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When I Am 95

When I am 95, I expect and plan to be active turning a passion into profit.

We are surrounded by a culture that connects concepts of retirement to the age of 65.  This old thought is not in keeping with our modern technological age where our experience is worth more than the cost of getting it.

We can see examples every day of how age does not have to stop us from doing what we love. Last week an article at this site, “”How to Avoid Damage from Unfilled Expectations” (1) looked at an example of how to live it up at 100.

Mathilde Freund, aged 100, rises at 5 a.m. then takes the bus to Fordham College as she has studied literature, psychology and philosophy for 40 years, as well as continuing to run a flea market business.

Today’s example is Charles Eugster.

BBC article

Image from the BBC.com  article “Want to age well – how about never retiring?” (2).

The article explains how Charles Eugster walks up a steep hill for 10 minutes as he heads to his office most mornings, then has a half hour train ride, followed by a 10-minute tram journey.

At age 97 he works at updating his website, writing, and conducting research into aging.

This dentist quit his practice at age 75 and decided to focus on his fitness.  He now holds the indoor 200m and outdoor 400m sprint world records for men over 95.

The BBC article quotes Eugster: “I’m not chasing youthfulness. I’m chasing health. People have been brainwashed to think that after you’re 65, you’re finished. But retirement is a financial disaster and a health catastrophe,” he says.

As the baby boomer generation retires and pension systems falter there will be increased demand on non pension ways to overcome old-age poverty.  We can be part of a transformation by shedding old thought.

Do not let the foibles of the past define you!

Use new thinking instead.   Combine principles of natural health, experience and technology.  Do what we love… earn from the process… and help the world… at any age.


(1) How to Avoid Damage from Unfilled Expectations

(2) www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37307347

How the Hogberry Helps With COVID-19

Gain Amazing Health Benefits with the Hogberry

Research is showing that excess body fat can complicate the risks of COVID-19.

A recent article in USA Today, “As obesity’s link to COVID-19 grows, one family that lost 24-year-old daughter diets together” (1) tells the tale.

The article says:  The parents and two brothers of Silvia Deyanira Melendez, 24, are all in therapy after losing their daughter and sister to COVID-19 on March 28.  She weighed more than 300 pounds with a body mass index of 60, double the BMI considered obese. This most likely contributed heavily to her Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and a heart condition that required open-heart surgery two years ago.

The chronic conditions that increase the risk of serious illness and death of COVID-19 are now well known: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and being older than 65. Obesity is less well known or understood. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention groups “severe obesity,” defined as having a BMI of 40 or higher, with the other known “risk factors for serious illness” for COVID-19.

A growing number of studies and data on COVID-19 deaths confirm the link. The extra weight on people in the 40-plus BMI range who contract COVID-19 increases the chance they will require hospitalization, most likely in the intensive care unit. It also hampers the ability of physicians to treat them, especially with ventilators, doctors say.

Body fat complicates many health problems.   For example more than 100 studies have found that physical activity can lower cancer risk and even help cure cancer.  Fortunately researchers asked why and one answer became clear. Body fat.

Studies showed that reduced body fat creates  a 25% lower chance of developing cancer.


Fortunately there is a little known way to reduce body fat that does not even require exercise.? I’ll share more on this secret in a moment.

First, body fat, COVID-19 and cancer? Let’s ask why?

Part of the answer is toxicity.

Healthy bodies naturally and regularly remove water-soluble toxins from the body. Our blood and kidneys flush them away.

Fat-soluble toxins such as metals, pesticides, preservatives, other pollutants are harder to flush out of the system. Fat-soluble toxins must become water-soluble before the body can get rid of them. The liver can do this conversion (bile emulsifies fat-souble toxins into water-soluble). This process requires healthy digestive and detox pathways. When they become imbalanced, fat-soluble toxins are stored in fat cells and brain cells instead. These toxins can remain for decades and create health problems.

