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Ecuador Shamanic Imagination & Longevity

Ecuador shamans use imagination to enhance longevity.

Stress is a frequent cause of disease that shortens our lives. Yet most stress is created by total figments of our imagination.

Most religious and medical disciplines tell us how to combat the imaginary diseases before they become hardened into a physical realm… with Faith… Prayer…. Meditation… and Imagination.

After yesterday’s message about Ecuador Profit & Imagination a reader reminded me of Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.


Our Ecuador shamanic minga tour uses imagination when we visit the sacred Lake Quicocha. Here are delegates on a minga with Merri loading at the dock.

Ecuador shamans use imagination as a vital part of their healing… as do healers in many part so the world.

Stephen T. Chang for example writes in his book, “The Complete System of Self Healing Internal Exercises”:

The proper use of imagination plays an important part in some of the internal exercises.  It has been recognized for centuries that a thought is as much a material reality as a material object and in fact they are one in the same.  They are both forms of energy, the distinguishing difference being that they exist at different frequencies and wave lengths of vibration.  Imagination is used in some cases to bring together the mind and the body so that they function as a unit. By using our imagination we may begin to explore our minds and bodies.


Our Ecuador shamanic minga delegates travel to the other side of this mist shrouded lake in these boats.

Chang supports this thought with studies from Dr Karl H. Pribram who is a professor at Georgetown University , and an emeritus professor of psychology and psychiatry at Stanford University and Radford University.  He is a board-certified neurosurgeon and received a Nobel prize for pioneering work on the limbic system, relationship of the frontal cortex to the limbic system, the sensory-specific “association” cortex of the parietal and temporal lobes, and the classical motor cortex of the human brain.

Some philosophers and scientists even believe that our world is a hologram. Dr. Pribram’s research suggests that everything is  made of every person’s projection, individually and also as well as collectively.


This Ecuador yatchak and his wife take us across the lake.

Some of Pribam’s comments include:

Both Science and Spiritual have already proved (or not exactly) that we are all interconnected with each other. Quantum Physics has discovered that in the purest form of all existence, there is only energy.

In a hologram, the whole world is actually contained in every single part, which also means that when a light is shone through the smallest sliver of a holographic film will reveal the whole image. I mean, “The whole thing!” And this is true no matter how microscopically small it may goes.

If indeed we’re right that these quantum-like phenomena, or the rules of quantum mechanics, apply all the way through to our psychological processes, to what’s going on in the nervous system — then we have an explanation perhaps, certainly we have a parallel, to the kind of experiences that people have called spiritual experiences. Because the descriptions you get with spiritual experiences seem to parallel the descriptions of quantum physics. That’s why Fritjof Capra wrote The Tao of Physics, why we have The Dancing Wu Li Masters, and all of this sort of thing that’s come along. And in fact Bohr and Heisenberg already knew; Schroedinger talked about the Upanishads, and Bohr used the yin and yang as his symbol. Because the conceptions that grew out of watching the quantum level — and therefore now the neurological and psychophysical level, now that it’s a psychological level as well — seem to have a great deal in common with our spiritual experience. Now what do I mean by spiritual experience? You talked about mental activity, calling it the mind. That aspect of mental activity, which is very human — it may be true of other species as well, but we don’t know — but in human endeavor many of us at least seem to need to get in contact with larger issues, whether they’re cosmology, or some kind of biological larger issue, or a social one, or it’s formalized in some kind of religious activity. But we want to belong. And that is what I define as the spiritual aspects of man’s nature.

If this is true then a thought reflects the entire universe.

The shamanic tour heads for…


this shore… where…


reeds and flowers are collected for…


a ceremony by…


the yatchak of…


earth (the flowers)…


fire and air (smoke) and…


then water where…


we plant our wishes… desires… plans… our imagination.

Ecuador shamanic healing uses imagination in healing in similar ways to the Taoist approach to health.

For example maintaining balance during accelerated change is a root of Ecuador shamanic and Taoist healing.

Both of these sciences believe that stress, environmental social and internal are the initiators of disease so they recommend internal exercises that restore balance and  increase longevity.

