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2010 Ecuador Seminars and Tours Schedule

Here is our updated 2010 Ecuador seminars and tours schedule including changes made for February 2010.

This is our 41st year of conducting seminars and tours and 15th year of helping our readers in Ecuador.  Yet every year we learn how to make our service better for you.   We keep improving the ways we can help you.

This year we are providing three International Business and Investing seminars… three export tours… two Super Thinking + Spanish courses… Four Shamanic Mingas plus 39 real estate tours… plus three brand new Quantum Wealth Seminars.

Take a look at our 2010 schedule. Then see the other big improvements we have made for 2010.

Arrival dates are always one or two days earlier. Please double check with us before booking flights.

Jan.   8-11     Ecuador Export Tour
Jan. 13-14     Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Jan. 16-17     Coastal Real Estate Tour
Jan. 19-20    Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
Jan. 22-23    Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Feb. 11-14   Quantum Wealth Florida – International Investing & Internet Business, Mt. Dora, Florida ($749) Couple $999
Feb. 15-16   Travel to Quito
Feb. 17         Travel to Manta
Feb. 18-19   Coastal Real Estate Tour
Feb. 20        Travel to Cotacachi
Feb  21-22   Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Feb. 23-24  Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
Feb. 25         Travel to Cuenca
Feb. 26-27   Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Mar. 11-14     Super Thinking + Spanish Course, Mt. Dora, Florida
Mar. 15-16    Travel to Quito and Andes
Mar. 17-18     Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Mar. 19-20    Cotacachi Shamanic Tour
Mar. 22-23    Coastal Real Estate Tour
Mar. 25-26    Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Apr. 12-15   Ecuador Export Tour
Apr. 17-18   Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Apr. 20-21  Coastal Real Estate Tour
Apr. 23-24  Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
Apr. 26-27  Cuenca Real Estate Tour

May  13-14     Ecuador Shamanic Minga
May  16-17     Imbabura Real Estate Tour
May  19-20    Coastal Real Estate Tour
May  22-23    Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
May  25-26    Cuenca Real Estate Tour

June 24          Quantum Wealth, Blue Ridge, North Carolina
June 25-27    International Investing and Business, Blue Ridge, North Carolina
June 28-29    Ecuador Travel & Andes
June 30-Ju 1 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
July 3-4          Coastal Real Estate Tour
July 6-7          Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
July 9-10        Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Sept.   3-6         Ecuador Export Tour
Sept.   8-9         Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Sept. 11-12        Coastal Real Estate Tour
Sept. 14-15        Cuenca Real Estate Tour
Sept. 17-18        Ecuador Shamanic Minga

Oct.    7           Quantum Wealth, Blue Ridge, North Carolina
Oct.   8-10      International Investing & Business, Blue Ridge, North Carolina
Oct.   11-12     Travel to Quito and Andean Tour
Oct.  13-14      Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Oct.  16-17      Coastal Real Estate Tour
Oct.  19-20     Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
Oct. 22-23      Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Nov.    4-7         Super Thinking + Spanish Course Florida
Nov.    8-9        Travel to Quito and Andean Tour
Nov. 10-11        Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Nov. 13-14        Coastal Real Estate Tour
Nov. 16-17        Quito-Mindo Real Estate
Nov. 19-20       Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Dec.   3-5        Ecuador Shamanic Minga
Dec.   7-8        Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Dec.  10-11     Coastal Real Estate Tour
Dec. 13-14      Quito- Mindo Real Estate Tour
Dec. 16-17       Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Low Costs

Our seminar and tour fees remain as they were in 2007 and 2008.  Merri and I run our business from home and our internet only structure keeps our overheads low.   By conducting many smaller tours we keep our staff at a minimum so our fees run as low as a third of what other seminar and tour companies charge… yet again and again we are told that they are the best.. most personal and of course we have way more experience than anyone else. We are not selling real estate but are simply offering tours to help you to understand the country, the areas, the prices so you can make an informed decision.

