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Ecuador Beach Bed & Breakfast for Sale

Ecuador beach bed & breakfasts can help you earn income and gain profit.

The sun always shines somewhere, and we are focusing on small Ecuador bed & breakfasts and hotels for sale that can provide extra income, offer future appreciation…and…provide a great lifestyle.

These are bed and breakfasts in the sun….because the sun always shines somewhere…but most often on the equator!

These Ecuador bed & breakfasts are places where those who want to change lifestyles and have a little money to invest or have a little income can enjoy life in the sun as they meet and serve interesting people plus upgrade an Ecuador bed & breakfast for fun and profit.

For example here is an Ecuador bed & breakfast for sale that we just viewed last week. It has a very low asking price (shown below).


Merri and I are back from Ecuador. While there we conducted an Ecuador coastal real estate tour and this Ecuador bed & breakfast was one of many we viewed.

After the tour, we spent the last night at Hotel Quito and enjoyed an excellent breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant Techo del Mundo…”Top of the World”. The food and views are great.

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy the sunrise and buffet. I especially love the yucca rolls, the multitude of fresh tropical fruits and not least a huge bowl of Macadamia nuts.

Here is Techo del Mundo.


The restaurant has great panoramic views of Quito.


We caught the 9:30 Delta flight to Atlanta and were rewarded with a great sunset.


When flying to and from Ecuador from the USA, for great sunset views, sit on the left side of the plane coming back north from Ecuador. Sit on the right flying south to Ecuador.

Back here in the Blue Ridge the first night was quite beautiful…


Not a clear, starry beauty though. That white stuff is snow!


Bringing this dawn.

Two days before we had enjoyed another Ecuador bed & breakfast in Manta, Ecuador.


“Now here we are back in North Carolina!”, I thought as I ambled down the hill to the mail box this morn. “Beautiful, but Brrr!”Ecuador-bed-&-breakfasts

As I strolled along the creek, I was not surprised…


that during this economic downturn, more and more people want to go to Ecuador.

Which would you choose?  This?


or this?


We do not have to sell Ecuador for our business there to grow.  All we have to do is wait for the sun to rise in Ecuador and the northern snow to fall.

The hammock is at one of the Ecuador beach bed & breakfasts we toured last week. This Ecuador B & B is for sale and has many wonderful features.


Many flowers.Ecuador-bed-&-breakfasts

Room to expand.


Even a pool.


which needs cleaning and decorating…as does the entire B&B.

The seller is asking $90,000. The right person who wants a business in sunny Ecuador and who wants to live near the beach…in the sun and earn some extra income as they fix a place up…may do well.

Until next message, may the sun be shining on you!


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Ecuador Real Estate Liquidations

Ecuador real estate offers opportunity. Ecuador real estate liquidations can offer even better deals.

See details about this 326 acre Ecuador real estate liquidation, a coastal agricultural property for sale at $41,000 below.


To assist those interested in Ecuador we have created an Ecuador Living service that provides a full time full support, research and assistance team to help subscribers in any way required. Part of this team are multi lingual Westerners so we understand the Western cultural needs as well as those of Ecuador.

One service for example is that we scan Ecuador newspapers looking for unique properties and put our subscribers directly in touch…thus avoiding brokerage fees for our subscribers.

We do not sell real estate nor accept commissions but because we write about Ecuador real estate to tens of thousands of readers, they have purchased millions of dollars of Ecuador real estate in Galapagos, Mindo, the Coast, Cotacachi, Quito and more.

The word is out. More and more Ecuador real estate sellers are approaching us first when they have Ecuador real estate for sale. Recently an attorney who represents banks in Ecuador has been sending us Ecuador real estate liquidations so we can share extra special Ecuador real estate deals with our subscribers.

One huge benefit in using our service versus relying on brokers is that we are not trying to sell real estate. For our modest subscription, you get our honest opinion based on 40 years of international business and 13 years residence in Ecuador.

We do not care if you buy one property or another or even if you buy at all. This means you get our advice without hidden agendas.