For example Taoist healers  believe that change upsets the water balance when people feel confined and restricted by circumstances in which they lack  freedom.  This water imbalance can clog the functions of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

The exercise to restore balance is called The Monkey Exercise because the monkey epitomizes boundless activity, curiosity and free will.

This exercise relies almost entirely on imagination. Here is how Stephen Chang describes the Monkey Exercise:

Begin by standing or sitting. Take a few deep breaths while imagining yourself a monkey. When the visualization is complete, kick off your shoes. Throw off your clothes, and begin to act like a little monkey. Sit on the floor. Crouch in a chair. Leap about.  Bounce up and down. Hang upside down or by one arm, whatever is physically possible to do without strain or exertion.  This exercise is completely free-style; all the movements and actions should act out impulses and whims as they occur to you.

Such a simple… yet effective exercise for longevity… using just imagination.

When Merri and I hiked with friends and the Taita Yatchak into the LLanganatis were were put through the initiations of earth, water, fire and air. Then the yatchak taught us an exercise to eliminate undue stress from worries about change and the future.  On this path…


the yatchak taught is to look ahead… then close our eyes and keep walking… to trust and have faith in what we are… what we know and our connection with the whole.

That’s a good exercise… but perhaps best started in an empty… flat field!

Excessive stress shortens lives and kills.  Yet this frequent visitor is almost entirely (or perhaps is entirely) created by total figments of our imagination.  Ecuador shamans and healers using ancient wisdom (and MDs with sugar pills and placebos) fight fire with fire and use imagination to heal and enhance longevity.


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Ecuador shamans use music in their ceremonies.

ecuador shamans

like at this Ecuador shaman minga.

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Ecuador Wonders

There are many Ecuador wonders such as…


these shoes that tell a tale of…


mystical Lake Quicocha… mist shrouded and serene… a place where the shamans go and…


so do our Ecuador shamanic minga tours for…


purifying shamanic ceremonies.   They begin on the shore and then…


off with the shoes and…


into the lake where…


with this shaman we…


bury our intentions, sharing them… with the water and the earth… creating positive frequencies.

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Thoughts of Ecuador wonders began last week when our grandson uncovered this right handed shell in our back yard.


The conch shell is revered by wise men all over the world because it unfolds on the golden mean which is a 1 to 1.6 ratio.  This is ratio at which nature, in its healthy state, unfolds… a fundamental measure that permeates almost everywhere, including crops, flowers and the growth of shells.

The actual golden ratio is about 1.618033988749894848204586834365638117720309180.

Some believe the golden ratio is the unique ratio that symbolically links each new generation to its ancestors, preserving the continuity of relationship as the means for retracing its lineage.

This was discovered by Fibonacci and the ratios appear in the ratio of the number of spiral arms in daisies, in the chronology of rabbit populations, in the sequence of leaf patterns as they twist around a branch, and a myriad of places in nature where self-generating patterns are in effect.

Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Ratio in his painting of The Last Supper in both the overall composition (three vertical Golden Rectangles, and a decagon (which contains the golden ratio) for alignment of the central figure of Jesus.

Shamans in Ecuador begin ceremonies blowing a conch trumpet because they know that the frequency emitted is created by this Golden Mean, 1 to 1.6 expression of nature… the rate at which nature expands.   Hearing this frequency helps integrate the brain, body mind and soul.  The frequency balances all living things.

This belief is not unique to Ecuador.


Wise people from around the world blow conch trumpets at ceremonies. Here is a picture of a Fijian blowing a conch.


Here is a young Buddhist priest with a carved conch and these…


Hindu pundits began their Puja blowing the conch.


Here is a Mexican shaman in full regalia blowing a conch.

That’s a wonder in Ecuador and around the world.  You can hear the sound of a conch trumpet at Wikepedia.


We were really excited when our grandson found this shell buried in our back yard.


