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How BioWash Works

Somewhere around 20 years ago, a delegate at a seminar, Ted Tidwell, gave me a bottle of solution called “Ecologically Safe Colloidal Multi Purpose Degreaser”.   Some time after, in the process of cleaning pitch covered hands from farm work I tried it.  The pitch from the pine trees melted away.  I was hooked.  This was an organic, bio-degradable cleaner, that was environmentally safe, less expensive and it worked better than any other cleaner I had, by magnitudes of scale.

We started using it for all cleaning, the house, equipment and cars.  We used it the washing machine, dishwasher and just about everywhere we clean.  We hauled it to Ecuador and used it in our hotel, even helped set up an Ecuador distributorship for the solution.

Then I discovered it dissolved the habitat of the Wooly Adelgid, a blight that has been devastating hemlock trees.  We saved hundreds of these magnificent softwoods and introduced it to an arborist who saved thousands more.

Ted became a good friend and we have promoted Ted’s Stuff over these many years.

We called this special liquid “Ted’s Stuff” because who can keep saying or writing “Ecologically Safe Colloidal Multi Purpose Degreaser?

Ted worked tirelessly to improve his product because, like so many good things in this world, there were others (aka chemical companies) who had vested interests in inferior, often toxic, products.

The usefulness of “Ted’s Stuff” evolved in two directions as Ted and a small cadre of dedicated users discovered additional uses in cleaning as well as farming and agriculture.   Two product lines grew,  Purely Green, an amazing cleaner and BioWash and BioWash Soil amendment, a plant energizer and fertilizer booster.  These products,  after jumping through many hoops, became organically certified.

Merri and I use them both, all these years.

Here is one of my own stories about Biowash beyond saving many of our hemlcoks.

I invested in agriculture buying an orange grove.  The year I made the purchase the grove harvested just over 1,800 boxes.  In our first year we sprayed the grove once with BioWash.   Production rose to 2,400 boxes despite the fact we eliminated a third of the trees.  This meant our yield per tree doubled.  The next year we sprayed twice with BioWash and this year our production rose to to 3,400 boxes.

This was amazing but the year after the BioWash treatment did not produce additional results.  The explanation below explains why and shows how to use BioWash effectively.

This is a note sent from Ted Tidwell:

To Feed or Not to Feed?

One of the more common questions we get on nearly a weekly basis is “Will BioWash work without fertilizers or other nutrients?”


The simple answer is “no”….. at least not for very long. BioWash is a plant energizer. The way it accomplishes its job is to break down nutrients and minerals that are already in the soil (residual from past years or from nutrients and minerals added to the soil during the planting season) into nano-sized particles. This makes the nutrients and minerals more bio-available to the plant, freeing up plant energy for the important work of photosynthesis.

Some new clients are so excited about the “initial boost” in growth and yield they see during the first season BioWash is applied, they assume” BioWash will continue to do that into perpetuity, all by itself.  The fact is that unless growers have their soil analyzed to see what it needs to be productive and then work to add those necessary elements, the boost they’ll see with BioWash is indeed temporary. One can expect that, without proper feeding, BioWash treated crops will experience a down-turn in yield after the end of the first or second season of its use. This is because by the end of the second year, BioWash will have exhausted all the residual nutrients in the soil. That is what it’s designed to do: to optimize the uptake of nutrients and minerals by plants; and it does its job very well.

Like the human body, BioWash is amazing…but it is not magical.  It can only energize what it has available to energize.  (Note:  Some growers DO report they find they can use “less” fertilizer on crops after regular use of BioWash.  That is indeed a good thing!)

You’ll read about many incredible ideas and products at our site.  How to lose weight just by chewing differently.  How to be smarter listening to certain music.  How to use essential oils to reduce toxicity.  How to earn extra income with multi-dimensional businesses.  How to invest in thousands of good value shares global with $9.95.  How to eat healthy chocolate brownies made from avocados. How to buy secret valuable land at affordable prices.  These are all insights you will not find anywhere else.  I consider Bio Wash on of the most important.

If you farm or have a garden you should give BioWash a try.  Purely Green is a great way to remove dangerous chemicals from the home, and improve the ability to clean at the same time.

