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Ecuador Beach Acreage

Here is Ecuador beach acreage for sale north of Bahia, Ecuador. This area may be Ecuador’s best secret.

Readers who have been reading our site for some time know that I like Manta Real Estate in Ecuador.

But areas north of Bahia may have the greatest long term potential.

This picture at tripadvisor.com shows one reason why. Here is Bahia, Ecuador.


The full name of the city is Bahia de Caraquez. This is a town that makes living on this part of Ecuador’s coast a great place to be.

Bahía is a Pacific coastal city located on a peninsula about an hour and 15 minutes north of Manta and is bordered by the Chone River. This river creates the opportunity.  The estuary has always stopped the traffic flow.

Here is a shot taken on one of our coastal real etsate tours over the Chone Estuary.


Over the last decade Bahia has become one of the country’s most attractive resort areas due to its beauty, cleanliness and access to Manta and Quito (five hours by car once the roads are completed) and Guayaquil (four hours by car) but the estuary makes it hard to get north of Bahia from Manta.

There are also two very important reasons why this area north of Bahia real estate may now rise.

First, a new highway is being built between Quito and the coast. This construction is taking much longer than it should and costing way more than budget..but eventually it will be complete and one more concrete freeway will be able to whisk from Quito to Bahia.

Second, some day there will be a bridge across the Chone. Bahia sits on an isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and the huge estuary of the Chone River. If you are traveling from the south up the coast in a northwards direction, you are stopped at the Chone. The drive onwards moves down the Chone for a couple of hours just to get back to the coast north of the estuary north. Here is a group of our real estate tour delegates looking across the Chone.


This map shows the area… Manta in the south… Perdernales on the beach and Quito to the east.


The only way to cross the Chone at this time is via ferry. There are usually two car ferries. This is the Pacific Coast Highway running from Columbia all the way down to Peru and Chile so cars, buses and trucks use them.

Big trucks are loaded, first followed by the cars. These ferries also take foot passengers and are free.


There are also passenger ferries that continually go back and forth costing about 30 cents for the trip.

However, at times it can take up to two hours to get on a car ferry.

So a bridge across the Chone would be invaluable and is in the process.

President Correa came in 2008 and promised to get the bridge built.


Here is President Correa in Bahia.

The bridge construction is quite advanced as you can see below.


Below is a paid advertisement of 16.7 acres of land for sale in this zone of opportunity on Ecuador’s Pacific between Bahia and Perdernales.

Ecuador Beach Real Estate for Sale… four hours west of Quito… 28 miles south of Perdernales… 20 miles south of Jama in the village of Tasate.

A new highway under construction will reduce driving time to Quito by an hour.

There are no services at the moment. Electricity and telephone services are  at the the front of the property and are easily available. A deep well will be needed for water.

This 16.7 acres sits on…


the main highway between the cities of Pedernales and Jama.  It is very close to the village of Tasaste. The main highway runs along the Coast, is asphalted and in good driving conditions. This highway is the south – west border of the property.

The property is well fenced along the highway and has a gated entrance, leading to…


interior roads that…




many areas of…


the land…




the beach.


with views…


and plenty of sand.

The previous owners had planned a tourist development and provided me with a SWOT plan (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats).

Here are excerpts from the SWOT study:  The goal of this project is to provide tourism and residential services to the cities of Quito and Santo Domingo de los Colorados. The ways to access from Quito are: Aloag – Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo – El Carmen and El Carmen – Pedernales. The driving time is approximately 4 hours.

We should consider very important that the Council provincial of Pichincha and Manabi signed an agreement to finish the highway from La Concordia to Puerto Nuevo. This new highway will reduce at least one hour driving from Quito to Pedernales.

All these highways are asphalted and in good driving conditions. With this, it is demonstrated that the Pedernales beaches are the closest ones to the city of Quito because they are on the latitude 0.0.

There are few hotels within 2 miles and the highway is being widened between Pedernales and Jama.


Strategic location of the land (close to the sea)
The project is located inside of the tourist zone.
Easy access and highways in good driving condition.
Good public transportation system with regular service.
Landscape of dry forest and extraordinary view to the sea.
The projected area per unit and their costs are totally accessible compared with other similar programs in other provinces.
A total wearing down of the emerald tourist zone.
The distance from Quito to the project is 3 to 4 hours.


The zone is projected for tourist and residential uses, according to strategic  Municipal plans.
The project is close to the cities of Jama and Pedernales to have access to their goods and services.
The project will be transformed in a development pole, using manual labour from the small town of Tasaste.


Acoustic contamination because of the highway Jama – Pedernales.


Constant growth of the real estate supply
Presence of establishments of temporary lodging (hotels)


The topography of the land determines 2 elevations with a regular slope, the central part of the lot is but flat and is crossed by a matting.

By the morphology the project has been divided in 2:  The North part is destined for the house and 40 units will be implanted. In the South elevation the hotel zone will be located where they will be located the restaurant, 12 single rooms, 10 cabins, an area of reception, a museum, a small commercial center and all the areas of viewpoint to take advantage of the natural enchantment.

The estate is crossed by a ballast way that gives access to the beach and to the hotel zone.

In the green areas of the project we propose sport fields, gardens, 2 swimming pools: one for the residential zone and another one for the hotel zone, all this framed within the norms of respect to the ecology, remembering that the impact to the nature.

The entire 16.7 acres is offered as is.

I can send interested parties a 97 page Power Point presentation showing more of the property and the entire SWOT.

