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Natural Awakenings to Health & Wealth

Natural awakenings to natural rhythms of health and wealth is the most important asset now!

A recent USA today article entitled “Health takes a hit as economy creates more stress”
by Sharon Jayson says:

“Economic stress is taking its toll on the USA’s emotional and physical health, new survey data show: More than half of Americans report irritability or anger, fatigue and sleeplessness, and almost half say they self-medicate by overeating or indulging in unhealthy foods.

“Money and the economy topped the list of stressors for at least 80% of those surveyed by the American Psychological Association, which releases its numbers today. Finances now overshadow the more typical daily stressors of work and relationships; 46% report being worried about providing for their family’s basic needs.”

Yet economic recessions and depressions are natural. They are also the natural breeding ground for the next group of extreme rich.

The asset required to be among those who rise highest from the ash is more than money.

Those who succeed need a deep curiosity to see what changes will take place, a burning desire to be a part in the recovery process and a great deal of energy and vitality. Because of this I want to share three simple tips about natural awakenings to good, natural health that we have learned from our time spent with Ecuadorian shamans. Here we are on a shamanic journey.
picture one

Merri and I have enormous energy vitality and enthusiasm, running the farm and our publishing business on our own…with practically no help. We are really busy. Forget any idea about recession in this household. We are swamped…breaking records for our business every month.

Our website, according to Alexa, as this message is written, is now among the 25,000 most visited website in the US and even much higher in Canada. Considering the many millions of websites, this means we are visited and doing a lot!

Merri and I are both able to collect Social Security…yet the idea of retiring has not even entered our mind.

We love our work so much we do not even think of this as work. Many are amazed at what we get done. At a time when many our age are thinking retirement, we feel we are just getting started.

Plus despite our heavy work load and travel schedule we seem to be getting younger. Many of our friends who have not seen us for a few years tell us they would not have recognized us because we look younger.

Yet this is a time when many of our friends are rapidly deteriorating both in energy and appearance.

One of the reasons behind this energetic success are three simple and easy to use, natural health secrets we have learned in Ecuador. Let me share how wonderful natural awakenings to health and wealth came to us and can now come to you.

Having been an investment newsletter writer and publisher for thirty years, we originally visited Ecuador looking for new places to invest. Yet this adventure led us to better health as well as wealth because we met and then lived and studied natural health with Ecuadorian shamans. They taught us many things but here are three that are vitally important because they are so easy to do.

Tip #1: Natural awakenings to health and wealth come more easily in natural places. Even if you live in a crowded city, spend more time in tree-lined streets with proximity to parks and lots of sunlight. Research from Japan suggests that oldsters who live in more sylvan settings get out and about more often and survive longer than those living in noisy, gray urban areas. Results of the study, reported in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, showed that of 3,144 people born between 1903 and 1918 who lived in densely populated areas of Tokyo, men and women most likely to survive during the five-year period of the study were those living near grassy or tree-filled walking areas and those who lived near parks and on tree-lined streets. Those least likely to survive were men who lived in noisy areas clogged with automobiles and factories. Also a survival factor: the number of hours of sunlight in the home.” Get out in nature and walk. This will help work off the extra calories you may consume when you are stressed.

Tip #2 for health is for better digestion. Every health regime I have studied from the east to the west to the south begins with good nutrition and the core of that routine is better digestion. We suffer two digestive problems in the western world.

One is that many of our foods no longer contain as many essential vitamins and minerals as we need.

Our frantic paced lifestyle we do not take the time to properly digest our food. There are dozens of things that can be done to improve digestion from food combining to dietary change to slower eating to special prayer to slower, longer cooking to seasonal eating to correctly timing our eating to matching our eating to our body types!

But here is one of the simplest things you can do, that costs nothing in time or money.

Replace some of your high calorie and high caffeinated drinks with a soothing cup of hot water.

Sip warm water through the day away from meals. This is calming, try it and you will see.

More importantly the warm water expands the blood supply in the digestive track and improves digestion. Sip four cups of hot water a day, one in the morning, one mid morning, one afternoon and one in the evening. Even better use the water to replace tea or coffee.

Your results will run from great to miraculous. Some people have shed fat, others altered their entire personality. At the least you will feel calmer, better and have more energy regardless of how good or bad your diet is this will make your nutrition better.

