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What R U Going 2 Do – Part Three “EKIGAI”

The power of “ekigai” can cure so many ills we see in the world.


Photo from National Geographic video... see more below.

That’s the power of capitalism…  to create “EKIGAI” that can help overcome poverty, inflation, illness, crime… giving and serving through trade can eradicate them all.

This is why we created our course International Business Made EZ  (IBEZ) course to help people have a better “EKIGAI”.

See what “EKIGAI” means below.

Now we are making real businesses available to subscribers of the IBEZ course.  Our recent message Global Freedom introduced how we are working with a dozen companies to create special starter packages and training programs and how we are starting first with these five businesses.

#1: Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM)

#2: Ecuador Imbabura Export Products

#3: Bio Wash

#4: Essential Oils

#5: Roses

We are not involved with these businesses (other than we love, use and recommend their products). We won’t make a penny from any reader’s business with them. These ARE NOT franchises or MLM deals.   Our only goal is to make our courses more effective and our subscribers more successful so they have more “EKIGAI”.

This message looks at Imbabura Ecuador Export Products and I want to especially focus on benefits of exporting beyond the profit… the “EKIGAI”.

One benefit of serving others is longevity.  There is a great short video at the National Geographic site entitled  “Longevity, the Secrets of Long Life, Sights & Sounds.”  This is where I learned the word “EKIGAI” that describes what I have always known and valued.I have linked the video at the end of this message and recommend your taking a look.

One of National Geographic’s explorers studied three areas where the residents were especially long lived, Okinawa, Sardinia and Loma Linda, California.

Some of the conclusions we should expect… Traditional natural food…  Social interaction with friends, family…  taking days off….not becoming marginalized… plus having ekigai… the phrase those in Okinawa use as “A Reason to Wake Up”.

The video sadly also points out that two of these long lived areas… Okinawa and Sardinia are losing their longevity qualities.  Families are breaking up.  Older generations are being marginalized.

Technology is driving stakes between generations. The busy life modern technology gives everyone and the ability to travel… to learn and communicate globally almost instantly is replacing (and in most places has replaced) the genetic and location centered social interaction of the family.   That life is very much gone and like Pandora, modern social ways will be hard to put back in the box!

The same technology however allows us to create our own new families and friends almost anywhere through service in business.  Take an Ecuador exports business as an example.

When you become an exporter you create your own family… your customers and your suppliers… bringing them together through your expanded horizons of the world.  No one doing something this good is marginalized!

Bonnie Keough on A Team Ecuador reports how families are being created on her export tours right now.

These are photos of the Sergovia family.


This indigenous family lives in the countryside near Cotacachi.  They all work together in the family weaving business.  The males do the weaving, the females spin the fleece into yarn and dye it with natural colors.


When I first visited them in 2010 they had no electricity and no indoor plumbing in their house.  It was basically one large room with a dirt floor.  This is where the family lived and worked.  The room was filled with large looms, yarn and a bed.

ecuador export images

They had candles in wire hangers over the looms so they could see to weave after dark.


Their home and yard was neat as a pin and they were very happy to have our export tour visit them.  Currently, their goods are sold by only a few vendors in Otavalo.


My first tour to visit their workshop was in September, 2010.  They welcomed us into  their home and demonstrated their weaving skills for us.

The delegates enjoyed meeting this hard working family and bought many of their products.  They gained a much better appreciation of all the time and skill involved in making these traditional Ecuadorian handicrafts.

I returned with a tour in November.  One of the delegates on the tour has a wholesale business and placed a very large order with the family. He ordered 500 tablerunners from them.

I saw this family’s eyes light up when they realized he was serious.  They promised delivery in two weeks and they delivered the complete order on time.

When I returned to their home with my January 2011 tour group, I was happy to see an electric service box on the outside of their house.  This was tangible progress. There was no electricity yet, but it was in the works.

Our April group visited the workshop and the lights were on!  Only a few naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling, but they have electric lights and no longer have to weave by candlelight.

ecuador export images

It’s so gratifying to see the positive impact our tour visits have had on this family. Maybe in a few more years, they will have an indoor bathroom!

