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Five More Ways to be Smarter

Here are five steps to being smarter.

Last week’s post “How to be Smarter” reviewed the most important asset we can have in today’s fast [aced, ever changing world. Intelligence!

We have to be smarter so we can see through and beyond the hidden agendas, the deceits of big business and politics, destructive progress and fake news.

One solution is a bigger brain.

The larger our brain… the smarter we are… and yes we can make our brain bigger, just like when exercising other muscles, they grow.

The good news is we can increase our brain size in five easy steps.


An article at Lifespa.com “5-ways-maximize-brain-power” (1) tells all about how to be smarter.

The relationship between brain size and intelligence has been well-documented, most linking a bigger brain (greater brain volume) to better cognitive function and higher IQ.

These initial findings have set researchers out to find ways to naturally boost brain size in an effort to ward off cognitive decline with age. Here are a few ways to naturally boost your brain size.

Regular Exercise and More Social Interactions

Vitamin B12

Balanced Blood Sugar


The Bigger Brain Diet

In a study published in May 2018 in the journal Neurology, the diets of some 4,213 healthy individuals with the average age of 66 were evaluated for one month. Almost 400 food items were broken down in categories of vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, legumes, nuts, dairy, fish, tea, unsaturated fats and oils of total fats, red and processed meat, sugary beverages, alcohol, and salt.

After adjusting for smoking, high blood pressure and aging, all the participants were given brain scans to measure brain volume, white matter lesions, and small brain bleeds. The individuals who had the greatest brain size ate the greatest amount of vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains, dairy and fish. This group also consumed the lowest amounts of sugary beverages.

This compete article is well worth a read to clarify five simple steps any of us can take to increase our intelligence.

Trying these five steps is smart!


I get my Omega 3 from Athletes Best as well.

OM3 – 6 Ratio – A Matter of Life & Death

The Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.  An imbalance in this ratio has been shown to contribute to an incredible array of deadly disease.  Contributors to the imbalance are everywhere and often hidden.

omega 3

A hidden killer.

An abstract published at NCBI’s (a branch of the National Institutes of Health) website (1) suggests that humans evolved on a ratio of about 1 to 1 and that Western diets today have a ratio of 15/1 or more.   This promotes diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Increasing omega-3  helps prevent many diseases such as cardiovascular disease colorectal cancer, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

Getting the ratio balanced is difficult because soybean oil (7 to 1 ratio), olive oil (13 to 1) and corn oil (49 to 1) are used in so many snack and fast foods.  The ubiquitous soybean oil alone represents an astounding 20 percent of the calories in the American diet.

Because of this Merri and I take Omega 3 Supplements every day and I asked Kris Vigue (the manufacture of the supplement we use) to write more about his Omega 3 program.

Here is Kris’s report.

Omega 3s reduce CRP and tumor necrosis factor markers for inflammation

By Kris Vigue

Omega 3s reduce CRP and tumor necrosis factor markers for inflammation.

Inflammation affects us all, but it’s imperative that we keep it under control to prevent chronic inflammation from taking over our lives. Unfortunately, the typical American diet consists of far too many omega-6 fatty acids, which are responsible for creating more inflammation within the body. The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids within the body should be closer to 1:1, rather than the average 15:1 that most Americans have. Combine that with the effects of stress, sugary foods, environmental toxins, and we have the perfect cocktail for high amounts of inflammation within our bodies.

Higher levels of inflammation within the body have created a myriad of problems. Everything from heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases can be linked back to inflammation. While eating wild caught fish such as salmon would be an ideal way to raise your Omega-3 levels, our oceans have become so polluted that eating fish now poses more health risks than benefits. Mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), radioactive substances like strontium, and toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, chromium, and arsenic are typically found in fish.

There is a more convenient solution to raise your Omega-3 blood lipid levels, free of the harmful contaminants that are so prevalent in much of the fish stock available for consumption.

As we’ve learned in the past from one of our Super Thinking speakers, Dr. Jim Vigue, not all Omega-3 supplements are created equal.

We spent 11 months perfecting our formula so that it would enable the user to experience the maximum benefits that come from Omega-3s. After three years of testing, we are still absolutely convinced that it is the highest quality Omega-3 supplement on the market and the results our customers are getting have been tremendous.

