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Better Than Retirement

Being paid to do what  you love is better than retirement.


This is not really work… for me… writing… surrounded by nature. I love it!

A recent message looked at how new jobs will be different and old job harder to find.

Excerpts from a recent New York Times article “A Reluctance to Retire Means Fewer Openings” by Catherine Rampell and Mattthew Saltmarsh confirm this fact.

The excerpt says:  To the long list of reasons American companies aren’t hiring — business losses, tight credit, consumer retrenchment — add the fact that many of their older workers are unable, or afraid, to retire.

In other parts of the developed world, people are retiring as planned, because of relatively flush state and corporate pensions that await them. But here in the United States, financial security in old age rests increasingly on private savings, which have taken a beating in the last year. Prospective retirees are clinging to their jobs despite some cherished life plans.

As a result, companies are not only reluctant to create new jobs, but have fewer job openings to fill from attrition.

A Pew Research survey scheduled for Thursday release found that nearly four in 10 workers over age 62 say they have delayed their retirement because of the recession.

Retirement income typically comes from a combination of three buckets: state pensions, corporate pensions and individual arrangements. In many other industrialized countries, that first bucket — state pensions — supports a large amount of retirees’ income.

The typical American receives just 45 percent of his preretirement wage through Social Security, according to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. By contrast, a worker in Denmark, which has one of the most comprehensive and generous retirement arrangements in the world, can retire with a state pension that is 91 percent of his salary.

This is a huge problem and is good news because problems create opportunity.

This is the opportunity for all of us to finally do what we desire… with our own business.

The wonderful thing about this fact is that our own business statistically is also one of the best ways to enhance your wealth.

A study of millionaires several years by Thomas Stanley while researching his book The Millionaire Next Door showed that 32% of all millionaires became so as small business owners (compared to 16% Doctors, 15% lawyers and 12% major corporate executives).

Your own business (and knowing how to invest the profits) are keys to financial
independence in these troubled times.

Today increased freedom and job security are the most important reasons why
people have their own businesses. This makes enormous sense for anyone,
doctors, dentists, accountants, attorneys, investors as well as businessmen.
Every profession in the U.S. today is demanding and vulnerable to flawed
tort misuse and onerous government interference.

Anyone can gain increased independence and wealth with a full or part time business which generates increased income.

Having your own business gives enormous security.  Owners never get fired, made redundant, downsized, laid off, shifted sideways or forced to retire unless they decide to quit working. The owner of a business is always the last to go. Owning a business seems the ultimate job security.

An international business is the ultimate form of security and freedom because there is always opportunity somewhere.  International businesses are safer
from lawsuits, government red tape, excessive taxation and local economic
recessions.  Increasing wealth is one thing.  Keeping wealth is another and asset protection is a vital part of the process or remaining a independent and secure.

International businesses make more sense because modern technology,
computers, global cell phones, low cost transportation and the internet make
international business easier than ever before.

The tax benefits and asset protection benefits for international business
and international investments enhance freedom. Numerous areas of tax
legislation offer special tax savings for businesses abroad.

Holding assets outside one’s own jurisdiction also gives a business enormous
legal and practical asset protection.

International business is also the ultimate area of growth and security. We
have learned that the stock market is not a guaranteed way to secure one’s

Today it is possible for anyone to have at least a part time international
business. The secret is simply to start, but to start slowly and gain
experience with a part international business before making a major
commitment into a full time international business.

The most important key is to start an international business (ore make
international investment) in something you enjoy. Turn your passions to
profit. For example, if you love to golf, consider organizing golf tours
around the world. Or perhaps, you should market a calendar with 12 famous
overseas golf courses. The list of ideas could go on and on, but the point
is you will turn pleasurable activity (to do a golf tour or a calendar, you
obviously have to play those courses) into a tax deductible expense and
hopefully, makes some profit as well.

Here are three simple steps, you can use to prepare for your international business.

* Step #1: Become Informed. Read international magazines and papers.  Two good places to start learning what’s happening abroad are the Financial Times (England’s leading global economic newspaper) and The Economist, (England’s best weekly international news magazine).

* Step #2: Get ready. Contact international banks and learn the benefits of holding assets and how to do your banking abroad. An international bank with great experience in serving American businesses is Jyske Global Asset Management Bank.   We have worked with Jyske  for decades helping investors learnabout global economics and opportunity.

