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Ecuador Living Leads to Super Thinking and Success

Welcome back Ecuador Living readers!  Our Garyascott.com and Ecuadorliving.com lists have been merged.  If you were on our EcuadorLiving.com list and missed the last seven messages during the merging process, you can catch up at www.garyascott.com.

You can still stay in touch with Ecuador, real estate for sale, how to get visas and low cost prescriptions, medical care, etc.  You can find out how to rent, and buy real estate, how to create export businesses and multi dimensional Ecuadorian businesses, plus have low cost Ecuador health insurance and how to import pets.  You can gain contacts, lawyers, hotel owners, expats, businessmen, doctors, dentists, travel agents and more.  For example you can see Ecuador beach real estate for sale here.

Or see Andean real estate for sale here.

However, Ecuador Living is about much more than living in a place.  Ecuador Living is a lifestyle that uses Super Thinking for greater success and can lived anywhere.   The root of this lifestyle may be explained in this image of the brain.

brain image

Here is some of the science.

Ecuador Living is based on ancient wisdom, but modern science gives us details of how the Andean knowledge works.  A small band of fibers in the brain, the Uncinate Fasciculus, is part of the pathway to ideas, action and success.  Ecuador Living and Super Thinking make this pathway work more powerfully.

Where do ideas come from?  When an aha pops up in our thoughts, have we logically thought them or was it something more?  One pathway in our brain responsible for new ideas ( an aha if you like) is the Uncinate Fasciculus.  Here is a quick and overly simplistic explanation that provides a scientific bent to a 500 year old prophesy from the Andes.

Here is what happens in your brain, when the light bulb suddenly turns on and a brilliant idea comes seemingly out of nowhere.  Creativity comes when we are not thinking logically because the brain’s interior structure works in two different ways.  Both sides of the brain have a specific brain lobe that is the creative spot that lights up when flashes of insight occur.  The cells in the left hemisphere of the lobe have short dendroids, useful for pulling in information from nearby.  The cells on the right branch out much wider and pull in distant unrelated ideas in the brain.  This is where the magic happens and is why creative thinking is called right brain thought.

The creative part of your brain works best when you relax because the logical parts of the frontal lobe play gatekeepers to memories associated with emotions derived from input from the brain’s limbic system.  The frontal lobe modifies those emotions to generally fit socially acceptable norms.  In other words, the frontal lobe inhibits “out of the box” ideas.

When you mediate, relax or simply let your mind wander,  your frontal lobes reduce their activity.  The process allows ideas to flow more freely.  This is why we get the best ideas – flashes of insight – when we relax.   A relaxed frontal lobe lets in more data from stored emotions with the prefrontal-amygdala.   The amygdala is part of the limbic system and is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation.  Research shows that when the frontal lobe connection with the prefrontal-amygdala is weak, excessive anxiety can be the result.  The uncinate fasciculus is an importance part of the connection between the amygdala and frontal lobe.

A US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health paper entitled “Enhanced brain connectivity in long-term meditation practitioners”  (1)  describes research showing that meditators have “pronounced structural connectivity” throughout the entire brain but that the largest differences were observed within the uncinate fasciculus.”

In other words, relaxation helps the brain communicate information between the emotion and the thought, or the intuition and logic or if you like, the heart and the brain.  A 500 year old Andean prophesy urges us to use the connection between the heart and the brain to restore the equilibrium of mankind.  Ecuador Living and Super Thinking give us ways to gain this equilibrium with enhanced brain connectivity by improved brain structure.

How our role in Ecuador Living and Super Thinking began.

Merri and I had an unusual beginning for a couple who had devoted their efforts to the hard facts of making money with international business and investing.  46 years ago I began a business, speaking and writing about international investing.  This led me (and later my wife, Merri) from helping readers find and invest in real estate and other investments in Hong Kong, to London, to the Isle of Man, then to the Dominican Republic and finally in the mid 1990s to Ecuador.