Tip #3: Do something each day for someone who has less than you. This improves our perspective, but there is also a specific health benefit.

Douglas Spotted Eagle a virtuoso performer on the Native American flute who received a Grammy award for his music puts this way at his Spotted Eagle website.

I submit that the mere caring for others is an equal necessity. Many is the time where I’ve been nearly down and out, and a smile from the right person, a hello from a stranger, a small letter, postcard, or note found in the mail have brought me from the depths of despair.”

The science behind this is pretty simple. As creatures of this earth we are subject to the laws that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We are social animals and when we help someone else we feel pleasure.

Pleasure is one of Western cultures’ least appreciated success and health creating tools.

The sensation we call pleasure changes our brain chemistry in less than a second.

Neuroscientist, Candace Pert, has proven that this emotional response creates corresponding brain chemistry that has receptor sites on cells throughout the body. Cells create tissue.

So, angry emotion…angry tissue. Stressed emotions…stressed tissue. Happy emotions…courtesy of pleasure…happy….healthier cells.

During these troubled time we all need an extra edge to make positive contributions that also increase our wealth and improve our health. The added energy you can gain now can give more than average rewards.

Merri and I look forward to seeking ways to gain more health and wealth  with you.

Learn one more great weight loss tip in a free report at our natural awakenings site.


Join Merri, me and Jyske Global Asset Management at one of our courses. We review economic conditions, Ecuador real estate, my entire portfolio and natural awakenings to health and wealth with investing and business ideas for the months ahead.

International Investing and Business Made EZ Ecuador

Stay on for the real estate tour Cotacachi and surrounding areas. Come for a hike with me in the Blue Ridge or Ecuador sun. Here is Cotacachi below.

multi-currency-Ecuador-condos-hike Nov 10-11

Here Merri and I hike the Blue Ridge.


Cotacachi-Imbabura Real Estate tour

Then travel to the coast and hike with us on this beach.


November 12-15, 2008 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour; Quito Real Estate Tour

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Opportunity in Change

The next few years will be filled with problems and this creates unprecedented opportunity for those who embrace change.

The key assets required are open mindedness, flexibility, imagination, energy, broad horizons, perseverance, vitality and faith in oneself.

We also need to be comfortable and enjoy what we are doing.

Pleasure is one of Western cultures’ least appreciated success tools.

The sensation we call pleasure  changes our brain chemistry in less than a second. Neuroscientist, Candace Pert, has proven that this emotional response creates corresponding brain chemistry that has receptor sites on cells throughout the body. Cells create tissue.

So, angry emotion…angry tissue. Stressed emotions…stressed tissue. Happy emotions…courtesy of pleasure…happy….healthier cells.

So I know if I force myself to run on a treadmill every day inside a square box of a room (no pleasure for me), it will not do as much good as hiking in nature’s glory like this.


Hiking the Blue ridge with Merri and our daughter Francesca.


Bike riding the Virginia Creeper Trail (17 minutes from our farm) with Merri and our daughter Eleanor.

Being in nature fill me with pleasure and wonder.

I can lift dumbells all day long in a gym, but that’s just not fun for me.

Yet I can jump in my pickup and attack these overgrown woods with this six pounds.


Boys toys!


Turn these woods on our farm


into this.

This does more for my strength than any weight lifting..not to mention my overall health.  Plus I gain a feeling of accomplishment.  We need to pursue our passions to protect our bodies and good health!

Then to see what the future holds and have the wherewithal to profit from it, we have to protect our minds and hearts by ignoring as much bad news that floods the media as we can.

Then we have to immunize ourselves from the sentiments and instabilities of the establishment that we cannot miss.

All of this requires good health and constant touch with reality.

This is why each month we write an article about an essential oil.  They can be the vaccine that protects us from the daily, useless rubbish and trash that the media slams us with. For example I recently learned that an Austrian kept his daughter hidden and pregnant in a basement for decades.

What possible good did that knowledge bring? How much did I gain from the time spent learning this?  What damage did the disgust and profound sadness for this girl do to my health?

How does such knowledge make us better, happier, healthier, more balanced  people ready to deal with the challenges of our evolving world?

Essential oils can provide the remedy that brings us back to a pleasurable balance.