* Step #3: Get started in a small way. Too many people think that big is
better. Perhaps for some, but not when they start. It is imperative that one
makes their mistakes (and we all will) while we are small.

The old model of working to 65 and retiring on a pension is proving flawed. Many pensions have been destroyed and those still viable are being ruined by inflation.  This creates opportunity for  those wiling to embrace this change and learn that being paid to do what they love is better than retirement.


The greatest asset of all is the ability to labor at what you love wherever you live. This brings everlasting wealth.

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Cotacachi’s main plaza.

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Read the entire article: A Reluctance to Retire Means Fewer Openings

Ecuador Beach & Mountain Retirement

Ecuador beach retirement?   Retire in Ecuador in the cool Andes? Or just live in Ecuadorian the mountains or on the sea?  The best way to know is to visit and see Ecuador for more than a few days.

This is why we have created a Retire-in-Ecuador inspection Surf & Turf Hotel program so you can live a month in the Andean mountains and on the Ecuador’s coast at prices far below rates you would normally pay.

The Retire-in-Ecuador program is designed to help you see a huge chunk of Ecuador as you immerse yourself in the wonderful culture and get to know Ecuador’s friendly people.

There is a secret to the program.  You inspections are centered around two seemingly isolated… yet central locations to help you see as much of the country in a most efficient way.

These locations are Cotacachi… north of Quito and San Clemente… north of Manta.

Surf & Turf lets you stay at Meson de Las Flores and Palmazul two of our favorite small hotels in Ecuador.

Welcome to Meson de las Flores… our colonial hotel.

Meson is in Cotacachi and near Otavalo. This area offers the essence of Andean friendliness and colonial charm. Breakfasts are included in your plan and served in this open air, central courtyard where our friendly staff helps you dine Al Fresco in the clean mountain air.

Or you can dine in the mural room.

Meson is located directly off Cotacachi’s main plaza and next to the village cathedral and Plaza. Here is a view from Meson of the cathedral at dawn.

From the minute you enter the hotel, you feel its history…

yet the rooms have all been renovated for your complete comfort.

Enjoy the company of Meson guests during evenings in the fireplace room for an evening snack, drink and a blazing fire to ward of the cool mountain air.

Cotacachi is perfectly located so you have access to Quito, Otavalo and Ibarra and surrounds. This is one of the major areas where new residents are moving.

Our normal surf and turf plan provides you with two weeks stay here at Meson de las Flores.  Then you head for Ecuador’s coast.

Palmazul Hotel & Spa is north of Manta, the central hub for reaching Ecuador’s beaches.  Palmazul is a new hotel right on the beach. Here I am working in the beach view dining room where your breakfast (also included) is served.


Both hotels Meson and Palmazul have just 15 rooms to assure privacy and personal attention.

You enjoy special savings on these hotel accommodations for two weeks in the mountains and two weeks on the sea.

This Ecuador Hometel plan cuts your hotel costs in half and makes these wonderful hotels your home.

Enjoy the colonial Ecuador hotel in the Andes El Meson de las Flores and on the sea at Palmazul…14 days stay in each hotel for a low total cost of $1,299 Single, $1,499 couple order here.

Please check with us for space availability before you book. Contact us at mesondelasflores@gmail.com

Ecuador Coastal Hotels Savings are now available at Palmazul Coastal Hotel Spa, one of the newest Ecuador beach hotels.

Palmazul sits directly on Ecuador’s beach and is offering an Ecuador coastal Hometel program so you can have a home away from home on Ecuador’s beach…live in luxury on the Ecuador sea at very low cost for a month (or longer) at a time.

Palmazul becomes your home for an Ecuadorian coastal adventure on the Pacific.


This is your Ecuador coastal swimming pool and tennis court…really on the beach…overlooking the Ecuadorian Pacific.

ecuador-beach-condo-tennnis court view

This is your Ecuador coastal swimming pool and tennis court…really on the beach…overlooking the Ecuadorian sea.

Here are some snapshots of the Palmazul Coastal Hotel and Spa and next door Vistazul condos.   You’l stay either in the hotel or in a two bedroom condo based on availability… but everyone is entitled to use the club house, dining rooms, pools, tennis courts, spa and beach.

The monthly price includes a wonderful served breakfast from this dining room overlooking Ecuador’s wonderful Pacific coast.

Dinner here is special too. You can visit this Ecuadorian fisherman when he brings in his fresh Pacific catch each day back to the hotel….where you can choose your meal. Few Ecuadorian coastal hotels offer this service.

