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Sail with AIL

AIL stands of Awareness, Intuition and Logic.  We all need to sail with the wind behnd our back and AIL can be that positive boost.

AIL can mean everything.  Sometimes AIL means nothing, but by using it (we all have it),  stress is eliminated and we can take advantage of our greater innate wisdom.

Long Distance Biker

A bike like this kicked in my friend’s AIL.

One way is kick off the AIL process is to look for three closely connected, unusual incidences. Merri’s and my friends, Steve and Julie, recently flew in from Oregon to visit us.  Upon arriving in Orlando he noticed an English couple collecting their bikes.  Steve has a great outgoing personality and quickly gets to know anyone around him.  He started chatting and learned that they were going to ride their bikes to Texas.

We have a cottage in Mount Dora where Steve and Julie were staying and the next day on his morning walk he was surprised to see  the same couple riding around Mount Dora. This is 32 miles from the airport and in the opposite direction from Texas.  The couple (who knows why) had stayed at the Lakeside Inn, a hotel where delegates at our seminars often stay.

What a coincidence… until the next day.  We took Steve and Julie to breakfast at a small cafe in Eustis which is about six miles from Mount Dora and in the opposite direction from Texas.   As we sat down in the cafe, guess who at the door.

You guessed correctly, the same English couple.

When Steve explained this, I told him to start AILing.  The forces of nature (as Andean shamans would call this) are sending a message.  He should be  aware, in his feeling and thinking, of things that have to do with biking, English people and/or Texas.  If someone sends him an investment offer for a bike business in Texas, or an Englishman asks a favor, he should consider it carefully.

Maybe nothing will ever come of this, but Steve should be directing his awareness on things related to England, bikes, Texas or whatever this unlikely and unusual set of circumstances meant to him.


A photo I took while hiking Ecuador’s paramor

We were high, over 15,000 feet, in a bleak part of the Andean páramo.   Chilled winds whipped and cut to the bone. We shivered under thick wool coats and yet were swayed by the continuous beat of the drums.  Merri and I took a group of our friends to Ecuador to experience its mystical mysteries. While there we went to a dream awakening ceremony in a desolate, isolated part of the mountains.

We sat high atop a flat plateau, in an ancient, crumbling Incan fort, a holy place according to the Shamans and Yatchaks and were surrounded by pounding, throbbing drums. Each of us fell into deep meditation, slipped into a trance and had dreams.

The meaning of our dreams?  That was for each of us to decide, part of the mystery, but one friend, a highly successful, hard working surgeon (who is also an attorney and has a Ph.D.  in economics), a former war hero-jet pilot was especially struck. A Jaguar had visited him in his dreams-so clearly-so real that he was stunned. “What does this mean?”, he asked.

Another friend, also a highly successful M.D., more experienced in these things, told him. “If you see another image of a Jaguar within the next week this will be confirmation that the Jaguar is your guide.”

Later that day we traveled off the mountain to visit Redhead healers who lived in the jungle (they dye their hair a bright red by boiling pods that contain a certain color of red).

Our mud covered bus wound slowly along a narrow, vine covered trail deep into a humid, primeval forest. We turned a bend and the Redhead’s bamboo village lay ahead. At the gates stood two huge, black stone Jaguars!

Finally on his flight back to the US at the aiport entrance was a billboard featuring a large jaguar.

Our friend had just learned about AIL synchronicity.

I talk to this doctor occasionally and he tells me that after that trip he has been helped by the image of the Jaguar many times, usually when there is some imponderable, some decision that had to be made without facts. The Jaguar pops up in some way that gives an indication or a clue about what to do.

An AIL event can mean a little or a lot.  The AIL process means everything when you combine awareness, intuition and logic, all of which become a regular way of boosting your thinking.


We use AIL in our Super Thinking Writer’s Camps

The problem with connecting to our deeper knowledge is that it is not limited to language.  Our logic helps us work in words, but our deeper intelligence is not hampered by such definition.  It works in more symbolic ways.

AIL provides traction… a way to making use and to be aware of the symbols and integrating the symbolic intuition with our logic.  Here is how we AIL to brain storm writing ideas with meditation.

Step #1: We write by hand for five or ten minutes everything we have about an idea.  We do this by hand to connect the mind-body functions.

Step #2: We take a ten minute meditation as we listen to Baroque largo music.  In this relaxed state we let our mind wander with innocence and no expectation.

Step #3: At the end of ten minutes we write down whatever is on our minds at that time. We write as much about it as we can.

The thoughts and visions at the end of the meditation are created by our intuition for our logic to to dwell upon.