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Self – Publishing 202 Tidbits On Kindle – Lesson Six

Self – Publishing 202  Tidbit On Kindle:  Lesson Six

Danish castle

Gary and Merri Scott at a castle outside of Copenhagen.

Lesson Six of Self – Publishing 202  Tidbit On Kindle has been posted. See how a trip to Copenhagen started our self publishing business on the internet and how this leads to Kindle publishing now.

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Learn more about How to Self Publish at our International Business and Investing Conference.

International Micro Business Doing Good in Accumulating Wealth

An international micro business can be doing good as it accumulates wealth.

For example, our Ecuador micro business in roses provides Ecuador scholarships.

Merri and I are stick in the muds when it comes to doing things at night.  We are often in bed before nine… always before ten, unless it is some strange situation.

This weekend though for about the sixth time in 15 years of being up here in the mountains we were out after dark.  The cause of risking being turned into a pumpkin was worthy… a fund raiser for the FREE medical clinic in Jefferson, North Carolina… called the Festival of Tables.  12 groups decorated table settings… we all had a nice meal and an auction.  Last year this event raised ten thousand dollars for the clinic which helps provide health care to those who are not insured and cannot afford health care otherwise.

We contributed Ecuadorian roses and lilies and helped decorate this table.


Its amazing what 50 roses and lilies can do.

Merri and I love Ecuadorian roses so it is not surprising that we offer them at our site… not for the money, but to help the people of Ecuador.  Our tradition has been to use our flower revenue to provide scholarships for children and to help Ecuador schools… so this was a double pleasure… in that we could help a little in Ecuador and Ashe County too.

Before we look at the benefits of the scholarships,  let me share why Ecuador roses not only create a business opportunity (use them as a fund raiser)  but are a phenomenal value!

See how to create an Ecuador rose business here.

Ecuador flowers make sense because they offer special value.

At $91, for 50 roses, the price can seem high… until one looks at the entire picture.  Half the cost of these roses is the Fedex delivery right to the doorstep.  That’s worth quite a bit… a big value enhancement.  However the real value is shown when you consider the number that the beauty of these flowers last.

Typically a dozen supermarket roses cost $15 to $19… excluding the cost of getting to the store and back.  You have to go there any way.  Right?  So 50 store roses cost $60 to $79.   If lucky, they last a week… more often only three days. They rarely have enough energy to fully open.

Fresh Ecuador roses arrive looking like this.


But soon open so they…


look like this.

Fresh cut Ecuador roses are beautiful but also have staying power.  One can always expect nine days… but with good care often much longer.  Many of the last roses were still looking good after an amazing 21 days!


Ecuador roses after 21 days.

I was delighted to receive this note from our flower supplier in Ecuador,  Roberto Ribadeneira,

Gary, I’ve notice that you are helping out a lot of young people with scholarships, which I think is the best way to help. Education has gone up in Ecuador. This is unbelievable.  How can communities pay that much? In any case I thought maybe we can do a Rose Promotion for the scholarships, that helps raise some funds for the kids who want to go to university.

The idea is to offer roses for Thursday 22, 2011 delivery.

I will drop the price on the roses for that day ONLY so all the monies will go straight to these kid’s education.

In Ecuador where access to education is very limited and most people end up losing their chance to get into higher education, this gives a way to help them achieve their dreams.

In a region such as Otavalo and Cotacachi where there is almost no government related jobs, most people rely on their own effort to make a living. Unlike highly paid autocrats in Quito who make a lot of money with little effort, people in Otavalo and Cotacachi are hard workers that make much less and have less access to put their kids in universities.

Now in an area where going to college is a privilege supporting these kids is very important, mainly because they do want to pursue a dream, and without access to college that dream will be elusive.

I have four students in mind:

Young Jenny Montufar said repeatedly “thank you so much…I’ll do my best to get the best grades and make everyone proud of me”.   She knows that without our help, she may never go to college.  She loves tourism, she likes to talk to people, to welcome them to Ecuador and have them come over and over again. So she is in tourism at a local college, hoping that soon she can guide tourists to every corner of Ecuador.


Jenny Montufar (right)

So we have four kids attending to college and making their best effort to graduate and go for their dreams. Cristian Simba for example, works during nights and goes to college as soon as he is off from work. So he rarely gets sleep, but he is proud that he is one of the few who can attend college, he is studying how to administer a business and he hopes to apply that to his current job.


Cristian Simba

Jonathan Guerrero hopes to be (ingeniero de sistemas) a computer engineer, which was unheard before in Cotacachi, where most people work at hotels, restaurants or on leather.  All of those are really good jobs, but far from being with the latest technology. So a young man in Cotacachi may be entering the new era as well.

Everyone has a story and a dream to fill while attending to College, and with a little help they can do it. What it is really important is that they commit to that, and they know it. Because they have to make their best effort to keep receiving help, because like them there are many other kids that need a scholarship as well.

For now these kids have a unique opportunity to make their community a little better, let’s hope that with our effort many more could do the same. But this is a give-give thing, we give them a hand and they stand up to the highest requirement, to be really good students and to make every dollar worth.

A scholarship must be earned and these kids are doing everything possible to be worth of it, and I do believe with a little help from everyone they can go to college and bring knowledge to their communities.

The cost of helping all three students for the next semester is $2,180 and with enough sales we can help these kids get that education.  I know that there are two others who are getting their reports/grades together also…and that you have helped them for the last few years, but I thought that I should help too with an offering of roses.   Roberto

This week until 5pm (EST) Saturday September 17, 2011, all funds that Roberto, Merri and I receive will go towards  scholarships for these three students and hopefully the other two applicants.


Pursue Your Dreams In a Funky Micro Business

When you are on a correct path, it is never too late to pursue your dreams in your own micro business.  See below how to use music and light to be smarter in life, business and investing.

An August 23, 2011 New York Times article by Ruth La Ferla entitled “At 90, Fashion’s Latest Pop Star” tells the story of Iris Apfel who finally became a star at age 90.

Fwd: iris-apfel

Photo by Chester Higgins Jr. from The New York Times article.

The article:  HER spectacles, as round as soup tureens, lend Iris Apfel a startled look. If she seems surprised, she has good reason. Mrs. Apfel, the subject of a string of museum exhibitions, a coffee table book and even a fashion advertising campaign, has long been a magnet to aficionados, those devotees of fashion who dote on her style — a more-is-more mix of haute couture and hippie trimmings that appears at a glance to have been blended in a Cuisinart.
But now, at 90, she seems baffled, and clearly tickled, to find herself on the cusp of pop stardom, an unlikely celebrity whose fame has been constructed almost entirely around her look. “I’m a geriatric starlet, my dear, don’t you know,” she said the other day. Relaxing in her Park Avenue apartment, a visual feast of cabbage rose patterns, paisleys and brocades, she added, “All of a sudden, I’m hot; I’m cool; I have a ‘fan base.’ ”

How do we determine or find that correct path?   Judging by the number of questions I receive on “Where do I start?”  this question stumps a lot of  readers. 
Whether you are 20 or 90, there are many ways to create a joyful lifestyle… that pays its way…  using the intelligence beyond logic that we all have. 

One simple way to start is to get in tune with nature.


For example nothing in the business books will tell you to face east and to try to be at work during the sunrise.  Yet when you do… the types of ideas you need specifically for your success… are most likely to arise.

For example here’s my office view as the sun rises in North Carolina about this time of year.

Many years ago Merri and I lived for a winter with a Taita Yatchak and his apprentices. We lived as they did, without electricity, hot water or even a roof over our heads at night. We took all the shamanic lessons as they came… and one lesson we were taught was how to attract abundance.  The Yatchak used to say visualize Golden Orange… the color of abundance.

Vedic traditions also always face the office towards the east.

Sunrise at our Florida home…


and the sunset filling our house with golden orange… frequencies of wealth… evenings and morn.


Here is the view I see as I type away in our Cotacachi, Ecuador penthouse around 6 in the morn.


There are message in these frequencies that we cannot easily explain through language… but what science has shown is that frequency, especially in the range we call “light” has an enormous impact on the pineal gland… which is composed of cells similar to the retina.

