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Ecuador Beach Condo Rental

We have Ecuador beach rental units for as low as $500 a week.

This is for first class apartments in one of the top hotels directly on one of the best the beaches in Ecuador with full facilities, pool, tennis, spa, broadband and an English speaking staff etc.

Here they are.   This shot from our penthouse in the hotel.


These condos are not exactly on the beach.  They are 133 steps (I walked it off myself) from the hotel… less than two minutes walk to this exact spot.


These are very nice 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom units.  Views are good. Here is our last real estate tour on the roof garden.


A sunset I shot at the condo’s roof top garden.


The 1,200 square feet includes a living room…


dining area…


and full kitchen down stairs.


There are two and a half baths plus two bedrooms on the second floor.  The second bedroom is small, but…

Ecuador-beach-condo-rental the master bedroom is spacious with a comfortable king size bed and ocean view.


These furnished units rent $200 per night or $500 week.

Where can you rent on an exclusive, empty beach with warm water at rates like that?

Prices are about 10 times what we were paying when we came here ten years ago but they are still much much less than they are they are in north America… even with the real estate crash.

Brand new 2 bedroom condos are $79,000 on this clean empty beach.


with water so warm you can enjoy the surf all day long… as I do!


This is a property with a full facility club house. here are guests at our last real estate tour enjoying the warm coastal evening.


A similar condo in Naples Florida, where we used to live, even today, would be ten times this or more.

If you wish to come and look for bargains. they are here.

We saw these brand new condos at $18,000.


They are nice inside also.


Yet having brought over 3,000 delegates to Ecuador we know what they want and in the last year no delegates has purchased on of these  low cost units.

We have clients come from all over the world, Thailand, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama and they all say the same. “Ecuador property prices are much lower”.  You will find few places of this quality on this type of location with prices this low.

Our premium service is called Ecuador Living … not Ecuador real estate.  While a large part of our service looks at Ecuador property, our real service is sharing 14 years experience of living in Ecuador. This year will be our 41st  year of living, investing and doing business abroad… so we really are quite experienced.  We have learned from thousands of dealings what most readers desire… so we can help the occasional reader look for the bargains… but we know what most readers will actually buy or rent  and we work hard to find it and make it easy for readers to own or rent.

In the case of Vistazul we were lucky to have a developer who listened to our suggestions and created an ideal place for our readers to call home on Ecuador’s beach.

We gain great delight seeing a community forming here and over the next week will share stories of some of the residents who are moving in.


Join us in Cotacachi and on Ecuador Coast in March.

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Ecuador and the Dollar

Since 2000, the US dollar has been Ecuador’s currency. Could it be that now Ecuador and the dollar might part ways?

Many readers have written and voiced concern that Ecuador might stop using the US dollars as its currency and return to a new sucre.

This may or may not happen. I previously did not think it would, until recently President Correa vowed that Ecuador would continue to use  the US dollar.

Lesson one of our Multi Currency Investing course points out that a general rule of currency investing is to expect a currency to devalue (or in this case change) soon after the responsible government swears that it will not.   See more about our Multi Currency Investing Course


The current strength of the greenback alters the fundamentals.  If the dollar remains strong it is more likely that Ecuador will go off the dollar in  2009.

A continued low oil price could also have an impact on a decoupling decision for two reasons.  First, Ecuador’s President Correa will be under extreme pressure to deliver local promises he has made to the public.  Without high oil prices he has no money to deliver the goods.  His public excuse could be to blame America and the US dollar.  A return to the sucre would allow Correa to print money he needs for local promises right now.  This would only give him a short term boost but if he is desperate this might happen to make him look better.

Secondly, low oil  prices will diminish Ecuador’s foreign exchange reserves and the nation’s ability to pay foreign obligations and debt.  Correa has proven he is willing to jilt long term obligations.  A bond default slams the door in the face of someone who gave you something in the past.  However it is a bit easier to beat up on creditors of the past than those you need to deliver goods now or in the future.  If you do not pay them, they stop sending the goods!

Correa will not want the country running short of the supplies it needs to run on a day to day basis.

Let’s watch for Ecuador’s  reserves versus its short term obligations as an indicator of when Correa might pull the dollar plug.

If Ecuador and the US dollar do part, we must ask, so what? For many, this switch back to the sucre would be good.