San Clemente is a charming rustic coastal village, 45 minutes north of the port city of Manta, almost exactly in the middle of Ecuador ’s coast.  Bahia, Ecuador’s nicest coastal town is 30 minutes north.  Palmazul is perfectly located on a small road that ends just a short distance away into a cliff  thus  enabling you to enjoy proximity to town yet it is quiet as there is no through traffic. Transportation is also easy and fun…small jitneys everywhere!

San Clemente is a perfect starting point for exploring Ecuador ’s coast…in the middle of Ecuador beaches so you can reach the north or south of the coast in a day.

Yet in San Clemente, the days are full.  Fish from the jetties, stroll the beach, travel the coast, hike, horse ride, play tennis or just relax around the pool or on the beach.

Of course you can also work. Palmazul offers free wireless broadband for your laptop. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Ecuador ’s coast, but always stay in touch electronically with the rest of the world.

The spa also has a treatment room where you can enjoy a massage.

Your room will have a view and private balcony so your comfort does not end when the sun sets.

As dusk arrives so does the sea breeze…fresh into your room.

Cozy in your bed…

The surf serenades you in a soft night’s sleep…so you’ll be ready for the gentle surf and Pacific waters warmed by Ecuador ’s never ending sun.

To make your reservation, simply choose the order form below.


Enjoy really low rates in the mountains and on the sea with our month long surf  turf Retire-in-Ecuador program.  At normal rates a two week stay at each hotel (15 days at Meson and 16 days at Pamazul) would cost $3,262.  You save up to $2,073 because the one payment surf & turf rate is $1,299 ($1,499 for two).

Please check space availability before you book. For El Meson please contact mesondelasflores@gmail.com

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Oct. 9-11 IBEZ North Carolina

Or join us in Ecuador and learn more about living and retiring in Ecuador.

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Ecuador Cotacachi Inti Raymi

Inti Raymi is a special festival carried out in this plaza, the center of Cotacachi, Ecuador… just a block from our hotel Meson de las Flores.


Here is our Cotacachi hotel.


Here is Cotacachi’s main plaza.

Ecuador’s indigenous population are gentle, sweet, friendly and kind people who are industrious and trustworthy.   However, in Cotacachi for one day of the year, during the second weekend of the Inti Raymi festivities there is an aggressive event that leads to fights and sometimes even death.

Legens dictate that two indigenous communities near Cotacachi, one from La Calera and one from Quiroga have bad blood has existed since Incan times.

The story is that Quiroga had a sacred bull that was stolen by the people of La Calera. They not onlymanaged to steal the bull but killed and ate it!

This is the pretext for what should be ritualistic fights that take place in Cotacachi plaza once a year during the Into Raymi festival.

However part of the legend is that blood must be spilled durng the fight to acquiesce the Gods – otherwise the following year’s harvest will not be good.

The men often wear cowboy chaps made from leather and finished with goat’s hair. The more goat’s hair the better – to lessen the blow as one is kicked by your neighbors – just this one day of the year!”

Here is a shot of the goat hair chaps.

Some years the battle gets carried away and someone dies.

I have read many criticisms about Ecuador’s indigenous people over this…. “so barbaric… so  unsafe!”   “These people should be civilized as we are in the West bicycle helmets, seat belts and all”… I hear.

I shrug this off as I lived for many years in other “civilized” nations… like England in Gloucestershire… where the locals have celebrations based on ancient tradition as well.

Our son Jake just sent this report earlier this week:


Me and my mate Fergus went to the cheeserolling today, Here’s a good clip.

I did a quick check on the stats for the day and the result was:

‘This year’s injury toll of 18 was described as “low” by St John Ambulance, and ten of the wounded were not competitors but spectators.

Three cheese-chasers were taken to hospital for treatment – two with suspected spinal injuries and one with a dislocated shoulder. The rest had cuts and bruises.

Six people fainted just watching the event and four other spectators have minor injuries. One of those had fallen out of a tree and was taken slowly down the 100ft slope on a spinal board.’

See the cheeserolling event on BBC here.

Cheers  Jake

A bit of danger and daring might be a good part of the human trial.

I wonder what the real cost of safety and risk elimination might be?

I suspect that the expense is more than the benefit. This is one of the qualities I really enjoy in Ecuador… a little less sanitation… a little more freedom to live as I wish, as a fully informed adult…without so many worries of law suits, rules and regulations.


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