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Tax Deductible Ecuador Cruise

Yesterday’s message looked at how Andean products are hot this season and how to save on Ecuador shopping and even make the trip tax deductible.

You could even make part of a Galapagos cruise to Ecuador tax deductible if you are Ecuador shopping for profit.

galapagos cruises

Haugan cruises provide discounts on Galapagos cruises specials (1) to Ecuador Living Club members.

If you are going to Ecuador for a business meeting or to take an export tour your flight, and hotel, can be tax deductible.  When you know the rules, it’s easy to deduct travel to a business meeting, even by cruise ship.  The law provides various ways to deduct cruises.  Let’s examine just one: a trip to Ecuador.

IRS Regulation 1.274-4 gives friendly rules for one-owner businesses that we can use to our benefit.  Here are some of the rules:

1)    The United States means the 50 states and the District of Columbia
2)    Transportation cost to a foreign destination for seven days or less, excluding the day of departure, is not subject to an allocation between business and personal days.

Take for example a trip to Quito for an export tour, with a Galapagos cruise included.  Quito is outside the 50 states; accordingly, it’s a foreign destination. You are subject to the foreign travel rules on your trip to the business meeting or convention in Ecuador.

You fly Miami and then onto to Quito and then onto Galapagos the Galapagos to board a cruise ship that will take a four tour of the Galapagos Islands on the Comarant, November 25 to 28. (1)

Once you arrive back in Quito on day five of your trip, you will:

1)    Check in for a two-night stay at the hotel where the Ecuador export tour is being held
2)    Attend the tour after sleeping at the hotel for the first night
3)    Depart by airplane for Miami on the day at the end of the third day on the tour

Your business tax deductions include the cost of:

1)    Travel to Miami and Galapagos
2)    Cruise ship fare in Galapagos (not to exceed tax law’s luxury boat limits that range in 2014 from a low of $566 to $680 per day, depending on the dates of travel)
3)    Food and lodging in Galapagos
4)    Airfare to Quito and Miami
5 )   Travel from Miami to home

Note that you have no personal, nondeductible expenses for this trip to Ecuador. You have to admit, tax knowledge can be fun!

Adhering the the IRS rules is vital when useing regulations of this sort.  For full details on how to learn and use tax regulation contact our tax consultant Conrad Oertweg at conrad.taxmart@verizon.net


Galapagos Cruise Specials

Ecuador Export Update

Here is a note from Roberto Ribadeneira about Export Tours to Ecuador.

ecuador export

When you join the Export Tour from Ecuador, you’ll find that Ecuador is not only a beautiful place to visit, but is a good place to do business.

On this Export Tour, there is a wide range of products in various different towns north of Quito.  Let’s have a quick look at what we do before we show you the schedule.

Upon arriving to Quito (Ecuador’s capital), we will take you to Cotacachi, where we base our tours in search for amazing products.

You will be presented with lots of amazing artisans that create unique products of great quality.  There are hundreds of different items that we will explore and numerous ideas that we will share  with you.

ecuador export

Most of the craftsman that we introduce to you are people that live in rural areas, that are hardworking and that make their products by hand. This means that the quality is outstanding but also that we have the flexibility to make small orders and/or big orders.

ecuador export


You will arrive at Quito’s airport, which is brand new and also the most important one in Ecuador. Depending on your time of arrival, we either take you to a hotel in downtown Quito (which is about 40 minutes from the airport) or travel from there directly to Cotacachi.

Cotacachi is one hour and thirty minutes north from Quito. The road is also new and there you will see a beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains. Cotacachi is warm during the day, a little cold at night, so bringing sweaters is recommended.

We will spend three full days exploring products and towns around Imbabura’s Province. Most of the towns that we visit are small and full of kind people. Most of the workers that we visit work from home.

ecuador export

After the three day tour, we will take you back to Quito if you like to stay there, but if you would want to explore other cities, we will take you to the airport in Quito.

ecuador export

Tour Day 1:  Leave from Quito to Cotacachi at 09:00.

Starts 12:00 in Cotacachi: visit to leather town, what products you can make in leather, suppliers, manufacturers and ideas on what you can make.