Conch shells have deep significance and are used in a variety of ways from culture to culture- worship, instruments of war, containers, and in many types of jewelry.  The overwhelming majority of  shells have spirals opening on the left side when observed with the face in front and crown pointed down.   This is the spiral normally seen in nature.

The right-handed conch which opens on the left, is known as the “Sri Lakshmi Conch”, is extra special and is believed in the Hindu culture to bring abundant blessings on the possessor.  These special conch shells call Sri Lakshmi and help generate intelligence, success, and worldly freedom.  According to tradition, opening on the right (or Dakshinavarti) side, is an extremely low-probability genetic variation; this number has been reported within oral tradition as a rarity of 1 in 100,000,000.

So we were impressed until we realized this is a right handed Lightening Whelk.  That spin though rare overall is common with the shell in our back yard. Most spiraling shells open to the right with the rare specimen opening to the left.  Not the Lightning Whelk. Its Latin name, Busycon contrarium, indicates its contrary nature. The Lightning Whelk scientific name is Busycon sinistrum. Sinistrum is Latin for left.

So this shell was not such a wonder after all… though still rare because Lightening Whelks normally grow about one foot in length though 15 inches has been recorded.  This shell in our back yard is 16 inches… so maybe it’s a rare wonder.

Whether it is or not, the shell sparked some thoughts on rare wonders.

Perhaps this was because our son just sent a note about  a rare wonder in Mexico.

Mexico’s Cave of Crystals stunned geologists when it was first discovered in 2000. The underground chamber contains some of the largest natural crystals ever found – some of the selenite structures have grown to more than 10m long. Professor Iain Stewart got a rare glimpse of the subterranean spectacle while filming for the new BBC series How the Earth Made Us.  See a glimpse of a Mexican rare wonder the cave of crystals

Ecuador Rare Wonders.

Some of Ecuador’s rare wonders include the Galapagos.


Our friend Kjetil Haugan’s company offers two of the most luxurious cruises in the Galapagos.

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The Amazon.

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Some Ecuador caves are also a wonder. Cueva de los Tayos (Spanish, “Cave of the Oilbirds”) is a natural cave located in the Amazon.

They run almost three miles and are  largest of three entrances is a 65 meter deep shaft leading to 4.6 kilometers of spacious passages and a chamber measuring 90 meters by 240 meters. The cave has a vertical range of 201 meters with its lowest point.

The sacred LLanganatis valley is a wonder. Legend says Atahualpa’s treasures are stored there.


Here is Merri and me, with a friend, hiking in the LLanganatis.

There is a wonderous sacred grotto near Cotacachi where the water flows out the color of…


a golden sunrise.  Our shamanic mingas have…


purifying ceremonies here.


One of our delegates at the sacred grotto.

There are the Santa Cruz lava tubes mentioned in a message about a Galapagos farm for sale.


To me however the really great wonder in Ecuador are the people.

Ecuador may have…


good times, or…


bad. But I hope…


that these pictures I have shot of…


people in Ecuador, reflect…


the gentle nature of the Ecuador’s people because…


in the end the…


reaction to events in any country is determined by…


the nature of the people.   Here’s a photo I took of President Correa.  The fact I could get so close in a crowd to El Presidente is a statement about Ecuador in itself. He may turn out to be a good leader or not but…


the fate of…


Ecuador… is in the…


nature of the people.  Merri and…


I have enormous respect for the…


connection that Ecuador’s people have with…


the wonder of…


this land called…



I hope you find your weekend filled with wonder.


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Many readers are writing and asking about being in Ecuador in 2012.

2012 is a year according to some interpretations of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar that there will be some huge changes in the world.

There are a variety of popular beliefs about what the change in 2012 will be ranging from a spiritual transformation to some apocalyptic shift.

Interestingly enough 2012 also is the last year of a bear cycle in the 30 year economic/stock cycle we track.


We have discussed 2012 with a number of Ecuador shamans and they feel that this prediction may be off by several years due to inaccuracies in tracking the movements of the stars. Some even believe the economic upheaval of the last two years has kicked off the shift.

