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Encore Careers

Encore Careers are Tranquil and good.

Can’t retire?


Enter stage left. Time far an encore.

Better still, time for an encore career.

There is nothing an actor loves better than a raving audience and a grand encore.

We are all actors on the stage of life and no one wants to be tired. So why re-tire. Would it not be better to re-new with an encore?

This is our self declared Anti Panic Week in part because many boomers think they can no longer retire.
We see this in the media al the time.

A July 1 USA Today article entitled “For many, golden years mean less travel, more work” by
Sandra Block says that many older Americans had long envisioned retirement as a period of adventure — a time to indulge in leisurely lifestyles, with frequent trips out of town to see relatives and explore places they’d never seen.

The article continues: “That was then. Now, with food and health care costs surging and fuel prices soaring, many retirees have been forced to downsize their dreams of travel. An airline ticket to visit the grandchildren costs about twice as much as it did a year ago, with further price increases projected. And retirees who have saved for decades for the chance to travel overseas are finding that the anemic dollar has made Europe prohibitively expensive.”

I say “So what!”

Tuesday’s message reviewed ideas stimulated by the thinking of Dr. James Ephraim Lovelock, an independent controversial scientist, author, researcher, environmentalist and futurist, the father of climate change science.

Just about everything Lovelock has predicted has come true. Some thoughts we can derive from his thinking include: – Focus on innovation not conservation – Invest in technology – Prepare to adapt to new ways of living – Crisis will bring a post consumer society – Human lives are most fulfilling when driven by a sense of purpose – We will soon be forced to live more purposeful lives – There is always reason to be optimistic – Enjoy life.

Ideas that will run the future are not found in technology of the past.

Western society has been fed…and accepted, a lot of nonsense about how to live. These bad ideas have created many problems in our lives and those of the world.

Here are seven bad ideas that the majority has probably accepted.

#1: We can eat fast food and drink carbonated sugary drinks.
#2: We must have health insurance.
#3: We should drive not walk…its more efficient. We should have a car.
#4: We need to be entertained.
#5: Respect and fulfillment come from consumption.
#6: We need to stay on top of the NEWS.
#7: Retirement is a worthy goal and good.

Numbers one and two can harm our body. Numbers three through five can also harm the world. Number six overloads our mind with uselessness and number seven leads our lives in the wrong direction.

The idea that we should work too hard and have too much just so we can have “the good life” by retiring struggles against too many of nature’s laws. Instead of benefiting retirees it’s mostly good for those who “work too hard for” and those who get the savings.
If the three Lovelock stimulated thoughts below are correct, we not only won’t want to retire, we won’t need to.

#1: Crisis will bring a post consumer society.
#2: We will soon be forced to live more purposeful lives.
#3: Human lives are most fulfilling when driven by a sense of purpose.

Consumption will be less important, and we can have a next career that is a fulfilling process filled with a sense of purposes.

We can see this already happening in a June 18, 2008 USA Today article entitled “Boomers’ new jobs give back” by Janet Kornblum.

The article says: “Baby boomers who came of age in the era of John F. Kennedy’s civic call to arms are now, in the second half of their lives, not just asking themselves what they can do for their country, but they’re actually doing it.

“A new telephone and Internet survey, touted as the first of its kind, indicates millions of boomers are either quitting their old jobs or coming out of retirement to pursue new careers that not only give them personal meaning but also contribute to society.

“The survey at civicventures.org (margin of error: plus or minus 3 percentage points) by the non-profit MetLife Foundation and San Francisco Civic Ventures, a national think tank, shows 6% to 9.5% of adults age 44 to 70 are pursuing ‘encore careers’ that give them both an income and meaning. That is 5.3 million to 8.4 million people. And half of those not already in encore careers say they are interested in moving into such jobs.”

Merri’s and my encore career allows us to help the poor in Ecuador.  Our hotel provides free lunches for Ecuador students on outings. Here is a group being fed.


We also feed the homeless and poor. No one goes away with an empty bowl. Here is one of our regular vistors.


Here is an entire small community that our hotel helps support.


This giving brings great joy to Merri and me.

Save $130

Inflation makes multi currency investing more important and more difficult both at the same time.

Inflation forces banks to charge more for their banking services or to raise minimums. Inflation destroys currencies which causes governments to make it harder for its citizens to to invest abroad.

This inflation problem is so acute that it is now quite a task for small American investors to invest abroad.

