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Slash Health Care Costs

One way to be healthier for much less… is with the medicine of belief.   See how new brain science can help slash health care costs.

The placebo effect has incredible power and is created by more than belief.  It’s the brain through how we can improve our health and wealth from this fact.

placebo effect

Image from “Just the Placebo Effect?

Health care costs are probably going to rise more.  Last week’s news was that second- and fifth-largest health insurers are trying to merge reducing major insurers from five to three.   Reduction of competition is rarely good for consumers.

More news was that a powerful new cholesterol-lowering medicine is being priced at $14,600 a year and because it will be used by millions could lead to a  $100 billion-a-year national tab for the US.

How can we fight health cost problems like this?

One answer to rising health care costs lies in a quote from Mahatma Ghandi, “Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being to remake ourselves”.

There is evidence of  this powerful truth in an article “The Mind-Boggling Benefits of the Placebo Effect” (1) at Healthspa.com.

This article shows how the placebo effect works so well that  researchers have to use double-blind studies just to shut the healing impact down.

The article asks “Why isn’t the placebo effect taken seriously?”   There is no dispute over its therapeutic benefit.  A study published by the American Psychological Association, found that 82% of the effectiveness of antidepressants was attributed to the placebo.  Details released by the FDA showed that more than half of six leading antidepressants were out-performed by the placebo effect in studies.

The placebo effect has been dismissed because there has not been enough focus on the actual physical change that it creates.  Now studies have found that placebo groups in studies have measurable changes in the prefrontal cortex in the brain.  A technique developed by UCLA called “Cordance”, measures regional brain activity and shows that the placebo effect makes structural changes in the brain which can help create permanent health benefits.

Big business is not likely to help us with this because of the profit motive.  Why would any company focus on helping people heal themselves free or at a low cost when they can charge $14,600 a year instead?

What To Do

Science confirms that there is a way to create the Placebo Effect by working on the principles studied in Epigenetics.

An article at the website of the US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health entitled “Epigenetics: The Science of the Future” (2) explains how  Epigenetic scientists (the prefix “epi” means above—as in “above the genes) are now documenting how anyone can use epigenetics to “rewrite” the way their genes express themselves.

This can alter the body, alter the way we process information, even create spontaneous remission from serious disease.

The idea behind the power of epigenetics is that it is possible to create a deliberate channel of communication with your DNA through spoken words, phrases and frequencies.  In short you deactivate bad genes and reinforce good genes.

One epigenetic study had trained subjects focus their feelings on their DNA that was sealed in a tube.  When negative emotions were thought, the DNA wind more tightly.  Feelings of love and appreciation caused the DNA strands to unwind and exhibit positive changes.

Sound, or frequency has DNA altering qualities.

A Russian study suggests that DNA can be reprogrammed by human speech.  The experiment used words and phrases spoken and modulated on specific frequencies.  They successfully repaired damaged DNA and reprogrammed human genes. These findings are being applied in some European academic hospitals on various skin cancers.

The Biology of Belief.

biology of belief

There is a great book “Biology of Belief” (3) by Doctor Bruce H. Lipton, Lipton that looks at how  you can “rewrite” the way your genes express themselves.  You can even cause cancer cells (or any abnormal or mutated cells) to act like normal human cells.

One example is that Dr. Lipton took sick cancer cells from a sick body, and transferred them to healthy environments.  The cell recovered and behaved normally.

This is import modern scientific research, but the ancients understood the positive power of thought and sound, hence the concepts of chants, mantra  and sutra that have been used to create health and wealth through change generated within instead of without.

The Andean shamans use sounds to improve heath and vitality as well.  These sounds are almost secret as I have never heard or read anyone revealing them, nor have I ever heard of anyone except Andean yatchaks using them.  Merri and I were privileged to receive these sounds when living, working and studying with the Taita Yatchak in the Andes.  We share these sounds in the natural health sessions at our seminars and courses.  Learn about our Oct 17-18 seminar here.

See how Merri and I use sound and thought to be happier, healthier and wealthier.


(1) The Mind-Boggling Benefits of the Placebo Effect

(2) Epigenetics: The Science of the Future

(3) Biology of Belief

Benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3 is important for longevity and good natural health.

Research has shown that high Omega-3 Index values are related to slow rates of “cellular aging.”

“No nutrient is more important for decreasing cardiovascular death – and more lacking – than omega-3.”  Bernadine Healy, MD  Cardiologist and Past President of American Heart Association  – Past Director of the NIH – Past Director of the Red Cross.

She concludes:   “Before long, your personal Omega-3 Index just could be the new cholesterol – the number you want to brag about.  Omega-3 content in red blood cells is a strong predictor cardiovascular disease.”

Low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are associated with higher rates of:

* Heart Disease, including:

* Sudden Cardiac Death (Primary Cardiac Arrest)

* Mortality from Congestive Heart Failure

* Mortality after Heart Attack

* 2nd Heart Attack

* 1st Heart Attack in those with High Triglycerides/Low HDL 2nd Stroke Cellular Aging

*  Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease, Inflammation ,Chronic Joint Swelling, Headaches, Prostate cancer.

In the USA and European Union, the average Omega-3 Index is 4-5%.

In Japan, the average diet is high in Omega-3 and the average Omega-3 Index is 9.5%.

In the USA, sudden cardiac death rates are about 20 times HIGHER than they are in Japan.

The importance of measuring your Omega-3 Index:

Omega Chart

In one study, the Omega-3 index was measured in 704 individuals, some were taking fish oil supplementation and some were not. Only 1% of the group not taking fish oil had an Omega-3 Index  of 8%.

However, in the group that was taking fish oil, only 17% had an Omega-3 Index above 8%.

83% of people in the study taking fish oil were NOT getting to goal!!!

Common fish oils don’t always supplement enough Omega 3.

Overall health can improve with a healthy omega index.  Heart disease is one area where omega-3s are known to benefit.  But there is also the fact that a healthy omega score slows down telomere reduction and cellular aging, limits cognitive decline and helps hold off Alzheimer’s and reduces overall inflammation levels in the body (thereby improving joint pain).

Inflammation is considered a major factor in all the diseases of aging and Omega 3 is involved in the process of reducing CRP (C-Reactive Protein) a major inflammation marker.  Omega 3 can help increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower readings of both triglycerides and PSA scores.

I use Athlete’s Best Omega 3 Supplement because it includes vitamin D, the anti oxidant astaxanthin  and a proprietary anti oxidant blend along with the krill oil and calamarine oil.

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Since it takes roughly 90 days for red blood cells to go through a complete cycle users really need to take the product (or any supplement for that matter) for at least 90 days to get the maximum benefit.

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omega 3