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Deadly Assumptions

We should not make deadly assumptions.

Yet people do.  In fact they make and live by them… these assumptions.

They treat them as if carved in granite.

One of the most deadly assumptions is that at age 65 we should retire.

Such assumptions are fragile and we can’t depend on them.  Change destroys common assumptions like the wind moves dust…  and the world is changing so quickly that a huge number of our rock hard assumptions have been turned into sand.

Isaac Asimov is quoted as saying: “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”

The concept of retirement, as we know it, began with a political ploy in the late 1800s.  Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck of Germany announced that he would pay a pension to any nonworking German over age 65.   Sneaky politician that he was, he knew that hardly anyone lived to be 65 at the time.  Politics or not, this set the arbitrary world standard for the age when people retired.  The trick worked.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt learned from this and used this age when he pushed for the creation of the Social Security Act of 1935.  This idea of needing to quit being productive at age 65 grew and still worked because the the average life expectancy then was 61 years.

Now the wind is not behind the back of Social Security.  When the program was created in 1935 there was a ratio of approximately 37 workers for every 1 retiree. Today, the ratio is is less than 3 workers per 1 retiree.

The article “A 92-year-old Billionaire Explains Why You Should Never Retire” (1) exemplifies why we should not be caught by the assumption about the age of 65.

The article says: Joseph Segal doesn’t have too many regrets in life.

And in an interview with The Globe and Mail, the 92-year-old Canadian billionaire, who built a fortune through a number of different industries like retail and real estate, says one of the best choices he made was never retiring — despite already having made hundreds of millions of dollars.

“When you keep going, you haven’t stopped and you don’t know where the finish is going to be,” he said about avoiding retirement, adding that fresh business ideas continued to come to him well past 65.

“Life is an aircraft journey,” he said. “You’re ascending when you’re young. You’re cruising when you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s or whatever. At some point, you descend. I’m descending but I’m fighting it.”

You can start a pinnacle career.

None of these successes, Churchill, Kroc, Nayd, Moses, were encore careers.  These were the pinnacles of the lives!

Encore careers are considered solutions to retirement.  I disagree.  They should be the main act!  They should go beyond the encore and be pinnacle careers!

First of all, why should we need to retire?  If we are not tired in the first place, why re-tire?  There is so much we can do beyond 60.

The more important question is – “Why are we so tired that we would want to be retired?”

Encore careers  are considered solutions to retirement.  I disagree.  They should be the main act! They should be pinnacle careers!

First of all, why should we need to retire?    If we are not tired in the first place, why re-tire?

The more important question is – “Why are we so tired that we would want to be retired?”

Photo from an Arizona retirement center.   Is this really worthy of a dream?

Generally we are tired because we are working too much at something that does not sufficiently fulfill rather than having fun, doing what we love AND earning in the process.  This site focuses on ways to create micro businesses that earn but more importantly are gratifying, fun and serving the mission you feel needs to be filled.

This is the age of age!  This is the first time in recorded history when the value of life’s experience at retirement age is more valuable than the cost of obtaining it.  Our best, most profitable, most enjoyable and helpful career should be after age 50, 60 or even 70.

There are numerous economic scenarios that could ruin retirement for many.  Inflation, a falling greenback, another market crash or recession.  Any of these could doom traditional retirement plans.  The timing of these events are beyond our control.

That’s okay because diversification into a business that fulfills and serves can be better than stocks and bonds, cash and gold… all put together.

Right now…cash pays almost nothing.  Bonds are quite sure to lose purchasing power.  Gold could rise or fall.  Shares have come off their all time high which creates a problem of timing.  They could fall.

Invest in your dream!

I had a little health scare during the winter that sent me packing to the ER.  The problem was easily resolved and all the tests, scans, blood tests etc. showed that otherwise I was seriously healthy.

This started me realizing that in my 70s, I have better health, more money and more experience than in my 30s-40s etc and can plan on having 30 years left to put it to work. (My mom’s 95 and still alive and mentally alert).