I’m always looking around for artists and products.  Every tour someone asks me “How did you ever find this place?”


Bonnie Keough

Here are some…

ecuador export images



Ecuador export tour…




An Ecuador export business can be small and earn just a little (to pay for your trips) or a lot.  One delegates just delivered 600 leather back packs.  Large or small… a business in imports and exports can help earn more and help others to live longer to enjoy the earnings with good “EKIGAI”.


We are creating a support program so Ecuador export tour delegates can have a support team in Ecuador to help with shipping and followup orders as well as sales and marketing assistance.

Learn more about joining the August 31, Sept. 1-2-3-4, 2011 Ecuador export tour.

Meet Marge… 100 years old and renewing her driver’s license. Photo from National Geographic’s website linked below.


Click on National Geographic’s Longevity, the Secrets of Long Life, Sights & Sounds

Beat Inflation Seven Ways

There are ten days left to save $499 as you learn to beat Inflation in Seven Ways.

Exporting can beat inflation and provide freedom, tax benefits and an exciting lifestyle!  This is why we focus on helping readers to find niche products they can export.

Here are seven unusual export ideas.

Ecuador Export Report

Excellent Export Ideas

Ecuador Chocolate Exports

Export Organic

Export Bio Wash Agriculture

Export Phyto Products & Services

We will review all seven of these ideas in the Export Workshop we’ll conduct at our June 24 to 26 International Business and Investing seminar in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Hope to see you there!


Learn about travel with ESA (Emotional Support Animals) here.

Join Merri and me this June 24 to 26 along with Thomas Fischer of Jyske Global Asset Management to see our portfolios in the next quarter.  Meet Bonnie Keough with her years of experience this field in an Ecuador export workshop.

Double Earnings in Ecuador

Here is a way to have fun earning  in Ecuador two ways.

Here is an idea on how to earn income from or with Ecuador coffee, chocolate or roses… plus Imports into Ecuador.  Earn coming and going.

First a comment from a reader and seminar delegate about our recent article, “Don’t be a Sitting Duck“.

Gary, what a fabulous article…from the 70’s and applies to our times of today!  You know, if it wasn’t for your seminars and education that you provided me, I might not have even agreed to build our safe harbor here in Cuenca, for that is what it truly is!

Gary, just about everything else is gone…including our jobs, homes and “stuff” back in California.  Incredible, isn’t it… I never thought I’d be without work in the hotel business!  I am looking at a new opportunity with a fine linen manufacturer in Barcelona, who customizes the finest bed, bath and table linens for inns, hotels and restaurants.  Eurtex is the brand and Manuel & I will be the distributors for the US and Latin America!  How about that for international living and business made EZ…you helped to open my world…and get out of my comfort zone (which was a special message to me while on a spiritual retreat)…which led to personal growth.  Perhaps soon, I can join your wonderful club and attend more of your so desired courses that I’d like to participated in!  Mahalo and saludos and keep on sharing …. your knowledge is incredible!  Abrazos to you and Merri.

Many readers who have just joined us think that our websites are about Ecuador… yet our our websites are about much more than Ecuador… as our business has been for 43 years…  about adapting to change.

Ecuador as you will see below is one small part of what we review at our sites.

One big change ahead is the rapid increase in inflation and government interference in private lives financed of course by the taxpayer.

Life today reminds too many… too much of the quote from the organizer Soviet Communism Vladimir Ilyich Lenin who said: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

The dilemma of growing government in a weak economy is likely to get worse as well.

One reason for government growth is shown in an article at jobs.AOL.com. That article shows that current government jobs give rich benefits packages and higher wages than in the private sector.

Unlike most private employees, federal workers have a choice of several health plans and life insurance options that is paid for by the government.  Federal workers get more paid time off than most in the private sector.  Federal employees receive 13 days of sick leave a year, which accrues indefinitely. Federal employees also get 13 days vacation when they start and this grows to 26 days.  That and sick days amounts to over five weeks off… with pay.

Federal benefits don’t stop at retirement. There is a three-tiered Federal Retirement System.

