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Multi Currency Shifts

Multi currency shifts are bring great opportunity.

We live in such exciting times.  New waves of productivity are quickly eroding the establishment and creating opportunity for the small guy everywhere. Individuals can now be multi currency investors.  Multi currency businesses can now be started by a single person.

A recent message entitled Multi Currency Realities looked at  some of the fundamental ways the world is changing due to the internet.   We saw how Google, Napster,  Carig’s List, You Tube and many internet evolutions have rocked the establishment and their old ways.  This all helps us small guys be multi currency and multi nationally involved.

This destructive technology will bring more people to higher standards of life, but those who do not adapt will suffer as they try to hold onto old outmoded methodology.  A large chuck of society will be hurt.

Politicians will blame others for the pain. A favorite political trick to thwart anger is to use nationalism to blame other nations for negatives created by change. Yet the change is from technology and is global…no one’s (and everyone’s) fault and it is good!

Wise investors and businesses know this and look beyond these managed perceptions of the old guard.  They ignore the noise in the daily media and do not trust manipulation of information by governments.

We live in a global multi currency economy. We are global, multi currency spenders and those who prosper in the era ahead will have global views and business.

We can see this future in the present.

A great example of this new era was seen last week when broadband swept away old era of broadcast in the Olympics.

I am not much of a spectator but am keen on the Olympics this year because our daughter’s significant other, Ben Marsden is competing, a member of Great Britain’s field hockey team.  Go GB Go!

Here is our daughter Eleanor and Ben at our farm last summer enjoying more relaxing pursuits.


So I wanted to see the opening ceremonies as they opened!

NBC however decided (I am assuming for advertising purposes) to delay the show.

We, the market objected.  A New York Times article by Brian Stelter  entitled “Tape Delay by NBC Faces End Run by Online Fans” explains what happened:

“NBC, which owns the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics in the United States, spent most of Friday trying to keep it that way.

“NBC’s decision to delay broadcasting the opening ceremonies by 12 hours sent people across the country to their computers to poke holes in NBC’s technological wall — by finding newsfeeds on foreign broadcasters’ Web sites and by watching clips of the ceremonies on YouTube and other sites.

“In response, NBC sent frantic requests to Web sites, asking them to take down the illicit clips and restrict authorized video to host countries. As the four-hour ceremony progressed, a game of digital whack-a-mole took place. Network executives tried to regulate leaks on the Web and shut down unauthorized video, while viewers deftly traded new links on blogs and on the Twitter site, redirecting one another to coverage from, say, Germany, or a site with a grainy Spanish-language video stream.

“As the first Summer Games of the broadband age commenced in China, old network habits have never seemed so archaic — or so irrelevant.

“The Olympics to me is a benchmark for how fast we’ve gone with technology,” Brad Adgate, the senior vice president for research at Horizon Media, a media buying firm in New York, said. “Thirty months ago, no one was talking about YouTube. Now, it’s a verb.

This is probably the last time the Olympics can be controlled in this way.

TV (broadcast) still dominates the media. In another four years, by the Summer Games in 2012, “Olympic ad sales could be turned upside down.

All advertising and business will be different.  Broadband will become more important than broadcast.

This will become an era when small is big. Chris Anderson describes this in his book “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More”.

The last marketing era was dominated by the big guys and broadcast. This was a distribution system where it was most efficient to send one message to millions of people.

The internet has introduced the era of broadband where it is most efficient to send millions of messages to one person each.  This favors us little guys.

Learn more about why at the Secret is Small

Count on this and adapt your multi currency business, investing and way of life now. Look for this incredible opportunity in businesses that are shifting from big to small, from local to global and from broadcast to broadband.

Until next message your  future encompass the world.


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Vision…Action and the Word

The time is 6 am, I am sitting in the the rising sun, on the patio…writing as I listen to the bird life here as they explore the joy of dawn in song.  Some people would call this work.

I have better words to call what I do….service…passion…purpose…

This is important because these are times of rapid change that make vision increasingly important.  Using the right words in our speech and especially our thoughts can expand our vision so we prosper from change.

That is why this week’s focus is on vision.

Yesterday’s message looked at vision and smell and today’s is about vision and words.