This year I am doing experiments with BioWash, on ginseng, goldenseal, corn, beans, squash and wild blackberries.  I’ll keep you informed.


$150 BioWash Investment Earns $17,700 for Grape Grower

I have encouraged readers to create multiple streams of income doing something they love.  One way to do so is with micro-agriculture projects.

I have been involved in agriculture for many years and one of the secrets I use is BioWash, the agricultural solution that has Purely Green as its base.

A benefit of Purely Green as a Bio Pesticide comes from the fact that it is not a poison but a degreaser.  We have used Purely Green in our North Carolina and Florida homes as well as our rental units.  We even shipped it to the  Ecuador hotel we purchased and ran for many years. We use it to clean floors and everything thing else, as a shampoo, clothes and dish washing soap, car cleaner as well as ant and bug eradicator because it is so effective and is organic.

Now we can say so because Purely Green 25 is organic because it was recently registered as an organic pesticide.

In addition to being effective both Purely Green and BioWash products are also good for the environment.

For example, BioWash Soil Amendment was just tested by SGS Labs and qualified for the EPA’s most prestigious rating: “Readily Biodegradable.”



What more can one ask for, a product that is organic, biodegradable and does just about every cleaning job in the house?

Purely Green is exceptionally effective on flies, fleas and mosquitoes.

Dog owners use it as shampoo.  It not only dissolves fleas and ticks but has a desirable effect on the hair.

Cats dislike water, so cat owners soak a cloth with Purely Green, then stoke it on their cats to dissolve the fleas.

Horse and cattle owners are replacing the toxic insecticides with Purely Green. They mist it in barns and stables for insect control .

It does not irritate animals.

The difference between Purely Green and BioWash are:

  • Purely Green is a simple cleaning/degreasing solution.
  • BioWash has added nutrients.
  • BioWash Soil Amend is more complex with equally strong surfactants plus other softening ingredients that make it more suitable for plants.

Whether you are looking for a cleaner to replace chemicals in your home, or for a better way to cleanse your fresh food or a safer way to look after flowers or crops, check out Purely Green and BioWash both for effectiveness as well as long term health and environmental benefits.

I have written about BioWash multiple times, but decided to offer this product for two reasons.  One is the story about how a grape grower invested $150 in Biowash and gained a return of $17,700.

The second is a note from the manufacturer of BioWash, our friend Ted Tidwell, who wrote:

The attached BioWash 25 label was just approved as “Suitable for Organic Farming” use,  with approval to display the EcoCert logos.


Labels for BioWash 100 and BioWash Soil Amendment (“BioSoil Amend”) approvals are imminent.

Here is the story of how a grape grower used one gallon of BioWash to earn $17,700.

The 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 growing seasons were not profitable for Harry Raby of Raby Farms.

His four acre vineyard produced not a single grape.  He was so disappointed that he told his wife that if it remained barren during the 5th season, he would rip them up and plant alternate crops.

Tanya Reid convinced him to apply one gallon ($150) of BioWash.

The grapes began to form right away and by mid-season a success was clear.


His BioWashed vines yielded 27.4 tons!  His sales soared to $17,850.00!


After deducting his $150 investment, Harry’s ROI was $17,700!  Not bad for a $150 test.

BioWash is the “Hi-Yield” solution developed and blended by 1st EnviroSafety that we have been writing about at our website for almost 20 years.  The original solution was a degreaser developed to help save birds fouled with oil in the Valdez Oil Spill.  We used this solution called Ted’s Stuff, (we named this after our friend Ted Tidwell who manufatures this wonderful stuff) which we used as a cleaner for just about everything. Then we discovered that this was a spray that removed a blight called Wooly Adelgid, from the hemlock trees at our farm in North Carolina.

BioWash and BioWash Soil Amendment were formulated based around this degreasing solution and has created some wonderful stories of agricultural success.

Here is my own story about BioWash.

I followed my own advice and invested in agriculture buying an orange grove.

The year I made the purchase the grove harvested just over 1,800 boxes.

In our first year we sprayed the grove once with BioWash.   Production rose to 2,400 boxes despite the fact we eliminated a third of the trees.