Essential oils are refined purity…each revealing some honest aspect of nature…the beauty of the rose…bite of lemon…or the sweetness of jasmine.  Whatever the oil…pure essentials are reality refined.   When we inhale their truth or absorb it though our skin, their natural sincerity and pure strength communicate some frankness at the deepest levels of our existence.

Essential oils balance us and help maintain or return our health to us with a candid power that we cannot express in words or understand with our minds…but we know instantly with our heat and soul.

What is the greatest gift? Even the three wise men took Baby Jesus essential oils. That was no accident.

Essential oils can bring pleasure in one whiff!

This pleasure supports a healthy immune system (due to its natural chemistry, most essential oils are anti-bacterial and anti fungal) from a physiological response via the nose-brain connection. The aromatic molecules travel up the nose, connect to the olfactory nerves, and have a direct path to the emotional part of the brain. This creates a positive emotion which communicates with every cell in the body via neurotransmitters in a flash.

This is why Merri and I use essential oils every day, the day through. We massage our feet every morning with essential oil…rose to open the heart…

This is also why each month I include a message about an essential oil offered by our friend of over thirty years, Candace Newman.

This month Candace writes:

As John and I celebrate the 16th year of our company we are delighted to introduce our new OLA Comfort Care Pak, specifically designed to bring comfort into the world.
At these challenging times, essential oils are among the easiest things to use and are less expensive than most medicines. They are ancient medicine coming back into their own. Aromatherapy is a self-empowering tool. It helps us through transitions, and puts a sense of control back in our lives.
This comfort pak is for all of us! Each formula has a story behind it and the pak is dedicated to all of you who use this to comfort yourselves and loved ones. It is time for comfort … and therapeutic-grade essential oils know how to provide it!

The comfort Pac contains:

* Lavender Mist – contains pure essential oil of Lavender in a base of purified water, aloe and vegetable glycerin. Make big circular clouds of this aromatic delight around the head and face anytime … for a breath of fresh air, sense of comfort and a calm spirit.

* Rejuvenation Face Gel – our proprietary formula of pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Geranium, Rose otto; in our aloe and Organic Golden Jojoba base. These ancient oils are for calming the spirit and soothing the skin.

* Pure Lavender Essential Oil – Inhale from the bottle. Put 2-3 “taps” on a cotton ball. Tuck in a pillow or pocket. This is the #1 Oil of Balance for the central nervous system. It is the river of peace.

* OLA Four Blend – Lavender and Rose otto in Organic Golden Jojoba is our gentlest formula … Rose is the Oil of the Heart. Apply some to your nose, temples, and back of neck. It is perfect for a gentle hand massage and is great in your bath.

Sincerely, Candace Newman

Candace is taking 10% off the $39.95 price for the month of June for Garyascott.com subscribers and all of us can also take 10% off all purchases from June 1 to 14.

You can order the LA Comfort Pac from Candace for $35.95 during this June offer


P.S.  Another way to adapt to change is to connect our logical minds with our intuition.

This is also why in August we are sponsoring an intuition course and adding sessions on how to be healthy through natural exercise and nutrition.

Join us at the intuition course

Enjoy the beauty and nature at our farm.

Cotacachi Food

Cotacachi Ecuador food always surprises those who visit Cotacachi for the first time.

Ecuadorians are noted as among the longest lived people on earth. This is, in part, from Andean foods and nutritional habits that began long ago. Since ancient times Andean Yatchaks, Shamans and Curanderos have taught healthy living supported by good nutrition. They based these healthy lifestyles on three ideals; clean food, good food combinations and a correct fat, carbohydrate and protein balance.

One reason Cotacachi food is so good is that it is so fresh!


Cotacachi food is really inexpensive too.

Our seafood in Cotacachi is fresh brought right from the coast.


Here we are with our chef Santiago after buying seafood from the Ibarra market.

Our restaurant in Cotacachi the Quinoa Cafe celebrates the wisdom of the past and combines it with the unity of mankind. We continually serve fresh fruit…at coffee breaks.


Fresh Cotacachi fruit starts breakfast as well.


Quinoa Cafe’s core bill of fare is Quinoa, often referred to as the Andean grain, a wonderful food, native to the Andes. Quinoa sustained the ancient Incas and has been grown continuously for over 5,000 years. The plant thrives in poor soil, and the high mountain terrain of South America’s Andes.