The fat stored toxins cause oxidation (free radical damage) and degeneration as well as mutation. Toxins in the fatty tissue of the brain become neurotoxins that can cause cognitive problems and a host of mental and brain imbalances.

Burn Fat to Burn Toxins

When you burn fat you turn on the body’s detox fuel.  Fat metabolism is the body’s natural form of energy. Fat metabolism provides a more steady energy than glucose metabolism and flushes fat cells free of toxins. As the toxicity drops, the nervous system has reduced stress and will naturally burn fat instead of sugar.

This is why I have written a short report entitled “The FAST Way to Better Health” that features a special tea that can help reduce body fat.

The Key is in the Hogberry

I would like to send you a report “The FAST Way to Better Health” that reveals the secret of the Hogberry, FREE when you order my three Natural Health reports described below.

This reoort is only available with my three Natural Health Reports.

These three reports are about:

#1: Nutrition

#2: Purification

#3: Exercise

In this special offer I want to send you a special report on how you can gain better natural health with the hogberry along with three other reports that reveal secrets of health and longevity.

The Commonwealth Fund in its latest survey on overall health care ranked US healthcare dead last compared to 10 major countries.  Despite being worst, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times have all warned about huge, increasingly costly, health care changes.  There are enormous problems in hospitals and chances are they are going to get worse, with the added complication of COVID-19.

When it comes to health care, we may well be on our own. The very people, institutions and establishments that we should rely on may actually hurt rather than help our health.

Ancient health wisdom accumulated around the world, over the millennia, can fill the gap.

The way to escape the dangers of high cost, deteriorating health care, is to not need it.  Declare health independence… and create natural good health. There are dozens of simple, really low costs steps that can improve health… eating, purification, exercise, even the way we think and don’t think when we sleep.

Ancient health wisdom from around the world can help us reduce our risks of poor health care and help us fight the ever rising costs.

For nearly 50 years my wife Merri and I have lived and worked around the world. During this time, we checked out just about every source on natural health care. We even  spent years living with natural health care insiders, and trying the lessons they offered.

We took thousands of readers to Ecuador, met with shamans in the Andes and Amazon. We helped other readers visit India and also learn great health care ideas from China and beyond.

Since not everyone can go to Ecuador or travel the world, we have created three Natural Health Reports that can help improve the power that your body has.  These reports are concise and to the point. In 15 minutes the first report shows exactly how to start preparing for better health and more energy.

We do not have to depend on the health care and health insurance monopolies for better natural health… or cave into a healthcare system that can put us at risk and charge outrageous prices at the same time.

Our health reports provide information on how to use ancient health care systems to become more healthy, self sufficient – providing our own good health.

The first report is “Sunski?”, the Andean word for good eating, for maximum nutrition and purification.

We started the series with eating because so many of our readers have found that a blend of Indian and Andean shamanic nutrition helped them kick start their health with weight trimming.

Good eating is the first step towards natural health. The first rule of good health is getting the correct nutrition.  The second step is purification of toxins and eating to avoid getting impurities in our body in the first place!

Sunski is a way to eat that strengthens and purifies as it stops adding toxicity from eating.  Yet Sunski is a delicious, healthy “self defined” cleansing process.  One chapter in Sunski shows how to correct a simple mistake that most of the Western population makes which increases the chances of adding and retaining weight by 84%.

Sunski combines lessons about healthy eating that we learned from years of working with all types of Western healers, ayurvedic health masters and then living with an Ecuador Taita Yatchak and his apprentices.

We lived, worked, farmed, cooked and ate with this Taita Yatchak for years while learning “Sunski”.


The “Sunski” report was 50 years and millions of miles of travel in the making.

We’ve invested thousands of hours into learning the skills of health self-reliance and resilience, identifying the best foods and combinations and sifted through loads of seeming contradictions to get to the facts about “do it yourself” longevity and natural health.