While working in the Andes, along Ecuador’s Pacific coast and Amazon, we helped thousands of readers explore and invest in this amazing country.   We also met some very special men who were from long lineages of healers.  They received such intensive training they became Taita Yatchaks, Father of Fathers-healers of great purity.

Ecuador Shamans

Gary Scott with a shaman in the Amazon.

We became involved in creating a foundation to help the indigenous of Ecuador and because of this the Taita Yatchaks asked us to help them fulfill a task to bring secrets from the South to the North and to bring important knowledge from the North to the South.  The Yatchaks told us there was a 500 year old prophesy that states when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South flew in the skies together, a greater equilibrium would exist for mankind.  People of the north live too much in their brain. People of the equator live too much with their hearts.  When we integrate our intuition and our logic we become wiser, more intelligent and take on expanded horizons. The quest of the yatchaks is to help accelerate the evolution of man’s intellect.  They asked if we could help fulfill this prophesy.  See more on the 500 year prophesy here.

We accepted this challenge and lived and worked with the yatchaks for over ten years looking to use the ancient knowledge in useful modern ways.


Gary and Merri Scott taking a group to ancient Inca ruins with a yatchak in Ecuador.

Live Better in the Era of Cynicism

Most readers who joined us in Ecuador were cynical about what’s going on where they lived.  That’s fair enough.  Inflation, recession, rigged investment markets, ridiculous insurance and health costs, weakened pensions, unprincipled banks and big business supported by corrupt government and rotten politics. What’s not to be skeptical about?

Most readers sign up to our website because they want more income, better returns on their savings, a lower cost of living, affordable health care, more freedom, better food, more fulfillment and new exciting adventures.  They are fed up with what has happened at home.   One way to overcome these problems is to be smarter and more skeptical.  A calm, Ecuadorian lifestyle that promotes natural good health and reaps wealth despite economic chaos and social turmoil helps create a carefree lifestyle even in the darkest hours.

For example Merri and I were living with a yatchak at our remote Andean hacienda, Rosaspamba, when Ecuador’s economy shut down in 2000.


View from our front yard at Rosaspamba.

Gas ran out though out the country. All Ecuador banks closed. The yatchak lost every penny he had.  Upon learning this, he called for a Mingo (a circular meeting) where he performed a ceremony of thanks for all the change that these losses would bring.

Changes in the Yatchak’s financial life did not rob him of a penny’s worth of living.  Nor did the loss divert him from his purpose and his missions in life.  There was plenty of reasons to be thankful as well, both in the Yatchak’s intuitive mind and in our logical northern businesslike way.  The economic disaster of 2000 started an expat inflow of epic proportions and brought wealth to Ecuadorians that had never been seen before.  Ecuador real estate prices skyrocketed. New jobs were created based on tourism, construction and expat living.  Unimaginable wealth flowed into Ecuador as the country moved from being a Stage I to Stage III developing nation.

From that moment, we united Super Thinking ideas created by Ecuador Living into our www.Garyascott.com website to help readers gain the latest ideas on how to survive and prosper in the era of cynicism.

Super Thinking Leads to Successful Action

Super Thinking helps create better ideas, but there is a fallacy in the thinking that great ideas alone will bring success.  A great idea is not enough.  Execution always trumps idea, however good the ideas are.  Good ideas are like a great bike.  The bike may help riding a great race but bikes don’t win races.  Good training, dedication, good physical ability and outstanding effort wins the race.  A great idea, will not bring success.  At best, ideas start a flow of activity that eventually creates success.  The key to success is execution of ideas.

Ecuador Living or Super Thinking, whatever it is called, is the process of uniting the logic and intuition that leads to smarter, more effective and fulfilling action.  Merri and I use Super Thinking in our lives and business as we continue to grow and evolve.  We look forward to sharing what we learn as we progress with you.


Gain From Pandemics – Riots & Election Volatility

On top of the pandemic… and the riots, another election on its way… all the robo calls from politicians… the dirty tricks and the innumerable amounts of nonsense this vital process brings.

However America’s politics turn out, one thing is sure, there will be volatility in stock markets during the election process.