In addition we do not accept commissions or any form of compensation from hotels where our delegates stay, or from sellers of real estate on our tours. Instead we negotiate low room rates and try to get real estate sellers to offer discounts to our our tour delegates.

Split Sessions Available North and South

Our new split session seminars help those who have asked to attend courses but who cannot make it to Ecuador right now.  These courses… both our International Business & Investing and Super Thinking + Spanish seminars will have the first session conducted in Central Florida (Mt. Dora) or the Blue Ridge in North Carolina.   Then those who choose the second optional session can travel to Ecuador for the remaining real estate or shamanic minga tours that follow immediately after the first session.

Enjoy Optional Group Travel

Split session delegates can travel to Ecuador in a group with our staff and we’ll try to negotiate special low cost fares.

Three New Real Estate Tour Destinations

We have added Quito, Mindo and Cuenca real estate tours.  We want you to experience more of the beauty and joys of Ecuador!

Quantum Wealth

We have also added (at no cost) a one day Quantum Wealth course to our International Investment & Business Courses.

This course teaches similar knowledge provided in our Super Thinking + Spanish courses.

There are numerous little known, but scientifically proven, ways to enhance the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the mind, memory, recall, retention and decision making process for greater wealth, health and happiness.

This is not a gimmick or a trick… just advanced education. At least three best selling books, Superlearning, the Mozart Effect and Superlearning 2000 have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

In 1980 Superlearning sold over two million copies and showed how the Lozanov learning system blended long-tested sciences of Raja Yoga with contemporary physiology and psychology so people could learn faster and better…thus making better and clearer decisions for wealth and health.

The book exposed this fact making it so popular that Dr. Lozanov was allowed to visit the US from Bulgaria to teach this system to just a very few people so they could pass on this vital information on how to learn and think in a more natural, powerful way so we can enjoy life and enhanced memory more.

Merri was among those few who learned and is licensed to teach the Lozanov system. Merri’s modified system shares her knowledge on how to think and learn more powerfully in our Spanish courses.  Now we are adapting this science to help delegates have better investing and business.

The learning system expands on Dr. Lozanov’s original work and offers new insights into tapping human potential, drawing from ancient and modern tactics for quick learning such as subliminal memory, music, nutrition, and productivity.

Quantum Wealth changes the way a person thinks and learns forever.

The techniques help unlock the quantum potential that all people possess. This evolutionary program shows how certain types of music can enhance learning and how even altered nutrition can make anyone a startling 25% smarter, how subliminal messages can increase energy and thinking process, plus much, much more.  This is the system that we use for building wealth and for making decisions.

This Super Thinking system follows and builds upon what was taught in the Superlearning, the Mozart Effect and Superlearning 2000 plus includes techniques and strategies that Merri has gained in her 41 years of global travel and study with educational masters around the world.

This is a course that shows how to increase mental power for success in a 21st century that is overwhelmed by information. The system is built from old and new sources ranging from raja yoga to contemporary unorthodox science, and ultimate zone training already used by many Olympic champions.

Five Options

Each month delegates can choose to come to one, two, three, four or all five seminars and tours conducted in the month.  Multi tour adventures provide additional discounts.

Be sure to read tomorrow’s message which explains how to (save up to $35,449) attend as many of these seminars and tours as you desire FREE!


Comments from a real estate tour delegate:  Gary, A special thank you for the real estate tours that you provide. John and I did a lot of research and chose Ecuador as our first choice. Our visit in June exceeded our expectations of the info that we had gathered about the country. Ecuador also meets our top seven priorities: Cost of living, Climate, Cost of real estate, Heath care, Access to high speed internet, Accessibilty to the States and over all safety.  Our dream has always been to live on the beach and moving to Ecuador will make that dream come true.  Again, a big thank you for helping us make that dream come true.

Head south to Ecuador!

