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Body and Mind

We have all heard about the mind/body connection, but there is an important reverse consequence we really need to know. 

Negative thinking can create stress and ruin our health.   Poor health in turn induces negative thinking and we can head down, down down into a black hole of hesitation and uncertainty.

The reverse is also true.  The body can affect the mind, a lot.  An imbalanced body can be the cause of the negativism that starts a cycle of doubt.

For sure, there is plenty that can put us on an emotional roller coaster right now. As stock markets crash and the mass media runs through its cycle of negativity, it is easy to be withdrawn and distressed.  To withstand such a dark onslaught, we need the mental and emotion strength to stick with a logical good value investing strategy and stand still or even advance, while the thundering herd stampedes past us.

We also need our body to be strong, well balanced and fit.

When I feel doubt and fear, the first question I ask, is “What have I done to my body?”  Second, I call one of my important health care advisers and friend, Dr. Bill Koch.  Bill is a chiropractor who for years ran his practice from his yacht.  Fortunately (for us!), after visiting us some years ago he and his wife Kiana moved from the Bahamas here to Mount Dora.

He recently fixed a problem I had.  You may have this imbalance too.  Much of the population has. This common, easily correct imbalanced can create negative health implications, but can have a bad effect on our wealth as well!   Bill helped me so much, I asked him if he would write about this so I could share it with you.

A link to Bill’s (and my) story is below.

bill koch

Here is Bill’s story:  Dr. William Koch: “The Pelvis and Emotions:  Is There a Connection?

You can see Bill’s website at kochwellnessconsultants.com

or contact Bill direct at outislanddc@hotmail.com

Beyond Chelation Report

This message outlines how and why, in the 1960’s, due to strict OSHA regulations, the government curtailed a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid that can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan.

One year when we had a Super Thinking Course at our farm, one of the course delegates was a doctor in his eighties.   He had the energy and looks of a much, much younger man.  When asked about his secret of youth he said his vitality was based on several factors.  A few of the habits  you would expect, such as good diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of activity in a strong, purposeful life.

Then he explained another secret of his youth and energy: chelation.

The youthful doctor told us he had been running the largest I.V. chelation center in the United States from Hawaii.  Hardening of the arteries is such a huge problem in our modern world that he was making a fortune.

Then, he said, he had learned about Beyond Chelation a vitamin-mineral formula created by Dr. Gary Gordon.  The doctor said he found this so effective that he shut down his clinics and exclusively used this simple formula which he (after seeing the results of the formula) felt had better results than I.V. chelation therapy.

Over 30 years of Dr. Gordon’s experience as a clinician, researcher and educator in chelation therapy were behind this comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional supplement, designed to maintain and promote vascular health, mental and physical well being.

Our client and doctor friend gave us a month’s supply of this formula.  He thought it would be excellent for us and would help us with traveling also.  Merri and I tried this product ourselves and felt great, plus we loved the savings we enjoyed.   It was so much less expensive than all the numerous other vitamins and minerals that we had been taking.  We actually were spending less!  In addition this system was so convenient.  Everything was in one simple daily packet.  Especially when we traveled we just bring along a packet for each day we are on the road.  No more loading up pill boxes or bringing bottles (or suitcases full of bottles) of vitamins and stuff.

As is so often the case when we like something we start talking about it and pretty soon, a batch of friends were taking Beyond Chelation and telling us great things about their experiences. They reordered so much of it through that I decided to make it available to all my readers.

But Beyond Chelation had not been evaluated by the FDA.  Though the product was not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease and was only to be taken as a food supplement, the government soon shut it down.

Fortunately the main ingredient EDTA is still available.   This is an alternative for those who should be taking chelation or if if they’ve already had chelation or can’t afford it, or simply want to take advantage of new breakthroughs that permit a safe and effective way to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In addition to promoting heart health, this supplement has multiple anti-aging effects.  Dr. Dean Ornish of Sausalito, California, long ago demonstrated in a five-year study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that heart disease could be reversed.   Vascular disease can be arrested and cured.   However, for those unable to stick to an extremely low-fat diet (below 9% in total fat content) and the meditation and exercise mandated in Dr. Ornish’s program, formulas with EDTA may provide similar effects.   Significant improvements of blood flow to the legs, head and heart of patients experiencing problems of clot, spasm and arrhythmia with the use of oral chelation formula have been so powerful that fewer than 5% of subjects in studies on the use of chelation have had to have heart surgery.

