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Ecuador Beach Condo Rental

We have Ecuador beach rental units for as low as $500 a week.

This is for first class apartments in one of the top hotels directly on one of the best the beaches in Ecuador with full facilities, pool, tennis, spa, broadband and an English speaking staff etc.

Here they are.   This shot from our penthouse in the hotel.


These condos are not exactly on the beach.  They are 133 steps (I walked it off myself) from the hotel… less than two minutes walk to this exact spot.


These are very nice 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom units.  Views are good. Here is our last real estate tour on the roof garden.


A sunset I shot at the condo’s roof top garden.


The 1,200 square feet includes a living room…


dining area…


and full kitchen down stairs.


There are two and a half baths plus two bedrooms on the second floor.  The second bedroom is small, but…

Ecuador-beach-condo-rental the master bedroom is spacious with a comfortable king size bed and ocean view.


These furnished units rent $200 per night or $500 week.

Where can you rent on an exclusive, empty beach with warm water at rates like that?

Prices are about 10 times what we were paying when we came here ten years ago but they are still much much less than they are they are in north America… even with the real estate crash.

Brand new 2 bedroom condos are $79,000 on this clean empty beach.


with water so warm you can enjoy the surf all day long… as I do!


This is a property with a full facility club house. here are guests at our last real estate tour enjoying the warm coastal evening.


A similar condo in Naples Florida, where we used to live, even today, would be ten times this or more.

If you wish to come and look for bargains. they are here.

We saw these brand new condos at $18,000.


They are nice inside also.


Yet having brought over 3,000 delegates to Ecuador we know what they want and in the last year no delegates has purchased on of these  low cost units.

We have clients come from all over the world, Thailand, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama and they all say the same. “Ecuador property prices are much lower”.  You will find few places of this quality on this type of location with prices this low.

Our premium service is called Ecuador Living … not Ecuador real estate.  While a large part of our service looks at Ecuador property, our real service is sharing 14 years experience of living in Ecuador. This year will be our 41st  year of living, investing and doing business abroad… so we really are quite experienced.  We have learned from thousands of dealings what most readers desire… so we can help the occasional reader look for the bargains… but we know what most readers will actually buy or rent  and we work hard to find it and make it easy for readers to own or rent.

In the case of Vistazul we were lucky to have a developer who listened to our suggestions and created an ideal place for our readers to call home on Ecuador’s beach.

We gain great delight seeing a community forming here and over the next week will share stories of some of the residents who are moving in.


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Ecuador Beach Property Costs

Ecuador beach property offers tax and cost of living benefits.

On our recent Ecuador beach property tour we looked at any properties up and down Ecuador’s coast.  The Ecuador beach property we saw ranged from $18,000 for one of these small houses…


to this luxury Manta condo with huge balcony at $260,0000 asking…


to this Crucita house at $160,000 asking…

Ecuador-Beach-Property to these beach front condos at $79,000 with…

Ecuador-Beach-Property this sunset view from their roof tops.


For more information on San Clement sunset beach condos contact Kjetil Haugan at  kjetil@haugancruises.com

For more on the Crucita house contact James Cheek at jamescheek@miravistasa.com

For more on the Manta condo Pilar Davila at sherie7_2000@yahoo.com

For more on Bahia porerty contact Gary Swenson at  garyswenson2000@yahoo.com

Yesterday’s message saw how on our Cotacachi property tour we saw that Cotacachi’s cost of living was low.

While on the Ecuador beach tour, we talked about the cost of living, with an American who lives on several acres of fully owned Ecuador beach property.

He told us that propane was $1.50 for a 20 gallon bottle.  He uses about two bottles a year (he and his family often eat out because food in restaurants is so inexpensive).  An almuerzo (three course lunch) is .80 cents to $1.50.

He needs no heat or air conditioning on Ecuador’s beach.

Water is $6 a month.

Electricity $20 a month.

He reckons that the monthly outlay for him and his wife and two year old son to run his acreage with two staff is $700.

