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Mindo Real Estate For Sale

We have written many times about the Arboretto residential project (see below) in Mindo Ecuador.

See the latest updates and special opportunities with Mindo real estate for sale here.

We have found that many readers, especially those,  searching for warmer climates,  like this project.

Those who do, may find the paid advertisement, sent by Brian Kearney, below of interest.


Paid Advertisement

Unfortunately, my wife and I need to leave Ecuador urgently to return home to look after an incapacitated family member who has no one else available to provide the proper care and attention required.

This means we must sell two blocks of land, No 24 and 25 in the San Rene sub division development.

mindo real estate

San Rene is situated next to the Arboretto project.

Each block is approx 50,000 square feet (over one acre), with river frontage at one end to the Mindo River.

mindo real estate

The other end is nearby the access road to the Arboretto Mindo Development.


Here we are on the lot.

This is exactly the same ecological area as Mindo itself and is only about 3 miles from the start of the Mindo Development.

Each block has capacity for two houses without interfering with the eco system or each other.

I am asking $40,000 for each block.  The assessed formal land value by the Council is US $59,900 for both blocks.  Will sell as one or sell individually.

Please contact me, Brian Kearney, at bklkbklk79@gmail.com


We have not inspected or visited the property in the advertisement above nor do we know the advertiser.  Interested parties should use all normal caution, take care with all due diligence and use an independent attorney in all purchases to check title, contracts and all aspects of the purchase. We highly recommend that interested readers always visit and inspect any property and/or construction before purchasing.

Carlos Tobar our Quito Mindo tour director is making arrangements for delegates on our February Quito Mindo real estate tour to visit the property above as well as  the  Arboretto Riverside Villas project shown below.

More on Mindo

Mindo has an altitude of 5,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level and a temperate climate.

Mindo Ecuador is one of Ecuador’s beautiful areas. Merri and I purchased (and still own) our first hacienda Rosaspamba near Mindo .

mindo ecuador

Here is a shot of the cloud forest near Mindo taken from our front yard at Rosaspamba.

Mindo is one of best places in the world to watch birds.  Mindo sits in a cloud forest only an hour and a half from Quito.


You can watch the clouds walk across the tree tops in the Mindo cloud forest.

Due to its critically important role in the conservation of numerous rare and endemic species, Mindo was designated South America’s first Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International in 1997. Mindo is an area of historic ornithological studies, where early collectors and ornithologists discovered or collected many species.

Mindo lies within the Chocó Endemic Bird Area (EBA) and Chocó Biogeographic Region, which is considered one of the world’s richest biogeographic areas.

This area supports the largest number of restricted-range birds of any EBA in the Americas, over 50 species being endemic to the area.


The Cock of the Rock often observed in Mindo and Intag.

Mindo is also home to the greatest number of endemic montane birds of any place in the world (Birds of Ecuador, Ridgley and Greenfield).
2000-2005 Christmas Bird Count (CBC) – sponsored by the Audubon Society.

Mindo has been among the top three highest bird counts in the world for the last six  years. This is with over 2,000 locations participating. Each location is a 25 kilometer radius, and the count lasts for 24 hours. Mindo had the highest count in the year 2000 with 350 bird species recorded, and in past years has exceeded the 400 bird species mark.

Just 45 minutes west of Quito, Mindo has a rapidly growing tourist industry based on Ecotourism in the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest. Birdwatching is especially famous in Mindo as well butterflies, orchids and bromeliads.

Mindo offers many other activities beyond  birding.  There is tubing on the rivers, horseriding through the forest , hiking, gliding through the forest canopy  suspended on a zipwire.   Mindo has a rich variety of wildlife, a butterfly farm, and a huge variety of flowers… especially orchids. All this is serenaded by tropical sounds… frog concerts Bird songs parrot flock sing and katydids hum at dusk.

When in Ecuador, Mindo is a must-see.  The climate is warm all year round.  The wettest months are January and April,

At all times though, you’ll see hummingbirds and tubing is best in January through May when water levels are high.

Rain does not stop visitors because the temperatures range from 60ºF to 75ºF.   Rain storms are common throughout the year,  a benefit in a world that is increasingly starved for water.   The climate is driest from May – September.  July – October are the busiest months for overseas tourists, but weekends and national holidays throughout the year find many Quiteños in Mindo.

Delegates on our Quito Mindo tour visit the Arboretto Riverside Villas (ARV), a novel concept in ecotourism presold villas.   ARV is made up of 36 custom homes, to be built within an extension of 25  acres.   Carlos Tobar, our Quito Mindo tour director is one of the developers of this project and has built the first model home, which delegates visit during the Quito Mindo tour.


