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Andean Music

Andean music has had a powerful impact on Western Culture.


Bib Dylan singling “One more cup of coffee for the road”.

The people of the Andes love traditional music.


Some Andean music, like the ancient poetry opera called Harawi from the Incas. is hard for me to understand.


Yet Western Opera is hard for me to appreciate as well.  Yet Western musicians have turned a lot of traditional music into modern.

Take Bob Dylan’s One More Cup of Coffee for the Road. This song… even Dylan’s look and feel (right down to the rose in the hat) resemble Harawi. The violin music is almost, if not, the same.

Music can be looked at in two forms, modern music and traditional music.


Andeans love traditional music pre and post Spanish. Pre Spanish Andean music has a much smoother melody.

Modern Music emerged when composers began to put their names to their scores.  Since that time composers have wanted their music to be theirs, about them and about their times.

This allowed their songs, concerts and symphonies to be at the forefront of humanities evolution. Such music foments change. From Beethoven, Bach, Mozart to Elvis, these people created music that led the population to think, feel and question “Who am I, what am I doing, what is right and wrong?”

Traditional music is older and quite different, rarely given to one composer, and used for the exact opposite purpose. The melodies and rhythms of Traditional music tell historical stories and binds cultures by inhibiting change. Traditional music creates a message of comfortable belonging.

The flesh is mortal but these songs are everlasting, connecting members of cultures into the deepest mists of their history.  Individuals come and go, but the traditional songs and their binding force remain. They unite the future and past in an endless tune.  Take the ancient African rituals with their deep soul grabbing beat as an example. Feel how their beat melds our hearts with the group and pulls one into the sweet embrace of nature’s deepest roots.  There is sweet comfort in this belonging.

We can learn a lot about a society… about the current times… about how people in that society are feeling… and even where economies might head by listening to how the music of a culture is evolving.


Andeans play music everywhere and for everything. Here is the opening of a local soccer match.


When El Presidente came to Cotacachi…


The local band was there.

Cultures that are immersed solely on traditional music often use a circular, non lateral thinking mind set.  Merri and I learned this while living with American natives in Ecuador. Their haunting, beautiful music tears the heart and heightens every emotion-sweetness, joy, love, pain, melancholy. There is a song for every occasion, each full of lessons. They play the same songs again and again, as have their past ancestors, year after year. They live and think in the same way, in a circular mode without innovation. They have little expectation of change or betterment in their lives.

This may be one reason the Andeans are so sweet.  They play music…


and old.


The Andeans…


are often intense about their music and…


they work…


hard at their music.

Yet they always seem…


to have fun and worry more about today than the future.


This circular way of life, Merri and I learned from the life we had wit the shamans and the Andean clouds, is a sweet, easy, low stress way of living.  Yet this thought process is not very effective at keeping up with changing times.

Is that bad… or good?

One of the ancient Andean legends tells of a time when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South will fly in the skies together.  This means a tie when mankind will integrate his heart with his mind… more feeling… less logic perhaps.  Live a little more for today and a bit less for the future.

El Cóndor Pasa (Flight of the Condor) is an example of traditional music turned modern. It is one of the Andes most famous songs composed from the zarzuela El Cóndor Pasa by the Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles in 1913 and based on traditional Andean folk tunes. It is possibly the best-known Peruvian song worldwide due to a cover version by Simon & Garfunkel.

Some times I wonder if simple is not a better way?

Since later today we are announcing a complicated, logical schedule, of 52 courses and tours in 2009, this morning I would like this morning to share here a simple tune that stimulates the heart perhaps more than the head…  El Condor Pasa… the song of the Andes.

Why not click on this tune and take three minutes to just relax.


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Ecuador Spanish Program

A recent message about our Ecuador Spanish Course looked at how our Super Thinking Course differs from regular Spanish programs because it focuses coordinating brain frequencies for learning.

This is important because change can create a brain drain when our brain frequencies are not integrated.


Delegates at our Super Thinking + Spanish Courses and our Shamanic tours learn about incorporating frequencies of thought. Here delegates get ready for a shamanic ceremony.

During these times of rapid change most of us have ups and downs in our lives so we need a zone defense to keep up, adapt and move ahead.

Excerpts from a Time magazine article entitled “Getting and Staying in the Zone” by Alice Park explains how to gain an edge.

Elite athletes talk a lot about being in the zone, that magical place where mind and body work in perfect synch and movements seem to flow without conscious effort. Major-league pitchers, NBA stars, pro golfers and Olympic hopefuls dedicate their careers to the search for this elusive feeling, devoting hours of training to “listening” to their body and “reading” their muscles—trying to construct a bridge between mind and body sturdy enough to lead them straight to athletic nirvana.

But the truly great athletes, those with long careers and performances that fans talk about for generations, know that maintaining a competitive edge is less about keeping it honed to perfection at all times than realizing they can lose the edge every once in a while and still get it back.

Athletes in the throes of a slump will swear that it came all of a sudden, out of nowhere. But psychologists say the episodes are less mysterious than they seem. They usually stem from a failure to prepare mentally for the pressure of athletic competition. “Training is about strengthening the mind-body connection,” says Kirsten Peterson, sports psychologist for the U.S. Olympic Committee. “Athletes need to train their mind with the same discipline that they train their bodies.”


Delegates head onto the lake for the ceremony.

Super Thinking helps us learn how to integrate brain wave frequencies so we can get into the zone as we learn Spanish or learn or do anything.


Off they go…


headed for…


a frequency ceremony at this shore.

There are at least three simple ways to turn on this super thinking ability:  meditation, listening to 60 cycle music and taking Theanine.