The cost of loving Ecuador? He warned us to watch out. This American who is in his mid 50s planned to sail the world.  He sailed from the US but while visiting Ecuador fell in love with the country and a woman. Now they have a two year old and are expecting again.  So if you visit Ecuador be warned!  This wonderful country has many ways of captivating your heart!

Tomorrow’s message looks at two huge Ecuador tax benefits

Until then good living wherever you are.


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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two

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Ecuador Beach Hotel Savings

Ecuador beach hotel savings just improved at Palmazul Coastal Hotel Spa, one of the newest Ecuador beach hotels.

Palmazul sits directly on Ecuador’s beach and is offering an Ecuador coastal Hometel program so you can have a home away from home on Ecuador’s beach…live in luxury on the Ecuador sea at very low cost for a week, month…or longer at a time.

Palmazul becomes your home for an Ecuadorian coastal adventure on the Pacific.


This is your Ecuador coastal swimming pool and tennis court…really on the beach…overlooking the Ecuadorian sea.

ecuador-beach-condo-tennnis court view

This empty Ecuador beach, is your front yard at this Ecuadorian coastal hotel.

Here are some snapshots of the Palmazul Coastal Hotel and Spa.  We are working with owners Kjetil and Jessica Haugan so you can stay in this new modern spa hotel at an extra low rate of monthly rate of $1,499 (less than half the normal daily rate). ($1,599 for a couple)

Why is this Ecuador beach hotel savings now better?

Merri and I, plus friends, each purchased a large, two room suite with kitchenette on the third floor of the hotel. These units have huge balconies and are so new that the pictures below were taken before the units were furnished.  You can stay in these units (when available) so you have more space then in a normal hotel room.

The sunset is wonderful from these units.


The kitchenette allows you to prepare your own meals.


These are large, two room units with extra balconies off both the living room and king size bedrooms.


The very low, monthly or weekly rent includes a wonderful served breakfast from this dining room overlooking Ecuador’s wonderful Pacific coast.

Dinner here is special too. You visit this Ecuadorian fisherman when he brings in his fresh Pacific catch each day back to the hotel….where you can choose your meal. Few Ecuadorian coastal hotels offer this service.

Wonderful Pacific fish, crabs and shrimp that are huge…like this….cooked at the hotel minutes after they are brought off the boat.

Or stroll into nearby Ecuadorian coastal town of San Clemente where the hotel is located for dinner or lunch as we often do. The many Ecuadorian coastal seafood cafes on or near the beach. like this one…

serve seafood… a full meal, Ceviche, fried, or grilled for $3.50 to $5.50.

A short walk back to Palmazul Coastal Hotel & Spa gives you miles of empty beach.

San Clemente is a charming rustic, coastal village, 45 minutes north of the port city of Manta, almost exactly in the middle of Ecuador ’s coast.  Bahia, Ecuador’s nicest coastal town is 30 minutes north.  Palmazul is perfectly located on a dead end road..enjoying proximity to town yet it is quiet as there is no through traffic. Transportation is also easy and fun…small motorcycles with a seat!

San Clemente is a perfect starting point for exploring Ecuador ’s coast…in the middle so you can reach the north or south of the coast in a day.

Yet in San Clemente, the days are full.  Fish from the jetties, stroll the beach, travel the coast, hike, horse ride, play tennis or just relax around the pool or on the beach.

Of course you can also work. Palmazul offers free wireless broadband for your laptop. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Ecuador ’s coast, but always stay in touch electronically with the rest of the world.

The spa also has a treatment room where you can enjoy a massage.

Your room will have a view and private balcony so your comfort does not end when the sun sets.

As dusk arrives so does the seas breeze…fresh into your room.

Cozy in your bed…

The surf serenades you in a soft night’s sleep…so you’ll be ready for the gentle surf and Pacific waters warmed by Ecuador ’s never ending sun.

To make your reservation, simply choose the order form below.


Ecuador Coastal Hotels Savings

Reserve here monthly $1,499, Single $1,599 Double

Reserve here weekly  $599 Single $649 Double

See El Meson’s Hometel Cotacachi program at https://www.garyascott.com/catalog/ecuador-hotel-savings

See how to stay at low rates in the mountains and on the sea

Enjoy Ecuador Christmas Roses until December 18.

