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Retire With Ecuador Real Estate Value & IRAs

One great reason to retire in Ecuador is the real estate value. Plus you can own Ecuador or other overseas investment and retirement real estate with your IRA.

Retirement costs of in Ecuador are low because the cost of a home and utilities are so low.

There is great value, plus enormous beauty in the Andean and coastal countryside.

The wonderful crafts markets of Ecuador create export opportunity to supplement income when you retire in Ecuador.

There is so much beautiful property and…

homes seem so inexpensive like these houses at San Miguel (under $100,000) and…


Primavera condos (under $46,000) that…


it becomes easy to misunderstand value. Take for instance Ecuador’s empty beaches.  This is a shot of a wonderful coastal land in Ecuador.

What is this property’s value?  Prices on some Ecuador beach property are really low!   When you find a beautiful piece of property like this at a really low price, how can you lose?

Here is how you can see your Ecuador retirement wealth shrivel.

Our friend Todd Smith recently sent me some photos of a trip he made down California’s coast.

Imagine buying land on the beach in California 30 years ago.

You couldn’t miss.


Todd’s photos reminded me that you can.  Todd photos was scripted with this text:

If you ever want to get away completely, visit the Lost Coast of California.


In Humboldt County, head south on Rt. 211 from Fortuna, towards the ocean.

You’ll follow a winding, narrow almost-one-lane road for about 30 miles before you reach the Pacific, and you’ll be lucky if you pass a single car.

Be sure to fill up before you go because you’ll be almost completely on your own.
a coastal island in the trees.

The Lost Coast gets it’s name from the fact that Rt. 1 and Rt. 101 completely bypass this section of about 100 miles of shoreline.

Except for signs of ranching and an occasional hamlet you would think you were the only person on this lovely, godforsaken planet.


See all of Todd’s photos of the lost coast.

What value does this California real estate have…


beyond building a barn?

Real estate has two values… the value for you as a user… and what someone else will pay for it.

If you retire in Ecuador and want to live in an isolated place in the mountains or on the coast… great. You can find some incredible real estate values.

If you buy to resell and plan to profit… beware! Some Ecuador real estate will appreciate dramatically as pressures of modern life shift agricultural land to residential, recreational or commercial.

However some beach property and mountain land like this…


in 10, 20 and 30 years from now will look like this.


The value will have increased due to inflation but great appreciation is not likely.

Investors who are ready to retire in Ecuador should look closely at the likely time frame of land appreciation.  Be careful to make sure that your retirement liquidity needs do not come before appreciation.

You can also buy Ecuador real estate through an IRA… if you or your family are not going to live in or use the property.

This site has been helping people retire in Ecuador and to invest their IRAs abroad for years.

You can own real estate in your IRA, including non-U.S. real estate. Over the years, advisers have wrongly convinced many people they cannot own real estate, as well as a number of other alternative investments, inside their IRA’s or other retirement plans. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, the IRS allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to investing the assets of your retirement account.

The trouble comes if you don’t have a “self directed” IRA or if you work with a custodian who imposes his own investment restrictions. Most of these restrictions have nothing to do with the code governing retirement accounts but are instead employed to make life easier for the custodian.

Here is what is allowed:

• Raw land

• Condos

• Office buildings

• Single-family homes

• Multi-family homes

• Apartment buildings

• Improved land

The IRS defines prohibited transactions and self-dealing that you cannot do in your IRA.  Your retirement plan is meant to benefit you at retirement… not earlier so you cannot directly or indirectly, deal with yourself or a family member.

You cannot lend money, extend credit, or furnish goods, services, or facilities to yourself or a disqualified individual. In other words, you can invest in any type of real estate you want as long as it is an investment and not for your own use currently.

However if you find your dream Ecuador retirement home  that you want to live in when you reti you can buy it in the IRA, rent it for now and take it as a distribution from your plan when you retire.

You can have a full report and contacts with a custodians who can help you own Ecuador real estate in your IRA.   Subscribe here.

IRAs at Jyske Bank

It is now easier to invest your liquid IRA funds safely overseas as well.  Jyske Global Asset Management can invest your IRA investments offshore in coordination with GoldStar Trust!

This makes it easier for you to give your IRA International investing and currency diversification.

Here is how the JGAM IRA plan works.   Your US custodian will be GoldStar Trust in Texas. Your offshore custodian bank will be Jyske Bank in Copenhagen (Denmark).  Jyske Global Asset Management will be your asset manager.

This setup is in accordance with IRA regulations. JGAM sends quarterly and annual statements as well as standard IRA statements from GoldStar Trust.

You can get further details from Thomas Fischer at JGAM. Email Thomas at fischer@jgam.com or call toll-free in the USA at 1-866-602-5426


Join Merri and me with Thomas Fischer at our North Carolina farm this July or October for our International business & investing seminars below. Learn more about early retirement and Ecuador.

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Or join us in Ecuador and learn more about living and retiring in Ecuador.

July 24-26 IBEZ North Carolina

Oct. 9-11 IBEZ North Carolina

Or join us in Ecuador and learn more about living and retiring in Ecuador.

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Multi Currency Income Business

A multi currency income business is perfect for this era.

Yesterday’s message look at why the market downturn enhances the value of a small multi currency business.

Your own small multi currency business can be especially effective in producing income and securing your financial well being…plus fun and gratifying as well.

Multi Currency Income Business Plan

When you develop your own small multi currency business, a business plan is important but there is a catch.