Yet we know all about buying Ecuador real estate. We have an active Ecuador business and have personally purchased a 962 acre hacienda, condos in the mountains, a house, a hotel plus condos and apartments on the beach. Our Ecuador Living service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador.

You also gain access to our extensive contacts plus you get to share the input from our 13,238 readers who continually let us know what they see hear and experience good and bad in Ecuador.

We conduct real estate tours to help our subscribers learn Ecuador’s real estate market in the most efficient way.

Not only are our tours efficient, they can save you money! Many developers give our Ecuador Living subscribers and tour delegates discounts on property (since many delegates and subscribers buy and we do not take real estate commissions).

You can enroll in our Ecuador Living Service to learn more about the 346 acre Ecuador coastal property for sale at $41,000 below.

Here are more shots of the 346 acre Ecuador coastal property.

A lot of corn is being grown on the land now.


and castor.


Here is what Ecuador Living’s man on the Ecuador coast, John Papski, just sent to us.

John wrote: “Gary and Merri, I checked out this property a few months ago while visiting the coast with the last group. This is a good opportunity, part of a bankrupt bank with the price reduced before going to auction soon. I went ahead and signed a right of first refusal so Ecuador Living subscribers have the first shot at this.

There is 326 acres of shrub on gentle hills divided by main road from Bahia and San Clemente about seven miles away.

There is a rough shed, really belonging to caretaker, as well as a water tank for tanker delivered water. There is electricity.


This land is ideal for seasonal planting, soya, maize, maracuya and has an old well 200 feet deep but with water (Water analysis done) of 3% salinity.

This is a great price as the land could have coconut and tamirindo growing for commercial purposes as they accept this amount of salinity in the water.

The sellers are trying for an urgent sale but I believe this can be held for our September coastal real estate tour. John.”

There is a grand entrance to the property.


But not a lot of building.


If you would like more information about this property or others like it, please subscribe to Ecuador Living and we’ll send you details on how to access Ecuador real estate information.

Until next message, may your living in Ecuador or wherever be good.


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Ecuador Perceptions

Ecuador perceptions create opportunity.

What’s in a Word?

What can the perception of a phrase like “communist” or “terrorist” mean for us as investors?

There is opportunity in these words because most people never look beyond
the perception that has been endorsed by the establishment.  They react without  thought about the reality of a situation.

Let me share an example.

Merri and I love nature. We live pretty much in the wild. Our farm in North Carolina  is in an area so remote it is called “The Lost Province”.

Our hacienda in Ecuador is even more remote.

Yet our reclusive lifestyle was not always the case.  After spending my college years in downtown Portland, Oregon, I moved to Hong Kong, one of the most crowded cities in the world.

After moving to San Francisco I finally lived many years in London, one of the largest cities in the world.

London.  What a great city. I loved living there.  This was a really fun place and part of the fun was Ken Livingstone, the mayor at that time. He was so left wing we all called him “Red Ken”.

I mention “Red Ken” because many readers write to me expressing concern about the political stability of Rafael Correa and Ecuador.  The three words most frequently in the writing of these concerns are “populist”, “Chavez” and “left wing.”

Many people fear anything that seems to be left wing.

Ken Livingstone was so far left and such an unconventional and controversial politician that during the Cold War era he sponsored such events such as ‘Babies Against the Bomb’,and declared London a ‘nuclear-free zone’.

He not only was a “communist” but also endorsed terrorists.

Livingstone even extended an official invitation to terrorist leaders of the IRA’s political wing, Sinn Féin.  Britain denied entry to the invitees under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, so Livingstone met them in Northern Ireland instead.  Livingstone said that Britain’s treatment of the Irish over the last 800 years had been worse than Adolf Hitler’s treatment of Jews.

His actions were so left wing that he acquired the nickname ‘Red Ken’ and one British magazine dubbed Livingstone ‘Leninspart’.

Yet during Red Ken, the communist’s reign, London became one of the most affluent cities in the world.