Looking at this in a Western scientific way we can see how frequency has an impact on our endocrine system.

One way to view everything in the universe is as a bundle of frequency.  All matter and energy differ only by the numbers of frequencies involved.  Thus everything in and out of our body impacts everything else… in major or minor ways based on tone, beat, rhythm, volume, frequency.

Take for example, the human body when it hears a lullaby at around 60 decibels and the body relaxes and shifts into a healthier state from these subtle frequency energies.

Someone who hears the same lullaby at 180 decibels goes deaf instantly and that is the least of it. The force of the sound waves would liquefy the bowels, and the listener dies in a puddle of diarrhea.

Frequencies we call light are so important to our actions because they indirectly impact the pituitary gland, often called the master gland which directs the actions of the endocrine system. Light’s circuitous route is via the hypothalamus which in turn gets its instructions from the pineal gland.

Light and the pineal are really important because the pineal gland is located in the brain between the two hemispheres. Unlike much of the rest of the mammalian brain, the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system but has a profuse blood flow, second only to the kidney. So the pineal’s activity affects blood and brain chemistry simultaneously.

The pineal gland is composed of cells similar to those of the retina called pinealocytes and cells of the nervous system called glial cells. The pineal gland connects the endocrine system with the nervous system in that it converts light to nerve signals from the sympathetic system of the peripheral nervous system into hormone signals.

Outside frequency… at ranges we call “sound” and/or “light” or “electro magnetic force” also entrain the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands.  The conductor of the endocrine system is our own inner intelligence (a bundle of frequencies) influenced by the outer universal intelligence (a bigger bundle of frequencies).

The endrocrine system is viewed as the biochemical key to health in the same way that the nervous system is the key to the electro. In reality, the functions of these two systems are so interrelated that they can essentially be referred to as one system: the neuroendocrine system and all electrical and chemical activity can be viewed as frequencies.

Frequencies (in ranges called sound, light or electro magnetic) simultaneously impact the nervous and endocrine system.  This creates lightening quick electrical impulses that the endocrine system quickly communicates with neurochemical hormones.

Both forms of communication can control and coordinate millions of functions in the body every second.

The manufacture of hormones by the endocrine system allows it to regulate the metabolic function of every system, organ, tissue, and cell in the body. Essentially, these hormones are chemical messengers that allow the intelligence of the body to create a balanced internal environment.

Ancient healers recognized that different glands and organs responded to different frequencies.

For example the pineal gland is activated by the highest pitch (light) than the pituitary and thyroid gland. The thymus gland, centrally located at the heart of the endocrine system, is in the midrange, while the pancreas, adrenal glands, the sex glands are activated by the lower ranges.

Cultures have recognized the importance of these ranges in music  for many centuries.   You will find high pitch plain chant music that masters developed to awaken spirituality and our connection with the higher levels of the universe.  Here is a sample of spiritual music.

But the wise people also recognized that low pitched, heavy beat music like the Sexual Earthquake in Kobe could be used to manipulate and excite the more physical aspects of our nature.

In short the endocrine system corresponds to differently to certain tonal and light frequencies. Specific musical tones… specific colors… strengthen the endocrine system and also lead to specific ranges of influence within the body created by powerful hormones that circulate the bloodstream. Much of the power and energy generated by the human body is created in the endocrine system as it transforms the inner with universal subtle energy fields.

The ancients recognized that one avenue available to humans, to activate the wiser… less limited brain waves was through the third eye (pineal gland).  It is attributed to initiating psychic powers and perceiving higher dimensions. The ancients learned that a greater field of intelligence could be unlocked when the pituitary and pineal are entrained to vibrate in unison and learned to achieve this through meditation, chanting and sungazing.

When a correct relationship is established between the personality, operating through the pituitary, and universal frequencies, operating through the pineal, a magnetic field is created. The pineal can generate its own magnetic field because it contains magnetite. This field can interact with the earth’s magnetic field. The solar wind at dawn, charging the earth’s magnetic field, stimulates the pineal gland. This is why the period between 4 and 6 am is the best time to meditate and why sunrise is the best time to sungaze. At these times, the pineal stimulates the pituitary to secrete the Human Growth Hormone. This is why watching the sun rise not only makes you more intuitive but will also enhance muscle growth, skin tone, rapid nail and hair growth, restoration of hair color and general rejuvenation.

At dawn, the negatively charged pineal and the positively charged pituitary combine their essences to create a “light in the head” while meditating. This light has been seen by mystics, initiates, prophets and shamans throughout the ages. They refer to it as the Experience of God or of a universal intelligence.

The Western scientific mind set does not focus on enhancing ourseleves in this way… though Dr. Lozanov and the Eastern bloc did. The West has used the tyranny of reason to block access to greater intuitive intelligence.

We often have to go beyond the Western educational system to shift our consciousness and lifestyle to actively exercise our full human potential and understand the path that is best for us.  One way to step beyond any social mindsets that are desined to lock us into a routine or rat race is to start our day with meditation, 60 cycle music and a sunrise.

Native and Aboriginal people have known this intuitively for thousands of years: Sound and light are very powerful. As the expression of number in space, geometry is inextricably linked to sight and sound.

Sixty cycle music and the sunrise have the power to open our pineal.  Combined they can bring you the intentions of freedom and deep harmony allowing the energy of action while erasing the lethargy of doubt.


Learn how to use meditation and sixty cycle music in business and investing.  Join us in North Carolina for our October 7-8-9 Quantum Wealth Through International Business & Investing.

We have been incorporating the ideas of using frequency for Quantum Health and Quantum Wealth into our courses and seminars for decades… but our  October 7-8-9 2011 devotes an entire workshop to this portion of the course.

These golden colors make me think of a golden rule of investing is that there is always some fact we do not know.

The uncertainty principle that is a core component of our universe… means we cannot be certain of any investment… any factany future. I guess this means we cannot even be certain of uncertainty, but I highly recommend that you expect it in forms we cannot even imagine… volcanoes shutting down the system. Greece going broke… maybe Spain, Portugal, Italy and even the USA as well.   Then expect something else unexpected to take place will have an impact… good or bad on your  savings, job, business, savings wealth and investments.

These unknowns can work in our favor!   Realize that there are millions of ways that good fortune can become bestowed up you.

Merri and I believe in uncertainty and respect the limits of logic so we use many tactics to think, act, live, do business and invest beyond logic.

First, we put our relation with our Faith, our family and our health ahead of money. Without these foundations it is hard to be grounded… to resist greed and fear and to put emphasis on service, sustainability and fulfillment ahead of cash.

Second, we make sure our main investment is on our own business. Investments in shares or bonds and such are backup.  They rely on a social contract that has been ripped to shreds by massive debt globally. This means that all investments are at risk in ways we cannot know.

In our own business we can do something about the product or service we provide.  We still cannot be certain in business… but in business we can be more certain than in investments where we are not involved.

Third, we invest in what we know…. as often as possible with people we like and trust. Investments beyond business rely on a system, an idea and the people involved. The more you know about the people and the idea… the better.

Next we look for ways to tap the infinite wisdom that is within all people… to connect with that unbounded portion of our being that’s in the cosmic state. We all spring from this infinite source… we are of it.  Our logic just cannot compute infinity in symbolic form.  To try is like processing a terabyte of data with a 16K processor (even worse actually).

One way we do this is through Vedic Astrology. Learn more about Vedic Astrology at Blaine Watson’s seminar  September 23-24-25, 2011 Investing & Business Beyond Logic. See details here.

We have to find ways to get in touch with our greater intelligence and learn how to see, hear, feel, taste and smell tiny bits of data in ways that our dimwitted brains can use.

We live in an uncertain world. I cannot be totally certain but believe that risk and the unknown are almost guaranteed. However we spring from infinite wisdom and we can let this unbelievably smart stuff we are made of filter through.  We cannot think what pops up in words. We cannot force it to make sense… but we can use tactics like wealth beyond logic tactics Merri and I use to let our innate wisdom direct us so we enjoy 300% of life… health, wealth and fulfillment.


Read At 90, Fashion’s Latest Pop Star

Seven P Secrets of Self Publishing

When you write, you can work anywhere. 