There are many benefits from chelation:

  1. Helps to prevent Arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries)
  2. Helps to rejuvenate your cardiovascular system
  3. Helps to improve conduction in all degrees of A-V heart block
  4. Helps to abolish extra heart beats, skipped beats and rapid heart beats
  5. Helps to decrease ventricular arrhythmia due to digitalis toxicity
  6. Helps as a pre-operative preparation
  7. Helps remove lead and heavy metals from the system
  8. Helps increase American life expectancy
  9. Reduces toxic lead and metal deposits and abnormal calcium deposits
  10. Reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  11. Improves circulation
  12. Improves vision and hearing
  13. Improves liver function
  14. Improves skin texture and tone
  15. Helps prevent abnormal cross linking of molecules that age tissue
  16. Helps to relieve symptoms of senility by increasing circulation to the brain
  17. Helps to relieve pain, hypoglycemia, phlebitis and scleroderma
  18. Dissolves fats in plaque lined arteries
  19. Helps make blood slippery and prevents abnormal blood clotting
  20. Helps to increase tissue oxygenation

How does Chelation Therapy work?

It is a largely hidden fact that the main blood vessel leaving the heart of a healthy 80 year old man has 140 TIMES more pathologic calcium in it that the main blood vessel of a healthy boy of ten. By means of chelation therapy, this unwanted calcium (causing a build up of vulnerable plaque, hardening of the arteries, and potential heart problems) is removed from blood vessels and put into water-soluble complexes (chelates), which are readily excreted through the kidneys. Clinical observations reveal, however, that the amount of calcium in bones is not affected by the removal of calcium in the arteries nor is it diminished by the use of EDTA chelation therapy.

What is EDTA and is it safe?

Chelation therapy (using the synthetic amino acid known as EDTA) has been a standard treatment for lead and heavy metal poisoning since World War II. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, patients taking EDTA chelation therapy for lead poisoning reported improved memory, vision, hearing and smell, and diminished leg and heart pain.  Since then nearly 1,000,000 patients with cardiovascular disease have been treated successfully. Further, EDTA has been used as a food additive for over 30 years, the average American consuming between 15-30 mgs in their diets daily.

Why was EDTA put on the back burners?

In the 1960’s, prior to the current strict OSHA regulations, workers poisoned by high levels of lead at their jobs were given EDTA tablets by their company doctors to excrete the lead. The government, wanting to get to the source of the problem, ordered this remedy to be curtailed and the working environment improved.  Because of this situation and with this order, oral EDTA chelation went into seclusion.

Why is Oral Chelation surfacing now?

Through almost 30 years of comparative case studies, researchers have discovered that oral and IV EDTA chelation therapy (especially when augmented by scientifically formulated nutritive support) improved the functioning of most organs of the body.  Recently, biological age determination testing has gained widespread scientific acceptance, which allows us to prove that Chelation therapy improves the functioning of most organs, effectively turning back their biological clocks.  It also may be a solution to the newly discovered cause of 85% of the major heart attacks now targeting half of the American males in the United States who are over 40 years of age: vulnerable plaque.

Preventive Medicine and Longevity Medicine: the Medicine of the Future!

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventative Medicine are the Future!  With our knowledge of alternative medicine doubling every three years and our technology advancing exponentially, we are entering an age where we are able to probably turn our biological clock backwards!  Instruments are now in use that can measure the functioning of each of our physical organs and new high potency nutritional supplements, hormonal balancing, and advanced oral chelation products have become available which can enhance the functioning of our organs and help prevent heart attacks and fight many of the auto-immune and degenerative diseases that are plaguing modern society.