Lunch break: 14:00 – 15:00.

16:00:  Go to San Antonio de Ibarra, see the wood products, manufacturers and designs that we can export from Ecuador.
18:00 ending.

ecuador export

Tour Day 2:  Starts at 10:00 after breakfast at the hotel.

Visit Otavalo for Tagua and Textiles, see manufacturers, get products to make, personal labels, volume, etc.

Meet with supplier for new products to make high-end tagua items, new products of bamboo, baby blankets, baby products, Christmas products. Products made of Alpaca, specific designs.

13:00: Lunch.

14:00: Talk to cargo agency, see packing, costs, how to ship, taxes, etc.

15:00: Visit manufacturer for handmade sweaters, shawls, and other textiles, he can make specific designs for you.

17:00: Create a website, a shopping cart, manage logistic, storage and shipping cost with FedEx or Mail Service.

ecuador export

Tour Day 3:  Starts at 10:00 after breakfast at the hotel.

Visit Otavalo Market, fair day. See all the products available, purchase items for business, talk to all the vendors, see different products, low cost textiles, low cost jewelry, ponchos, sweaters, shawls, products for under $2 a piece.

12:00:  Tagua, jewelry, what designs you can make, cost of personalized items. Jewelry store for Tagua products, which they create designs for inexpensive jewelry.

13:00:  14:00 lunch.

15:00:  see rugs, alpaca products, honey products, flowers, etc.

ecuador export

*    We change the schedule depending on what you would like to see. We found out that some people show more interest in certain products so we spend more time showing them those items. We always adjust to what will be most beneficial to you.

ecuador export

Towns to visit.

Among the towns that we will show you:
San Antonio de Ibarra

ecuador export

Products to see:
Textiles, such as ponchos, sweaters, shirts, table runners, table cloths, etc.
Wood products
Leather, such as duffle bags, purses, jackets, accessories, shoes, etc.
Jewelry at the Otavalo market, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.
Art, paintings on different materials and styles, textiles manufactured at Atuntaqui.

ecuador export


ecuador export
If you are also interested in the flower business, we can show you a beautiful rose farm, that takes around 2-3 hours for the tour, so we recommend doing that if you are interested in that area of business. Most farms are in towns about 40 minutes north of Quito, either Cayambe or Tabacundo. It is a great experience, and you will get to see how they grow roses and the fields.

ecuador export


ecuador export

We also encourage people to bring ideas of products that you want to make and things you want to create. There may be purses that you want to design, hand made leather jackets or a certain wood carvings. There are also other ideas to explore like creating ponchos with your own University’s colors or bracelets with school’s colors.  Perhaps you want to engage in corporate products and want to have beautiful leather laptop bags with special logos, or different colors or a unique design.

ecuador export

You can talk to the manufacturers and get the pricing on items, timing of when they will be ready, and what they can do.

We will also show you how to calculate the pricing, how to do the packing and what better way to ship items from Ecuador to the USA. This way it will be easier for you to know the costs and put the right sales price for your customers.

ecuador export

All the contacts and information for everything that we see and all the manufacturers is yours. This will allow you in the future to contact them directly and work with them if you like. So you
will be able to work with the suppliers on your own if that is what you choose.

There are thousands of ideas that we can explore, and also hundreds of products that we can make. Not only you will find that working with people in Ecuador is a great experience, but also that we are able to create amazing homemade products for every need.

Once you get to see how people work and the help that everyone buying from them brings, you will get a better idea on the progress that exporting from Ecuador brings to this people. You will get beautiful products and in exchange people in Ecuador will work very hard, and also be rewarded with a better quality of life.

ecuador export

We do hope to get to see you soon on this business adventure.  Roberto

ecuador export

Individual Export Tour for one $799 or a couple $999

Please call me at 1-888-482-3850 or Email me at roberto_ribadeneira@me.com

Galapagos Cruise Savings Fights Inflation

Fight inflation.  See expanded Galapagos cruises below that can bring Galapagos cruise savings to you.