When Ecuador originally Dollarized those who suffered most were the urban poor and citified middle class.  When the sucre was Ecuador’s currency and it devalued… wages were always raised at the same time. This meant that basics like food, clothing and subsistence shelter did not really cost more. Inflation at the base level was not real.  Certainly Western imported goods cost more…like TVs, cars and computers.  This mattered little to the urban poor because they never had a chance for this stuff anyway.  The middle class emigrated in droves to Spain and Italy.

Dollarization made inflation real!  Politicians could print more sucres to raise wages with inflation…but they could not print more dollars.  The poor in the city reeled.

The poor in the country who worked in agriculture did well though.  The price of crops rose.

Then the US dollar began to collapse versus other currencies.

The falling dollar helped create business opportunity.  One friend who owns a flower exporting business told me that the flower business in Ecuador was good due to the dollar fall versus other Latin America currencies, especially the Colombian peso. Colombia is one of Ecuador’s largest competitors in roses and bananas, two of Ecuador’s largest exports.

The cost of Ecuadorian products became lower even in the U.S. when compared to products from countries (such a Colombia) where the currency had strengthened against the dollar.

As the dollar falls versus other Latin America currencies, Ecuadorian products become less and less expensive in global terms.

Now of course the dollar has gained strength and this hurts Ecuador’s export potential.  The strong dollar is the rock…the low oil prices…a hard spot.  Correa and Ecuador’s economy are caught between them.

Also a new sucre, though less convenient,  would probably be good for expats.

A full report sent to our Ecuador Living subscribers explains what this would mean to expats and the Ecuador real estate market. You can subscribe here


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Join us and then stay on for a real estate tour Here is our latest group inspecting the hotel,which is one block from the Ecuador’s Pacific.


We’ll view this hotel. It has a huge front porch.


Large second floor veranda with ocean views.


Beautiful flowered front yard.


The building is really rough and needs work…but over 8,000 square feet of building. The asking price is $60,000.

We have sent our Ecuador Living paid subscribers more details on this building on this Ecuador hotel for sale. Subscribe to get this report. See how to subscribe to Ecuador Living here.

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Course fee does not include air are. accommodations, food or individual transportation.

Multi Currency Bank Risk

Multi currency investing and multi currency banks reduce risk.

During this current credit crisis, it makes sense to pay attention to ways to bank risk as well as investment and multi currency risk.

Eleven US banks have failed in 2008, seven of them since mid July.

Now a Warren Buffett owned insurance company has stopped insuring bank deposits above the federal $100,000 guarantee. This withdrawal of insurance shows that many insurers and bankers are worried about future bank failures.

One of many reasons I have banked with Jyske Bank (beyond the fact that they are multi currency experts) for many years is their strong safety ranking.

I like the fact that Denmark has ranked high in Moody’s and other country ratings as one of the safest countries in which to bank.

However, recently one Danish Bank had problems.

Thomas Fischer at Jyske Bank sent me this note in July 2008:

“Hi Gary, I just want to keep you informed that this morning Roskilde Bank (a Danish regional bank) had to ask the Danish Central Bank for support. It is the 9th largest Danish bank and it has been hit hard as it has been involved in the Danish real estate market. The share dropped 45% this morning. Some other smaller regional banks have seen their share prices falling between 10-20%. Jyske Bank has dropped 1.3% The Central Bank will probably put Roskilde Bank up for sale either the entire bank or parts thereof. The bank will not be allowed to collapse and the clients are thus not going to lose any money but it is obvious not good timing to get a situation like this. Thomas”

Thomas was correct and shortly after the Globe and Mail reported:

COPENHAGEN — Denmark’s central bank unveiled an $896.8-million U.S. bailout of Roskilde Bank acting to confine the negative effect of the struggling bank on the Danish financial system. The central bank stepped in after Roskilde, Denmark’s eighth-largest retail bank by market share, failed to receive any offers after putting itself up for sale in the face of bigger than expected writedowns on real estate loans.

The article outlined that Roskilde was extraordinary as a Danish bank in
that it was heavily exposed to the property sector and that other Danish banks in general were well prepared in a deteriorating Danish economic situation.

The Danish Central Bank had no expectations of any other banks suffering

In fact a June 2008 report from Denmark’s National Bank says:

Denmark’s domestic and foreign central-government debt has the highest rating from Standard & Poor’s (AAA), Fitch Ratings (AAA) and Moody’s
(Aaa). Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s affirmed the rating
in September 2007, December 2007 and April 2008 respectively with an
unchanged stable outlook.

