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Cotacachi Amazing Real Estate

Cotacachi, Ecuador real estate is amazing sometimes. An even more amazing event took place yesterday…in fact a couple of them.

I’ll share my entire investment portfolio in a moment.. First, let me explain why I am adding more Cotacachi real estate to my portfolio.

A recent message explained why I recommend our upcoming course conducted by our astrologer, Blaine Watson, on  February 9-11, 2009  Beyond Logic Simple Ways to More Wealth and Better Health

I outlined how Merri and I had a wonderful reminder why we need to live beyond logic.

I showed our hotel…Meson de las flores.


and told how we had the opportunity to buy this fixer upper directly across the street from the hotel.


The fixer upper is coming out great by the way. Plus we received a huge bonus.

Everything about this building was great except there was one problem… traffic buses and trucks…fumes and noise ran right past it..

We racked our brain  trying to figure out how to resolve this….but there seemed no solution.  We almost decided not to buy… but Blaine and our chart indicated that this was the right thing to do.  So we went ahead… leapt in faith and bought the building.  We started fixing it up.

Yesterday we learned that the village is building a new bus and truck road, blocks away.   Our road…that goes right past our new fixer upper building will be blocked to trucks and buses.    When we bought…no one could have known!

We would have never thought of this solution. The answer was Beyond Logic.

Now another almost eerie real estate coincidence has happened.

Yesterday I sent my Ecuador Living subscribers a password protected message about some Cotacachi property that I believe is special.

You can read this password protected information as an Ecuador Living subscriber.

I have been writing to you about this area where this dirt road is being paved.


What I shared with the Ecuador Living subscribers was information about an area just past this road  where I had a special, good feeling.  I was thinking of buying some land myself in this area.

I wrote:  When we see a road like this developing we start looking in all the nooks and crannies.  This area looks rural but it’s not.  This seemingly rural area is right in the path of progress. Our hotel is not far…next to the Cathedral you see in the distance here.


There are numerous lots for sale by owner… some really excellent deals that we’ll see on our upcoming property tours.

Here are a few…they do not look like much… but…


all this property is just a few blocks from this new road.  So when we see a wall like this we do not see crumbling stone.


We see what is beyond.


A field and it’s for sale.


So when we see this…


or this


or this


or this


and this … new construction in the midst of all these lots for sale.


We know the game is afoot…there is special opportunity.

Then in that password protected message I showed one of the numerous houses our readers have purchased from our friend, Diana Carasco.


Diana is a famous artist in Ecuador but she also builds really great houses…that sell from as low as $76,000…and they are amazing. Delegates on our real estate tours snap them up faster than she can build.

So today Diana took us around to show us some new land she is buying today.

Here it is, exactly the land I saw and shared with my readers yesterday. This is the type of coincidence I look for when spotting opportunity.


I want you to know … I came back and immediately made an offer on the land in this area that i have been considering.  To know that Diana was going to build in this area was beyond logic. I took this as the final sign…act now!

You can enroll in Beyond Logic at Feb 9-11 Beyond Logic, Keys to More Wealth & Better Health

There is more that you can see from this excerpt I sent to my password protected multi currency investors. Here is the excerpt:

Our last message looked at my personal stagflation portfolio which has the following asset diversification.

USD                                                                       14%
GBP                                                                        4%
Norwegian kroner                                              1%
Swedish kroner                                                   1%
Bank of Florida Shares                                    0 .5%
Jyske Bank, Shares                                           0.5%
Turkey Equity Fund                                         0 .5%
European Equity Fund                                    1.0%
Swedish Bond Fund                                          2%
European Bond Fond                                      4.5%
JI Danish Bond Fund                                        7%
ELF Aquitain  EUR 4.500% 23.03.2009     1.5%
Caisse D’Amort Dette  EUR 12.07.2009      1.5%
Rabobank NL    CAD 4.250% 2009                1%
Emerging Bonds
Hungary Governm.    HUF 6.250%12.08.2009    1%
Hungary Governm.    HUF 6.750%12.02.2013     1%
Emerging Market Bond fund                                 2.5%
European Investment BK TRY Bond                    1.5%
Brazil    BRL                  12.500% 05.01.2016            1%
China    EUR                                                                   1%
US Real Estate
Agricultural Land                                                       12%
Residential Property                                                  10%
Commercial Property                                                 21%
Ecuador Real Estate
Ecuador Andean Residential                                     2%
Ecuador Coastal                                                            5%
Ecuador Agricultural                                                   2%

This portfolio dropped 11.1% from December 2007 to December 2008.  Compared to the markets this was not all that bad.

Last month it rose 4.31% so is now down 7.11% from its all time high in 2007.
Yet for me, the portfolio did not really move at all.

You can read this entire password protected update with a deeper review of my portfolio as a Multi Currency subscriber.

I then went on to share three rules behind this portfolio.

One of the rules is that I assume that the real estate portion of my portfolio will protect the entire portfolio’s purchasing power.

We have a wealth of property to see on our upcoming property tours… Cotacachi houses, condos, haciendas… gated communities, a cheese factory…and land.

We hope to see you here.


Join us in Ecuador this February.

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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one$1,799 for two

Quito Shopping

Quito shopping is excellent. In fact Quito is one of my favorite cities.