Here I am working poolside in the winter, at our Florida farm.

gary scott

Here I am with our hound Ma, working during the summer at our North Carolina farm.

Learn how to earn everywhere, while living anywhere you choose.  I have been able to earn by writing in Hong Kong, England, the Isle of Man, Dominican Republic and Ecuador to name a few of the places I have lived.   Anywhere I am,  I am  able to work.

All I need is my laptop.

That’s all you need too… a laptop to be free!

Before computers, a pencil and pad did the job.

Freedom is just one benefit you can gain from a laptop business.

Another benefit is income.   Writing has brought me both our farms in Florida and North carolina, free and clear… plus a lot more.

Another good example of earning potential is my friend Hugh Howey.   He was working for $10 an hour in a book store when he self published his novel Wool, typing in a storage room during his lunch breaks.

Soon he was earning over $100,000 a month on Amazon.com.  This helped secure a six-figure book deal from Simon & Schuster, and an option for film by Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner and Alien.

That’s what he’s doing now.

Hugh Howey

Hugh and I playing chess (he beats me badly).

Writers like Hugh are great inspirations.

A couple of years ago Hugh  left Florida, and moved to South Africa.  He had a sailing catamaran built for him and now can sail the world while he continues to write.

Hugh explained it like this: And that’s the miracle of working as a writer: I can do it from anywhere and everywhere. The past few years, I’ve done a lot of writing from airplanes and airports while on business trips abroad.  SAND was entirely written overseas while traveling through seven different countries; I think it’s a better story because of those inspirations.  In upcoming years, I may be writing near your home port.

Hugh’s a super star writer and his success could not happen to a more deserving and talented person.  He pours enormous energy into being worthy of his readership.  But you do not have to be a million dollar a year earner or a traveler to benefit from writing.

The good news is… you do not need a huge success to have a rich and fulfilled lifestyle.  Self Publishing can bring you a life that most people only dream of, as a journeyman writer, instead of a super star.

May I hastily add that the path to stardom begins as a journeyman… so the journeyman’s path brings success without stardom… but can also lead to stardom.

What most success stories like Hugh’s rarely explain is the many hours of writing that was devoted before their self published book sales soared.   Hugh, like most writers were journeymen first.  Stardom came later.

Here are sevens secrets that can help you become a journeyman writer. 

The secrets are a writer’s armory of tools that allows almost anyone to create successful publications for income, freedom and fulfillment.

Take Merri’s and my publishing business as an example.  

Merri and I are not writing stars.  We are journeymen who have for more than 40 years, year in and year out, earned solid income writing and self publishing dozens of publications about multiple subjects.

Some years that income has been more than solid… over a million dollars.  Yet in terms of stardom, we are hardly known.

In a moment you’ll see why that’s fine for us and probably will be for you too.

First some history.

Merri became involved in self publishing over 40 years ago… first helping a veterinarian publish a book on a very specific market… animal acupuncture. Then she showed a needle point artist how to sell more books to an even more specific audience… “needle point enthusiasts”  about her needle point work to an audience larger than the population of the city she lived in.  This led Merri to eventually become Executive Editor of an award winning magazine in Florida.

My story allowed Merri and me to work and live from Hong Kong to London to Europe to Eastern Europe, then the Caribbean and then Ecuador… making millions in the process of following our adventures… having fun… while helping a large readership adapt to a rapidly changing world.

That’s what self publishing can bring, profit, adventure and fulfillment, a great feeling of worth and wonder.

Self Publishing has created exactly the lifestyle we desire allowing us to span the world and work with meaning and purpose.

Self Publishing has become a new business art form. 

The seven secrets can help you start your own self publishing business now.

Everything in publishing is new and exciting and changing.  Publishing is being recreated by the wonderful power of destructive technology.

Everything is new… except the seven secrets. 

Change in the publishing industry is disturbing many.   We love this evolution due to these seven secrets we call the 7Ps.  The 7 Ps are so fundamental to writing and publishing that new technology enhances rather than reduces their power.

The First P is Passion.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it AND create income with self publishing.  This can be your direct ticket to the kind of fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

Whether you want to travel the world or live as a recluse, work 12 hours a day or not work much at all,  you can set your schedule to succeed, if you’re willing to learn these seven secrets.

You can start part-time with any dream, passion, and budget.  Once you’ve created a product, you’ll enjoy the “multiple effect” of producing profits over and over again.

So the question is… What do you love to do?

What’s Your Passion:  An example is that thirty years ago, a client of Merri’s had a passion to help people who were in pain?  He published a series of pamphlets explaining various chiropractic disorders in very simple terms.  For example: “What Is Whiplash?”

The pamphlets contained solid information, but were simple 5″ x 7″ brochures with drawings and explanations. He sold them with a rack to chiropractors, who put them in their offices for patients to read.  These little self-published items sold year in and year out for decades.

There are thousands of ideas of this sort that can lead to big business.  It’s just a matter of defining and then acting on your passion.

Although I can work when I please and go where I wish, for me the most important reason for being a publisher is the satisfaction it brings. 

I love the projects I take on, so work doesn’t feel like, well… work.

What do you love?  If you love golf, then you can write and sell publications about golf.  Love travel, fishing, dogs, dolls, or art?  Write and sell publications in these fields.

Are you concerned about crime, war, poverty or environmental issues?  You can publish information products that help reduce these concerns.

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place?  Publish a newsletter, write a book (or hire someone to write it for you), record a tape… publish something that enlightens people.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it and earn income by publishing for ereaders, print on demand, CDs, lists, bound books, or any format you choose.

Be immersed in your passion and get paid well for it. 

This is why stardom is not the main goal for most writers and self publishers.  Extra income, more freedom and fulfillment are usually more than enough enough.

The seven Ps are:

#1: Passion

#2: Problem

#3: Person

#4: Profitably Priced Product

#5: Prospecting Pathway

#6: Promise

#7: Presentation

The first time I exposed others to the secrets in Self Publishing was in a weekend “Writer’s Camp” seminar.  We offered the camp for $1,500. 80 delegates enrolled.  People from all walks of life attended—chiropractors, businessmen, investors, doctors, realtors, inventors, airline pilots, engineers, and housewives.

Merri and I were so overwhelmed by the response, we decided to make it available to a larger audience.  We created a written course based on our current self publishing activity called “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher.”  Then we recorded the weekend “Writer’s Camp” seminar.

Thousands have used the course as it has evolved over the decades.

You can receive both the written course and the recorded weekend seminar, in an MP3 file, in a special “Live Well and Free Anywhere” program I am making available to you.  The normal fee is $299 for the written course and $299 for the recorded workshop.   I’ll send you both the course and the recorded workshop and my course on how to expand the profits of what you write called “Eventful Business” (also $299) all for $299.  You save $598.

We are so confident that you’ll gain from this offer that if you are not fully satisfied, simply email us within 60 days for a full refund .

These courses are not theoretical.  They describe, step-by-step, how Merri and I built a million-dollar international business and how we are running this self publishing business right now.   We use the 7Ps today just as we did four decades ago to create a strong annual income.

This correspondence course is for those who would like their own international self publishing micro business for fun and profit. If you want fun, freedom, extra income and fulfillment with your own full or part time writing or want to build your existing business, by writing to sell you can profit from this course.  The course can help who want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business.  This is the perfect course for those who can no longer find employment, who are looking for ways to earn abroad and who wish to retire and supplement their income.

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee that we have shared all we know to help you start and run your own international business.  Enjoy and live a life of following your Passion to Profit… through writing.

Here is a special offer. 

Whatever your passion, however you do business, chances are you’ll be writing either to create a product or to sell a product. 

You save more than $598 because you also receive a recorded webinar conducted by our webmaster David Cross (at no extra cost).

David-cross-images tags:"2012-4-20"

David Cross

David has been our webmaster since our website began in the 1990s.  He is Merri’s and my business partner. We could not run our business as we do without him.

Learn the tactics we use in our web business that condenses 27 years of practical experience about search engine optimization, and writing for search engines.

For the last 27 years David has worked with companies large and small – IBM, Agora Publishing, AstraZeneca and many small business owners.  He has worked in 22 countries, and lived in six of them.