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See Manta condos like this one. Delegates are inspecting the 1,000+ square foot patio.


The patio has this view.

manta-condo tags

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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one$1,799 for two

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Ecuador Beach Property Opportunity

This week I promised we will focus on vision, but here we are Monday and I am already writing about something else…an Ecuador Beach Property Opportunity.

I have departed from my plan and switched to this Ecuador beach property opportunity because a special situation forces me to explain how I have managed to remain one of the smallest yet, most profitable publishers who, as of May this year, has been in business 40 years…making millions while working from home without employees.

In the process of reading this, some of you will discover what I consider an extra  special Ecuador beach property opportunity…genuine and that will probably never seen again.

This opportunity comes because the way I have survived and prospered as a tiny guy playing on a field with giants…is by being fanatical about developing unique and highly profitable products that are only available through our publications, courses and tours.

Let me give you a specific example by describing my relationship with the Ecuador beach property development, Vistazul.

Many Ecuador real estate deals offer good value, but Vistazul offers exceptional value because my fanaticism spotted special circumstances that with my help made it so for you…my reader.

This process received a kick start last year when I learned that a friend, Kjetil Haugan, was going to develop a small beach condo project.

Merri and I have known Kjetil for more than a decade.  He has shown himself to be a truly dependable and trustworthy businessman.  We had viewed the property he was planning to develop with him when he bought it nearly a decade ago.  So we knew the area and were comfortable with it.

We visited and really like the the project which led me to believe that many of my readers would like it as well.

How could we not fall in love with Vistazul…here Merri and I stroll the miles of empty Ecuador beach with our hound dog Ma.

The water is warm and Caribbean Blue.I can let the wave knock me around for hours!


Even better Kjetil had already built the project’s club house (which operates as a hotel).  He had put his money up front unlike most developers who promise to build a common building but want to seeing buyers’ money first.

This is a spectacular club….exactly on Ecuador’s beach.  The condos are being built on the green hill you see, just behind the clubhouse.

Club members have free access to the tennis court.


Ecuador Beach Property

This is a great place for children and grandchildren.


Club memers have a spectacular pool. Here is one of the new owners with the developer Kjetil Haugan and his children.


Dining is exquisite as are the club dining facilities and view.


Plus after lunch or dinner…the club is a great place to relax.


This was all done…in place…real…not just a promise so I made Kjetil an offer that I hoped he could not refuse. This was an offer that was good for him…really good for my readers…really good for the community and good for my business because it offered a unique and highly profitable opportunity only available through my ezine and tours.

The project was to be built on this hill.  Here s a shot taken from the beach front clubhouse.


Merri and I offered to consult with Kjetil on how to build condos suited to our readers.  Then we offered to buy the first five condos ourselves and introduce a friend who would match this.  That first purchase provided the money for the infrastructure and original construction. Plus I introduced two of my daughters to the project and they each bought a condo as well.

So the club house was done and a fifth of the project was sold (we all paid cash) from the get-go.  I also promised to let my readers know about his project. Based on previous experience, chances were the condos would sell out to just my readers.

Here is the interesting part.  I wanted no commissions.   I told Kjetil that I do not sell real estate. I did not want any commission, advertising or remuneration for this.

This was a compelling offer!   Normally commissions on Ecuador property can run 8%.  Kjetil might save a half million dollars based on my offer.

Simply put, if he could finance and sell his project without sales and financing costs, nobody could compete with him and build so much, offered at so little..

All I asked for in return was that these savings be passed onto my readers…AND the offer be made exclusive to my readers!

We worked out a price specifically set aside for my readers of $79,000…a really good price!

My reasoning was that helping my readers buy better Ecuador beach condos at lower prices than anybody else would be good.   I would pick up more readers and more of them would sign up for our coastal real estate tour….just so they could see this special condo deal.

My plan was that this would keep my Costal real estate tours filled through the year.

We visited, we were lucky enough to bring our friend, an international Fung Shui expert, and worked with the local community to be sure they were happy with the environmental standards.

Kjetil began.


These are recent constructions shots of the condos which will look like the clubhouse.