Analytical reports and specific ratings on individual government secu-
rities are available on the websites of respectively Standard & Poor’s
(www.standardandpoors.com), Fitch Ratings (www.fitchratings.com) and
Moody’s (www.moodys.com).

Jyske Bank also ranks well on its own and has a stable outlook at this time. unlike most major banks. Here are current rankings:

Bank Rating Outlook
Jyske Bank A+ Stable
Citigroup AA- Negative
Deutsche Bank AA- Negative
Goldman Sachs AA- Negative
JP Morgan Chase AA- Negative
Credit Suisse A+ Negative
Lehman Brothers A Negative
Morgan Stanley A+ Negative
UBS AA- Negative

As can be seen, Jyske Bank is doing well. Jyske is the only bank on the list with a stable outlook. All others are on the watch list for down-grading.

Note that Jyske Bank has the same rating as Morgan Stanley but a better outlook.

Jyske Bank’s rating is better than Lehman (after today probably much better), the same as Credit Suisse and one grade below the others. However, it’s very seldom that S&P give a rating above A+ for a relatively small bank like Jyske Bank. The other banks on the list benefit from their size but this does not tell much about how well they are run.

If you have any questions on how Jyske Bank you can see the bank’s home page www.jyskebank.dk/english and read the latest semi-annual report.

US investors should contact Thomas Fischer at fischer@jgam.com

Non US investors should contact Rene Mathys mathys@jbpb.dk

The thousands of other reasons I like Jyske are the people that work there.

An article at scienceblog.com entitled “Happiness is rising around the world” says that Danes are the happiest people in the world.

The article says:

People in most countries around the world are happier these days, according to newly released data from the World Values Survey based at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.

During the past 26 years, the World Values Surveys have asked more than 350,000 people how happy they are, using the same two questions.

Data from representative national surveys conducted from 1981 to 2007 show the happiness index rose in an overwhelming majority of nations studied.

The 2007 wave of the surveys also provides a ranking of 97 nations containing 90 percent of the world’s population. The results indicate that Denmark is the happiest nation in the world and Zimbabwe the unhappiest. The United States ranks 16th on the list, immediately after New Zealand.

Economic growth, democratization and rising social tolerance have all contributed to rising happiness, with democratization and rising tolerance having even more impact than economic growth. All of these changes have contributed to providing people with a wider range of choice in how to live their lives—which is a key factor in happiness.

“The results clearly show that the happiest societies are those that allow people the freedom to choose how to live their lives,” Inglehart said.

As an example, Inglehart points to the tolerant social norms and democratic political systems in Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Canada all of which rank among the 10 happiest countries in the world.

In my opinion this happiness shows through at Jyske. Our dealings have always found the staff to be helpful, cheerful and willing to take an extra step to help make us as their customer happy as they are

Until next message, may you be happy too.


Join me and Thomas Fischer from Jyske Global Asset Management in North Carolina to learn more about economic trends.

International Investing and Business Made EZ North Carolina

We’ll have lunch at the farm and enjoy the leaf change.

farm colors

Thomas Fisher speaking to our delegates at the farm.




Delegates enjoying a private conversation with Thomas Fischer during a coffee break at the farm.

This is the most beautiful time of the year on the Blue Ridge.


Ecuador Real Estate Liquidations

Ecuador real estate offers opportunity. Ecuador real estate liquidations can offer even better deals.

See details about this 326 acre Ecuador real estate liquidation, a coastal agricultural property for sale at $41,000 below.


To assist those interested in Ecuador we have created an Ecuador Living service that provides a full time full support, research and assistance team to help subscribers in any way required. Part of this team are multi lingual Westerners so we understand the Western cultural needs as well as those of Ecuador.

One service for example is that we scan Ecuador newspapers looking for unique properties and put our subscribers directly in touch…thus avoiding brokerage fees for our subscribers.

We do not sell real estate nor accept commissions but because we write about Ecuador real estate to tens of thousands of readers, they have purchased millions of dollars of Ecuador real estate in Galapagos, Mindo, the Coast, Cotacachi, Quito and more.

The word is out. More and more Ecuador real estate sellers are approaching us first when they have Ecuador real estate for sale. Recently an attorney who represents banks in Ecuador has been sending us Ecuador real estate liquidations so we can share extra special Ecuador real estate deals with our subscribers.

One huge benefit in using our service versus relying on brokers is that we are not trying to sell real estate. For our modest subscription, you get our honest opinion based on 40 years of international business and 13 years residence in Ecuador.

