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So Many Ways to Profit With Farms

There are so many ways to profit with farms… especially those with multi dimensional opportunity.


Farm houses can be multi dimensional.  Is this an Ecuadorian farm house or a B&B… or both?  See the Ecuador farm below.

Our North Carolina farm for example has great sustainable timber potential but has been set up to offer multi dimensional opportunity.

Farm Building

Our office is  great place to write… a quiet sitting on our murmuring creek.

Yet we made it so it can also be…

Farm Building

a seminar center.

Farm Building

By adding a kitchen and…

Farm Building

bedroom, it can also be…

Farm Building

a rental unit.

One does not have to be a farmer to be invested in agriculture!

One way to invest in agriculture is to invest in agricultural land that is multi dimensional… earn in ways beyond farming as the value of the farmland grows because farmland can be better than gold.


A long term reader and friend, CharlesVollum, edits Pricedingold.com. This site shows the value of farmland in terms of grams of gold.   Charles recently sent this note.

Hi Gary,

I really think you are right about Agricultural land… we are currently trying to add more to our portfolios, too (at the moment our focus is on Chile.)

On my web site I have some charts of investment real estate options, including timberland, commercial real estate, and farmland.  It is clear to me that farm land has held its value the best, dropped the least during the last crunch (2008-2009) and is staging the strongest recovery now.

What will happen going forward is anyone’s guess, but I really like the idea of producing something that there is a real need for in the world, something that my family and I need too!  The downsides are limited and upside potential is great.  And there is something very satisfying about working with nature and enjoying the tranquility of a farm as well.

I hope to see you and Merri again soon – maybe for a Super-learning Spanish class!


Editor, http://pricedingold.com

Another approach is to invest in or have a business in a peripheral part of agriculture… like the bio degradable fertilizer booster, Bio Wash, and its sister cleaner, Purely Green.

Ted Tidwell who manufactures these products recently sent me these notes…


Some time ago we talked about Purely Green being used for solid waste treatment.  It reduced the solids by up to 50%.  It reduced solids by 70%.

However, the waste treatment people rejected this because Bio Wash it killed too many microbes that are needed
to consume the remaining waste matter.

It has possible applications around barn yards, kennels and hog farms.

On Sunday March 25, a freeze hit upstate New York.  Temperatures dipped as low as 17 F., but some areas reached lows of only 25-28 F.

On March 24, a grower BioWashed 35 acres of peaches; 20 acres of apples plus various raspberries, strawberries, black berries and cherries. Some plants were
kept as controls.

As of Wednesday, March 28, our distributor there reported that none of the BioWashed crops showed any freeze damage.

Inasmuch as diluted BioWash freezes at 26F., it will be surprising if fruit was protected below 26F.

In the area the area where his cherries are located, temperatures reached down to 17F.  As expected, the cherries froze.

They may POSSIBLY be recoverable with follow-up BioWashing. (A 2nd BioWashing recovered the leaves of a Florida tangerine tree that had frozen at 19F.)

In the area of peaches, apples and berries, temperatures remained around 26 to 27 degrees. The grower found no visible damage.

If the success continues, the grower will announce the success to other farmers and predicts that our distributor’s sales will zoom.

They will invite the local TV channel to visit and broadcast the news.

Our distributor will enjoy substantial profits while offering significant benefits to their customers. He is ordering four additional drums to meet the expected demand.

More details about freeze protection for crops, flowers and landscaping is reflected on www.FertilizerBoosters.com

Learn how to earn with Bio Wash and Purely Green through writing and seminars as well as sales in Earn Globally Online Courses.

 Ecuador Farms

The recent March 2012 Ecuador Farm Expedition Report looked at farms on the coast.  Some of these Ecuador farms had such value that one was purchased on the spot.

Here are some shots of several more of the farms viewed on this tour.


Shrimp farm.


Tabasco farm (hacienda shown above).


Views from…


Navarette farm.

See the March 2012 Ecuador Farm Expedition Report here


Join us for our Writers Camp at our North Carolina farm and learn how to earn writing about agriculture.


Build a Career in Two Growing Trends

One way to have an alternative career is by tapping into two growing trends as an FM teacher. See why below and see how to learn a special ways to teach increased intelligence and Spanish.

One way to use FM is to teach Spanish.

Fwd: spanish-teachers

Our 2011 Super Thinking FM teachers learning and developing alternate sources of income.

Two points almost everyone agrees on about the future are… first we need to be smarter to keep up with the faster pace of change… and second the world’s economy has and will continue to globalize.

This is one reason why we combined the Super Thinking tactics we teach with learning Spanish.

First, we need to be smarter.  Super Thinking tactics we use help us that and create a new income opportunity.

A Wall Street Journal article entitled “Ways to Inflate Your IQ” says:  Many people think of IQ as a genetic trait, like brown eyes or short legs: You’re born with it and you’re stuck with it. Now, a growing body of research is showing that a person’s IQ can rise—and even fall—over the years.

Scores can change gradually or quickly, after as little as a few weeks of cognitive training, research shows. The increases are usually so incremental that they’re not immediately perceptible to individuals, and the intelligence-boosting effects of cognitive training can fade after a few months.

In the latest study, 33 British students were given IQ tests and brain scans at ages 12 to 16 and again about four years later by researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London; 9% of the students showed a significant change of 15 points or more in IQ scores.

On a scale where 90 to 110 is considered average, one student’s IQ rose 21 points to 128 from 107, lifting the student from the 68th percentile to the 97th compared with others the same age, says Cathy Price, professor of cognitive neuroscience at the center and co-author of the study, published last month in Nature.

Swings in individual IQ scores are often written off as the product of measurement error or a test subject having a bad day. But MRIs in this study showed changes in gray matter in areas corresponding to fluctuations in the kids’ skills, Dr. Price says. Although the sample size is small, the study drew wide attention because it is among the first to show how changes in IQ scores may be reflected in actual shifts in brain structure.

There are practical steps people can take to see longer-term IQ changes. A 30-year study at the National Institute of Mental Health found that people whose work involves complex relationships, setting up elaborate systems or dealing with people or difficult problems, tend to perform better over time on cognitive tests. Test scores of people whose jobs are simple and require little thought actually tend to decline, according to the research, published in 1999 in Psychology and Aging.