The list below shows that many federal average salaries are higher than in the private sector.

Government average: $89,441
 Nationwide average: $80,900

Government average: $80,798 
Nationwide average: $63,360

: Government average: $80,777  
Nationwide average: $68,560

Government average: $74,907 
Nationwide average: $58,020

: Government average: $74,630
 Nationwide average: $49,110

: Government average: $60,935
 Nationwide average: $56,880

Medical: Technician
Government average: $35,526
 Nationwide average: $33,170

These benefits and high salaries along with and human nature lead to bloated government!  Increased government spending… usually is inefficient which leads to inflation.

More government spending leads to…  the millstones of taxation and inflation.

There are five ways to combat these two problems.

One of the five is that you might like to live in or do business in Ecuador or some other country that might interest you. Another is to have your own micro business that earns extra income.

Here is an idea expressed in espresso from Jean Marie Butterlin, (who heads the A Team Ecuador) on ways to earn extra income in Ecuador.

Ecuador and Automatic Espresso Machines

Jean Marie Butterlin


More and more people moving to Ecuador are real coffee lovers and are looking to find a reliable automatic espresso machine (the one that you just have to push a button and it grinds the coffee beans and then oh miracle… a nice, creamy coffee pours out!

I had been looking for such a machine for over a year (I Googled  “espresso machine Ecuador” and had not much luck!   After talking to the director of the Intag Coffee Coop. in Intag,  I was lucky enough to meet with Danny Coronel who is the man who knows about these coveted Italian made espresso machines.  Here is a picture of the one I just bought.

The company  “Verali Café”  is in Quito and is moving from Orellana and San Javier to new better quarters on Ulloa and Atahualpa.   Danny will give our Ecuadorliving subscribers a $300 discount as well as a kilo of Intag coffee when they purchase such a machine.

Here are Danny’s phone numbers : 092 740 928 and 094746169 and 02 223 2255

Danny will have a new website up very soon.

Jean Marie

Here is the Ecuador earnings idea.

Ecuador is a country where you can get almost anything you desire.  Yet… like the espresso machine… you have to know where to get it!   Earn by observing what the growing Ecuador expat community desires and then figuring out how to get it to them.  Then buy it wholesale or write a report about how to get it.  

Learn how to write and sell reports with our Online Self Publishing Course.

ecuador roses

Learn how to earn with Ecuador roses here.

See ideas about earning with Ecuador real estate here.

Learn more about business risk at www.garyascott.com


Receive a free 51 lesson course on how to build your own website when you enroll in our online course “The Tangled Webs We Weave – How to Have an Internet Business”.  Learn more about this online course here.

See how to attend an International Business Made EZ seminar and get Tangled Web now FREE.  You save $299.

Even better. Save $4,982 plus get Tangled Web online FREE now. Click here or read below.

Learn about Ecuador Coffee and Roses. Attend an Ecuador Export Tour

For more details on Ecuador export tours click here.

Join an Ecuador Exports Tour

January.   7-11, 2011

April 6-10, 2011

Ecuador Exports tour for one  $749

Reserve here for a couple $999

Ecuador Export & Southern Coastal Tour

We have added an October Ecuador southern coastal and a northern Andes real estate tour to our 2009 schedule.

This southern coastal tour will be conducted just before our final Ecuador export tour of the year conducted October 21 to 25.  The Andes real estate tour will be conducted just after the export tour so you can attend all three.


We’ll see fine gold encrusted art on the export tour.

Maggie Beesley conducts our export tours and she just sent me this note.


Leather products of all types.

Value, Value, Value.  Today’s economy has us all looking for value in everything.  In reading Gary Scott’s emails for the last two weeks, we are all learning about ways to help our dollars to go farther, as well as how and where to get wise values.


Wood carving.

October 21st thru October 24th we will be conducting another Import/Export class in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

If you are a reader of International Living, or Gary’s Ecuador Living, you know Ecuador is rated the number one country in the Retirement Index.

What does this mean?

Value is here, prices are incredible, cost of living anyone can afford and wonderful shopping.

