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Invent Your Future

We are ramping up our focus on frequency modulation because we can invent our future.  We need to.  Whether we like it or not…  the future will bring change.  The change will not be handled by the establishment easily.  The old system… get a good classical education… work hard for a big corporation… enjoy the golden years with a pension and social care is under attack.

Many will view this change as being bad, but we can choose to let every year…. every day be golden.  We can invent our own golden future or be invented by the system through default.

Merri receives and enjoys emails from the Abraham Wicks site.  A quote she sent me from that site explains why investing our own future works best.  This quote helps  understand why frequency modulation plays a part in this choices we make.

Then we’ll look at a tip I use frequency modulation to maintain energy and keep my weight in check so the future I invest is one where my trousers continue to fit.

The quote says: One who is mostly an observer thrives in good times but suffers in bad times because what he is observing is already vibrating, and as he observes it, he includes it in his vibrational countenance. As he includes it, the Universe accepts that as his point of attraction and gives him more of it. So the better it gets the better it gets. Or the worse it gets the worse it gets. While one who is a visionary thrives in all times.

When we think and project our thoughts we are working at brain wave levels…  many are subconscious and this integration of thought creates action beyond our logic.  This is how we can invent our postive future.

Weight & Energy Control Tip

Let me begin by saying that for many years, I was trimness challenged.


Here I am age 12 or so with a cousin at Christmas.  I’m on the right already overweight and probably headed for a second helping of cake and ice cream.


By age 21 I weighed 220 pounds (almost 116 stone for my English friends) and had a 36 inch waist.

Then I moved to Hong Kong and learned some very interesting lessons about natural health and the power of meditation.

One of the lessons I learned is the power of visualization and meditation that I use to this day.

As I approach my 65th birthday, I use visualization to help overcome the retirement programming that society puts around this day.  Merri and I first of all feel like we are just getting started.

We do more than just think about this.   We have infrared saunas (see more on the power of frequency in the infra red range below)  in North Carolina, Florida and Cotacachi.  I use them with my meditation most days.


Yet there is one trick beyond infra red.  Each of these saunas has a glass door and because they are lighted inside and it is dark outside (I usually start my sauna  before the sun is up – also a tip for success – that early bird idea), the door looks like a mirror… but not a perfect one.  The imperfection in the doors (as mirrors) perform what I call shadow surgery. They make me look an awful lot better than in the harsh light of day. The shadows eliminate wrinkles, hide bulges and cover blemishes perfectly… no surgery, liposuction or pastes, putties or creams required!   In that sauna… in the imperfect mirror… I  look a lot y0unger and trimmer.

So I take a good look before I meditate and that picture invents my being at many levels.


Shadow surgery… a picture presented by a very kind mirror.

Here is an important point that many miss about visualization.  Visualization is a precusor to… not a replacement for correct action!

The idea of looking in that mirror is that it implants a positive image somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind… far beyond logic.  Then the next time another illogical part of my brain signals that I want a chocolate bar or something calorically excessive… that picture appears in the process and says… “People who are trim and in shape don’t do this”.

Each time I think about skipping my daily walk… some part of me illogically thinks… “People in good shape like to walk”.

Visualization fights illogic with illogic.  I know I should not have the extra piece of chocolate.  But the mind tells these little illogical lies… half truths that can lead me astray.

None of this is logical… but then again neither are the lies our minds can lure us out of correct action with… “just one more piece won’t hurt” or… “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Many of our actions are dictated by thoughts beyond logic.  Visualization is the art of working backwards… mental reverse engineering using pictures (in the case of the sauna a positively distorted view) to modulate the frequencies of our minds that are at the root of our thinking and impulses on a day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute basis.

Visualization creates thoughts that help create positive action… not the thought “oh extra chocolate. I can have it because I use visualization”.  Visualization helps create positive action but does not replace positive action.  The sauna helps. Good nutrition helps and exercise helps.  Visualization encourages one to use them.

On the negative side  most of us are programmed our entire lives to expect physical decline as we age. This may be  something we don’t want, but that programing is strong so at some level of our consciousness,  we expect it.   Visualization… expectation are such strong parts of our being that we get what we expect.

We can invent our future and create the reality that we live, but if we do not do this in a positive way we live the reality of what others have taught us to expect.

Little tactics like visualization can help us invent the future we truly desire.


Join us for a frequency modulation – visualization workshop at our October 7-9, 2011 International Business & Investing Seminar in Jefferson North Carolina. See details here.

One way to think out of the box is to study astrology.

Learn how to speak Spanish in four days using frequency modulation.

Infra red saunas

Ecuador Shamans & Purification

Ecuador shamanic purification techniques can help enhance life and longevity.

See below how this meadow and Ecuador shamanic purification can enhance your well being.