The first reason markets will bounce has nothing to do with politics or policies.   A market correction was due regardless of the party or the person in office and COVID-19 was a pretty good excuse for it to suddenly drop.  Expect plenty more volatility.  Whether the economy recovers slowly or quickly, history suggests that the US market will do a lot of moving up and down.

Second the new politics has created an uncertain era.  Everyone has been shaken over the past three years whether they are pleased with the government or not.

Nothing frightens markets like uncertainty. 

What more could we ask for… an uncertain COVID-19 future and riots in 30 major cities.

Well interest rates could be a dark horse.  I the massive government handouts create inflation, interest rates will rise and rising interest rates will push stock market prices down.

Despite these pitfalls, there is a way to profit using the strong US dollar and undervalued non dollar stock markets to pick up good value shares.

During nearly five decades of global investing I have noticed found that good value strategies are the best way to profit long term, through good politics and bad.  The steps to take are simple.

The first tactic is to seek safety before profit.

We can look at Warren Buffett’s investing strategy as an example.  Buffett success is talked about a lot, but rarely does anyone explain how he make so much money.  That was the fact until some researchers really stripped his operation bare.  They looked at everything and learned the deepest of Buffett’s wealth management secrets.  Fortunately they published all in a research paper at Yale University’s website. that reveals important truths about extending wealth.

This research shows that the stocks Buffett chooses are safe (with low beta and low volatility), cheap (value stocks with low price – to – book ratios), and high quality (stocks of companies that are profitable, stable, growing, and with high payout ratios).

The second tactic is to maintain staying power.  At times Buffet’s portfolio has fallen, but he has been willing and able to wait long periods for the value to reveal itself and prices to recover.

A 45 year portfolio study shows that holding a diversified good value portfolio (based on a  good value strategy) for 13 month’s time, increases the probability of outperformance to 70%.

However those who can hold the portfolio for five years gain a 88% probability of beating the bellwether in the market and after ten years the probability increases to 97.5%.

Time is your friend when you use a good value strategy.  The longer you can hold onto a well balanced good value portfolio the better the odds of outstanding success.

The Buffett strategy integrates time and value for safety and profit.

A third tactic is using limited leveraging, tactic in the strategy boosts profit.  Buffett leverages his portfolio at a ratio of approximately 1.6 to 1.   The Yale published research paper shows the leveraging methods used by Warren Buffett to amass his $50 billion fortune.  The researchers found that the returns from Buffett’s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, far outweighed those achieved by any rival that has operated for 30 years or more.  The research shows that neither luck nor magic are involved.  Instead, the paper shows that Buffet’s success hinges on using leverage at the rate of 1.6.

To sum up the strategy, Buffet uses limited leverage to invest in large purchases of “cheap, safe, quality stocks”.  He limits leverage so he can hold on for very long periods of time, surviving rough periods where others might have been forced into a fire sale or a career shift.

Stated in another way buffet uses logic (buy good value) to have the conviction, wherewithal, and skill to invest with leverage over many decades.

What do we do when we are not Warren Buffett?

May I introduce the Purposeful Investing Course (Pi) for those who want to invest like Warren Buffet, but know they are not.  This course is based on my 50 plus years of investing experience combined with wisdom gained from some of the world’s best investment managers and economic mathematical scientists.

Enjoy Extending Wealth

Pi’s mission is to make it easy for anyone to create a three point strategy, like Buffett’s even though they do not have a lot of time for or knowledge about investing.

Pi reveals investing secrets and the sciences that make investing easy, safer, less time consuming and increases the chances of profit.

One secret is to invest with a purpose beyond the cash.  One tactic as mentioned is staying power.  This means not being caught short and having to sell during a period of loss.  This also means having enough faith in a strategy that we stick to the plan.  When we invest with purpose, doing what we love, we enjoy the process more and are more likely to hold on during down times, when most poor investors panic and sell.

