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Emerging Country Micro Business Ideas

Many readers who have decided to have more freedom in their lives are learning ways to fight inflation with emerging country micro business ideas that can create  extra income wherever they live.

One way of developing a micro business is through Self Publishing.  A reader who moved to Ecuador sent this email telling us how he is enhancing their income through self publishing.

Gary, I purchased your course on writing and having a online micro business last year and have studied it. I have completed my first book, “Retire Cheap in Ecuador on $30 a day”, and sold over 200 copies via e-book sales. I want to add it to Kindle and Amazon via Create space.com. I have a second book in works now on “Accupressure at Home and and Natural Remedies”. People need to know how to prepare for the time, for some it is now, when doctors and drugs are not readily available- Preparation starts now!

Your course is helping me to live better on my Social Security Income. I hope my book sales will provide funds for investing and building a home here in Ecuador. It has already allowed me to purchase land and to support my natural health clinic.

At 71 years young I still find I can do things to keep my mind active. Like learning Spanish.

Being dislexic all my life has been fun.  I would love to attend your Spanish classes some day when I can travel and have the resources.

Living on Social Security does not allow much extra outside of daily living. But we managed to save and buy our property.

Now the house and then the extras. The book sales should help!

I made it through college as an EE, worked in Aerospace  engineering at the Cape and for Harris Corp, Melbourne, FL, 25 years. I earned a BS in Business while at Harris.

When the shuttle disaster happened in 1986 I was given early retirement and returned to school to become a Doctor. At 45 years of age it seemed almost impossible. But I made it and have enjoyed my 20 plus years of service with natural healing, no drugs.

My next project, though it still seems a mountain to climb, is to get a simple webpage on line. Just a place to tell folks about the Ecuador coast area and of course an outline/review of my book and why they should have it.

I am a computer user but not a geek. To set up a web site seems still a big deal and I’m sure it scares many from doing it.

But I got the book written, so I know I can do the webpage. I have a domain www.expat-EC.com so getting it up is next.

I feel like the tortoise some days.

I appreciate your letters and especially the information on the Bahia area. It is skimmed over by so many but is now home to me.   And soon to many others.  Namaste,  Dr. Donald Sanders, Bahia de Caraquez.

We love reading success stories like this.

More Extra Income Through Imports and EZ Maufacturing.

A recent message on edible Ecuador roses and the health benefits of rose petal jam provided a recipe for making rose petal jam.

That recipe includes putting that jam in the sun.   I forgot that though Ecuador is the Land of the Sun, but not everyone lives there as one reader from Olympia Washington reminded me when wrote: Gary,  I love the idea of the rose petal foods, but is there a substitute for: “Close lid and allow to stand in full sun for a few weeks, with lid closed. This converts the sugar into thick syrup. Shake every few days”?

It’s been weeks since we’ve even seen more than a day here and there, or even briefer glimpses of sunshine. That is always a chancy commodity here in the Northwest, as you may recall from your Portland childhood.

Indeed it had slipped my mind that when I lived in Oregon our then Governor, I believe it was Tom McCall, created an “Unwelcome to Oregon” campaign.  One slogan in that campaign was “In Oregon people do not tan… they rust.”  All too true!

The answer I provided her reminded me of an emerging market import micro business idea.

Some time ago I wrote about this nifty idea that saves energy and could create a business opportunity in Ecuador or anywhere in the sun… the solar or sun oven.


Sun ovens cook with the sun… no electricity… fossil fuel, wood, charcoal or any pollution are required.   This may offer a  business opportunity in Ecuador or anywhere sunny.  Learn more about solar ovens here.

Investing in alternate energy is wise for the future and solar ovens can save a lot of energy and provide cooking ability to those who cannot afford electricity or gas.

This is called playing both sides of the street.  Export Ecuador roses or Ecuador information or something from some emerging country you choose and import solar ovens to (or something like this) to Ecuador or the same emerging country.

Importing or making solar ovens in emerging markets is a good micro business idea.

See details about Ecuador import export tours here.


Cotacachi Exports

Cotacachi export opportunities showed up in many ways last week when the communities around Cotacachi held a fair in the village square.

See how to import Ecuador Valentine’s roses, below or here.

Cotacachi exports

This was across from the cathedral next to Meson de las Flores.

Cotacachi exports

The title was “Andean gifts for the entire world.”

Cotacachi exports

There were products shown from foods…

Cotacachi exports

to blackberry syrups…

Cotacachi exports


Cotacachi exports

ceramic puzzles…

Cotacachi exports

pots, plates and cups…

Cotacachi exports

made by these women.