David’s clients span the globe and represent companies and charities both large and small.  From corporate giants to small, one-woman businesses and everything from finance, healthcare, publishing, technology, real estate, veterinarians, alternative health centers and everything in between.

David is an essential part of our web based business.

Myles Norin, CEO of Agora, Inc.  wrote:  “I have found David’s knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry.  Without David’s expertise and guidance for the past 7 years, we would not be nearly as successful as we are.”

As Senior Internet Consultant to Agora Inc. in Baltimore, MD, he worked closely with Agora’s publishers and marketers and – over a 7-year period – helped to propel Agora’s online revenues from around $20 million to well over $300 million.

David’s webinar will help you gain benefits in your micro business that large internet marketing companies use.  In this practical recorded workshop you will learn valuable skills to help your micro business.

There has never been a time when the opportunity for small businesses abroad has been so outstanding.  Expand your borders now!  Increase your economic security freedom, independence and success.

If you are not fully satisfied that this offers you enormous value simply email us for a full refund within 60 days.  You can keep all three courses as our thanks for giving our courses a try.

You also receive a report  “How to use Relaxed Concentration to Brainstorm Business Ideas” and a recorded workshop “How to Become and Remain Rich With Relaxed Concentration” at no additional cost.

Plus you get more in the program.

You receive regular writing and self publishing updates for a year.  Businesses usually need to evolve.  Merri and I continue to publish and have our independent businesses.  Some basics have remained for decades, but new strategies occur all the time throughout the year.  We’ll be sending along updates that share our most recent experiences as we learn and continue to grow our international micro business from Smalltown USA.

My special offer to you in this “Live Well and Free Anywhere Program”, is that you receive:

  • “Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Sell” course
  • Video Workshop by our webmaster David Cross,
  • The entire weekend “Writer’s Camp” in MP3,
  • MP3 Workshop “How to Gain Added Success With Relaxed Concentration”
  • The business course “Eventful Business”
  • Any updates to any of the courses, workshops, reports or recordings for a year

We are so confident that you’ll gain from this offer that if you are not fully satisfied, simply email us within the first three months for a full refund. 

Order “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” and a full year of update lessons $299.  Click Here.      

See success stories from Self Publishers and a few who have attended the “Writer’s Camp” that you will receive on MP3.




Why Be a Multi Currency Investor Abroad?

Three reasons why we should all be multi currency investors abroad and can help us create an international micro business opportunity.

jgam advisors

Gary Scott meeting with his JGAM advisers Anders Nielsen and Thomas Fischer.   See how this can help you begin a business.

Listen to an interview with Thomas Fischer about the JGAM Introducer program here.

More Americans are starting their own businesses than ever before.  Necessities created by global economic evolution and the chance created by modern technology to get out of the rat race to really pursue one’s dreams have developed this huge evolutionary flow.

Readers can gain enhanced success from our online courses on how to develop any type of micro business.

If you have an idea or have started your own business, our courses can help… but if you don’t have a business idea, our turnkey business program can assist you even more.

One idea is to be an introducer to Jyske Global Asset Management.  Why bank abroad? Because there are three good reasons why one should hold assets abroad.

First, European banks have more experience in multi currency investing.

Second, European banks provide more service in multi currency investing.  Can your US banker offer you accounts in three, four even a dozen currencies and provide you loans in euro and yen?  Most overseas banks can.

Third, European banks offer asset protection.  Loss of assets through litigation and liability are major concerns on the USA.  Now there is a growing concern… government seizure of the assets of totally innocent people.

This is already a problem and as local governments have tighter budgets during the economic downturn this trend may grow.

The excerpts below from an August 22, 2011 Wall Street Journal article entitled “Federal Asset Seizures Rise, Netting Innocent With Guilty” by John R. Emshwiller and Gary Fields explains why. There is a link to the full article below and bolds are mine:

New York businessman James Lieto was an innocent bystander in a fraud investigation last year. Federal agents seized $392,000 of his cash anyway.

James Leito, far right, fought to recoup $392,000 seized in a fraud case in which his small business was an innocent bystander.

An armored-car firm hired by Mr. Lieto to carry money for his check-cashing company got ensnared in the FBI probe. Agents seized about $19 million—including Mr. Lieto’s money—from vaults belonging to the armored-car firm’s parent company.
He is one among thousands of Americans in recent decades who have had a jarring introduction to the federal system of asset seizure. Some 400 federal statutes—a near-doubling, by one count, since the 1990s—empower the government to take assets from convicted criminals as well as people never charged with a crime.

Last year, forfeiture programs confiscated homes, cars, boats and cash in more than 15,000 cases. The total take topped $2.5 billion, more than doubling in five years, Justice Department statistics show.

The expansion of forfeiture powers is part of a broader growth in recent decades of the federal justice system that has seen hundreds of new criminal laws passed. Some critics have dubbed the pattern as the overcriminalization of American life. The forfeiture system has opponents across the political spectrum, including representatives of groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union on the left and the Heritage Foundation on the right. They argue it represents a widening threat to innocent people.

“We are paying assistant U.S. attorneys to carry out the theft of property from often the most defenseless citizens,” given that people sometimes have limited resources to fight a seizure after their assets are taken, says David Smith, a former Justice Department forfeiture official and now a forfeiture lawyer in Alexandria, Va.

Forfeiture law has its roots in the Colonial days, when it was used to battle pirates and smugglers. In the 1970s and 1980s, Congress began giving law-enforcement officials power to go after the assets of other criminals, such as organized-crime figures.
The more than 400 federal statutes allowing for forfeiture range from racketeering and drug-dealing to violations of the Northern Pacific Halibut Act, according to a December 2009 Congressional Research Service report. The report shows that seizure powers were extended to about 200 of those laws in 2000 in a major congressional overhaul of the forfeiture system.

Top federal officials are also pushing for greater use of civil-forfeiture proceedings, in which assets can be taken without criminal charges being filed against the owner. In a civil forfeiture, the asset itself—not the owner of the asset—is technically the defendant. In such a case, the government must show by a preponderance of evidence that the property was connected to illegal activity. In a criminal forfeiture, the government must first win a conviction against an individual, where the burden of proof is higher.

Raul Stio, a New Jersey businessman, is caught up in the civil-forfeiture world. Last October, the Internal Revenue Service, suspicious of Mr. Stio’s bank deposits, seized more than $157,000 from his account. Mr. Stio hasn’t been charged with a crime.

In a court filing in his pending civil case, the Justice Department alleges that Mr. Stio’s deposits were structured to illegally avoid an anti-money-laundering rule that requires a cash transaction of more than $10,000 to be reported to federal authorities. Mr. Stio made 21 deposits over a four-month period, each $10,000 or less, the filing said.

Steven L. Kessler, Mr. Stio’s attorney, says there was no attempt to evade the law and that the deposits merely reflected the amount of cash his client’s businesses, a security firm and bar, had produced. Mr. Stio was saving to buy a house, he says.

It’s tough to know how many innocent parties may be improperly pulled into the forfeiture system. Last year, claimants challenged more than 1,800 civil-forfeiture actions in federal court, Justice Department figures show.

Part of the debate over seizures involves a potential conflict of interest: Under a 1984 federal law, state and local law-enforcement agencies that work with Uncle Sam on seizures get to keep up to 80% of the proceeds.

Last year, under this “equitable-sharing” program, the federal government paid out more than $500 million, up about 75% from a decade ago.
The payments give authorities an “improper profit incentive” to seize assets, says Scott Bullock of the Institute for Justice, a libertarian public-interest law firm in Arlington, Va. It’s a particular concern amid current state and local government budget problems, he contends.

Justice Department officials say the 8,000 state and local agencies in the equitable-sharing program have greatly expanded the federal government’s ability to go after criminal activities, particularly the movement of drugs and drug cash along the nation’s highways. The program is monitored to ensure seizures are handled properly, they add.

Seeming abuses occasionally emerge. In 2008, federal Judge Joseph Bataillon ordered the return of $20,000 taken from a man during a traffic stop in Douglas County, Neb. Judge Battaillon quoted from a recording of the seizure, in which a sheriff’s deputy complained about the man’s attitude and suggested “we take his money and, um, count it as a drug seizure.”

