.


Panama has become the preferred place to retire to for expats from all over the world.  Panama is also an excellent place to start a business because of their low taxes and easy regulation.  Unlike most Latin American countries, Panama offers a true democratic government plus a very strong and stable economy.   

Panama has multiple sources of income including the Panama Canal and the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world.   The expansion of the Panama Canal revenues will double almost overnight.

Panama is blessed to have few natural disasters. There are no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no tsunamis and there is not a single active volcano.

Panama is a small country with less than four million people and a growing middle class.  In Panama, you can live near the Pacific Ocean beaches, the Caribbean Sea, in the mountains where there is Spring-Like weather year round, or in metropolitan Panama City.  There is something for everyone in Panama!

Health care is affordable and readily available, often with English speaking doctors. Health insurance costs a fraction of what you’d pay in the United States.

Maybe it’s time for you to check out what life is like in Panama during a Panama Relocation Tour.

Jackie Lange

Discover if Panama is right for you with our “boots on the ground” 6 day 5 night ALL INCLUSIVE Relocation & Retirement Tour.

Learn how you can live better for less in Panama!


Discover if Panama is right for you with our “boots on the ground” 6 day 5 night ALL INCLUSIVE

Relocation & Retirement Tour.

Learn how you can live better for less in Panama!

With Panama Relocation Tours, one flat fee includes all ground transportation, hotels, 3 meals a day and in-country flights.  PLUS, you’ll: VISIT Panama City, Coronado, Gorgona, Santa Clara, Chitre, Las Tablas, Santiago, ,David, Boquete, Volcan, Cerro Punta, Puerto Armuelles … all places expats call “home”.

TALK to scores of expats who will give you their first-hand experience living in Panama.

LEARN about affordable health insurance, getting big discounts on what you buy, shipping household goods, pet relocation, how to find a car and how to open a bank account and much more.

DISCOVER how to find rentals, real estate people you can trust, best internet service, how to make and receive free phone calls and order from Amazon.

MEET with an attorney to learn about Pensionado and other visa options.

Join us for a Panama RelocationTour in 2019


Cal in the US 888-282-1882


We’re eager to show you our Panama!

Panama has become the preferred place to retire for people from all over the world because of their famous Pensionado Visa which includes these discounts:

·  50% off on recreation and entertainment such as movies, theaters, sports, etc.
·  50% off hotels Monday through Thursday (30% off on weekends)
·  50% off passports
·  30% off public transportation like buses, trains, and boats
·  25% off airfare to anywhere in the world
·  25% off restaurants (15% off fast food)
·  25% off electrical, telephone, and water service
·  20% off doctors and specialists
·  20% off prosthetics and other personal assistance devices
·  15% off hospitals and private clinics
·  15% off dental and optometry services
·  10% off prescription medications 
·  tax-free importation of household goods, up to $10,000

A great way to check out the benefits of living in Panama is Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour.  See details at Panama RelocationTours


Panama Relocation Tour

The two countries I am asked most about are Ecuador and Panama.  To help readers who have an interest in Panama I stay in touch with our friend, Jackie Lange, and am passing along this information she sent to me.


Panama has become the preferred place to retire to for expats from all over the world.  Panama is also an excellent place to start a business because of their low taxes and easy regulation.  Unlike most Latin American countries, Panama offers a true democratic government plus a very strong and stable economy.   

Panama has multiple sources of income including the Panama Canal and the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world. This June, the expansion of the Panama Canal will open and revenues will double almost overnight.

Panama is blessed to have few natural disasters. There are no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no tsunamis and there is not a single active volcano.

Panama is a small country with less than four million people and a growing middle class.  In Panama, you can live near the Pacific Ocean beaches, the Caribbean Sea, in the mountains where there is Spring-Like weather year round, or in metropolitan Panama City. There is something for everyone in Panama!

Health care is affordable and readily available, often with English speaking doctors. Health insurance costs a fraction of what you’d pay in the United States.

Maybe it’s time for you to check out what life is like in Panama during a Panama Relocation Tour.

Jackie Lange

Discover if Panama is right for you with our “boots on the ground” 6 day 5 night ALL INCLUSIVE Relocation & Retirement Tour.

Learn how you can live better for less in Panama!


One flat tour fee includes all ground transportation, hotels, 3 meals a day and in-country flights

VISIT Panama City, Coronado, Gorgona, El Valle, Santa Clara, Chitre, Las Tablas, Santiago, ,David, Boquete, Volcan, Cerro Punta … all places expats call “home”.

TALK to scores of expats who will give you first-hand information.

LEARN about affordable health insurance, getting big discounts on what you buy, about shipping, moving and shopping, pet relocation, how to find a car and how to open a bank account and much more.

DISCOVER how to find rentals, real estate people you can trust, best internet service, how to make and receive free phone calls and order from Amazon.

MEET with an attorney to learn about Pensionado and other visa options.


We’re eager to show you our Panama!
US 888-282-1882

Learn Ecuador from the Bottom Up

Learn all about Ecuador from Ecuadorians.


Meeting with Ecuadorians at…

finlandia hotel quito

the Finlandia Hotel in…

finlandia hotel quito

Quito Ecuador.

The last Ecuador “Get Together” seminar was completed last month and we are trying to decide whether the next should be this June or in Septmber?

The Quito Ecuador “Get Together” seminar are ($799)

The hotel rates are normally $70 to $100 per night but “Ecuador Get Together” delegates enjoy a deep discount.

The “Get Together with Ecuadorians Seminar” helps you learn the real Ecuador.  Before and after the “Get Together” there are four optional tours on:

#1: Medical care.

#2:  Coastal Real Estate

#3: Cuenca Real Estate

#4: Exports from Otavalo.

Get to know local residents… for a richer experience, a deeper understanding of the culture and a greater adventure.

The “Ecuador Get Together” this February brings greater value to you from Ecuadorians.

When should we sponsor the next “get-together” in Quito, Ecuador?

In two days you will hear and meet English speaking Ecuadorians who will speak about living in Ecuador, Ecuador real estate, Ecuador health care, Ecuador law and visas, Ecuador customs regulations for bring in personal goods,  Ecuador business and Ecuador banking and investing.

ec sem

Living In Ecuador:  Learn how to move to Ecuador, the cost of living, the pros and cons, areas of most value, monthly expenses, whether to rent or buy first.  Learn about the visa and real estate laws and requirements and the steps to take to safely move and live in Ecuador….learn all from the Ecuadorians themselves.

Renting and Buying Ecuador Real Estate:  See a city by city review of real estate costs, what specific steps to take, who to meet, what not to do, how to trust agents, the lawyers to use, the kind of house or apartments that are good and not so good,  the neighbors and the expenses involved in buying or renting.

Ecuador Health Care:  Meet local doctors and dentists as you learn how to enjoy the benefits of low cost health care in Ecuador.   Find out if you need health insurance.  Learn what health insurance is available at what age and the costs. You’ll get a list of doctors, list of prices on the most common treatments and learn more about Ecuador health tourism.

Ecuador Business and Job Opportunity:   Learn ways to work and earn while living in Ecuador.   See how to import and export ideas and products to and from Ecuador.   See how others are earning income in and from Ecuador.  Learn about opportunity in bed and breakfasts, tourism, restaurants, how to work as a medical care professional, farming and shops.

Investing in Ecuador:  See the financial needs and how to invest in Ecuador private business.  See existing businesses that need financial partners as well as start ups.   See how to bring US, Canadian and European businesses to Ecuador and how to take Ecuadorian businesses to Asia, Canada, Europe and the USA.   Learn how to invest in agriculture and find the right place and the perfect product to produce and sell locally or export.  Learn about Ecuador’s new productive matrix to create wealth.

ec sem

The Ecuador “Get Together” includes government speakers on:

Tourism. Why Ecuador has become one of  “the” places to visit.

Value Adding.  Ecuador has changed its focus from its current list of products (oil, bananas, flowers, shrimp, cacao, etc) to a different production matrix that adds value.  They are upgrading from bulk roses to bouquets, cacao to fine chocolate, etc.

