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Global Internet Opportunity

Our webmaster David Cross will speak at our International Business & Investing course next weekend.

He just set me this note.


I am completing my presentations and Powerpoint slides over the weekend.

I’ll have four 45 minute presentations with time for questions.

These will cover:

1.    Our model of online business. Your online business and getting started.

2.    List building, email and online marketing. Introduction to how we use websites.

3.    SEO, PPC, driving and converting traffic.

4.    Finalizing websites, nuts and bolts of online business, shopping carts, online payment, finding and sourcing products, drop shipping, selling e-books and subscriptions.

I am condensing 23 years of online experience into 4 hours but my goal is that everyone will leave the course with the ability to start doing something online and I’ll still provide some good tips for folk who already know a bit about online business.

Something for all.

David started my website in the 1990s and has hleped me build it into one of the top 20,000 ranked sites in the US. He is the chief internet consultant to one of the largest internet marketing companies in the wordl as well.

Join Merri me, Thomas Fischer and David Cross and save $299.

Our emailed course Tangled Webs – How to Have an Internet Business is $299.

You can choose this emailed course free when you join us in North Carolina next weekend and save $299.

Enroll here.