Cotacachi exports

Here is the entire family with the former manger of our hotel,  LucillaPeneharra, who organized the event.

Cotacachi exports

There was a shamanic ceremony…

Cotacachi exports


Cotacachi exports

enjoyed by all…big and small…

Cotacachi exports

entire families…

Cotacachi exports

even our pumpkin patch North Carolina hound Ma!

Cotacachi exports

We hope to meet you in Cotacachi.


Join our Import-Export Expedition in Cotacachi  …to the Crafts Trails.  You’ll visit the markets, famous and obscure; visit the known and unknown…those who hand make, hand craft one of a kind goods. We’ll meet the artists, designers, creators, craftsmen, wholesalers and visit them in their workshops, homes and markets.

After 12 years of traveling, digging, exploring and enjoying ourselves all over Ecuador ; we invite the few of you who want to really get out there and experience the Export Trail. You’ll gain exciting ways to increase your security, independence, freedom, wealth and well-being while helping this very deserving country and its indigenous people.

Improve the quality of your life, expand your horizons and reduce the tax you pay as you increase asset protection by having an overseas company and overseas income!

Small at home export businesses can set us free.

When in Ecuador Merri and I will greet each dawn with walk through gentle Cotacachi, a village filled with peace.that seems to just get better and better. Here is one of the many lamp lined avenues shining in the morn.

We are all so fortunate that we can enjoy this and make money as well.

There is such satisfaction in having a business that allows us to travel and live in places we choose. Such freedom..such fun not to mention the profit arising each day and finding yet more money rolling in.

Join other like minded souls this year in Ecuador to learn how to gain freedom and self fulfillment through international investing and business.

See opportunity everywhere in Ecuador.

In wood products.

In Ecuador’s art.

In jewelry

And all types of exports.

A silver lining comes from Merri’s and my extensive travels throughout Ecuador . We have searched, scoured and scrounged our way across this nation to find special products and goods that you can export in a suitcase and make outstanding profits.

You’ll go to the high Andes . You’ll see products from Zuleta where they create handmade “green” cotton-one-of-a-kind tableware, shirts, specialty items. You’ll travel everyday to see different markets, crafts people and masters who create special products that will make your eyes gleam with delight…both for their uniqueness and salability.

In addition, over the years we’ve combined this knowledge and experience with contacts in the form of American and European readers who now live in Ecuador. Working with them we have set up office and business facilities to create an export support service that we can now offer to you.

We have even purchased a 180 year old hacienda that is a charming hotel to turn into your business center!

Here’s the hotel. This is where we will conduct the course when we are not visiting markets. Rooms are only $59 a night + tax.

Plus we have an experienced English-Spanish speaking business people who live here and can act as your local backup for the business.

This combination makes it possible for you to have your own Ecuadorian import/export business, which can be run from your home or in your own Ecuadorian hideaway you’ll be able to buy with your extra profits.

Timing for such a business has never been better!

Exporting has already created fortunes for a few sophisticated individuals. Now because of our knowledge, experience and contacts, a special business is available for you. Until recently, operating an overseas business took a great deal of time and effort to start. This is no longer true.

Technology makes it possible to take your business where opportunity is best and allows you to run this business from anywhere in the world. You can run your export business from an office or at home! The internet makes this more possible than ever before and at the course we’ll share ideas on how to develop and use your website to enhance sales.

The internet is the Colt 45 of business, the great equalizer. If you choose to have your own import-export business you too can let the internet help your business grow for wealth and freedom.

The export expedition combines theory, practice and contacts.

Ecuador is an incredible bargain basement business opportunity now.

Many of our readers enjoy Ecuador, have developed export products and some have even moved to Ecuador and started businesses and we have used this fact to create a system that can help you develop your own export business.

You can gain independence, have more income, security and enjoy overseas travel. This course is not pie in the sky theory. The knowledge you gain comes from years of experience and from our extensive research plus out reader’s current global export activity.

The course is designed so your international business will be easy to start and keep going (with the help of the contacts if you choose).

The Export Trail is an extensive five day course.

Yet the course is only $999 – $1,399 for a couple. You will learn directly from the contacts we introduce to you.

You’ll learn why a business in Ecuador is the ultimate lawsuit and tax protection and why global businesses are immune to recessions. You need not suffer during recession, inflation or during market crashes. Fatal economic flaws which ruin others create your profits for you.