Qunioa has been described as the super grain. Actually it is the SEED of a leafy plant that’s related to spinach. What makes quinoa special is that it has a very high protein content, more than any single grain. Plus unlike grain, Quinoa has the amino acid lysine, so the protein is complete. The World Health Organization ranks quinoa protein equivalent to milk. Quinoa offers more iron than grains and contains magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, riboflavin, thiamin, B vitamins: B6, niacin, magnesium, zinc, copper. It is also a good source of folate (folic acid).

Quinoa is delicious and can be substituted for almost any other grain.

Here is our chef Santiago serving a quinoa cake…sweet and delicious but protein filled.

Cotacachi-fresh-food-qunioa cake

Even our coffee breaks are healthy…fresh strawberries…gooseberries…and fresh ground coconut covered in organic chocolate.


We will feature Quinoa and Andean nutrition at the August weekend course at our Blue Ridge farm conducted by our business intuitive, Susan Stanton Rotman. Seven Andean nutritional secrets are shared below.

First let me say more about the course.

The course is entitled, “Escaping the Tryanny of Reason: Intuitive Development for Practical and Business Decision Making” This seminar will introduce you to working with your own intuition to develop greater insight, creativity, and more informed decision-making and problem solving skills, all important elements for greater success.

The course will examine intuition in the business context, the use of intuitive process as a complement to rational decision-making, and the integration of intuitive knowing with analytical thought. Susan will present the basic concepts of intuitive knowing and its development, including how to access your own intuition, and skill building to evaluate, process, trust and apply your information.

She will help you explore the experience of intuition and its forms, including exercises to develop sensitivity and to practice using intuition as a navigational tool.

Merri and I have found that escaping the tyranny of reason helps us greatly when faced with questions that cannot be humanly answered. We have several weapons in our information processing armory. One of the great assets is Susan, a professional business intuitive. She consults with businesses and individuals using both her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities combined with her rational skills to help people and businesses with decision making and navigation. She consults with clients from around the world. Susan does not really like the word psychic (nor do Merri or I) as a lot of the information she comes up with does not just pop out of the air.

She has a strong educational, legal and business background. Susan originally trained as a corporate attorney and mediator.

Susan is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown University, having received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in 1977, cum laude, and graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1981.

She practiced corporate law for many years and has extensive experience representing both individual and corporate clients.

She also understands business from the entrepreneurial side—she owned her own retail art-jewelry business and is an expert in pearls

Susan has a broad background in esoteric and metaphysical studies, spirituality, and personal, business, and family development practices.

This course will be conducted Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 15, 16 and 17, 2008 at our Blue Ridge Farm.

All meals and accommodations ARE included and the food will be special.

A lot of stress comes from poor nutrition. Quinoa offers an optional, delicious purifying and the diet you will enjoy at the farm can enhance your rest and boost your energy and heath as well as reduce your weight without any feelings of giving up or not enjoying your food.

The nutritional goals at the course are to provide a delicious menu that improves digestion, reduces weight, increases energy, reduces toxicity in the system and balances the hormonal system so cravings and excessive hunger disappear. This system is based on shamanic nutritional ideals taught to Merri and me, when we with Andean Yatchaks and indigenous communities.

The cornerstones of the Andean nutritional program are:

#1: Eating a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

#2: Eating combinations of food for ideal digestion.

#3: Eating clean organic food prepared and served by happy, joyful people.

#4: Eating in good spirits at the right times.

#5: Chewing in the correct way.

#6: Eating purifying and satisfying meals.

#7: Balancing nutritional with correct sleep and exercise.

Here is what we will review about nutrition during the intuition course.

#1: Eating a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

Our diet keeps protein balance without excessive amounts of meat using quinoa, eggs, cheese and yoghurt instead. A great deal of poor health and stress is tied in to the underlying hormonal disturbance caused by the excess production of insulin. This imbalance normally comes from too much food and incorrect protein, carbohydrate, fat balances in the diet. Every time we eat, hormones in our body will change, either good or bad. Delicious food with a balance of 3 parts carbohydrates, two parts protein and one part fat has the power to orchestrate beneficial hormonal changes in our body.