So that’s my assumption, 30 more years to work.

Well…not quite work.  Those who do what they love, never work.  30 more years of fulfillment through writing.

Why not make this your new assumption too?


Live Better and Be Free – 5 Global Earning Experiences

Here are 5 global income experiences and 7 business secrets that can help you live well and free anywhere despite the pandemic.

I began my international business over 50 years ago and have been creating and running international micro businesses since.

During that time my wife, Merri, and I have been able to live, work and earn all over the world… literally anywhere we wanted because of seven secrets we gained which we share here with you.  We have been blessed with global earning experiences that helped us make millions… but were also fun, such as with British Lordships.

See how this one micro business helped us rub elbows with British Royalty.


One of Merri’s businesses that worked with British Royalty was featured in Doonesbury.

Global Earning Experience #1:  Lepers.  Our micro businesses have been fulfilling.  Merri started her international business in her 20s (long before she knew me) importing Italian clocks to the USA.  This earned so much ($80,000 in the first year) that she created other micro businesses helping orphans in the Yucatan and Haitian lepers (at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital) produce crafts she sold for them in the USA.

Excellent income ($80,000 in the 1970s was a lot of cash)…  incredible contacts… working with Dr. Larimer and Gwen Mellon who created the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti… and enormous satisfaction.  Merri still cries over 40 years later when she tries to speak of the gratitude of the lepers and her time and life in Haiti.

Plus she gained lessons that allowed her to live and earn… in many places and many ways.

Then we got together.

Global Earning Experience #2:  Lords.  Another of Merri’s ideas (in the mid 1980s) was to broker British titles to wealthy Americans.  We made a ton from that… even gained 15 minutes of fame when Gary Trudeau learned about this business and immortalized it by having B.D. Zonker buy a title!

What fun… profitable, plus stimulating, meeting and working with the Blue Bloods of Britain… visiting their castles… invited to their events and affairs.

Before I get ahead of myself, may I ask you a question?


Would you enjoy living in two or even more places wherever and whenever you choose?  Would you be happier with more freedom, lack of debt, and a life of riches, adventure and fulfillment?  Would you be glad to feel confident that you can discover interesting and fun business ideas again and again that not only bring in extra income but also help the poor and improve the environment?

If so then read on… because… Merri and I have led that lifestyle for decades and can show you how to live it too.

The key is to earn from home offices.   They are part of a micro business secret and you’ll see why have two home offices (and using two cars in business) can save thousands in taxes.

You can also enjoy such a lifestyle because after years of search, I found business secrets that you can use and enjoy.


Waterfall at our North Carolina Farm.  See enjoyable benefits of a micro business in water.

Global Earning Experience #3: Hospitality.  Here’s a hotel we owned and operated in Ecuador.  Once we sold this we joined the sharing economy and began offering rentals in our North Carolina cabins through AIRBNB and houses in Florida.  We became designated super hosts within months and added thousands of extra dollars to our income every month.

Caring is just one example of how to live anywhere and earn, especially now that the pandemic will change how people vacation.


Having a variety of places to live is part of one of the secrets on how to earn more, have a better life with more fun, adventure and greater freedom.

Global Earning Experience #4:  Import-Export.   Here I am at our Florida house showing clients how to import.


I was wearing a hand tailored, made to order, high quality wool suit from Ecuador that could be imported into the US for as little as $135 .  Plus that Panama hat was made in Ecuador.  This is odd but true, all genuine Panama hats are made in Ecuador.  We imported Ecuador roses year round as well, all from one of our tax deductible US home office.


The secrets we’ll share below are not about how to buy suits or flowers though.   The secrets show ways to make money (while helping others) marketing products and services wherever you are and much more…. globally.

Global Earning Experience #5:  Green Produce.   We have an orange grove and lake at our Florida home and


are among the first to test new organic ways to make citrus farming better for the environment and the consumer.  In North Carolina we cultivate Wild American Ginseng as well as aquafarm.

