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Risks of the Other Riots

What will it take to bring the US stock market down?

Looking at risks in the US economy is not enough.  Looking at any one economy is too narrow a view. We live in a global economy.


Image from www.weforum.org

Take for example the US trade with China.  Tariffs and a weaker US dollar make US goods more competitive abroad, but makes all the products that we buy from the other 75.26% of the global economy more expensive!

There is a bigger problem that goes beyond economics.

When a nation has economic hardships, the leaders of the nation always blame someone else.  This can shift global economic concerns into dilemmas of war.  Drastic economies lead to military problems.  They always have and always will.

One bigger problem is in Russia.

Russia’s economy is suffering.  This has led to riots as the NYT.com article “Moscow Police Arrest More Than 1,300 at Election Protest” explains.

The protest was the latest in a series of street demonstrations as economic hardship has dented President Vladimir V. Putin’s approval ratings.

The protest, which not authorized by the government, was the latest in a series of street demonstrations staged as President Vladimir V. Putin’s approval ratings have dipped amid economic hardship.

A likely result will be increased tensions between Russia and Europe, more interference in Western elections and greater nuclear risks.

An even bigger problem in China.

China’s economy has also slowed down which is creating considerable internal tension.

The most obvious manifestation of China’s internal struggle is shown in the NYT.com article “Clashes and Tear Gas as Hong Kong Police Confront Protesters in Yuen Long”.

After firing multiple rounds of tear gas, riot police officers on Saturday briefly clashed with protesters inside the same Hong Kong train station where an armed mob had attacked demonstrators last weekend.

The wave of protests sweeping Hong Kong began in early June and has targeted draft legislation, since shelved, that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. The demands have since grown to include broader democracy and an independent investigation into accusations that the police used excessive force against demonstrators.

The Chinese internal struggles have already led to growing military tension with the US.


This image is from the NYT.com article  “China Reacts to Trade Tariffs and Hong Kong Protests by Blaming U.S.”

Chinese officials and news outlets have accused the United States of being behind the protests in Hong Kong.

A popular news anchor watched by hundreds of millions of Chinese poured scorn on the United States, using an obscenity to accuse it of sowing chaos. A prominent official blamed Washington directly for the antigovernment protests upending Hong Kong.

Pointed hostility toward America, voiced by Chinese officials and state-run news organizations under the control of an all-powerful propaganda department, has escalated in recent weeks in tandem with two of China’s big problems: a slowing economy complicated by trade tensions and turbulence in Hong Kong that has no end in sight.

As nations spiral downwards from negotiation and diplomacy into threats, the chances of accidents grow and increase the downward spiral.  Businesses and investors understand these realities of social economics and  become uncertain.

Uncertainty is any markets greatest threat and the NYT.com article “Spiraling Trade Tensions Threaten Economy as Trump Pressures China” shows that the market is reacting now.

Global trade tensions escalated this week as the United States renewed its tariff war with China, sending major stock indexes tumbling as fears of an economic slowdown rattled investors around the world.

The S&P 500 index had its worst week of trading this year, as shares on exchanges from Tokyo to London fell on Friday — one day after President Trump announced new tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese imports following stalled negotiations. Beijing’s response was swift.

“China’s position is very clear that if U.S. wishes to talk, then we will talk,” Zhang Jun, China’s new ambassador to the United Nations, said Friday. “If they want to fight, then we will fight.”

As the two sides appeared to drift further from a deal, Japan and South Korea veered toward their own trade confrontation on Friday, injecting greater uncertainty into the region.

The reverse can be true.  If China and the US suddenly announce a new trade deal… the US stock market could explode upwards.  The existing trade tensions are creating and will continue to create inflation.  The main way to combat this is by investing in equities.  Those are positive factors that could cause US (and other) stocks markets to continue to climb.

Know one knows how these tensions are going to release… in negotiation and better deals or greater military tension and even war.

What we do know is that tension is high, almost everywhere and many stock markets, especially the US, are already a poor value with high prices and low dividend yields.

This is why it’s more important than ever to invest in good value.  See how below.


The Only 3 Reasons to Invest


The stock market has always been the best place of places to protect and increase wealth over the long haul.   Yet it’s also been the worst place to lose money, a lot of it, quickly.

There are only three reasons why we should invest.  We invest for income.  We invest to resell our investments for more than we had invested.  We invest to make our world a better place.

The goal of investing should be to stabilize our security, bring feelings of comfort and elimination of stress!

We should not invest for fun, excitement or to get rich quickly. We should not divest in a panic due to market corrections.

This is why my core stock portfolio consists of 19 shares and this position has hardly changed in three years.  During this time we have been steadily accumulating the same 19 shares and have traded only three times.

A model portfolio that dates back to 1969 has dramatically outperformed almost every stock market in the world.


A hundred US dollars invested in that portfolio in 1969 is now worth $44833 compared to $100 invested in an equity weighted world index being worth $11,548.