Here is the site plan for 64 units in all…sitting in block of three to seven units.


Here are more construction shots.


I wrote my first article and sure enough readers reserved nearly half the project in a week (about two millions dollars in reservations).

What a start.

This would allow me to sit back, relax and watch my coastal tours fill up as my readers would come and see these excellent condos…which were available exclusive to my readers.   So I thought.

These were my best laid plans.

But you know what they say about mice…men…and plans.

I talk too much.  As the longest serving contributing editor to International Living magazine I speak with other editors a lot.  I should know when to keep my mouth shut…but having readers reserve two millions dollars worth of condos in a week carries some bragging rights and told some of my friends about this.

They must have mentioned it to others…who passed on the word and pretty soon everyone knew about the success.  What they did not know was the exclusive arrangement for my readers.

So imagine my shock when last Friday I saw an ad by IL mentioning these condos being for sale at $79,000.

The editor who wrote this failed to mention that this offer was exclusive to my readers. He probably did not even know his error.

IL enquiries came in to Kjetil and this created a dilemma…and the Ecuador beach property opportunity you have now.

Kjeti had agreed to keep this offer exclusive to my readers and he would.  Yet I felt that, due to inflation, it was in the best interest of the project and for the readers  who had already bought a condo, to go ahead and sell this out fast.

Kjetil’s cost of steel rebar and cement have skyrocketed since we made our deal last November.  As you can see from these shots there is a lot of cement and rebar used.  So as much as I would like to keep this offer just for my readers, it would not be in my reader’s best interest to see the project completed quickly and my readers come first.   So the IL surprise article actually turned out to be a good thing.

I released Kjetil from the exclusive and gave him the go ahead to let the IL readers have condos at the $79,000 price as well…with one exception…do not start immediately…leave the exclusive for my readers until Thursday.

Only my readers can reserve the $79,000 units until Thursday June 12, 2008.

That is the opportunity…just four days left for an exclusive.

Then these units will be offered to others. IL hs such a huge readership there is a chance that the $79,000 units will sell out fast.

$79,000 is a very good price for these condos and with inflation I doubt that we’ll ever see an opportunity like this again.

There is one other very special benefit just for you. The club membership of $5,000 is still waived for my readers. This may not be so for others.

If you reserve, you will be given 60 days to visit the project (on one of my real estate tours, I hope).  If you are not satisfied, Kjetil offers a refund on the reservation deposit.  He can provide you with full details.

Once again I want to stress that I am not selling these condos, I do not receive a  commission and do get paid in any way if you buy, except to get one more good neighbor. And of course, I want to assure that each of you has the first opportunity to enjoy special deals that we find and write about!

If these condos are of interest to you, contact Kjetil at kjetil@haugancruises.com



You can still  make to our June 16 -17 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

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Ecuador Living Benefit

Ecuador living offers many benefits, one being that it stimulates the sluggish Ecuadorian economy. However, all of human existence is one of polarity.  Black must have white, positive needs negative and money always brings a rising price.


Take Eduardo and Consuelo, who work at our Ecuador Hotel El Meson de las Flores. The hotel was in receivership and empty when our foundation Land of the Sun bought it to help stimulate the economy in this part of the Ecuador countryside.  By bringing people we have helped save their jobs.

A reader raised a good question about this though when he wrote:

“Gary, I’ve received your email newsletter for about six months now.  I have been interested in real estate in Ecuador for about a year.  I’ve been to Ecuador twice in the past year, and am going again July 1.  On the one hand I understand your enthusiasm for Ecuador, but on the other I wonder how pushing Ecuador real estate will impact the local population?  Obviously if you are a property holder, it’s a good thing; but if you’re not, but hope to be, outside money could push many locals out of the market.  Is this creating any kind of animosity toward outsiders?  I’d appreciate your insight on this.  I am an economist with a focus on international finance, so I enjoy all aspects of your writings.  Regards.”

This has been a never ending story since the beginning of time..everywhere, neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, county to county and country to country.

So far the majority of Ecuadorians love us….as much or more as our neighbors here in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge mountains.