Being in the zone comes when we integrate four categories of brainwaves, ranging from beta waves, the fastest of the four different brainwaves to alpha, theta and the final brainwave state, delta. Delta brainwaves are of the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency.  Deep dreamless sleep takes you down to the lowest frequency.

When we allow these waves to interconnect freely we gain unimaginable intellect.

Merri and I meditate twice every day to tap into this energy.

Plus we listen to 60 beat ten cycle classical music as we work. You could count the number of times we have missed our meditation routine in the last 20 years on one hand. This has helped us enormously.

60 cycle music, along with deep breathing exercises for relaxation moves the mind into Alpha and deeper states as well.  Health benefits are gained as blood pressure can drop, heart rates slow and the mind becomes calmed.

This is a simple as listening to relaxing Baroque music such as Handel’s Water Music. A few others compositions at this cycle include Corelli’s Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Violin and Orchestra in No. 2, 8, 5, 9. or J.S. Bach’s Fantasy in C Minor and Trio in D minor or Vivaldi’s Five Concertos for Flute and Chamber Orchestra.

Music has been used for centuries to induce states…babies being lullabyed to sleep, sea chanteys and harvesting songs to ease workers while laboring. Eastern mystics and South American shaman have used music to carry them to unusual states of consciousness.

Your body relaxes and your mind becomes alert in these simple forms of relaxation.

Soviet psychologist, I.K. Platonov, found it was possible to just use a metronome beating at 60 to enable the mind to take in and hold more strongly.

In choosing a recording of a slow movement, simply check that the tempo is about 60 beats a minute. When a composer writes a piece of music, he indicates the speed at which he wants each of the different movements or segments to be played.

These indications of tempo are generally given in Italian. You will often see them on the different movements of a concerto. For instance, allegro indicates a tempo of around 120 – 168 beats to the minute, andante around 76-108, adagio from around 66 to 76, larghetto 60 to 66 and largo 40-60 beats to the minute. Some performers and conductors may set a tempo somewhat faster or slower than what the composer indicated. To check out the tempo of a recording, be sure it’s at around 60 beats a minute. You can check it with a metronome or against a clock with a second hand.”

Here is a portion of the music list provided with that study.

Bach, J.S.: Largo from Concerto in G Minor for Flute and Strings. Bach and Telemann Flute Concerts and Aria to The Goldberg Variations.

Corelli, A.: Sarabanda (largo) from Concerto #7 in D Minor.

Corelli: 12 Concerti Grossi op.5

Handel, G.F.: Largo from Concerto #1 in F. Music from the Royal Fireworks.

Telemann, G.: Largo from Double Fantasia in G Major for Harpsichord.

6 Fantasias for Harpsichord Vivaldi, A.: Largo from Winter. The Four Seasons

A third avenue that helps the mind slip into the zone is Theanine (chemical name: r-glutamylethylamide) one of the chemicals found in green tea. Theanine is used to reduce stress and anxiety without the tranquilizing effects found in many other calming agents. Scientific evidence shows that Theanine stimulates the brain’s production of alpha waves, making the user feel relaxed but alert and not drowsy. It also helps the body produce other calming amino acids, such as dopamine, GABA, and tryptophan. As might be expected from a calming supplement, Theanine may be able to lower elevated blood pressure as well.

These Super Thinking tools integrate brain hemispheres and improve the way the left brain, the body and the right brain working together.


In the ceremony…


the three spears…


represent the union of the body mind and soul.

It might help to think of an orchestra: brass, percussion and strings. When the horns are featured, the drums and violins don’t try to pound and saw against them. Nor do they go rambling off on their own. They play in concert. Logical mind, body, creative mind…you may be focusing with one, but because you are a whole person the other parts are there, and they are in resonance. They can create disharmony. Or, they can play in concert.

Usually in our efforts to learn and live a smooth life, we’ve separated ourselves into pieces.

This separation is especially stressful during times of great change. During change many of the pieces we adhere to in our daily routine lose their dependability.

Super Thinking allows us to operate as a whole, pulls the pieces back together, coordinates, refreshes and renews them.


Unite the mind…



When this happens, seemingly inexplicable things can happen.

A woman studying a foreign language suddenly finds her sinus trouble has disappeared.

A man learning chemistry realizes his intuition has accelerated. An athlete doing body-training techniques finds his concentration improved in academics. As obstructive divisions dissolve, all areas of the person can be strengthened. It’s similar to light striking one facet of a crystal; soon it then lights up another and another and another….

Let’s look at a comparison on the benefits of meditation. Since TM is the most documented form of meditation worldwide, it lends itself to a comparison to Super Memory. Below, we can see the physiological changes during sessions of listening to certain types of music as compared to TM Meditation.

Supermemory ConcertMeditation (TM)
Slow Baroque Music during Intense Mental ActivityReciting a Mantra
Alpha brain waves Increase by
an average 6%.
Alpha brain waves increase.
Beta Brain Waves Decrease by
an average 6%.
Theta Brain Waves unchanged.Some increase in Theta.
Pulse slows down by an average a mean decrease of 5 beats per minute.Decreases significantly withof 5 beats per minute.
Blood pressure drops slightlyTendency to decrease
Awareness becomes relaxed concentrationRestful alertness

The philosopher Heraclitus stated reality correctly when he said… “Nothing endures but change”.

Henry Thoreau made the more important comment about life:  “Things do not change; we change”.

So during times of great change, we can change in ways that improve our health, increase our wealth and provide better lifestyles.   Super Thinking helps and you can also learn Spanish in the process!


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Nov. 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.

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Read the entire Times article Getting and Staying in the Zone

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