The judge’s order said the case produced “overwhelming evidence” that the funds were clean.

Jorge Jaramillo, a construction worker, says he couldn’t afford a lawyer after more than $16,000 was seized from him last year in a traffic stop. “I had all of $20 left,” he says.

In a Delaware federal-court filing, the Justice Department argued the money was related to drug dealing. It pointed to air fresheners in the car, which could mask the smell of drugs, and a fast-food bag containing cigar tobacco, which the filing said was often a sign that the cigar wrapper had been used to smoke marijuana.

The filing also said a police dog had signaled that the cash carried residue of illegal drugs. Such “dog sniffs” are a common but controversial feature in forfeitures.

Mr. Smith, the Virginia attorney, represented Mr. Jaramillo at no upfront cost. In court documents, Mr. Jaramillo, who wasn’t charged with a crime, said he was carrying the money because he was traveling to buy a car from a seller who wanted cash.

The government in May agreed to return Mr. Jaramillo’s money, with interest. Mr. Smith was also awarded $6,000 in attorney’s fees. Under Cafra, attorneys’ fees in civil-forfeiture cases are at least partially payable if the claimant wins.

Mr. Lieto, the New York businessman, discovered the frustrations an innocent party can face as he worked for months to keep open his check-cashing business after federal agents seized his firm’s working capital.

Under the law, an innocent third party generally can’t seek an asset’s return until the underlying criminal case is resolved, which can take time.

This problem that has been around for some time.  In the mid 1990s, Reason Magazine told incredible tales of seizures across the USA, from California to New Hampshire, Florida to Idaho.

An excerpt from that article (which is linked below) shows how anyone with over $100 cash was targeted for seizure:   Daytona Beach. In June 1992, the Orlando Sentinel revealed that Volusia County Sheriff Bob Vogel had created a special police drug squad which preyed upon thousands of innocent motorists driving on U.S. Interstate 95. Operating under a broadly written Florida law allowing police seizure of cash and property based on probable cause without arrests in suspected felony cases, the police engaged in pure highway robbery.

Police conduct was guided by no written rules and reviewed only by the sheriff, who controlled all funds confiscated. Any motorists stopped who had $100 or more in cash were assumed to be a drug trafficker, and their money was taken. From 1989 until the bad publicity in 1992, the squad seized more than $8 million in cash from motorists, mostly blacks and Latinos, and in only four cases did the innocent owners get all their money back.

Yet the concerns about unfair seizures may grow.  As the economy works its way through a low ebb, counties and states desperate for additional finance are encouraged to grab more.

Holding assets outside the US makes it almost impossible for assets to be confiscated without due process.   There are other benefits to holding assets in more than one banking system… added safety… increased broader and more multi currency services… but asset protection is a major reason to bank in more than one country.

This fact also creates a business opportunity wherever you live.


Our online business courses about can help anyone who has a business idea.

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Our first turnkey business program is Jyske global Asset Management because our activities as publishers has a synchronicity with Jyske and JGAM.   We have been able to combine our training, communications and lead generation abilities with their financial organization.

An introducer does not have to be a registered as an investment adviser but JGAM does have a due diligence requirement. JGAM will also expect a certain amount of referrals per year though this amount has not been determined… hence this beta offer.

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We have been working with Jyske Bank for over 20 years and Jyske Global Asset Management, a Jyske Bank wholly owned subsidiary. We started talking to Thomas Fischer Senior VP about an referral program for some time.  Finally,we introduced this opportunity for the first time at our June 2011 seminar.  The response was overwhelming.

Jyske Bank employs a staff of about 4,000 and operates 116 Danish branches, which makes it the second largest independent Danish bank. They offer a full range of financial solutions to retail as well as small and medium-sized corporate clients.

We have always liked Jyske because they are one of Europe’s largest currency traders and offer very simple but sophisticated multi currency investing services.  They are one of Europe’s largest currency traders and dealers.

We have especially enjoyed our business relation with Jyske because being open and honest is one of the core values of the bank group. Traditionally, Jyske formulates and communicates its values – and the way they understand and live by them – to the surrounding world. They work hard offering shareholders, customers and employees balanced opportunity.

We especially like the fact that Jyske employees are not paid bonuses.  No multi million pay outs are in the system that might temp staff to distort earnings or take undue risks.

Here is how you can apply for this program.

To start as a introducer,  there is first the compliance process with Jyske Bank.

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We will also provide an introducer communication forum and update training as well as portfolio and investing ideas.  We have general plans at this stage but find the best way to develop systems is to refine through action. We expect our beta program this year to clarify how we can best help our readers become introducer and how we can help them succeed.

Step one is to start the compliance process with JGAM.  Thomas Fischer  can send you the Introducer Questionnaire and Terms of Business.


Thomas Fischer senior VP JGAM.

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Read the entire Wall Street Journal article  Federal Asset Seizures Rise, Netting Innocent With Guilty

Read Wall Street Journal article County Sheriff Enjoys Fruits of Forfeitures

Read Reason article Exclusive Justice  Good faith breeds bad cops


International Micro Business – Invent Your Future II

Here is an international micro business idea that can help you invent and invest in your future.


Lowe’s Food Store’s Natural and Organic Full Circle Brand logo.

Has a mindset change created a business or investing idea that can help you invent your future… come Full Circle?

Yesterday’s message looked at these facts:  Jobs, careers, valued skills and industries are transforming at an unheard-of rate. And all of the change and uncertainty can make us risk-averse and prone to getting stuck.  The skills we’re taught work well for familiar situations, yet we’re trained to perfect our ideas and use the past to predict the future with linear plans in a nonlinear world.

As such, we need a completely new mind-set. Linear thinking is a death knell for creativity.

Here is a new mindset relating to natural health that may create opportunity for you.

Over the past several decades, values have grown in the business process so they are often as important as economic value.

Consumers have based their buying decisions on private internal values that have become a main theme to the buying process.

For example many businesses learned it is a good investment to give part of their profits to some type of charity. Some businesses have become their values, such as the ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s. (of course that was the Ben & Jerry’s of the past…not necessarily the B&Js of today.)

Part of business now is to expresses a value through the way they do business.

Starbucks for example offers the concepts of fair trade, organic and green for their coffee.  Maybe this is because they believe this is good for the world or maybe they believe consumers will buy more coffee from them.

Whatever their reasoning, this shows how values have become of increasing importance and how consumers have increasingly followed their feelings as well as their pocket books.

These corporate values have, in the past, often became the difference between success and failure.

We may be seeing a change.  Big business may reduce its focus on natural and organic for at least two reasons.

First… the branding of health products have become so diluted that they are meaningless. Consumers no longer believe in phrases like “All Natural” and “Organic”.  Big business has so distorted the reality of the words that they no longer convey enough trust to demand higher prices when offered by big business.

Second, inflation is pushing organic product prices beyond the masses.

Excerpts from a April 2011 Carynews.com article by Sue Stock entitled “Organic food sales grow despite economy” explains what is happening.

The article begins: For the past three years, American consumers have been on a shopping diet. They cut non essentials from their shopping lists. They’ve made do. They’ve thought twice before buying.  And yet, they’ve continued to open their wallets for natural and organic products.

The article then outlines how organic sales had remained brisk, but then ended with this warning:  “Still, some believe demand for natural and organic products may have hit its peak.  Kurt Jetta is president of a Connecticut consumer research firm called the TABS Group. His recent research shows that the percentage of shoppers who bought natural or organic items has remained steady, in the 38 percent to 39 percent range for the past three years.

“All these retailers are getting on board and expanding their sections and having these big offerings,” he said. “That’s a big explosion in inventory. … The retailers have gotten on the hype a bit too much.”

Plus, he said, the fact that an item is organic or natural is just not that impressive to shoppers anymore.

“There will always be this real core of committed people,” he said. “That’s why Whole Foods and similar stores continue to grow,” he said. “But we would expect that to turn and retailers to start weeding down.”

