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Ecuador Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise and sunset in Ecuador can be spectacular.

Merri and I flew down to conduct our June shaman mingo tour.  We checked into our suite at Meson de las Flores.  Most flights from the US arrive late and after the two hour drive it was almost 1 am before we hit the sack.

Next morning at about 5:30, (4:30 my time- Ecuador does not do daylight savings – thank God), we rose ahead of the Cathedral bells ready to go. Ecuador’s energy does that to one.

I stepped onto the balcony. I often do my morning meditation there, feeling the crisp air… hearing the sounds of the village coming awake.

Dawn was just breaking.


I could not stop watching and grabbed my tiny Sony digital camera… and began…


clicking as…


daybreak began…


to explode in…


magical colors…


along the skyline and…

ecuador-sun over Mt. Imbabura.


This was a…


spectacular way to start the day.

Ecuador has beauty in many places.  Vilcabamba is another example.

Here is sunrise at the El Atillo resort and spa.


Imagine the sun rising over this incredible valley.


El Atillo by the way has the oldest house in the village. It  was declared a historic building  and will  be open as a library and museum.

Manuel Vivanco, the developer of El Atillo and his family have asked the Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural to alos declare it an “Historic Building.”  This old original house of “Hacienda El Atillo” is 130 years old and was the center of a huge ranchero in the colonal era.   The Village of Vilcabamba was part of the ranchero which dates back to 1576.

See more about Vilcabamba here.

Here is the wonderful Quito sunrise, as…


The city begins to wake.  This shot was taken at Hotel Quito.

Cotacachi has great sunsets as well. Here is the sun setting behind Mt. Cotacachi from Meson de las Flores.


You can rent the Meson suite with this view on a monthly basis… plus we have two condos for three, six month or one year rentals that also enjoy this view.

On Ecuador’s Pacific the glamor is in the sunset like this Bahia sunset and…


and the perfect sunsets at Palmazul like this.


See Palmazul’s new website at Manabihotels.com

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We hope to share Ecuador sunrises like this with you.


We hope you’ll enjoy Ecuador’s beauty with us soon.  Here is what a recent delegate shared:

Hi Merry,  We really enjoyed the Imbabura and Coastal tours in May and fell in love with Ecuador!  Mauricio and Alberto were wonderful and we met some really nice people on the trip.  You did not exaggerate the hospitality of the Ecuadorians and the Meson.  We hope to return for further exploration in the next year as time allows.

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Or enjoy a North Carolina sunrise. here is a view from my office.


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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two.

Cotacachi Business Tip

Here is a Cotacachi business tip.  Always be prepared.

These are times of great opportunity but you must be ready to grab a benefit when it arrives.

For example… a recent six am in Cotacachi was time for our morning walk.

We headed out…  my little Sony camera always at the ready in my pocket… even though… what’s to shoot at six?

Right away we saw that something was going on.

Political flags were up.


The election is next month.  This is El Presidente’s flag.


The police were blocking the street.


“What’s up?” Merri asked.


My camera is clicking… clicking… clicking…  I sensed that somethings was up… even at six.

“El Presidente!” he says.

Here he comes…


The time was 6:30 am.  Correa had already completed one rally in Quiroga, where he rode though on a bicycle  and was…


now  accompanied by a  group of cyclists… but


he was in the SUV headed for a breakfast rally.  We rushed back though the village.  I wanted to see if I could get a photo of Correa…   This was just a little personal challenge I gave myself…  something stronger than a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning

We followed the music… rat a tat…

boom boom… clang clang.


The musicians stopped.


We wrapped around several buildings to get on the the side of the rally… closer.

I thought maybe I could approach him for a photo there.  No way was I going to get through the crowd.   I has been watching the car for a photo as he returned to exit.   But it moved so I knew I would not get an exit shot.


Round the corner I went.  Oops.


Serious security.


No one was getting past this safe zone.


I had a group of delegates and a seminar to conduct back at the hotel… but I waited.

There is no big zoom on my pocket Sony and I wondered if  there would be any chance to get nearer.

Correa finished breakfast.  He stood, looked up  and saw us.  He waved us in. The crowd surged and  flowed round the protesting guards in a wave!

Could I get near enough to snap a photo?

Like… this…


and this.


Handshake distance.


There is a Cotacachi business tip here.


I started the day without expectation.  Yet I was prepared… just in case.   The camera was in my pocket.

When the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself, I acted.  I sensed.  I shot.  I moved with the flow. I waited.  When the opportunity came, I took it… a small but very pleasing, personal accomplishment.

This was no big deal… just a photo, but we can make something of it… by seeing  the business tip I gained out of this little Cotacachi fun.

Economic times may seem rough… but this is really the time for the greatest opportunity.  Be watchful.  Be prepared.  Be willing to act. Plenty of opportunity is here.

Until next message, may all your opportunities be near.


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Ecuador Rose Thanks

Roses are the flower of love as is Valentine’s Day is the day of love. We have a lot of love and thanks to send you from Ecuador today because of Ecuador roses.

Since Christmas we have offered Ecuador roses…first for that holiday… then the New Year and then Valentine’s Day.  We do this as a service… charge $19 more than the roses cost and donate this difference to our foundation that helps Ecuador’s poor.  Plus Merri and I chip per order to top off the deal.

In all you have purchased over 12,000 roses since Christmas which raised $4,800 to help the poor so today… the day we celebrate love, I would like to share how your care in ordering Ecuador roses has helped the poor.

We selected the village of Topo as recipient of the donations. We asked what do you need.   “Never enough fruit”, one person said.  “The school is in trouble,” stated someone else.  And “the old ones are cold and sad” said another.

So we collected a team of friends and headed up to inspect.. to see what we could do.

First, we bought out the local fruit store.  They have deliveries direct from the coast.  Here are Franklin and Alberto loading up.


We packed the truck and were glad we did. The people acted like we brought gold instead of bananas, apples, melons, plums, oranges.


Upon arriving  we first inspected the school.


Their equipment…


They need two things first.  More water containers and pipes.


The school does not have water and no pipes to take it to the lavatories.


They have to keep water in 50 gallon drums to flush the toilets.

Plus they have two entire rooms available for a kitchen and dining hall… but no water there.  So they use this equipment instead and feed the children outside.


You have donated enough to fix this all this!  The residents there said if we’ll provide the supplies… they will work together each Saturday to make this happen.

We are waiting for their list of supplies needed.  First pipes… more water catchment tanks and concrete blocks to enhance the walls around the school.

So this will help stop… long lines outside…


a bowl of rice…

ecuador-roses and some cheese.


Your donations through the purchase of Ecuador roses makes it possible for a better kitchen… a dining hall… and more fruit.

Plus the old ones…who were cold, were there as well.


We brought alpaca ponchos for all of them.  This small village has 28 very old women and 4 very very old men. The reaction from these wonderful, sweet and simple people was one that brings tears again to my eyes.  All of us guys were trying to act like we were not crying… but we were.

I’ll try to share as best I can with my tiny Sony camera how these people feel about what you did for them, as they donned their warm ponchos.


I cannot…


really describe it…


my photography is inadequate…


but  I promise…


the flowers in your home yesterday today brought more joy than you can imagine.


Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.

Merri and I hope you are blessed with as much love on this day of love as we felt that day. And just think this money just keeps on improving, helping and giving.


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