New tasks stimulate the brain most. When researchers at the University of Hamburg subjected 20 young adults to one month of intense training in juggling, they found an increase in the corresponding gray matter in the brain as early as seven days after the training began. The added gray matter receded when the training was stopped, although the participants were still able to juggle, says the study, published in 2008 in PLoS One.

IQ tests don’t measure such abilities as creativity, common sense or social sensitivity. They do assess many kinds of knowledge and abilities, including abstract reasoning skills. Rising scores in abstract reasoning are the main reason average IQ scores have been increasing by about three points every decade since the 1930s, based on studies by James Flynn, a professor emeritus of political studies at the University of Otago in New Zealand. That may be partly because children spend nearly twice as many years in school, on average, than children decades ago, says Wendy M. Williams, a professor in the department of human development at Cornell University.

Fluctuations in IQ scores over time underscore the brain-boosting benefits of a complex job, musical training, advanced schooling and new experiences throughout a lifetime.

Music lessons are linked to higher IQ throughout life, according to research by E. Glenn Schellenberg, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Six years’ lessons lifted children’s IQ scores an average 7.5 points; those gains eroded to two points by college age, says a study published in 2006 in the Journal of Educational Psychology.

FM stands for Frequency Modulation to improve the brain in three ways… one being through the use of music.  So FM Super Thinking tactics, first of all, helps people become smarter.

Second, our FM program teaches Spanish in four days… to prove the power of the technique.

Spanish courses offer a strong income potential because globalization, particularly in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico (due to NAFTA and massive immigration) make it more important to be able to communicate with people from other countries.  Increasingly, the second language U.S. citizens are choosing to learn is Spanish.  Americans and Canadians are studying Spanish in record numbers.  According to Businessweek, for example, more students studying for an MBA in today’s world are choosing to become trilingual by learning English, French, and Spanish.

Moreover, two of the top ten MBA schools outside the U.S. are located in Spain.

There are many other reasons to learn Spanish… about 500 million reasons… the global population who speak Spanish.   About half of the people in  the Western hemisphere speak Spanish, as many people as those who speak English.    Within the USA Spanish is the second language after English—by a wide margin.  According to Wikipedia Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in the world after English, Chinese, and Hindustani.

In the U.S., it is easier to get a job if you speak both Spanish and English.

Having an alternative language can help you have an alternative income.

FM teaching turns your income up and education upside down!  See below how our Spanish teachers earn income but are forbidden to speak Spanish when they teach.  They must teach Spanish in English, but they can teach English to Spanish students as well… in English!

The FM Story

In telecommunications and signal processing, FM stands for frequency modulation that conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its instantaneous frequency.

The educational program Merri and I have developed uses a different form of frequency modulation we like to call “Full Mode” that opens enormous opportunity for expansion, understanding, peacefulness as well as greater wealth.  We are sharing this in depth program with a select few through our new teacher program.

FM teaching uses frequency (in music and a number of other ways) to integrate brain waves so the process of absorbing, processing and recalling information is vastly accelerated.  This brings forth the three C’s:  Calm, Clarity and Coherence.

How the Quantum Learning History Brings Opportunity to You Now:

Our FM programs are not gimmicks or tricks… just advanced education.

Merri and I are explorers. Our business began 44 years ago (May 1968) and we continue to always look for what’s next… trying to stay on or ahead of the leading edge.

This process helped us create the totally unique system we use that incorporates numerous tactics.

The first tactic is to use Baroque music in the learning process. At least three best selling books, “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000″ have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

This one tactic alone is so powerful that Small Business Innovation Research… an official site of the US government granted over $100,000 for the specific purpose they said was: to provide a method to remove barriers which hinder or prevent the employment of blind persons. An innovative method call the Lozanov learning system is proposed to help train blind persons to become computer programers and operators of automated equipment.

Merri was among just a few who learned directly and is licensed in these techniques.

Merri has enhanced this system with numerous other tactics. One is to make slight alterations in nutrition. Altered nutrition can make anyone a person 25% smarter.  These two tactics are given in seven, easy to use learning techniques that help gain any skill, from computers to athletics to conversational languages…  in much less time than traditional learning techniques… often two-to-five times faster, in exciting and innovative ways…but most of all it is a system that is stress free and full of fun.

The third tactic builds on the first two and uses 17 unique lessons to provide a vocabulary of over 4,000 words that brings Spanish fluency in a short time.


Bob and…


Lorraine Shane replaced Merri and me and taught in Seattle last September.

Our Quantum Learning System helps in innumerable walks of life.  This is why the second year of our teaching program offers extra opportunity for you now.

Problems Can Create Opportunity

There is a huge and growing problem of accelerating change that requires accelerated learning.  Learning Spanish is just a tiny part of the demand this problem creates.  Expended learning capacity is far more valuable than just being able to speak Spanish.  So we are expanding the FM focus in our business… shifting into overdrive you might say with what we call FM Plus.

FM Plus Frequency Modulation/Full Mode Plus

FM Plus works by focusing on the learner first… the data second.  FM Plus “grows the learner” rather than just expands the information.  The explosion of data we must all process every day means there is too much information to process already.  Let’s view this learning in terms of plumbing to outline what “Growing the Learner”  means.

If you have 4.5 inches of information flowing through a 4 inch learning pipe, the solution is not to add another inch of information.  The answer is to first create a six inch pipe and then an even larger pipe…a never ending expansion of abilities!

FM Plus incorporates Frequency Modulation…  7th degree exploration and Core Revelation (wormholes – universal expansion and shortcuts) to expand the learner’s thinking and information processing ability.

We’ll do this through our FM Plus Process which we have been using in our Super thinking Plus Spanish course. Now we are integrating this process into our International Investing and Business courses as well.  This means we’ll provide this training six times in the US in 2012.

The demand for FM far exceeds the numbers Merri and I can handle in six seminars a year.  Because we don’t have time to do more seminars, we have been adding a teacher training program to replace ourselves.

The teacher training program is described below.  This is our second year. Last year was our initial  Beta program and though we are always learning and teaching we had never trained teachers before. You’ll see some results below.

We accepted 12 trainees in 2011 for our first FX Plus training plan. Now we are accepting 12 more for 2012.  Trainees can attend all the seminars we conduct in 2012.  They are asked to attend at least four of these seminars.  As a teacher you are also a member of our International Club and gain the following benefits.