That article was published in April 2011 before the debt ceiling debacle and US credit rating reduction that created the current slowdown.  My trip to our local Lowes Food Store yesterday leads me to wonder if this weeding down process described in the excerpts above has begun.   Lowes has an organic natural brand called “Full Circle”.


We like to shop at the Lowes Foods in Jefferson, North Carolina.

Lowes describe the brand in this way:  If you desire a natural or organic alternative for everyday items, try our Full Circle brand. We believe that Full Circle products taste better than their conventional counterparts because there are no preservatives or additives to mask their taste creating a product closest to it’s natural state as possible.

The Lowes Foods that Merri and I frequent is one of the company’s upper end models they call a “FreshSmart” unit. These units features delis and some other shopping delights and have included… until recently…special “natural-organic-healthy” clearly defined areas in most rows of their food isles.  Full Circle is just a small part of these displays along with many other healthy and natural brands.

Yesterday I was searching for quinoa (our Ecuadorian supply ran out) and began looking for those special sections which is where I expected quinoa to be.

The special displays are entirely gone!   This leads to three thoughts for a new mindset that can help you create your future.

#1:  Retailers are starting to weed down their organic focus.

#2:  There will always be this real core of committed people.

#3:  This shift will create opportunity for small, niche businesses.

Watch extra carefully for opportunities in this sector. They have extended power due to the fact that the very forces that are pushing prices up are also creating the need for healthier more natural foods, cleansers and household products.

These forces include:

#1: Aging population.

#2: Terrible national health due to awful national nutritional habits.

#3: Rising non natural food prices.

#4: Monoculture farming being hit by the law of diminishing returns.

#5: Rising energy costs reducing the effectiveness of early harvesting and long range distribution.

All these forces stimulate opportunity for natural, local, organic goods exactly as big business leaves the arena.

How can this happen?   Big business is risk-averse and prone to getting stuck.  The skills big businesses use work well for familiar situations. The plans of big business are perfected on ideas used in the past to predict the future with linear plans in a nonlinear world.

What is growing fast here is our Saturday Farmer’s Market…Merri and I make it early 8 a.m. every Saturday market to buy the best there is.  We delight in seeing our friends there and buying all sorts of heirloom vegetables and plants. We have seen this market triple in size and continue to be packed!  But of course,  up here in the High Country this market can’t be open year ’round.

 If this thinking is correct about big business, this wrong footedness of big business will benefit everything from small, big businesses, like Whole Foods to seed companies, live poultry wholesalers, fish hatcheries, gardening tool makers and small agricultural plots as well as natural health products.


Here are three ways to be involved in the natural health field with an international micro business.

We have worked with and used the products of many producers of natural health products for many years.  Each has a unique  product or service that we love.  These companies are headquartered in many places… Switzerland, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, Canada as well as the USA and all of them offer global potential… business opportunity almost anywhere.

We write about many of the products of these companies often… though we are not paid.. but just because we like their products and hope you’ll enjoy them too.

We have started a program to help our readers create their own micro business working with these businesses as dealers and distributors.

We are starting with these two natural health products first.

#1: Bio Wash
#2: Candace Newman Essential Oils

Our goal is to help our readers earn extra income with a turn key international micro business.

Enrolling in any of our online business development courses and attending one seminar provides full qualification to apply for all programs we provide for a year.

We provide three e-courses that can help you develop your own micro business that we designed to help you earn anywhere you live in the world.

International Business Made EZ ($299)

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We have started the beta program, and the good news is that we are not charging a penny more more.  Our International Business Made EZ online course and our International Business Made EZ seminars remain the same price though we’ll now offer subscribers an entrance to doing business with many turnkey businesses.

The overall service can bring you the following benefits:

#1: Connect you via our our online course “International Business Made EZ” to here and now specific business opportunities.

#2: Keep you in touch with other readers in the program, share business tips, ideas contacts and even website support in some instances.

You must complete one of the online business development courses above and attend an International Business and Investing Seminar to be eligible for our assistance.

All of our readers are invited to enroll in our International Business Made EZ Online Course and our International Business and Investing Seminar at any time even if they have no interest in one of the related businesses

Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Enroll in any of the online courses above.  Take it and if you are not satisfied for any reason within 30 days… let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

Second Guarantee. Enroll in our October 7-8-9 International Business & Investing Seminar.  I’ll send you a recording of the June seminar now so you better understand what these seminars are and how they help you.  If you are not happy with what you hear, let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund. You keep the recorded seminar as our thanks.

International Business Made EZ ($299)

Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher ($499)

Event – Full How to Earn With  Your Own Seminars ($349)

Get more details about the online course and bonuses at International Business Made EZ.

Read  “Organic food sales grow despite economy”

International Micro Business – Invent a Future

Your international micro business can come about by inventing a future.


JGAM Event in Copenhagen. Gary and Merri hard at work…or not?  See below the importance of perception.

There is a huge global economic mess or opportunity in the making. There is absolutely only one difference between the two… the mess or the opportunity… it’s how you choose to perceive it.

A reader sent the note below last week (bolds are mine):  Re your thoughts on the recent riots in Britain and the populist & economic instability in much of the rest of the world.

I have no argument with your statement that governments shouldn’t be in the business of providing jobs. But I have real questions on where jobs are going to come from: A global economy based on everybody buying more and more stuff isn’t workable (in addition to being unsustainable). I can’t speak to the rest of the world, but here 70% of the economy depends on consumers buying stuff and there’s no serious thought – or at least none being reported – on how to transition to a different kind of economy.

I was watching some of the interviews with rioters and the most telling one to me was a barely literate 17-year old who though uneducated and basically feral understood clearly that the government is paying him $125 a week to stay home watching television and not make trouble. What can Britain do with this cohort? They have no job skills even if there were jobs to put them into.

There’s always the CCC model – put unemployed people to work on infrastructure – which would solve 2 problems at once. But you can’t do this without government money.

Technology renders a huge number of workers superfluous. For instance, a few weeks ago, a closed factory in the upper Midwest that once employed more than 2000 people was bought by a Swedish company and totally rebuilt in line with European standards. The new factory needs 400 people, who with the help of robotics produce more than the previous factory produced with 5 times the employees. And while the new owners encouraged laid off workers to apply and even paid to retrain those workers whose test scores showed the capability to operate the new equipment, more than 80% of those jobs are not coming back. Once their unemployment insurance runs out, they will have NO purchasing power. Nobody here has any plans what to do with them or for them.

Re China, beyond the potential problems of Bare Branches is the looming crisis of a huge, rapidly aging demographic dependent on a much smaller population of younger workers. Kind of what the US and Italy are looking at right on the horizon.

It’s a mess, no matter where you go.

This reader is absolutely correct IF you see the natural state of evolution as a mess.  There is no doubt that social economic shifts are in high gear. They always have been and always will be … at least as long as this quantum flux we call reality continues to exist as a never ending swirl of change.

We can’t alter the facts or reality of evolution… but we can alter our perception from seeing a mess to seeing an enormess opportunity to be a pioneer in helping adapt to change.  The difference between the two mindsets is how we view trial and error. 

The entire history of mankind suggests that every darkest hour has always been in some way the dawn of a golden era.

Excerpts from last week’s (Aug. 6, 2011) Sunday New York Times book review entitled “Preoccupations – Daring to Stumble on the Road to Discovery” by  Peter Sims (author of “Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries”) shows how jobs will be created: New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman said that when he graduated from college, he was able to go find a job, but that our children were going to have to invent a job.

Jobs, careers, valued skills and industries are transforming at an unheard-of rate. And all of the change and uncertainty can make us risk-averse and prone to getting stuck.

Despite these realities, our education system emphasizes teaching and testing us about facts that are already known. There is much less focus on our ability to discover, create and reinvent.

The same often holds true in the workplace. Perfection is rewarded, while making mistakes is penalized. It’s no wonder that “failure” has taken on a deeply personal meaning, something to be avoided at nearly all cost.

The skills we’re taught work well for familiar situations, yet we’re trained to perfect our ideas and use the past to predict the future with linear plans in a nonlinear world. As such, we need a completely new mind-set. Linear thinking is a death knell for creativity. (bolds are mine, Gary).