These are just a few of the business experiences that can help you have the freedom to earn globally.  They are shared in our emailed correspondence course that you can now have FREE.

The course teaches a system based on seven secrets so powerful that it creates money for you regardless of where you are:  in town, out of the country, traveling or even in places as remote as we live.

These secrets have worked for us in real estate… titles… tours… agriculture… clothing… hospitality… alternative health…  spirituality… printing… publishing and art businesses for Merri and me all over the world.

Merri and I have created a special program we call “Live Well and Free Anywhere” that makes it possible for you to enjoy extra income doing something you love.  You can gain full or part time and enjoy excellent profits as you have fun and do something good in the world.

My search stumbled on the fact that most millionaires make their money in business.  This discovery led to a study of rich businesses, ones that generate everlasting wealth.  Here are three of seven secrets we share in our program that we learned and have used in our  micro businesses:

Secret #1: They must enjoy the multiple effect.  A product once created must produce profits again and again, almost on a never-ending basis.  Each investment made needs to make huge returns.

Secret #2: They need to be greater than their owner’s time.  They must produce income even when the owner doesn’t put in day-to-day effort. You may already be wealthy or earning a high income.  You may not even need another business or extra income, but some day you might.  One surgeon explained it this way.  “I am making a fortune because peoples’ lives are in my hands.  Once my hands are no longer steady, my income stops.   My entire financial well being will then be in someone else’s hands!”

Secret #3: These money making systems should be enjoyable and fun.  Sadly most people make money for the sake of making money.  Many spend their lives working, just to have a few precious hours having fun.  The most important fact about making and keeping wealth is that those who were richest absolutely love what they were doing.  Money is of secondary importance to their effort.  And as things are, this means they actually ended up making more money.

These secrets created a fantastic way to make money with my own international micro business doing what I love!

You too can have everlasting wealth by turning your passion into profit.

You too can have the freedom to do what you love from any place you like, even operating (actually preferably) from your bedroom, dining room or den if you wish.

What do you love? Rare cars?  You can make a fortune creating a business around them.  Do you prefer fine art? Or do you love beautiful jewelry, coins, gems, real estate, furs, model railways, dolls, scientific equipment, war memorabilia, old and rare books, or whatever?  Do you prefer social subjects rather than objects?

Are you concerned with the environment or humanitarian problems, with crimes, war or poverty?  Would you like to help wipe these social problems out in the course of your business?

Are you a golfer? Do you love to travel? Why not make all kinds of money in a global business related to golf?

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place, help people get along better together?  You can do something good for the world, increase your income and live wherever you please in the process!

Whatever your passion you can learn how to earn by creating a micro business based on it.

Take fishing, for example.

I am no great aquafarmer, but the numbers and lifestyle work on a small scale.  We pay about $3.50 a pound to stock the fish, they double, triple, even quadruple in size and we sell them at a local butcher shoppe for a modest profit.   This is not a big deal, but does generate income, helps attract guests to stay in our rental cabins, puts some great trout dinners on our table and is a thoroughly enjoyable part of my daily labor.  I need this to counter balance sitting in front of a computer.

Over a couple of months the fish grow… a lot.

gary scott

Millions of people love fishing but don’t have a pond.  This does not mean they cannot be involved in fishing.  Here are just a few of many ways that others have profitably matched this passion with profit.

Two of my friends, John and Lou, grew up near me in the Oregon mountains.  They were outdoor adventure types and moved to Canada, where they homesteaded 1,200 acres on a trout-filled lake in mid British Columbia.  They built a fishing camp that attracts fisherman from around the world.

Duncan Kinderman on the other hand loved fishing and castles.  He bought a castle on the River Tay, a great Scottish salmon river, and offered time shares for fisherman from Britain, Europe and the US.