Security. Learn how the government is improving the response to the high crime rates, how the justice system is changing and hear about the the 911 project that is bringing the police closer to the communities and managing response teams in a more efficient way.

Immigration.  How and why the Ecuadorian government welcomes you.

Ecuadorian Private Speakers include:

Real estate brokers.  Review real estate and prices and trends across the country.

Attorneys and accountants.  Legal basics.  What not to do.  What to do first.  Legal check list for visas and real estate.  Your tax position in Canada, Europe or the US.  Your tax position in Ecuador.

Importers and exporters.  How to bring your goods into Ecuador.  How to send goods from Ecuador. How to develop logistic services for purchase, quality control and shipping.  How to deal with customs abroad.

Doctors and dentists.  How to get the best health care.  Cost of medicine, doctors, medical procedures.  Alternate care and how to eat fresher and better.  What to expect from the free medical system. Availability of prescriptions and prices.  You will learn how some delegates pay for their trips to Ecuador  by having their family’s prescriptions filled with identical medication at far lower costs in Ecuador.

Business people.   Learn which business areas in Ecuador are most likely to grow.  See where to find potential in  agriculture, tourism, real state, export, value adding and manufacturing.

Retirees:  How to save half on almost everything.  The low cost of living in Ecuador.  Access to  insurance, internet, TV, cellphones, technology and things that you might miss from back home.

Before and after the two day seminar, there are three optional tours.

Ecuador Get Together Seminar

#1: Health Care Tour.   Meet MDs, dentists and eye doctors.  Have a health check up and complete diagnosis from top doctors in Ecuador.  Get a specific review of where to get the best care and at what price for your personal health requirements. $299.

#2: Real Estate tour to the coast. Ecuador real estate from Manta north. A two day tour with locals.$345.

#3: Real estate tour to Cuenca.  A two day tour with locals. $345.

Fees are Low

The fees for the “Get Together Seminar and Tours” are remarkably low because this program is conducted by Ecuadorians.  No high costs to bring outside speakers are incurred by the Ateam Ecuador.

Ecuador tours

Option #1: The two day “Get Together” only $799.  (see below how two come together for the price of one!)

Option #2: Just take a tour.

Option #3: The two day “Get Together” and two optional tours. $1,340.

Option #4: Platinum package: two day “Get Together” and all optional tours  $1,608. Saves $247.

Two for the Price of One. Bring your friend or spouse at no extra charge.  The goal of the “Get Together” seminar is to help visitors and Ecuadorians get together.  We believe this creates a special magic for those who want to know the real Ecuador.  Ecuador has such strong family values… we want to encourage couples and friends to attend.  To make this possible there is no additional fee for a second person who attends.

Platinum Package all activities included for $1,608.  Bring a spouse or guest with you at no extra charge.

Enroll in this Platinum Service that entitles you to all courses and tours.   Attend the “Get Together”  Then take each of the three optional tours… coastal real estate, Cuenca real estate and medical tours.

The Platinum Package (bring a guest free) is  $1,608.

The gold package,  the two day “Get together” in Quito and two tours is Single $1,167  or Couple $1,340.

The two day “Get together” in Quito and one tour is $1,144.

Just attend the two day “Get together” in Quito is $699  or Couple $799

Real Estate Tours (choose either Medical, or Cuenca or the Coast) are $299  or one or for a couple $345

Travel, Food and Accommodations NOT included.

Personal shopping and export tours to Otavalo and Cotacachi plus tours to the Galapagos, Andes or Amazon, can be scheduled specifically for you before or after the “Get Together” and tours.   Ask for details.

Do you have an interest? If so please let me know which month you would prefer, June or September 2014?  Gary@garyascott.com

$16,000 Beach House?

Customized Ecuador beach real estate tours with no added fees create a new Ecuador beach value.

A beach house for $16,000?  You cannot beat experience when it comes to learning all the ins and outs and buying real in a country like Ecuador.

For example after more than a dozen years of traveling… working… buying and selling real estate and running businesses in Ecuador… we led Jean Marie Butterlin to the coast and he began scouring the beaches from Manta, north to Pedernales… finding the bargains…. meeting the landowners…  understanding the rules, regulations and customs.

That experience made him the expert of Ecuador beach real estate so that bargains could be found and so his clients could overcome the biggest problems and intelligently buy real estate on the coast.

I’ll explain the biggest problem of Ecuador beach property in a moment.

First, let me give you an example of using experience to buy beach property intelligently.

Here is Jean Marie’s second beach home…. secluded overlooking this…


isolated beach home for just…



Jean Marie’s experience helped him overcome one of the biggest mistakes most real estate buyers make on the beach… to think they can afford only one coastal home.

Jean Marie explained it this way.  “My advice to our clients who like empty beaches is… do what I have done.  Build a cabin on a remote beach north of Bahia.  Live in town.  Normally people need a balance of socializing and loneliness on spectacular beaches.   I suggest “to do it the right way round”.   Buy in a nice property, a house or condo in town that is big enough to fill your social needs. Buy a  second one cheap.   My isolated 2 bedroom, 600 sq.ft cottage for example has cost me $16,000.”

Jean Marie lives in Bahia… Ecuador’s best coastal town (25,000 population) in this brand new Bahia condo located right on the malecon facing the sea, the bay.

6304024012 6c02442554 Bahia B & B Opportunity

He enjoys…

6304023844 64c90e0ff3 Bahia B & B Opportunity

views like…

6303497813 fd36de7ef7 Bahia B & B Opportunity

this city living and his cost was only $95 a square foot.  His second isolated home fills his empty beach need and cost him just $16,000 more.

Biggest problem of Ecuador’s beach property.

You may not believe this but the biggest problem expats have when they come to Ecuador is that prices are so low.  Coastal real estate is so inexpensive that new buyers pay too much.   They get a really good price compared to Canada or the US…. but in Ecuador terms they pay too much.

This is an understandable problem.   A recent article in Bloomberg Business News shows that Miami property is looking like good value at $400 a square foot compared to $700 a square foot in Bogota, $1,100 in Sao Paulo and $1,400 in Rio.

Here is a picture showing prices from that Business Week article.


Yet we are still seeing Ecuador beach property for less than $100 a square foot.   This means that new visitors see high Ecuador beach prices and they think these prices are really low… WHEN they are compared with other countries.  New buyers often pay much more then they need.

Comparison of property prices in Business Week article can be seen below in a  link to the Business Week article.

This is why I am pleased to report that the cost of personalized tours organized by Jean Marie Butterlin have been dropped to match his group tours.

Now you can enjoy customized, private Ecuador real estate coastal tours to any part or all of the coast between Manta and Pedernales… any time at no additional cost.


Condo in San Vicente with views across the Chone of Bahia! Asking $50,000.

The customized tours can help you in three ways.

#1:  You can set the exact times and dates of the tour to fit your schedule.

#2: You can quantify particular needs and/or desires in the real estate so you do not spend time seeing properties that are not of interest to you.

#3: You would like to zero on specific types of Ecuador real estate in a certain price range.

This 1,250 square foot unit with 625 square foot roof garden on the beach overlooks the Pacific and…


overlooks the luxury Palmazul Spa and Hotel which is also the condo’s club house.


Sunset view from condo.


The condo overlooks this beach.

The Vistazul club house is one of  the most exclusive hotels and spas on Ecuador’s Pacific and Vistazul. This units owners have access to these facilities.


Club house dining and an…


infinity pool right on the beach.

This is also a perfect rental unit.  The asking price was $89,000.  That’s $71 a square foot if  the roof garden is free!

Now Ecuador personalized beach real estate tours are the same price as group tours.  They can be the most efficient and inexpensive way to get a specific view of Ecuador coastal real estate.


This 6,000 square foot, 12 bed B & B opportunity in Crucita has an asking price of $400,000 or about $66 per square foot..

You can set your own schedule and view very specific types of property.  For example if you only wanted to view beach view condos a customized tour is best for you.

Ecuador real estate tours are the most efficient way to learn about Ecuador’s real estate market.

These tours help you see the maximum number of properties in the shortest period of time.