How important are words?

I think John, the disciple, felt words were important.  He noted their value right up front.  First chapter…first verse. John 1:1, “In the beginning there was the Word.”

How can words help our vision make our lives better?

The wrong words can ruin our prosperity.

Take, for example, Monday’s message that looked at $79,000 beach condos in Ecuador.

One reader sent me a note saying, “take me off your (explicative deleted) list. All you write about is for the filthy rich, not for the common man.”

I am not sure how $79,000 condos convert to being “just for the rich”? Perhaps the reader had not checked prices lately…but there are at least two lessons in that note we can thank that reader for.

Lesson #1:  Words can take you far….up or down.

In this case it took our reader directly to our blacklist. Explicatives are the “Go to Jail card” at our site.   Imagine being so socially inept that you even get fired as a reader!

More important is Lesson #2:  Words kill…in this case the reader’s (ex) prosperity.

The act of connecting “filthy” to rich reduces success at the social level…but also at a much deeper, more powerful level of existence.  That person has clouded his vision by confusing prosperity with filth.

Nothing could be further from the truth…and one key to living a happy…successful life is a visionary vocabulary that is filled true words…such as “problems are really  just opportunity.”  “Wonderfully rich.”

Yes, there are wealthy people who misuse their wealth.   Yet there are also poor people who misuse their poverty!

Our mentalities are powerful and words are its tool.  We literally create ourselves with the words we think and say.

On the thought of wealth..success and being rich,  once our daughter who was taking her masters at the London School of Economics called us in the middle of the night.

We were concerned until she asked,  “Am I privileged”? There were many poor students from Africa and Asia at the school.  She felt guilty that she had so much and they so little.

My reply was, “Of course you are privileged.  There is nothing wrong with privilege.  It is what you do with the privilege that matters.”

Also, we might say there is nothing wrong with material success. It is what you do with it that matters!

Back to words.  Words that kill success and bodies include:  “This is killing me.”  “This is a pain”.  “This make me sick.”  “I am sorry.”

A really bad word is “retirement”.  Who enjoys being so tired that they want to be re-tired.  How about “using maturity to take a step up”.  Isn’t “living on wisdom and investments” better or perhaps we might say “living as  I always wanted.”

We have to be careful of the words we use and think.

We even have to be careful of the word “careful”.  Do we want the burden of being filed with cares?  Perhaps “caring” is better.   “I am thorough because I am caring about my investments.”

Another example shows how understanding one word has helped me earn a fortune for decades.  The example is an excerpt from the first book I wrote in the 1970s, entitled “Passport to International Profit – How to Become a One Man Multi National”.   One chapter “Foreign Fantasy” began:

“Have you ever met a foreigner or been to a foreign place? Why?  Foreign implies that because something is wrong or out of place…like a foreign object in our eye.

“This assumption immediately throws our entire mental train off track.  It makes us think subjectively…good, bad or better.  I learned this when I first began traveling to what I called ‘foreign places’… Panama, London, Rome, Hong Kong, Beirut.

“I tried to fit each of these places into my mental mold and decide which was better.

“Finally it dawned on me that none were better than the other.  None were out of place (foreign) or better or worse.  Each just was.  Each offered a unique set of opportunities.

“This was when I stopped thinking of places as foreign.  Instead I used the word ‘different but welded by the same steadfast cosmic laws that hold the world together’.  Instead of feeling fear or disgust or arrogance about the differences,  I found adventure in discovering the differences, pleasure in the variety and profit in the distortions that the differences create.”

Changing my understanding of one word (foreign) allowed me to realign my thinking and hence my investing for over 30 years.  This allowed me to become a global investor, a one man multinational citizen of the world. This allowed me to become a multi currency investor and business.  The graph below of the value of the US dollar versus other currencies for the past 40 years shows that this thinking was good.

As the rapid change we experience in our modern world brings what others call “destructive technology”.  Why don’t we use the words “constructive technology” or “positive evolution” or “new opportunities”?

Try this.  Look for new ways to create your life (a new meaning for re-creation) and your investing and business acumen will get better.  You vision will clear and help you see new ways of success and happiness.

Until next message, may all your words be “good”!


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