Merri and I lived and worked for years with the Taita Yatchak,  a very advanced healer.

For a great deal of that time we lived with this Ecuador shaman and his apprentices at our Andean hacienda. Here is a shot of the hacienda…very remote… and pollution free.


During that time we found that he was fanatical about three things.

Ecuador Shaman Health Fundamentals:

#1: Proper exercise.

#2: Correct nutrition.

#3; Purification.

The first two foundations of help reduce toxins our body creates. The third basic helps remove the toxins that are created.

He worked with us in numerous ways to help purify our bodies. One was a heavy steam discipline for five days… nothing as severe as the scientology purification rundown… a more gentler form… and consequently safer and probably in the long more effective.

The results are amazing so every few years I like to do this… sit in a steam bath for four hours every day  (you should not do this without the guidance of your medical care giver) for almost a week. (This is of course a slow build up of time…not to jump in to that long of a time immediately.)

However in recent years there has been no way to etch out fours hours a day. We have just been too darn busy.  I tried… putting my extensive reading material in plastic baggies so I could sit in the steam and read.  Baggies, steam and clarity do not go together!

We have both a steam bath and infrared sauna at our home and recently the idea occurred to me… would the purification work if I used the infrared instead of  steam?

I asked my medical care giver… an MD who as also specialized in complementary modalities for over thirty years.

Here is his reply.


I have done research on  Infra Red Sauna  vs. Steambath.  The end result
appears to be the same; excellent release of toxins via the skin (largest organ in the body).

Both induce sweating with excellent therapeutic benefits, including:

* Improvement in blood circulation.

* Cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin, hair and nails.

* Muscle tension reduction.

* Immune system boost.

* Excretion of toxins.

* Promotion of a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Infra-red sauna has the following  advantages:

*Can be portable with no need for plumbing.

* Conserves water, an increasingly precious natural resource.

* The “inside” heating action of sauna may be superior to the “outside”
heating action of steam.

*  There can be an issue with bacteria and mold with steam rooms if not
maintained properly).  This is not true with infra red saunas.

* The far infra red unit allows one to bring in I pods, reading material, etc as it is quiet and dry.

* One must be sure that the water used in the steam production is toxin and chemical free.

On the other  hand,  steam rooms would be better for those with sinus problems, asthma and bronchitis.  The  sweat room would wash away  toxins a bit better, but both sauna and steam require showering to insure riddance of the toxins from the body surface.

Some people use both.

One final consideration. If you are aware of your Ayurvedic  body
constitution, you might choose sauna versus steam based on what would be most balancing.

I’ll give it a try and let you know at our upcoming shamanic mingo this June 12-14, 2009, (Arrive June 11. – Depart June 16).

Here are details about this tour.

Single $749
For Two $999

Our Greatest Promise Yet. Absolutely Nothing… Guaranteed!

Our Greatest Promise Yet. Absolutely Nothing… Guaranteed!

Would you like to be guaranteed everything, better health, more worth, wealth, wisdom and wonder?

Then may I invite you to our newest shamanic tour? It’s about nothing.

This nothing is something Merri and I always wanted to do for 13 years. Yet how could we describe nothing that offers everything?

Then our friend and astrologer Blaine Watson sent this quote of Anthony de Mello:

“The governor on his travels stopped in to pay homage to the Master. ‘Affairs of state leave me no time for lengthy dissertations,’ he said.  “Could you put the essences of religion into a paragraph or two for a busy man like me?”

“I shall put it into a single word for the benefit of your highness.” “Incredible!

What is this most unusual word?”


“And what is the way to silence?”


“And what, may I ask, is meditation?”


This quote finally gave me permission to describe a Shamanic Mingo about nothing.  Mingo means circle or gathering. This is what our upcoming shamanic tour will be, gatherings around shamans in the sacred area of Cotacachi. That’s all we know will happen because this is the way the good ones are, in the here and now where in the moment forms the actions, teachings and the tour.

So little is so powerful!

For example, we took a group with a shaman to the sacred Ingapirca below for a Mingo. We traveled half the day and arrived at this beautiful spot.

Here is a photo of us lining up for that Mingo. The shaman lit the ceremonial fire. The fire went out. He lit it again and again it went out. “The fire has never gone out before,” the shaman said. “We should not proceed.” We had just a small ceremony instead and he focused on one special person with us, who had been ill. What he did seemed like nothing. Then we spent the rest of the day going home.

Our lives however were somehow turned around from…nothing. The mother later sent us this note.

“Hi Merri and Gary: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Our daughter called me from the airport so it is going to be a long stressful trip for her, but she was very happy, excited and told me all about the wonderful time. She could not stop talking about you guys, about the seminar and about the whole positive experience.