When I worked as a venture capital investor, I found that most successful entrepreneurs don’t begin with perfected ideas or plans — they discover them. Entrepreneurs think of learning the way most people think of failure.

A prime example is Howard Schultz, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. When he started what would become Starbucks, he modeled the first stores after coffeehouses in Milan, a new concept for the United States in the 1980s. He was clearly onto something, but the baristas wore bow ties — which they found uncomfortable — and customers complained about the nonstop opera music and menus that were written primarily in Italian. And the early stores had no chairs. Mr. Schultz routinely acknowledges that he and his team made a lot of mistakes. But they learned from them, as they did from countless other experiments.

This is how comedians and entrepreneurs must work — by making countless small bets to discover what works. The real genius is in the approach.

The same holds true for leaders, managers and collaborators. They must to be willing to learn from mistakes.

In a time when valued skills and occupations shift constantly, we must be able to discover interests, opportunities and careers by experimenting. Or by reinventing ourselves altogether.

INVENTION and discovery emanate from the ability to try seemingly wild possibilities; to feel comfortable being wrong before being right; to live in the world as a careful observer, open to different experiences; to play with ideas without prematurely judging oneself or others; to persist through difficulties; and to have a willingness to be misunderstood, sometimes for long periods, despite the conventional wisdom.

All these abilities can be learned and developed, but doing so requires us to unlearn many of our tendencies toward linear planning and perfectionism.

As the technology pioneer Alan Kay put it: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

It begins with a little bet. What will yours be?

I could not have put this better.  The difference between a mess and opportunity is our mindset.  We can see the reader above has these seven concerns:

#1: 70% of the economy depends on consumers

#2: No serious thought on how to transition to a different kind of economy.

#3: Barely literate 17-year olds who have no job skills

#4: Can’t put unemployed people to work on infrastructure without government money.

#5: Robotics produce more  80%  fewer employees.

#6: China Bare Branches.

#7: Huge, rapidly aging population dependent on support from much smaller population of younger workers.

We can feel worried or even vent anger at the change or we can see these evolutions as seven extra golden opportunities and start an international micro business and be involved in one of these opportunities.

This is why we have increased our focus on providing online courses hopefully to help you, our precious readers, create your own international micro business.

Don’t just vent.  Invent with Events instead.

Our newest online course “Event – Full Business” shows how to earn extra income from a seminar, tour,  exhibition or events business. With rising transportation costs and the increased needs of providing data to focused groups, fewer business models have as much potential as events

As technology dissolves the unity of families… communities… business organizations and even nations… a huge void grows in the realm of a great  human need… the need to belong.

The internet and broadband help like minded souls unite… but cannot fill the urge to be physically in one another’s presence.  Modern communications can exchange data, information and communicate but all of that is all a prelude to finally meeting one another in person.

There is a vital energy and spontaneity that comes from people to people meetings…. so the event business will grow.

Merri and I meet with friends from all over the world at events.  Our friends are like minded souls we know from around the world and continue meeting at events.

An events business can be fun and fulfilling as well.  If there is any one part of our business that has been fulfilling, it is the events where we can actually meet, see, hear and feel what our readers are doing, thinking  and sharing.

An events business is a great way to get out of the rat race as it can provide travel… and the ability to earn a great income as you spend time… live… laugh or love in more than just one place… and the places being ones YOU choose.

How can one live such a lifestyle… where a suitcase is a necessary and vital friends that bring you a great income and lifestyle?

There are few people more capable of answering this question than… Merri and me.

For 43 years (from May 1968) we have been paid to travel and live exactly where we have wanted to be… because we have had an events business conducting seminars, courses and tours.

Our seminar/conference/events business has allowed us to visit and to live almost anywhere we have chosen… or not.

Sometimes we have incredible adventures.


Here I am with Merri and an Ecuadorian Yatchak deep in the Llanganatis jungle. This adventure led us to have shamanic events.
However when we want to stay at home we can also do so.  One does not have to travel to have an events business.


Here I am (in brown shirt) speaking to a delegate at an event conducted at our Florida home.

We even built a…


seminar hall on Little Horse Creek so we can stay up here in the Blue Ridge when we desire… and still conduct events.

Here is one of the small groups at a retreat we conducted in the seminar hall.


Most owners of an events business do not do this much, however!  Lesson Two of a new course we have created called “Event – Full Business” shows how to start small and gradually build a larger events business (if that is your desire) as we have done.

We have conducted events as small as two delegates and some with over 400 so…


we know the events business inside and out… large and small. Here Merri and I are speaking to over 400 + people in Quito, Ecuador.

There are innumerable fringe benefits to an events business. For example almost all of our global travel has been tax deductible for all these years.

The pay has certainly not been bad either.  As you’ll see IN THE COURSE,  on one event we earned  $142,260 in three days.  In another instance we earned over $135,000 in two days.  Once our earnings exceeded $200,000 in just three days.


At this JGAM event in a tiny historic Danish village we enjoyed spending time with people from the US, Latin America, the USA, UK and throughout Europe including Russia. You could call putting on events work… but we call it a lifestyle.

Income has been a small part of this adventure. The expanded horizons… the people we have met… the adventures we have shared… the tens of thousands of delegates we have enjoyed and hopefully helped…. the poor we have served… the freedom we have felt… to be able to go where we desire and come home, when we desire, with more than when we left.

These facts have dramatically enriched our lives….and we hope others.

Now we would like to help improve your lifestyle as well… if… earning with a seminar, tour events business appeals to you.

We have conducted seminars or events or spoken at them in… (alphabetical order)  Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary (before the Iron Curtain came down), Indonesia, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands,  Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and at one time or another most of the United States and more.

There is a possibility that  Merri and I know more about conducting events than 99.9% of the people in the world and because so many have asked… we have finally decided to provide an online correspondence course on how to create your own seminar, tour or events business.

We call this brand new emailed correspondence course:  “Event – Full Business”.

We have completed the first lessons and want to introduce this course to you as we are accepting enrollment of students in our beta program.

However there is a special $348 savings for the rest of the summer… because an events and publishing business go hand in hand.

Merri’s and my business has always provided well for us, but we have noticed over the decades that at times the bulk of our income comes from events and at other times from publishing.

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Opportunity in the Měi guó Mèng

Měi guó Mèng is a translation of “The American Dreamin Mandarin . Here is an example of how this can create opportunity.


Opportunity in the Chinese RV?

The global economic pivot has accelerated due to the S&P’s downgrading of Americas debt.

The USA is not in this pickle alone.

The US debt problem is only one of three  problems.  First, the global economy has a GDP that is estimated to be 62 trillion US dollars in 2010 according to the IMF. The economy of the European Union generated a GDP of over US$16.2 trillion in 2010 Compared to 14.6 trillion for the US, 5.8 trillion for China and 5.4 trillion for Japan.

Japan’s economy has been in the doldrums for well over a decade.

Europe suffered when the insolvency of several of its small nations, Greece and Ireland especially became apparent.  Now Italy and Spain appear to be in trouble as well.  Italian and Spanish insolvency are more than just another small European economy being in trouble. Italy and Spain are the third and fourth largest economies in the union. Their problem creates a new era stage in the Euro Financial Crisis.

Europe, the US and Japan’s economies represent 36.2  trillion or near 60% of the world Gross Domestic Product.

The second problem is that a majority of the population are not in agreement with the way the problems are being handled.  A new CBS News/New York Times poll last week revealed that 82% of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job – the highest disapproval rating since polling began in 1977. Just 14% approve of Congress’ performance.

By a ratio of more than two to one, Americans said that creating jobs should be a higher priority than spending cuts.

Europeans are rioting over austerity measures and in America Congress simply stalled making the hard decision and passed the responsibility to a commission instead.  Such a huge majority of voters are locked into Social Security and Medicare that it will be hard politically for the US to make shifts in these core programs.

Third, so many people are afraid that government’s of the world have reacted.   Yesterday’s New York Times article said:  The European Central Bank signaled on Sunday that it would intervene more aggressively in bond markets to protect Spain and Italy, and leading finance ministers conferred about the mounting threats to the world’s economies, as policy makers sought to calm markets unnerved by deteriorating public finances and slow economic growth.