Who should come to the class, why you should come, and what you will learn?


Botanical art.

In other words…what is this class all about?

•    Creating income
•    Finding those “one of a kind” treasures
•    Having fun doing the above two things

Of course, those are only three things.  You are going to learn to recognize true “finds”….know what your market will buy, and get all these wonderful treasures in your suitcase home safe and sound.



We all know shopping is much different today than it was this time last year.  Last year we were still charging whatever we wanted.  This year we are paying cash for whatever we want.  People never spend as much if paying with cash.  So our mission in class is to find things for your market that are affordable, attractive, AND your people will happily hand over those hard earned dollars still allowing you a nice profit.

As I said this time last year, the main question I was asked “Do you take credit cards?”

I did a Bazaar yesterday and not one person charged anything.  The phrase of the day was “if I can’t pay cash for it, I won’t buy it.”  So right away I know some of the high end items that were selling left and right this time last year aren’t going to be my main sales today.

What have I learned?

Always be prepared to offer less expensive alternatives…not less quality, just more affordable for this cash market we are in.  The Credit Card Machine that was a must last year is an unneeded start up expense to you right now.

Don’t waste your money.  Plus the beauty of cash is that there are no additional charges from your bank to process those charges.  All a little more profit for you.  Yesterday at the Bazaar there were 16 vendors and I was the only one who had a credit card machine, and it sat, meaning at the end of the month, that “sitting” charge will cost me $48.00.




of many types.


Now for this class there is a little homework, but fun homework.

FIRST ASSIGNMENT…..I want each of you to think about what you would buy today?

I am not talking about groceries.

Ladies, is it that “to die for” pair of boots on sale, perhaps a leather purse, maybe a wrap for early fall, or decorations for the December holidays?

Guys, what would you buy today? Boots, new billfold/wallet, leather sports jacket, sweater? Just think about what you would spend your hard earned dollars on.


Top quality hand made suits at really low prices. This suit in french wool cost $135.

Your needs and wants are probably what will sell in your market, and that is what we need to look for.

Knowing your market is probably the most important knowledge you will take with you when making those purchases for resale.  Many of you already know about my red cape.  I love my red cape, however up in the Northeast my buyers are a little more conservative and red is not necessarily their first color of choice.

Gary Scott told me all about knowing my market, but I just love red.  I purchased 6 red alpaca capes plus 1 beige,  1 sage, 1 tan, 1 navy, and 2 black.

Yes you guessed it.

The red capes sat for a bit, but the neutral colors sold instantly and I could have sold more.  So I lost sales, and warehoused those 6 red capes until Christmas.  Moral to this story, please know your market.



Your SECOND ASSIGNMENT… Please walk around your shopping areas and notice what colors people are wearing. Go into the stores and see what is on display.  Look at every catalogue you get.  What are those colors everyone is looking at?  Purple is huge again in the catalogues and stores, but do you see your market going with the fashion trends?

Look at accessories.

Scarves, jewelry, purses, shawls and make note of the prices.  Accessories have a very high markup, and this is where we can really make our money.

You all have your assignments, so get to work.  In class I want to see pictures you have cut out of catalogues, and let’s see if we can’t find those same items in Ecuador for much better prices.  It is fun!


Textiles of…





Look forward to seeing many of you in Ecuador.  By the way, if you haven’t made your flight reservations, there is what I call an “airplane sale” going right now for flights into South America. Grab those lower prices…and you just saved some money.  Maggie Beesley


Crafts of all sorts and much… much more.

You can enroll in the Ecuador Export Tour here.

Before Maggie’s Export tour you can join Amy Pinoargote and Mike Sager  for the Ecuador southern coastal tour.

We have been our expanding our focus in Ecuador and now are helping readers look in the southern coastal areas.

Ecuador beach property has always represented incredible value and this expansion means we can help readers see a much larger part of the Ecuador coast.

We are also adding an October northern Andes real estate tour as you will see below.


Those who have been reading our messages for any length of time know that we have focused our efforts on the middle portion of Ecuador’s beach from Manta to Bahia in the province of Manabi.