Inflation is here and will ruin many people’s plans… such as taking a dream vacation


According to to Tour Magazine a galapagos cruise is among the top ten dream vacations.  However the cost of some Galapagos tour can exceed $5,000 a person and with gas prices rising this could grow worse!

So I am pleased that…


we have some good Galapagos cruise news because we have been working closely with Haugan Travel (the largest online sellers of Galapagos cruises) for many years. Now Haugan Cruises has expanded its fleet so our readers can gain huge discounts on Galapgos cruises and Ecuador Living subscribers can enjoy a Galapagos cruise for as little as $509 per person.

Haugan Cruises has added three new vessels so they have a  broader range of cruises to suit all budgets. They now have 5 vessels and are offering several special introductory tours.  This creates special savings up to $1,000 for all our readers and provides Ecuador Living premium subscribers an extra savings of up to $554 more…. a total of $1,554 saved.

Haugan Cruises has offered Galapagos cruises on 5 star vessels for many years. They are the largest online seller of Galapagos travel worldwide.  However there are three levels of cruise service in the Galapagos so Haugan Cruises has now expanded to provide service in all classes.  This means that readers can enjoy a broader range of cruises (at a discount I might add).

The vessels in the Haugan fleet are:

The Athala. Pictured above, this is a 5 star motor catamaran that carries 16 passengers and has  a superb reputation for service.


Haugan tours is the company we chose to help us with our daughter’s honeymoon trip to the Galapagos. The happy couple cruised on the Atahla. See their journey here.

Cormorant. This  5 star motor catamaran also hosts 16 passengers, has private balconies  and is brand new. Cruises start  in July 2011.



The Ocean Spray is a 5 star mega catamaran for 16 passengers. This ultimate Galapagos experience starts in November 2011.

The Queen of Galapagos, a 4 star motor catamaran carries 16 passengers in huge cabins and offers some amazingly low prices.



The Galaven, a 3 star Expedition Ship carries a larger  group (20 passengers) and offers excellent value.



Save up to $554 more!

Ecuador Living premium subscribers can save another 15% off these already low Ecuador cruise prices.  Most travel agents charge 10% to 15% commission when they offer Galapagos cruises.   We do not take a commission and pass a  15% discount along to our premium subscribers who help support this site instead.

Here are two examples.  You can take a 4 day cruise on the Galaven, normally $1,195 per person but in this two for one promotion each can go for only $598 per person.   Ecuador Living premium subscribers get another $59 discount so the cruise is an incredibly low $539 per person.

If you choose a premium cruise, an eight day Athala cruise is normally $4,695.  The discounted price shown above is $3,695. Ecuador Living subscribers receive an additional $554 discount so this creme de la creme eight day cruise is only $3,141.

If you are not an Ecuador Living premium subscriber, learn how to subscribe here.

See more on the five Galapagos cruise vessels above at www.haugancruises.com

One More Galapagos Cruise Feature.

If the Haugan fleet of boats is not quite what you are looking for, or if there is not availability during your travel, Haugan Cruises then will allow us to get you a great deal. Check out their  www.galapagosislands.com website.  It is the biggest online seller of  Galapagos travel worldwide.

To make reservations or for more information contact Reservations Manager Isabel Calles at isabel@haugancruises.com


Learn more on five ways to fight inflation at our June International Investing & Business seminar.

Galapagos Savings

Here is another Galapagos Special with some really incredible savings.

We do not sell tours nor are we financially involved in these tours in any way. This means our Ecuador Living subscribers get the same price a travel agent would… becase the tour operator does not have to pay a commission.

You save hundreds even thousands of dollar.


We work only with the best Galapagos cruises. Yet watch for really special deals like these below.


This boat is the Athala and has 10 crew members. There are 16 guests maximum.

The first deck is where you eat, meet, watch videos.


There are 4 double rooms. The second deck has a jacuzzi, bar and again 4 double rooms but with balconies, very posh!


You’ll go snorkeling with sharks, turtles, sea lions and a plethora of sea life. The White Tip Reef Sharks, about 7 foot long, are not dangerous due to the large amount of food in the reef.