Another entrepreneur I know was from Montana.  His skills were in marketing so he sold fishing trips for fishing camps.  He attended rod and gun exhibitions, met owners of these camps and arranged to sell their fishing trips to the US, Argentina and even in Russia to fisherman around the world.

Ralph Kylloe on the other hand loved fishing and photography so he created the book, “Fishing Camps”, which was published by Gibbs Smith publisher. This allowed Ralph to travel across the country enjoying fishing camps as he photographed and wrote.

Steve Ambrose, another friend of ours, had family commitments at home so he set up a bass fishing business in Florida that served Americans, Germans, Canadian, Dutch and Belgians.  Later as his children grew, he used his client base to arrange fishing trips in Argentina.

Each of these people had provincial backgrounds and differed in age, situation and skills.  Their common link, the love of fishing, led each to a global micro business.  Each was able to blend a unique nature and set of skills to develop a global business that surrounded them with fun, like minded fishing souls.

There is such an abundance of opportunity that Merri and I have created this program to help you have your own micro business that can be managed almost anywhere.  This program is unique because Merri and I are unique.  We started our global business together.  Since we’re almost recluses, we decided to do the whole business by ourselves… thus we create micro businesses that do not require large staffs.

We began working at home.  Today, though we have tens of thousands of buyers and have made millions, we still work at home on our remote farms and employ only a few people to help.

You’ll learn how to turn advertising dollars into a fortune.  You’ll learn how to create your own ads and when to use the internet… search engines… pay per click… classifieds, space ads, direct mail or word of mouth… even flea markets and roadside stands in some cases.

See how to build a PR list and social business network on the World Wide Web to gain thousands of dollars in free publicity.  I even share my most secret results on my marketing so you will know why sometimes you sell more units of a product at $49 instead of $29.

Learn how one couple used ads about retirement to supplement their retirement income and received free trips all over the world.

Learn how we have made money over the Internet (specific details, specific experiences, hard earned knowledge over the last 13 years!)  With an inexpensive computer you can easily run a business from home and still have tons of time left over – even if you are computer challenged.  Merri and I have certainly proven this.  We were one of the first to run a successful website and still rank high today even with millions of competitors.  The secrets in the course include a step-by-step approach.

Merri and I with our webmaster, David Cross, were leaders in beginning internet micros businesses and have sold millions over the web.  You gain ways to earn global income over the net from that experience as well.

Business people or professionals who want to add an extra profit center to their business or who want to change their business entirely will benefit.  Those who want more control over their career can profit.  Plus those who love global travel and want to turn their trips into profitable tax deductions!

Even older entrepreneurs are taking advantage of technology.  One of our friends and clients, Mickey E., was a 72 year old real estate broker, when she began a small global business.  With just a computer and internet, she created publications that attracted English real estate buyers.  This allowed her to become a top sales person in the biggest real estate firm (selling over a billion dollars of real estate a year) in town.  She later used the tactics she learned to move to Ecuador (in here late 70s) and start a micro business there.

This course is also for couples who want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business.

This is the perfect course for those who can no longer find employment, who are looking for ways to earn abroad and who wish to retire and supplement their income.

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee that we have shared all we know to help you start and run your own international business.  Enjoy and live a life of following your Passion to Profit… through an International Business.

The course is so complete Merri and I extend our “no fooling around-complete satisfaction guarantee”.

If you are not fully satisfied in any way,  just tell us within 60 days and we’ll send you a 100% full refund with no questions asked.

Normally to order our entire “Live Well and Free Anywhere” program would cost $299.

Right now you can get this program FREE.

Currently you can join The International Club with a 50% pandemic discount.  Save $598.23 because part of club membership is the $299 Self Publishing course FREE.

I want to help you gain the experiences that Merri and I have gained living,working, investing globally and loving every minute of it.    That’s why decades ago we created the International Club so we can share everything we learn and write about.