However there are many other great Ecuador beach areas that some of you want to visit.

I recently sent readers an article “SEE SALINAS LIKE A LOCAL” by Amy Pinoargote  that said:


The Salinas Malecon area has long been a favorite destination.

Salinas is one of the favorite in Ecuador for good reasons.  It has beautiful beaches, with calm waters perfect for swimming, water sports, activities or just relaxing.   Along the Malecon, or beachfront promenade, you will find a variety of restaurants, hotels, bars and other attractions.  During the summer season there is even a giant sandcastle.  If you “tip” the sculptor $1, he will take your photo.  However, to really enjoy all that Salinas has to offer, you need to get to know it like a local.


Pose for a photo by the giant sandcastle

Salinas at a Glance

There are two seasons in Ecuador.  Summer runs from December to April and winter from May to November.  The summer in Salinas is usually sunny, with occasional showers.  Daytime temperatures reach the low to mid 80s and nighttime temperatures run in the low 70s.  The winter tends to be overcast to partially sunny, but not rainy.  The winter is actually the drier time of the year and temperatures run about 10 degrees cooler than during the summer.   Because Salinas is semi-arid, it doesn’t experience sticky, tropical humidity.  This makes a comfortable environment for outdoor activities all year long.

As with most beach towns, the dress code in Salinas is casual.  It is perfectly fine to go from beach to restaurant.  Along with your swimsuit, pack plenty of shorts and short sleeved shirts, plus pants and long sleeves if you are visiting in the winter months.   Have a sweater handy, as some days are cooler than others.

Where to Eat

The Salinas area is a prime spot to enjoy fresh fish and seafood, as well as other Ecuadorian specialties.

A great spot to sample those specialties is Delícias de Ecuador, located near the entrance to the Costa de Oro neighborhood on the main road that runs from Salinas to La Libertad.

Prices here are very reasonable.  The daily lunch special or “Almuerzo” includes a soup, entrée and beverage, usually priced at $2.50.

Don’t ask for changes or substitutions on the lunch special; it comes the way it is.  Other options include Seco de Pollo, which is chicken stewed in a tomato-based sauce, and Menestra, lentils or beans served with your choice of grilled chicken, beef or fish.

If a relaxing lunch at the beach, complete with a hammock for a post-meal siesta is your style, drive about 30 minutes north of Salinas to San Pablo.  In this fishing village you will find cabana style restaurants right on the sand, specializing in fresh fish and seafood.

Las Manabas restaurant is one of the best.  If you can’t decide what to order from the extensive menu, try the Chupe de Pescado (fish stew) or Corvina (a mild tasting sea bass), cooked to order.  Most meals run between $3 and $5.

Ecuadorians typically eat a big meal at lunch and a light dinner.

Roca Parilla is the spot to enjoy an Ecuadorian style dinner.  Located a block off the Malecon, it opens at about 6 p.m.  Place your order at the counter, then take your receipt to the grill.  Specialties, which are typically priced from 50 cents to $1 each, include:

Chuzos -shrimp, chicken, beef or sausage grilled on a skewer
Torta de Papa – potato pancake filled with cheese
Torta de Choclo – corn pancake (this one is usually a favorite!)
Muchín – a yucca croquet filled with cheese

No trip to Salinas is complete without a visit to the Cevicherías, casual outdoor eating areas a few blocks off the Malecon that specialize in ceviche.  Shrimp ceviche in a tangy salsa is a good choice.  Shellfish and fish ceviche are also available.  Be aware that the shellfish or fish will not be cooked in the traditional manner.  The citrus juice in the salsa is said to “cook” the fish.  If you have concerns about eating uncooked fish, go with the shrimp version, which is cooked.

Things to See

If you want to browse for souvenirs, visit Mercado de Artesanias, an outdoor flea market in the Chipipe area of Salinas, where you can buy a variety of Ecuadorian handicrafts.