Benefit #1:  You (and a guest of your choice) can attend all of the seminars we have already set plus any others that we’ll conduct over the year ahead worth a total value of $6,993 or more.

Benefit #2:  As a club member you receive FREE seven reports, email courses and workshops that would cost $1,265 if ordered separately.

The first online course is “Tangled Web – How to Have Your Own Web Based Business”, normally sold at $299.

The second is our online course “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher”. which has a $299 value. I am sending you this extra course free as I think it will help you have greater success. You get an extra $299 savings.

The third is our online course “International Business Made EZ” sold at $229.

You also receive fourth the 50 minute video by our webmaster David Cross on “How to Get Your Web Business Started”.

Your fifth course is the 50+ lesson course “How to Create your Own Website Using Sitesell” by Michelle Toole.

We are proud that this course was written by a student of our courses showing how well the 43 years of knowledge that Merri and I have accumulated and put into these programs can help you start your own global micro business.

Sixth, you become a beta member in our newest online course “Event – Full Business – How to have a Seminar and Tour Business” currently offered at $349.

Seventh, you receive our Multi Currency Portfolio service that is normally $79.

January 12-15, 2012  Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Florida ($999)

Feb. 10-12, 2012  International Investing & Business Made EZ,  Mt. Dora Florida ($999)

March 8-11, 2012  Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Florida ($999)

June 22-24, 2012 International Investing & Business Made EZ,  Jefferson, NC. ($999)

July 20-22 Writer’s Camp, Blue Ridge North Carolina. ($999)

October 5-7, 2012 International Investing & Business Made EZ,  Jefferson, NC. ($999)

Plus all the additional seminars, courses and workshops we’ll be announcing which brings the total seminar and course savings to $7,259.

International Club members and teachers meeting at our Florida home after a seminar in Mt. Dora.

You save by being a teacher.  $6,993 of seminars and courses for $2,900.  This saves $4,003 … plus there is $1,265 more savings in online courses you also receive free.

However the teacher training is the real value you receive in this program.  You learn at the courses and seminars and we have special trainee sessions during each course that are invaluable.

FX Plus training plan teaches how to teach and how to create your own business simultaneously.  We also teach trainees
how to earn from seminars courses and tours.  See how we have earned as much as $200,000 for a weekend’s work. (Once $135,000 in two days.)

Share our 44 years of Experience

When it comes to having a micro business in online publishing, seminars, courses and tours, there are few people with more experience than Merri and me.  Over 44 years we have organized, marketed and conducted thousands of tours for tens of thousands in dozens and dozens of countries (even behind the Iron Curtain).  This course shares how we have done this… what we did right… what we did wrong… and what you can do better.

We have worked with our first group of teachers since last November and are pleased enough with the results that we are inviting 12 more teachers to begin now to prepare for 2012.

Our goal is for these teachers to work in their own ways and methods.  Some of the current teachers have chosen to teach our Super Thinking Spanish course. To date trainees have taught three Super Thinking + Spanish courses, two in Ecuador and one in the USA with very good results.  Our current plans are for several of the 2011 trainees to conduct regular seminars over the next year.


Rob Girga (right) and Glenn Sterling (2nd left) replaced Merri and me and taught Super Thinking plus Spanish in Cotacachi, Ecuador this year in the same hotel as a Miss Ecuador pageant.  Here they met with the contestants.

Teachers of our Spanish program do not have to speak Spanish during the course by the way.  In fact even Merri and I prohibit ourselves from speaking Spanish when we teach.  This is because the course uses and FM teacher and a pronunciation coach who must be a native born Spanish speaker.

Picking up pronunciation from an English born speaker is like recording a tape from a previous recording. Quality is lost!  The FM teacher… including Merri and me work in English and work with a pronunciation coach who does all the Spanish speaking.

merri scott

Merri teaching with our pronunciation coach, Don Childs.

Others are teaching their own programs using the tactics they learned to help their own business. For example it is quite easy to reverse the process we use and teach Spanish speakers to communicate in English in just four days.


Alberto Verdezoto has been our pronunciation coach in Cotacachi, Ecuador for the last 5 years.

Since this is a Beta program it will continue to evolve. We cannot guarantee who we will work with and who won’t.   Becoming a trainee does NOT guarantee that you will become a teacher in our program.  Indications after 10 months are that eight of the 12 trainees in 2011 will be involved in teaching our Super Thinking course but this is no assurance for 2012.

The FM Plus Plan Goes Way Beyond Spanish

Our training will teach you an effective way to teach languages but covers much more many… perhaps all fields of education.

For example.  We teach at the International Business & Investing seminars we conduct a workshop on how FM Plus can be applied to starting and running a business, to forex trading and investing.  Athletes of all types… golfing being one common sport benefit.  The Soviet Union… even though a third world country… excelled in the Olympics… as well as beating the USA into outer space… because it integrated FM teaching tactics as developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov (one of Merri’s teachers) into its educational system.

Our FX Plus plan goes far beyond Lozanov and allows you to enhance whatever subject you wish to teach.

Training begins now in January 2012. 

Couples are priced as one.  Merri and I have worked for 30 years as a couple. Our business would not exist without both of us… so a couple can attend for one fee.

You can enroll with  whomever you wish… your spouse, or business partner, even an adviser.  Two can be trainees for the price of one.  (Accommodations and air fares relating to the courses are not included for trainees, delegates or their guests.)

There are two payment plans:

#1:  The fee is $2,900

#2: $259 per month for 12 months.

New Enrollment. $2,900 .

Monthly Payment Option: $259 a month for 12 months

We hope you’ll join us as a trainee in our FM Plus (Frequency Modulator) training plan and learn how to create extra income in two of the hottest trends ahead.


See government grant records on teaching blind persons with the Lozanov method

Read Wall Street Journal article  Ways to Inflate Your IQ

Positive Change Micro Business Opportunity

 Here is a contrast created by a positive change that could create a micro business opportunity.

These are tough times for investors and businesses.  All traditionally safe investments now carry great risk.  This forces everyone to run greater risks.

There are three ways to prosper in this investing atmosphere… invest in necessity… water… food… shelter, etc. is one way.  Investing in contrasts and distortions that create special value is another.