Most Ecuadorians cannot afford property because the locals were pushed out of the market by the Spanish about 500 years ago…just as American natives in the US were pushed out by the English, Germans, Irish, Scots, Italians, Chinese and others who arrived here.

Our arrival in Ecuador creates jobs, hope and a chance that many more Ecuadorians will be able to own their own land.

However the problem goes beyond just a few investors arriving from the US, Canada, Span, Italy and many from Colombia and Peru.   This is a time of transition for Ecuador with the final phase of the colonial hierarchal system near its end.  Whether the locals in Ecuador like it or not…just as people in many other countries do not like it, we all live in a global economy.   Many Americans did not like selling so much property to the Japanese in the 1980s.  They will gripe now as Europeans buy big chunks of Florida.  The Floridians will gripe. Yet they will sell, take the money and move to North Carolina…where the North Carolinians will gripe about the inflow of Floridians.

Prices will equalize anywhere there is a distortion, locally…nationally or globally.

Water gushes down. Air rushes into vacuums.  Money flows towards good value.

We see this in the United States with gas prices rising to $4 a gallon.  This is not as bad as in Europe where gas runs $7 or $8 a gallon….but it is still a shock to those of us who can remember…(yes it’s true) gas at 19.9 cents a gallon.

Gas is a global commodity. Americans have to pay the going rate.

Ecuador property is a global commodity…in an ever growing global economy.

I am a full blooded American…born and raised in the USA…as you can get.

Today, I am wearing all American clothes beginning with my American Converse tennis shoes (made in China), my American Wrangler jeans (made in Mexico), my American Fruit of the Loom underwear (made in El Salvador) and my American Van Heusen shirt (made in Bangladesh).  So even if I stayed in America, unless I plan on running around shoeless and naked, I will encroach on people in other countries…pushing up property prices for factories…that create jobs…help feed families…and create pollution. Positive…negative…positive…this never ends.

My first book “Passport to International Profit” was published in the early 1970s and included a chapter on “border blindness.”  This chapter looked at how political borders are illusions that support hidden agendas for the few who encourage them.  Borders  are transcended by almost all human emotions. Get a pretty Italian and handsome Irishman together and they will fall in love. Put a Mexican with a cheaper tomato next to a hungry Canadian and the Canadian will get out his loonies and buy the tomato. Put an Englishman and Frenchman in a sinking ship and they will both bail water.

The market place of humanity tramples borders. The deepest nature of our existence supports free trade and free movement of all to anywhere in the world.

Since that book was written…modern communications and transportation have made all of this even more true.   For example at Cotacachi communications see how broadband has changed the way we can live in Cotacachi.

We are, at the deepest level of our being, all citizens of the world.  It is logical and correct that we trade with those who serve us best…whether they bring products to us (like the tomatoes, shirts, shoes, pants and even underwear) or we go to the product (real estate abroad).

I have found that if one treats people with fairness and respect, these courtesies will be returned.  This was as true when we moved from Florida to Ashe County, North Carolina…where Floridians are called “Floridiots” by many locals…because they pay too much for the land and drive prices beyond the local abilities.

I know we are loved by our friends and staff in Ecuador.   Cotacachi Ecuador Hospitality shows how they treated Merri on Mother’s Day.

We are loved up here in North Carolina as well…not because we are Americans or Floridians or because we are red, white or black, Christians, Muslims or Jews, but because of how we act with our friends, neighbors and business associates.

When you treat people right…you become known as a friend not a nationality.

We are loved because we try to treat people with care, respect and fairness.  We bring in money and bring them work.

Few economies, local or national can isolate themselves from the global economy and enjoy a high material standard of living.

Ask the people of Mynmar if you do not believe this.

What a grand experiment (though I do not see it happening) would be for
mankind to eliminate all borders, customs, immigrations and nationalities for a decade.  My bet is we would never go back.

In Ecuador I do not see a resentment problem…but let’s allow the people of Ecuador have ther say. A leaflet has been posted on buildings and telephone poles all around San Clemente, the small village where Merri and I have bought our beach condos.  This was not put up by us..nor by the developer of the condo where we are buying.  This was written by locals in San Clemente.