Slow, Worry Free, Good Value Investing

Stress, worry and fear are three of an investor’s worst enemies.  They create the Behavior Gap, a trait exhibited by most investors, that causes them to underperform any market sector they choose.  The behavior gap is created by natural human responses to fear.   Pi helps create profitable strategies that avoid losses from this gap.

Spanning the Behavior Gap

Behavior gaps are among the biggest reasons why so many investors fail.  Human evolution makes fear the second most powerful motivator.  (Greed is the third.)  Fear creates investment losses due to behavior gaps.  Fear motivates us more strongly than desire.  By nature investors are risk adverse.

Winning investors though embrace risk because they have a plan based on good value.

Purpose is the most powerful motivator,  stronger than fear and greed, so a strategy with purpose is the most powerful of all.

Combine your needs and capabilities with good value secrets and the math to back up your value selections through the Pifolio – The Pi Model Portfolio

Lessons from Pi are based on the creation and management of a Primary Pi Model Portfolio, called the Pifolio.  There are no secrets about this portfolio except that it ignores the stories (often created by someone with vested interests) and is based entirely on good math.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets using my (almost) 50 years of global experience and my study of the analysis of four mathematical investing geniuses (and friends).

The Pifolio analysis begins with a continual research of international major stock markets that compares their value based on:

#1:  Current book to price

#2: Cash flow to price

#3: Earnings to price

#4: Average dividend yield

#5: Return on equity

#6: Cash flow return.

#7: Market history

We follow this research of a brilliant mathematician and have tracked this analysis for over 20 years.    This is a complete and continual study of international major and emerging stock markets.

This analysis forms the basis of a Good Value Stock Market Strategy.   The analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short term ups and downs.   This strategy is easy for anyone to follow and use.  Pi reveals the best value markets and provides contacts to managers and analysts and Country Index ETFs so almost anyone can create and follow their own strategy.

A country ETF provides diversification and cost efficiency by spreading one simple, even small investment into a basket of equities in a good value stock market.  The costs are low and this type of ETF is one of the hardest for institutions to cheat.  Expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund.

Little knowledge, time, management or guesswork are required.  The investment is simply a diversified portfolio of good value indices.  Investments in an index are like investments in all the shares of a good value market.

Pi matches this mathematical certainty with my fifty years of experience. This opens insights to numerous long term cycles that most investors miss because they have not been investing long enough to see them.

For example in the 1980s, a remarkable set of two economic circumstances helped anyone who spotted them become remarkably rich.  Some of my readers made enough to retire.  Others picked up 50% currency gains.  Then the cycle ended.  Warren Buffett explained the importance of this ending in a 1999 Fortune magazine interview.  He said:  Let me summarize what I’ve been saying about the stock market: I think it’s very hard to come up with a persuasive case that equities will over the next 17 years perform anything like—anything like—they’ve performed in the past 17!

I did well then, but always thought, “I should have invested more!”  Now those circumstances have come together and I am investing in them again.

The circumstances that created fortunes 30 years ago were an overvalued US market (compared to global markets) and an overvalued US dollar.

The two conditions are in place again!  There are currently ten good value (non US) developed markets,  plus 10 good value emerging markets.

Pi shows how to easily create a diversified, worry free portfolio in some of these good value markets using Country Index ETFs.

The current strength of the US dollar is a second remarkable similarity to 30 years ago.   The dollar rose along with Wall Street.  Profits came quickly over three years.  Then the dollar dropped like a stone, by 51%  in just two years.  A repeat of this pattern is growing and could create up to 50% extra profit if we start using strong dollars to accumulate good value stock market ETFs in other currencies.

This is the most exciting opportunity I have seen since we started sending our reports on international investing ideas more than three decades ago.  There is so much more to write and the trends are so clear that I have created a short, but powerful report “Three Currency Patterns For 50% Profits or More.”   This report shows how to earn an extra 50% from currency shifts with even small investments.  I kept the report short and simple, but included links to 153 pages of  Good Value Stock Market research and Asset Allocation Analysis.