The third is to invest in ventures… new ideas that contain high risk… but the potential for great reward.

A recent story in the Daily Mail shows a positive change that could create some huge contrasts.


The article by Wil Longbottom entitledReturn to London please, via Moscow: Kremlin paves way for East to West rail link after after ‘approving’ $99bn Bering Strait Tunnel” says:

•    Trip of a lifetime would take the best part of three weeks through picturesque Alaska and Siberia.

•    Russia set to complete extension of rail network to tip of Siberia by 2030.

•    $99 billion plan would see 65-mile tunnel bored under Bering Strait and linking East and West.

The prospect of an epic train journey from New York to London might seem like a distant dream for those seeking the ultimate railway holiday.

But booking a ticket from Grand Central to St Pancras Station could be a step closer after Russia gave the green light for plans for a 65-mile tunnel under the Bering Strait.

The Kremlin this week gave its support for a $99 billion scheme that would link Asia and North America and allow for a potential once-in-a-lifetime train journey.

Better wrap up warm: If the tunnel was ever built, the train journey would probably take the best part of three weeks in sub zero temperatures.

Think about the contrasts and trends this might kick off… in Alaska and who knows where.

Who could have thought of this as an opportunity… Russia to Alaska train?  What opportunities could this create?

 Your thoughts and opinions please!

Investments in such shifts may seem risky. They are but money in the bank is a known risk… a guaranteed loss of purchasing power without potential for return.   Looking for ventures in unexpected shifts that create contrasts and new trends has risks but also offers potential for rewards.


Learn how to make International Income come EZ

Join us for a year to learn how to spot connect dots, and find positive benefits from lifestyle changes in contrasts and trends.

Belong to the International Club

The Huge 2020 Risk

Here is a huge risk that could explode in 2020.

I hope I am wrong… but the numbers are clear.

According to Treasurydirect.com, (1) as of December 26, 2020 the total US public debt was 23 trillion and 845 billion dollars.

This is not a theoretical problem for the future.  This is not something that our children and grandchildren will have to deal with.  This is a problem in the here and now for you and me.

Rising interest rates create a massive problem for every American.

treasury direct

Look at how the interest costs alone have risen to over a half trillion dollars a year.

treasury direct


The bad news is that the (US federal debt) is getting bigger….harder to miss.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected in 2010 (the debt then was a bit over 14 trillion) that, under law at that time, debt held by the public would exceed $16 trillion by 2020, reaching nearly 70 percent of GDP.

The $7 Trillion Error.

They sure goofed on that.  Here we are… only in 2020 and debt has shot past 23 trillion.

How could the CBO be so wrong? 

The CBO screwed up because they could never imagine that the Fed would push interest rates so low… and keep them there.  The interest rates are so low that the government has been able to borrow more than imagined and still afford the interest.

For example, US Federal government interest last year amounted to around $573 billion.  Yet in 2008 on debt of only $9 trillion +  the interest that year was $451 billion +.

Interest payments in 2017 were 27% higher than they were in 2008.  Yet the debt is over 250% higher.  

Very low interest rates have helped the government borrow.  Low interest has also helped the US stocks reach all time high prices.

The government will resist raising rates because it will ruin their budget, cause a collapse of the stock markets and destroy the US dollar.

Rising interest rates, will create an almost unimaginable debt crisis.  If government interest doubles it is like the $23+ trillion national debt  rising to 46 trillion!  Unless there are some huge tax increase the interest payments are not sustainable.

Learn how to have more freedom and time, less stress, better health care, extra income, greater safety and profit in your savings despite America’s deficits, debt and currency risk.

Fortunately there are secrets that will allow a few to live much better, free of debt and worry despite the decline in the dollar’s purchasing power.   My wife, Merri and I, have traveled, lived, worked and invested around the world for nearly 50 years to gain this information.

Let me share the basics of this data and how we can be of help through 2020.

The first fact behind this secret is that things are really good in the western world.  Despite many problems, we are surrounded by more abundance and greater opportunity than almost anyone has ever enjoyed, anywhere, ever.   To enjoy a fair share of this wealth, all we have to do is understand human nature and learn how to invest in the new economy, as it changes and becomes new, again and again.

Merri and I have made seven huge transitions in the 50 years.  Each has allowed us to always stay ahead of losses that the majority of Americans suffer.  We are in another transition right now and want to share why and what to do so you can stay ahead and live a richer, independent life through 2020 and beyond.

A falling US dollar is one of the greatest risks we have to our independence, safety, health, and wealth, but also brings a window of huge profit as I explain below.   Though the greenback has been strong for a number of years, its strength is in serious jeopardy.  The growing federal deficits increase the national debt and this with rising interest rates propels a growing debt service.

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average passed a record high, the U.S. national debt passed the $20 trillion mark.

The problem is that the Dow will come back down.  National debt will not fall.

The double shock of money fleeing Wall Street and US debt skyrocketing, will destroy the purchasing power of the greenback.

Go to the store even now.  Statistics say inflation is low, but buy some bread or, heaven forbid, some fresh vegetables like peppers or fruit.   Look at the cost of your prescription or hospital bills.  Do something simple like have your car serviced at an auto dealer.  Look at the dollars you spend and you’ll see what I mean.

The loss of the dollar’s purchasing power erodes our independence, our freedom and our savings and wealth as well. 

At the same time, low interest rates by big banks and higher health care costs soak up the ever diminishing income and savings we have left.  According to a Gallup poll, the most unpopular three institutions in America are big corporations & Wall Street banks, HMOs and Congress.

Yet there is little we can do because these institutions are in control.

Over the last 50 years the average income for 90 percent of the American population fell.  Our health system is restricted by a Kafka-esque maze of legislation and insurance regulations that delay, frustrate, and thwart attempts by patients and doctors from proper medical care.  Big banks and corporations restrict our freedom of choice.  The business customer relationships are no longer transactions between free equals.

Banks can trap us in indebtedness at every age from student loans to mortgages to health care costs.  They pay almost nothing on our savings.  They hide unexpected fees and payments in complex and unreadable documents.  Banks and big corporations routinely conceal vital information in small print and then cheat.  Weak regulations and lax enforcement leave consumers with few ways to fight back.  Many of these businesses ranging from cable TV to phone and internet service to health insurance have virtual monopolies that along with deceptive marketing destroys any form of free market.