From the beginning, the course gives ways to expand your knowledge about having a business in Ecuador plus provides a network (active business people and investors in 82 countries) that can help you find partners, sell products and services and raise money abroad! The goal of the course is to give you more than just knowledge. You are shown specific businesses you can start now and are backed up with follow up support in Ecuador .

The course brings you real, usable knowledge and the after course support so you can put the knowledge you gain into action right away.

The course takes nothing for granted and walks you step-by-step through every aspect of having a business in Ecuador . One lesson for example shows why this is an idea whose time has arrived. Learn the theory of setting up your business, whether to turn your passion into profit (by starting a new business in a field you love) and how to use existing businesses that we have spotted for you to expand).

You will learn how to become involved in an area where your expertise or interest gives you an advantage. Next you will learn about suitcase exporting that avoids shipping and storage. Merri and I have been importing this way for years. We have researched the facts and figures and are using them now.

Our goal is to help you find products that:

#1: Can be sold to easily identified markets.

#2: Can be marked up many times while allowing a fair trade for the indigenous.

#3: Can be imported in a suitcase.

The course gives you practical tips on how to achieve these goals in three ways.

You share the practical experience from the shipments that we have actually incurred in our own business. You learn the problems we encountered and how to avoid them. (This alone will save you far more than the course tuition.)

One incredibly valuable lesson is on how to buy at the source… and how sometimes it is better to not buy at the source. You will also learn how to establish your market… how to sell your inventory and to whom. How to know your product, your market, your source, and your competition.

Most important you will learn how to market your products abroad.

Which products? The Import/Export Expedition has already identified carved wood, architectural and decorative woods designs in San Antonio de Ibarra.

Textiles from Otavalo.

Here is one of the vendors in Otavalo photographed by delegates at our last Import-Export course.

Religious Santos and Icons from San Antonio de Ibarra

Jewelry from San Goqui.

Paintings from all over Ecuador.

Here is an example of one type of art that a previous course delegate is having made from recycled paper and a metallic paint. Their Reiki symbol line of art is selling as fast as they can get it produced.

Leathers in Cotacachi.


Here are flowers I imported that were grown in Imbabura.


I regularly import roses from Ecuador at a fraction of the price you normally pay. Here I am with 250 roses we had delivered to our home in North Carolina for our own use.

See how to import Ecuador Valentine roses here

You will visit many of these places and more so you can start your business directly from the course after you have learned the fundamentals, visited these places, seen the goods and learned how and meet contacts who can back you up (or even act as a joint venture partners).

Learn how to enjoy the finest things in life because of international friendships plus how to develop them.

The course helps you choose the business you want. Many professionals look for new beginnings, turning hobbies to profits. For example you’ll learn how to set up tours for golfing, fishing, horse riding and other hobbies can be successful businesses. The contacts alone are worth ten times the cost of the course.

We have developed contacts with top businessmen, bankers, accountants, attorneys, marketing experts, business consultants, agents all over the country that can help you, large or small, full or part time.

There you have it, valuable contacts and knowledge about timely and fulfilling business opportunities that you can cash in on now. Regardless of whether you want your business to make millions, or just add excitement and adventure in your life, to reduce tax or even live abroad, the Import/Export Expedition can help you get involved with something you love and turn after tax costs into tax deductible expenses. Whether you have a successful business, want a part time business for change or as job security, this course can be of enormous value to you.

The week long course is only $999 ($1,499 for a couple). This is nothing compared to the incredible education you gain and the importance of the knowledge for you and your family’s wealth now.

One delegate who attended our Ecuador export expedition wrote:

“Our business of selling Ecuador products is still going well. We are now appointing Agents across Australia and should have the whole country covered by mid-August. Our initial shops continue to re-order on a regular basis. The best shops seem to re-order every two weeks.

We have also received inquiry to provide buying services for people in a few other countries. So we will be seriously thinking about starting our own brand name to market globally. If successful, it should help many Ecuadorians.”

Another  couple who attended this expedition sell the goods they export at flea markets.

They wrote: “Good Evening Gary/Merri.  Speaking of a small business, we have opened All American Enterprises, LLC (AAE) which includes selling products from Ecuador at a trade days operation about 200 miles East of Dallas.  I don’t know if we are off to a “bang” but we are sure having fun.  See attached pictures to include our model Consuella trying to look indigenous.

Please tell Merri we have made profit on our inventory and the big sellers are alpaca silver jewelry and Octovalo alpaca ponchos.  We will visit  at the end of September and would like to restock to include blankets/ponchos/throws from Hilana. “


Space makes it impossible to explain everything in the course, but I am convinced if you try it, you will find it improves your entire way of life! There has never been a time when the risk of higher tax, greater unemployment and investment dangers were higher in North America , but neither has the opportunity for small businesses abroad been so outstanding.