The report shows 20 good value investments and a really powerful tactic that shows the most effective and least expensive way to accumulate these bargains in large or even very small amounts (less than $5,000).  There is extra profit potential of at least 50% so the report is worth a lot.

This report sells for $29.95 but you’ll receive the report “Three Currency Patterns For 50% Profits or More” FREE when you subscribe to Pi.


Pi also explains when leverage provides extra potential without undo risk.  For example in 1986 I issued a report called “The Silver Dip” that showed how to borrow 12,000 British pounds (at almost 1.6 to 1 dollars per pound the loan created US$18,600) and use the loan to buy 3835 ounces of silver at around US$4.85 an ounce.

Silver had crashed, I mean really crashed from $48 per ounce.  As prices decreased from early 1983 into 1986, total supply had fallen to 449.7 million ounces in 1986.  Mine production was restricted by the low prices at this time, with silver reaching a low for this period of $4.85 in May 1986.  Secondary recovery also was constricted by these low prices.

Then silver’s price skyrocketed to over $11 an ounce within a year.  The $18,600 loan was now worth $42,185.

The loan was in pounds and in May 1986 the dollar pound rate was 1.55 dollars per pound.  So the 12,000 pound loan purchased $18,600 of silver.  The pound then crashed to 1.40 dollars per silver.  The loan could be paid off for $13,285 immediately creating an extra $5,314 profit.  The profit grew to $47,499 in just a year.

Here’s how you can create your own good value strategy.

I would like to send you, on a no risk basis, a 130 page basic training course that teaches the good value strategy I use.  You learn all the Pi strategies, what they are, how to use them and what each can do for you, your lifestyle and investing.

You also begin receiving regular emailed Pifiolio updates and online access to all the Pifolio updates of the last two years.  Each update examines the current activity in a Pifolio, how it is changing, why and how the changes might help your investing or not.

You also receive a 100+ page PDF value analysis of 46 stock markets (23 developed markets and 23 emerging stock markets).  This analysis looks at the price to book, price to earnings, average yield and much more of all 46 markets.

This year I will celebrate my 52nd anniversary of global investing and writing about global investing.  Our reports and seminars have helped readers have better lives, with less stress yet make fortunes during up and down markets for decades.  This information is invaluable to investors large and small because even small amounts can easily be invested in the good value shares we cover in the Pi course.

Time is your friend when you use a good value strategy.  The longer you can hold onto a well balanced good value portfolio, the better the odds of outstanding success.

A 45 year portfolio study shows that holding a diversified good value portfolio (based on a  good value strategy) for 13 month’s time, increases the probability of out performance to 70%.  However those who can hold the portfolio for five years gain a 88% probability of beating the bellwether in the market and after ten years the probability increases to 97.5%.

Subscribe to the first year of The Personal investing Course (Pi).  The annual fee is $299, but to introduce you to this online, course that is based on real time investing, I am knocking $124.50 off the subscription.


Enroll in Pi.  Get the basic training, the 46 market value report and access to all the updates of the past two years, plus all new updates over the next year.

I guarantee you’ll learn ideas about investing that are unique and can reduce stress as they help you enhance your profits through slow, worry free, easy diversified investing.

If you are not totally happy, simply let me know in the first two months for a full no fuss full refund.

You have nothing to lose except the fear.   You gain the ultimate form of financial security as you reduce risk and increase profit potential. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have cut the subscription to $174.50.  You save $124.50!

Then because this global recovery from the pandemic is going to take years, we’ll maintain your subscription at just $99 a year rather than $299.  Your subscription will be autorenewed in 2021 at $99, though you can cancel at any time.

Click here to subscribe to Pi at the discounted rate of $174.50

Subscribe to Pi today and you get a year’s subscription to Pi now, get the 130 page basic training, the 120 page 46 market value analysis, access to over 100 previous Pifolio updates, plus begin receiving regular Pifolio updates throughout the year.


(1) www.nyti


(1) US National Library of Medicine National Institute “Enhanced brain connectivity in long-term meditation practitioners.”