One reader sent this question:

Gary,  This may sound harebrained, but is there any ideal place to be on 12-21-2012?  I’ve read that the Bush family has purchased a large tract of land in Paraguay.

Here is my reply: We have our places in Ecuador, the Blue Ridge of North Carolina and in Florida.  Each could be a positive place.

We hope that the shifts will be positive spiritual shifts not the disaster some predict… and we plan accordingly.

Here is my logic. If we are wrong. If there is an  apocalypse, then no amount of planning can assure that one will be in the right place at the right time. Thus we focus on making our minds, bodies and spirits strong so we’ll do the best we can with whatever comes, good or bad.

Another reader sent this note: Is the 2012 doomsday scenario just a replay of y2k?  Or is it something more?  Apparently, the planets will align.  But are we really part of a galaxy that is tilting into the Milky Way galaxy?  (This presupposes that the Milky Way galaxy is not our galaxy.)  Do you expect serious solar activity?  Is 12-21-2012 going to be a non-event?

I’m very worried about the U.S. economy in 2010.  (Let’s take it a year at a time!)  Many mortgage resets begin in May of 2010 and continue throughout October of 2011.  I think the economy and job losses will get a lot worse, soon.  I don’t know how this will affect the stock market.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

What about the Schiff method of buying stocks of large dividend-paying offshore companies?  As the dividends are repatriated, they will supposedly rise in value as the U.S. dollar continues to fall.  How far will the U.S. dollar fall?  (I’m thinking it’ll find a floor of around 72 on the $USD chart.)

Like you, I have done very well in business.  Now, though, I’m a deer in the headlights of an oncoming train.  I want to preserve capital–that is, purchasing power–but I don’t know the best method. Hope you and Merri are well and continuing to prosper in 2012.

Here is more of my thinking. Life is for living… not scampering around just to prepare for doom.  We should be concerned about imbalances in the world, yes… but not afraid.  We should look for ways to resolve our concerns… in ways that are fun and fulfilling if our fears (as they have so far) turn out wrong.

For example, another reader wrote about the article Intelligent Protection From EMP Terrorist AttackGary; Good article.  I have heard a couple more recommendations.  First, if you have a swimming pool change it to a salt pool, so you can use the water for household use, if the water supply goes off line.  Second, install a natural gas backup generator, as natural gas will flow even if the electrical grid is down. Fritz Biermeier

We do have a pool and this is a great idea… but not because I believe we are going to have a terrorist attack. Salt pools are healthier and easier to maintain… so we had plan to make this conversion for good reasons.   If it is every needed for survival well that’s good as well.


We also have a large generator.


This is not because we believe in a terror attack. Storms here seem to shut the electricity down here.  Last week power was off for much of the day, but… I was still in business.

Do things you want to do anyway that help allay your concerns about 2012. Take steps you’ll be happy to have taken when everything turns out better than before.

I’ll make a bold prediction about 2012.

One of three things will happen.  Life will get worse. Life with get better or life will stay the same.  None of us really know.  There are many reasons why we should have some concerns for the future.  Problems will arise in the years ahead… big and small.  Just remember if you are tuned… physically, emotionally and mentally… problems will become opportunities.


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Ecuador Property Insights

Yesterday’s message looked at insights on patience and value. If  you missed that message click here.

Patience and the never ending quest for value are vital in investing and buying real estate in Ecuador or anywhere.

Value is really hard to understand in the real estate and equity market now because the bubble of 2007 created many false illusions.  This creates the need for even more patience.

The value of a house is twofold… the value of a roof overhead and the value of whatever price it can be resold.

These are unpredictable times.   Basing a potential resale on previous inflated bubble prices can be a great error.

For example,  after months of searching, Merri and I made our first offer for property in Florida.  Our offer is half the seller’s asking price.

This was really hard for me to do, but after looking at everything I had to come in with this price.  Here is the note I sent to the broker with the offer.

We appreciate your help and attach our offer for the property.

In today’s market, value is really hard to determine because of the economic instability and uncertainty of when markets will rebound. History suggests we won’t see a full recovery for six to ten years… but there is no guarantee.   Because our offer is substantially less than the asking price, I have tried to apply some logic looking at this as a value oriented investor.  So here are the seven reasons for our offer price.