This portfolio is built around a strategy that’s taught in my Purposeful Investing Course (Pi).  I call these shares my Pifolio.

This portfolio more or less matched the S&P 500 until May 2018.  Then a stronger US dollar made the portfolio look like it was falling behind.   This currency illusion creates a special opportunity we’ll view in a moment.

This portfolio above is based on stock price to value analysis built around 91 years of stock market data.

The value analysis is used to create a portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover  stock markets that are undervalued.  I have combined my 50 years of investing experience with the study of the mathematical market value analysis of Michael Keppler, CEO of Keppler Asset Management.

In my opinion, Keppler is one of the best market statisticians in the world.  Numerous very large fund managers use his analysis to manage over $2.5 billion of funds.  However because Keppler’s roots are in Germany (though he lives and operates from New York) and most of his funds registered for the European Union, Americans cannot normally access his data.

I was lucky to have crossed paths with Michael about 25 years ago, so I am one of the few Americans who receive this data and you will not find his information readily available in the US.

In a moment you’ll see how to remedy this fact.

The Pifolio analysis begins with Keppler’s research that continually monitors 46 stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return.  Then Keppler takes market’s history into account.

Fwd: keppler

Michael Kepler CEO Keppler Asset Management.

Michael’s analysis is rational, mathematical and does not cause worry about short term ups and downs.  Keppler’s strategy is to diversify into an equally weighted portfolio of the MSCI Indices of each good value (BUY) market.

This is an easy, simple and effective approach to zeroing in on value because little time, management and guesswork is required.  You are investing in a diversified portfolio of good value indices.

A BUY rating for an index does NOT imply that any one stock in that country is an attractive investment.  This eliminates the need for hours of research aimed at picking specific shares.  It is not appropriate or enough to instruct a stockbroker to simply select stocks in the BUY rated countries.  Investing in the index is like investing in all the shares in the index.  You save time because all you have to do is invest in the ETF to gain the profit potential of the entire market.

To achieve this goal of diversification the Pifolio consists of Country Index ETFs.

Country Index ETFs are similar to an index mutual fund but are shares normally traded on a major stock exchange that tracks an index of shares in a specific country.  ETFs do not try to beat the index they represent.  The management is passive and tries to emulate the performance of the index.

A country ETF provides diversification into a basket of equities in the country covered.  The expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund as well so such ETFs provide diversification and cost efficiency.

Here is the Pifolio I personally held at the beginning of 2020.   There have been no changes since.

70% is diversified into Keppler’s good value (BUY rated) developed markets: China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom.

30% of the Pifolio is invested in Keppler’s good value (BUY rated) emerging markets: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.

iShares Country ETFs make it easy to invest in each of the MSCI indicies of the good value BUY markets.

For example, the iShares MSCI Germany (symbol EWG) is a Country Index ETF  that tracks the investment results of the MSCI Germany Index. The fund is at all times invested at least 80% of its assets in the securities of its underlying index that primarily consists of all the large-and mid-capitalization companies traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

iShares is owned by Black Rock, Inc. the world’s largest asset manager with over $4 trillion in assets under management.

There is an iShares country ETF for every market in our Pifolio.

This year I celebrated my 52nd anniversary of writing about global investing. Our reports and seminars have helped readers have better lives, with less stress yet make fortunes during up and down markets for decades. This information is invaluable to investors large and small because even small amounts can easily be invested in the good value shares we cover in our seminar.

How you can create your own good value strategy.

I would like to send you, on a no risk basis, a 130 page basic training course that teaches the good value strategy I use.   I call this strategy Purposeful Investing (PI).  You learn all the Pi strategies, what they are, how to use them and what each can do for you, your lifestyle and investing.

You get this course when you enroll in our Purposeful Investing program (Pi) with a triple guarantee.

Triple Guarantee

Enroll in Pi.  Get the 130 page basic training, a 46 stock market value report, access to all the updates I have sent in the past three years, two more reports on investing (described below) and an online Value Investing Seminar right away. 

#1:  I guarantee you’ll learn ideas about investing that are unique and can reduce stress as they help you enhance your profits through slow, worry free, easy diversified investing.

If you are not totally happy, simply let me know.

#2:  I guarantee you can cancel your subscription within 60 days and I’ll refund your subscription fee in full, no questions asked.

#3:  You can keep the two reports and Value Investing Seminar as my thanks for trying.

You have nothing to lose except the fear.   You gain the ultimate form of financial security as you reduce risk and increase profit potential.

When you subscribe to Pi, you immediately receive a 120 page basic training course that teaches the Pi Strategy.   You learn all the Pi strategies, what they are, how to use them and what each can do for you, your lifestyle and investing.

You also begin receiving regular emailed Pifiolio updates and online access to all the Pifolio updates of the last two years.  Each update examines the current activity in a Pifolio, how it is changing, why and how the changes might help your investing or not.