I asked John Papski, our man on Ecuador’s beach, to translate it.   Here is what the Ecuadorians are saying about our arrival in their small fishing village with a five star spa hotel and a 61 unit luxury condo development  that will change the village’s life forever.


“Ecuador has a population of 13 million (2008 )and 3 million that live abroad (23% ).  Parents have immigrated leaving their children; people left for lack of work, pessimistic views of the future without opportunities, corruption, globalization and neo-liberalist practices have contributed to a disappearance of opportunity for individual, family and social development.

“San Clemente has an approximate population of 4500. There is a need for 600 new jobs per year for the youth but nature and the sea does not allow sufficient funds for welfare, health and studies.

“However, tourism is one of the few chances left for Ecuador and its youth.

“The marvelous beaches of San Clemente attract people that travel many hours, save and borrow money so they and their families can spend on food, lodging, water, beer, sun lotions, repellents, handcrafts and return home broke but content knowing that health, welfare, lust for life, relaxed has prepared them to continue the hard fight in the city.They have integrated with nature with the immense help of the sea and its marvelous sounds and movements, with the wonder of the beach and hills that surround, wonder of tranquil people, amiable and service orientated to all visitors with humanity, smiles,assistance and hospitality.

“Our visitors dream during their happy stay of a swift return to our beach or perhaps remain here forever. The beach tourists do not come to Rocafuerte or Charapoto (nearby towns ). They come to San Clemente.

“Bahia apartment owners come to us because they know our beach is a great treasure with fantastic potential of nature, not enclosed in sad cement but green, blue, orange living nature. Look after nature as we care for ourselves and defend the future of our youth.”

There you have it, a local view of what they think of us.

So far I believe we are more than welcome.  I hope that Merri and I and all we bring along have the wisdom to be with the wonderful people of Ecuador in a way so they are not just happy that we come…but that they also want us to stay.

I invite you to join us in the wonderful adventure and as human beings who are citizens of the world!


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Multi Currency Notes – Bank Transfer Risks

Multi currency investing is complicated by bank transfer risks.

Yet we must prevail because bank transfer risks are everywhere as you can see below.

An even bigger risk is inflation and the risk of losing your purchasing power if you do not hold multi currency portfolios.

Last month a multi currency message at this site looked at the growing “need to know” dilemma banks (and hence their clients) are facing.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to transfer money from one bank to another without proving the source.

If you missed that message read it at Multi Currency Banking Problem.

That message was written after I had transferred a down payment to my
attorney to buy some condos on Ecuador’s  beach.

My attorney’s bank refused to release the funds until I proved the source of funds.

My bank in Denmark, who wired the money in the first place, kindly sent an email stating that the funds had come from my pension account.  This did not satisfy the Quito bank.

Finally after more than two weeks, and only after my Ecuador attorney threatened to take legal action, were the funds finally paid.

“What is going on?”, I asked.

After checking around it has become evident that the first problem is that governments worldwide have decided they must know more about the flow of money to help them prevent terrorism.

The second problem is that these governments have placed the burden of this tracking on banks.

The third problem is that no one has made it clear how banks should do this.

The fourth problem is that every bank has then decided its own way of doing this and not trained their staff well.

The fifth problem is that this hodge podge of commercial regulation has created enormous confusion.  For example, one Canadian banker stated that nothing had changed. He could not understand why funds were being delayed.  Another Canadian banker told me that Latin America was on a prohibited list and funds could not be wired to Ecuador.

Probably what this means is that one Canadian bank wires money to Latin America all the time.  Another may have had a problem and will not.

This appears to be a “catch as catch can” situation and whether your money flows easily depends on what combination of banks you have chosen and which employees within those banks handle your transaction.

Delays add freezing of funds and can take place for international or even local transactions for a variety of reasons.

For example, one reader sent this note after the last message about this problem:

“How frustratingly typical!  I opened a basic stock trading account with an
online broker as I wasn’t 100% happy with my existing one. Today two days later they put a block on my new account, and sent me an email about there being a ‘negative public record’ on me.

“It turns out that some other dude with the same name as me, nine years ago, was indicted on charges of laundering money and other wild and roguish things.