The asking price is US$285,000.

Please send requests to me Amrit Nahata at amritnahata@hotmail.com

See more details on the property here.

End of paid advertisement. We have no interest in this property or the sale of this property. All the data in the paid ad above has been provided by the seller and anyone interested should take all due diligence.


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Ecuador Beach View & River Property

How would you like to live here… on this Ecuador beach view & river property?


How would you like to own your own 232 acre Ecuador beach view & river estate with three rivers and a iew of this beach… plus world class ocean views like this?  and…


land like this.


Many recent messages have pointed out that the area on Ecuador’s coast that has the greatest and fastest potential lies north of Manta to the town of Bahia de Caraquez.

However my feeling is that the greatest long term potential comes north of Bahia in areas such as San Vicente, Jamas  and Perdenales.

Manta airport is the key. This is where the growth traffic will come from an international point of view… and the gringo market is a big one… very important.

Here is the area for rapid growth now.

Distance and the Chone Estuary makes it impractical for international tourism to go north of Bahia at this time.



the areas north of Bahia are closer to Quito…  a major local market and… when the bridge across the Chone is finished (it has started…but completion dates are unknown)  the area north could boom.  The Chone barrier has kept some prices down.

This is why I was especially interested in an advertisement sent to me by Anne McCowan. She has 232 acres for sale divided in five parcels with spectacular ocean views.

She has to sell in a hurry and has dropped her price from $750,000 to $350,000…for… all five parcels… the entire 232 acres…

She wrote:

Dear Gary, I really want to sell all the property at once.  My partner is now having some health issues. I was offering to sell half the property in five parcels for $750,000 total.  To sell quickly I have dropped the asking price to $350,000 for the entire 232 acres.

Large building site overlooks ocean, shows power poles.


Large building site.


Our roads to crop land are very good.


Another large building site.


Here is Anne’s advertisement.

This land has building sites, crop land, roads, power, water cisterns and panoramic views of the ocean.

One site has a 250 degree, panoramic view of the ocean, resembling a hilltop in Malibu  with acreage on top but also with a nearby monkey colony.

One site has 2,000 fine aroma cocao plants and 2,000 plantain plants.

There is cropland all situated next to this huge river for easy irrigation.

This is all natural, virginal property.  The buyer will own all 232 acres.

Every time I get off the plane, I become physically and mentally rejuvenated within 2 days.

This is perhaps one of the healthiest and safest place left on the planet.

Four of the parcels have incredible views of the ocean and one has an acre of prime, flat crop land with a large river as its border.

Concrete pillars for a house are already in place so you can build your paradise home the way you want for about 5% what it would cost in the U.S.

One of the the best and most experienced (40 some years combined experience in the office ) real lawyers on the coast is familiar with the land so title work should be easy.

In this area there is surfing, snorkeling, hiking horse-back riding, mountain climbing, jungle excursions, Galapagos trips, fishing ( from swordfish to you name it. ) boating (there are several sailboats and yachts with Americans anchored and love taking people around by water), jet skis, walking along glorious beaches with spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

There is very low humidity on the coast. The temperature averages 70 degrees year around!

Imagine laying in your hot tub out on your balcony sipping fresh fruit drinks brought by your maid and having this awesome view absorbed by every cell in your body and soul!

The largest site is about the size of a football field with total unequaled views of the ocean in front and mountains in back. (where a family of monkeys live).

This site has 25 acres of excellent rolling hills below.

The second site is nearly 40 ares with the same views, but higher up. This site is  leveled and prepped and primed for building (for that matter, all sites are.)

The third site has the best view, smaller with 10 acres of hillside.

The fourth is the new site with a 250 degree awesome view of the ocean. This  is higher up the mountain so you can see the changes of the colors of the ocean. You could build a circular, huge home and have acreage for crops.  The last site is is flat crop land with the largest river on the property as its border. The concrete pillars for a small home are already in. This site comes with 1 acre, and fruit trees, but no ocean view unless you build a multi story house.

There are three rivers on the property, fresh water cisterns, new power lines and new, beautiful 30′ wide roads all in place.

The rivers are fresh water coming off the mountains going into the ocean. No tidal flow affects purity. No salinity.

Over 500 monkeys of varying species live on the property.

In some places we have measured the top soil to be four feet thick.

Always fresh food from every kind of fruit imaginable to fresh exotic sea fish and lobster right at your doorstep, fresh lobster, red snapper, wahoo, shrimp, Chilean sea bass, etc.     Shrimp are virtually everywhere from farm raised to caught straight out of the ocean for next to nothing

Labor is $5.00 per day for a machetero, maid, cook or whatever you need or desire. Some helpers double as maid/cook/housekeeper for the same price!

Hospitals are modern and only cost $15.00 plus the cost of medicine if needed.

The villagers are the most friendly I’ve met in my extensive travels, and will literally watch over and protect you once you’re accepted and become “one of the family.”

There is virtually no crime!

There is little fear of earthquakes, rising oceans, or tsunamis, as the property is well up the mountain overlooking 200 degree vistas of nothing but ocean.

The Arch de L’Amor National Historical Natural Monument is located adjacent to the property, on the beach.

There you have it…great farming… friendly village… good weather… incredible views and a reasonable price.

We are not involved in this sale in any way, but I believe she is trying to organize a guide to take any delegates at our March 17-18 real estate tour to see the property on March 19.

If you would like more information please contact the seller Anne McCowan at annem2@yahoo.com

Until next message, good living wherever you are.


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