Club members start by receiving seven workshops and courses on how to earn everywhere with home micro businesses.  We call this our “Live Well and Free Anywhere Program”.   The program contains a series of courses and reports that show ways to earn and be free. These courses and reports are:

  • The course “Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Self Publish”
  • The course “Event-Full – How to Earn Conducting Seminars and Tours”
  • The course “International Business Made EZ”
  • Video Workshop by our webmaster David Cross
  • The entire weekend “Writer’s Camp” in MP3
  • The report “How to Raise Money Abroad”
  • Report and MP3 Workshop “How to Gain Added Success With Relaxed Concentration”

The fee for this package is normally $299.

Club members also learn ways to be be healthier and have more energy.  

Ecuador Shamans

Here I am in the deep Amazon studying with a shaman.

I have created three natural health reports based on 50 years of study with healers around the world about:

#1: Nutrition

#2: Purification

#3: Exercise

Recent news about Social Security, pensions and health care shows that the US government has excessive debt today and that we as individuals need tactics to make sure, when governments, pensions and insurers weasel out of their promises, that we can take care of ourselves.

One big broken promise is Social Security and Medicare.  The most recent Social Security trustee report shows that the programs will begin to spend more than they earn within just three or four years.   The Medicare hospital-insurance trust fund, could use all its reserves by 2028.  They face insolvency over the next 20 years because Social Security runs totally out of money by 2034.

My three natural health reports help learn ways to be happier, healthier and avoid much of the Western disease management (aka healthcare) expense.

Each report is available for $19.95.  However you’ll receive all three FREE as club member and save $59.85.

Next, club members participate in an intensive program called the Purposeful Investing Course (Pi).  The purpose of Pi is finding value investments that increase safety and profit.  Learn Slow, Worry Free, Good Value Investing.

Stress, worry and fear are three of an investor’s worst enemies.  These destroyers of wealth can create a Behavior Gap, that causes investors to underperform in any market good or bad. The behavior gap is created by natural human responses to fear.  Pi helps create profitable strategies that avoid losses from this gap.

Lessons from Pi are based on the creation and management of numerous Model Portfolios, called Pifolio.

We combine the research of several brilliant mathematicians and money managers with my years of investing experience.


Learn how the Fibonacci Spiral impacts stock markets when the are 60% up or 30% down.

There are no secrets about this portfolio except that these mathematicians ignore the stories from economic news (often created by someone with vested interests) and is based mainly on good math that reveals the truth through financial news.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets using my 50 years of global experience and my study of the analysis of four mathematical investing geniuses (and friends).

This is a complete and continual study of what to do about the movement of international major and emerging stock markets.  I want to share this study throughout the next year with you.

This analysis forms the basis of a Good Value Stock Market Strategy.  The analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short term ups and downs.  This strategy is easy for anyone to follow and use.  Pi reveals the best value markets and provides contacts to managers and analysts and Country Index ETFs so almost anyone can create and follow their own strategy.

The costs are low and this type of ETF is one of the hardest for institutions to cheat.  Expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund.  Little knowledge, time, management or guesswork are required.  The investment is simply a diversified portfolio of good value indices.  Investments in an index are like investments in all the shares of a good value market.

Pi opens insights to numerous long term cycles that most investors miss because they have not been investing long enough to see them.

The Pi subscription is normally $299 per annum but as a club member you receive Pi at no charge and save an additional $299.

There are two more reports I’ll send about the most exciting opportunities I have seen since we started sending our reports on international investing ideas more than three decades ago.  The trends are so clear that I created a short, but powerful report “Three Currency Patterns for 50% Profits or More.”   This report shows how to earn an extra 50% from currency shifts with even small investments.  I kept the report short and simple, but included links to 153 pages of  Good Value Stock Market research and Asset Allocation Analysis.

The report shows 20 good value investments and a really powerful tactic that shows the most effective and least expensive way to accumulate these bargains in large or even very small amounts (less than $5,000).  There is extra profit potential of at least 50% so the report is worth a lot.