Prices start at $150,000 for a 1,300 square foot custom home built on a lot of an average of 10,000 square feet.


The key characteristic of these homes is their transparency and the way they are immersed in nature:


Each house has its own outside Jacuzzi, that allows residents  to enjoy nature in the warmth of their own deck that projects into the forest.


This project suits those who want access to a modern, city but desire  a more relaxed way of life in a smaller town and natural habitat.

This is just one more example of Ecuador’s diversity and our Quito Mindo provide an opportunity to experience the many facets that Quito and Mindo have to offer.


Ecuador – Mindo Homes

Mindo Ecuador is one of Ecuador’s beautiful areas. Merri and I purchased (and still own) our first hacienda Rosaspamba near Mindo .

See the latest updates and special opportunities with Mindo real estate for sale here.

Just 45 minutes west of Quito, Mindo has a rapidly growing tourist industry based on Ecotourism in the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest. Birdwatching is especially famous in Mindo as well butterflies, orchids and bromeliads.

Mindo has an altitude of 5,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level and a temperate climate.

There is also a stunning gated community based on eco living being developed near Mindo.

We have taken a number of groups to see this community.

Our friend and attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova has been developing this premier project called Arboretto near Mindo for the past several years.

He recently updated me on this project and I pass on some of his comments to you here. As always, we are not selling this project…just passing the information along .

In fact a major benefit we provide our Ecuador Living subscribers comes from the fact that we are not real estate brokers, but our readers have purchased many millions of dollars of real estate
in Ecuador because of what we have written. The word about our ability to attract buyers has gotten
around and we have many real estate owners and developers ask us to write about their projects.
They almost aways offer us a commission which we always refuse,

We do ask that they provide a discount to Ecuador Living subscribers. Ecuador Living subscribers who buy at at Arboretto receive a $1,000 discount. Learn how to be an Ecuador Living subscriber

Here is what Dr. Andres Cordova shared:


“You are aware of course of our ARBORETTO project in Mindo. We’ve presented the idea to several groups through you with very good feedback. Some of your readers have become participants and we are happy for their trust is now being compensated with a development and concept that should by far exceed their highest expectations.

Here is a shot of one home site


After many months of hard work (years, actually), the experience of having done one of the most successful green projects in one of the most challenging places of Earth and the participation of an increasingly larger group of driven and creative professionals (design, architecture, management, engineering, landscaping, forestry, conceptual and more), ARBORETTO has now taken a qualitatively superior dimension and is poised to become a statement project for Ecuador and beyond.

Here are architectual plans for two houses at the project.

cloud-forest design


We have begun the construction of the main road, which is very advanced by now. The first house is under construction too. Soon we’ll launch an important landscaping and reforestation effort and we’ll commence the construction of the reception house.

The project also has a wonderful river flowing through it.


The next few months should offer dramatic changes in ARBORETTO and the true potential will begin to increasingly show. As we see it, ARBORETTO will be the very best project of its kind in Ecuador. A landmark and statement project that should be an example of the results one gets with passion, drive, creativity and high social and environmental standards.

ARBORETTO will be a resort community where the homeowners may be permanent or temporary residents and will have the option to place their homes into a rental program managed by a structure set up for such purposes. This program will aim for the highest quality of services and for utmost efficiency and rewards for the homeowner.

As ARBORETTO will be the best there is in Ecuador, we are sure it will garner tremendous interest and thus, by being the king of its niche, create a major potential for the participants. The PDF brochure better explains (albeit briefly) the ARBORETTO concept and the principal deliverables. There’s much more than can be said right here right now that will go into ARBORETTO, so we expect participants to be pleasantly surprised in the future.

And BTW, green enterprises such as ours, with active and meaningful social and environmental agendas, normally perform better than enterprises not so driven by these ethical considerations. This is a trend that’s being widely discussed nowadays in business circles and beyond. These projects perform better with the investors and in their bottom line. Read Patricia Aburdene’s Megatrends 2010!

The lots or homesites in ARBORETTO are sized approximately 1.000 square meters each (0.25 acres each). The houses will be secluded amidst trees, plants and landscaped tropical gardens. The communal areas will be extensive, with walkways, parks, lagoons, hummingbird and butterfly parks, tree houses, elevated wooden walkways and more.

Carlos Tobar

You can get two excellent PDF overviews about the ARBORETTO project and pricing from Carlos at cetobar@yahoo.com