To get a glimpse of days gone by, visit the Museo de Sumpa.  This small, but well thought out museum features exhibits of artifacts from the early residents of the Santa Elena peninsula, including the Las Vegas culture.  It also features a Las Vegas burial site of the “lovers of Sumpa,” mummified remains of two people that appear to have died in an embrace.  You can also tour a cane dwelling typical of those built by the early settlers.

Enjoy a relaxing evening drive a few miles across the Santa Elena peninsula to the Punta Carnero beach, where you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets in Ecuador.  On your way back to Salinas, pass by the Malecon of La Libertad and stop for an evening stroll.


Whether dining, sunsets or beach activities are your idea of a fun time, you will find it in Salinas.


Gerardo & Amy Pinoargote spend their time between their home in Florida and Salinas and together with relatives are building and managing Spondylus II, a small beachfront development in the Costa de Oro area of Salinas, about 2 miles from the Malecon.

This is an area they like due to its privacy, great beach for walking, sunbathing and water sports. Yet it is just a short ride to dining and shopping in the central area.

Spondylus II  is a family business consisting of three towers. Tower A1 is sold out, except for a ground floor ocean front 1000 square foot unit. Several one and two bedroom suites are still available in tower A2, priced from $49,500 to $50,500.

Larger 1300 square foot units are also still available, priced under $110,000. Tower B has just been release for sale and features larger units (1400 – 1500 square feet), in the $120,000 – $135,000 price range.

Spondylus II offers the following amenities… beachfront pool & social area, a workout center, 24 hour security and the Pacific Ocean as a front yard.  All units feature granite kitchen counter tops, tile floors, tile baths, inset ceiling light fixtures and wooden kitchen cabinets.

Now it is possible to see Salinas like a local with Amy and her husband acting as your hosts and guides.

Amy and Gerardo Pinoargote, along with American real estate broker, Mike Sager, will conduct a Ecuador southern coastal real estate tour October 15th through 18th.

On this tour you can get to know Salinas property and the real estate along the beaches north of Salinas.

This is an opportunity to view more than a dozen properties and get tips from experts who are living in this area right now.  You save time, risk and zero in with help from those “in the know”.

The tour makes your real estate investigation efficient and productive but also allows time for relaxing in the evenings and enjoying the beaches.  Plus as you’ll see in a moment could save you thousands should you ever decide to buy in this area.

Here are a few of the properties you’ll see:

•    New 2 bedroom condo located directly on a tranquil beach in popular Salinas… $55,000.

•    3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with ocean views in the most popular complex in Olon…. $100,000.

•    Large house on a ¼ acre lot near Montanita, complete with basketball court, ample parking and caretaker’s cottage that could be a bed & breakfast… $250,000.

The southern coastal tour package includes three nights accommodations:

Thursday, October 15 –  The tour fee includes a room at the Castel or similar hotel in Guayaquil.
Friday, October 16 – breakfast, transportation from Guayaquil to Salinas, lunch, Salinas area property viewings, happy hour and night’s stay at Coco’s or similar hotel in Salinas.

Saturday, October 17 – breakfast, Ruta de Sol property viewings (Ballenita to Montanita), lunch, night’s stay at Charo’s or similar hotel in Montanita.

Sunday, October 18 – breakfast, Olon area property viewings, lunch, tour of Salinas , return transportation to Guayaquil, night’s stay at the Castel or similar hotel in Guayaquil.

The tour will be limited in size but you can assure a space and save $100 if you reserve by September 1.

If you enroll today, the fee is $499 for one $998 for two.

Tomorrow the tour fee rises to $599 for one and $1,198 for two.

See how to save even more on multiple tours below.

The tour package does not include your flight.  You should plan to fly into Guayaquil on October 15th and depart from there on the 19th.  If you are attending the export and/or Andean tour we’ll help you join other delegates in Quito.

Save 2% on real estate purchase.

We are promoting this tour in cooperation with Gerardo, Amy and Mike and when we promote outside tours, we always ask for the tour operator to give something special to our Ecuador Living subscribers.

In this case,  Amy & Gerardo will provide Ecuador Living subscribers a 2% discount on any  Spondylus II condo purchase. This is possible because we do not accept real estate commissions and ask that the benefit of exposure to our large readership (this message will reach 16,572 readers) be pass onto our Ecuador Living subscribers.