Here is one of the silver workers we visit.


Another jewelry workshop does interesting work in silver and ostrich eggs!


Another craftsman does incredible wood carvings covered in gold leaf like this horse.


and incredible gold and bejeweled wooden Faberge egg.


Todd Smith, another attendee, wrote this:

“Recently Gary recommended a printer in Cotacachi, Ecuador, for me to use to print my photographic greeting cards.  I was quite skeptical about doing business in Ecuador, both for the hassle of sending money, shipping the product, and most importantly the quality of the printing.  As a photographer, I am quite picky about printing.  But, after three years of good experience with Gary, I decided to take another risk and try the printer.  The results were outstanding–better than many press jobs I’ve seen in the US, and the price was terrific.

I’ve learned that Gary likes to push his students to try things they thought were too risky.  Gary lives on the cutting edge.  But, interestingly enough, I don’t think he is really a risk-taker, because his feet are always firmly planted on the ground.  I’ve learned over time that I can trust Gary’s thinking, and that he really does come up with some unusual, and very effective, solutions to problems that I’ve tried to solve on my own.

My suggestion is simply to try out Gary.  You may have to risk some money, but my experience has been so positive that feel safe in saying that the risk will be well worth it.  Of the $1000 or so that I invested , I have earned many thousands in return, and have created a lifestyle for myself that is far more fulfilling than anything I had previously.

I did the import/export course last year in Cotacachi, though I was in Ecuador mainly for photography.  While I was there, I met one of Gary’s contacts in the rose business.  We went to his plantation and he was very willing to work with any of Gary’s students to export flowers to the US or Canada.  He showed us prices that appeared to me as if they would form the basis of  a very profitable floral business.  He also explained how the flowers are shipped FedEx directly to you, and they are cut fresh before the shipment.  This means that the flowers you resell will last much longer than those that have been sitting in a florist’s shop forever.  This could be a significant advantage over the competition, and could generate some very satisfied customers.  Sincerely,  Todd Smith

Here I am with Todd Smith trying new tailor made Ecuador suits  that cost $135 to $200…an excellent Ecuador export.


Expand your borders now! Increase your economic security freedom, independence and success. Gain a fortune, enjoy life more and help those who are less fortunate.

Here is Bonnie Keogh who attended the export expedition enjoying an open air breakfast at El Meson de las Flores, the center of our expeditions. Bonnie wrote:


“My name is Bonnie Keough. In March 2006, I went to Ecuador to attend Gary and Merri’s import/export course.

I was hoping to find items to bring back to the States and sell. I love to travel and was looking for business ideas that would enable me to do that.

I had never been to South America (never even considered it) before so it was an adventure. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had been reading Gary’s newsletter for a while and I was impressed with the Scott’s honesty and integrity. They don’t promise overnight success or try to sell you a business opportunity. They share their wealth of experiences, open doors for you and educate you on the possibilities and opportunities available. It’s up to you to implement what you learn.

I found so much more than high quality products in Ecuador, the people I deal with are kind, hard-working folks who truly appreciate my business and I appreciate their honesty and skills. I have returned to Ecuador 6 more times since my first trip and each time I leave I’m anxious to return.

I always personally select all of the items I sell. By doing this, I’ve learned a lot about quality, prices and sources and I enjoy interacting with the people. But it is hard work and not everyone enjoys that aspect of the business. You will have to decide how much you want to participate.

Don’t expect to find mass produced items in Ecuador. If you have an idea for a product, it is a great place to have items custom made. It’s possible to find high quality labor intensive pieces, such as hand knit sweaters or hand woven rugs, at very reasonable prices.

If you have a genuine interest in pursuing an import business, whether in Ecuador or elsewhere, I’m sure you will benefit from the import course. It’s a great introduction to the country and opportunities available there and provides a background on the nuts and bolts of the business. It opened a doorway to a new life for me.

We stress that this is a course combining theory and practicality…but this is a true expedition! You’ll be having fun as you view products, interview, bargain, meet, search and many will even buy. Those who are just looking for a “classroom experience in a hotel” should not attend. Everyone will be out in the field looking and examining and finding. Bonnie”

Join our Import/Export Expedition and learn how your Ecuador business can be made easy today.


Ecuador Exports Tour – Join Gary & Merri Scott’s Import/Export Expedition in Ecuador .

March 10-15, 2009 – $999 Single. Order $1,399 for two. Order

Cotacachi Exports Expedition