San Vicente Ecuador beach houses

Eco project on the beach. Houses from $83,000 or around $83 a square foot.

These tours offer the following benefits:

You save time.  Tour guides review the properties you will see in advance.  They schedule the most efficient way to travel…from each property to the next.   They double (and triple) check that the seller will be at the property!  They check again by cell phone even while we are on the tour.  This saves a lot of time.

Frequently, sellers get busy and forget to show up or arrive hours late.

Plus with multi lingual tour guides…you do not get lost!

You Save Money! The real estate tours have taken thousands of delegates to see Ecuador real estate over the past fifteen years.  These are the original and first tours to show Ecuador property.  Years of experience help you avoid overpriced property.

Plus you obtain hotel and travel discounts so your tour is often less than if you travel on your own.

Sellers know the reputation of these tours for bringing buyers to Ecuador. Because the tours do not charge commissions, developers often give tour delegates discounts.

You Gain Safety.  Tour guides know which areas are to be avoided.  They know which restaurants could make you ill. Plus they maintain a list of English speaking Ecuador attorneys who have successfully helped many delegates buy real estate.

Even more important they can sometimes spot scams and help the delegates avoid them.

Here is a quote from the Rip Off Report.   Beware of doing business with this person and the websites he represents because he is a con artist, scammer, and liar!   I have had a very personal “horrible” experience.  It was not a “bad” experience, it was not an “unpleasant” experience, it was HORRIBLE.   Gary Scott cautioned people that were at the Conference last year that this was a scam, but unfortunately this crook had already taken our money and now we have to fight him to get it back.  

In this instance we were able to warn hundreds of potential buyers to beware of a terrible rip off on Ecuador’s beach.

The tour fee for a three day customized tour is $499 for one and  $749 for two.

Your  tour can take you to see Ecuador beach property in Beach villages like Crucita, San Clemente and then centers in Bahia, the nicest town on the coast.  Bahia has 25,000 people and is Ecuador’s first Eco City. You can view condos, houses and lots for sale along the way. Here is the center of Bahia.


The Bahia Yacht club


Here is a Bahia hotel, Casa Ceibo, an old manor transformed into a luxury, boutique hotel that…


coastal real estate tour delegates enjoy.

You can see beach lots…


as well as  houses and…


hotels like…




You’ll save time… and avoid trouble. You’ll gain safety,  get to see many more properties on wonderful surf and sand.. than you would see on your own.

The bridge across the Chone River at Bahia was completed in 2010 and opens great opportunity north of Bahia which you can see on your own customized tour.

san vicente-pedernales-real estate

This 3,000 square foot house north of Bahia at Jama is…


on the beach and …


in Jama for…


$60 per square foot!

A recent article entitled “Building a charming destination”  by Paola Vellejo in the Bienes Raices Clave (Key Real Estate), Ecuador’s leading real estate magazine shows how experienced Jean Marie and his group are in Ecuador real estate.


A translation of the article says:    In conversation with Britain’s Steve Marchant, familiar with the housing boom of Cotacachi, you can see the origin of the phenomenon of its growing popularity as a destination for retirees is the result of the sum of a series of coincidences that inevitably arise from one person: Gary Scott.    Scott was the spark that ignited the housing boom of Cotacachi for retirees.

You can read that article in Spanish here.

See a Google translation to English of the article here. 

Jean Marie Butterlin has worked with Merri and me for over a decade and his Ecuador beach experience and contacts now far exceeds ours…plus he stays up to date!

Jean Marie was born in France and after graduating in 1977 from the engineering college ICAM in Lille (France) moved to United States where he developed a homeopathic and dietary supplement business in Houston TX, with an aim at exporting the US made products  into Europe, with emphasis towards Belgium and France.

Jean Marie Butterlin

Jean Marie Butterlin with wife, Pascale, inspecting real estate.

After living part time on both sides of the Atlantic he moved back  in 2002 to Europe where he has a prosperous business in the natural health field i.e. phytotherapy, mineral supplements, specialty cosmetics, as well as Quantum medical technology, internet publishing for the anti-aging market.

This quest for anti-aging remedies, products and techniques has lead him to discover Ecuador with its valleys of longevity, where he is researching and developing new approaches to live longer and better and bringing the new products and techniques to more and more people in the United States and Europe.

Jean Marie began working with Merri and me on our tours several years ago and moved with his family to Bahia, Ecuador.

You cannot beat experience when it comes to learning all the ins and outs and buying real in a country like Ecuador.  Jean Marie has experience in Ecuador coastal real estate like few others and hopes to share it with you.

Set Up Your Own Tour Here $499

Enroll For Two $799.

Tour starts at Manta.  Tour fees DO NOT include flight to and from Ecuador, Manta, accommodations or food.

Business Week article Foreign Buyers Heat Up Miami’s Condo Market


Ecuador Tours & Natural Health

Thousands of our readers have gained Ecuador health benefits and have taken Ecuador tours over the past 15 years.

ecuador-tour tags:

Ecuador real estate tour in Bahia.

Ecuador tours tags:

Ecuador tour at Ingapirca, near Cuenca.

Whether to learn about Shamanic health tips, real estate or exports, Jean Marie and his team work hard to help each reader have an efficient, informative and most of all enjoyable tour.

Plus his tours aim at helping delegates see the whole picture.   Jean Marie has been a leader in introducing new, natural food supplements in Europe and stresses a holistic view on the tours… the savings… the purity… the healthy lifestyles… the benefits of integrating cultures.

One reason Jean Marie loves Ecuador are the health benefits… a place to combine old wisdoms and modern technology. and we’ll be showcasing  a series he has written on Ecuador’s health benefits.

Yesterday’s message looked at a natural health tactic with castor oil used both in India and the Andes.  

A reader responded: What a memory you dug up in me.  When I was growing up,  my Mother would look at me and if I looked ‘puney’, I got a dose of castor oil in orange juice.  It has been only recently that I can look at orange juice and not have my stomach start gurgling.  But it must have worked, I am 78 and on no medication, no arthritis, no nothing.  I can out do all my friends who are even younger than I.  I’m going out and buy a bottle and do the fourth teaspoon a day, regimen.  I can hold my nose and down that much.  Thanks for the memories.

I replied: Thanks for sharing. I use grapefruit.  First, I mix the oil with a bit of grapefruit juice… slug it down (shudder) and then bite into the grapefruit.  There is probably no way to make castor oil taste good so this is still not a tasty experience but it’s better to me than taking it neat.

Jean Marie also works to provide savings for tour delegates… getting hotel and air fare discounts that often save more than the cost of the tour.

He recently sent this note about Ecuador airfare savings:  Gary, I have seen some nice promotions lately from Tame and now Aerogal: $63 round trip Quito-Manta

Here are a few of the questions that others have asked and replies from Jean Marie Butterlin, head of  A Team Ecuador.

Q: Why should I pay for a tour, can’t I do the same thing on my own?

A: We have been working in Ecuador for over a decade, long before most folks ever considered visiting the country.  Over the years,  we learned who to trust (and just as important, who not to trust) and forged priceless relationships.  We have built an experienced network of experts who can save you time and money.  They have earned our respect and trust and, most importantly, we have earned theirs as well.  Whether you join our export tour, agriculture tour or real estate tours, you will benefit from our years of on the ground experience.  In the long run, this will save you both time and money.

Q: Are hotel rooms included in the tour?

A: No, your accommodations, in-country flights and meals are not included in the tour.  However, we have negotiated discounted rates at local hotels.  We will make your reservations for you at these discounted rates.

Q: Do I need to make my own hotel reservations?

A: No, we will do that for you during the tour dates.  If you plan to arrive early or stay longer, let us know and we can help with reservations.

Q: Do I need to buy tickets for the flight to Manta or Cuenca?

A: No, we will buy the tickets and you can reimburse us.  By doing it this way, everyone is on the same flight.

Q: I want to visit Cotacachi, how do I get there for the import/export tour?

A: We can arrange a driver to meet you at the airport and make your hotel reservations for you, contact:   bonnie@ateamecuador.com

Q:When should I arrive in Ecuador for the tour?