We do not care if you buy one property or another or even if you buy at all. This means you get our advice without hidden agendas.

Yet we know all about buying Ecuador real estate. We have an active Ecuador business and have personally purchased a 962 acre hacienda, condos in the mountains, a house, a hotel plus condos and apartments on the beach. Our Ecuador Living service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador.

You also gain access to our extensive contacts plus you get to share the input from our 13,238 readers who continually let us know what they see hear and experience good and bad in Ecuador.

We conduct real estate tours to help our subscribers learn Ecuador’s real estate market in the most efficient way.

Not only are our tours efficient, they can save you money! Many developers give our Ecuador Living subscribers and tour delegates discounts on property (since many delegates and subscribers buy and we do not take real estate commissions).

You can enroll in our Ecuador Living Service to learn more about the 346 acre Ecuador coastal property for sale at $41,000 below.

Here are more shots of the 346 acre Ecuador coastal property.

A lot of corn is being grown on the land now.


and castor.


Here is what Ecuador Living’s man on the Ecuador coast, John Papski, just sent to us.

John wrote: “Gary and Merri, I checked out this property a few months ago while visiting the coast with the last group. This is a good opportunity, part of a bankrupt bank with the price reduced before going to auction soon. I went ahead and signed a right of first refusal so Ecuador Living subscribers have the first shot at this.

There is 326 acres of shrub on gentle hills divided by main road from Bahia and San Clemente about seven miles away.

There is a rough shed, really belonging to caretaker, as well as a water tank for tanker delivered water. There is electricity.


This land is ideal for seasonal planting, soya, maize, maracuya and has an old well 200 feet deep but with water (Water analysis done) of 3% salinity.

This is a great price as the land could have coconut and tamirindo growing for commercial purposes as they accept this amount of salinity in the water.

The sellers are trying for an urgent sale but I believe this can be held for our September coastal real estate tour. John.”

There is a grand entrance to the property.


But not a lot of building.


If you would like more information about this property or others like it, please subscribe to Ecuador Living and we’ll send you details on how to access Ecuador real estate information.

Until next message, may your living in Ecuador or wherever be good.


Join us October 3-5 for the Blue Ridge leaf change.
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Or enjoy one of our courses or tours in Ecuador.

Ecuador Coastal-Quito Real Estate Tour

$17,000 Houses

We’ll see these condos by the beach at $18,000 as well as the 346 acre property above.

Ecuador Imbabura Real Estate Tour


We’ll view this 150 acre property for sale at $50,000 on our Imbabura tour as well as these condos in Cotacachi offered for $46,000.


Ecuador Import Export Course


Learn how to import roses and dozens of other products in our import export and Business Made EZ courses.

International Investing and Business Made
EZ Ecuador

See discounts for attending more than
one course.

Ecuador Property Lesson

Ecuador property offers special opportunity but like any property market has its unique  features that anyone interested in getting good property deals has to know.

A reader attempting to buy some Ecuador property just sent this note:

“Gary, FYI.  The people at the Hacienda San Francisco tell me the asking price is
$650K, not the $200K you stated.”

Reading my reply may help you under stand the Ecuador real estate market better.

I have written numerous times that in Ecuador real estate is the basis of wealth.  This is a country that for centuries endured so many currency devaluations it dollarized in 2000.  The US dollar is now Ecuador’s currency but seven years of the greenback has not overcome hundreds of years of currency distrust.  Plus the dollar has not been strong.  Inflation is still strong in Ecuador.

Money has always been land…and buildings.

This means that there are normally only three times when Ecuadorians sell property.  When they need cash…when there are heirs…and when they place crazy prices on the property figuring…”If someone will pay this much, I’ll sell”.

This creates a really astonishing result at times. Two identical properties will have very different prices. One seller needs the money badly. The other does not.

Added to this is a typical Ecuadorian sales come-along. The owner offers a property at a low price until someone makes an offer.  Then they raise the price. This is especially prevalent if the seller thinks the buyer is a “rich” gringo. Gringos by the way are any non Ecuadorian.  Even the Chinese are considered gringos.

Sometimes even on our real estate tours, the owners tell us the property is one price, and when we get there with a group they raise the price dramatically.

This is one reason we suggest that delegates never make offers on a real estate tour.

The last price we were given for this hacienda on a real estate tour was $185,000.   The hacienda is empty every time we are there.  I suspect if one looked at the books they would find even $185,000 a hard price to support.