These same companies control the credit-scoring agencies so if  we don’t pay unfair fees, our credit scores will plunge and we could lose the ability to borrow money, rent an apartment, even to get a job.  Many consumers are forced to accept “arbitration clauses” in lieu of  legal rights.  The alternative is to lose banking, power, and communication services.

Big business has also usurped our privacy.  Internet companies sell our personal data.  Personal information is pulled from WiFi and iPhones track and store our movements.  The government can access this information, sometimes without subpoenas.  There’s a lot that we don’t know, often withheld under the guise of “National Security.”

The glow on Western democratic capitalism has dimmed… or so it seems.  The US, leading the way, is still a superpower with economic, innovation and military might, but the institutions that should serve the people have become flawed or broken.

America’s infrastructure is in shambles.  The nation’s bridges are crumbling, many water systems are filled with toxins, yet instead of spending more to fix this, we build more prisons.  The 2.2 million people currently in  jail is a 500 percent increase over the past thirty years.  60% of the inmates belong to ethnic groups.  Not just non-white ethnic groups are suffering.  Annual death rates are falling for every group except for middle-aged white Americans.  Death rates are rising among this group driven by an epidemic of suicides and afflictions stemming from substance abuse, alcoholic liver disease and overdoses of heroin and prescription opioids.

America’s middle class is shrinking.  Nearly  half of America’s income goes to upper-income households now.  In 1970 only 29 percent went to this group.  How can we regain our freedom, our happiness and our well being in such a world?

What can we do?

Gain a better, freer life is to combine better health, higher income and greater savings for a happier, more resilient lifestyle. 

Merri and I will celebrate our 50th year of global living, working, investing and researching to find and share ideas on how to have simpler, low stress, healthier, more affluent lifestyles.  Our courses, reports and email messages look at ways to gain:

#1:  Global micro business income.

#2:  Low cost, natural health.

#3:  Safer, more profitable, investments that take little time or cost to buy and hold… so you can focus on earning more instead

Many readers use our services for just one of these three benefits.  They focus only on health or on earning more or on better, easier investing.

28 years ago Merri and I created the International Club as a way for readers to join us and be immersed in all three of these benefits.   The International Club is a year long learning program aimed at helping members earn worry free income, have better affordable good health and gain extra safety and profits with value investments.

Join us for all of 2020 NOW.

The three disciplines, earning, health and investing, work best when coordinated together.  Regretfully the attacks on our freedom are realities of life.  There is little we can do to change this big picture.  However we can change how we care for our health, how we earn and how we save so that we are among the few who live better despite the dollar’s fall.

We start with better lower cost health care.

Club membership begins by sharing ways to be free of the “Secret Hospital Charge Master”.   Just as governments hide truth behind “National Security”, big health care businesses hide medical truths behind “Charge masters”.  Most hospital charge masters are secret because big business does not want us to know how much hospital costs have risen.  Motivations beyond our good health, like corporate greed, want to keep us in the dark about health care cost.

Despite rising health care costs, a report from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention shows that hospitals are the last place we want to be for good health.  One report shows that hospital-acquired infections alone kills 57% more Americans every year than all car accidents and falls put together.

Often, what patients catch in the hospital can be worse than what sent them there.  Governments and health care agencies agree  – antibiotic resistance is a “nightmare.”  An antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be spreading in more hospitals than patients know.  About one in every 25 hospitalized patients gets an infection and a report from the Journal of Patient Safety showed that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the country.

Along with the risk of hospital acquired illness and medical errors, the second huge threat to our well being… is health care costs, especially at hospitals.  This is why charge masters are so often secret.  There are few risks to our wealth that are greater than a hospital stay.

I have created three natural health reports are about:

#1: Nutrition

#2: Purification

#3: Exercise

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Club members also receive seven workshops and courses on how earn everywhere with at home micro businesses.  We call this our “Live Well and Free Anywhere Program”.   The program contains a series of courses and reports that show ways to earn and be free. These courses and reports are:

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Next, club members participate in an intensive program called the Purposeful investing Course (Pi).  The purpose of Pi is finding value investments that increase safety and profit.  Learn Slow, Worry Free, Good Value Investing.

Stress, worry and fear are three of an investor’s worst enemies.  These destroyers of wealth can create a Behavior Gap, that causes investors to underperform in any market good or bad.  The behavior gap is created by natural human responses to fear.  Pi helps create profitable strategies that avoid losses from this gap.

Lessons from Pi are based on the creation and management of a Primary Pi Model Portfolio, called the Pifolio.  There are no secrets about this portfolio except that it ignores the stories from economic news (often created by someone with vested interests) and is based mainly on good math that reveals the truth through financial news.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets using my 50 years of global experience and my study of the analysis of four mathematical investing geniuses (and friends).

There are seven layers of tactics in the Pi strategy.

Pi Tactic #1: Determine purpose and good value.

Pi Tactic #2: Diversify 70% to 80% of portfolio equally in good value developed markets.

Pi Tactic #3: Invest 20% to 30% equally in good value emerging markets.

Pi Tactic  #4:  Use trending algorithms to buy sell or hold these markets.

Pi Tactic  #5:  Add spice speculating with ideal conditions.

Pi Tactic  #6: Add spice speculating with leverage.

Pi Tactic  #7:  Add spice speculating with forex potential.

The Pifolio analysis begins with a continual research of international major stock markets that compares their value based on:

#1:  Current book to price

#2:  Cash flow to price

#3:  Earnings to price

#4:  Average dividend yield

#5:  Return on equity

#6:  Cash flow return

#7:  Market history

We combine the research of several brilliant mathematicians and money managers with my years of investing experience.

This is a complete and continual study of what to do about the movement of international major and emerging stock markets.  I want to share this study throughout the next year with you.

This analysis forms the basis of a Good Value Stock Market Strategy.  The analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short term ups and downs.  This strategy is easy for anyone to follow and use.  Pi reveals the best value markets and provides contacts to managers and analysts and Country Index ETFs so almost anyone can create and follow their own strategy.

