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Become Our Neighbor

Be our neighbor. 

We have listed part of our North Carolina farm for sale.

Details of the offering are below.  We would love to have a loyal reader become our neighbor!  If one purchases the land through our introduction to the listing broker, there would be a substantial reduction in price.

Anyone interested, please contact us for price details at gary@garyascott.com

Unique, one of a kind property, over 200 secluded, unpolluted North Carolina Blue Ridge acres that are totally internet connected.

6 beds, 5 baths.

Tuscan villa farmhouse in the Blue Ridge seen from the trout pond.


merrily farms

This Little Horse Creek Farms is a unique refuge with seven buildings offering  privacy and nature, but with easy access to every convenience of the modern world.

Though it is known as the “Lost Province” Ashe county North Carolina is the cradle of one of America’s important historical events.

Tucked in along the North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee border the farm offers freedom from the “Madding Crowd” but is connected with the world in the most technological ways.

The farm is completely rural but in the middle of the Eastern USA, an equidistant drive to Orlando, New York, Chicago, St Louis and closer to cities such as Washington DC, Jacksonville, Memphis and Atlanta.   New four and six lane highways make Charlotte and the North Carolina Piedmont less than two hours away.  An expanded West Jefferson community airport now accepts private jets and an easy to use, regional airport is an hour and 30 minutes from the farm.  Numerous meadows are suited for conversion into helicopter landing pads.

Little Horse Creek is a tributary of Big Horse Creek, that runs into the New River and then flows into the Ohio, Mississippi and finally the Gulf of Mexico.  But it all begins here, in innumerable springs, each running though mountain hollows into an ever increasing flow.

This is New River Country, the oldest river in America and this provides added safety to the farm.  There is a general lack of seismic activity in the Southern Appalachians because they were formed over a billion years ago.  This created a stability that is well recorded in the rocks.  These rocks are at the core of our mountains formed when there was just one continent surrounded by one ocean.  Remnants of the super continent make up much of the Blue Ridge core and fragments of this billion-year old mass are still found at the surface in many places near our farm.

North Carolina had its earthquakes millennia ago.  In recent centuries damaging earthquakes have been rare, most are under a 3.0 magnitude.  All known faults in North Carolina are ancient and remain inactive.  Volcanic activity in the Blue Ridge occurred 300 to 400 million years ago, and all volcanoes have been extinct for at least 100 million years.

The county began in the mid 1700s as part of the Watauga Settlement now an area that composes Ashe, Watauga and Wilkes counties. Three main settlements were created by settlers who mostly came down the Great Valley through Virginia.

During the Revolutionary War, on September 25, 1780, a group called the Overmountain Men or Watauga Boys assembled on the Watauga River and began a march to Kings Mountain. The Battle of Kings Mountain began when the 900 Patriots (including John Crockett, father of Davy Crockett), approached the British supporters led by British Major Patrick Ferguson.

The battle lasted just 65 minutes but was a pivotal moment as the British rout forced British commander Lord Cornwallis to abandon his plan to invade North Carolina.

In his book, “The Winning of the West”, Theodore Roosevelt wrote: “This brilliant victory marked the turning point of the American Revolution.” Thomas Jefferson called it, “The turn of the tide of success.” President Herbert Hoover at Kings Mountain said, “This is a place of inspiring memories.  It’s significance, should place it beside Lexington, Bunker Hill, Trenton and Yorktown.”

Merrily Farms sits in the heart of this historical area graced by Little Horse Creek as the finest private estate in the area.

The farm reflects the modern nature of it storied history, remote, accessible, completely natural and independent, but connected in every way.  The farm estate is positioned deep in the Blue Ridge, near Whitetop Mountain, the Virginia Creeper Trail, Grayson Highlands State Park and the Appalachian Trail.

Complete with numerous springs, including a significant water source and historical site called the “Indian’s Trough”, the powerful water course that can support hydro power, making the farm utility free capable, even though it has an excellent and reliable electricity supply.