#2: Eating the correct combinations of food for ideal digestion.

Andean nutritional ideals also focus on combining foods in a way that avoid fermentation in the stomach. Foods and spices are divided into three types neutral, savory and sweet. Neutral can be mixed with savory or sweet, but no savory and sweet foods are mixed. The main neutral foods are grains, cereals, nuts and seeds. Meat and most vegetables are savory. Fruits are sweet. Cereals are ground and soaked to improve their digestibility. Sweet spices include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, mint. Savory spices include sale, pepper, chiles, oregano, corriander, bay leaf, cumin, saffron, fennel. No two fats are mixed nor are fruit types.

#3 & 4: Eating clean organic food prepared and served by happy, joyful people and eat in good spirits at the right times. Food should be beautiful as well…like this feta salad served at our last course.


We even make breakfast look good!


Candace Pert, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist who was awarded a Nobel prize for her groundbreaking work that shows the mind is not just in the brain but in the entire body. The mind and body communicate using the chemistry of emotion. Short chains of amino acids called peptides and receptors are found in the brain, stomach, muscles, glands and all major organs. They send messages back and forth linking mind and body. When we are happy our entire body is happy and reverse and this chemistry has a dramatic impact on our food and digestion.

Andean beliefs view the body composed of three elements earth (Pacha mama), fire (Taita Inti) and air Pacha Kuti.

There are times of the day when each of these elements are most active. The digestive fires are highest at 12 noon, so a savory meal is normally eaten at this time.

A sweet breakfast accommodates a more sluggish digestive time and the evening is set aside for a purifying fruit meal so the body can use the midnight fire energy to cleanse rather than digest.

Three herbal teas are served. In the morning cinnamon tea is served. Before lunch ginger tea lights the digestive fires and before sleep chamomile tea enhances a good night’s rest.

Part of good nutrition comes from eating, sleeping and exercising at the correct times.

The yatchaks also suggest we eat only when hungry and the stomach is empty so we recommend eating only every four hours. For cravings between herbal tea is best and juices can be added if it is uncomfortable to wait for the next meal.

#5: Chewing in the correct way.

Correct chewing releases nutrient molecules so energy from food is more quickly released and assimilated. This allows the brain to recognize flavors and release the correct digestive juices for that food. Proper chewing does even more because it stimulates the bodies sphincter (or ring) muscles that surround the various orifices of the body.

Ring muscles include the muscles around the eyes, the nostrils, anus, urethra, genitals and the mouth. In a healthy body, all sphincters work together, contracting and relaxing simultaneously. They also activate the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the musculoskeletal system and the urogenital system. Ring muscles are ultimately responsible for putting all the other muscles and all the organs of the body to work.

Chewing correctly stimulates the ring muscles and consequently helps exercise all our muscles.

#6: Eating Purifying and satisfying meals.

Fruit types also exist and are never mixed. Citrus stands together, but is not mixed with other foods. Watery fruits (apples pears, plums and grapes) can be mixed. Bananas are eaten alone only or with dairy only. Pineapple and melons are also eaten alone.

There are three purifying meals we will learn about during the course. The first most gentle purifier is a water combination of apples and grapes. The second meal is an entire pineapple and the third, an entire watermelon.

Organic coffee, tea and cocoa are great purifiers rich in antioxidants. Coffee and some tea is avoided by those who do not want caffeine. We recommend moderation and serve only organic, fair trade coffee and tea Coffee and tea (without milk) are neutral and can be consumed before or with any meal. I will be bring organic coffee with me from Ecuador for the course.

Finally we provide an Andean cleansing tea made from cinnamon, sweet pepper and chamomile.

#7: Balancing nutritional with exercise and sleep.

Each day you can learn a gentle but profound exercise that will enhance your stress release. We do not have television at the farm and recommend going to bed before the evening fore cycle begins at 10 PM. The farm is totally quiet and dark for more restful sleep.

We are pleased that Susan will be with us. She will present two days of group instruction and workshop plus will provide individual consultations after the seminar concludes (a consultation is included as part of the course). Individual consultations may be in person on August 17 or by telephone at a later date.

To enroll, enjoy the farm and learn more about nutrition

To enroll for two

Learn more about the farm and accommodations

Learn more about Cotacachi food at Cotacachi Stores – Supermarket