Included in the basic training is an additional 120 page PDF value analysis of 46 stock markets (23 developed markets and 23 emerging stock markets).  This analysis looks at the price to book, price to earnings, average yield and much more.This year I celebrated my 51st anniversary of writing about global investing.  Our reports and seminars have helped readers have better lives, with less stress yet make fortunes during up and down markets for decades.  This information is invaluable to investors large and small because even small amounts can easily be invested in the good value shares we cover in our seminar.

Stock and currency markets are cyclical.  These cycles create extra profit for value investors who invest when everyone else has the markets wrong.  One special seminar session looks at how to spot value from cycles.  Stocks rise from the cycle of war, productivity and demographics.  Cycles create recurring profits.  Economies and stock markets cycle up and down around every 15 to 20 years as shown in this graph.

The effect of war cycles on the US Stock Market since 1906.

Bull and bear cycles are based on cycles of human interaction, war, technology and productivity.  Economic downturns can create war.


The chart above shows the war – stock market cycle.  Military struggles (like the Civil War, WWI, WWII and the Cold War: WW III) super charge inventiveness that creates new forms of productivity…the steam engine, the internal combustion engine,  production line processes, jet engines, TV, farming techniques, plastics, telephone, computer and lastly during the Cold War, the internet.  The military technology shifts to domestic use.  A boom is created that leads to excess.  Excess leads to correction. Correction creates an economic downturn and again to war.

Save $102 If You Act Now

Subscribe to the first year of The Personal investing Course (Pi).  The annual fee is $299, but to introduce you to this online, course that is based on real time investing, I am knocking $102 off the subscription.

Triple Guarantee

Enroll in Pi.  Get the basic training, the 46 market value report, access to all the updates of the past two years,  right away. 

#1:  I guarantee you’ll learn ideas about investing that are unique and can reduce stress as they help you enhance your profits through slow, worry free, easy diversified investing.

If you are not totally happy, simply let me know.

#2:  I guarantee you can cancel your subscription within 60 days and I’ll refund your subscription fee in full, no questions asked.

#3:  You can keep the reports as my thanks for trying.

You have nothing to lose except the fear.   You gain the ultimate form of financial security as you reduce risk and increase profit potential.

Subscribe to Pi now, get the 130 page basic training, the 120 page 46 market value analysis, access to over 100 previous Pifolio updates, plus begin receiving regular Pifolio updates throughout the year.

Subscribe to a Pi annual subscription for $197 and receive all the above.

Your subscription will be charged $99 a year from now, but you can cancel at any time.


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The Global Problem & Solution

China’s consumption affects us all.  The country’s economic slowdown is a global economic problem.

There has been a lot of information about American democracy being threatened by Russian hacking.  That’s horrible stuff, but nothing compared to the economic consequences in the USA of a slowing Chinese economy.

The recent New York Times article “China’s Consumption Downgrade: Skip Avocados, Cocktails and Kids” (1) shows some of the problem.

The article says: For years, the conversation in China was about “consumption upgrades.” As the economy took off, China’s middle class — now more than 400 million strong and still growing — decided to spend those bigger paychecks. It traded up from local brands to Nikes, from cheap phones to iPhones, from tea to $5 Starbucks lattes.

Today, China’s economy is slowing, and shopping has slowed with it. The stock market is slumping. China’s currency has lost some of its value. The trade war with President Trump has left many Chinese feeling pessimistic.

Quit avocado. Ride bikes instead of taxis. Drink beer instead of cocktails — and make sure that beer isn’t craft. Order a medium-size milk tea instead of a large. Give up the gym, and take up dancing in public squares like a grandmother. Some people joke about eating meat instead of tofu, as American tariffs have made imported soybeans more expensive. Perhaps most worrisome for China’s leaders, many young Chinese are increasingly reluctant to have children.

Why is a Chinese middle class problem, our problem?

When I entered the world place in 1968,  I caught onto a trend that is perhaps the largest socio-economic wave of transformation in human history.

This monumental technology driven movement was the inclusion of the masses into the global economy.

In 1968, the progression was being led by advancements in the technology of air travel.

gant-skygods tags:

I flew millions of miles on Pan Am, starting on 707s.

As the idea caught on the technology advanced so more of the middle class could take to the skies and become international consumers.

gant-skygods tags:

More middle class passengers from The Western world were added.  I watched this growth as I flew on Pan Am’s first San Francisco London 747 flight.

But the underlying force, far more powerful than new gadgets, inventions and and transportation… the one ground swell of ingenuity that really moved humanity to its highest activity… was rising expectations.

Once the minds and the hearts of America and the emerging Western world were captured into believing that rising standards is the norm, we all worked  and cooperated happily to pursue the “American Dream”.

Once this Pandora’s box was opened, the system… the establishment could not let hopes and dreams escape, because once that dream is out of the box, economic events must move the story of growing standards along.

We can view it through the eyes of America’s first global airline Pan Am.

We Baby Boomers were born in a sweet spot.  We were offered the world.