This means our yield per tree doubled.  The next year we sprayed twice with BioWash and this year our production rose to to 3,400 boxes.

Cations can bring financial stability in an unstable world.

The catalyst was Bio Wash.  We have more than doubled yields in our grove as the price of oranges has risen since spraying with Bio Wash.

We have been promoting Bio Wash and its formative solutions (we used to call it Ted’s Stuff) because it is such a great product and is wonderful for the environment.

We use Ted’s formulas for all our household cleaning.  I brush my teeth with it.  We spray our Hemlocks at our farm in North Carolina to eradicate the Wooly Adelgid blight and we spray our crops there.

So it was logical that we also sprayed our groves.  (Merri and I have been dedicated users of Ted’s Stuff for nearly 20 years.)

Now there is even more good news about this product that might be a catalyst for a way to gain extra earnings (or better gardens and crops) as you help the environment.

The news is spelled in the word Cation.  To understand the science we start with an Ion.

An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge.

An anion with more electrons than protons, giving it a net negative charge (since electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged).

Wikipedia says this about cations and soil:  A cation is an ion with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge.

In soil science, cation-exchange capacity (CEC) is the maximum quantity of total cations, of any class, that a soil is capable of holding, at a given pH value, for exchanging with the soil solution. CEC is used as a measure of fertility, nutrient retention capacity, and the capacity to protect groundwater from cation contamination. It is expressed as milliequivalent of hydrogen per 100 g (meq+/100g), or the SI unit centi-mol per kg (cmol+/kg). The numeric expression is coincident in both units.

Clay and humus have electrostatic surface charges that attract the solution ions, and hold them.  This holding capacity varies for the different clay types and clay-blends present in soil, and is very dependent of the proportion of clay+humus that is present in a particular soil. A way to increase CEC is to favor the formation of humus.

The higher the CEC, the higher the soil fertility.

In short, if you have higher CEC your crops grow better.  Bio wash increases the CEC.

Bio Wash promotes growth. We have been receiving reports like this: Good news.  Tanya Reid, NY, BioWashed 35 acres of peach blooms for a grower and saved them from freezing in 26F. cold.  Tanya’s neighbor who is a farmer who grows plums, peaches, apples, raspberries, gardens flowers everything…… called our farmer who had success with bio wash freeze protection and is meeting with him today.

Harry the farmer said he’ll show him documentation and ride around his property to prove his success……….AWESOME………. we are very excited to say the least….I will be ordering more product I am sure this week like a 55 gallon or a ton of gallons.

Tanya also told me this morning that Harry our test farmer told her he was very frustrated about the bad freezing weather coming  on the 24th of march.

Now he is the center of attention. Another farmer was coming over to look at his trees and marvelous success that has never happened in 165 years!

God is working. Its not just about money. Its about helping people be successful and bringing farmers together to increase their potential for higher yield and profit. Oh BABY AMAZING “UNBELIEVABLE


Another wrote:  Justin Wilkinson, Washington, reported three to five  full-sized ears per stalk. Now he is planning tests involving money-saving reductions in fertilizer costs. He also enjoyed an extra month of extended grass season, thus reducing the cost of buying hay for his dairy.

George Behlin,, NY, reported three full sized ears and one stalk with  four in his garden.  Plus, amazing yields of beans and tomatoes.

Henry Morgan, Baton Rouge, reduced his fertilizer by over 50% and reported his greatest vegetable garden in 10 years.

Dr. Treloar, Iowa, reported general 20% yield increases on his test crops and  had amazing results.  He sprayed some wild blackberries and WOW!The berries grew larger than normal,tasted sweeter,and kept producing longer into the fall which they never done before.  Also the vines kept growing until Xmas.

The patch he didn’t spray behaved  normally, regular size berries and the vines died by the end of October.  A young lilac bush that normally has 3-7 flowers/season has 17 new buds forming! Tomatoes plants went crazy. We bought two plants of each type, one to be treated and one not treated.the treated plants produced about 50% more tomatoes.Also as the plants grew shoots, I pinched them off, soaked them in your formula, replanted them(this was in September) and they grew about a foot and produced a few baby sized tomatoes.  AMAZING!

