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Simple Learning Beats Billions

See why simple learning can make you richer than a billionaire.

Our grandson Garren’s school system features optional career academies:  small, personalized learning communities within the high school that students enter by choice.  Garren is enrolled in the culinary academy so whenever he stays with us we make sure to do some form of cooking together.  As with our children,  we help the grandkids learn how to fish, hunt and preserve foods… and to cook!

We have found that the gun, rod and reel and stove can compete with the cell phone and tablet for the youngin’s attention.

This year during his school break, we hunted for deer, caught bass in the lake and picked oranges from our grove.  We made venison sausage and we canned orange marmalade.  We chose a low sugar recipe, picked the oranges and lemons and chopped them up, rinds and all and cooked away.

We boiled the jars, poured and viola, we had a year’s supply of tasty vitamin C to go along with many pounds of high quality protein.


This is a small win, no big deal.  This marmalade is darn good but we do not plan to live off our own food supply.  We don’t want to live off our own food supply and we don’t think we’ll ever have to live off our own food supply.

Here is the point.  We enjoy the process. We love teaching the kids and love family activities together PLUS we feel like we could live off our own food supply if we had too.  This gives us a great feeling of independence.  This is just one of many enjoyable, small step towards freedom, self reliance and family unity.

What more could we ask for, spending quality time with children and grandchildern while enjoying a common goal?  This is not always such a simple task.  Finding something to do that everyone enjoys and that gets the younger generation away from electronics and the cell phone can be a challenge.

We started the process with many small wins.  We began by winning our grandson over to nature when he was five.

garren hall

Garren kayaking on the Withlahoochi River

Then we won him over by learning how to grow food early.

Gary & Garren

Garren growing lettuce and herbs in our back yard.

These are not efforts either.  These are fun activities for everyone that also create greater control in our and our family’s lives.

How important is this feeling of independence and control?

Consider this.

During the last recession, a German billionaire quietly put on his coat, told his wife “I have to go to the office for a while”, and drove to a railway embankment near his home, where he lay on the frozen tracks and waited patiently for a train to crush him to death.

This man was ranked as one of the 100 richest men in the world, with a personal fortune that reached over $10 billion.  But even though he was worth billions, the global recession left him feeling out of control.

A Telegraph article on why he committed suicide (1) said:   He did not need the money.  He lived so modestly that he cycled to work on a 15-year-old bike for most of the year, and in bad weather he drove a four-year-old VW Golf.  He had no bodyguards or servants, lived in an unimposing chalet-style house in the small town of Blaubeuren, his home for the past 60 years, without so much as a CCTV camera for protection, and stopped off at his local pub on his way home each night to share a drink with the regulars.

The blame for his demise was placed perhaps most importantly on loss of control. “His companies were his life and when he was going to lose control of them he obviously felt he would lose control of his life” a friend said.

A short statement released by Merckle’s family said the “powerlessness of not being able to do anything” had been the key to his suicide.

Most of us can’t imagine becoming billionaires.  Most of us don’t have the background to build huge concerns.  Perhaps we won’t even have a really huge win at anything or any special stroke of good luck.

We can have freedom, purpose and a sense of control and the power to influence our livelihood, and all that’s around us.   We can start taking that power right now by having one small win.  Every small win makes it easier to have the next small win and our successes do not have to be big deals to help us feel better and to lead us to greater success!

This is why I want to introduce you to Independence Monthly.

Independence Monthly is an online monthly portal to a better, freer life.  In each issue, it explores practical ideas to help you escape “the system” and begin reclaiming your own independence.

Information ranges from step-by-step guides to gaining financial freedom…ditching the mortgage, cutting up the credit cards, waving goodbye to auto loans and student debt… to fresh and unique insights regarding lifestyle independence…learning where and how to live cheaper, healthier…and on your own terms.

Independence Monthly looks at urban farming… digital currency… energy independence and much, much more.  It is the preferred resource for individuals looking to leave the system behind for good and finally taking back control of their own lives.