The book, Skygods, (2) written by my friend, Bob Gandt, describes the 1960’s “American Dream” and inflexible thinking that has led to our terrible political situation.

Bob’s book says: “It began, a ship sailing into the void of space.  On the sound track you heard Strauss’s Blue Danube.  Stars glittered in the background like jewels on black velvet… The ship’s most distinguishing feature was the emblem emblazoned on the hull.  The distinctive round, blue logo made this vehicle instantly recognizable.  You could see that it was a Clipper ship—a commercial space going vessel of Pan American World Airways.

“Every new hire Pan Am pilot went to see the movie.  2001: A Space Odyssey was a fantasy created by writer Arthur C. Clarke and director Stanley Kubrick.  In 1968 no one had yet flown to the moon, nor was anyone seriously thinking about commercial lunar flight.  But it was assumed, even in science fiction, that if anyone were to fly a scheduled lunar service, it would be, of course, Pan Am.”

pan am

Everyone expected opportunity in America to continue to expand to the moon. Even the plastic model making company, Aurora, made models of the Pan Am Clipper that was expected to go into space.

Then like so many American dreams… Pan Am faded and collapsed.

gant-skygods tags:"2012-5-11"

Image of the Pan Am Locherbie disaster.

Skygods is an interesting book but more… it  is a mirror reflecting the rise and fall of a generational wave.

We can use these mirrors to see crests and troughs as the natural rhythm of things.

Understanding the up and down paths can help us better develop the skill of being in the right place at exactly the right time.

Understanding how human events rise and fall is vital to seeing the future because the world moved on… to China.

My first trip in 1968 was to China (then the part that was a British colony).  My travel was to sell America to China, but I quickly learned that the real socio-economic evolution meant I should sell China to the US instead.

That shift, fueled by bigger, faster, more fuel efficient jets, the fax, the computer, the Internet and mobile phone opened the global economy and especially helped the middle class in China grow.

The world is changing quickly.

Unfulfilled expectations in America have been a huge factor in the income inequality, huge debt and political divisiveness.

Yet America’s US economic, emotional disruption would have been far worse had it not been for the rise of China.  Chinese goods sated American consumers.  Chinese loans financed American debt and kept the dollar strong and this helped keep the US economy moving along.  Chinese buyers helped build American brands.

If a global economic slowdown coincides with a “Make America Great Again” and a “Make China Great Again” movement, a huge number of us, the middle class, stand to suffer.

The solution is all about communication

The advancement of mankind has mainly come through information technology.  The huge movements have been about moving our minds, not goods.  The TV, phone, airplane, fax, computer, Internet have all helped us to communicate information, not stuff, globally.  Most goods are still moved by ship and trucks.

This is why a career in communication, writing, or speaking offers so much potential now.  As the unfulfilled expectations in China collide with those in the US, two huge forces will create upheavals we cannot yet understand.

Those of us who are in a position to clarify “what’s really up”, as purveyors of truth (as close as we can get in a quantum world) will help solve a huge socio-economic concern and be in a position to live better, earn more and be fulfilled.


(1) www.nytimes.com: China consumer downgrade

(2) I recommend “Skygods, the fall of Pan Am” click  here

Live Better and Be Free – 5 Global Earning Experiences

Here are 5 global income experiences and 7 business secrets that can help you live well and free anywhere despite the pandemic.

I began my international business over 50 years ago and have been creating and running international micro businesses since.

During that time my wife, Merri, and I have been able to live, work and earn all over the world… literally anywhere we wanted because of seven secrets we gained which we share here with you.  We have been blessed with global earning experiences that helped us make millions… but were also fun, such as with British Lordships.

See how this one micro business helped us rub elbows with British Royalty.


One of Merri’s businesses that worked with British Royalty was featured in Doonesbury.

Global Earning Experience #1:  Lepers.  Our micro businesses have been fulfilling.  Merri started her international business in her 20s (long before she knew me) importing Italian clocks to the USA.  This earned so much ($80,000 in the first year) that she created other micro businesses helping orphans in the Yucatan and Haitian lepers (at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital) produce crafts she sold for them in the USA.

Excellent income ($80,000 in the 1970s was a lot of cash)…  incredible contacts… working with Dr. Larimer and Gwen Mellon who created the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti… and enormous satisfaction.  Merri still cries over 40 years later when she tries to speak of the gratitude of the lepers and her time and life in Haiti.

Plus she gained lessons that allowed her to live and earn… in many places and many ways.

Then we got together.

Global Earning Experience #2:  Lords.  Another of Merri’s ideas (in the mid 1980s) was to broker British titles to wealthy Americans.  We made a ton from that… even gained 15 minutes of fame when Gary Trudeau learned about this business and immortalized it by having B.D. Zonker buy a title!

What fun… profitable, plus stimulating, meeting and working with the Blue Bloods of Britain… visiting their castles… invited to their events and affairs.

Before I get ahead of myself, may I ask you a question?