The costs are low and this type of ETF is one of the hardest for institutions to cheat.  Expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund.  Little knowledge, time, management or guesswork are required.  The investment is simply a diversified portfolio of good value indices.  Investments in an index are like investments in all the shares of a good value market.

Pi opens insights to numerous long term cycles that most investors miss because they have not been investing long enough to see them.

The Pi subscription is normally $299 per annum but as a club member you receive Pi at no charge and save an additional $2299.

Profit from the US dollar’s fall.

In the 1980s, a remarkable set of two economic circumstances helped anyone who spotted them become remarkably rich.  Some of my readers made enough to retire.  Others picked up 50% currency gains.  Then the cycle ended.  Warren Buffett explained the importance of this ending in a 1999 Fortune magazine interview.  He said:  Let me summarize what I’ve been saying about the stock market: I think it’s very hard to come up with a persuasive case that equities will over the next 17 years perform anything like—anything like—they’ve performed in the past 17!

Club members receive a report about opportunity in the  current strength of the US dollar is a second remarkable similarity to 30 years ago.   The dollar rose along with Wall Street.  Profits came quickly over three years.  Then the dollar dropped like a stone, by 51%  in just two years.  A repeat of this pattern is growing and could create up to 50% extra profit if we start using strong dollars to accumulate good value stock market ETFs in other currencies.

This is the most exciting opportunity I have seen since we started sending our reports on international investing ideas more than three decades ago.  The trends are so clear that I created a short, but powerful report “Three Currency Patterns for 50% Profits or More.”   This report shows how to earn an extra 50% from currency shifts with even small investments.  I kept the report short and simple, but included links to 153 pages of  Good Value Stock Market research and Asset Allocation Analysis.

The report shows 20 good value investments and a really powerful tactic that shows the most effective and least expensive way to accumulate these bargains in large or even very small amounts (less than $5,000).  There is extra profit potential of at least 50% so the report is worth a lot.

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With investors watching global stock markets bounce up and down, many missed two really important profit generating events.  The price of silver dipped below $14 an ounce as did shares of the iShares Silver ETF (SLV).   The second event is that the silver gold ratio hit 80 and has remained near this level, compared to a range of the 230s only two years ago.

Now there is a new distortion ready to ripen in the year ahead.

These two events are a strong sign to invest in precious metals.

I prepared a special report “Platinum Dip 2019”.   The report explains the exact conditions you need to make leveraged precious metal speculations that can increase the returns in a safe portfolio by as much as eight times.  The purpose of the report is to share long term lessons about speculating in precious metals gained through 30 years of speculating and investing in gold and silver.

The low price of silver offers special value now so I want to send you this report because the “Platinum Dip 2018” offers enormous profit potential in 2018.

The report “Platinum Dip 2019” sells for $39.95 but club members receive it free as well.

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There is an incredible new economy that’s opening for those who know what to do.  There are great new opportunities and many of them offer enormous income potential but also work well in disaster scenarios.

There are are specific places where you can reduce your living expenses and easily increase your income.  Scientific research has shown that being in such places actually make you smarter and healthier.  Top this off with the fact that they provide tax benefits as well and you have to ask, “Where are these places?”.

Learn about these specific places.  More important learn what makes them special.  Discover seven freedom producing steps that you can use to find other similar places of opportunity.

The report includes a tax and career plan broken into four age groups, before you finish school, from age 25 to 50 – age 50-to 65 and what to do when you reach the age where tradition wants you to re-tire.  (Another clue-you do not need to retire and probably should not!)

The report is very specific because it describes what Merri and I, our children and even my sister and thousands of our readers have done and are doing, right now.

Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere focuses on a system that takes advantage of living in Smalltown USA, but earning locally and globally.

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Read Return to London please, via Moscow: Kremlin paves way for East to West rail link after after ‘approving’ $99bn Bering Strait tunnel


Little Things Can Bring Big Rewards

Little things can create big problems and huge micro business and multi currency opportunities big time.

These are tough times for investors and businesses.  All traditionally safe investments now carry great risk… so we are forced to run greater risks just to stay even.  Sometimes more risk is better for getting ahead.

There are three ways to prosper in this difficult economic era… invest in necessity… water… food… shelter, etc. is one.  Invest in contrasts and distortions that create special value is another. The third is to invest in ventures… new ideas that contain high risk… but the potnetial for great rewards.

See a technology idea that’s really small but could bring huge rewards… even in difficult times.

See this clue for a micro business and multi currency opportunity in small things here.


International Micro Business in Migration

There is a growing profit potential in international micro businesses in migration.

economist article

 This chart from the Economist article linked  below shows how the world and the world of immigration has changed. More people are moving to Russia (as a percent) than the USA! See why more people are moving more and more (in and out) and see why a seminar micro business from this migration makes growing sense.

More people than ever before are moving… globally.  Technology… and changes in politics and economies are the driving forces.

An August 27 2011 Economist article “Migration after the crash  Moving out, on and back” says:  Migration after the global economic crisis is different, but still continuing.

LISA RAKOCZY arrived in north London in the mid-2000s from Krakow to study English, hoping to support herself by working as a cleaner. All went well—until the crash and ensuing economic crisis hit her previously prosperous clients. Competition for jobs became fiercer as middle-class families started to spend less on household help. For a while, she eked out enough to pay for her language course by cleaning lavatories in railway stations. Later, her sister, a teacher in Poland, helped her to make ends meet. But by the end of last year, Ms Rakoczy had tired of the trials of an immigrant’s life and headed home.

A typical case, you might think. Indeed, in the wake of the crash, many immigrants have gone back. Just as predictably, many would-be emigrants have stayed at home, either because moving abroad no longer seems worth the effort or because immigration rules in many countries have become more restrictive.

Yet at the airport, Ms Rakoczy may have crossed a young Briton bound for Shanghai, a Chinese computer programmer moving to Canada or a Portuguese worker on his way to oil-rich Norway. The recession has not stopped all migration, but rather led to new patterns and different destinations. Never before—or at least not in recent history—has the map of global migration been at the same time so varied and so changeable.

In past decades… businesses moved to where conditions were best.  Textiles moved from the USA to Japan… then Hong Kong, then Malaysia… then places even less expensive like Viet Nam.

Now people are moving where conditions are best… so in a poor economy Ecuadorians, Mexicans and other South Americans head north… while gringos with pensions and Social Security find living conditions better in South America.