Rarely have I found a publication that features so many practical ideas about how to raise our lifestyle to a higher standard by combining so many new ideas integrated with old wisdom on how to have a healthy, prosperous, fulfilled life regardless of how the world unfolds.

The latest issue of Independence Monthly tells how Deb and Tj Akey downshifted to live on a sailboat and now spend their days anchoring off beaches and visiting cool places on their 42ft boat.  See how to make extra cash from your spare room by joining the sharing economy and renting your space to guests.  Learn about your right to water…which states allow you to collect rain…and how you can filter water to ensure you have your own source in times of drought.

In another issue meet Robin and Steve Follette, who wholeheartedly embrace a self-sufficient rural life in Maine, hunting, fishing, raising chickens, and growing their own food…and Karyn Moskowitz who brings rural goodness into the urban environment.  Improve your own food supply by making homemade ice cream, free from artificial flavors…boost your wealth with tips  on how to pay off a mortgage quickly and save up to 30% of the cost.

The November issue reviews how people are cutting loose from the corporate world in increasingly innovative ways.  Read how Don Waters is creating online incomes to support his rural dream.  Improve your chances of shopping for healthy, nutritious food by understanding what food labels really mean…find out how to bypass banks and buy with bitcoin.

Learn how to cope in the face of a food shortage?  See Tom Kerr’s insights on the highlights of food insecurity and how Jules Dervaes feeds his family from one-tenth of an acre, 15 minutes from downtown L.A.  Plus, you’ll find all you need to know to start canning any extra fruit and vegetables you grow.

In another issue you’ll see how Les Worley loves making cheese in his own kitchen.  You learn more about me in this issue how Merri and I in our seventies, are living a life on the land—using the uber economy, online income, and wise investments to create this wealth.  See how Zoe Blarowski quit her job when she saw how much money she could make freelancing.

When you subscribe to Independence Monthly, I’ll also send you our $39.99 online report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere FREE.”

“Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere is a report that shows how to gain extra freedom while almost everyone else is losing theirs.  The report shows to become a Pruppie.

We all know about preppers.  They believe that the world, as we know it, is about to end.  And we also know about Uppies, upward professionals as in Yuppies, young upward professionals.  Uppies expect their world to get better.

The reality is that our worlds have changed and for most of us continues to shift.   There is still great opportunity for a better lifestyle, yet the preppers could be right.  Disaster might be looming in the near future.

I invite you to join Merri and me as Pruppies, those who expect the world to get better and live and earn based on that expectation but who also happen to prepare for bad times as well as good.

Just in case… the world goes sideways… we Pruppies will still survive and prosper anyway.   We do not give up anything either.  We can enjoy the good parts of the new economy, as we protect ourselves from what can be bad.

You’ll can learn how to gain income and tax deductions as Merri and I have working from our dining room tables.

There is an incredible new economy that’s opening for those who know what to do.  There are great new opportunities and many of them offer enormous income potential but also work well in disaster scenarios.

Let me provide one simple, concrete example.  Ginseng.  This is a great health root.  The demand is growing especially in China.  At times good dried Ginseng sells for $1,000 a pound!  This is an incredible and easy crop to grow.   The less care you give it, the more valuable it becomes.  Yet if everything goes south, the health qualities will be good to have and make it an excellent barter item.  Once you know what to do with ginseng, it’s easy to grow in your back year.

Even better one of the best kept secrets is that ginseng and 125 other medicinal crops that are currently unsustainable but can be grown on land that is extraordinarily cheap to own.

goldenseal ginseng

Ginseng growing in our back yard.  (I know about growing ginseng through experience and explain why and how in the report.)

There are are specific places where you can reduce your living expenses and easily increase your income.  Scientific research has shown that being in such places actually make you smarter and healthier.  Top this off with the fact that they provide tax benefits as well and you have to ask, “Where are these places?”. 