Fiber optics broadband, up to a gigabyte of bandwidth is available, allows the farm to be firmly connected with the modern world.

Looking from the main farmhouse, built in an old world Tuscan villa design, forest scenes lead to a mountain top, all belonging to the farm and assuring the integrity of future views.

View from villa.



Gardens surround the farmhouse and include nature’s finest flowers, grapes, blueberries, blackberries as well as ginseng, a highly commercial medicinal root.

Below the farmhouse a stocked trout pond is filled with trophy sized brook, rainbow and golden trout.

The farmhouse itself reflects the spirit of the farm, a juxtaposition of the old and new.  Though the design is reminiscent of timeless old country farmhouses, the construction is of modern, strong, PolySteel Insulating Concrete Forms that deliver cost-effective, high-performance, safer, quieter, more comfortable, energy efficient, structurally secure, and environmentally responsible, structures.

The two story, 3,000 square foot farmhouse features Anderson doors and high tech windows, an East facing entrance and long range, sunshine filled, south facing forest views of the trout pond and forest beyond.

12 foot ceilings and over 100 recessed lights give brightness year round.

Features include flagstone patio and interior floor with under floor radiant heat, cherry trim and kitchen cabinets on the ground level floor.  Black walnut floors upstairs matches the window trim and hand crafted interior doors.

There are three gas log fireplaces.   The core of the farmhouse is a center room, rising 42 feet though the house that assures comfortable air circulation, in sunshine or storm, so the interior remains comfortable in all seasons with minimal heat and no air conditioning required.

There is substantial stone work in and outside the main house.



The one very large bedroom has a full walk in closet and the upstairs bathroom features wood counter tops, black walnut trimmed garden bathtub, shower and steam bath.

The upstairs contains a presidential office.

Villa office.



A buried 1000 gallon propane tank fuels a computerized Munchkin boiler situated in a separate pump house.

All water is gravity fed from large springs above the house that fill a 1000 gallon water tank and create a water feature in the back yard.

The chef’s kitchen features cherry cabinets, Wolf stove and double door, bottom freezer stainless steel  refrigerator.

Villa kitchen.



The kitchen leads to front and back patios.

Breakfast on villa front porch.


Little Horse Creek

The flagstone front porch is matched by a back patio with large outdoor fireplace viewing a backyard pond and water feature.

Back yard pond.



The large laundry room has a washer and dryer.

The second house at Merrily Farms is a fully renovated Johnny Appleseed cottage, hidden among maple, oak hemlock, wild cherry and pine.  The cottage also offers pure, spring chilled, gravity fed water, and a wrap around front porch with hammock and rocking chairs for enjoying fresh, cool mountain air and star filled nights in nature’s peace.


This truly one-of-a-kind old time, yet modern, private farm, near West Jefferson,North Carolina features over 200 acres of amazing forest, meadows and pasture, more than four miles of trails, a stocked pond.

There are numerous additional home sites with breathtaking views and more than a quarter mile of the bold, rushing Little Horse Creek that runs through the land.

The entrance belies the fullness of this estate as you enter through a country looking farm gate that approaches the creek.



merrily farms

A drive lined with ancient pine, hemlock and oak leads to the creek and opens into a meadow that introduces the Johnny Appleseed cottage built of study, old world craftsmanship and finished with incredible natural floors of oak, maple and pine.

Farmhouse from creek.



Wide plank wood floors and old wood ceiling beams are features in the farmhouse.

Upstairs Farmhouse.



The farmhouse kitchen handcrafted by local carpenters from pine harvested and milled on the farm.

Farmhouse kitchen.


Live anywhere

The farmhouse is defined by the natural whisper of the creek that rushes past in the front yard near a fire it, bar-b-que and picnic area.  The lawn is an expansive meadow rolling down to the creek.

Hear the crickets sing in harmony with soft murmurs from Little Horse Creek which runs along and past the farmhouse.

Farmhouse front porch.