Another example can be seen when I first moved to Hong Kong in 1968.  The Chinese communists were rioting. The first day I arrived in 1968 a British police officer had his leg blown off by a communist bomb.  We were taught at the office how to spot bombs in the street.  The Chinese army was massed at the border. These were the days of the war in Viet Nam and the “communist” threat seemed real to many.  Investors were fleeing Hong Kong left and right. I and a few others stayed.

Those who invested heavily in Hong Kong then, became some of the richest people in the world.

Those who saw the underlying reality and ignored the noise made by political manipulation and the local press made fortunes.

Another example is in Cotacachi.  Merri and I have been investing and living here for years while the mayor there, Auki Tituaña Males is so apparently left wing, there is a huge photo of him and Fidel Castro together on city hall.  That puts some people off!  Fidel Castro a communist!

Yet we have seen this mayor create a social economic system that has transformed the village into one of the nicest areas we know.  Prosperity has grown by leaps and bounds. What has happened over these eight years is remarkable!

Mostly I ignore politicians and the press and look for the deeper fundamentals that drive economics. i know that economics always drives the politics in the long run… not the other way round. Those who rise above and get ahead of political noise are the ones who profit most when the finances shift the politicians.

Places that have brought me the greatest profit are those where the political words and symbols look shaky but the economic fundamentals look good!

Whether Correa, the President of Ecuador is good or bad…I do not know.  A lot of what he says rings true to me…but I have been fooled before.

Will Correa’s actions have an impact on business in Ecuador?  Of course…but my belief is that his influence will not be as bad as many think.   He may even do some  good.

Thus I see bargains that abound in Ecuador because the majority is worrying about the inconsequential words, the noise, the small stuff and most of all the unlikely.  They argue over the scraps and leave the best for the few of us who look deeper.

I have been in Ecuador fourteen years and see little difference in the political noise today than when we arrived. the president then was a mad man (they called him El Loco) changing the constitution. Today we have another President changing the constitution. This President is not so crazy in my opinion.  Is he good? Only time will tell.

I have learned my lesson from London and Hong Kong!  Bring on the words that scare. They create opportunity.

Merri  and I really enjoy living in Ecuador.  When we look through the political noise, we see huge progress in living conditions, sweet non violent people, a wonderful climate…an abundance of sunshine and excellent food.

So we are buying as much real estate there as fast as we can based on our experienced view.

Had we been worry warts for the past 14 years because this or that might have happened we would have missed amazing good fortune…wonderful people…great weather…low cost living…excellent investments…and an amazing lesson that Ecuador’s rich culture has to share.

Of course there are others who are more afraid of George Bush, the US economy, the falling dollar and the American system. There are no guarantees here either.

Our advice on investing and business is to always look first for a place or task you love.  When you find it, go for it!  Take your chances.  Whatever we do, wherever we go, there is risk…so enjoy the process and look for places where fear, due to words and not fundamentals create extra opportunity.  What is within is usually more important than what is without.

We feel as safer or safer in Ecuador as in the US.  Only the future will tell which place will turn out better.  My guess is that both will be great.  I am quite happy with being double lucky but fully accept that no one can predict the future.

However, we expect to invest even more both in Ecuador and the USA. We love both places so we will enjoy the process whatever the outcome.  I look forward to sharing with you what we do and what happens.

That is our perception.

Until next message, may all you perceptions be clear.


Join us in the cool Blue Ridge while much of the U.S. burns up this summer.  We enjoy cool nights (mid 50s) sleeping under blankets without screens (translation-there are no mosquitoes here). Rarely does it reach 80 during the day and if it does a quick dip in the creek cools us right down. We have farmhouses, cottages, cabins and cottages you can stay in and enjoy. Rockers on the front porch (best for watching fireflies at night and eating sunny breakfasts), quiet pools to chill watermelon, waterfalls in which to soak, horses to chase, chickens and ducks to feed and we would enjoy meeting you.

Everyone who comes wants to come back and right now we can treat you to some fresh blackberry pie!

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Ecuador each hammocks

The future cannot be predicted but this is here…now.

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Ecuador beach house

Here is a house we inspected on our last coastal real estate tour for sale at $25,000.