This report sells for $29.95 but when you become an International Club member you’ll receive the report, “Three Currency Patterns For 50% Profits or More” FREE.

Plus get the $39.99 report, “The Silver Dip” free.

With investors watching global stock markets bounce up and down, many missed two really important profit generating events over the past two years.  The price of silver dipped below $14 an ounce as did shares of the iShares Silver ETF (SLV).   The second event is that the silver gold ratio hit 80 and has remained near this level, compared to a range of the 230s only two years ago.

These two events are a strong sign to invest in precious metals.

I prepared a special report “Silver Dip” updated in late 2018.   The report explained the exact conditions you need to make leveraged silver & gold speculations that can increase the returns in a safe portfolio by as much as eight times.  The purpose of the report is to share long term lessons about speculating in precious metals gained through 30 years of speculating and investing in gold and silver.  Now with the stock market crash this report is more valid than ever.

Save $598.23… when you become a club member.

Join the International Club and receive:

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(1) www.travelandleisure.com: Joseph Segal Canadian billionaire retire?

The Problem with Having A Website…

The Problem with Having a Website….by David Cross

Having the ability to earn income wherever you are is increasingly important in this fast changing world.

Over the last month our webmaster, David Cross, has been providing ideas on how to use the internet to earn globally.

See the previous articles:

 #1: So You Want to be #1 at Google?

#2: So You Want to be #1 at Google II?

 #3: So You Want to be #1 at Google III?

“We’ll pass each other on the road in about 5 minutes!”

My wife was heading to work and I was heading back home after dropping our daughters off at school.  She called me, excited to wave as we passed each other.

Feeling characteristically clever I decided I’d open the sunroof and wave through it as we passed. However it slipped my mind that it had snowed last night and as I opened the sunroof I was showered with a couple of cubic feet of cold, wet, slushy snow and freezing cold water.

You don’t always get what you expect! (though my wife got much more laughter than if I’d only waved!)

In our last 3 articles we shared how to get that fabled #1 position on Google:

  1. How to develop your niche
  2. What to do when the traffic arrives at your website
  3. How to get to a top spot on Google

Today I will share how to keep your visitors engaged because – contrary to popular belief – your website isn’t enough to keep people engaged.  On its own, a website is definitely not enough to convert interest into sales.

Businesses generally employ either pull marketing or push marketing as part of their marketing and promotional strategies. In pull marketing you wait for your prospects or customers to come to you when they’re ready or searching for what you’re offering. In push marketing you actively and proactively target your customers or prospects.

A website is an example of pull marketing. People choose when to visit it and may arrive by searching for terms related to the content you publish at Google, as we discussed last week. This is akin to a fledgling bird in the nest with its mouth open waiting for momma bird to arrive with food.

The problem with employing only this strategy is that many products do not have a natural demand.  An investing newsletter is an example of this.

Push marketing on the other hand proactively and actively markets to an audience. Push marketing doesn’t wait for them to passively search. That investment newsletter, credit card, vacation rental, fishing getaway, Groupon for a local Thai restaurant or the gardening catalog with included coupons are all examples of push marketing.

You probably wouldn’t have bought that investment newsletter if the email hadn’t arrived in your inbox. You may never have decided to eat at that Thai restaurant if the offer hadn’t enticed you.   Although you love trout fishing, it was that letter you received describing the pristine natural beauty of the streams in Montana that motivated you to take action.  It’s Push, Not Shove!

Push marketing has gained a bad rap since the advent of the Internet and people falsely assumed it meant that pushing your message to someone was no longer relevant, effective or desirable and that pull marketing is all that is necessary. It isn’t.

But push marketing doesn’t mean shove marketing. You are more nudging your customer or prospect to take action rather than overtly shoving them or coercing them to take action.