The difference between our product and other fish oil supplements, is that our formula has a very powerful combination of krill oil and calamarine oil, the powerful natural antioxidant astaxanthin, vitamin D and a proprietary antioxidant blend. Our blend enters the cells with much higher efficiency than other products on the market.

The key with any Omega-3 supplement is to get the blood level of Omega-3s at a level that helps offset many of the diseases of aging, including heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and even some cancers. Research has shown that if we can get Omega-3 index (omega-3 blood lipid levels) around 8%, then we have the change that we will age at less than half the rate as those with an index around 3% (which is where most Americans are).

One of the main reasons why we created Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Plus was that studies have shown that many of the current Omega-3/fish oil supplements on the market would not raise a consumer’s index level to the levels needed to experience the true benefits of the nutrients. In one study, the Omega-3 index was measured in 704 individuals, some were taking fish oil supplementation and some were not. Only 1% of the group not taking fish oil had an Omega-3 index of 8%. However in the group that was taking fish oil, only 17% had an Omega-3 Index above 8%. That means that 83% of people in the study taking fish oil were NOT getting to the goal!

Athlete’s Best uses the ultra-pure Neptune Krill Oil as one of our ingredients and NKO has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation within the body. One of the most useful markers of inflammation is the presence of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood. Neptune Krill Oil was examined to see what effect it might have on chronic inflammation as measured by CRP in patient’s blood.

In this random, double blind study, 90 patients with chronic inflammation as measured by elevated blood CRP were divided into two equal groups. The first group received 300 mg per day of Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) while the second received a placebo. Before the study began, all patients refrained from taking any pain medication except acetaminophen and any supplements of foods containing high levels of Omega-6 for two weeks. During the study, blood samples were taken to measure serum CRP.

After just 7 days, the Neptune Krill Oil group had reduced their CRP levels by an average of 19.3% while the placebo group increased their CRP levels by 15.7%.

After only 14 days, the NKO group had reduced their CRP levels by 29.7% while the placebo group had increased their CRP by 32.1%.

Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Plus contains large amounts of phospholipids, potent antioxidants including astaxanthin, vitamin D, and a high ratio of pure Omega-3s from NKO & calamarine oil. Phospholipids protect cell membranes from injury; the Omega-3’s EPA and DHA trigger secretion of anti-inflammatory biochemicals; and astaxanthin inhibits production of pro-inflammatory biochemical.

Initially designed for athletes, we’ve seen this product benefit everyone who has continued its use. Continuing use is important as the body cannot produce Omega-3 fatty acids on its own. Studies have shown that the continued use of marine-derived Omega-3 supplementation has a significant lowering effect on inflammation markers within the body; in both those suffering from chronic inflammation and healthy individuals.

You can go on the Athlete’s Best website and pick up more information on the product.  A link is below.

This identical formula is being sold in gyms all over the country at much higher prices.

Dr. Jim has provided Gary Scott readers a $5 code which puts this price below even the normal price at athletesbest.com’s website.

Plus this price includes free shipping in the USA.

This brings the per bottle cost down to below $1.00 a day at $44.95 for this premium product with premium ingredients. Each bottle offers a 45 day supply of product.

A 90 day supply is $79.90 with free shipping which brings the cost per day even lower.  Gary Scott readers receive a 10% discount using the code GARYSCOTT10.

Since it takes roughly 90 days for red blood cells to go through a complete cycle, users really need to take the product (or any supplement for that matter) for at least 90 days to get the maximum benefit.

A 90 day supply is less than $.95 a day for a product that  provides a superior and proprietary Omega 3 formula, the Astaxanthin, the vitamin D and the antioxidant blend.

Order three month supply for 10% off the $79.90 price here

omega 3


(1) NCBI’s  The importance of the ratio of omega-6/omega-3 essential fatty acids

(References from for Kris’s report: Li K, Huang T, Zheng J, Wu K, Li D. Effect of Marine-Derived n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on C-Reactive Protein, Interleukin 6 and Tumor Necrosis Factor α: A Meta-Analysis. PLoS One. 2014 Feb 5;9(2):e88103. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0088103.)

Benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3 is important for longevity and good natural health.

Research has shown that high Omega-3 Index values are related to slow rates of “cellular aging.”

“No nutrient is more important for decreasing cardiovascular death – and more lacking – than omega-3.”  Bernadine Healy, MD  Cardiologist and Past President of American Heart Association  – Past Director of the NIH – Past Director of the Red Cross.

She concludes:   “Before long, your personal Omega-3 Index just could be the new cholesterol – the number you want to brag about.  Omega-3 content in red blood cells is a strong predictor cardiovascular disease.”

Low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are associated with higher rates of:

* Heart Disease, including:

* Sudden Cardiac Death (Primary Cardiac Arrest)

* Mortality from Congestive Heart Failure

* Mortality after Heart Attack

* 2nd Heart Attack

* 1st Heart Attack in those with High Triglycerides/Low HDL 2nd Stroke Cellular Aging

*  Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease, Inflammation ,Chronic Joint Swelling, Headaches, Prostate cancer.

In the USA and European Union, the average Omega-3 Index is 4-5%.

In Japan, the average diet is high in Omega-3 and the average Omega-3 Index is 9.5%.

In the USA, sudden cardiac death rates are about 20 times HIGHER than they are in Japan.

The importance of measuring your Omega-3 Index:

Omega Chart

In one study, the Omega-3 index was measured in 704 individuals, some were taking fish oil supplementation and some were not. Only 1% of the group not taking fish oil had an Omega-3 Index  of 8%.

However, in the group that was taking fish oil, only 17% had an Omega-3 Index above 8%.

83% of people in the study taking fish oil were NOT getting to goal!!!

Common fish oils don’t always supplement enough Omega 3.

Overall health can improve with a healthy omega index.  Heart disease is one area where omega-3s are known to benefit.  But there is also the fact that a healthy omega score slows down telomere reduction and cellular aging, limits cognitive decline and helps hold off Alzheimer’s and reduces overall inflammation levels in the body (thereby improving joint pain).

Inflammation is considered a major factor in all the diseases of aging and Omega 3 is involved in the process of reducing CRP (C-Reactive Protein) a major inflammation marker.  Omega 3 can help increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower readings of both triglycerides and PSA scores.

I use Athlete’s Best Omega 3 Supplement because it includes vitamin D, the anti oxidant astaxanthin  and a proprietary anti oxidant blend along with the krill oil and calamarine oil.

You can go on the Athlete’s Best website and pick up more information on the product.  A link is below.

This identical formula is being sold in gyms all over the country at much higher prices.

Dr. Jim has provided Gary Scott readers a $5 code which puts this price below even the normal price at the athletesbest website.

Plus this price includes free shipping in the USA.

This brings the per bottle cost down to below $1.00 a day at $44.95 for this premium product with premium ingredients.  Each bottle offers a 45 day supply of product.

A 90 day supply is $79.90 with free shipping which brings the cost per day even lower.  Gary Scott readers receive a 10% discount using the code GARYSCOTT10.

Since it takes roughly 90 days for red blood cells to go through a complete cycle users really need to take the product (or any supplement for that matter) for at least 90 days to get the maximum benefit.

A 90 day supply is less than $.95 a day for a product that  provides a superior and proprietary omega 3 formula, the Astaxanthin, the vitamin D and the anti oxidant blend.

Order three month supply for 10% off the $79.90 price here

omega 3



I get my daily B12 and Omega 3 from Athletes Best.

Beyond Chelation

Vitality Force provides a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid that can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan.

A delegate at one of our courses was a doctor in his eighties but who had the energy and looks of a much, much younger man.  When asked about his secret of youth he said his vitality was based on several factors.  A few of them you would expect, such as good diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of activity in a strong, purposeful life.  Then he explained another secret of his youth and energy: chelation.

This youthful doctor told us he had been running the largest I.V. chelation center in the United States from Hawaii. Hardening of the arteries is such a huge problem in our modern world that he was making a fortune.

Then, he said, he had learned about a vitamin-mineral formula that was so effective that he shut down his clinics and exclusively used this simple formula which he felt had better results than I.V. chelation therapy.