A: When you register for a tour, you will be sent a tour schedule with dates and details.  For the real estate tours, you should plan to arrive in Quito two days before the first day of the tour; for the export tour, you should plan to be in Quito the day before the first day of the tour.   Most flights from North America arrive in Quito at night, so generally folks spend their first night in Quito after arrival.  We will send you details about our hotel discounts in Quito.

Q: I’m considering traveling by bus, do you recommend that?

A: No;  for many reasons, we do not recommend traveling by bus for our clients.

Q: Do I need any shots from my medical doctor before traveling to Ecuador?

A: No shots are required to visit the areas included in our tours.

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Ecuador?

A: From most countries, you will be issued a T90, 90 day tourist visa when you enter Ecuador;  this will permit you to stay in the country for 90 days within a 12 month period.

Q: Can I use credit cards in Ecuador?   Are there ATMs I can use?

A: Yes, you can use credit cards in Ecuador.  They are accepted at the hotels we use, airlines and some restaurants.  However, the majority of businesses in the country do not accept credit cards, be prepared to pay in cash.

ATMs are available in the cities and some towns.  Cotacachi and Otavalo are tourist areas so they have several ATMs.
It is a good idea to let your credit card and debit card issuers know you will be traveling in Ecuador and using your cards there.  Otherwise, they may freeze your account when they see foreign transactions coming in=.  Travelers checks are very difficult to use in Ecuador.

Q: Will my cell phone work there?

A: Probably not.   Sometimes you can purchase a SIM card in Ecuador that will enable your phone, depending on brand and carrier.  Also, you can check with your carrier to see if international service is available.  It cost about $55 to buy a cell phone in Ecuador, you refill your minutes by buying cards, you can buy a card for as little as $3.

This however is becoming more difficult as the government has implemented new rules for cell phones. Some Buyers of cellphones are supposed to provide their cedula (resident visa) number when they want to recharge their phone.  Not all companies are doing this yet but some do.    The system that checks the cedula works directly through the main data base of the government; so there now is a direct link between the cell phone companies and government data bases.

We hope you will join an Ecuador tour or Super Thinking course.

Regarding Super Thinking, here is a note from a delegate at our latest Super Thinking + Spanish course.  Por favor Senor y Senorita eScott! Mucho Gracias! Via Con Dios!

Something happened to me in the course, despite my personal chaos distractions, not sure exactly what all it entails but i can sense it..i am a bit more alive and well and ready to tell or sell …learn & earn…& LIVE! Thanx so much, Again!


Event – Full Business Lesson #5 Has Been Posted

We just concluded our November 2011 Super Thinking + Spanish course in Mt. Dora at the Lakeside Inn with a full house.


See how lessons we learned at this course can help you avoid stress in your seminar course or tour business. Study lesson #5 of “Event – Full Business – How to Earn from Seminars, courses and tours.

Event – Full subscribers can access the entire lesson at their password protected site here.

Learn how to subscribe to this online course.

Learn Spanish in Three Days


Learn Spanish in Three Days ONLINE

Instant $110 discount on the course!

The “Learn Spanish in Three Day Course” is now available online.

Read below to see why we are offering our Super Spanish course online for the first time.

Speaking Spanish is a huge benefit on its own.  You can become one of the rare North Americans who can get along in Spanish speaking countries.  You can be one of the special people who can communicate with 10 million non-English speakers in the USA.  Spanish is the second most used language in the USA.  There are more Spanish speakers than speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Hawaiian, and the Native American languages combined.  According to the Census Bureau, Spanish is the primary language of nearly 50 million people in the US.  This is the largest Spanish-speaking community outside of Mexico. Only half of these speakers also speak English “very well,” and 19% do not speak Spanish at all.

You can tap into all this potential when you speak Spanish.  Yet there are more benefits.

An article in England’s leading newspaper, the Telegraph, entitled “Why learn a foreign language? Benefits of bilingualism” (1) sum up the biggest benefit of learning a second language and increased intelligence.  The article says: “Learning a foreign language is more than just a boost to your CV or handy for traveling.  It will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English.  Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process.  The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several mental benefits.”

The article then explains studies that show seven cognitive advantages gained from learning a foreign language.

#1:  You become smarter
#2:  You build multitasking skills
#3:  You stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia
#4:  Your memory improves
#5:  You become more perceptive
#6:  Your decision-making skills improve
#7:  You improve your English

Does it sound impossible to learn Spanish in three days?  Yes, it is impossible when you try to learn Spanish in the old, traditional way.

Though you may choose to take more time using this course to learn Spanish, thousands of our readers have learned at our Spanish courses.

There is a scientific method of learning… proven and described in numerous best selling books that create educational jumps by making education natural, easy and fun.   This course works because it is education without stress!

This method was created and refined by the Bulgarian educational master, Georgi Lozanov, who transformed the entire Soviet educational system to such a degree that this third world country beat the USA into space.

Merri was lucky to be one of a handful of students outside of Bulgaria who were allowed to be taught this system in the early 70s.  She practiced this unique and remarkable form of education for  four decades. It was a delight!

Merri and I began integrating these techniques with other shamanic and educational tactics we had gained in our global travels and then applied them to teach Spanish in three days.

The course has been proven again and again by the thousands who have used this system.  You can read a few of the many raves we have received from delegates who have learned from the Super Thinking Spanish course we created.

Here are a few quotes from delegates of the course.

One delegate from St. Louis wrote:  Hi Gary,  Just ended forty-five years in dentistry last week, and I’m on to a new career.  What is my new career?  Still formulating, but the eye -opening,mind expanding Super-Spanish course last weekend in St. Louis surely shows me the opportunity exists to expand my horizons.

Besides having a lot of nice people to learn our new language; the methods Merri and you developed proved to be just what you said they would be.  We all and I in particular relaxed our way to new learning.  I feel so very comfortable with the basis of my new language skills that I know I will be spitting out great Spanish sentences by the time I reach Ecuador in October.  Last year I spent six weeks in Ecuador and now I plan on conversing with the people.

Today’s excerpt of your newsletter really hit home. You do what you say you will. There are no surprises or hidden sales tricks. The only tricks are beneficial to our learning.  Thank you for a wonderful experience that I was quite unable to grasp how you would pull it off.  You did, however, and I look forward to other courses that you offer, and I have absolutely no doubt they also will work beneficially.  Best regards, Denis Molloy.

Another wrote about the Super Spanish course:   Buenos Dias, here is a testimonial for Super Thinking-Super Spanish.  Please feel free to use all or part in promotions for the course.  In addition, you may give my email address to any prospect “on the fence” about enrolling.  Yesterday, in Cotacachi, Ecuador, I finished Super Spanish.  I had high expectations for the course and they were exceeded.

After three days, I can speak Spanish in complete sentences. In simple conversations, such as buying groceries or ordering a meal, I can make myself understood. I think that’s incredible!

Although I am far from the competence level of a native speaker, I feel I’ve taken a giant step forward in learning Spanish so that I can experience the people and culture of Ecuador.  The foregoing benefits would have more than justified the time and money I invested in Super Spanish.  And learning some Spanish was not the most important benefit I got from the course.

Prior to leaving the USA, I had felt for some time that the pace of life there was unhealthy for me (and for most people) and I did nothing about it.

I’ve thought about the pace issue during the course.  One of the key elements Merri Scott designed into Super Spanish is placing the student in the optimal state for learning.  In class, the past three days, I’ve been re-introduced to guided journeys and introduced to the calming effects of Baroque music (www.sundaybaroque.org).  What a blessing! I’m inclined to make one or both a daily part of my life.   Rob Christi.  Cotacachi, Ecuador

Another attendee from a course wrote:   “I took this incredible class a few weeks ago, and I would like to tell anyone that is interested, that it is an amazing three days of learning with lots of laughs included. You leave everyday wanting to learn more and are so excited to do so.

“Other Spanish classes and tutoring made us feel like it would take forever to get to the point where we could put it into practice, but this method gave us a more fluent use for everyday life almost immediately AND the confidence to use it.  It is a fantastic way to show people how much they know and give confidence to learn and use Spanish creating a momentum.