This happened when we bought our hotel, Meson de las Flores.  The owner raised the price 60% the minute we said yes to their original offer. The story was the original price was only for the building.   We also had to buy the business we were told.  We grabbed it anyway because for what we wanted the price was still a bargain.

This low price – high price game is just part of the way many Ecuadorians negotiate.

This lack of rationality is what makes Ecuador’s real estate market so interesting. It is so illogical that if one learns the market and is willing to be patient, one can spot distortions and do well if they are willing to negotiate.

For example, we rarely make an offer in person. We hire a local to make the offer for us.

We set our price. I know before I make an offer what the property is worth to me.

In a market with so few comparables and with so little organization, a property is generally worth what someone will pay for it versus how badly the seller needs the cash.  When a buyer finds a motivated buyer, knows what they can or are willing to pay, explains their logic, sticks to their price and is willing to walk away for awhile, they’ll get their deal.

This is not always the case. I watched the owner of one small hotel (that grosses about $15,000 a year) stick to totally insane price of a million dollars. He did not need the money.

Recently he had some set backs and I have observed this seller take a reality check.  Last i heard he had dropped his asking price to $475,000 (actually) almost

A lot of Ecuador real estate offers a wild and wooly game for those that find this fun…and have time and patience.  We have found over the years a way that works for us:  When you find a property, just look and make no comments.  Don’t even ask the price.  Then go away and think about all of its qualities and conditions and decide yourself THE PRICE THAT YOU WANT TO PAY.  Unless the owner is just fishing (and this is rare these days), hire a person to negotiate for you. Never go b back there and never comment.

And then HAVE PATIENCE.  Sit back and wait and don’t worry about the deal.  It might take a week, a month or a year…but keep in mind there is rarely any buying pressure on individual properties (not condos or developments) and just wait.  It’s kind of fun and most interesting to use this concept…and sooner or later, it usually works out…but again, we have a lot of patience.

I look forward to sharing this with you.



P.S. Here are what a couple of people have said about Ecuador real estate and our tours.

“Hello, Gary

“I have been a subscriber to your investment news letters starting in 1993.

“Without hesitation I can say your investment strategy for International Investing has been a success and rewarding.

“I salute you for your outspoken journalism and practical encouragement to the subscribers to improve their investments and financial standing by looking beyond there own home turf.

“My first encounter in person with you and Merri was when I attended your International Investment and Business made EZ seminar held in September 1996 in Ecuador in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

“This gave me the opportunity to see this beautiful country of Ecuador with its astounding bio-diversity, considerable historic and cultural legacy and a diverse array of its Indigenous groups.

“I look upon Ecuador as truly a microcosm of South America.

“Since then I have had the privilege of visiting Ecuador on two more occasions and on every trip I have experienced the warm and kind hospitality from its smiling and charming faces of its friendly people.

“I have also been a subscriber to your e-mail letters Ecuador Living and Investing and always look forward to your informative articles and encouragement provided for those interested in settling down or buy a second home abroad in Ecuador.

“I for one am intending to come to Cotacachi about mid to late August 2008, looking at the possibility of settling down in this beautiful Sierra country side. I shall end with best regards to you and Merri.”

Another wrote:

“Merri:  Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the real estate tour in Cotacachi and to thank you and Gary and all the wonderful staff at El Meson for being so gracious and kind.

“Any time I think of Cotacachi and my stay at El Meson I get a sense of peace and tranquility that is hard to find here in the States.

“Hope to see all of you again but hopefully for a longer stay.”

Finally, this reader attended both the Coastal and Cotacachi tour:

“Thought to send along a little feedback on the trip so far.  I started with the Coastal RE tour.  I must say that John Papski is a real asset – he’s got the right outgoing attitude to dig up the good info locally and then deal with a diverse group of folk on the tour – very good. The RE tours are very good for really seeing the country, local areas, and just getting a good feeling for the general area.  John is ideal for the task and the research leading up to the tour.  Between Steve, John and Alberto, you have an excellent team.

“I put an offer on an unfinished house up the road from Jim’s house (no word yet apparently due to a fickle US owner).  Lots of potential there and the views from there are great.

“Now at day 2 of the Spanish course.  Meson is very nice and staff and service is excellent.  Consuelo has put aside raw milk for me (no boiling) that is quite good – the benefits of raw milk dairy are highly under-rated.  I’m looking forward to the highland RE tour and then the Shaman Mingo tour.”