Years of research are behind this comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional supplement, designed to maintain and promote vascular health, mental and physical well being.

That client and doctor friend gave us a month’s supply of this formula.  He thought it would be excellent for us and would help us with traveling also.  Merri and I tried this product ourselves and felt better and better.

We have made it a point to take heart healthy supplements since.  We love the savings we enjoy with the mixed supplement we use.   It is so much less expensive than all the numerous other vitamins and minerals that we had been taking.  We actually were spending less!

The system we use is so convenient.  Everything is in one simple scoop of powder we take daily.  Especially when we travel we just bring along a packet for each day we are on the road.  No more loading up pill boxes or bringing bottles (or suitcases full of bottles) of vitamins and stuff.

As is so often the case when we like something we start talking about it and pretty soon, a batch of friends were taking Vitality Force and telling us great things about their experiences.  They reordered so much of it through that I decided to make it available to all my readers.

Let me begin by saying that Vitality Force has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease and should only be taken as a food supplement.  Having said this, I share information about Vitality Force below.

This supplement combines over two dozen ingredients, known to have beneficial effects, into one total cardiovascular support program.

Vitality Force’s main ingredient is L-arginine.  Studies have shown that L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, an important cardiovascular signaling molecule.

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is the biological precursor of nitric oxide.

The medical establishment has known about the benefits of nitric oxide as nitroglycerine and amyl nitrite which creates a flood of nitric oxide have been used in medicine for over a century.

Nitric oxide is an important signal and effector molecule made by the blood vessels’ lining. The endothelium is exquisitely sensitive to the physical and chemical conditions inside our blood vessels. When the endothelium senses heart-healthy conditions, such as physical activity and low cholesterol, it releases more nitric oxide.  That’s good because nitric oxide expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and decreasing plaque growth and blood clotting.

In 1998, three research scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine when they discovered the natural nitric oxide cycle in our cells.  Nitric oxide is essential to a vital natural cycle at the cellular level.  It is so  important in neuroscience, physiology, and immunology, that one year it was named “Molecule of the Year”.   Research into its function led to a Nobel Prize for discovering its importance as a cardiovascular signalling molecule. The nitric oxide cycle especially helps the heart.

Nitric oxide is the simple molecule that improves the flow of blood to the heart body and brain, It also increases energy and stamina, relieve  stress, strengthens the immune and digestive system, plus improves clarity of mind.  Nitric oxide improves the health of the inner wall of a blood vessel, keeps vessels pliable and elastic, dilates blood vessels keeping blood flowing smoothly, relax blood vessels, keep platelets and white blood cells calm and prevent them from sticking to the vessel wall, prevent oxidation, slow plaque growth, suppress atherosclerosis and melt away plaque that already exists.

There are many benefits from removing plaque from the body:

  1. Helps to prevent arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries)
  2. Helps to rejuvenate your cardiovascular system
  3. Helps to improve conduction in all degrees of A-V heart block
  4. Helps increase American life expectancy
  5. Reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Improves vision and hearing
  8. Improves liver function
  9. Improves skin texture and tone
  10. Helps prevent abnormal cross linking of molecules that age tissue
  11. Helps to relieve symptoms of senility by increasing circulation to the brain
  12. Helps to relieve pain, hypoglycemia, phlebitis and scleroderma
  13. Dissolves fats in plaque lined arteries
  14. Helps make blood slippery and prevents abnormal blood clotting
  15. Helps to increase tissue oxygenation

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventative Medicine are the Future!

With our knowledge of alternative medicine doubling every three years and our technology advancing exponentially, we are entering an age where we are able to probably turn our biological clock backwards!  Instruments are now in use that can measure the functioning of each of our physical organs and new high potency nutritional supplements, hormonal balancing, and advanced oral chelation products have become available which can enhance the functioning of our organs and help prevent heart attacks and fight many of the auto-immune and degenerative diseases that are plaguing modern society.

There is one more benefit.  That is the savings and convenience.  Vitality Force is much more than just an all natural solution for cardiovascular health.