Ecuador Amazon Lodge Update

Ecuador Living Club members get an upgrade on Ecuador Amazon lodge benefits.

La Selva Jungle Lodge is one of the best lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon and  we have been pleased to offer Ecuador Living club members several special privileges.

I was even more pleased to receive this note from our friend Kjetil Haugan. He wrote:  Gary, After several months of negotiations and I have purchased La Selva Jungle Lodge. I  am very optimistic about this and met the staff and the local community last weekend. We will upgrade the lodge into the top eco lodge with very personalized service.

First, the lodge. It has been…


rustic and authentic… in operation since the 1980s and…


offering incredible eco tours… jungle treks… free birding… wonderful cuisine… a true adventure that supports the indigenous community and environment.


The lodge is comfortable plus…


there is an indigenous…


spa and much more.

See here why La Selva is the number one lodge in the jungle.

The previous owners provided Ecuador Living club members a 15% discount (except not airfare from Quito – $130 – and not including their bar bill)   This included all meals and guided excursions and transportation to and from the lodge.

They also provided upgrades, plus the Canopy Breakfast free.

THE CANOPY BREAKFAST: The normal price for the breakfast is $30 per person and it is a real thrill.   Breakfast is served  135 feet high above the forest in our canopy tower at dawn. The tower is one of the most coveted spots at the lodge because of the wildlife sightings and perspectives from there.  Your Ecuador Living subscribers should bring their cameras.  We’ll bring delicious food and impeccable service.

There was more.  In addition to the discount… the free Canopy Breakfast they also provided a FREE the choice of either the SUNSET CRUISE or CANDLELIGHT DOCKSIDE DINNER.

Candlelight Dinner (Normal Price: $90 per couple: This is an extremely romantic candlelit dockside dinner for two on our lake alone except for you private attentive waiter and a single table. We’ll light up the entire dock with a trail of candles that leads to your table. Complimentary Cocktails OR Wine.

Sunset Cruise (Normal Price: $80 per couple):  Enjoy our decorated dugout canoe with snacks and wine; a sailor will take you both along the lagoon to savior the beauty of a sunset in the Amazon, completely alone and cheering for your love.

Ecuador Living club members have been able to save far more than the cost of a year’s club membership on just a La Selva Jungle Lodge adventure.

Now as La Selva is upgraded so too will be the benefits.  We have worked closely with Kjetil both in his Palmazul and Vistazul projects and his outstanding Galapagos cruises.  His new ownership of La Selva will add en expanded benefit to Ecuador Living club membership.


See how to get an Ecuador Living Club password here.

See how to learn about Ecuador in the USA and more as you save

Learn how to place Ecuador rental advertising

Learn how to place Ecuador real estate for sale ads

Ecuador Singles

Ecuador Singles are very safe in many parts of Ecuador.

A reader recently sent this note. Hello Gary,  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your emails on Ecuador.  I would love to visit you when I have some funds available, and because of the economy my funds are non existent for travel now.  I have been told by several people and particularly by a Panamanian friend (female), that Ecuador is very dangerous because of the Colombian drug situation.  Crime is big and is it dangerous for a single female such as myself, to go there.

Here is my reply.  There is a popular misconception that Ecuador is a dangerous place.

This is like saying New York City  is a dangerous place.  Sure there is danger in some parts of New York. My research suggests that if you are in Manhattan and go to East and Central Harlem it can be a bit sketchy. Ditto for Washington Heights.   In Brooklyn, East New York, Brownsville and Crown Heights may not be good places to stroll at night.

Yet overall New York City has the lowest crime rate among the ten largest cities in the United States.  Since 1991, the city has seen a continuous fifteen-year trend of decreasing crime.

Then there are those who know what to do and are safe even in dangerous places. One site I researched said of East Harlem:  I have an uncle, who lived with his wife in one of the housing projects in East Harlem and manage to raised three children there since living there in the 80’s and 90’s. But he just moved out about a year ago. He said that the changes in the area got much better after the 2000’s. He said, he would stay, but they already had saved enough money and already buy property in Puerto Rico.