See dates for our Autumn courses and tours:

Ecuador Coastal-Quito Real Estate Tour

Ecuador Super Thinking + Spanish Course

Ecuador Imbabura Real Estate Tour

International Investing and Business Made EZ North Carolina

Ecuador Ecuador Import Export Course

International Investing and Business Made EZ Ecuador

See discounts for attending more than one course.

Ecuador Real Estate Distortions

Vision and Distortions create opportunity with Ecuador real estate and more.

Our world turns on evolution…always has …always will.  Evolution is change.  When you embrace change, you get in the flow of nature.

We all know this but often have problems with the speed.  Change seems to be taking place faster now…or a least we are more aware of the rapid age of change.

As humans we are forced to face the future armed only with the weapons of the past.  We have one tool, though, that makes the human species vision….imagination.

We can use our logic and intuition to guess how the future might be.

One way to spark this vision is to look for distortions.

Recently this site shared how spotting distortions in London helped me start  building wealth in the 1970s.  See Beyond Multi Currency Investing if you missed this.

Any time I have failed to take advantage of distortions, I have kicked myself later!

In the 1980s I began taking real estate buying tours to the Isle of Man when there was a wonderful distortion. Isle of Man overseas companies did exactly the same thing as Jersey and Guernsey structures, but cost less than half.

This distortion led me to believe that the Isle of Man would increase in popularity as a financial center. While visiting I discovered that a long depression had forced over 2,000 properties onto the Island real estate market (population was only 60,000).

We rented a 130 acre farm with almost a mile of ocean front and a wonderful white washed, thick walled four bedroom farm house that was for sale. We loved the ocean views from the living room and kitchen, felt cozy sitting by the roaring fire and enjoyed taking the kids for long walks along the rugged coastal scene dotted with seals.

The owners were asking 55,000 pounds (about $82,5000) and we offered 50,000 pounds ($75,000). They would not budge down, and I was not motivated enough to go higher. The Isle of Man did boom and I heard recently that farm sold not long ago for a million pounds (1.5 million dollars).

This is why I have been zeroing in on Ecuador real estate. Several facts are exciting. The first is the fact that one sixth of the U.S. population now lives in a county that abuts either the Atlantic or Gulf Coast. This has been the largest, richest migration in the history of mankind and the crowds along the U.S. coast create many severe social problems. Plus prices for such land has risen dramatically.

Second, there is a huge movement of people into warmer, sunny parts of the U.S. which places enormous strain on resources, water, air quality, etc. Prices in these areas are rising as well.

Just 3 hours and 45 minutes from Miami (a little more from Houston) Ecuador is the only source of direct sunlight 365 days a year and has miles and miles of empty beaches on the Pacific coast and millions of acres of spring like weather in the Andes. Prices are a fraction of what one pays in the U.S.

Sound outrageous? It’s not. Readers and I have been looking and buying distortions for thirty years. Opportunity still exists.

Take for example, Colonial Quito real estate.  You can learn about large, totally renovated condos in Quito’s old city for as little as $83,900.

These are the condos.

With this view from the patio.

And this interior.

Learn more about these condos at Colonial Quito real estate for sale.

We’ll look at this and other similar projects in our next Coastal-Quito real estate tour.  See Coastal Real Estate Tour

This is also why have been focusing on the $79,000 condos in San Clemente on Ecuador’s coast.

This is a project of just over 60 units on 12 acres.

Here is a shot from club house dining room (the club house is totally completed).


Here is a shot of the construction of the condos just behind the club house which you can see on the beach in the foreground.

I wrote about this project in February and the developer received over 100 emails and reserved nearly half the project.  See Ecuador Beach Condos Introduction.
and this last Monday I worte about it at Ecuador Beach Property Opportunity

I mentioned the project again and the developer Kjetil Haugan just wrote to say,

“How are you? I have received approx. 100 emails the last two day from people who are interested in the development so I hope any other readers you have will get back to me as soon as possible with what they like so I can reserve units for them.”

Kjetil’s email is kjetil@haugancruises.com

To see the units still available go to to Vistazul for more information.

The wonderful thing about vision and distortions is that there is always change. This means there is always a future.  And this means there is always opportunity for those with vision.

Until next message, may your visions always be clear.

You can still  make to our June 16 -17 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
and June 19-21 Ecuador Shaman Tour

See dates for our Autumn Ecuador courses and tours:

Super Thinking + Spanish Course

International Investing and Business Made EZ North Carolina

Ecuador Import Export Course

International Investing and Business Made EZ Ecuador

Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Coastal-Quito Tour

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