The formula includes the highest quality arginine, vitamins, minerals, and other immune boosting ingredients. It works by dilating the blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to flow freely throughout the body.  This helps improve the  bio-availability of all nutrients and helps enhance your other supplements that you may already be taking.

I like the powdered form because research suggests that consuming liquid nutritional products provides significantly improved absorption, (80% vs. 20% from tablets).

Vitality Force supports:

* Cardiovascular health

* Healthy immune function

* Anti-aging properties

* Improved energy levels

*  Dilated blood vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and the cardiovascular system

* Increased efficiency of oxygen utilization for energy production

* Enhanced numbers of mitochondria to actually produce energy

The Vitality Force formula includes:

  • L-Citrulline
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • B1 (thiamine)
  • B2 (riboflavin)
  • B3
  • B5 (pantothenic acid)
  • B6 (pyridoxine)
  • B12 (methylcobalamin)
  • Folate
  • CoQ10
  • Omega 3
  • Resveratrol
  • Potassium
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Fulvic Minerals
  • AstraGin™
  • Fructooligo Saccharide
  • Stevia


(Click on image to read the label.)

I get all these ingredients in Vitality Force from one daily scoop of powder!  I take mine first thing each morning and can feel a big positive difference in my vitality.

The Ultimate Key to Vitality

Taking Vitality Force provides almost every vitamin and mineral that we were previously taking in separate form.

Merri and I have actually reduced our spending on vitamins and minerals.  The powder is tasty, easy to use and one container has a month’s supply, which at $44.95 makes this a very inexpensive way to get most of the vitamins and minerals you already take as you gain the chelation benefits.

Vitality begins with activity including physical activity.  Many factors in modern living inhibit our physical activity.  There is a lot of stress to maintain a lifestyle.  Modern conveniences like the computer, electricity and car make it easier not to exercise.  There is also a difficulty in obtaining vitamin filled and rich, healthy food.  All of this saps vitality and can lead to a negative health spiral.  We feel badly so we eat comfort food and sit.  This makes us feel worse and the negative spiral deepens.

One way to break bad habits and a negative health spiral is to generate more nitric oxide.

One way to generate more nitric oxide is simply by taking a scoop of Vitality Force each day!


Learn more or order the food supplement Vitality Force.  The price is $44.95 when you order one container.  I recommend ordering two. The price drops to $37.95 and two months’ supply will give your vitality kick start a better chance.

This special offer provides a 10% discount for our readers.  Simply add the code SAVE10GS

To order Vitality Force click here


(1)  lifespa.com/5-ways-maximize-brain-power


Investing & Micro Business Idea Beyond Logic

Here is an investing & micro business story that goes beyond logic and shows how we often get investing clues.

In these times of rapid change we need every clue we can gain to help us see how we as individuals should evolve.  We need to use data and our intelligence that goes beyond logic.



Gary & Merri Scott working with Indigenous leader in Ecuador.

Merri and I have been leaders in many ideas over the past 43 plus years. We invested in places like Hong Kong, Japanese and the Swiss stock market (1980s), the London and Manx real estate market way before the skyrocketed.   Plus many others including Ecuador and Naples, Florida.

Naples has a special connotation because this is the place where Merri’s and my business together began… about 30 years ago.

In the process of building my micro business, I was living in London and used to travel to the US and conduct one day seminars.  I would travel one day, conduct a seminar (on my own)… travel the next…usually for about ten days at a time.  I charged $99.   15 to 30 people usually attended each seminar.

This was an exhausting schedule.  Merri was a delegate at one of my seminars in New York and she saw that I needed help.

She offered to help me out  by editing my first book and she also offered to organize a seminar for me in Naples, Florida… which was her home.

Many had offered to help me organize seminars… but this was in the early 1980s and most Americans had not caught onto the idea of investing abroad yet.

When I conducted seminars back then, the few who attended were really enthusiastic… but they were far and few between. They did not realize how few Americans were ready to hear about currencies and markets overseas.   When others tried to organize groups.. they always failed.  So I had grown a bit harsh… after showing up to several seminars with no one but the organizer.  I had set a fee… $2,000 for a one day seminar… regardless of how many delegates the organizer attracted.

