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San Vicente Ecuador Condo With Sea View

Here is a unique condo in San Vicente with views across the Chone of Bahia!


San Vicente condo view.

san vicente ecuador condo
Living area.  The 550 square feet is well laid out.
san vicente ecuador condo
san vicente ecuador condo

One bedroom.

One full bath, small living – dining area, large terrace,

san vicente ecuador condo

2nd floor area for an additional bedroom

san vicente ecuador condo

Common area Pool.

The asking price of $50,000 is negotiable.

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San Vicente Ecuador Beach Houses for Sale

Palmas de Briceno, is a new development of beach houses just outside of San Vicente Ecuador with spectacular views of Bahia!

San Vicente Ecuador beach houses

This development has just started and one house is almost finished.

San Vicente Ecuador beach houses

Here is the first house right on the beach.

Palmas de Briceno has a strong environmental consciousnesses and is going to be more than eco-friendly.  Palmas de Briceno is a pro ecosystem community!

San Vicente Ecuador beach houses

20 houses and condos in the back will all have a seaview.

Front lots have already sold.  The second row of lots lots are approximately 5,000 square feet and are selling at $8 per square foot.  The third row is offered at $7 per square foot.

The developer can build the at approximately $75 a square foot and the architect will work with the client. The houses are planned to be 1,200 to 1,700 square feet.

San Vicente Ecuador beach houses

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San Vicente Ecuador Real Estate for Sale

San Vicente condo for sale.


This is a 1,900 square foot 4 bedroom apartment in San Vicente across the Chone Estuary from Bahia.

The apartment has a huge terrace…


overlooking the Chone Bay and ocean.

Asking price is $150,000. See this San Vicente condo details here.

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Bahia De Caraquez to San Vicente

Good value for Ecuador real estate around Bahia De Caraquez to San Vicente is about to be harder to find… though it is still there.

The Chone Estuary has long been a barrier that stopped traffic from Manta, the main port and biggest airport, on the coastal highway north. This kept real estate prices low north of Bahia De Caraquez, from San Vicente and on up Ecuador’s coast.

The bridge is about to end that problem.

san vicente-pedernales-real estate

This strip of Ecuador coast perhaps has the greatest long term potential on all of Ecuador’s coast because the Chone Estuary has always stopped traffic from Manta. Now the bridge crossing the Chone at Bahia is almost done.

We have been advising readers of this potential for many years. In fact we took our first group to that area well over a decade ago.  Due to the difficulty of getting the bus across the Chone, we have not conducted regular real estate tours to this area, we have been writing and sending readers to this part of the coast on an individual basis.

Delegates on our latest real estate course crossed the estuary and looked at some great value real estate in San Vicente.

See a full report on this trip and area here.


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