Oct. 21-24 Ecuador Import Export Tour (SOLD OUT)

Oct. 25-26 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Comments from a Super Thinking + Spanish delegate:  I wanted you to know that the Spanish course has proven incredibly helpful. Dealing with internet service providers and shopping for appliances, etc., normally would have required me hiring a translator to follow me around. While it may not be pretty or 100% grammatically correct, I am understood. Thank you!  Saludos!

Nov. 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Nov. 11-14 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

From a real estate buyer in Ecuador.  Hello Again Gary,  I am just outside Salinas in Punta Blanca I remember you saying a decade ago to start there. I have seen the price on land here jump directly on the beach now $300 to $500 a square meter and off the beach $80 to $100 square meter and the lots are not big an average lot is 250 square meters. I bought several lots in this area for less than half of the asking price today. I remember seeing a article about that you wrote a decade ago that you were able to buy lot’s here in Punta Blanca for a couple to a few thousand.  You also used Naples Florida as an example this I why I bought here in Punta Blanca YOU WERE RIGHT! It all started the night I came back from my first trip when I came across your website. If it was not for the knowledge that you share and international living none of this would have gone as smooth as it has. So Thank You Gary!

December 6-8 Blane Watson’s Beyond Logic & Shamanic Tour

December 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

December 11-13 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

Comments from delegates at our International Business & Investing Course.  We so enjoyed attending the IBEZ Seminar this past weekend in Jefferson, NC.  We loved the high country area, the nice people we met and particularly enjoyed the visit and tour of the New River Winery.  We were lucky to sit at a table with four utterly charming southern women, one of whom was Haskell’s wife.  As a retiree who saw her retirement sustain considerable loss due to the economy, I found the information you presented during the three days to be extremely helpful and showed a plausible way for me to have some recovery.  Besides all of the relevant information, your emphasis on honesty and the importance of not be deceptive was reassuring.  The bottom line is, that what gave real value to the information we were receiving and what made us feel comfortable was, that we felt you, Thomas and David were all people of good character.  Something that is very important to us.  We intend to do business with JGAM and Jyske Bank very soon.

Join us in the mountains and at the sea.  Attend more than one seminar and tour and save even more plus get the three emailed courses free.

International Club attend up to 52 courses and tours in 2010 free.

Jan.   8-11     Ecuador Export Tour ($499) Couple $749
Jan. 13-14     Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Jan. 16-17     Coastal Real Estate Tour
Jan. 19-20    Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
Jan. 22-23    Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Feb. 11-14    Quantum Wealth Florida – International Investing & Internet Business, Mt. Dora, Florida ($749) Couple $999
Feb. 15-16    Travel to Quito
Feb. 17          Travel to Manta
Feb. 18-19    Coastal Real Estate Tour
Feb. 20         Travel to Cotacachi
Feb  21-22   Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Feb. 23-24  Quito-Mindo Real Estate Tour
Feb. 25         Travel to Cuenca
Feb. 26-27  Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Mar. 11-14     Super Thinking + Spanish Course, Mt. Dora, Florida ($749) Couple $999
Mar. 15-16    Travel to Quito and Andes
Mar. 17-18     Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Mar. 19-20    Cotacachi Shamanic Tour
Mar. 22-23    Coastal Real Estate Tour
Mar. 25-26    Cuenca Real Estate Tour

(Be sure to show in the comments section which courses and tours you are attending)

1 real estate tour only $499 Couple $749

2 seminar courses & tours $949 Couple  $1,399

3 seminar courses & tours   $1199 Couple  $1,749

4 seminar courses & tours   $1,399 Couple $2,149

5 seminar courses & tours  $1,599 Couple $2,499

The greatest asset of all is the ability to labor at what you love wherever you live. This brings everlasting wealth.

This is why we are providing a special three for one offer with our  course Tangled Web… How to Have an Internet Business

This course can help you create your own internet business.

Our emailed course “Tangled Webs We Weave – How to Have Your Own Web Based Business” is a continuing educational program.  You receive the first 28 lessons when you enroll and a new lesson every week or two.