The shock of the downgrade Friday of long-term United States government debt and the worsening situation in Europe added new urgency to the efforts to restore confidence and prevent an extension of the stock market slide that began last week.

Shortly afterward, finance officials from the Group of 7 nations — including Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke — held a conference call to discuss the United States downgrade and other challenges. In a statement issued after the nearly two-hour meeting, the group said it was ready to “take all necessary measures to support financial stability and growth.”

This is the root of the shift.  Western governments have been “taking all necessary measures to support financial stability and growth” for so long that now when the balance has been so thrown out of kilter and bad math has become so distorted that it can no longer hide, the world has to face the fiscal music in an extra tough way.

The problem is that governments no longer have any money to take necessary steps to protect markets or create jobs.  “All necessary measures”  mean “borrow more money”.   Western debt is such that these “measures” will be counter productive.

Expect these three problems to reduce the purchasing power of Western currencies.

What to do.

We look regularly at five ways to overcome the loss of purchasing power created by the global economic pivot. investing in multi currencies, invest in good value real estate, invest in good value equities, live in low cost places and have your own international micro business.

Finding Distortions and Spotting Trends for International Micro Business Ideas and Měi guó Mèng:
Having your own international micro business does not necessarily mean you have to move or be abroad.

There are ways to be locally international.

Take for example the RV industry.  An August 5, 2011 article “Decline of a powerhouse” in a local Oregon newspaper, special.registerguard.com  shows how the RV industry has been decimated when it says: It’s a historic bust for Lane County’s RV industry.  Navistar International’s decision to move 450 jobs to Indiana from its Monaco RV motor coach plant in Coburg will reduce employment in Lane County’s transportation equipment manufacturing sector by half.

That’s terrible news for a local economy that has grown numb from similar blows. Even before Navistar’s announcement Tuesday, employment in the sector, mostly recreational vehicle manufacturing, had fallen 80 percent from its peak in 2005.
Lane County’s RV-makers employed 4,600 workers in 2005, according to the Oregon Employment Department, having added more than 1,000 jobs in just two years.

Eugene and Springfield had become bedroom communities for Coburg and Junction City, the industry’s leading production points.

Then the bottom fell out. A credit crunch, a deep economic downturn and high gas prices all came at once.

Here is a distortion created by two trends. Most people think the RV industry is dead and maybe it is… in the USA, but in China it is just beginning to boom!   The Chinese consumer wants Měi guó Mèng… the American Dream.

An article at rvbusiness.com entitled “China Holding 1st RV Rally and Camping Show” says:  The China RVing & Camping Rally 2010 and RV Camping Show, to be held Aug. 6-8 in Beijing, is sponsored by 21RV (www.21RV.com), which provides the RVers, RV enthusiasts and camping fans a place to enjoy and share RVing and camping together.  Following is a news release provided to RVBUSINESS.com to promote the event:

“Holding this rally is to sound the industry’s horn assembly, to gather the RVers, RV lovers, campers dispersed in different regions of China, who are at this moment in little quantity”.

chinese rvs

Photo of Chinese family in China pursuing the American Dream from article at USA Today.

An August 6 USA TODAY article entitled “Road trip: Chinese rev up the RVs” by Calum Macleod says: Loading up the Winnebago and seeing the country via its highways, byways, campgrounds and tourists traps is a classic American summertime pursuit. And now it’s come to China.

Chinese tourists check out the recreational vehicles on display at the RV rally held in Fangshan, a suburb of Beijing.

“We’ve done all the usual kinds of travel,” says Beijing businesswoman Liu Xiaofan, who though only 40 has just retired. “Now we want to enjoy our lives, and our RV can help us live a happy and healthy life.”

On Thursday, they drove their Chinese-made Zhongtian recreational vehicle, bought recently for $93,000, to join hundreds of other RVing fans at a campsite rally in Fangshan, a southwestern district of China’s capital.

The Lius want to go well beyond a cross-China excursion: They hope one day to drive to Europe and eventually travel coast-to-coast across the USA.

After more than three decades of dramatic economic growth, China’s better-off citizens are busy testing new lifestyles and leisure pursuits, from horse riding and skiing to golf and overseas travel. RV camping is another recent trend here, promoted by entrepreneurs and a central government keen to boost domestic tourism and consumer spending.

In a nation of 1.3 billion people, where car ownership remains a dream for most Chinese, RV owners number 5,000, with just a few dozen RV camps, according to the China RV & Camping Association. Approximately 8.9 million households own an RV in the USA, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, and there are thousands of RV camps in the country.

Change is coming fast in China, says Wang Jidong, the RV association’s secretary general, as local governments and businesses build hundreds of RV camps nationwide.

Americans still can’t grasp the fast pace of development in China, says Lu Jun, 41, general manager of the Beijing International Automotive Camping Park, which opens later this month in south Beijing.

“When I talk to U.S. RV suppliers, they ask if I want to buy three or four vehicles,” says Lu of imported RVs costing over $70,000 each. His reply? “I want to buy 1,000” to fill the 100 camps his company will build within two years.

Do you see the distortion? 

The US has the supply capability and the branding benefit. China has growing demand.  There are many ways to be involved, but this message is not to suggest that you invest in RVs.  Our core message is always “Do what you love and start from what you know”.

The point of this thinking is the global economic pivot is creating many distortions.  Look for distortions in a sector or industry you love and know. Invest or create a business in it!

In this case, we in the Western world all know “The American Dream”.

Take an an area of business or investing that interests you.  Relate it to The American Dream. Look for aspects of this business that are suffering in the West that may be on the rise in the emerging world.   This review may create a perfect investing or business opportunity for you.

Change is always with us and always has been.  The pace of change happens to be accelerated now. Most will see this with fear.  Yet this accelerated change will created amazing riches for those who embrace the shifts and spot trends that create distortions and contrasts.


Here are ways we are helping readers overcome the lost of purchasing power.

#1: Live and earn in a lower cost environment: See new idea on how to earn with Ecuador agriculture and exports .


Start your won Micro Business. We have started a program to help our readers create their own micro business working with these businesses as introducers, dealers and distributors.

We have been writing for years about numerous products that we use and love. Now we have started programs so readers can  work with and earn globally with these unique global businesses tied together with our communication system that can bring all this: training…. communicating and networking.

We are starting with these five businesses first.

#1: Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM) for those interested in multi currency investing.
#2: Bio Wash for those interested in eliminating a toxic environment.
#3: Candace Newman Essential Oils for those interested in natural health.
#4: Fresh cut Ecuador Roses for those who love flowers and decorating.
#5: Ecuador Imbabura Export Products for those who love to travel and want to help the poor.

Our October 7-8-9 International Business and Investing Seminar will feature initial training for these programs.

Enrolling in any of our online business development courses and attending one seminar provides full qualification to apply for all programs we provide for a year.

International Business Made EZ

Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher

Event – Full How to Earn With  Your Own Seminars 

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This International Business Service provides many benefits:

#1: Connect you via our our online course “International Business Made EZ” to here and now specific business opportunities.

#2: Keep you in touch with other readers in the program, share business tips, ideas contacts and even website support in some instances.

Here is how you can apply for this program.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Three Guarantees.

First Guarantee. Regarding the online course International Business Made EZ.  Enroll in this course. Take it and if you are not satisfied for any reason within 30 days… let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

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Read RV Articles:

It’s a historic bust for Lane County’s RV industry

China Holding 1st RV Rally and Camping Show

Road trip: Chinese rev up the RVs by Calum Macleod, USA TODAY

International Investing & Business Seminar

International Investing & Business Made EZ
West Jefferson , North Carolina,  June 24- 16  2011

Friday, June 24:

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10:30  Coffee Break.
11:00 Where to Invest Now? How to Cash in on the Multi Currency Evolution.
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3:30    Commodities Gold & Silver.
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Saturday, June 25:

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Exporting can beat inflation and provide freedom, tax benefits and an exciting lifestyle!  This is why we focus on helping readers to find niche products they can export.

Here are seven unusual export ideas.

Ecuador Export Report

Excellent Export Ideas

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Learn about travel with ESA (Emotional Support Animals) here.

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