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Fulfilling Career as a Story Teller

Here’s how to be a story teller even when you don’t speak.  Can you gain profit and fulfillment with words? Yes, you can because stories in written and oral form bring added punch.

In the beginning there was the word.   Then there was the story.

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Ruth Sawyer’s “Way of the Story Teller“.

Ruth Sawyer, wrote in her book “The Way of the Storyteller:”

There is a kind of death to every story when it leaves the speaker and becomes impaled for all time on clay tablets or the written and printed page. To take it from the page, to create it again into living substance, this is the challenge. 

Ruth Sawyer was a writer and an American storyteller.

She taught storytelling to teachers who were opening kindergartens for children orphaned during the Spanish-American War and in the early 19o0s started the first storytelling program for children for the New York Public Library.

She traveled abroad and collected folk tales and continued learning the art of storytelling, eventually becoming well known for her folk tale collections and storytelling prowess.  She had an amazing career and never stopped writing, traveling or telling stories. At age 81 she traveled from the US  to Austria to research the legend of the Dwarf King named Laurin.

Sawyer’s story is inspirational to me (and hopefully for you too) because most of my career has been devoted to writing and telling stories.  Sawyer shows that such careers can bring everlasting wealth.

Age is not a limit.

The two skills, writing and story telling, working hand-in-hand have treated me and my family really well… from both an economic and spiritually fulfilling point of view.  Telling stories can be satisfying, really helpful and profitable as well.

There are innumerable ways to have rich and rewarding careers telling stories, even if you do not tell the stories yourself.

If you do not like speaking to groups, you do not have to do the talking.   There are great rewards in organizing events where stories are told.

The stories do not have to be fictional either.  In fact true stories are generally more rewarding when they bring important… useful but sometimes complicated or boring information to life.   Value is added to information when it is made interesting and exciting.   The energy of interesting information provides an added power to the data.

Oral narrative and the art of storytelling create the unique code that forms civilization.  Man cannot live by bread alone.  For man to be civilized he must have stories!

Stories are far more than entertainment.  Storytelling brings practices and values that are essential to develop one’s personal and social identity.  Stories are not only told for entertainment. They teach values.

Modern electronic transmission of sight and sound makes storytelling an even more important art. This is an art that is fun, gives great value, plus can provide a fulfilling and profitable livelihood.

There are many ways to become a story teller.

An article on “How to Become a Professional Story Teller” (linked below) shows five steps to being a story teller pro that includes:

Volunteer and network.
Make use of local guilds or trade groups.
Find an audience.
Consider adding music to the equation.
Start a professional storytelling business.

Greatstoryteller.com  (also linked below) shows 55 ways to make money as a story teller.

The 55 include:



Trade shows



Commercial voice overs

Association meetings



Fund Raisers

Civil War Reenactments

I have an even better suggestion because there is much more to storytelling.  Combine writing and story telling.

A good story telling business grows by finding and helping like minded souls.

Electronic self publishing and the internet make it especially easy to attract like minded souls because broadband makes targeting very specific.  You can lock in a message that attracts only those who have an interest in your story.

Electronic self publishing also makes it possible to provide a publication to that very select audience… so they can easily see your first story at a very low cost… or even provide it free.

Readers who love your first story will want more.  Some of these readers will want to hear as well as read the story. There is an extra energy provided by speakers and the spoken word that written text can never emit.

Success in publishing can lead to success in creating events.   Readers become the prospects for events.

Merri’s and my business has been greatly enhanced over the decades by providing both written and spoken words. Some years the sales of our publications zoom.  Other years our seminar business is at the top of our income production.   This makes sense.  A publication that enjoys successful sales leads to larger seminar signups.

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How to become a Story Teller – www.wikihow.com/Become-a-Professional-Storyteller