Few events excite me like watching the Quito dawn.


The city reveals herself in a purple haze…waking slowly…


but with great energy.  Honored by the world as a Heritage City, Quito is ancient, rich…powerful city with every amenity.


Home to more than a million people, Quito has abounding wealth…and great shopping.


This makes our new column at this site and its author, Ray Manna, a special pleasure to introduce.  Ray Manna writes in his column “Travels with Ray, Beyond Cotacachi” about Quito shopping and as you will see…much more.

Quito Shopping – Travels with Ray, Beyond Cotacachi

As lovely as our tranquil little mountain home in Cotacachi is, it helps to know that in an hour and a half one can find oneself in the midst of a metropolitan shopping experience that rivals some of the best. Today I arranged a shopping tour for friends and clients of our country inn, Meson de las Flores.

After a wonderful breakfast we piled into our van and headed off to Quito. We drove over the beautifully cobbled and landscaped roads leading out of the canton.

Our driver, Julio, was his usual gracious self as he politely described the wonders unfolding before us as we wound our way through the majesty of the Andes. The volcanoes and mountains and tended slopes are breathtaking. Lago del San Pablo and its village are remarkable in their beauty. The lake is huge and blue and surrounded with a perfect balance of agriculture and buildings. It evokes a
feeling for me of the Italian Alps. The lake backs onto a gentle which ten becomes
the steep volcanic slope of Mt. Imbabura.

After this comes the village of Tabacundo. This is the heart of Ecuador’s industry in the cultivation and shipping of Roses worldwide. Ecuador is a country of many contrasts, and this is but one of the many happy surprises that await in our region of Cotacachi.

After Tabacundo, we traverse an interesting and beautiful treed area,  Guayallabamba. This area is filled with Caccia trees. It is very similar to Kenya in its feel…a bit dryer and with a more rugged feeling. They grow Cherimoya
here, and you can buy a basketful for five bucks. If you have not had
Cherimoya, let me tell you simply, that I consider it to be one of the
premium fruits on this planet!

Winding our way through the villages and eucalyptus groves that line the highway we found ourselves traversing the outermost suburbs of Quito in an area called Carapungo. Before us lay a beautiful community gracing the slopes that lead finally into Quito. This area is newer and is quite breathtaking to see.

Just a bit after this we arrived at our first destination, El Condado.

This is Quito’s newest shopping mall, and it’s truly a wonder to behold. The food courts alone will blow you away. I’ve never seen such a variety of food offerings in my life. The mall has an entire wall of glass on the fourth floor providing a full sweeping view of the stunning Pichincha beyond. The architecture is tiled and beautiful and everywhere you look it has the feel of a state of the art endeavor with art and lighting and video screens with imagery. Quito is as serious about expressing themselves in this modern format as well as they are through their traditions.

Well, what can I say? The girls couldn’t pass without stopping at the many shoe stores. My opinion was relied upon heavily and I’m pretty sure those boots and flats are going to turn some heads. Jo, a recent transplant from Dallas scored the foxiest half boots that are elegant but not over done. The leather is butter soft, with a jaunty strap around the ankle and shaft that is relaxed and feminine. Barbara, a
recent transplant from Miami, found a pair of flats in a subtle metallic and print that had a Chanel feel to them.

Next came the fabric store. Oh my god!! Talk about a collective freak out. I found a white sheer tone on tone fabric with a combination of bold shimmering bands and subtle accent banding that would look great with the gentle Andean breezes wafting through open windows on one of our typical Spring-like days. The velvets and jacquards were amazing and many for only $13 a yard. Finally, we found
an incredible midnight blue crepe with a gold metallic motif of Moorish design. We all just stood there, jaws practically open in amazement. These mountains, this weather, this beautiful architecture, and window treatments!! Get my drift?? I can’t wait!!

We continued on, Julio and I dutifully toting the growing number of prized purchases. We hit the Todo Hogar (Everything for the Home) store, a place where you can totally outfit your apartment or home. Barbara is going to be hosting the holiday for a bunch of us in her new Diana Carrasco designed home that she has rented for $600 a month. This is going to be one fun adventure. Barbara is a great cook, and I am looking forward to sampling her special version of holiday turkey.

Oh, the turkey will be fresh of course. And locally grown. That’s the way things work here.

There is so much more things I can tell you about the day, but these are some of the highlights. We finished up the day a bit tired, but with a van full of kitchen furnishings, new shoes, art supplies, fine French cosmetics, books, and a couple of cases of red and white wine from Super Maxi. Barbara opened up a couple of bottles of wine and we all had wine and cheese and crackers together in the courtyard at Meson after our long “hard” day. We found ourselves gathering in friendship and laughter here in our special home in Cotacatchi.

Come down and see what it’s about.

We’d like to share it with you!

Till next time, Ray Manna, Meson de las Flores, Land of the Sun Foundation, over and out.

Thanks Ray.


We invite you to join us in Cotacachi where the shopping is great (but entirely different) as well.  Come a day early or stay a day late and do some Quito shopping!

Here is Cotacachi’s main shopping street.


Otavalo, the largest indigenous market in the Americas is just minutes away as well.

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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one$1,799 for two

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