I told this to Merri and she pinned me down. “So… no matter how many people are at the seminar… I pay you just $2,000?”   She reconfirmed this several times.

She arranged a seminar… I flew to Naples and went straight to the Naples Beach Club Hotel in Naples where the seminar was to be conducted.  I walked into a meeting room and there were 99 people.  I started to leave thinking I was in the wrong room.  “This is your group,” Merri said.

This was my largest seminar ever and needless to say my math was not that bad.  99 people at $99 each… $9,801. My fee was $2,000. I often joke that I proposed to Merri to get that other $7,800!

Not really.  Our work together turned into something far deeper and we have not spent a night apart since we wed.  In fact 90% pf the time we have been within shouting distance.  On our 25th anniversary I told her we had more actual time together than those who had been wed 50 years but spent each day apart.

She’s a fantastic business partner… even better wife and most of all a wonderful caring person. I still enjoy every day.. every minute with her and am a better man for it.   (I think she does too… enjoys being with me that is).  What a great deal!

gary & Merri scott

Walking to a seminar at their Blue Ridge seminar center.

Yet this is only a small point of the story… that began in Naples, Florida at the Naples Beach Club Hotel… about 30 years ago.

Rush forward three decades.  Merri and I first moved into a big, old house… one of the first dozen houses built in Naples,  just a few steps from the beach… in terrible condition.   We slowly fixed it up.  We love big old structures… the sense of history… the rich architecture… the untold stories sitting under the roof and we love how a bit of paint and style can really enhance value.  We fixed it and sold it for a whopping profit.

Then we moved on started fixing an old run down farm in the Blue Ridge and a 180 year old hotel in Ecuador.

After about 15 years of this we have the farm in great shape as well as the hotel and two years ago… became attracted to Florida again after the great real estate crash of 2008 and 2009.  We purchased another big old place and began fixing again.

In each case before we were ahead of the curve. After we moved to Naples, Ashe County, North Carolina and Ecuador… real estate prices absolutely exploded… up.

In a minute you’ll see why I feel the same is true here in Mt. Dora now… and how Merri and I take clues beyond logic when we invest.

As mentioned, Merri and I love old places… to fix up. We also  love staying in old hotels and appreciate the efforts of others to preserve the wonders of the past… so when we have seminars, we try to have them in great historic hotels.

We of course have our colonial Cotacachi Inn Land of the Sun for sessions in Ecuador…

gary & Merri scott

Inn Land of the Sun courtyard.

In the USA we have had seminars in Mt. Washington (the old hotel there is where the Bretton Woods agreement was originated) in New Hampshire. The Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock (shown below),  the…


the Bellview Biltmore in Tampa (below) are some of the old hotel venues we have used.


In Europe we have conducted seminars in castles as well as old hotels.  We had several seminars at a fabulous old castle outside of Baden in Austria.


We used the Burleigh Court Hotel and Amberly Inn in Gloucstershire and many other old places in England, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Isle of Man and more.


Burleigh Court Hotel.

So after choosing Mt. Dora a s a place to invest, it was natural for us to choose old places in Mt. Dora as well.   We have been using the Lakeside Inn, the oldest continuously operating hotel in Florida… dating back to 1883 as our seminar center.


Here is where events become interesting.

Earlier this month meeting rooms at the Lakeside Inn were not available for our January seminar.  The Masons were kind enough to let us use the Masonic Hall in Mt. Dora which is the Donnelly House…. a historic site in the center of Mt. Dora that the Mason have lovely restored. A word about the Masons in a moment.


Merri and I found the grand master of the Mt. Dora Lodge to be delightful to work with and discovered with interest that he had moved to Mt. Dora from Naples.

Then as we organized our February International Investing and Business seminars to be conducted at the Lakeside Inn we met the new owner who not only turns out to also have just moved up from Naples, but was general manager of the Beach Club Hotel where Merri and I really began.  Excerpts below from the Naples Daily News article explains:  NAPLES — It’s hard to get Jim Gunderson to talk about Naples.

He has a lot of material on the subject. Gunderson spent 20 years in Naples, most recently as the general manager of the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club on Gulfshore Boulevard, and he’s seen a lot of changes in the town and hospitality industry here.