First, our main goal is as investors and we expect to buy at good value. Since there is so much uncertainty we will err on the low side rather than take risk.  We are in no hurry and there are plenty of houses we have seen that we could enjoy for our winters.  If this offer does not work we have several more houses we are ready to make an offer on.    A really fair value is an important part of our offer and in this market we expect to get one.

Second, this property is valued at an even lower by eppraisal.com at realestate.yahoo.com.

Third, we offered more than the lowest appraisal.

There are two other higher internet appraisals but we have gone with the lower of the three for the reasons above and below.

Fourth, as you can see at http://www.trulia.com/real_estate/Eustis-Florida/
The median sales price in Eustis has dropped over 35% in the last year and there are 496 properties for sale.

This page says:  “Average price per square foot for Eustis FL was $71, a decrease of 45.8% compared to the same period last year. The median sales price for homes in Eustis FL for Feb 09 to Apr 09 was $122,000 based on 115 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price decreased 35.3%, or $66,600, and the number of home sales increased 42%.


Fifth, we are buying into a market with falling prices so prices may go even lower as you can see in the zillow.com estimate below. This chart estimates the five year value of this house.


Sixth, we are buying into a market with a large inventory.

There are currently 496 resales and new homes in Eustis according to Trulia, including 299 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process.

All of this means that this property could be hard to sell and that any price rise could be a long period of time away.

Seventh, this offer is more than the current debt the owner holds so though it leaves them with a loss on their purchase price, it does provide a mortgage payoff and leaves them with some cash. Otherwise they could be holding this property, and all the expenses,  for quite some time.  In a year’s time the property could still be unsold with a lower value and the owners would have had to outlay more in cash.

This places the sellers’ (who bought in 2004) position in a better circumstance compared to having invested in the Dow Jones Industrial Index.

As the chart from finance.yahoo below shows had they invested in the Dow instead of the house in 2004 the index was 10,410 then.  The Dow rose to 14,093 by late 2007.  Had they sold then in 2007 they would have gained a 40% profit. Then within a year the index fell to 6,626, 36% below the 2004 level.  A 36% loss in the Dow instead of real estate their investment would be worse then the loss they will take if they sell at the price I am offering.

This stock market comparison is important. As an investor, I have a choice. I can buy property or equities.  If I buy equities they are about 50% less than they were and they are mostly lower than five years ago. 

Now we will be patient.

Before I made the offer, I reviewed the deal with a close friend who has been a real estate broker and developer for many years.

He wrote something worth reading:

“Gary, As a realtor, I rarely find a fellow realtor who has good appraisal methods. The research and valuation methods you have employed in your study are in the 98th percentile of methods used by professional realtors.

If a seller wants to sell, there are three things that do not affect the selling price: (1)What they paid, (2)What they owe, and (3)What they want. Try to explain this to a seller though.

Please stick to your guns because as you pointed out, this is a buyer’s market. Don’t get emotionally attached.  The key is to be ready to offer on numerous properties. As you evidently are. Sometimes walking away and coming back a few weeks later puts the seller in a different frame of mind. Sometimes another property is waiting around the corner.

It is always a good idea to have a neutral party representing the transaction, if not an agent representing your interests only.

Make sure that you choose the title company, not the selling party. This will avoid many conflicts of interest.  Any deposit money should be held in escrow at that title insurance company. Do not give earnest money to any other party. Never give any money directly to the homeowner, no matter what they might request in the contract. Real estate companies should not hold the deposit money because I have seen them try to get a piece of the leftovers if a transaction fails to close. Oftentimes it is not their fault that a transaction does not close. They figure they have already done their work. They still want their fees. Don’t let that become your problem.

Whoever gets the deposit money, ask them specifically if they have any fees due if the transaction does not close. Ask what those fees are. Neither me nor any of my clients have ever paid a fee if the transaction does not close.

This is good advice when you buy property in the USA, Ecuador or anywhere!