This course teaches how to create a web based business and is developed from the ongoing experiences that we have from our successful and profitable internet business.

This course is well worth the enrollment fee of $299… but currently you also receive two additional courses FREE.

The other two courses are #1: International Business Made EZ, and #2: Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher.

These two courses have sold for $398 and thousands have paid this price. We add them to your course, at no added cost, as I believe they will help you develop a better business in these crucial times..

Even Better Get All three Courses Free

To make this offer even more compelling,  I am giving everyone who enrolls in all our seminars or tours for any one month, October, November or December, “Tangled Web… How to Have an Internet Business Course,”  “Self Fulfilled- How to be a Self Publisher” and “International Business Made EZ” free.

Retire in Ecuador – Out of Cities

Retire in Ecuador… our wherever…out of town because isolated places may be out of the box bargains.


Merri and I have purchased many isolated places.  Here is a shot from our North Carolina farm.

A reader, wanting to know whether to retire in Ecuador or not sent this note last week:

Dear Gary,

I have noticed that you have mentioned (a few times) that you and Merri are not residents of Ecuador —– and you do not want to become residents. Would you be kind enough to explain what brought you to this decisions? Thank you,

My reply was “Mainly grandkids”.

Yet there is much more.

Merri and I live both in Ecuador and North Carolina because we love the people, the way of life, the land and the value.

We did not choose Ecuador because it is outside the US, nor Ashe county because it is in America.

We chose them because they are both in our opinion great places to be… and they are isolated.

Change alters the value of places.

When I grew up living in the suburbs of Portland Oregon, I could walk miles to school when I was eight.  We let our doors unlocked.

When I was a young man, huge cities were great places to be.  I lived in Hong Kong, San Francisco and London as well as portland… at times walking late at night in many parts of the city alone.  Cities were fun!

Now cities are much more dangerous and crowded and inconvenient.

Traffic from my mom’s suburban Oregon house (the same one for 50 years) to downtown Portland is horrid and she has to double lock all her windows.

Great places bring opportunity and joy in our lifestyles… but great places change and now there are double benefits in Isolation

I have steadily increased my investments in three seemingly isolated places; high in the Ecuador Andes, in a remote Pacific fishing village and in Ashe County North Carolina.

I chose each for the same reasons.  They are isolated but have good internet and reasonable access to a good airport

There are several reasons why change has put a premium on isolation.


Merri and I have purchased many isolated places.  Here is a shot from our Ecuador Hacienda.

One reason is food.  Ecuador is a small agricultural country and as such, huge national distribution systems are not required to feed the population.  The food is fresher.  Preservatives are not as required.

The residents in the Blue Ridge of Ashe county know how to feed themselves as well.  Our farm is dotted with old homesteads where the dwellers lived mostly off the land… not that long ago… so people here know how to create their own food supply if need be.

The second reason is that the cost of living is still low compared to cities in Ecuador or the US.

The third reason is health.  There are no big factories… the air is fresh… water is quite pure… and you are not surrounded by crowds… increased risk of crime and such.

Plus (fourth) lifestyle benefits are great. No traffic jams… not much traffic noise… far less stress.

Fifth, property prices are low compared to alternatives… yet for the reasons stated above… they offer potential of appreciation as more and more people want to get out of the cities and burbs.

At the beginning of this millennium I recommended investing in Ashe County, North Carolina and did so myself.

In the 10 years since, even with the real estate crash, the price of land in the area has risen five to 10 times. Yet these prices remain low compared to other similar areas.

The small towns in the area are safe, the people friendly.   Life is still good.  People still wave when you drive by.

I can now eat a hearty breakfast in Jefferson, North Carolina (our nearest town of any sort) for under five dollars.   Also when we go out to breakfast we can leave the house unlocked and cars, trucks and jeeps parked with the keys in them.

9/11 changed people’s values. Family, friends and quieter, more peaceful life is more important than before.