Would you enjoy living in two or even more places wherever and whenever you choose?  Would you be happier with more freedom, lack of debt, and a life of riches, adventure and fulfillment?  Would you be glad to feel confident that you can discover interesting and fun business ideas again and again that not only bring in extra income but also help the poor and improve the environment?

If so then read on… because… Merri and I have led that lifestyle for decades and can show you how to live it too.

The key is to earn from home offices.   They are part of a micro business secret and you’ll see why have two home offices (and using two cars in business) can save thousands in taxes.

You can also enjoy such a lifestyle because after years of search, I found business secrets that you can use and enjoy.


Waterfall at our North Carolina Farm.  See enjoyable benefits of a micro business in water.

Global Earning Experience #3: Hospitality.  Here’s a hotel we owned and operated in Ecuador.  Once we sold this we joined the sharing economy and began offering rentals in our North Carolina cabins through AIRBNB and houses in Florida.  We became designated super hosts within months and added thousands of extra dollars to our income every month.

Caring is just one example of how to live anywhere and earn, especially now that the pandemic will change how people vacation.


Having a variety of places to live is part of one of the secrets on how to earn more, have a better life with more fun, adventure and greater freedom.

Global Earning Experience #4:  Import-Export.   Here I am at our Florida house showing clients how to import.


I was wearing a hand tailored, made to order, high quality wool suit from Ecuador that could be imported into the US for as little as $135 .  Plus that Panama hat was made in Ecuador.  This is odd but true, all genuine Panama hats are made in Ecuador.  We imported Ecuador roses year round as well, all from one of our tax deductible US home office.


The secrets we’ll share below are not about how to buy suits or flowers though.   The secrets show ways to make money (while helping others) marketing products and services wherever you are and much more…. globally.

Global Earning Experience #5:  Green Produce.   We have an orange grove and lake at our Florida home and


are among the first to test new organic ways to make citrus farming better for the environment and the consumer.  In North Carolina we cultivate Wild American Ginseng as well as aquafarm.

These are just a few of the business experiences that can help you have the freedom to earn globally.  They are shared in our emailed correspondence course that you can now have FREE.

The course teaches a system based on seven secrets so powerful that it creates money for you regardless of where you are:  in town, out of the country, traveling or even in places as remote as we live.

These secrets have worked for us in real estate… titles… tours… agriculture… clothing… hospitality… alternative health…  spirituality… printing… publishing and art businesses for Merri and me all over the world.

Merri and I have created a special program we call “Live Well and Free Anywhere” that makes it possible for you to enjoy extra income doing something you love.  You can gain full or part time and enjoy excellent profits as you have fun and do something good in the world.

My search stumbled on the fact that most millionaires make their money in business.  This discovery led to a study of rich businesses, ones that generate everlasting wealth.  Here are three of seven secrets we share in our program that we learned and have used in our  micro businesses:

Secret #1: They must enjoy the multiple effect.  A product once created must produce profits again and again, almost on a never-ending basis.  Each investment made needs to make huge returns.

Secret #2: They need to be greater than their owner’s time.  They must produce income even when the owner doesn’t put in day-to-day effort. You may already be wealthy or earning a high income.  You may not even need another business or extra income, but some day you might.  One surgeon explained it this way.  “I am making a fortune because peoples’ lives are in my hands.  Once my hands are no longer steady, my income stops.   My entire financial well being will then be in someone else’s hands!”

Secret #3: These money making systems should be enjoyable and fun.  Sadly most people make money for the sake of making money.  Many spend their lives working, just to have a few precious hours having fun.  The most important fact about making and keeping wealth is that those who were richest absolutely love what they were doing.  Money is of secondary importance to their effort.  And as things are, this means they actually ended up making more money.

These secrets created a fantastic way to make money with my own international micro business doing what I love!

You too can have everlasting wealth by turning your passion into profit.

You too can have the freedom to do what you love from any place you like, even operating (actually preferably) from your bedroom, dining room or den if you wish.

What do you love? Rare cars?  You can make a fortune creating a business around them.  Do you prefer fine art? Or do you love beautiful jewelry, coins, gems, real estate, furs, model railways, dolls, scientific equipment, war memorabilia, old and rare books, or whatever?  Do you prefer social subjects rather than objects?

Are you concerned with the environment or humanitarian problems, with crimes, war or poverty?  Would you like to help wipe these social problems out in the course of your business?

Are you a golfer? Do you love to travel? Why not make all kinds of money in a global business related to golf?

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place, help people get along better together?  You can do something good for the world, increase your income and live wherever you please in the process!

Whatever your passion you can learn how to earn by creating a micro business based on it.

Take fishing, for example.

I am no great aquafarmer, but the numbers and lifestyle work on a small scale.  We pay about $3.50 a pound to stock the fish, they double, triple, even quadruple in size and we sell them at a local butcher shoppe for a modest profit.   This is not a big deal, but does generate income, helps attract guests to stay in our rental cabins, puts some great trout dinners on our table and is a thoroughly enjoyable part of my daily labor.  I need this to counter balance sitting in front of a computer.

