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Brand New Cuenca Penthouse For Sale

Here is a Brand New Cuenca penthouse for sale.


Located right on the Tomebamba River in a great neighborhood only minutes from shopping and downtown, this unit features 2 Master Suites and a guest bedroom  with its own bath plus a powder room. It is easily one of the nicest properties in Cuenca with lots of upgrades.


You enter the main living area through a glass enclosed greenhouse. The floor plan is open and spacious. Access to the over 1000 sq ft of outdoor patios is available from multiple points throughout.


The kitchen is finished with a unique Spanish marble seen above and is looking directly at a wrap around terrace…


… with fantastic views of the Andes


The lower floor is accessed by a graceful winding staircase made of local hardwood.


There is also a roof top terrace shared by the residents.


As well as another terrace right above the penthouse which, due to its access, is almost a private area for the lucky owners of this unit with gorgeous views of the Cajas National Park.


There is 2300 sq feet of living area and 1000 sq ft of terraces with an asking price of $250,000.

For details contact Stephen Milden at stephen@stephenmilden.com

We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.


Quito Penthouse Opportunity

See how Latin America’s growing importance makes this Colonial Quito Penthouse Opportunity special now.


This penthouse is at San Juan (Centro Historico), Galapagos and Garcia Moreno, just above the Basilica.

The key to prospering in times of change is to get ahead of the new path of progress and Latin America is growing in world importance.

This excerpt from the September 24, 2011 Economist article entitledCanning’s ghost – The government is newly enamoured of Latin Americashows why:  AS IT slips down the league table of world power, it has become customary in recent years for Britain to close diplomatic outposts. So it bucks the trend that next spring the British embassy in El Salvador will reopen after an interval of nine years. Around the same time, a new consulate will open in Recife, serving Brazil’s fast developing north-east. And up to ten extra diplomats will be assigned to embassies in the capitals of some of the bigger Latin American countries. “Britain’s retreat from the region is over,” William Hague, the foreign secretary, declared in a lecture last year that signalled the new policy.

This is part of a broader effort by the coalition government to pay more attention to fast-growing emerging economies.

In the case of Latin America, Britain has been there before. George Canning, foreign secretary in the 1820s, exaggerated when he boasted “I have called the New World into existence, to redress the balance of the Old”. But Britain did play an important role in Latin America’s independence struggles, only to ignore the region for much of the 20th century—so much so that Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982 came as a surprise.

After a decade of fast growth, Latin America now accounts for almost 9% of the world economy. But it is the destination for only 1.5% of British exports (down from two-fifths in 1808). And Britain supplies only 1% of the region’s imports.

The past year has seen a flurry of ministerial visits to Latin America.

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This is why Quito real estate makes extra sense.  Quito is the capital city of the country that is in the center of the Americas.

Imagine owning a penthouse like this in Washington DC or Paris or London.  The cost would be astronomical… yet here in this zone of expansion and growth prices are still at pennies on the dollar level.

Prices remain low compared to other capitals as this Quito penthouse shows.

The building has 4 floors and was built in 1986. This Quito apartment penthouse has…


views all around…


day and night.


The size is 140 square meters (1507 square feet).

The interior decor is Swiss.


On the first level you have: a big living room, a chimney, a kitchen and a place to put your washing and dryer machines. Also 1 master bedroom with a bathroom, dresser and two closets, plus a balcony and interior plants.

On the second level there is space for a small library or study.


This Colonial Quito penthouse also has:

* Phone line
* Cable TV
* Storage room

The building has full security and two parking spaces for the penthouse. The neighborhood is quiet, not much traffic and is secure.


The property has been renovated to reflect…




history and…


colonial charm.

The monthly maintenance fee is just $18.

The asking price for sale is USD $170.000.
The asking price for renting is USD $800.


We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.

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