Beyond the Heart to the brain as well

Gain the path to natural health which reduces stress and creates body, mind and emotions that are crystal and clear.

Stress is a major contributor to disease.  Any kind of stress:  weather, physical, bad food, money problems or simply a boss, spouse, friend or government being unfair can clog the purity of our natural health.

Major Gap in Knowledge of the Brain Revealed 

Tiny meningeal lymph vessels that drain dangerous toxins from the brain were just discovered last year through research by a PhD professor in the University of Virginia Department of Neuroscience.  These lymph drains follow a major blood vessel into the sinuses, an area difficult to image and are so close to the blood vessel that were amazingly, but simply missed.  According to Nature, this is a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching.  Research is showing that congestion of this purification system is linked to reduced clarity of mind, depression as well as inflammation, autoimmune imbalances.  Because almost every neurological disease has an immune component to it, these vessels may play a major role in improving functions of the mind.

Tweaking the lymph system could become a regular medical procedure.  Improving the brain’s lymphatic system, for example, may help clear protein clumps in Alzheimer’s or rogue immune cells in multiple sclerosis.

While the medical establishments are busy looking for cures to diseases (that will bring them profit), there are ways we can improve our metal clarity, enhance our moods and reduce the risk of diseases in the brain as well as the heart.

The purification report in our three Natural Health reports shows how to clear our lymph system.

Purification Removes Stress

Stress is a major impediment to health, wealth and the pursuit of life’s purpose.  Another problem is that when a source of stress is removed, the results of the previous stress do not all go away.  The body stores stress which creates negative health cycles.   The more old stress is stored, the harder it becomes to deal with current stress.

To improve our natural state of health, we need to remove stress from our day-to-day lifestyle and remove the stored stress in our body in the form of toxicity.  We need to remove it from the inside out, at the most subtle molecular levels in the body.  We also should purify the body from the outside in from the skin into our core.

We need to remove stresses of the past (stored toxins) so we can work on stress in the future.  This is why the second of our three natural health reports is about purification.  I studied for decades with healers around the world because chelation can help kick-start better health.

Here is an excerpt from our health report on purification.

The ultimate form of purification is to be clean and pure.  Yet this is not easy to do.  There are toxic chemicals that can infect us every day.  These poisons can be in our food, medicine, clothes, car, pots and pans, water, air and teeth.  Some of the poisons are even hiding in plain sight, in places that promote purity!  Take BPA as an example.

There are concerns about the effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, prostate gland, fetuses, infants and children.  The Food and Drug Administration is taking steps to reduce human exposure to BPA in the food supply.

Imagine this.  To maintain natural good health we shop at Whole Foods, pick only organic, get only water that is in BPA-free water bottles and carefully stay away from BPA-filled canned food.  We check out and cringe at the higher prices as we examine the receipt, not knowing we were just then contaminated with BPA…twice!

An article is entitled “Toxin BPA Found on Receipts from Safeway, Whole Foods, Walmart”  explained that BPA easily transfers from cash register receipts to skin, where it penetrates at such a deep level that it can’t be washed off.   There was a study to find out how much BPA is on the store receipts that many of us touch every day.  Most thermal paper is coated with BPA and is widely used for point-of-sale receipts, prescription labels, airline tickets and lottery tickets.   A test of 36 receipts from popular retailers yielded some disturbing results:  BPA was found in significant levels in receipts from chains including Safeway, KFC, Whole Foods, Walmart, and McDonald’s. 

We need ways to purify the toxins we pick up from daily life.

There are three reports on how to have better health naturally including the report on purification.  All three are available online.

The purification report looks beyond EDTA at ways to void many of  the toxins that surround us and 17 powerful ways to remove stored toxicities.  A few of the subjects included are:

  • How to Spot Poisons
  • The Daily Household Items to Avoid
  • Healthy Alternatives to the Daily Household Items
  • Toxic Foods to Reduce or Avoid
  • How to Stop Adding Toxicity
  • How to Remove Toxicity with Silver
  • The French Solution to Air Pollution
  • Andean Water Purification that Purifies from the Outside In
  • Andean Spice Purification
  • Food Purifiers that Detoxify From the Inside Out
  • Purifying Baths
  • Purifying Oils
  • Purifying Teas
  • Purifying  Exercises
  • Deep Purifying Systems

The report looks at all the tricks of cleansing the body that Merri and I have learned in our nearly 50 years of global travel.