“They made learning Spanish easy and fun in a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend this course.  Even if you know some Spanish, this helps make it easier because of the less stress that no verb conjugations gives you.  This gives you more confidence in yourself to try and speak it more.

 “The stress free atmosphere and tons of interaction and participation were very conducive to learning.  The relaxation techniques alone are worth the price.  The fact that I can now feel more comfortable conversing in Spanish with my new friends and neighbors is priceless.  Muchas, muchas gracias.”

“I loved the relaxed environment.  I picked up quite a lot of new vocabulary.  I found this course very informative about how the language works, how I can make sentences and understand others better!  Muchas Gracias!  I had a call from Telcel (the local phone company) after our second class and I was able to speak and understand them for the first time. Despacio (meaning slowly) … a great word!  Everyone should take this course before they pick up bad habits.”

“I liked how simply the course was organized and the positive attitude about learning.  Thank you so much for helping me to learn Spanish!”

“I liked the laid back yet professional approach.  I highly recommend this new, relaxing method of learning Spanish,  I feel a lot more confident in the delivery of my words and sentences. It was taught in an excellent and very professional way.

“It was a very enjoyable class.”

How The Course Works

The first tactic is to use Baroque music in the learning process.  At least three best selling books, “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000” have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.  Merri Scott was among just a few who learned directly from Lozanov.

The second tactic uses 17 unique lessons to provide Spanish fluency in a short time.   Let me prove to you how this tactic works by teaching you hundreds of Spanish words in less than 30 seconds.

Here is the proof.

“Most words in English that end in ION are almost identical, just pronounced differently.  For example action is accion, education-educacion, manipulation- manipulacion, etc.”

There you have it.  How long did it take you to read the sentence?  You now know hundreds of Spanish words that you will never forget.

See examples of the words you already know below.

How long would have taken you to memorize all those words?  How soon would you have forgotten them?

This is just one of seventeen Spanish lessons in the course.

The next lesson teaches how to pronounce each of the nouns.

Then, the third lesson teaches almost as many verbs, almost as quickly.

The fourth lesson shows how to avoid conjugating verbs by sticking with the infinitive (far easier than it sounds).  This simple lesson leaves a person sounding like a Spanish professor without ever conjugating a verb.

Lesson five shows how to sound infinitely polite and yet get almost anything desired in Spanish.

Lesson six gives valuable connectors and the seventh lesson triples the Spanish capacity with three words for “yesterday,” “now” and “tomorrow”.

By the end of three days you feel comfortable speaking Spanish.

Plus the system is Impro-Dynamic.  This means your Spanish keeps getting better even though you do not seem to be studying… practicing… or speaking Spanish.

I was amazed by this as I traveled back and forth from the USA to Ecuador.  The longer I was away from Ecuador… the better my Spanish became.  My second language was automatically improving The self improving feature comes because you learn to create Spanish sentences rather than remember them.  The portion of the brain that creates is more powerful than the portion that recalls.  When your mind creates something… it owns it!  You do not have to remember .

During the course you learn 4005 Spanish words that you already know .  

You then learn how to create Spanish sentences from these words.

Throughout the course you learn how to pronounce the sentences you create.

When the course ends… the mind keeps working… and creating… so next time you begin to speak Spanish you’ll be surprised .  You improve even though you have not actively worked on your lingual skill.

Due to the difficulty of getting groups together to learn this valuable technique, we created an online program for subscribers to use the Super Spanish course at home.  Normally $149, this is available at the highly reduced price of $79. Simply use coupon code SPANISH110 at checkout.

I’ll be in touch personally via email with each person who signs up for this course to see how it works or what is required to make it better.  Once this test is complete, we plan to offer the program on a larger scale and at a much higher price.

The ONLINE course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee.  Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund.

Learn Spanish online $79 – using coupon code SPANISH110 at checkout to immediately save $110 off the regular price of $149

Here are more testimonials from previous Super Spanish Courses.

Maggie wrote: It didn’t really seem possible that we would be speaking and understanding Spanish in only 3 days but the course made it happen in a very supportive learning environment.  I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to learn “practical Spanish”.  The teaching methods, use of relaxation, the use of native Spanish speakers for pronunciation and the teachers themselves who were approachable and helpful and always positive made this a very valuable class.

This course improved my self confidence in my ability to learn and retain a language.  It was presented with genuine enthusiasm, great energy and the style of learning is very effective. Gracias!  It was a great experience.

Nadine wrote: “Just spent the last 3 days in the most wonderful learning environment learning Spanish.  What an amazing learning experience!!  First day out of class and I could not stop thinking in Spanish WOW!!  I am amazed by how much I learned, retained and how much more is showing up now that I am out of class.  And the best part is THERE WAS NO STUDYING!! Indeed this is Super Thinking!!!  I would highly recommend this to anyone that has ever had a desire to learn another language or learn anything in record time.

And a few days after that ….  As I went through my day, just hanging out with my son, I could see myself starting to think in Spanish.  At first I thought it was amusing but as it continued and increased I thought “My goodness this is really remarkable amazing” It was really an effortless unfolding.  I wasn’t at any point “trying” to think in Spanish, just words I knew would fly across the screen in my mind.  And then this afternoon, my son cuddled up on the couch to watch some cartoons on his ipad and was watching Peppa Pig in Spanish…hmm coincidence?  I think not, I’m radiating Spanish so much that my son is being influenced!  Thanks a million again.  This weekend the best learning experience of my life!!

If you have ever had a desire to learn Spanish this is the way to do it!  By the end of the first day I had more confidence and more practical ability than I had from any previous courses I had taken.  It was fun and relaxed and full of laughter.  You will leave this class excited to use what you have learned.  Rather than leaving overwhelmed with how much you have yet to learn and master, you are equipped with the knowledge and know how to go out and communicate as well as the excitement to do it!”

Gary noted:  “The whole approach is positive and conducive to learning at a level that benefits ALL participants.  It is not intimidating and does not set up a pass/fail atmosphere.  The presenters are terrific and the results unbelievable.  It was relaxed, informal, friendly and effective.”

Twila said:  “This class provided a very refreshing and relaxed way of learning.  The atmosphere felt very safe to say the words you were practicing.  I learned a lot in a way that will make it easy to apply.  Starting with conversation is way more fun.  How quickly you can learn!  It was a great group, great instructors and great stories.

The atmosphere in the classroom was so relaxed that learning Spanish felt like a breeze and not like a painful task.  The relaxation exercises are really conducive to language learning.  We learned A LOT in a short time and it was fun and the environment was non-threatening.”

Brigitte sent this:  “Buenos Dias, Suzanne. su clase de espanol es excelente! Muchas Gracias!  
I have already done what you suggested and went into the program listening to the music and going over the lessons.  I know: Repetition……reinforcement…..thinking in the new language….it’s all part of it.  I loved your course and will certainly recommend it to friends.  Who knows….I might feel the urge and have the opportunity to repeat it at your beautiful place in Puerto Aventuras…..Quien sabe? Hasta otro dia y saludos a su familia.”

Marie wrote:  “I would highly recommend this course.  The amount covered in 3 days is amazing!  All with no stress.  The correlation lessons and pronunciation practice has greatly reduced my anxiety to go out and use my Spanish.  I really enjoyed the whole process and thank you for the take away tools.”

Learn Spanish online $79 – using coupon code SPANISH110 at checkout to immediately save $110 off the regular price of $149


Here is the English translation of a few of the many Spanish words you now know and will never forget.  How long would it have taken you to memorize them?  How soon would you forget?

“Most words in English that end in ION are almost identical, just pronounced differently.  For example, action is accion, education-educacion, manipulation- manipulacion, etc.”

Some more of these words:  Combination, Attrition, Education, Vacation, Petition, Lotion, Motion, Construction, Abduction, Pronunciation, Concentration and a ton of others!

Learn Spanish online $79 – using coupon code SPANISH110 at checkout to immediately save $110 off the regular price of $149

(1) www.telegraph.co.uk Benefits-of-bilingualism.html

Ecuador Exports & Fair Trade

Ecuador exports can help promote fair trade.