Your business plan should not be too absolute.

We can never know exactly how our small multi currency businesses will evolve. The reality is that too much planning discourages many from getting started. Some potential businesspeople think they need a plan as an absolute map to follow.

This assumption is wrong.  Can you imagine drawing a map to a place where no one has ever been?

Trying to plot the future is meaningless, complicated, frustrating, anxiety producing, and, quite frankly, a waste of time. Even worse, there is danger in trying to rigidly follow business plans because they are always inaccurate.

Yet some business planning can help bring success.

The question is how much?

Successful business plans are not maps. They are lights to help us see our first steps and they are mirrors that reflect on and brighten our passions.

Business plans are frameworks for our study to become experts. They support our confidence and act as waypoints along our business evolutionary path. They are markers that help us learn from experience.

Business plans are evolving sets of spark plugs, which ignite and continually restart the five-step evolutionary business process.

See more about this five step process at Small business Starts

Creating a business plan forces us to refine our idea, to gain knowledge, and gives us confidence to take action. Then it helped us learn from the action we take.

Marketing and Balance

After the business plan (even before we create our product) comes marketing.

A good small multi currency business requires five elements for success.

#1: Well-planned idea.
#2: Money management system.
#3: Legal structure.
#4: Marketing focus.
#5: Product-delivery system.

These five elements must be balanced.

A business can initially err in most of these functions and survive, but to succeed, the one function that must work from the beginning is marketing.

A business can refine its books if its initial accounting is not perfectly balanced. A business can squeeze through cash flow and financing difficulties. Firms can make up for hiccups in initial production and quality control. A company can improve if delivery is not smooth. Yet none of these problems exist, if marketing does not work in the first place. The world does not beat paths to our door just because we build better mousetraps. We have to let the world know.

All five business elements need to be enhanced at all times by marketing and the money management system. Marketing is the engine that generates the power of action within a business. Accounting and money management are parts of the steering and braking mechanism that help the business maintain a profitable direction.

Marketing is initially most urgent because, though accounting and money management are important, if marketing fails there is no business. There is nothing to count and no money to manage.

Once a business is off the ground, money-management becomes more important. Many businesses fail because managers fail to balance marketing with money management. If a business gets a good start using good marketing, there is a chance it will experience growing pains. This is the time to ease these pains with better money management. Excessive marketing can complicate rather than resolve growing problems. In the beginning, however, good marketing must come first.

Three of our upcoming courses can help you create a multi currency business. See details below.

Until next message, may all your plans bring success.


Join us at our Farm in the Blue Ridge. Here are delegates at a previous course with Thomas Fischer and me at our seminar hall on the farm.


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Join Steve for our Import Export Tour. Here is a couple who have set up their own roving export business from this tour.


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Inflation Protection Guarantee

Inflation protection guarantees are hard to find.

We have some baby ducks at the farm that can help.

What do ducks have to do with inflation? Nothing. Yet everything.


Here is the whole flock. Believe it or not, they do have an inflation message.

Inflation turns everything upside down. Safe investments like bonds become a greater risk. Inflation eats the purchasing power of bonds. Speculation and borrowing become safe. Only high risk returns and loans that become cheaper to pay off due to inflation, make sense.

However there is one way to always beat inflation. I wrote about it in June 2002 in a message entitled “Sunday’s Lesson from a Wild Duck.”

Since this is Sunday…may I repeat this message here. Just click on “Sunday’s Lesson from a Wild Duck.

This message is six years old but ageless. The content has nothing to do with inflation or investing but has everything to do with real riches and wealth…guaranteed even from inflation.



Cotacachi Ecuador Welcome

Cotacachi Ecuador has this welcome symbol as you drive into the village.  Who would think of this as a tax haven?


Cotacachi Ecuador has always been a special village and this symbol represents nine important mid-points that the Incas saw that intersect in Cotacachi (the small village where we live).

First, the four cardinal points East, West, North and South intersect with a fifth midpoint an altitude that is mid way between the sea and the highest mountains here.

This intersection is further defined by a sixth point that comes from an alignment directly between Lake Cuicocha (20 minutes from us) and Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the Incan nation. According to the legend, is where Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo emerged from the sacred Lake Titicaca to found the Inca Empire. This made this lake to lake alignment especially important as Cuicocha was named at that time Achicocha, which meant “Lake of the Gods.” This lake like Titicaca was considered to be sacred, and used for purification rituals. To this day ritual baths take place at the lake.

The seventh alignment is that Cotacachi is in a direct line with Cuzco (The Inca’s southern Capitol) – Quito (The Inca’s Northern capital) and The Yucatan which the Incans saw as the home of the original most important civilization.

The eighth alignment is that Cotacachi lies between Father Mount Imbabura and Mother Mount Cotacachi. These two mountains represent the masculine and feminine energies of nature.

These eight intersections are enlivened and unified by the universal being, the ninth most infinite creator.

These nine energies represent a fractal reflection of man and his nine “Rios de Luce” (Rivers of Light) or nine major energy processing points. The points are respected in many disciplines, by many names being called chakras, acupuncture points, chi centers, etc.

The Incan beliefs were that these nine intersections formed four axes that created the basic functions of the universe. Learn more at the Cotacachi mid points and why Ecuador is a tax haven.


Join us at one of our autumn Ecuador tours. See our Autumn – Winter 2008 Ecuador schedule