“Now let’s remember that the word ‘indicted’ doesn’t actually mean ‘convicted’- just formally charged.  It appears that even being indicted (ACCUSED) of something is enough for this provision to kick-in.

“Let’s be clear here that this is just someone with the same name as me who nine years back in the same state was CHARGED with something. I say ‘same state’ although I did not even visit this state where I live now until three years after the indictment.

“It took me weeks to regain access to my account. Lucky my name wasn’t James Smith which is the most common combination of first and last names in the USA”


Since having my problem in Ecuador, my attorney there wrote the following:

“I just talked to my bank officer.  When the amount is higher than $50,000 it is necessary to justify the origin of the funds.  To do this the bank requires an official letter from your bank stating that the amount you are wiring has been deducted from your account.  You can scan this letter and email it to me.

“A second option is to just email me a scanned copy of your account report where it is shown that the amount has been wired from this account.  Of course,  I feel this is an invasion to your privacy, so I suggest to go for the first option.

“Another way to do it is to transfer the money in separate wires (different dates as well) of lower amounts than $50,000.”

So here is what I am doing.  When I am about to make a transfer, first if it is reasonable send less than $50,000. For example right now I am making a
$76,000 condo payment.

I first informed my sending banker what the wire is for.  I outlined the entire transaction and why I am sending the way I am.

Clear communication in advance is my plan.

Second, I informed my attorney and asked her to contact her banker and let him know everything in advance and make sure this is all okay…to ask if he wants anything else in advance.

When I received the okay reply, I wired $35,000. Once my attorney has confirmed receipt of these funds, I’ll wire the next $36,000.

I’ll let you know how this goes.

Until then, let me read your horror stories on transferring funds.  Better still let me know your solutions.


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Maybe tme for a snooze on the beach after in the hotel hamocks?


Nope we gotta move on and view Ecuador beach property for sale on this beach.

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On the Imbabura tour we often dine for lunch on this lake.

Gary Scott

Where these Ecuador Lake lots are for sale.


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Make Better Decisions

We are also pleased to announce that we will host a weekend workshop
conducted by our business intuitive, Susan Stanton Rotman.

The course is entitled,  “Escaping the Tryanny of Reason: Intuitive Development for Practical and Business Decision Making”

This seminar will introduce you to working with your own intuition to develop greater insight, creativity, and more informed decision-making and problem solving skills, all important elements for greater success. We will examine intuition in the business context, the use of intuitive process as a complement to rational decision-making, and the integration of intuitive knowing with analytical thought.

Susan will present the basic concepts of intuitive knowing and its development, including how to access your own intuition, and skill building to evaluate, process, trust and apply your information. She will help you explore the experience of intuition and its forms, including exercises to develop sensitivity and to practice using intuition as a navigational tool.

Merri and I have found that escaping the tyranny of reason helps us greatly when faced with questions that cannot be humanly answered.

Merri and I have several weapons in our information processing armory. One of the great assets is Susan, a professional business intuitive.

She consults with businesses and individuals using both her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities combined with her rational skills to help people and businesses with decision making and navigation.  She consults with clients from around the world.

Susan does not really like the word psychic (nor do Merri or I) as a lot of the information she comes up with does not just pop out of the air. She has a strong educational, legal and business background. Susan originally trained as a corporate attorney and mediator.

Susan is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown University, having received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in 1977, cum laude, and graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1981.

She practiced corporate law for many years and has extensive experience representing both individual and corporate clients.

She also understands business from the entrepreneurial side—she owned her own retail art-jewelry business and is an expert in pearls.

Susan has a broad background in esoteric and metaphysical studies, spirituality, and personal, business, and family development practices.

This course will be conducted Friday, Saturday and Sunday  August 15, 16 and 17 2008 at our Blue Ridge Farm.  All meals and accommodations ARE included.

We are pleased that Susan will be with us. She will present two days of group instruction and workshop plus will provide individual consultations after the seminar concludes (a consultation is included as part of the course).  Individual consultations may be in person on August 17 or by telephone at a later date.

To enroll click here.