Bio Wash may also help resist drought.  We received this:  Alton Holt, Texas, enjoyed record oat yields in spite of last seasons extended drought.  He applied no fertilizer nor used irrigation. His protein content measured 24% to 26%, compared to the normal 14% to 16%.

How does Bio Wash work?  Many highly trained agronomists are puzzled by the “out-of-the-box” yet obvious effectiveness.  The basis appears to be the incredibly small size of the sub-atomic particles that are able to penetrate and deliver nutrients to the plant.  It is not a fertilizer but apparently increases  the cation exchange capacity, electro-magnetic action of the roots and photosynthesis in the leaves.

This can improve the yield and increase the BRIX plus as a huge bonus is a  natural insect deterrent because it is an exceptionally gentle yet powerful degreaser,  it dissolves the lipid cellular membrane of small, soft bodied funguses and insects.

The benefits farmers are seeing include the fact that growers can substantially reduce the amount of commercial fertilizers while  significantly increasing growth, hardiness and yield.

At the same time the chelation of accumulated copper and other inorganics, redeems damaged croplands.

Last month, there was a test of the solution against insects on 90 acres of citrus.   After 10 days, a Florida state inspector searched but could not find a single Leaf Miner nor Asian Psylid.  Most aphids were gone, but a few survived.

Growers can actually boost yields while reducing the amount and costs of fertilizers needed.  Cristian Delano’s neighbor, Baton Rouge,  reduced his fertilizer application
by 80% and is enjoying the largest yields in ten years of gardening.  His tomatoes are the largest, sweetest ones he can remember and continued to produce long past the normal harvest season.  His pepper plants normally produce about 12 peppers.  This year, single plants are producing up to 90 peppers and were still producing in late November!

Part of the benefits are likely to be temporary.  Bio wash breaks down the unused nutrients that remain in the soil.  Eventually growers will need to add additional nutrients.  Considering the high costs of fertilizers and the environmental damage being caused by them, growers are welcoming the reduced costs and increased profit margins.


Order BioWash here.

Since shipping is such a large part of the cost, BioWash 100 which is far more concentrated, is a far more economical solution than BioWash 25.  Since its development in 2003, thousands of delighted growers have reported sensational increases in yields and profits.  Even though specific crop yields can never be guaranteed, most growers will see visible growth differences within three weeks and  harvests yielding an extra 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, and sometimes soaring as high as 50%!  Dilutions of 1 ounce 4 gallons  have produced impressive results.  This means that one gallon produces 534 gallons of usable wash.  This means at $172 for a gallon (includes shipping) the cost is just a bit over 32 cents per gallon.  You cannot beat that price anywhere.


1 Gallon BioWash 100 $172.  Buy Biowash 100, one gallon

1 Gallon BioWash Soil Amendment $197.   Buy Biowash Soil Amendment, One Gallon

BioWash Soil Amendment is an easily affordable and immediate solution to acidic soils and/or soils clogged by years of insecticide and unused synthetic fertilizer residuals. With only a single application, growers have reported great increases in yields.  At one ounce of concentrate per four gallons of water the cost including shipping is just over .34 cents per gallon.  Only one sufficient application is needed until additional contaminants are added.


Food For Thought and Better Health With Purely Green

Merri and I take the cleanliness of our food supply seriously.

In North Carolina we eat a lot of wild food and vegetables we grow in our garden.


surrounding our house with lettuce of all types, greens and herbs.


Our greenhouse allows us to start our planting early.

In the spring nature provides us with dandelions and a wonderful lettuce (called branch lettuce) that grows wild in the creek later to be supplemented by Bee Balm and Echinacea for tea.


Here is echinacea and tomatoes growing in front of our meditation room.

Here is a bit of our harvest.


This time of year, we harvest our grapes and collect apples from our many apple trees.  We have acres of…


wild blackberries in the summer and wild mountain strawberries in the late spring.


Our chickens provide us with summer meals like this.


We also have a greenhouse in Florida and start the gardening process again in winter.

In addition we have citrus, grapes, figs, blueberries and loquats that provide us with Florida fruit throughout the year.