Take for example the ability to enjoy luxury.

A hotel like the best boutique hotel in Ecuador Mansion del Angel wold cost a thousand dollars a night in big city USA.  Yet in Quito this experience is still affordable.

Michel Duer and Jorge Espinosa, proprietors of the Relais and Chateaux La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa, also have this wonderful Quito boutique hotel… the Mansion del Angel.


The Mansion del Angel Quito boutique hotel is stunningly beautiful.

See more about La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa here.


Merri with Michel Duer & Jorge Espinosa at La Mirage.

Merri and I have been friends with Michel and Jorge for decades so we were delighted to learn that they were moving their luxury Quito boutique hotel to a larger and grander building.

This magnificent Quito boutique hotel where every room from…


lobby… to


the restaurant, to the…




landings and…


passages defines luxury in Quito which has some excellent boutique hotels.

However when it comes to boutique hotels in Quito the Mansion raises the bar to the highest level of luxury and service.

Here is a note we recently received from the owners.

Recently, we were extremely proud to have received the mentioning of 4.5 points of a total of 5 from TRIPADVISOR, indicating that Mansion del Angel was named throughout the entire year as Number One of any establishment in Quito.  That, of course, is a big responsibility and we are working hard to
maintain this. I might add, Gary, that when you started to promote Mansion del Angel the first year it certainly gave a big push of which we were very happy.

Again, the rates have not been changed since the beginning and will remain for 2012 as well. We maintain them at US$ 150 for the Standard Room, either with a Queen bed or twin beds. Next the smaller suites with a King bed or Queen Twin beds at US$ 220 and finally the large Deluxe Suites at US$ 275 with either King or Full Queen bedding. All rates are per night AND INCLUDE FULL AMERICAN BREAKFAST, COMPLIMENTARY AFTERNOON TEA, A DAILY CITY TOURISM TAX AS WELL AS 22% TAXES AS PER GOVERNMENT REGULATION. 

Most hotels quote a rate and then add the 22% service and tax.

Ecuador Living Club members can see the discount they receive at the Mansion at the password protected club site. 

Learn how to be an International Living Club member here.

Affordabilty and mobility create business opportunity.  Seminars and tours can be provided in luxury at prices that delegates can afford. The opportunity comes from all the movement. Those who move to new places have many things to learn. Seminars, tours and events are a great way to teach them.

Profits can come in both directions… teach Americans about other countries. teach those in other countries how to move to the USA. This is just one example.

There are more opportunities than there are countries.  Dozens… even hundreds of opportunities for each two country routes!

Imagine the profit potential alone that is forming in the Middle East and Africa.  How to enter… or leave… Libya as an example, or Egypt.

For those who want to move and earn or those who want to earn on the move… think about a seminar or tour business…Mansion del Angel can provide the perfect venue in Quito.


Learn how to earn with a seminar or tour micro business.

Read the entire Economist article “Migration after the crash  Moving out, on and back

Ecuador Business Idea

Here is an Ecuador Business Idea with this Cuenca real estate listing.  This features a hard to find colonial house located in downtown Cuenca, Ecuador.

Cuenca is perhaps Ecuador’s most beautiful city… one of the favorite choices of expats.  The four  photos below from skyscraperlife.com shows why.


One’s impression of Cuenca when viewed from afar is orderly and clean and beautiful colonial rooftops!


Up close… one feels stately and…




Though there are many beautiful old colonial buildings in Cuenca, they are rarely on the market.

This Cuenca real estate listing has almost 10,000 square feet… 10 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It also has 2 commercial stores which produce rental income.


This colonial building could easily be converted to small condos.


There is 9,800 sq feet of construction and some land behind the building.  The building was built of adobe hundreds of years ago.

The asking price is $140,000.

See another reason to be in Ecuador at Economic Risks Lurking


Good Micro Business Value Trends

Looking for good micro business value trends can help us be secure… and successful.

Yesterday’s message reviewed  how value should always be sought in all investments. During these times of change and likely inflation, there are five good places to invest… equities, multi currency investments, commodities, real estate and your own micro business.  Creating value in your micro business is important and the internet is one way to gain enormous value in your micro business.

This message shares three tips that can help you have or improve a micro business.

Micro Business Tip #1:  Look for a niche that is under exposed. Look for ideas that are popular… then avoid the pack. Look for opportunities on the fringe of that idea. Reduce competition.

Micro Business Tip #2:  Focus tenaciously on the fringe niche. When you have a niche that is almost popular but with little competition and remain focused on that niche, you can create good value from search engine optimization.


Take our Ecuador rose business as an example.  Flowers are and have always been a big business.  Yet marketing flowers is highly competitive.  Roses also have always been and are big business… but this is also a highly competitive market.   Ecuador roses also have been a big business for decades.  No country grows better roses.

Yet at the fringe are “Ecuador Valentine Roses” and “Ecuador Christmas Roses” and “Ecuador Easter Roses.”  These holidays are known as the big three sales dates for Ecuador roses… by far.   Our Ecuador flower business focuses on these fringe times in our marketing.

Our websites use these holiday phrases… a lot.

This adds value to my efforts.  For example, last Thursday, I wrote about how readers can order Ecuador Valentine’s Roses.

By the next morning our two websites ranked #1, #2 and #3 for the phrases “Ecuador Valentine’s Roses” and “Ecuador Valentine Rose”.


Almost ditto for the phrase Ecuador Valentines… our site ranked #1 and #2.


We gained these good results because we concentrated on the fringe of the phrase “Ecuador Roses”.

That phrase “Ecuador Roses” is very competitive. We could spend a lot of time, effort and money to rank well… and still not get a good position for that phrase.

For the phrase “Ecuador Christmas Roses” seven of the first ten articles ranked at Google are for our web sites.  Google ranks our articles our articles rank #1, #2, #3 for the phrase “Ecuador Easter Roses” not to mention that articles at our websites rank #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6, & #7 for the phrase Ecuador Easter lilies.

So during the times when most Ecuador roses are sold… our websites provide our marketing efforts the best value.

Focusing on the fringewe have discovered allows us to even sometimes back into very competitive phrases such as “Ecuador Roses”.

Often we use photos to circumnavigate competition. There is competition in articles and ads for the phrase “Ecuador Roses”… but not so many competitors with photos.