Non Americans should not feel complacent. The US is exporting its excess of regulations and rules.

Privacy is diminishing at a rapid pace. Do not buy into it.

A June 28, 2008 New York Times article by Charlie savage entitled “U.S. and Europe Near Agreement on Private Data” says: “The United States and the European Union are nearing completion of an agreement allowing law enforcement and security agencies to obtain private information — like credit card transactions, travel histories and Internet browsing habits — about people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Read more about this at Inflation and Multi Currency Investing which also shows how to subscribe to our multi currency course at a $130 reduction.

Whether you want more tranquility through investing or through an encore business, being global will help you gain tranquil wealth from the same technology that creates stress to most others.

Until next message remember we have never had more and opportunity is greater than ever before.

I look forward to sharing it with you.


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Here is what a reader recently wrote about the Ecuador export course:

My name is Bonnie Keough.

In March 2006, I went to Ecuador to attend Gary and Merri’s import/export course.

I was hoping to find items to bring back to the States and sell.

I love to travel and was looking for business ideas that would enable me to do that.

I had never been to South America (never even considered it) before so it was an adventure. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had been reading Gary’s newsletter for a while and I was impressed with the Scott’s honesty and integrity. They don’t promise overnight success or try to sell you a business opportunity. They share their wealth of experiences, open doors for you and educate you on the possibilities and opportunities available. It’s up to you to implement what you learn.

I found so much more than high quality products in Ecuador, the people I deal with are kind, hard-working folks who truly appreciate my business and I appreciate their honesty and skills. I have returned to Ecuador 6 more times since my first trip and each time I leave I’m anxious to return.

I always personally select all of the items I sell. By doing this, I’ve learned a lot about quality, prices and sources and I enjoy interacting with the people. But it is hard work and not everyone enjoys that aspect of the business. You will have to decide how much you want to participate.

Don’t expect to find mass produced items in Ecuador. If you have an idea for a product, it is a great place to have items custom made. It’s possible to find high quality labor intensive pieces, such as hand knit sweaters or hand woven rugs, at very reasonable prices.

If you have a genuine interest in pursuing an import business, whether in Ecuador or elsewhere, I’m sure you will benefit from the import course. It’s a great introduction to the country and opportunities available there and provides a background on the nuts and bolts of the business. It opened a doorway to a new life for me.

Please feel free to email me if you have more questions.
Bonnie Keough, www.sunandmountains.com

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Tranquil Investing

Tranquil investing is important so this is our self declared Anti Panic Week.   We need tranquility because this is a period that could create anxiety times three.

Times of rapid change can make us anxious.

Wow, are we seeing changes now.

Times one: If you read the papers, everything seems bad!  Rising prices…falling dollars…illegal immigration…terrorism.  We seem to live in a different alien hostile world.

Times Two: Then there is the stock market…down and dropping.  Job losses are everywhere plus the sub prime loan mess.

Is this time to panic or not


This is a time of great opportunity!

However we cannot tap into the richness of this future if anxiety locks down our creativity!

This is especially true now because times three…is the summer heat! There is even more anxiety and anger when we are hot. Eastern hurricanes or drought, Midwest floods and Western fires can cause our anxiety to flair.

Anxiety shuts down our ability to survive and prosper during change, plus anxiety is not good for us!

A majority of the complaints in doctors’ offices today are related to stress including anxiety.

Writing prescriptions for sleeping pills or tranquilizers is the standard for MDs but this doesn’t solve the problem. In fact it produces even more anxiety in many cases.

Most anxiety comes when when we view change and pressure as burdens and threats.

Stress raises cholesterol, blood pressure, and lowers immunity. It kills brain cells, lowers IQ, and impairs memory and thinking. Cancer, heart disease, immuno-deficiency diseases and even the common cold are linked to stress. A study at Harvard, found that people with anxiety  were four times more likely to become ill.

Here are some nutritional, lifestyle and essential oil recommendations to help balance anxiety:

• Eat lots of sweet juicy fruits
• Favor sweet, bitter and astringent  tasting foods.  Greens and small beans such as lentils, for example.
• Drink a cup of warm milk with a small drop of real rose essential rose oil before bed.
• Cook with cooling spices such as cardamom, coriander, cilantro, and mint.
• Massage ears and feet every morning with coconut oil.  Have a full coconut oil massage if you can.
• Go to bed before 10:00 p.m.