Over a couple of months the fish grow… a lot.

gary scott

Millions of people love fishing but don’t have a pond.  This does not mean they cannot be involved in fishing.  Here are just a few of many ways that others have profitably matched this passion with profit.

Two of my friends, John and Lou, grew up near me in the Oregon mountains.  They were outdoor adventure types and moved to Canada, where they homesteaded 1,200 acres on a trout-filled lake in mid British Columbia.  They built a fishing camp that attracts fisherman from around the world.

Duncan Kinderman on the other hand loved fishing and castles.  He bought a castle on the River Tay, a great Scottish salmon river, and offered time shares for fisherman from Britain, Europe and the US.

Another entrepreneur I know was from Montana.  His skills were in marketing so he sold fishing trips for fishing camps.  He attended rod and gun exhibitions, met owners of these camps and arranged to sell their fishing trips to the US, Argentina and even in Russia to fisherman around the world.

Ralph Kylloe on the other hand loved fishing and photography so he created the book, “Fishing Camps”, which was published by Gibbs Smith publisher. This allowed Ralph to travel across the country enjoying fishing camps as he photographed and wrote.

Steve Ambrose, another friend of ours, had family commitments at home so he set up a bass fishing business in Florida that served Americans, Germans, Canadian, Dutch and Belgians.  Later as his children grew, he used his client base to arrange fishing trips in Argentina.

Each of these people had provincial backgrounds and differed in age, situation and skills.  Their common link, the love of fishing, led each to a global micro business.  Each was able to blend a unique nature and set of skills to develop a global business that surrounded them with fun, like minded fishing souls.

There is such an abundance of opportunity that Merri and I have created this program to help you have your own micro business that can be managed almost anywhere.  This program is unique because Merri and I are unique.  We started our global business together.  Since we’re almost recluses, we decided to do the whole business by ourselves… thus we create micro businesses that do not require large staffs.

We began working at home.  Today, though we have tens of thousands of buyers and have made millions, we still work at home on our remote farms and employ only a few people to help.

You’ll learn how to turn advertising dollars into a fortune.  You’ll learn how to create your own ads and when to use the internet… search engines… pay per click… classifieds, space ads, direct mail or word of mouth… even flea markets and roadside stands in some cases.

See how to build a PR list and social business network on the World Wide Web to gain thousands of dollars in free publicity.  I even share my most secret results on my marketing so you will know why sometimes you sell more units of a product at $49 instead of $29.

Learn how one couple used ads about retirement to supplement their retirement income and received free trips all over the world.

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Ecuador Shamans

Here I am in the deep Amazon studying with a shaman.

I have created three natural health reports based on 50 years of study with healers around the world about:

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#2: Purification

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Recent news about Social Security, pensions and health care shows that the US government has excessive debt today and that we as individuals need tactics to make sure, when governments, pensions and insurers weasel out of their promises, that we can take care of ourselves.

One big broken promise is Social Security and Medicare.  The most recent Social Security trustee report shows that the programs will begin to spend more than they earn within just three or four years.   The Medicare hospital-insurance trust fund, could use all its reserves by 2028.  They face insolvency over the next 20 years because Social Security runs totally out of money by 2034.

My three natural health reports help learn ways to be happier, healthier and avoid much of the Western disease management (aka healthcare) expense.

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Next, club members participate in an intensive program called the Purposeful Investing Course (Pi).  The purpose of Pi is finding value investments that increase safety and profit.  Learn Slow, Worry Free, Good Value Investing.

Stress, worry and fear are three of an investor’s worst enemies.  These destroyers of wealth can create a Behavior Gap, that causes investors to underperform in any market good or bad. The behavior gap is created by natural human responses to fear.  Pi helps create profitable strategies that avoid losses from this gap.

Lessons from Pi are based on the creation and management of numerous Model Portfolios, called Pifolio.

We combine the research of several brilliant mathematicians and money managers with my years of investing experience.


Learn how the Fibonacci Spiral impacts stock markets when the are 60% up or 30% down.

There are no secrets about this portfolio except that these mathematicians ignore the stories from economic news (often created by someone with vested interests) and is based mainly on good math that reveals the truth through financial news.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets using my 50 years of global experience and my study of the analysis of four mathematical investing geniuses (and friends).

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How Mighty Might Destroys Wealth

How Mighty Might Destroys Wealth.   Might is a mighty big word that causes many investors to lose-once, twice, thrice and then lose again.

For example, stock markets around the world slumped this week on news that momentum is growing for a vote for Britain to leave the EU this June 23rd.

This global reaction comes from the fact that the U.K. might leave the European Union and that such an exit might create a British economic slowdown.

This is the perfect example of making investment decisions based around economic, (rather than financial) news.   Markets are shaking globally over concerns that a British exit might slow down the world’s economy.

These are a lot of mights.