Learn about these specific places.  More important learn what makes them special.  Discover seven freedom producing steps that you can use to find other similar places of opportunity.

Here are some of the experiences this report shares:

The report includes a tax and career plan broken into four age groups, before you finish school, from age 25 to 50 – age 50 to 65 and what to do when you reach the age where tradition wants you to re-tire.  (Another clue-you do not need to retire and probably should not!)

The report is very specific because it describes what Merri and I, our children and even my sister and thousands of our readers have done and are doing, right now.

Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere focuses on a system that takes advantage of living in Smalltown USA, but earning locally and globally.

  • Learn about the magic of the north facing slope.   This is where Merri and I live almost half of our time.  North facing mountain land is some of the least expensive in the world but has hidden values that the report reveals.  There is a lot of this land and a lot of hidden value that you can tap.   When we bought our Blue Ridge farm (252 acres) I mentioned this to my Swiss banking friend.  “That’s bigger than the entire village where I live!” was his response.  Smalltown USA offers a last chance at having a lot of space.  By living in two Smalltown places there are enormous tax advantages as well.  One step in the system saves Merri and me over $28,345 in taxes a year.

The report shows how to buy inexpensive north facing slopes and create an income producing tiny homes for $29,000 or less.

If you lack the $29,000 to invest, a start-up using tents is even less.  These are tipis we put up at our farm before we built our first tiny home.  Learn how they can create tens of thousands of dollars in income for you.

Fwd: gary-scott-tipis

  • See ways that small businesses like Tipi rentals can create BIG tax savings as well as extra income.  For more than 30 years Merri and I have enjoyed a strong six figure income, some years more, in the millions.  Yet there have been very few years when we had to pay federal income tax.  The report lays out a three structure program and how it is used when you are in school (up to age 30), then from 25 to 50, 50 to 70  and beyond 70.   Learn why Chapter C corporations and pensions can be better than the normally recommended Chapter S.  See how new mileage log rules gives you a possible opportunity to increase your tax deductions using IRS Form 4562.  If you have two cars, using a two-vehicle strategy can gain $12,976 in new deductions even if you do not have to drive one mile further or spend one additional penny on your car.
  • See how a greenhouse can help you eat better and be healthier, plus provide income and a tax deduction and be funded by a government grant.


Our North Carolina greenhouse.

gary scott greenhouse

Our Florida greenhouse.

  • There are similar benefits from having a second home office defined in IRS publication 463 and IRS publication 587, even if your desk is a dining room table.  The report also shows how your dining room table can become an actual income producer as it creates a huge tax deduction at the same time, not to mention a great place to eat, work and lay out plans for a brighter, safer more lucrative and enjoyable future.
  • Living in this environment is also healthier, economically as well as physically.  You’ll see in the report how researchers at Harvard found an amazing correlation between living in conditions found on north facing slopes, longevity and mental health.  The researchers were quite surprised by this strong correlation that also extended into mental health.  In addition to feeling better, reducing stress and having more Joie de Vivre the places outlined in “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” can help you avoid hospitals, high cost disease management (health care) and BIG pharma while providing an investment opportunity in three herbs that have some of the fastest growing demand in natural health care.  These three plants are just one of seven business opportunities that can create multiple streams of income.
  • How changes in cell phone and internet technology eliminate the need to be in one place.  An old law that creates new opportunity for small business in small towns is available to everyone.
  • Use the specific search and purchase guide.  Construction plans are included that show how to generate first tier income that leads to five, second tier avenues of earnings.
  • How to pay off old debt and avoid new debt by avoiding spurts and embracing value. 
  • Learn seven skills that will always have value.  See how to turn First Aid, medicinal plants, hospitality, food, trees, alternate energy and writing to sell into everlasting, low stress wealth.

merrily farms

This pond at our farm is a pleasure but also helps develop a safe, healthy food supply and creates a tax deduction as well.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.48.52 AM

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(1)  www.telegraph.co.uk:  What made this billionaire commit suicide