Behind the farmhouse is an annex cabin, the Wildflower.  This cabin is 100 feet from the farmhouse and currently has two queen beds and one bathroom.

Wildflower cabin behind farmhouse.



36 a

interior Wildflower cabin.

merrily farms

36 b

Little horse creek at Wildflower.

merrily farms

Beyond the farmhouse and Wildflower, Little Horse Trail leads to the Tuscan villa.

Little Horse Trail leading to Tuscan villa.



Entrance to Tuscan villa.




The pond and Mossy Creek runs in front of the villa. Little Horse Creek rushes behind.

merrily farms

At the edge of the meadow view from the villa is a deep forest, wood heated hot tub that sits in a spa cabin on Mossy Creek.

Mossy creek below hot tub.



Little Horse Creek behind villa.

little horse creek

There are over 4 miles of roads and trails path.  There is great trout fishing and the farm is a hunter’s paradise with deer, wild turkey, grouse, raccoons, possum, squirrels, a wild cat or two and bear.

Farm trail.



There is substantial timber reserves on the farm valued at over $250,000.

These buildings make the farm perfect for family get togethers or a haven during natural disasters.

The farmhouse has been rented through Airbnb for the last two years from Memorial Day till Mid October and generated over $7,000 in each of these 4.5 month seasons.

The Farmhouse sits on Little Horse Creek. 200 acres. Four mile of road and trail. Waterfalls, Abundant Wildlife. 17 min. to Virgina Creeper Bike Path. 30 min. to Appalachian Trail. 30 minutes to Grayson State park.

The farm is a short drive to Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail – The Crooked Road famous for the plaintive strains of the mountain ballads and toe-tapping, old-time dance music that echo across this region’s sharp ridges and deep valleys.

This is Norm Henderson – Doc Watson country and you can see the signs along the Trail as you explore the musical soul of these country connections and experience a unique and unforgettable experience.

The nearby town of West Jefferson is a perfect reflection of oldtime smalltown USA with many popular attractions. Free summer concerts are conducted on the backstreet. The Art’s council promotes the Old Time Musicians and Fiddler’s Convention.  There is a weekly Saturday and Wednesday farmers’ market, monthly gallery crawls, one of the biggest arts & crafts festivals in the high country, an antique festival, little theater performances, annual holiday events.

West Jefferson has coffee houses, art galleries, studios featuring local and regional artists’.

The Ashe County Arts Council showcases local artists with rotating exhibits and special events.  West Jefferson hosts a Christmas in July festival, attended by tens of thousands, and has 15 murals that create a walking tour throughout downtown.

This area is quiet and pollution free.  The stars are brilliant at night.  Crickets, katydids and frogs serenade every evening.  There are numerous picnics sites in the meadows and on the creek and the farmhouse has a huge front porch overlooking the creek.


A FIRMETTE is available that shows how the farm at 3,000 feet and rising is away from low laying areas and traditional storm and flood paths.

The altitude adds to comfort as well.  There are few biting insects and no poisonous snakes in the area.

This 200 acre Blue Ridge farm offers a one of a kind blend of nature integrated with modern world convenience, immersion in nature, away from the stresses of urban living, a pure, secluded  family compound estate.

Images of the farm

Surrounded by nature






Villa in autumn





Family gathered at villa



Villa kitchen



Villa office



Horses from villa



Villa kitchen



Breakfast on villa front porch


Little Horse Creek

Abundant water




Creek behind villa

little horse creek


mossy creek below villa


Mossy Creek on way to villa



Fawn Meadow



Horse barn



hay loft


merrily farms


interior horse barn

merrily farms


horse barn

merrily farms



Over four miles of roads and trails (in blue).


merrily farms

Backwoods roads on the land



Fish pond stocked with 3 to 5 pound rainbow and brook trout.


merrily farms


trout pond

Merrily farms water

Magnificent stone work in and outside main house



Pond in back yard



and water feature back yard.