But Gunderson is eager to look forward, not back, and for him, forward means Mount Dora, northwest of Orlando, and the historic Lakeside Inn.

Gunderson and his wife, Alexandra,  just closed on the 89-room hotel and, after a career spent as a hired gun, he’s excited to be working for himself.

“This is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the state of Florida,” Jim Gunderson said of Lakeside Inn, sitting in the living room of his Port Royal home in Naples. “It’s almost unheard of for a property like this to come onto the market.”

Gunderson said that in some ways reminds him of what Naples used to be.

“Naples is no longer a secret. Many aspects are still wonderful and great,” he said, but the town has become a city. “When I come back (from Mount Dora), that’s when I see how big Naples has become.”

Gunderson had a hand in bringing all those people to Naples himself. He took a job as resident manager at the Naples Beach Hotel, or the Beach Club as Naples old-timers still call it, in 1990, after spending nine years crisscrossing the country for the Marriott hotel chain.

Naples was not “on the map” then in the way it is now, he said.  “Naples still didn’t have it. You had to tell people where Naples was. They knew it was in Florida, but not where,” he said.

After two years in Naples, Gunderson was promoted to director of operations, and then named general manager in 1995, he said. During his time at the Beach Club, which he left at the end of March, they undertook continuous improvements to upgrade the guests’ experience, and meet or exceed expectations.

“We changed everything. We made numerous room improvements, built the tennis center, renovated the golf course, and added the clubhouse and spa” plus the meeting center across Gulfshore Boulevard from the rest of the hotel, he said. “You can’t be successful in the hotel business and be mediocre. Expectations become higher and higher every day. You have  to focus on quality.”

That thought takes Gunderson back, inevitably, to Mount Dora and the Lakeside Inn.

“It still needs work,” he said. “I’ve got my whole little list.”

With a staff of approximately 50, the inn is tightly woven into the fabric of Mount Dora, which grew up around it after the hotel was founded in 1883.

“The inn touches people there. Everyone was happy it’s staying in business,” he said. “Mount Dora is this amazing little town, full of antique shops, and sidewalks everywhere. There are hills, for one thing” – hence the name. “There are horse-drawn carriages touring, and people sit out on the porch on rocking chairs just watching the world go by.”

The hotel is built on a hill overlooking Lake Dora, with sunsets over the lake every night.

“It’s like the Carolinas, or New England. Mount Dora has the feel of a college town for adults,” Gunderson said. “Naples is great, but if you want to escape, come to Mount Dora.”

mt-dora Florida

Photo of Lakeside Inn from Naples Daily News article.

These are the type of clues that Merri and I look for in our business and investing… coincidences that show us we are on the right track.  Our love for Florida.. the choice of Mt. Dora and our love of old places that can be improved.  Now we see two others… really sharp business people from Naples… whom we never knew before…  also fixing up wonderful old places in Mt. Dora.

The Beach Club Naples… Lakeside Inn Mt. Dora connection especially resonates because that’s where Merri’s and my seminar business together began and has come full circle.

One way to see Mt. Dora. I am forever grateful to the Freemasons and all their affiliate organizations.  When I was very young child, our family had a serious health problem.  My dad was a blue collar working for the City of Portland and there was no way he could afford the medical attention that was required.   The Shriners stepped in and paid for everything. Surgeon…. long hospital stay…. therapy after. Mom and dad did not pay a penny. Without that help, my life and that of my family would have never been close to the same.

This story of Masonic charity is still going strong today. The Masons contribute over $2.5 million dollars of charitable contributions…. a day.  So I was delighted when the Masonic Lodge  offered a great way for delegates at our February Mt. Dora seminars to enjoy a fun way to get to know this wonderful town better… with a ghost walk.  After the Friday sessions February 11, we see Mt. Dora.

Our quickly changing world means there is more and more we cannot hope to know or understand.  We need ways to see how we can invest and serve that go beyond logic.  Merri and I are thankful when we see clues… glimpses that mean nothing and everything at the same time.

We’ll look at how to invest and do business beyond logic at our Mt. Dora International Investing and Business Course February 11, 12, 13.  We hope to see you there.

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