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it is in a quiet place and it has a garden directly below the house.


Here are Ecuador real estate tour delegates checking the house.


We also look at property around Lake Quicocha for sale.


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Nov. 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Nov. 11-14 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

Attend any two Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$949 for one.  $1,349 for two.

Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two.

Ecuador’s Energy

Ecuador’s energy is important because investing, business and health ideas are everywhere when you give yourself a chance to stop and listen.

This is one reason Merri and I live in nature at our North Carolina farm and live in a quiet Andean village here in Ecuador.

This is why we take delegates to quiet places on our Ecuador tours.  Here for example is a shot that our friend Dennis Goff took during lunch on our latest Ecuador real estate tour…. Lake Quicocha.

ecuador-energy A property, by the way, right next door is for sale. I do not have a picture of that house.

The tour also looked at another house (shown below) for sale in Cotacachi. this was  popular on the tour…because


it is in a quiet place and it has a quiet garden directly below the house.


Here are Ecuador real estate tour delegates checking the house.


We are energy and we are surrounded by energy that affects our thinking, our health and our health.  Energy is frequency and Ecuador’s shaman’s practice frequency medicine.

Delegates at our import export course visited a shamana yesterday to learn more about energy.  Here is a shot from the shamans place… more on this comes in a later message.


This is why we do not have a TV… to eliminate the noise… so we can listen…. so we can get in tune with nature’s frequency.

This is why we have scientists who are experts on frequency, like Bob Shane, come during our courses.   He has been busy consulting delegates every single day.  Learn more about Bob’s work here.

This is also why we  developed a quiet seminar center at our  North Carolina farm.  Here is a shot of our seminar center on the farm.


The deck extends into the woods.


With this view below.


We gain a lot of great multi currency, investing, business and health information from the energy of Ecuador, North Carolina and all places quiet.

We continually have really wonderful people come to our centers to share valuable ideas on frequency and energy.

One wise man who spoke at our farm is Raymon Grace.  He had an interesting group there. I was impressed with what he shared and as a consequence Raymon sends me an email once in awhile.

Recently he shared this note about energy

Howdy Friends,  Many of you have written because of your concerns about the economy and world conditions in general. Well, I’m the wrong person to ask about things like that as I have little knowledge of world economics.

However, I may have a bit of experience with changing energy.

As most of you know, our work is based on a few simple principles.

All things are composed of energy and the intelligent mind can direct energy

Energy is impressed upon matter

Energy follows thought

If we think of a past event that causes us to become angry, we are likely to create a feeling of anger.

If we think of a past event that was fearful, we will create fear.

If we think of a past event that was funny, we will laugh.

Ok, so what happens when we regularly read papers and magazines telling us how bad things are? TV news makes a stronger impression on our mind.

When we buy into the opinions and commentaries of those in the news media, we are letting them tell us what to think. It seems that many people have either forgotten how to think or perhaps they never learned, so they let someone else do their thinking for them. We are affected by what we hear, see and experience, whether we like it or not.

So how do we stop being influenced by the bad news?

Here is how I do it.—– Don’t listen to it.

On most any situation I ask, “Will my life be better or worse because of this?”

This is why I am pleased that Jyske Global Asset Management chose a quiet time of the year to have a multi currency investment seminar in Naples Florida.

Merri and I lived in Naples opver 20 years. The shot below was taken just a block from our house and we know that May and October are the quiet months with the best weather.


This investment seinar will have numerous speakers with enormous knowledge about world economics… such as Thomas Fischer… John Mauldin… Micheal Checkan ad the other multi currency exports who will join me for Jyske Global Asset Management’s  Multi Currency Florida Investment Course

One idea we’ll look at during this multi currency course is how to select safe currencies that offer maximum return and have potential for gains against the US dollar.

Until next message, good global investing!


Join us at a course our tour in 2009 in Ecuador, North Carolina or Florida. Here is our future 2009 courses

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Nov. 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
Nov. 11-14 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

Attend any two Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$949 for one.  $1,349 for two.

Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two

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