The trick is to build your list of interested prospects and customers and then target that list with a specific message relevant to that group of people. In my opinion, any “marketing” that isn’t targeted isn’t marketing, it’s buckshot promoting and it doesn’t work. Any results gained this way are miniscule and ignore the greater mass of people that it irks.   I manage Gary and Merri Scott’s Ecuador Living website and help them stay in touch with the most frequently viewed phrases at that site.  So we know what interests Ecuador Living readers the most.  Gary then makes sure that the articles, contacts and information that he sends readers are focused around those interest.  For example, one of the  most frequently viewed phrases is “Retirement in Ecuador” .  Therefore, many of  the site’s messages are about ideas that relate directly to retirement.

In our article on gaining a top spot in Google I mentioned the idea of converting that traffic of interested prospects by offering a free report, free guide or “white paper” depending on what is relevant for your business and attractive to your prospect. A free report to a group of attorneys may put them off and a white paper to a group of keen amateur chefs will seem dull and boring.

People like to receive information on topics they are interested in. If you are able to stay in contact with people about those topics and provide useful, timely and relevant information and find a way to capitalize on that interest then both you and your prospect are able to benefit from it.

An Ongoing Conversation

We shared some ideas on developing your niche, driving traffic and converting that traffic. But conversion happens many times during the life of a reader. You’ve only started that process by offering a free report. If I had ended my relationship with my wife after our first date my life would have turned out very differently!

When someone arrives at your website, requests your free report, guide or white paper they’ve indicated their interest on that topic. If you now follow-up with relevant information to their initial interest (offering a free emailed newsletter subscription as part of the free report request is one way to do this) and provide more, useful, timely and relevant information, tips, ideas, stories and actionable advice and information.

And if you make sure to tie-in next steps in the conversion process, so much the better. Examples of this in the first month of a person’s subscription are:

  1. Introductory products or services in the $20-$50 range
  2. Bundled offers (buy this widget for $40 in the next 7 days and receive this additional doohickey worth $20 free.)
  3. Additional free report, video or exclusive information

A word of caution:  Many businesses can’t wait to convert a prospect’s interest into business and fall over themselves by offering free shipping, money-off coupons and discounts galore the moment someone signs-up. Don’t. You may be discounting a new segment of customers before you know whether they needed any financial encouragement to make a purchase.

I’ve seen this happen so many times where I sign-up for more information on a product (everything from farm gear to fishing gear to kitchen and chef equipment) and immediately I receive coupons and money-off offers. Fact is I already had enough interest in the products to make a purchase without a discount. These businesses which offer discounts willy-nilly fail to realize that they are discounting where it wasn’t required. There are many ways to convert interest into a sale without immediately resorting to discounting.

One excellent way to continue a discussion with a customer or prospect is by starting an email newsletter. Gary publishes his everyday but you don’t have to do it that regularly. Once a month is OK (though may be too infrequent).  Generally speaking, you should write when you have something useful, timely and relevant to say. Don’t write for the sake of it….but don’t hesitate to send something of interest to your readers!

All the main email newsletter companies use an autoresponder.  We use Mailchimpand think they’re great.  Aweber, Get Response, iContact, etc. are other choices worth considering.  All of these offer the ability to email a free report or set up a series of automated emails (“autoresponders”).  This enables you to email your new prospects on a schedule of your choice…. every day, every few days, every week.  This is the way to cement your initial contact with someone. I’ll discuss more next week about how to use autoresponders as part of your online marketing efforts.

And don’t just include data in your newsletter. Remember that data is free on the Internet and almost worthless. Give opinion and insight. Share tips and advice that can save your prospect money, make them money or improve their life by their doing something or taking action. Show how to use the data to benefit from them. Make sure to provide a way for your prospect to take action and fulfill the ideas you’ve discussed…ideally a link where they can purchase your course, seminar or product that fulfills the ideas you’ve shared.

Winning your client’s business takes time and trust AND requires an ongoing discussion.

Next week I’ll show you how to harness the power of autoresponders to facilitate that ongoing conversation and help you put some of your marketing on autopilot.