The reality is that no one knows how the vote will go.  More importantly know one knows whether an exit will be good for the UK economy or not.  And finally no one knows the consequences on the global economy if the British economy slows.

Golden rule of investing #1 is that there is always something we do not know.

One of the safest facts we can depend on is that when most of the market jumps over what might happen, it will be wrong.  Usually jumps like this create value and opportunity in the opposite direction.

In this instance, the concern over Britain’s EU referendum created the biggest losses in Asia.  The Shanghai Index dropped 3.2% and Japan 3.5%.  The S&P 500 dropped 0.8%.  Investors flocked towards U.S. Treasury notes bring yields down to 1.6%.

These Asian setbacks take pace exactly as the Chinese market and yuan are already undervalued.  This builds momentum for higher profits in Chinese equities.


Please join us next Wednesday, June 22nd at 8pm EDT for a free Webinar event that looks at how to cash in, right now, on the distortions in the Chinese market.

We will be hosting a webinar presenting “How to Grab Sequential Currency Profits” .  In the webinar we will show you a special  profit opportunity in China and how to create an easy, inexpensive routine that can help you spot and profit from special investing opportunities, like the one that currently exists in China, on a regular basis.

There will also be a question and answer session.  You can ask your questions by email before or during the webinar.  The webinar will be conducted live, participation is limited to 100 on a first reserved basis.

We do not plan to release a recording to the public.  To be sure you are among those who can listen in and share this vital timely information with us, please register now:  Register for this FREE webinar here

To learn even more about this webinar see full details of the webinar here.

Portfolio Examinations

Looking at the portfolios of successful managers can help us get ideas on finding investing profit through value.

Studying the philosophy of portfolio managers can also lead to profits because there is always something we do not know.

CBS News Article

Japanese & Chinese vessels shown in  CBS News article linked below.

Today’s expansion of the Japanese-Chinese island dispute led me to remember three philosophical investing tips from a young, very bright portfolio manager at Jyske Invest.

Jyske Invest is one of the portfolio managers I study because they use a VAMOS system.  They study thousands of shares around the world.  All stocks are given a score on VAlue, MOmentum, and Strength, (VAMOS).  Each of these three attributes is rated ten (highest) to one (lowest.   Then shares with the best scores over five (in each attribute) are selected for further screening.  About 25% of all the shares they track get looked at after passing this acid test.

The three philosophical tips  are:

#1: The consensus may be wrong…truth is not created through repetition of an error.

#2: Risk is your partner…for better or for worse.  You cannot succeed without making mistakes…if you opt for certainty, you will die anonymously.

#3: We know less than we think we do…and that’s OK.

While so many eyes are focused on Europe, the Middle East and the Fed… Asia could sneak up on us.  What we do not know is “What’s next?”

I recently enjoyed a novel that provides insights into China’s problems in the disputed islands written by Bob Gandt… Blackstar Rising.

This is a great read if you like war stories.   Beyond the story… there are two themes in this novel that are important to our investments, savings and pensions.  These themes are about China and technology.

China’s growth has been the engine that powered the global economy since the 1990s.  The world needs exciting new technology to fuel the next wave of productivity and keep the global economy moving along as China’s growth slows.   Such technology usually comes from war.

The island disputes between China and Japan, China and Russia, China and Taiwan, China and Vietnam of course are mostly about oil.

These are unpopulated islands disputed for centuries perhaps but never really worth much bother until oil and natural gas was discovered in these areas.   RT News (Russia Today) has a good video about the conflict. See a link below.

The problem is there are so many flashpoints… in so many places… it is extremely time consuming to try and track them all.  A conflict in this area could hinder or help the global economy.

This is why I track successful portfolios instead of the news.  Seeing what high performance managers are doing cuts through all the noise and lets me see decisions that intelligent investors are making due to the global news and the global economic action.

One of the managers I track is Jyske Global Asset Managers (JGAM).  I use JGAM’s service myself… so like to see where they are investing.

Recently I asked Senior VP at JGAM for their updated portfolios and he replied:  Hi Gary,  I have attached the portfolios but not with the decisions made at the latest IC meeting as we are still in “trading mode”. Some of the bonds we had chosen are a little difficult to buy as the ECB and the Fed easing has sent interest rates lower. Hopefully I can show the new investments at your October seminar.  Kind regards, Thomas.

Here are the portfolios. Click on the photos to enlarge.

JGAM Low Risk Portfolio

Jyske JGAM Low Risk

Jyske JGAM Low Risk

JGAM Medium Risk Portfolio

medium risk w/o leverage

JGAM Medium Risk Portfolio With Leverage

Jyske JGAM Medium Risk

JGAM High Risk Portfolio

Jyske JGAM High Risk Portfolio

You can ask questions direct to me or contact Thomas Fisher of JGAM at fischer@jgam.com

Non US investors should contact René Mathys of Jyske Private Bank  at mathys@jbpb.dk


Meet Thomas Fischer and see JGAM’s portfolio updates at out October 5-6-7 seminar.