The export business helps many of our readers earn and others, like…


Photo:  Glenn Sterling

this Ecuador family.  They are weavers who also make a paper like material.

Stagflation… rising prices in a falling economy is here… has been for some time, but is now more obvious.  The result are showing.

The September 13, 2011 USA Today article “Typical U.S. family got poorer during the past 10 years” by Dennis Cauchon and Barbara Hansen highlights this fact when it says (Bolds are mine):   A typical U.S. family got poorer during the past 10 years in the first decade-long income decline in at least a half-century, new federal data show.

Median household income fell 2.3% to $49,445 last year and has dropped 7% since 2000 after adjusting for inflation, the Census Bureau said Tuesday. Income was the lowest since 1996.

Poverty rose, too. The share of people living in poverty hit 15.1%, the highest level since 1993, and 2.6 million more people moved into poverty, the most since Census began keeping track in 1959.

Over the past 40 years we have seen our readership dramatically increase their green, social, organic concerns. However, during the downside of the economic cycle, people may have to change. When someone loses their job and finds it hard to get another, they stop thinking about whether a potential employer is using fair trade products in the goods. When a family is at risk of losing their home to foreclosure, they stop worrying about a hungry child in emerging nations.  When a person is starving… even the poorest quality food starts to look good.

We know that people are suffering because of the global economic shifts.  We see this from our readers every day.  We know that the global economy is likely to get worse before it gets better.  Economies ALWAYS have cycles.   We also know that those who are prepared do best during the downside of the cycle.

To help, we have expanded  our focus on surviving the loss of jobs and currency purchasing power though micro businesses.  Economic sluggishness creates extra opportunity in equities, real estate, commodities and for those who create their own micro business.

Yet we have tried to maintain a green… fair trade focus as well.

We have started a program to help our readers create their own micro business working with these businesses as introducers, dealers and distributors.

We started this micro business program for our readers with five businesses who offer products and services we love.

#1: Purely Green/Bio Wash

#2: Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM)

#3: Candace Newman Essential Oils

#4: Ecuador Roses

#5: Ecuador Export Products

Each of these products offers a special social benefit as well as income opportunity.

Ecuador roses and exports promote employment of the poor and Veriflora certified roses (those offered in the program) encourage fair trade, humanitarian, healthy,  employment.

The latest Ecuador export tour was recently completed and Bonnie Keough who conducts and continually expands these tours wrote:

This is my latest discovery for the export tour.  We visited a multi-generational family home workshop near Peguche.   There were at least 4 generations, maybe 5,  present for our visit.  Everyone was very gracious and welcomed us into their home.  Prices on the goods were very fair so the group gained an economic as well as cultural benefit and our purchases helped support eight families.  Their workshop is at the back of the house, not visible from the street at all.  They have several large looms used to weave scarves, ponchos and shawls in various materials and styles.  Many of the vendors at Otavalo market purchase goods from these folks to resell in their booths.

These shots taken by our friend and Super Thinking teacher, Glenn Sterling, shows how one never knows what to expect on an Ecuador export tour.

One begins seeing exquisite beauty overlooking a small…


village and…


a simple home it appears with…


a guard dog perhaps?  Not really just an invitation to see that there is…


more than meets the…




Here is an entire factory supporting an entire family old and…




The last Ecuador export tour looked at products that…


can earn and help people like this. They thank you. The…


entire family.


Win… win for all.


Glenn wrote:  This is a home near Peguche (in the town) where the family has a lot of looms and weaving equipment.  This woman has taken some paperlike material from a press and is letting it dry after being pressed.   The press is huge (she’s standing beside it).  Out back there is the canal from the lake where the women are washing clothing and there are many pups running around – hence the dog shots.


This paperlike making seems to be a sideline for them as the room in this picture is separate and adjacent to the weaving looms (a back room).  One of my favorites is the elderly lady entering the home from the light outside making her look like an angel.


What an experience.


This is why we are pleased to include Ecuador exports in our micro business program.

We provide three e-courses that can help you develop your own micro business that we designed to help you earn anywhere you live in the world.

International Business Made EZ ($299)

Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher ($499)

Event – Full How to Earn With  Your Own Seminars ($349)

When you complete one of the courses above and  attend one of our International Business and Investing Seminars  (the next is October 7-8-9), you will be qualified to enroll for referrer, distributor and dealer programs for Ecuador Imbabura Export Products  PLUS any other mico business programs we develop., Purely Green, Bio Wash… Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM)… Candace Newman Essential Oils… and Ecuador Roses… PLUS any other mico business programs we develop. 

You can learn more about  our October 7-9 North Carolina Course here.

Or you can attend an Ecuador Export Tour instead of the October seminar. Details below.

We have started the beta micro business program.  The good news is that we are not charging a penny more more.  Our International Business Made EZ online course and our International Business Made EZ seminars remain the same price though we’ll now offer subscribers an entrance to doing business with these many, special turnkey businesses that offer income, as well as social and environmental opportuntities.

The overall service can bring you the following benefits:

#1: Connect you via our our online course “International Business Made EZ” to here and now specific business opportunities.

#2: Keep you in touch with other readers in the program, share business tips, ideas contacts and even website support in some instances.

#3: Local lead assistance.  We can zero in as close as 20 miles to a location so for example we can send a separate email to every reader within 20 miles of the address of a referrer.  And although we won’t release the names in that area, we can send them a note of the opportunity.

We have general plans at this stage but find the best way to develop systems is to refine through action. We expect our beta program this year to clarify how we can best help our readers develop successful micro businesses.

Step one is to order one of the three online programs.

International Business Made EZ ($299)

Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher ($499)

Event – Full How to Earn With  Your Own Seminars ($349)

You must complete one of the online business development courses above and attend an International Business and Investing Seminar to be eligible.

Most readers  who enroll in our Online Courses and attend our International Business and Investing Seminar have their own business in mind.  Our courses and seminars will help make your business ideas work better.   Those who do not have a business idea can join in our turnkey micro business program.

Enrollment for our October 7-9 North Carolina Course click here for details.


The September 13, 2011 USA Today article “Typical U.S. family got poorer during the past 10 years

International Micro Business in Migration

There is a growing profit potential in international micro businesses in migration.

economist article

 This chart from the Economist article linked  below shows how the world and the world of immigration has changed. More people are moving to Russia (as a percent) than the USA! See why more people are moving more and more (in and out) and see why a seminar micro business from this migration makes growing sense.

More people than ever before are moving… globally.  Technology… and changes in politics and economies are the driving forces.

An August 27 2011 Economist article “Migration after the crash  Moving out, on and back” says:  Migration after the global economic crisis is different, but still continuing.

LISA RAKOCZY arrived in north London in the mid-2000s from Krakow to study English, hoping to support herself by working as a cleaner. All went well—until the crash and ensuing economic crisis hit her previously prosperous clients. Competition for jobs became fiercer as middle-class families started to spend less on household help. For a while, she eked out enough to pay for her language course by cleaning lavatories in railway stations. Later, her sister, a teacher in Poland, helped her to make ends meet. But by the end of last year, Ms Rakoczy had tired of the trials of an immigrant’s life and headed home.

A typical case, you might think. Indeed, in the wake of the crash, many immigrants have gone back. Just as predictably, many would-be emigrants have stayed at home, either because moving abroad no longer seems worth the effort or because immigration rules in many countries have become more restrictive.

Yet at the airport, Ms Rakoczy may have crossed a young Briton bound for Shanghai, a Chinese computer programmer moving to Canada or a Portuguese worker on his way to oil-rich Norway. The recession has not stopped all migration, but rather led to new patterns and different destinations. Never before—or at least not in recent history—has the map of global migration been at the same time so varied and so changeable.

In past decades… businesses moved to where conditions were best.  Textiles moved from the USA to Japan… then Hong Kong, then Malaysia… then places even less expensive like Viet Nam.

Now people are moving where conditions are best… so in a poor economy Ecuadorians, Mexicans and other South Americans head north… while gringos with pensions and Social Security find living conditions better in South America.

