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Ecuador Travel Risk

An Ecuador travel risk is theft.  Blaine Watson just who just conducted our Beyond Logic course just sent this note.

Hey there guys. I miss Ecuador, sitting here in Seattle and it is cold and gray.  One delegate on her way back had her apple laptop, camera and cell phone stolen in the business center at the Radisson in Quito.   No help from the staff on that one. Maybe you should warn people that this kind of thing can happen anywhere and to keep an eye on things.

So be warned. In Ecuador, especially the major cities, pick pockets and thieves work even the major hotels. We have had delegates have purses, cameras and computers stolen from restaurants and other public areas in all the major hotels.

Ecuador tourist areas are a pickpocket risk…especially in Quito’s Marical Sucre area and in Otavalo market on Saturday.

However the good parts of Ecuador overwhelm this risk.

We do not have this problem here in Cotacachi but one must keep an eye on there goods anywhere. I have never been robbed in 14 years in Ecuador because I remain aware.  Yet I had all my Christmas shopping stolen in London, my home, just blocks form my house because I felt to secure.  The point?  There are bad guys out there everywhere… so take care.

There is so much good here that we receive many, many more raves like this below (rather than sad stories) from people who come to Ecuador.  A reader  just sent me this note.

Hi Gary:  As Ecuador Living subscribers we have relied on information from your newsletters to make our stay in Ecuador very satisfying.  I don’t know if you like receiving feedback on experiences your readers have had, but we felt we wanted to share some information about a hotel we stayed at in Cuenca. The hotel is called the hostal La Casona.  Up until 6 years ago it was the private hacienda of the owners.  They turned it into a three story hotel, while managing to preserve it’s charm and originality. (ie: original ceilings and crown moldings in the dining room).

The hotel is in a great location between the two rivers, and close to a mall, park, and the old city.  There is a wide variety of restaurants in the neighbourhood, and contrary to what we heard many were open on Sunday.  It is very secure and quiet there.  The rooms were of decent size, and our bathroom had a bathtub and shower.  Our adult daughter was with us, and she had a separate room. The total cost of the two rooms was $70 per night.  Compared to what other places are charging for inferior quality rooms, this is a steal!  We had good internet access and cable T.V.

The owners son, Patrice, lives on site and manages the place.  He speaks excellent English.  He has another fellow (Carlos) working the desk who also speaks some English.  We wanted to visit the ruins one day, and for $20 Carlos came on the bus with us and was our personal tour guide for the day.  Anything we wanted was met with prompt attention.  There is a dining room which serves a complimentary continental breakfast, and we had a lovely supper there one night.  We had three dinners, 2 soups and a bottle of wine for $33.  My daughter said the shrimp bisque was the best she has eaten.

As a lot of your readers come from North America they have certain standards they like to see in a hotel.  We were paying double the room rates in Guayaquil at an international chain hotel that couldn’t hold a candle to La Casona.  We hope if you are in Cuenca you will pay them a visit, and perhaps feel they deserve a mention in your newsletter. On the whole, we loved everything about Cuenca.  It is high on our list of possible retirement destinations.  Another myth dispelled…Cuenca is not COLD!  Especially if you are coming from Canada like we are.

We would also like to thank you for allowing us to rent your penthouse at San Clemente for a week.  We had a great time there, and we appreciate being able to stay in such a lovely room.  We are currently in Quito, and on Thursday we are heading to Cotacachi.  We will drop by your hotel, though.  Thanks again.  Betty Ann and Harold

There you have it. We have found that those who enjoy the most charm in Ecuador stay in the cozy small places to real get to know the people of Ecuador.

For example yesterday morning… on Valentine’s Day all our staff arrived at 6am. They had stayed up late making these flower arrangements.


Promptly at seven they went to every room and presented our guest with a boquet and a box of chocolates.  Our guests were overwhelmed. Here are four guests enjoying the flowers at breakfast.

ecuador-risk Merri and I were overwhelmed as well because we had not ask the staff to do this. The flowers… the chocolate… the early arrival were entirely their ideas.  This is the true, sweet nature of the people in Cotacachi1

Until next message may you be always blessed by sweet natures.