Having these fine qualities is harder to achieve in downtown Manhattan or Central Chicago or in the heart of L.A.

Life in America is changing due to the difficult economic and social times. There is a return to simplicity and the value of these small towns and their honest core values will grow.

If the economy suddenly recovers and the world’s economy rises, small towns will still not lose their appeal. The world’s population continues to grow.   People always want what they perceive they have lost… freedom from crowds, traffic jams, pollution and the hassle of city life.   I believe these qualities will grow in value.

Today, the portable computer, internet and cell phone have changed all the rules of real estate. The old maxim is still true that the three most important aspects that affect a properties value are location, location, location, but technology alters which locations will have greater value!


Merri and I have purchased many isolated places.  Here is a shot of the land around the village where we have our Ecuador hotel.

Take for example, my own career in writing about international investing.

When I began, I had to live in London. This was where all the knowledge and information was held. To give timely advice I had to be there. Then as phone rates dropped and the fax came along, I was able to leave the congested city and move to Naples, Florida, then a sleepy fishing village and still have access to the data I would need. Finally as Naples became crowded, because of the Internet, we were able to move to isolated farms both here and in Ecuador and still have access to any international investment information.

I can call up market details, specific shares, global news, regardless of how remote I am.


Merri and I have purchased many isolated places.  Here is a shot of the empty beah near our Ecuador beach condos.

Here is the key point.

The primary factor of real estate’s value used to be physical accessibility to many people. This factor is shifting to accessibility of information.

Remote places are gaining a new value if they have access to information.

Ashe county which adjoins Virginia and Tennessee was established and named after Samuel Ashe in 1799. It is often known as the Lost Province because until recently hardly anyone knew of the place.

The county seat is Jefferson and the county has a land area of 426.16 miles but only a population of 22,209 people. This population is wide spread as well. The only towns are Jefferson (1,300 population), West Jefferson (1,002) and Lansing (183).

This is a totally rural area with three commercial crops, Christmas trees, timber and tobacco.

There are several small factories in the county but tourist activities such as canoeing on the new river, scenic drives though Southern Appalachian Wilderness, leaf looking and camping.

Ashe county is isolated but sits almost equidistant from the north and south of the east coast of the United States.  We almost the same distance from Florida and  Maine.

Here are the signs I see that suggest to me that this area will boom:

1. The prices here are a fraction of the counties north and south.

2. The first cappuccino machines have arrived in Jefferson. When we arrived there was nothing like this and it was a dry county.  Now there are smart cafes… wine bars and art gallerys.

3. Prices as mentioned have already risen.

4. The major road from I-77 has being widened to four and even six lanes.

5. Wal Mart built a super store.

6. The first golf course community has been a success in Jefferson.

7. Lowes has open a large DIY store.

There are some other great benefits here. The nearest airports for commercial flights is Tri-Cities Tennessee.   This s one of the easiest airports I have ever checked into…a 15 check in allowee. Parking right at the front door and often the policemen will hel yu haul in your bags.  Yet this regional airport is just over a half hour to Atlanta or Cincinnati.

There is a great college town Boone just 45 minutes away, a chic, resort area, Blowing Rock the same distance and real cities, like Charlotte two hours drive.

Yet as isolated as we are we have great DSL broadband so I am as connected as if I lived in Manhattan.

This makes me more effective than some businesses in the center of major cities, as I avoid the delays from traffic jams, crowds, smog, missed parking places and crowds.

You can take advantage of great isolated places to be by creating an internet business and looking for places like Ashe county north Carolina that are short on people but long on data resources.

Retire in Ecuador because Ecuador real estate is inexpensive.

Merri and I have purchased a lot of Ecuador real estate in remote places as well.

See why at Ecuador Real Estate is Inexpensive

Wherever you plan to retire in Ecuador at home or elsewhere, think about leaving the maddening crowd.  Isolated places may be the bargains of the future.


Our 2009 course and tour schedule.