Take for example the ability to enjoy luxury.

A hotel like the best boutique hotel in Ecuador Mansion del Angel wold cost a thousand dollars a night in big city USA.  Yet in Quito this experience is still affordable.

Michel Duer and Jorge Espinosa, proprietors of the Relais and Chateaux La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa, also have this wonderful Quito boutique hotel… the Mansion del Angel.


The Mansion del Angel Quito boutique hotel is stunningly beautiful.

See more about La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa here.


Merri with Michel Duer & Jorge Espinosa at La Mirage.

Merri and I have been friends with Michel and Jorge for decades so we were delighted to learn that they were moving their luxury Quito boutique hotel to a larger and grander building.

This magnificent Quito boutique hotel where every room from…


lobby… to


the restaurant, to the…




landings and…


passages defines luxury in Quito which has some excellent boutique hotels.

However when it comes to boutique hotels in Quito the Mansion raises the bar to the highest level of luxury and service.

Here is a note we recently received from the owners.

Recently, we were extremely proud to have received the mentioning of 4.5 points of a total of 5 from TRIPADVISOR, indicating that Mansion del Angel was named throughout the entire year as Number One of any establishment in Quito.  That, of course, is a big responsibility and we are working hard to
maintain this. I might add, Gary, that when you started to promote Mansion del Angel the first year it certainly gave a big push of which we were very happy.

Again, the rates have not been changed since the beginning and will remain for 2012 as well. We maintain them at US$ 150 for the Standard Room, either with a Queen bed or twin beds. Next the smaller suites with a King bed or Queen Twin beds at US$ 220 and finally the large Deluxe Suites at US$ 275 with either King or Full Queen bedding. All rates are per night AND INCLUDE FULL AMERICAN BREAKFAST, COMPLIMENTARY AFTERNOON TEA, A DAILY CITY TOURISM TAX AS WELL AS 22% TAXES AS PER GOVERNMENT REGULATION. 

Most hotels quote a rate and then add the 22% service and tax.

Ecuador Living Club members can see the discount they receive at the Mansion at the password protected club site. 

Learn how to be an International Living Club member here.

Affordabilty and mobility create business opportunity.  Seminars and tours can be provided in luxury at prices that delegates can afford. The opportunity comes from all the movement. Those who move to new places have many things to learn. Seminars, tours and events are a great way to teach them.

Profits can come in both directions… teach Americans about other countries. teach those in other countries how to move to the USA. This is just one example.

There are more opportunities than there are countries.  Dozens… even hundreds of opportunities for each two country routes!

Imagine the profit potential alone that is forming in the Middle East and Africa.  How to enter… or leave… Libya as an example, or Egypt.

For those who want to move and earn or those who want to earn on the move… think about a seminar or tour business…Mansion del Angel can provide the perfect venue in Quito.


Learn how to earn with a seminar or tour micro business.

Read the entire Economist article “Migration after the crash  Moving out, on and back

What R U Going 2 Do – Part Three “EKIGAI”

The power of “ekigai” can cure so many ills we see in the world.


Photo from National Geographic video... see more below.

That’s the power of capitalism…  to create “EKIGAI” that can help overcome poverty, inflation, illness, crime… giving and serving through trade can eradicate them all.

This is why we created our course International Business Made EZ  (IBEZ) course to help people have a better “EKIGAI”.

See what “EKIGAI” means below.

Now we are making real businesses available to subscribers of the IBEZ course.  Our recent message Global Freedom introduced how we are working with a dozen companies to create special starter packages and training programs and how we are starting first with these five businesses.

#1: Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM)

#2: Ecuador Imbabura Export Products

#3: Bio Wash

#4: Essential Oils

#5: Roses

We are not involved with these businesses (other than we love, use and recommend their products). We won’t make a penny from any reader’s business with them. These ARE NOT franchises or MLM deals.   Our only goal is to make our courses more effective and our subscribers more successful so they have more “EKIGAI”.

This message looks at Imbabura Ecuador Export Products and I want to especially focus on benefits of exporting beyond the profit… the “EKIGAI”.

One benefit of serving others is longevity.  There is a great short video at the National Geographic site entitled  “Longevity, the Secrets of Long Life, Sights & Sounds.”  This is where I learned the word “EKIGAI” that describes what I have always known and valued.I have linked the video at the end of this message and recommend your taking a look.

One of National Geographic’s explorers studied three areas where the residents were especially long lived, Okinawa, Sardinia and Loma Linda, California.

Some of the conclusions we should expect… Traditional natural food…  Social interaction with friends, family…  taking days off….not becoming marginalized… plus having ekigai… the phrase those in Okinawa use as “A Reason to Wake Up”.

The video sadly also points out that two of these long lived areas… Okinawa and Sardinia are losing their longevity qualities.  Families are breaking up.  Older generations are being marginalized.

Technology is driving stakes between generations. The busy life modern technology gives everyone and the ability to travel… to learn and communicate globally almost instantly is replacing (and in most places has replaced) the genetic and location centered social interaction of the family.   That life is very much gone and like Pandora, modern social ways will be hard to put back in the box!

The same technology however allows us to create our own new families and friends almost anywhere through service in business.  Take an Ecuador exports business as an example.

When you become an exporter you create your own family… your customers and your suppliers… bringing them together through your expanded horizons of the world.  No one doing something this good is marginalized!

Bonnie Keough on A Team Ecuador reports how families are being created on her export tours right now.

These are photos of the Sergovia family.


This indigenous family lives in the countryside near Cotacachi.  They all work together in the family weaving business.  The males do the weaving, the females spin the fleece into yarn and dye it with natural colors.


When I first visited them in 2010 they had no electricity and no indoor plumbing in their house.  It was basically one large room with a dirt floor.  This is where the family lived and worked.  The room was filled with large looms, yarn and a bed.

ecuador export images

They had candles in wire hangers over the looms so they could see to weave after dark.


Their home and yard was neat as a pin and they were very happy to have our export tour visit them.  Currently, their goods are sold by only a few vendors in Otavalo.


My first tour to visit their workshop was in September, 2010.  They welcomed us into  their home and demonstrated their weaving skills for us.

The delegates enjoyed meeting this hard working family and bought many of their products.  They gained a much better appreciation of all the time and skill involved in making these traditional Ecuadorian handicrafts.

I returned with a tour in November.  One of the delegates on the tour has a wholesale business and placed a very large order with the family. He ordered 500 tablerunners from them.

I saw this family’s eyes light up when they realized he was serious.  They promised delivery in two weeks and they delivered the complete order on time.

When I returned to their home with my January 2011 tour group, I was happy to see an electric service box on the outside of their house.  This was tangible progress. There was no electricity yet, but it was in the works.

Our April group visited the workshop and the lights were on!  Only a few naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling, but they have electric lights and no longer have to weave by candlelight.

ecuador export images

It’s so gratifying to see the positive impact our tour visits have had on this family. Maybe in a few more years, they will have an indoor bathroom!

I’m always looking around for artists and products.  Every tour someone asks me “How did you ever find this place?”


Bonnie Keough

Here are some…

ecuador export images



Ecuador export tour…




An Ecuador export business can be small and earn just a little (to pay for your trips) or a lot.  One delegates just delivered 600 leather back packs.  Large or small… a business in imports and exports can help earn more and help others to live longer to enjoy the earnings with good “EKIGAI”.


We are creating a support program so Ecuador export tour delegates can have a support team in Ecuador to help with shipping and followup orders as well as sales and marketing assistance.

Learn more about joining the August 31, Sept. 1-2-3-4, 2011 Ecuador export tour.

Meet Marge… 100 years old and renewing her driver’s license. Photo from National Geographic’s website linked below.


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Earn With Seminar or Tour Business

Learn how to earn extra income from a seminar, tour, exhibition or events business.

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Many readers of this site crave freedom… and perhaps adventure.  At least they desire the ability to get out of the rat race.   They want  to travel… spend time… live… laugh or love in more than just one place… and they want the places to be ones they choose.

How can one live such a lifestyle… where a suitcase is a necessary and vital friend?