Calming Essential Oils

There are many pure essential oils whose natural chemistry makes them excellent candidates for serving us as natural tranquilizers.

I use them daily, morning and night at the least…more on especially busy, high pressured days.
Essential oils work through the nose-brain connection, changing brain chemistry which goes out as messengers to receptor sites on cells throughout our body. Essential oils are lipid soluble so they also work through our skin into the blood steam. These are some of the reasons why essential oils can be natural tranquilizers for us…calming the mind and emotions…and relaxing the tissue of the body.
When using “aromatic medicine” for an increased sense of well being, it is paramount to notice how you FEEL when you are smelling an essential oil or combination of them. You don’t want to use ones that bring up unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Essential oils demand that we honor the individuality in each of us, because the sense of smell is so personal. This is one reason why they are so healing. Choose oils with aromas that really create soothing thoughts and feelings. It is also important that you use therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Some of the top ones are Lavender, Orange, Chamomile, Vetiver and Valerian.

Our friend and essential oil expert, Candace Newman, has created a “Natural Tranquilizer” formula of therapeutic grade pure essential oils.

Her formula contains Lavender, Orange, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver and Valerian oils in a base of 100% Organic Golden Jojoba.

This is all ready to use for massage, the bath and after shower. Just a touch to the nose, temples and back of neck at any time is quite calming.

There are several ways to use the formula to receive its benefits. It can be used for massage, in the bath and after the shower. A quick application to the nose, temples and back of neck can be done anytime and as often as you like.

If this combination does not appeal to you, choose a single oil or two.
Lavender, Orange, Geranium, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are some good single choices.
Having a little 4 ml bottle of a pure oil in your pocket to use as an inhaler (5-7 deep breaths when feeling anxiety coming on) can become your best friend. Also put some on a cotton ball and tuck it close to your heart and lungs.
Essential oils are timeless and cross-cultural.
One of their best qualities is their natural ability to soothe our emotional state. Find “your aroma” and your life will change. 

Change is the only given in life.  As it comes we need to change but calmly.

As you change in life, “your aroma” will change too. This is part of the inherent beauty of all things true. Be gentle with yourself … life is precious.

You can order Candaces’ “Natural Tranquilizer” formula comes in a 1 oz amber bottle or a 4 oz cobalt bottle with a lock-pump top.


Candace is offering readers 10% off on both “Natural Tranquilizer” packages in the hot month of July

Learn more and see 14 other tranquilizing oils.

“Natural Tranquilizer” 4 oz cobalt bottle
These are truly wonderful times. The faster the change…the greater the opportunity.

I look forward to sharing the rich sights, sounds tastes, touches and smells of this opportunity with you.



Investing and work does not have to be stressful. The same technology that creates faster change can help us lead calm enjoyable lives as well.

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Multi Currency Portfolio Review

Multi Currency portfolios are vital in today’s global and inflationary economy.

Yet its hard for Americans to invest multi currency portfolios abroad.  US authorities place such stringent regulations on banks that have US clients that many overseas banks no longer open accounts for Americans.

This is likely to get worse because a federal has now authorized the IRS to use John Doe summons to request information from overseas banks about U.S. taxpayers who may be using Swiss bank accounts to evade federal income taxes.  These summons are used to obtain information about possible tax fraud by people whose identities are unknown.  This is unprecedented.  How can a bank know if an account holder  has hidden an account from the IRS?

There are still easy ways to invest in multi currency portfolios.

The first is buying shares in a global company that earns outside the US.

General Electric for example has huge non dollar earnings. More than half itscome from abroad.  This is true of many US shares you can buy on a US  stock exchange.  IBM, for example derives 65 percent of its revenue from overseas.  Sch a share is a multi currency portfolio unto itself.

Another multi currency tactic is to buy a mutual fund that invests only in non dollar bonds or shares.

Take the Dodge & Cox International Stock (DODFX) Fund as an example.

This fund invests in a diversified portfolio of medium-to-large non-U.S. equities. This billion dollar no  load mutual fund had an average annual growth of over 24% per annum over the last five years. Investors can start with $2,500.

Overseas banks still provide extra privacy, asset protection and help investors access the greater currency experience in investing and lending that many non dollar bankers have.

Jyske Bank, Denmark’s second largest bank,  for example has registered a subsidiary (Jyske Global Asset Management or JGAM) with the American SEC so it conforms to US regulations.

This is a tax neutral opportunity. American account holders must report income and earnings just as they would a US account. W9s must also submit if account holders invest in US shares, funds or bonds.