This is true of Ecuador as well. There are places you won’t find me walking around and I pretty well know what to do… how to look out.  I have only been robbed three times in 41 years of global travel… once in London and twice in the US… all at home or within two blocks of home.

Yet many parts of Ecuador are far safer than in North America.  We have dozens of single women readers who have moved from the US and Canada now living in Ecuador and have never heard a single complaint. They are probably safer in Ecuador than in most US cities.

I have written about this extensively at this site. If you have concerns please search the phrase “ecuador crime” at this site.  You will see numerous recent articles we have published.

There is also a good BBC article about crime in South America.  You will notice that the article does not mention Ecuador as one of the high crime areas in Latin America.

Ecuador has always seemed like a very safe place to us. We have taken thousands of people to Ecuador and though groups and tourists are always targets for crime… wherever they travel in the world… we have never experienced a violent incident.

From a security point of view one has to be on the lookout for pick pockets in tourist areas but other than that our thousands of readers who have visited Ecuador report few problems…  as mentioned not one incidence of violence.  We advise people at this time not to stay or visit the area of Mariscal Sucre nor go anywhere near the Colombian border or in the province of Esmeraldas.  Crime in Guayaquil in the 14 years we have been there was once bad but due to government measures is not as bad now.  Parks in Quito have trouble with theft and the like and it is good to just avoid these areas.

Our site covers our thoughts on risk extensively.

Here are links to just a few of the numerous articles we have posted about Ecuador safety.








To assist those interested in Ecuador Ecuador Living has established a full time full support research and assistance team to help Ecuador Living subscribers in any way required.

This complete service includes our staff being able to provide personal responses to your questions about Ecuador crime.

You can subscribe here

Other services offered include scanning Ecuador newspapers looking for unique properties and put our subscribers directly in touch with sellers … thus avoiding brokerage fees.

We also help our subscribers by asking developers (since we are not brokers and do not to accept real estate commissions) to provide discounts to our subscribers if they buy property.

For example, one Quito property seller is offering a $10,000 discount to our subscribers on a spectacular Quito condo.

In another example there are 4 buildings at Primavera II in Cotacachi. The first building has condos at $46,500.

Ecuador Living subscribers can subtract 2% off most of the prices of most new units at Primavera.

In another case the Vistazul condos north of Manta provides our subscribers a $10,000 savings plus a free Galapagos cruise.

Helping subscribers find real estate is only one part of our service.  If you have an interest in traveling, investing, living, buying property or doing business in Ecuador a subscription to Ecuadorliving.com brings many benefits.

One huge benefit in using our service versus relying on brokers or travel agents is that we are not trying to sell real estate. For our modest subscription you get our honest opinion based on 40 years of international business and 13 years of living, traveling and doing business in Ecuador.

Ecuador Living subscribers gain access to our extensive contacts plus share the input from over 18,000 subscribers who continually let us know what they see hear and experience good and bad. We conduct real estate tours to help our subscribers learn Ecuador’s real estate market in the most efficient way.

There are three sources of more than 1000 pages of free information about Ecuador please see www.garyascott.com and www.successguidelines.com/ecuador_real_estate/index.htm and www.ecuadorliving.com

Our Ecuador Living service goes beyond this free information.  You can subscribe here



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Mar. 22-23    Coastal Real Estate Tour        $499 Couple $749 or discounted fee for multiple tours below.
Mar. 25-26    Cuenca Real Estate Tour        $499 Couple $749 or discounted fee for multiple tours below.

Enjoy extra savings with our special early bird fees (if you enroll in November 2009)

2 seminar courses & tours $949 Couple  $1,399

3 seminar courses & tours   $1199 Couple  $1,749

4 seminar courses & tours   $1,399 Couple $2,149

5 seminar courses & tours  $1,599 Couple $2,499

6 seminars courses & tours  $1,999 Couple $2,999

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International Club attend up to 52 courses and tours in 2010 free.

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