CBS News Article

RT News Video on Island conflict

International Investing: The Value of Steady

I recently received two international investing ideas on how to have steady wealth!  They may help you embrace the future more successfully with international investments and business as the global economy shifts.

Buddha oin woords

Above one way I use is to study in quietness the turbulence!

The New York Times breaking news yesterday was enough to make most international investors and businesses cringe:  The story said: Markets Tumble as Signs Point to Weak Global Economy

The stock market fell sharply Thursday on intensifying investor fears about a slowdown in global economic growth and worries about Europe’s ongoing debt crisis, which is centered now on Italy and Spain.

As Japan intervened to weaken its currency and European stock markets turned negative across the board, United States stocks fell by around 3 percent in morning trading in New York.

A fear haunting markets in the United States is that the economy may be heading for a double-dip recession. Although the fractious debt ceiling debate is now past, markets fear spending cuts and weaker economic data point to a weaker economy. The latest weekly jobless data Thursday again showed the economy was still fragile.

How can we move ahead in such a turbulent world?

Three recent notes I received provide some clues on how to have everlasting success despite economic ups and downs.

One note said: Gary, I was living in New York in the 1980s when I heard about you, and started to follow your precious advice.  I opened an account at the Jyske Bank in Denmark, and everything went very well. I still remember when you were planning to buy real estate in North Carolina.  I was student at the NYU and I graduated in Dentistry, had a successful Dental practice and am retired now, living in Brazil.  I lost contact with you but now want to continue my education with you.  So, I owe you so much, and I am sending you this message to THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.  Sincerely,

Another reader wrote yesterday: I have so enjoyed your emails for 2 or 3 years now, they have become the highlight of my day.  They give me “hope” and a dream.

Another recently wrote“Hi Merri. I am looking forward to meeting you both again. Had met in Niagara in the 1980s. Thanks.”

Here are three valuable thoughts we can gain from these kind words about the past that can help us invest and do business in the future.

Thought #1: Be steady.  Please excuse me for bragging  but was I ever impressed with myself with those thank you words!  Any such blessing from a reader is wonderful but… serving a reader who began in university, built his career and has now retired… yet still finds I can help.  Wow! Did that make me feel good!

Buddha oin woords

Buddha at our North Carolina farm overlooks our…

Buddha oin woords

steady rock.

Actually good is not the right word.  Merri and I are just steady.

Steadiness or focus is a universal  foundation that we can all tap into.  The best way to gain this power is to do something you love… that you deeply believe in… and that rewards you in some fulfilling way.

There is a great article entitled “The Power Of Steadiness Or Immobility” at the virtualsynapses site (see a link below).

Here is an excerpt: The power of steadiness or immobility is one of the many siddhis (spiritual powers) described in the Vibhuti Pada (Book III) of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Have you ever wondered why many tales about yogis, saints, and buddhas describe how these spiritual masters can sit in meditation for hours and even days at a time without being disturbed by any external distractions? One of my favorite stories is about the Buddha. It is said that when Siddharta Gautama reached enlightenment, he spent a whole week in front of a tree, gazing at it with gratitude and his eyes fully opened the whole time. A shrine was later erected on the spot where he stood and the tree is famously known today as the Bodhi Tree.

This is a law of Nature. When we strive to act, the forces of Nature do their will with us; when we grow still, we become their master.

Thought #1: “Be steady in your investing and business”.  As the world becomes noisier, become quieter.  Be still, even when many around you try to move you in directions that are not good and usually not in your best interest.

Thought #2: Look for progressive innovative, unique opportunities in investing and in business.  From this quiet steadiness, progressive action will flow.  You’ll be able to see and follow the currents and rapids of life.  In many ways Merri’s and my business remains extremely steady… exactly as it has been for 30 years… publishing information that we hope will help readers do what they love in a global way.   In many other ways our action has evolved… from paper to electronic… from mail to internet… from emerging markets to resources… from the city to the farm.

Thought #3: Work with solid people you like.  We have maintained strategic relationships with Jyske Bank… with several attorneys…  with several publishers… with several investing advisers for nearly 30 years. Not only has their advice and assistance been invaluable… but the satisfaction of working with like minded souls whom we really enjoy being around is one of the greatest benefits one can enjoy.

With this thought we have begun adding telephone interviews with our steady friends.  We are making phone interviews with our most valuable contacts a regular affair so we can share steady global ideas with you.

I just completed another interview with Thomas Fischer Sr VP with Jyske Global Asset Management. You can hear it here.

Click to hear the latest Thomas Fischer Interview

What tomorrow brings I am not sure… but we’ll be sharing with you at this site… our thoughts and those of good, steady thoughts, ideas, people who can assist you in doing what you love in a global way.


Meet Thomas Fischer at our upcoming International Investing & Business Seminar.

See a new Ecuador community.

Read The Power Of Steadiness Or Immobility