The three reports are about:

#1: Nutrition

#2: Purification

#3: Exercise

Each report is available for $19.95.  However, I would like to make this special offer that saves $19.95

Order all three Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for only $39.90.

I have written three reports on how to improve our natural health.   These reports have been decades and millions of miles of travel in the making.   We’ve invested thousands of hours into learning the skills of health self-reliance and resilience, identifying the best foods and combinations and sifting through loads of seeming contradictions to get to the facts about “Do it Yourself” longevity and natural health.

Imagine… never worrying about what we eat ever again and reducing the risks of hospitalization and health care’s outrageous costs!

“Sunski” is the Andean word for eating.  “Sunski” is one of the three reports.  It shows a way to eat that strengthens and purifies as it stops adding toxicity from eating.  Sunski is a delicious, healthy “self defined” cleansing process.  One lesson in Sunski shows how to correct a simple mistake that most of the Western population makes which increases the chances of adding and retaining weight by 84%.

“Sunski” combines lessons about healthy eating that we learned from years of working with Ayurvedic health masters and then living for years with the Ecuador Taita Yatchak and his apprentices.

A few of the life balancing nutritional tips include how to:

#1: Eat a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

#2: Eat combinations of food for ideal digestion.

#3: Eat clean organic food prepared and served by happy, joyful people.

#4: Eat in good spirits at the right times of day.

#5: Chew in the correct way.

#6: Eat purifying and satisfying meals.

#7:  Adapt eating habits that are suited to individual specific makeup and lifestyle and why such individualized nutrition is better than any specific set plan.

The third report, “Smooth Moves for Longevity” is about inner exercises that make you healthier.  

“Smooth Moves” shows physical ways to gain better health that are too easy to call exercise.  Many of the moves you will learn strengthen the smooth (rather than voluntary) muscles.   Many of the routines go beyond EZ.   “Smooth Moves” are easier (but perhaps healthier) than exercise.

Smooth Moves combine lessons that Merri and I have learned about smooth and easy exercise while living and working with natural healers from around the world over the past 40 years.

Each of the reports is available for $19.95 a piece.  The three reports are “Sunski”on nutrition and “Improving Natural Health through Purification” on purification and “Smooth Moves for Longevity”.  However, I would like to make this special offer.

Order all three Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for $39.90.

These reports can help improve your natural health and the extra energy you gain can change your life.

The mother of one reader in Tampa, Florida who attended one of our health courses wrote: “Hi Merri and Gary: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  Our daughter called me from the airport.  She was very happy, excited and told me all about the wonderful time.  She could not stop talking about you guys, about the seminar and about the whole positive experience.

“We want to thank you both so much for your support and care and for the wonderful attention you gave.  I don’t think she could have made it without your help.  Her health is so unpredictable…. She can be fine for a few weeks and then she has a relapse….and, of course, traveling is very stressful for her.  But she has a wonderful attitude and is so looking forward to get her business off the ground…this is the first time in over 6 years that she has been able to ‘get back to work’ and she is full of optimism. T hanks again for being so understanding and helpful. I just don’t know how to express our thanks other than to send you both a big warm hug!”  CT Tampa

The three health reports can help make your life better.  We guarantee it.


Here is our guarantee.  Read the reports.  If you are not totally happy, simply let me know.  I’ll refund your payment in full.  You can keep the reports you have received as our thanks for trying.  You have nothing to lose except the fear of having no way to avoid a health care system that may be worse than the illness.

You can receive “Improving Natural Health through Purification” – “Sunski-The Healthiest Eating” and “Smooth Moves”, plus a special report on a health tip that almost no one knows, “The Secret of the Hogberry” all guaranteed. 

Order all three Shamanic Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for $39.90.