These crops, plus trout in North Carolina, bass and panfish from our Florida lake allow us to eat less commercially grown food.

This gardening is fulfilling, provides gentle exercise and we find picking our own food especially satisfying.  Plus there are some enormous health benefits.

Dr. John Douillard at Lifespa.com (1) points out that “Environmental pollutants, cancer causing chemicals, plastics, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial waste overwhelm the body’s natural detoxification pathways.  Toxic cloud plumes from burning coal cover most of the United States and lace even our organic vegetables with heavy metals. Pesticides and preservatives have infiltrated their way into almost all the food consumed in America and can store in the body’s fat, including the brain, for years. Industrial wastes have permeated our ground water and can enter our body by simply washing our organic veggies with tap water.  Over time these stored chemicals undermine our immunity, render us susceptible to disease, infection and premature aging.”

This is why Merri and I clean our our vegetables and fruit, especially those we purchase in the store, with Purely Green 25.

I asked our friend, Ted Tidwell, who manufactures Purely Green to explain how this works.

Ted replied:  In order for pesticides to remain on the plant and effective during rains, they are encased in oil.  An ordinary vegetable wash that does not dissolve oil will permit pesticidal residues to remain on the plant and be ingested.

PurelyGreen is powerful enough to dissolve crude oil and tar, so it easily dissolves the oil and removes the poisonous pesticides.  Ted

Merri and I use Purely Green 25, diluted at the rate of two (2) ounces per quart of water is our preferred method for cleaning purchased fresh fruit and vegetables.

We simple spray our fruits and vegetables thoroughly and generously with Purely Green and let it penetrate for several minutes before rinsing.

This removes the oil encrusted toxic chemical pesticides that ordinary veggie washes cannot remove.

This also improves the taste by removing the oil and toxins and extends the freshness and edibility for several additional days.

Purely Green is certified carcinogen free.  Many consumers save the cost of expensive organic produce by removing the insecticides with Purely Green.  This organic cleaner/degreaser helps the environment and poses no threat to humans, animals or marine life.

Recently Ted sent this note to me:  EcoCert International has certified BioWash 25, BioWash 100 and BioWash Soil Amendment as ORGANIC.  This achievement will help enrich hundreds of distributors and thousands of organic growers.

ECOCERT (2) is an organic certification organization, founded in France in 1991. It is based in Europe but conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world.  The company inspects about 70% of the organic food industry in France and about 30% worldwide. ECOCERT is also a leading certifier of fair trade food, cosmetics and textiles as per ECOCERT Fair Trade Standards.

Congratulations to Ted.  It is great to see other organizations confirm what we have known and have let readers know for decades.

There is also a huge financial savings.  Three quarts of 409 household cleaner delivered by Amazon.com is $16.98 or about $5.66 per quart before shipping.  You then have shipping costs or have to pay to be an Amazon Prime customer for free shipping.  But $5.66 per quart is about the best you’ll get for 409 household cleaner.

One gallon of Purely Green 25 is $96.  This is a concentrate that is mixed 15 to 1 (two ounces per appx. quart 30 ounces of water).  That gallon of Purely Green creates 64 quarts of ready to use at less than $2.00 per quart. 

There is one drawback to the Purely Green products, a high cost of shipping.   Ted does not offer Purely Green in stores and Fedex charges quite a bit for shipping.  The shipping, for a gallon averages out around $26 a gallon.  So the Purely Green and shipping are $122.

If you were to purchase the same amount of a traditional non organic house cleaner (such as Clorox 409) from Amazon.com,  you would pay $266.24 more.  

You can order one gallon here and the shipping is included.

One Gallon of Purely Green 25 $122. Buy Purely Green 25, one gallon

Purely Green

We are bombarded daily with toxicities of every sort.  We see toxic news.  We are sold and served toxic food.  Much of our water supply contains poisons.  There are chemicals in the air.  Anything we can do to reduce the pollution that gets in our bodies can help us get and maintain natural health.  I hope that sharing this program for Purely Green will help create a cleaner world.


(1) Lifespa: Clean and Dirty Foods

(2) www.ecocert.com/en/organic-farming