There are few people more capable of answering this question than… Merri and me.

For 43 years (from May 1968) we have been paid to travel and live exactly where we have wanted to be… because we have had an events business conducting seminars, courses and tours.

Our seminar/conference/ events business has allowed us to visit and to live almost anywhere we have chosen… or not.

Sometimes we have incredible adventures.


Here I am with Merri and an Ecuadorian Yatchak deep in the Llanganatis jungle creating a shamanic tour.

However when we want to stay at home we can also do so.  One does not have to travel to have an events business.


Here I am (in brown shirt) speaking to a delegate that we conducted at our Florida home.

We even built a…


seminar hall on Little Horse Creek so we can stay in the mountains when we desire… and still conduct events.

Here is one of the small groups at a retreat we conducted in the seminar hall.


Most owners of an events business do not do this much, however!  Lesson Two of a new course we have created called “Event – Full Business” shows how to start small and gradually build a larger events business (if that is your desire) as we have done.

We have conducted events as small as two delegates and some with over 400 so…


we know the events business inside and out… large and small. Here Merri and I are speaking to over 400 + people in Quito, Ecuador.

There are innumerable fringe benefits to an events business. For example almost all of our global travel has been tax deductible for all these years.

The pay has certainly not been bad either.  As you’ll see below, one time we earned  $142,260 in three days.  In another instance we earned over $135,000 in two days.  Once our earnings exceeded $200,000 in just three days.

Yet the income has been a small part of this adventure. The expanded horizons… the people we have met… the adventures we have shared… the tens of thousands of delegates we have enjoyed and hopefully helped…. the poor we have served… the freedom we have felt… to be able to go where we desire and come home, when we desire, with more than when we left.

These facts have dramatically enriched our lives….and we hope others.

Now we would like to help improve your lifestyle as well… if… earning with a seminar, tour events business appeals to you.

We have conducted seminars or events or spoken at them in… (alphabetical order)  Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary (before the Iron Curtain came down), Indonesia, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands,  Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and at one time or another most of the United States and more.

There is a possibility that  Merri and I know more about conducting events than 99.9% of the people in the world and because so many have asked… we have finally decided to provide an online correspondence course on how to create your own seminar, tour or events business.

We call this brand new emailed correspondence course:  “Event – Full Business”.

We have completed three lessons and to give you a better idea about “Event – Full Business”. The Introduction Lesson is below.  I am ready to send you the Intro and Lesson #1 of “Event – Full Business” and am ready to accept your enrollment of students in our beta program.

See how to benefit from this first stage in our course development after you have studied this introduction.

“Event- Full Business” – How to Profit Conducting Seminars, Workshops & Tours

Sometime about 24 years ago…. around 1987:


Photo from www.thetoptensite.com/Niagara_Falls.html


A white water symphony… harmonized in crushed octaves.  A melody amplified by nature’s power and white water sound conducted in the fresh air amphitheater that is Niagara Falls.

Merri and I walked arm and arm along the Canadian side of the falls…overwhelmed by its strength and its spectacular beauty.  We had driven from our home in North Carolina to conduct an International Investing and Business Conference… one of the largest of our own seminars that we had ever conducted…380 people.

We arrived a day early… took a suite with a large red garden tub… soaked after the long journey and then enjoyed the wonder of this natural phenomenon…Niagara Falls.

This was the day to enjoy because the next three we would be busy, very busy… with stress-of course. Marketing had shot past our expectations and this was a large crowd. We would work hard yet we would also earn approximately $142,260 for three days work. Actually more. You’ll see why below.

We have earned in many ways since then… until now… 24 + years later.

This morning a reader enrolled in our 2011 International Club allowing him to attend all the seminars we’ll conduct for the next year.

He wrote: “Hi Merri. I am looking forward to meeting you both again. Had met in Niagara in the 1980s. Thanks.”

Obviously, something we did for this client 25 years ago brought this extra business to us now.

This fact stimulated me to get on with this course which I have been outlining for some time. A seminar, conference, tour business not only creates unusual profit opportunity now… but when a seminar business is properly run, it can create income for a lifetime!

This course shows how Merri I and have created riches and a lifestyle beyond our wildest imagination and shares steps you can take to create a profitable and fun business conducting seminars, workshops conferences and tours wherever and whenever you like.  (Or perhaps you want to conduct seminars online or live or with a video sent through the internet.)

When it comes to conducting seminars, courses and tours, there are few people with more experience than Merri and me. Over 43 years we have organized, marketed and conducted thousands of tours for tens of thousands of people in dozens and dozens of countries (even behind the Iron Curtain).

This course shares how we have done this… what we did right… what we did wrong… how you can get started and what you can do much better than we have.

Here are the initial lessons in an outlined that I am writing.

#1: How to earn millions from seminars, courses and tours. See how we have earned as much as $200,000 for three days’ work. (Once $135,000 in two days.)

#2: How to build a seminar business. See the one day Washington-Atlanta-San Francisco system that helped our courses evolve and how to use this approach to help your teaching grow.

#3: When and when not to use other speakers. Seminars for speakers… a way to get it all out as your bank accounts gets it all in.

#4: How to use other speakers. Gain the key to the room and the people within. Why the golden pen is mightier than a glib tongue, the sword and the overloaded brain.

#5: Dealing with hotels/locations. Why the marketing does not talk to catering who will not communicate with accounting and the mess this could mean for you. How to choose… arrange and survive the hotel. Forget the $11,314 coffee bill… for swill.

#6: Scheduling seminars. Magic dates and times for marketing… how far in advance to market and seminar death dates to avoid.

#7: Creating a back end business. How Merri made $12,936 dollars at a seminar in 37 minutes by just standing still.

#8: Three types of courses… delegate driven… speaker driven… third party driven.

#9: The importance of strategic partnerships for added wealth.

#10: How to market seminars, courses & tours.

#11: List building.

#12: Alternative seminar and course location options.

#13: The benefits of both big seminars and small courses.

#14: How to survive the dreaded problems: What to do when enrollments are low. Handling the heckler, the takeover and the cell phone. When the hotel fails. Surviving speaker no shows and all of those types of things!

#15: How to enhance your other businesses with seminars.

We welcome you to “Event – Full Business”.

We’ll be doing all we can to help you create your riches and a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams with an events business so your life and income can be filled by events and event full!

The first lesson will look at seminars, workshops conferences, exhibitions,tours, various events, how they differ and their strengths and weaknesses so you can begin to zero in on what would be best for you.

This is the introduction.  We invite you to become a beta subscriber to this new online correspondence course, “Event – Full Business”.

The initial fee for the “Event- Full Business” online course is $499, but as with all of our courses, we provide a substantial discount to our first subscribers as part of a beta development program so they can help us refine the course.

Save Now

In this initial offer, you can enroll for a special initial savings plus we’ll enroll you in our our annual Event – Full Course Update for even more savings you’ll gain next year.

We’ll send you the first lessons immediately and each lesson as it is completed.  Plus we’ll ask for your input.

Never Ending Story – Save Next Year

The world is changing at an ever faster pace, so no course on business remains current for long.  Our events business evolves every year.  Consequently our courses never end… they evolve with our business.

Throughout the year we update, rewrite and expand our courses… adding new tips and share real time what we have learned and what we are still learning.  We show the changes we are making… how and why… in our business through the year.

This continual update is like an Alumni Club. Imagine attending Harvard. After graduation you stay in touch with your fellow students. You share. You help one another. You network and stay up to date. Our online business courses work in the same way so we… all our subscribers… and you,  help the courses evolve and keep pace with new ideas, new technology, innovation and changes in the market place.

Beta subscribers are guaranteed “Events 202” at a special discount when they choose to continue with the course in June 2012.

So you gain more than just savings as a beta subscriber.  The extra added benefit is that you help direct the creation of the course and make it more useful from the very beginning.

Then year after year… as long as you like… you stay in touch with us, our webmaster and with the other subscribers from around the world though a special password protected site.

The first 15 lessons above are set and will be sent regularly. Your questions, comments, actions, successes and failures will help expand and direct this course over the next year.

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