Your tour does not have to end on the southern beach. As mentioned, you can then continue to Quito and Cotacachi for our October 21 to 24 Ecuador export tour.

Still more… Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Finally you can also join our October Imbabura real estate tour October 25-26, where we have also convinced developers and real estate sellers to pass savings along to our tour delegates in the form of  discounts.  For example the Prima Vera condos also offer a 2% discount to buyers from our tours.

Join us for one, two or all three tours.  Reduced tour fees apply for attending two or three tours.

October 16-18 Ecuador Southern coastal tour (early sign up before Sept. 1, $499 per person).

Oct. 21-24 Ecuador Import Export Tour

Oct. 25-26 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Attend any two Ecuador seminar or tours in a calendar month…$949 for one.  $1,349 for two.

Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two.


Ecuador Export Idea

Here is an Ecuador export idea:

“Figure out how to sell your Ecuador exports before you buy.”

This is important because when you look at Ecuador exports you’ll find so many potential products…


Masipan for example can be made into almost any size shape form and color. The masipan here is made into dolls.

Ecuador flowers also offer incredible export potential.


As do leather products… like this made int art.


Plus their jewelry….


of every kind… unique…


and wonderful pottery products and silver… plus


so much more.

Our Ecuador Export Tours help you see many products to export from Ecuador  in the most efficient way… yet these tours also help you learn how to sell what you export.

For example our July Ecuador Export Tour will be led by Alberto Verdezoto… because his decade in the tourist industry means he knows how to get you from place to place in the safest, least expensive, fastest way.

However the tour will also be led by Maggie  Beesley.

A recent message introduced you to Maggie.  Last year she attended one of our Ecuador export courses and shares below how she sells her Ecuador exports.


Maggie writes:

Maggie and her Magical Red, Blue, Black, White, Sage, Beige, and Gray Capes” by Maggie Beesley.

In December of 2007, my husband and I fulfilled one of our life long dreams; that being of traveling to the Galapagos Islands.  Little did I know that trip would change my life forever.   After our visit to the islands, we  took a day trip to Otavalo, home of the largest outdoor indigenous market in all of South America.  At the market I purchased my Magical Ecuadorian Red Cape.  After returning home I was stopped so many times by people asking about the Red Cape…where had I had gotten it and could I get more? Gosh I would love to return to Ecuador and purchase more of the capes to sell to all those inquiring people…but that was just not going to happen.  Good dream though.

January 2008 I received an e mail from Gary Scott, telling me of an Import/Export Class to be held in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  To this day I still have no idea where Gary got my email address, but he did, and I did return to Ecuador to attend the Import/Export Class and of course purchase more of those Red Capes.  After attending the class, I knew I had found my passion, and needed to put this class to work for me. Gary talks a lot about recognizing your passion or passions. Mine are talking to people, traveling and shopping.  With that knowledge in place now, it was time to get busy developing Maggie’s Trips and Treasures. Before I began my shopping in Ecuador, I read every fashion magazine, looked through clothing catalogs, and watched what people were buying in my area of the United States.  I had to know my market.

After a year and a half of shopping and selling, I can say I am having the greatest time of my life. With each trip to Ecuador I meet the greatest people and buy the most unusual items. On my last two trips to Ecuador I have had the privilege of sharing my experiences with delegates like you while attending Import/Export classes.

The way I sell my Ecuador exports is to simply  always wear my red cape..not any other color. But I always keep  other colors of capes in the back of my car.

I wear it to restaurants, grocery store, court house…this was just this week and people simply stop me and ask we I got it.   I tell them and explain I have some in the car and sales are as simple as this.   No one can sell my treasures better than I can.  No one will be able to sell what you love as well as you can so always wear something you are selling.. That is best advertisement in the world.

I look forward to meeting, talking and shopping with all of you this July.


The last message showed necklaces and earrings that Maggie for to export from Ecuador. Here she  is wearing a necklace made of from orange peel with…


matching earrings.


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