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Let me introduce the men who guide you on your Ecuador real estate tours, Steve and John Papski. The fact that both are multi national is important. Steve is English, John Polish, but both lived many years in London and both have lived all over the world. Steve lived for years in the US.

Both are utterly committed to Ecuador. They have lived in Ecuador for years and have Ecuadorian families. Both are totally fluent in English and Spanish. Here you can see why in a message from Steve sent while he is in England. Steve writes:

I’m missing my Ecuador as I view it from afar and here I try to understand why.

If I havn’t posted as regularly as usual it’s because I seem to be very busy on vacation in England. In Cotacachi I’m looked after like a king by the wonderful staff at Meson de las Flores. They cook for me, wash my clothes, clean my room and generally try to take care of any and every need they can envisage I might need.

Here is Rosita Elena looking after my son – she just does it because she likes to!

I would consider myself very special; except I know they treat every guest like this, and if there is the very occasional slip-up, as there is in any hotel, it’s not for want of effort nor desire on their part.

Humble and helpful – and much missed and appreciated from afar!

Here in England, even if there were such wonderfully caring and service orientated people to help with daytime chores, it really is only the Royalty who could afford to employ them anyway.

So consequently it’s come as a shock to the system to cook for three, wash, clean, and tidy the house on vacation. I love to see my family but next time I’m going on vacation in Ecuador!

England is looking gloomy this summer. Apart from the continuous grey skies, 10 sunny warm days so far this year according to my brother-in-law, all the talk is of the downturn in the economy. Nobody can bring themselves to mention “recession” but what is affecting everyone is having less disposable income. Meals out are once again becoming a treat. Foreign holidays to the Mediterranean are being ditched because of high costs and shops are suffering as people spend on only the essentials.

This was how the weather was last summer in Ecuador. While you can find similar scenery in Scotland you won’t often find similar weather!

Every day the British are being buffeted by bad news. Headlines such as “Armed Forces face training cuts as fuel bill rockets”, “Millions face $200 a month fuel bills” “We’ll have to work until we’re 70 – just as it was in Lloyd George’s day”, and “Private schools fall victim to credit crunch” leave no doubt that if the economy is not in recession it’s not very far away.

Walking around the mall in my hometown of Fareham, a prosperous town compared to many, I can’t really see much evidence of the down-turn, although I do see that retired people are not dressed as well as younger folks. I’m impressed by the ever increasing range of stores and products for sale. The choice is phenomenal.

But then I also notice something less tangible. I ask myself why if there is more choice here, more wealth than in Ecuador, why do so many people look miserable and down-beat in England. I think I notice it more in those who are over 40. But I’m not sure.

In the mall there are several cafes in the aisles and I notice several older folks sat by themselves drinking cups of tea. As I walk down to another café to get internet access I notice an older man hunched over on a bench, his cane resting over his legs. Ninety minutes later I return the same way and there he is – hardly moved.

An older gentleman, still looking dapper, enjoying time with friends in the sun in Cotacachi’s main square

Perhaps it’s this. In the Times of London a recent article about the National pension quoted the 73 year old Rita Young who is struggling to live off $1,200 a month. ‘… She is angry that elderly people in one of the world’s richest countries are not treated better.

“Things are better than a hundred years ago, when only the righteous were entitled to their shilling a week. But it is a disgrace that we have got to go and beg for the pension credit to bring us up to a level still below the poverty line. Our pension does not even bring us up to the level of the lowest paid in the economy.” Mrs Young, asked what she considers to be a luxury replied “a bar of chocolate”.

Break from the Easter parade
When an ice-cream still brings a smile

Two weeks to go until I return to home in Ecuador. I’m looking forward to life in the slow lane again and now understand and empathize better when I receive emails from our guests saying “I’m missing Ecuador so much, I can’t wait to return”. Steve.

If you are in England and would like to consult with Steve send me a note at gary@garyascott.com and I’ll help yu arramge a personal or telephone consultation.

You can read the second half of Steve’s note as an Ecuador Living subscriber.


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