Sept. 17-21 Ecuador Spanish Course
Sept. 23-24 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Sept. 25-28 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

Oct. 9-11 IBEZ North Carolina

Oct. 21-24 Ecuador Import Export Tour

Nov. 6-8 IBEZ Ecuador
Nov. 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Nov. 11-14 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

Attend any two Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$949 for one.  $1,349 for two.

Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.

Pet Projects

Our pet projects are our pets.

Merri and I love animals. They have been part of our lives since we were kids. Merri never rode a bike growing up. She was on a horse every day instead.

I had it even better as far as animals go. As a zoo keeper’s son, I enjoyed animals all the time…even raising lions and tigers at home. Here is an old newspaper clipping from the Oregonian about my sister and me with the second baby lion, Duchess, we raised. I was only seven or eight then and over the years we raised more than a dozen of them.


This is one reason we have a farm…for our dog Ma and five horses.

healthy-pet-horses & dogs

And our geese and chickens.



We added a dozen mallards last month. they came in the mail.


and cats. This is Boots.


This is his friend, Alice.


So we know the importance of nutrition in pets. I began learning this when feeding baby lions and tigers. The right food at the right time is essential!

We have struggled getting a good diet for our hound dog, Ma (really a fairy princess in disguise).

She was an abandoned pup who stumbled in her dying gasps to our footsteps, back hip crushed, atrophied leg…ribs exposed. She began with a bad start..before she stumbled onto the pot of gold…us.

Yet the back leg never quite healed correctly and we see, if we let down on her nutrition at all, she drops downhill fast. Now at eleven years of age she is still going strong but we are doubly cautious about making sure she gets the best of care.

This has made it hard here in Ashe County…a great place but there are not many veterinarians around who specialize in natural nutrition. Our daughter in Portland is a vet but that is 2,500 miles away and when we have questions she can’t look at Ma.

So we were delighted to discover that one of our readers Dr. Dan is a Vet in  Unicoi County, Tennessee not more than an hour and a half from our farm.

Dan no longer practices veterinary medicine but formulates natural products…exactly what we have been looking for.

A few of the pet items he offers include:

Pet Bug Check…Promotes and maintains healthy skin and coat…from the Inside…OUT!

Pet Health Check…A super anti-oxidant herbal formula. This supplement reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals and has an anti-oxidant ORAC total Fl 219 per gram.

Pet Aller Check…To help maintain normal, healthy skin, gut, and immune system.

Pet Omega Check…Promotes and maintains healthy skin and coat – Great source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids!

SHOO-FLEA…Natural Flea Control for Pets.

Bug Check Spray… A Bug Kill and Repellent Spray w/ Pyrethrins and Aloe Vera.

We are starting with Dr. Dan’s Pet Joint Check that supports healthy joint function, bone and connective tissue.

Ma’s crushed hip has always left her relying a little extra on her other three joints. Years of running for miles on the farm adds that extra joint stress on the three healthy joints.

The active ingredients in this supplement include Glucosamine HCL,
Glucosamine Sulfate and Chrondroitin Sulfate plus there is Ascorbic Acid, Astragalus Herb Powder, Beta Carotene, Boswellia Extract, Citrus Bioflavinoids, Copper Proteinate, Deglycyrrhized Licorice Powder, DL-Methionine, Dried Liver Extract (Porcine Source), Garlic Powder, Ginko Biloba, Ground Dried Grape & Seed Pomace, Grape Seed Extract, L-Lysine, Maltodextrin, Manganese Proteinate, Montmorillonite, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, Pine Bark Extract, Poultry Meal, Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin E Supplement, Whey, Yeast Culture, Zinc Proteinate.

We have not tried these supplements yet but will start shortly and we’ll let you know how Ma responds.

Meanwhile you can learn more about DR Dan and his formulas.

Until next message, may your projects and animals be blessed pets.


Meet our pets. Join us for the autumn leaf change and our course International Business and Investing Made EZ. We’ll all spend some time at the farm.