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Ecuador Beach Property Opportunity

This week I promised we will focus on vision, but here we are Monday and I am already writing about something else…an Ecuador Beach Property Opportunity.

I have departed from my plan and switched to this Ecuador beach property opportunity because a special situation forces me to explain how I have managed to remain one of the smallest yet, most profitable publishers who, as of May this year, has been in business 40 years…making millions while working from home without employees.

In the process of reading this, some of you will discover what I consider an extra  special Ecuador beach property opportunity…genuine and that will probably never seen again.

This opportunity comes because the way I have survived and prospered as a tiny guy playing on a field with giants…is by being fanatical about developing unique and highly profitable products that are only available through our publications, courses and tours.

Let me give you a specific example by describing my relationship with the Ecuador beach property development, Vistazul.

Many Ecuador real estate deals offer good value, but Vistazul offers exceptional value because my fanaticism spotted special circumstances that with my help made it so for you…my reader.

This process received a kick start last year when I learned that a friend, Kjetil Haugan, was going to develop a small beach condo project.

Merri and I have known Kjetil for more than a decade.  He has shown himself to be a truly dependable and trustworthy businessman.  We had viewed the property he was planning to develop with him when he bought it nearly a decade ago.  So we knew the area and were comfortable with it.

We visited and really like the the project which led me to believe that many of my readers would like it as well.

How could we not fall in love with Vistazul…here Merri and I stroll the miles of empty Ecuador beach with our hound dog Ma.

The water is warm and Caribbean Blue.I can let the wave knock me around for hours!


Even better Kjetil had already built the project’s club house (which operates as a hotel).  He had put his money up front unlike most developers who promise to build a common building but want to seeing buyers’ money first.

This is a spectacular club….exactly on Ecuador’s beach.  The condos are being built on the green hill you see, just behind the clubhouse.

Club members have free access to the tennis court.


Ecuador Beach Property

This is a great place for children and grandchildren.


Club memers have a spectacular pool. Here is one of the new owners with the developer Kjetil Haugan and his children.


Dining is exquisite as are the club dining facilities and view.


Plus after lunch or dinner…the club is a great place to relax.


This was all done…in place…real…not just a promise so I made Kjetil an offer that I hoped he could not refuse. This was an offer that was good for him…really good for my readers…really good for the community and good for my business because it offered a unique and highly profitable opportunity only available through my ezine and tours.

The project was to be built on this hill.  Here s a shot taken from the beach front clubhouse.


Merri and I offered to consult with Kjetil on how to build condos suited to our readers.  Then we offered to buy the first five condos ourselves and introduce a friend who would match this.  That first purchase provided the money for the infrastructure and original construction. Plus I introduced two of my daughters to the project and they each bought a condo as well.

So the club house was done and a fifth of the project was sold (we all paid cash) from the get-go.  I also promised to let my readers know about his project. Based on previous experience, chances were the condos would sell out to just my readers.

Here is the interesting part.  I wanted no commissions.   I told Kjetil that I do not sell real estate. I did not want any commission, advertising or remuneration for this.

This was a compelling offer!   Normally commissions on Ecuador property can run 8%.  Kjetil might save a half million dollars based on my offer.

Simply put, if he could finance and sell his project without sales and financing costs, nobody could compete with him and build so much, offered at so little..

All I asked for in return was that these savings be passed onto my readers…AND the offer be made exclusive to my readers!

We worked out a price specifically set aside for my readers of $79,000…a really good price!

My reasoning was that helping my readers buy better Ecuador beach condos at lower prices than anybody else would be good.   I would pick up more readers and more of them would sign up for our coastal real estate tour….just so they could see this special condo deal.

My plan was that this would keep my Costal real estate tours filled through the year.

We visited, we were lucky enough to bring our friend, an international Fung Shui expert, and worked with the local community to be sure they were happy with the environmental standards.

Kjetil began.


These are recent constructions shots of the condos which will look like the clubhouse.

Here is the site plan for 64 units in all…sitting in block of three to seven units.


Here are more construction shots.


I wrote my first article and sure enough readers reserved nearly half the project in a week (about two millions dollars in reservations).