You may see and swim with a pod of  wild dolphins.

Plus of course there will be plenty of  sea lions relaxing on the beach and sea iguanas.

Here are the Galapagos tortoises.


are a  few shots of wildlife that you’ll…




The Galapagos Islands are amazing… well worth every penny, but not inexpensive. So we are happy to be able to put together programs that help readers enjoy the most luxurious Galapagos cruises with four types of savings that amount to a lot.

Savings #1: Your first savings is in Quito at Mansion de Angel.  Because we refer readers to the Mansion with asking for a commission, Ecuador Living subscribers save $49 a night off the room rate plus a suite upgrade when space is available.


See more on The new Mansion del Angel boutique Hotel in Quito here.

Savings #2: We track Ecuador airlines and watch for specials.  Icaro offers Quito Galapagos special.  Normally the air fare for the 600 mile Quito Galapagos flight is around $45o.

Icaro has a new flight  Quito – Galapagos  Quito that at times is as low as $149.99 including taxes.  This is a $300 savings.


Icaro Air is a small Ecuador airline based in Quito and operates domestic passenger services as well as fixed-wing and helicopter charter flights.

They used to serve Cuenca, Loja, Esmeraldas and Lago Agrio, but since 2009 have focused their fleet of two  Boeing 737-200 and one Boeing 737-200C on flights to Guayaquil, Manta and Coca.

Right now Icaro also has round trip flights from Guayaquil, Coca and Manta for $99.

Check for the low cost fares at www.icaro.aero

Savings #3: You can reduce your tour price in half  on a space available cruise.

For example the current fee for a four day cruise in December 15, and Feb is $2,095.  The last minute price for December 4-7 and February 5-8 cruises is only $1,595. You save $500 per person!


The great adventure in the Galapagos of course is the wildlife and nature… the education and the wonderful like minded souls you meet.

However gaining all this can be combined with luxury.

The Athala II offers one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy this unique environmental experience.

The Catamaran Athala II was specifically designed and built to cruise the Galapagos Islands in style. The elegant design provides more comfort, superior speed, excellent stability and meets all the latest safety standards.

You gain generous comfortable accommodations and amenities of larger boats while still preserving the relaxed exclusivity of a smaller vessel.

The layout, furnishings, food and crew to be at an excellent standard. 

All cabins on board are deluxe, with well-appointed private bathroom, water, air conditioning, wall to wall carpeting. All have ocean views with large portrait windows (not portholes).

All cabins are a minimum 175 square feet and the main deck rooms have the additional luxury of a private balcony.
The main deck also boasts the dining area and a separate comfortable lounge area complete with plasma TVs, lap tops, DVD player, stereo and library. The upper deck has a well-stocked bar, Jacuzzi and a beautiful open teak deck area for relaxation, alfresco dining and barbeques. 
The huge sundeck is great for whale and dolphin watching or to simply relax and soak up the sun between island excursions. In the evenings there is no better place for star gazing. 
You have a crew of 10 + 1 naturalist guide. The crew is friendly, full time, experienced and highly professional. Your guide is guaranteed to be bilingual (minimum fluent English and Spanish) and of the highest standard.

Athala simply offers the best there is in the Galapagos.

Savings #4: Finally since we can place Ecuador Living subscribers on these tours without commission, you can save 15% more… another  $157.

Total savings for a couple can be as much as  $2,114. $100 (Two nights at Mansion del Angel).  Air fare savings $600. Cruise savings, $1,100 and $314 for Ecuador Living subscribers.

A Galapagos cruise is a trip of a lifetime and Ecuador Living can help you afford one.

For more on Galapagos tours Contact Lorena at marketing@haugancruises.com

See how to subscribe to Ecuador Living here for the maximum savings.

If you cannot make it for December or February… let us know dates when you would like to cruise.  We’ll then watch for space available cruises on or near those dates and let you know. Send me a note with “Galapagos Dates” in the subject line so we can file your dates and keep you informed.


Enroll in one Ecuador real estate tours here.  $499

Enroll in one Ecuador real estate or shaman tour for a couple here. $749

Or gain multiple tour savings.