Merrily farms water

Side yard



Villa side yard and pump house



Entrance to pond and Tuscan villa



View from top of property



Wonderful sunrise view from villa office.





Exercise room beside Tuscan villa



Inside exercise room


merrily farms

Spa cabin and…



Deep woods hottub



Mossey creek below hottub



Entrance to Tuscan villa



Farmhouse from the creek



Wildflower cabin behind farmhouse



36 a

interior Wildflower cabin

merrily farms

36 b

Little horse creek at Wildflower

merrily farms

Trout from the creek


gary scott farm

Trout from pond in villa kitchen


merrily farms

Wild turkey in front yard


Little Horse Creek Autumn



Deer in front yard


gary scott deer




Creek by Farmhouse



Farmhouse kitchen


Live anywhere

Farmhouse living room



Upstairs Farmhouse



Bedroom farmhouse



Bedroom farmhouse



Bedroom farmhouse



Farmhouse dining room



Farmhouse front porch



Farmhouse from creek



Abundant Timber







Fiber optics available up to a gigabyte of broadband connectivity.



Fawn meadow



Primitive cabin



Ginseng behind villa


goldenseal ginseng

Ginseng above villa




bear in front yard




merrily farms


creek behind villa

merrily farms


merrily farms


merrily farms

61 c

merrily farms








Three Tips for Magic in Self Publishing

The magic in self publishing is that you can be yourself as you help so many others.   No matter how differently you look at life you can self publish.  Sometimes the more different you are the better.  There has never been a better time to work at home, or wherever, doing what you love, as you positively touch the lives of like minded souls.   Profits can be good as well.

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 7.59.17 AM

See Liliana Hart’s YouTube video at Kindle Direct Publishing newsletter below.

Liliana Hart shows how magical self publishing can be.   She was featured in the April issue of Kindle Direct Publishing’s newsletter.  She was a school teacher, writes across genres and takes showers to get ideas.   Water is such an important part of her writing process that she has set up a desk in her shower.

Yet starting completely on her own, she made a million dollars in two years.  She gained even greater benefits she explains in a three minute video linked below.

Self Publishing Tip #1: To write well, read.

Liliana Hart wrote:  I love reading. I read on the subway, before I go to sleep, while waiting for various appointments – all the time! I read both fiction and nonfiction in a variety of genres. I’m not the fastest reader, but I’m always reading something. Not only do I read for education and entertainment, but also because reading other people’s work makes me a better writer.

Self publishing Tip #2: Use your life experiences whatever they are.

Kindle Direct wrote:  Hart spent five years teaching music in the public education system.  She molded America’s youth, busted kids for smoking pot in the restrooms, and broke up illicit affairs behind the stage on a regular basis. (Liliana’s Addison Holmes Mystery Series, about a small town teacher who gets into a whole lot of trouble, is somewhat autobiographical, but she won’t confess to which parts).

Self Publishing Tip #3:  Think about your Reader.

As a self publisher you can change a person’s outlook on life.  You can make them laugh or forget their problems, for at least awhile.   This is the magic you have within you that you can share with others through self publishing.

Merri and I love self publishing. We love the travel it has brought into our lives, the many places to live, the stimulation, the freedom, the friends and the profit.  Most fulfilling are the emails and notes like these below.  They are great treasures.

#1: “Gary, You Are My Inspiration.  Just wanted to say thank you.  I’ll be taking your self-publishing online course and look forward to meeting you and your wife in person someday soon.  I plan to buy or build a small place in Ecuador and your mentoring figures big time in my life plan. “

#2: “Merri, I want to let you know that I am still out here enjoying Gary’s e-mails. Over the years (maybe 10!) you and Gary have tweaked the way I think. My world view is so much more positive thanks to you two. I think it is because your message is about hope: Out-of-the- box solutions and knowing that the “sun” ALWAYS shines someplace. Thanks!”