Goggling the phrase “Ecuador Roses” brings the images of Ecuador roses on page one.  That single golden rose right in the middle of those shots is ours… and clicking there leads directly to our site.


We gain many new readers and extra business in this way.  This SES (search engine success) gives leverage to each page we post at our websites. That leverage creates extra value to each page. Each page becomes a powerful marketing tool that can lead new readers our way.

Micro business Tip #3:  Play games so the focus of your business evolves! Finding and focusing on fringe business niches is a great way to start a business. Figuring our how to reinvent the business and evolve is a great way to stay in business.

Evolutionary thinking relies on relaxed concentration.  A combination of logic… intuition… and experience dramatically enhances the chances of continual success. One way to integrate these three assets of logic… intuition and experience in a relaxed and focused way is by listening to baroque music.  Another is meditation.

Studies have shown that listening to certain beats and meditation both increase alpha and theta brain waves as well as slow the heart beat and lower blood pressure.  Meditation tends to create a state of “restful alertness”… certain types of music bring a state of “relaxed concentration”.   Each of these mental states can help your business succeed.

Another way to help a business get started or grow is through play.

Business start ups and evolution are often stalled by resistance to change.   Change is feared because there is always something we do not know.  Hence the old phrase “DANCE WITH THE DEVIL WE KNOW, RATHER THAN THE DEVIL WE DON’T“.  The logic is to stick with someone or something that is known to be bad, rather then risk something new that may be worse.

The faster the change… the worse ignoring it is as a tactic.

If we embrace change, it becomes our friend.  Change opens fields of opportunity and is always there.  We can embrace change, if we can trust our intuition and integrate it with our logic.

The advantages of change have proven themselves in our business experience.  The years that we lived and worked with shamans and wise men in numerous disciplines also revealed the fact that change is wonderful when we make adaptation a regular game.

The Ecuador yatchak we lived with continually showed us ways to embrace change through play.


Here are photos I took during an Ecuador shamanic tour.

FM (Frequency Modulation) Thinking tactics to help our Super Thinking plus Spanish delegates learn how to absorb, retain and recall more information.  FM thinking combines intuition and logic that helps us improve our logic and think beyond logic.

Many Ecuador shamans and shamanas teach the Eagle & Condo Prophesy… a time will come when the eagle and condor fly in the skies together.   Many believe that the eagle represents logic and the condor intuition.  The prophesy says that sharing of indigenous knowledge with the technologies of science will help balance mankind.

One way to blend intuition and thinking is through intellectual play.

A game is play, with a set of rules. This is important… because when we play… we can create rules that are beyond the norm… outside the box of logic…  so our information processing and decision making can escape the tyranny of reason.

Playing is usually undertaken for enjoyment…  but nature is actually very serious about play. Play is nature’s ultimate educational hook. The fact that play is fun is really important.  When we do something fun… without risk…we do it better.  We can let our imagination soar so we can see eventualities in enjoyable, non threatening ways.

Formalized expressions of play allow us to go beyond their immediate imagination and direct physical activity to see life’s potential in different ways.

When games eliminate play… they lose impact… thus the demise of professional sports which are no longer games… but business.

Playing allows us to use disambiguation in resolving future conflicts.  This is because our future is always ambiguous… even if we think not.  Our life can take any number of  paths that lead in different directions… at any time.

This leaves us asking, “What should I do?”

Playing allows us to create a set of out-of-the-box rules that direct us in ways we would never logically reach but can imagine.  Because it is fun and without threat… we can see future opportunity in numerous expanded ways.

Playing reduces the risk of the unknown… eliminating the fear that makes it seem like the devil we do not know.

One way we can use play to get business ideas is by tapping into our deeper brain frequencies.

Here is how to unlock these higher forms of intelligence which we cannot access in lingual form.

Step #1: Write by hand for five or ten minutes everything you can about a business idea.  This connects the the mind body functions.

Step #2: Take a ten minute meditation or sit quietly for 10 minutes listening to Baroque largo music.  Relax and let your mind wander… use innocence… no expectation.

Step #3: At the end of ten minutes write down whatever is on your mind at that time. Write as much about it as you can.

That’s the game. In the thoughts…in the visions that you had at the end of the ten minute meditation or in the quiet listening, there will be an out of the box idea to dwell on… often in graphic form…a picture rather than words.  Dwell easily on this in context of your business.

This tactic was taught to me by a Buddhist Monk and the first time I tried it, the picture I had at the end of my meditation was of pink elephants.   “Man… what’s this got to do with my work?” I thought.


Pink Elephants… in business?

We are connected… we are a part of infinite intelligence… that is overwhelming in relation to our ability to think… especially in terms as restrictive as language.  The universe terra, terra infinite, bytes of data.  Our logic in comparison as a processor… not even 64K.  So at the least we cannot expect to tap into the universe in English.   Symbols perhaps.

A look at Ted Andrew’s book “Animal Speak  for Symbolic Analysis”  said that the Elephant  is the “Symbol of the Highest True Self.”   This graphic relates to
Ancient Power, Strength and Royalty, Strength of the Feminine: The Child, the Woman,  and the Wise Woman (Matriarchal Head of Family). The Importance of Family, Fertility, Sexual Power, Discrimination, Clouds and Illusion, Out of Control Masculine Rage.

According to the book “Symbol Sourcebook: An Authoritative Guide to International Graphic Symbols” by Henry Dreyfus, the symbolism in the color pink usually serves two purposes.  It can be used to show childish innocence, or a characters child-like personality.  For example, Mami (the girl at the top of the page with the pink hair), very much wants to remain a child.  She gets pleasure out of very simple, and ‘childish’ things.  So, her hair is pink.  Even so, Miho-chan also would like to grow up and become an adult woman… but she’s also afraid of losing her childhood innocence.  It can also be used to show a more flirtatious personality.  Pink is normally a color associated with girls and femininity.  Pink is considered a color of good health and life – we speak of people being “in the pink” or the “freshness” of a newborn babe.

This gave me plenty of input with which to reflect on about business!

Your own micro business can help you enjoy today’s accelerating change. Three ways to improve your existing business or get started is… find a niche on the fringe. Focus on this niche and then let it evolve in a playful way.


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