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The Newest Most Luxurious Galapagos Yacht

Our friend, Kjetil Haugan, is operating  the newest most luxurious Galapagos  yacht ,Ocean Spray, beginning April 3rd.

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 9.17.56 AM

There has been excellent feedback so far.

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 9.24.37 AM

These photos of this luxury catamaran for 16 guests shows…

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 9.23.20 AM


The Ocean Spray is by far the best 16 passenger vessel cruising the Galapagos.

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 9.19.40 AM

Incredible dining and…

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 9.24.16 AM

space everywhere from the dining room to the lounge to the…

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 9.24.08 AM

private rooms.

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 9.22.33 AM

Already one huge agency is looking at buying most of the spaces from 2013 onwards, but at Ecuador Living we have a really special benefit.

The decoration was done by Kjetil’s wife, Jessica and her friend, so you can enjoy the Galapagos and the ultimate in cruise luxury.

Right now you can also save $500… plus even more.

See why you can save up to $1,249 on a Galapagos cruise in this luxurious yacht.

This ad below is one (unless you are a travel agent) is one you’ll never see because…

galapagos-yacht tags:

galapagos-yacht tags:

of four words… “All prices are comissionable”. This is an add for travel agents telling them that they can offer the prices above and receive a 15% commission.

We as publishers do not (and never have) accepted commissions on real estate, travel services, cruises, rentals or any of the services we write about.   Because we have a huge readership and because we have worked with Kjetil since he arrived in Ecuador over almost 2 decades ago… we could receive this 15% commission but pass it along to our Ecuador Living Club members in the form of a discount instead.  The savings is as simple as that.

Learn how to become a club member here. 

You can take a closer look at the Ocean Spray yacht here.


Ecuador Amazon Lodge Update

Ecuador Living Club members get an upgrade on Ecuador Amazon lodge benefits.

La Selva Jungle Lodge is one of the best lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon and  we have been pleased to offer Ecuador Living club members several special privileges.

I was even more pleased to receive this note from our friend Kjetil Haugan. He wrote:  Gary, After several months of negotiations and I have purchased La Selva Jungle Lodge. I  am very optimistic about this and met the staff and the local community last weekend. We will upgrade the lodge into the top eco lodge with very personalized service.

First, the lodge. It has been…


rustic and authentic… in operation since the 1980s and…


offering incredible eco tours… jungle treks… free birding… wonderful cuisine… a true adventure that supports the indigenous community and environment.


The lodge is comfortable plus…


there is an indigenous…


spa and much more.

See here why La Selva is the number one lodge in the jungle.

The previous owners provided Ecuador Living club members a 15% discount (except not airfare from Quito – $130 – and not including their bar bill)   This included all meals and guided excursions and transportation to and from the lodge.

They also provided upgrades, plus the Canopy Breakfast free.

THE CANOPY BREAKFAST: The normal price for the breakfast is $30 per person and it is a real thrill.   Breakfast is served  135 feet high above the forest in our canopy tower at dawn. The tower is one of the most coveted spots at the lodge because of the wildlife sightings and perspectives from there.  Your Ecuador Living subscribers should bring their cameras.  We’ll bring delicious food and impeccable service.

There was more.  In addition to the discount… the free Canopy Breakfast they also provided a FREE the choice of either the SUNSET CRUISE or CANDLELIGHT DOCKSIDE DINNER.

Candlelight Dinner (Normal Price: $90 per couple: This is an extremely romantic candlelit dockside dinner for two on our lake alone except for you private attentive waiter and a single table. We’ll light up the entire dock with a trail of candles that leads to your table. Complimentary Cocktails OR Wine.

Sunset Cruise (Normal Price: $80 per couple):  Enjoy our decorated dugout canoe with snacks and wine; a sailor will take you both along the lagoon to savior the beauty of a sunset in the Amazon, completely alone and cheering for your love.

Ecuador Living club members have been able to save far more than the cost of a year’s club membership on just a La Selva Jungle Lodge adventure.

Now as La Selva is upgraded so too will be the benefits.  We have worked closely with Kjetil both in his Palmazul and Vistazul projects and his outstanding Galapagos cruises.  His new ownership of La Selva will add en expanded benefit to Ecuador Living club membership.


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