#3: “Gary and Merri, You two were an inspiration to my husband as we read about the eBook publishing in your blog.  He dove right in. He always thought he would write a mystery but ended up writing a love story.  He is now working on the second book in the trilogy and has set his goals to write the three books in the trilogy and publish them and then write a stand alone as well.

This is why we are delighted to see more and more subscribers of our self publishing course launch books that make people’s life better.  These are a great examples of readers enjoying the magic of self publishing AND helping others gain more joy in life in the process.

magical world of twigshire

Twigshire is a light hearted book by long time reader Judi Light, which is filled with her whimsical water colors that support stories and poems designed to uplift spirits and bring smiles and lighten the day.

Read about the Magical World of Twigshire

Liliana hart

See the three minute video of  Marianna Hart at Kindle Direct Publishing newsletter

Learn about our Writer’s Camps here

Meet our Self Publishing Secret Weapon

Our secret weapon for self publishing profit is search engine success.  The real secret to this success is our webmaster David Cross.

David-cross-images tags:"2012-4-20"

David Cross

David has been our webmaster since our website began in the 1990s.  He is Merri’s and my business partner. We could not run our business as we do without him.   One reason is that he is a search engine optimization expert.

You can learn the tactics we use in webinar that condenses 20 years of practical experience about search engine optimization, and writing for search engines.

For the last 27 years David has worked with companies large and small – IBM, Agora Publishing, AstraZeneca and many small business owners.  He has worked in 22 countries, and lived in six of them.

David’s clients span the globe and represent companies and charities both large and small. From corporate giants to small, one-woman businesses and everything from finance, healthcare, publishing, technology, real estate, veterinarians, alternative health centers and everything in between.

David is an essential part of our web based business and Myles Norin, CEO of Agora, Inc.  wrote:  “I have found David’s knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry. Without David’s expertise and guidance for the past 7 years, we would not be nearly as successful as we are.”

As Senior Internet Consultant to Agora Inc. in Baltimore, MD, he worked closely with Agora’s publishers and marketers and – over a 7-year period – helped to propel Agora’s online revenues from around $20 million to well over $300 million.

David’s webinar will help you gain the types of search engine benefits that large internet marketing companies use.    In this practical course you will learn valuable skills to help you:

  • Attract search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to your website
  • Write interesting, compelling articles for real people, while using the search engine’s rules and algorithms to your advantage
  • Discover special tricks, tactics, and techniques you should use to attract search engines
  • Understand the “search engine secrets” you should avoid, and how these can get your site blocked by search engines
  • Learn about the role social media plays in search engine optimization, but why a social media presence is not your first step
  • Capture your visitors’ interest once they’ve arrived at your website, turning interest into action

As a writer, self-publisher or business owner, optimize your writing, and select what you could write for top placement in search engines.  This is of increasing importance to your business.

Over the last 20 years David has worked with businesses, large and small. He has trained writers, publisher, editors and marketers on how to adapt their writing skills to attract search engines while retaining web pages, articles and stories that are still interesting for their customers and prospects.

David has condensed these tips into a training course on Writing Copy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This is an engaging, practical, online/telephone training course on SEO techniques and best practices for writers, authors, publishers and copywriters that will last approximately 90 minutes.

We held this SEO webinar live recently and a recording of it is available for download.

Join David and learn:

  • How to create engaging copy that ranks well in search engines
  • How – and why – to use keywords within your copy
  • How to link your articles together for better relevancy and SEO impact
  • How to convert interest into action for visitors driven through SEO
  • Working with and developing a Master Keyword List
  • Why getting someone to your website via search engines is the easy part of the equation; learn about conversions and how to capture your visitor’s interest, moving them along the path to becoming your customer
  • The value of social media in SEO

David provides slides, practical examples and an understanding of the SEO process that you can add and adapt to your own personal writing process.  You may review at your leisure the valuable information that David shares.

Copy (writing) is still king. Learn how to make your copy relevant to the changing landscape of search engines.

Enroll for the David Cross Search engine optimization webinar ($79) here.