What a start.

This would allow me to sit back, relax and watch my coastal tours fill up as my readers would come and see these excellent condos…which were available exclusive to my readers.   So I thought.

These were my best laid plans.

But you know what they say about mice…men…and plans.

I talk too much.  As the longest serving contributing editor to International Living magazine I speak with other editors a lot.  I should know when to keep my mouth shut…but having readers reserve two millions dollars worth of condos in a week carries some bragging rights and told some of my friends about this.

They must have mentioned it to others…who passed on the word and pretty soon everyone knew about the success.  What they did not know was the exclusive arrangement for my readers.

So imagine my shock when last Friday I saw an ad by IL mentioning these condos being for sale at $79,000.

The editor who wrote this failed to mention that this offer was exclusive to my readers. He probably did not even know his error.

IL enquiries came in to Kjetil and this created a dilemma…and the Ecuador beach property opportunity you have now.

Kjeti had agreed to keep this offer exclusive to my readers and he would.  Yet I felt that, due to inflation, it was in the best interest of the project and for the readers  who had already bought a condo, to go ahead and sell this out fast.

Kjetil’s cost of steel rebar and cement have skyrocketed since we made our deal last November.  As you can see from these shots there is a lot of cement and rebar used.  So as much as I would like to keep this offer just for my readers, it would not be in my reader’s best interest to see the project completed quickly and my readers come first.   So the IL surprise article actually turned out to be a good thing.

I released Kjetil from the exclusive and gave him the go ahead to let the IL readers have condos at the $79,000 price as well…with one exception…do not start immediately…leave the exclusive for my readers until Thursday.

Only my readers can reserve the $79,000 units until Thursday June 12, 2008.

That is the opportunity…just four days left for an exclusive.

Then these units will be offered to others. IL hs such a huge readership there is a chance that the $79,000 units will sell out fast.

$79,000 is a very good price for these condos and with inflation I doubt that we’ll ever see an opportunity like this again.

There is one other very special benefit just for you. The club membership of $5,000 is still waived for my readers. This may not be so for others.

If you reserve, you will be given 60 days to visit the project (on one of my real estate tours, I hope).  If you are not satisfied, Kjetil offers a refund on the reservation deposit.  He can provide you with full details.

Once again I want to stress that I am not selling these condos, I do not receive a  commission and do get paid in any way if you buy, except to get one more good neighbor. And of course, I want to assure that each of you has the first opportunity to enjoy special deals that we find and write about!

If these condos are of interest to you, contact Kjetil at kjetil@haugancruises.com



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Ecuador Beach Property Value

Ecuador beach property value is incredible at the high end.

Take for example this Ecuador beach property on the Pacific which has been shown at this site before.

There are 13 more shots of this Ecuador beach property included here.

This is a four bedroom beach front mansion on nearly 30 acres that runs along Ecuador’s coast.

Here is our last Ecuador coastal real estate tour inspecting the house.


The property is entered by its own long private drive.


Once deep inside the property, the front yard which includes a private zoo and beach scenes comes into view.


Tropical fruit trees are everywhere including 650 coconut palms (quite an income producer).   We’ll see them in a moment.  Then the house appears.

Ecuador-beach-property-for-sale-front yard

A look inside shows that this is not just a house…like the staircase.


Or the fireplace.


With an Ecuador beach view.


The kitchen is stunning.


as is the back patio.


and the patio view.


The back yard leads to several cabanas for entertaining.


These beach front entertainment centers are spacious inside…of course with ocean views.

Ecuador-beach-property-for-sale-entertainment Ecuador-beach-property-for-sale-patio

Even the Ecuador beach guest house is stunning!


This Ecuador coastal mansion includes a swimming pool, volleyball court, children’s play center and another tiki hut right on Ecuador’s Pacific beach.

Yet the asking price is only in the $500,000 range. More readers are interested in the $79,000 condos we outlined in our Ecuador beach condos introduction.

Yet we like to share all types of Ecuador real estate  bargains with you.


Learn more about fighting inflation with Ecuador real estate and Ecuador travel and living

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