Yet beyond the tax man, investors have their assets away from prying eyes and held in a legal system that offers asset protection.  Banking may be safer as well. Denmark is ranked by Moodys as one of the safest nations in which to bank.

JGAM’s service offers risk profiled portfolios ranging from low risk (LR) to speculative (SP) and with or without US dollar investments included..  JGAM managers use a top down global economic analysis that looks at markets and financial conditions around the world and recommend asset class allocations for each risk level.  Then they select individual shares/mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF) for these allocations.
In all there are 17 portfolios opportunities each month.  Investors, based on their risk profiles, choose what percentage they want in fixed income, equities, alternatives (commodities metals etc) and cash.

Here for example are JGAM’s latest multi currency portfolio asset allocation breakdowns.

Low Risk Multi Currency Portfolio:  Fixed Income 70%,  Equities 20%,  Alternatives 5%,  Cash 5%.

Medium Risk Multi Currency Portfolio: Fixed Income, 40%,  Equities 50%,  Alternatives 5%, Cash 5%.

High Risk Multi Currency Portfolio:  Fixed Income  10%, Equities 80%,  Alternatives 5%,  Cash 5%.

Speculative Multi Currency Portfolio:  Fixed Income  20%, Equities 60%,  Alternatives 10%,  Cash 10%.

Let’s look at the low risk (LR) portfolio in more detail.

Normally Jyske would recommend that 80% to 100% of low risk portfolios are in fixed income.  Due to global inflation the managers are currently suggesting a tactical shift to underweight bonds, and overweight alternatives (commodities) and cash.

Then the JGAM managers offer a list of good value shares, bonds, funds and ETFs  that investors can choose.

Each equity is ranked as low medium or high risk to help the account holder to further refine their asset allocation.

You can see the low risk portfolio list here.

A similar process is used for bonds denominated in eleven currencies, US dollars, euro, British pounds,  Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Russian ruble, Brazilan real, Hungarian forint, Turkish lira, Icelandic kroner and South African rand.

This system allows investors to have multi currency portfolios that are custom fit to their circumstances and needs.

Now comes the interesting part about banking abroad….multi currency borrowing as well as investing.

For many investors, a multi currency portfolio is enough.  However some want added leverage and Jyske’s system allows multi currency borrowing.

Jyske will accept the portfolio as collateral and lend to leverage the investments at the following interest rates, depending on the amount borrowed:

US$                                  4.125%  to 4.875%
Swiss franc                       4.250%      5.000%
Japanese yen                   2.500%      3.250%
Singapore $                      3.000%      3.750%

Jyske’s current loan recommendation is to borrow 50% Swiss francs, 30% US$ and 20%  Japanese yen. At the median interest rate this creates an average loan rate of 3.58%.   Such loans can have a magical impact on performance even with low risk portfolios.

Say that a low risk portfolio of $100,000 yields 5%.  If $100,000 is borrowed, the portfolio now has $200,000 and at 5% earns $10,000 a year.  Interest costs are $3,580, so the return on the $100,000 is bumped up to $6,420 or 6.42% instead of 5%.

If $200,000 is borrowed the $300,000 portfolio yielding 5% earns $15,000 a year with loan costs of only $7,160. That means the $100,000 now earns $7,840 or 7.84% double the yield without leverage.

When markets are rising such leverage can create spectacular profits in some of the riskier portfolios. In 2007, a Green Portfolio consisting of five environmentally oriented equities, that I created with Jyske’s help, using two times leverage, rose 266.23% in one year!

Plus in many instances a borrowed currency can lose value versus the invested assets so there is an extra forex profit.

Yet forex returns can result in losses as well.   The leverage creates added risk and volatility. That same green portfolio that rose so fast, also dropped 100% in just a month during 2007 before rising again 150% in the next three months. Plus there are extra fees to think about when borrowing so always check with your banker first.  Consider the added risk carefully and never leverage more than you can afford to lose.

You can get more information on Jyske Bank from Thomas Fischer, Senior Vice President at fischer@jgam.com

A rising global population and growing global economy creates stress on world resources and encourages inflation. The same demographic stresses also put downwards pressure on the US dollar and this creates even more inflation.

Fortunately the same technology that helps create these pressures also allows us to survive and prosper from inflation through multi currency investing.


P.S. Join me with JGAM at our next two International Investing and Business Made EZ Courses.


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