“We want to thank you both so much for your support and care and for the wonderful attention you gave. I don’t think she could have made it without your help. Her health is so unpredictable…. She can be fine for a few weeks and then she has a relapse….and, of course, traveling is very stressful for her. But she has a wonderful attitude and is so looking forward to get her business off the ground…this is the first time in over 6 years that she has been able to “get back to work” and she is full of optimism. Thanks again for being so understanding and helpful. I just don’t know how to express our thanks other than to send you both a big warm hug!”

Merri and I have spent months over the years traveling, working, studying and living with Taita Yatchaks, Yatchaks, Shamans, Shamanas and Curanderos. We learned they work from nothing. Here we are with Aldemar a yatchak in the Amazon.

The real shamans are unpredictable because they gain their energy form their environment and from the here and now. They never know how the spirit will guide them so we genuinely do not know what will happen on our upcoming shamanic mingo tour. Expect nothing and you are almost guaranteed to get something and maybe….everything.

Here is Merri and me with a Taita Yatchak deep in the sacred LLanganatis. They say anyone who goes in there dies from a stake in their heart or goes mad. We found this not quite true. Though I assure you our hearts were affected in the most profound ways. You can read about this trip at https://www.garyascott.com/archives/2003/03/27/792/

Perhaps this is how legends arise. Maybe in the LLanganatis your heart will be destroyed to be born again! Or the mind will go mad from resisting the evolution. We will not make it to the LLanganatis on this tour, but we will be with shamans and though we’ll be steeped in nothingness I surely expect our hearts will soar.

We have found that shamans who ask “how much will you pay,” or “what do you want me to do” are not the ones we want.

The real healers are the ones who do not know what they will do and believe that the forces of nature will care for them, so they let the greater powers decide how, how much and when they are compensated and what they will do.

This should not be surprising. Looking for nothing to find everything is suspiciously similar to what quantum science suggests we should do.

Quantum physics indicates that all matter springs from nothing, just energy or wavelengths and that reality manifests from wavelengths in the mind and soul.

This science says illusions are solid. Reality is space. We are composed of molecules, small bits of something spinning around and separated by vast amounts of relative space. Yet molecules are not solid either. They are composed of atoms, even smaller bits spinning around and separated by vast amounts of relative space. Yet atoms are not solid either, but are composed of protons, electrons and neutrons, even smaller bits spinning in vast spaces. And these are composed of even smaller bits, muons, quarks of several spins, also spinning in vast spaces. Super string theory suggests that these bits are even tinier particles composed of smaller one dimensional strings of vibration that are the smallest bits which humanity has been able to conceive.

Where do all these tiniest super strings come from? Nothing but silence and space frozen in solid illusions from our observation, intention and consciousness. In short, our thoughts are the existence that creates the universe. This is the wonder of true quantum research and shamanism too.

The shamans get in touch with the nothingness to alter and heal. When they touch the infinite with their hearts and minds wonderful things happen to those with them.  Healings and awakenings spring from their touch…no scalpels, pills or radiation required!

To accomplish this Shamans have to be in touch with nature, not the schedule of a tour.

So our upcoming Shamanic Mingo is a tour about nothing with no schedule at all. Actually not quite. There are some things we will be sure to do. We just do not know when or where. Instead we’ll arrive in innocence, expect nothing, get our feet in motion and lay our path open to fate. This, I warn you, is a powerful mixture so shed your expectations but prepare for more than you can imagine.

We’ll  visit the sacred Quicocha lake for a shamanic study and perhaps a ceremony.

On another day we’ll cross this meadow… looking at herbs there.  Then…


Hike (or ride-your choice) down this road.


into this sacred valley where…


there is an almost unknown shamanic grotto hwere we’ll have a purification ceremony.


We’ll also visit Iluman the village that is famous for its traditional healers who drive away sickness using ancient rituals and their vast knowledge of local herbs and plants, some of which are now used in Western medicine.


Here is another Iluman Shaman on one of our previous Ecuador Shaman Mingos.


We’ll also visit the Shamana of Peguche.  Here is her apprentice preparing a sacred fire.


for the Shamana.


Merri and I know numerous Taita Yatchaks, Yatchaks, Shamans, Shamanas and Curanderos. You’ll learn which is which and we’ll visit a number of them. Here I am with Don Carlos, a Taita Yatchak.

We’ll soak in the sacred volcanic hot springs at Chachimbiro.

We’ll learn about a variety of shamanic healing plants such as Datura, Dulcamaras, Una Del Gato and Sangria Drago.

There you have it, a course Merri and I have wanted to conduct for years but have not because it is nothing. If you feel like doing nothing, join this tour here in Cotacachi , Ecuador . You’ll do nothing together. Who knows, you might accomplish everything, better health, more happiness and certainly we will broaden your horizons!

June 12-14, 2009, (Arrive June 11. – Depart June 16)
Single $749
For Two $999