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Ecuador Shots & Global Comments

Here are some shots of Ecuador and comments from readers about our recent Ecuador Joys & Global Thoughts article.


Here is a photo taken of a proud Ecuadorian cheese maker.  Our next Imbabura real estate tour will view this organic farm and Swiss cheese factory for sale.

The first reader wrote:

Gary, A fine letter from a daughter that has learned some important things about life at an early age.  Of my three summers in Mexico(1965-70) working on a Peace Corp style project in 18th century mountain life, from those rural  Mexicans I learned what it meant to be an American. Before Mexico I had no context  about the values and way of life that I was living.  I presumed the world thought and lived more or less like we lived.  Jim

This is a great point. To me one of the greatest pleasures from my global lifestyle is a broadened horizon.  The US is such a vast country and huge market, that in the years I lived here, the focus has always been inward.   This seems to restrict many from seeing alternatives and other great ways to live.  Don’t get me wrong. I love the US and enjoy living here.  This is one great way of living… but not THE way of living and certainly not the ONLY way to live.


This is a shot of Andean musicians who regularly serenade our diners at Meson de las Flores.

Another reader wrote:

Hi Gary,

I really enjoyed Francesca’s message about her experiences in various cultures and countries.  In 1985 I went to Saudi Arabia where I was the only American working at a UN designated Arab Training Center, upon graduating from USC.

It was just the thing I needed to give me the itch for all things international ever since. From there, I saw a good bit of Europe, then I worked for a Japanese electronics trading and assembly company, where I traveled most of Asia. Since then, I have been a self supporting ex-pat. I married my wonderful Filipina wife in the Philippines where I have resided these past 10 years.

She is like me, I like to try almost any type of food offered (well I passed on raw Camel’s milk because I heard it was an almost definite prescription for diarrhea). The wealth of experiences and international friends my wife and I share has provided a perspective I could never have obtained if I had never ventured from Southern California or The States.

So both Francesca’s and your daily messages resonate with me. I found Francesca’s message to be spot-on. I only wish more American’s could experience living outside the box (US)  Cheers!  Jim.

Jim lives in the Philippines… another great place to live especially for those in the Western US.

ecuador-shots Ecuador bamboo ready for construction scaffolding.

I thought this reply from a friend of 50 years (we grew up together in Rockwood, Oregon) who now teaches in China.

Gary,  I challenged my students to examine political incorrectness through humor.  Each of many classes were to ‘turn the tables’ in their humor.  And did they ever.  Here are but a few examples (often I corrected the grammar, but I never changed the meaning or focus).  The form of the jokes are an ‘imagined’ press conference to question China’s actions:

Q:  Do Chinese eat dogs?

A:  Yes. We eat a lot of dogs; and cats,too.  Especially on your “Thanksgiving Day”.  Turkeys are our favorite pets. We regard turkeys as human’s best friends.  In China only the most uneducated eat turkeys.

Q:  Why don’t you clean up the pollution in your air and water?

A:  Why don’t you clean up ‘Love Canal’ and 1000 other sites without closing the offending factories and moving them to China.

Q:  Why do you keep lending money to the USA even in light of the financial crisis?

A:  Why does a dog chase his tail?

Q:  China is becoming strong. Does your government want to take over the world?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  As soon as we become powerful enough, we hope to invade Iraq and Afghanistan; Viet Nam, Panama, Granada, Pakistan and Somalia are also on our wish list.

Q:  Why doesn’t your government give Tibet back to its monks?

A:  We keep Tibet only as a favor to the USA.  The monks want peace through repatriation, that is, equivalently, they want to help the Seminoles take back Florida, the Souix and Cherokee and Iriquois and Nez Perce to take back their homelands.

Q: Are the products made in China very cheap?

A: Yes, but if we were we using black slaves, the price would be even cheaper.

Q: You have 1.4 billion people. Now what do you want to do with it?

A: Find a new planet. Kill the native people there, and move in.


Ecuador lilies. Learn about Ecuador Mother’s Day lilies here.


Ecuador has excellent potters and entire pottery villages. Ecuador pottery comes in all shapes and forms. We look at its report potential in our July Ecuador export tour.



Delegates enjoying a coffee break at Meson de las Flores on one of our tours.

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Delegates viewing San Miguel.

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Organic wine and Swiss cheese made in Cotacachi and enjoyed by delgates.

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Roses shown in a presentation on how to export Ecuador roses.

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Ecuador Organic Garden

Yesterday’s message introduced an Ecuador organic garden in Cotacachi,

Here is our Ecuador import tour entering this organic garden.  We were only the second visitors to the project.


The group met the Peace Corp. volunteer at the juice bar being installed. The juices, of course, will come from the organic fruit and vegetables in this Ecuador organic garden.


Here is a report sent by  Kenji Tabery the Peace Corps volunteer who is working on this Ecuador organic garden project.  Here is Kenji speaking to our group.


Summary of the Ethno-botanic Garden of Cotacachi Ecuador:

The Ethno-botanic Garden of Cotacachi aims to conserve and display the native biodiversity of the region. The varieties found in this garden are also stored in the seed bank of the national agriculture research organization (INIAP). It is also important for these varieties to be available to the communities who domesticated them and continue to select new varieties. Colonial rule and the global economy have often suppressed, but never extinguished, the seed systems used by the indigenous people. This garden highlights this diversity by educating tourists and locals the diversity of useful plants, which reflects the rich history and present day culture of Cotacachi.

The revalorization of traditional crops and culture is the community-identified priority that this project addresses. The Ethno-botanic Garden of Cotacachi does this by providing a space where community members, especially children, can come to see the rich diversity of native crops and learn how they are used in foods, fibers, instruments, games and healing and also about traditional, agro-ecological practices.

The benefits and gains expected from the community are the following: the garden acts as an educational tool about the importance of biodiversity conservation to community children and local and national students; the garden will provide a sustainable-income for participants/community members whether its monetary or sustenance through the cultivation of crops; it will become a national tourist attraction; and the garden’s development and success will be an example of sustainable eco-tourism project that could be adapted to other regions throughout Ecuador.

Kenji Tabery
Peace Corps Volunteer
Natural Resource Conservation Program
Cotacachi, Imbabura

The garden also has a center where products that are 100% organic and fair trade are made by the local indigenous woman’s group.  These include healing creams, herbs, spices, lotions and such.  Here is the center at the Ecuador organic garden.


We are excited about this project because I have asked our hotel, Meson de las Flores to buy as much of their organic produce as it can… such as this organic quinoa that is growing there.


There are some terrific recipes that can be produced from these organic crops and they have produced a cook book, “Ally Kawsaymanta”  (Good life) … in Spanish only for now.


Expect to see some of these recipes show up at our restaurant Quinoa Cafe.

Our foundation, Land of the Sun has also agreed to help support this Ecuador organic garden. Our first under taking is to finance the production of a brochure for them.  We use part of our rose donations for this project.

The group also loved the music center at the Ecuador Organic Garden.


Walking in one notices…


The reeds behind the garden which are used to make the pan pipes and flutes. Here is the group learning about the value of music and organic gardens.


Our hound dog Ma enjoyed the orgaincs too.


We hope to share this organic Ecuador garden with you!

You can learn more about this Ecuador Organic garden as an Ecuador Living subscriber.


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