But that wasn’t enough – not when our good health was on the line. So we consulted dozens of top professions who know a lot about natural health. We spoke with holistic MDs, osteopaths, chiropractors, Indian vidyas, Andean yatchaks, and other self-reliant natural health experts who live a naturally healthy path every day.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you… years of research went into these reports.

And we only kept the best of the best: this system is complete – and FAST to learn – so you can get started immediately.

We all need to stay out of hospitals and reduce our exposure to modern medical risks and costs.

Why re-invent the wheel? Especially when time is NOT on our side.? We’ve already done the hard work for you pulling together the information so you can create better natural, good health.

Imagine… never worrying about what you eat and reducing the risks of hospitalization and health care’s outrageous costs.

A few of the life balancing nutritional tips include how to:

#1: Eat a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

#2: Eat combinations of food for ideal digestion.

#3: Eat in good spirits at the right times of day while chewing in a special way.

This report includes a complete list of EZ to use recipes that will immediately improve your short term energy… and your long term natural health – so that you never have to guess what foods you need (or rely on the health care establishment).

quinoa pancakes

One of the recipes is for high protein Chocolate Quinoa Pancakes.

Recipes include:

  • Carrot Cake Quinoa Brownie with Stevia
  • Thermos Quinoa Kichiri
  • High Protein Veggie Almond Savory Cottage Pie
  • Mild Turmeric Curry
  • Low Carb Quinoa Tapioca Crumble
  • Merri’s Blackberry Crumble with Quinoa and Stevia
  • Merri’s Quinoa Strawberry Shortcake
  • Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread
  • Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread Dressing
  • Quinoa Risotto With Arugula and Parmesan
  • Timbal of Quinoa topped with Ginger or Parmesan Cheese
  • Quinoa Gazpacho With a Sherbert of Coriander
  • Quinoa Taboleh
  • Mango Quinoa Salad
  • Quinoa Avocado Curry

All of these recipes are in “Sunski” just one of the three natural health reports.

These recipes are easy to make, delicious to eat, inexpensive but balanced and healthy foods prepared in ways that provide nutrition and purification.

Learn how nutritional secrets can help keep you out of the hospital.

Here are a few facts and health tools you gain:

  • The single biggest constraint you’ll face in your eating habits? – and how you can eliminate it by adding two simple recipes to your Sunski system.
  • How to calculate exactly how much food you need so you don’t over or under build your nutritional plan.
  • A simple solution for making sure that your food delivers what your body needs when you need it.
  • What components you can choose for yourself and how to avoid mass diets that seem to work for every one except you.
  • The best long term solution for avoiding sugar.
  • Use sweet spices to compensate for stress.
  • Specific types of unique spices that give you the biggest energy bang for your buck.
  • Spices that cleanse and purify.
  • Three changes in your fruit consumption that is a critical component for long term purification.
  • The best times to eat specific foods.
  • How to direct different foods to different parts of the body.
  • Three teas that add a resilience to your natural health system that are easy to make and enjoy at home at a low cost.
  • Why it is good (in fact almost a requirement) to sometimes eat junk food.

All of this information is in “Sunski” the first of the three natural health reports.

These reports focus on how to have good natural health so you can remain independent and avoid costly medical care.

The second report shows you how to purify and detoxify existing poisons that have accumulated in your system.

The third report is about exercise… but not the type you would think.

Unlock the Mystery of Key Muscles

This third report unveils one exercise that energizes and coordinates the digestive system by exercising a set of key muscles, not while you are in a gym, but when you eat!  The body has a number of key muscles that regulate breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination and muscular motion.

The third report reveals an exercise you can do at the dinner table to energize these muscles which in turn coordinate every other muscle and organ in the body. Eating in this way for example (most of the modern world does not) energizes just one key muscle that regulates part of our ability to burn sugars and fat.

The report looks at oxygenation, coordination, purification, energy boosting, education, occupation and relaxation.

Healthy Eating Made EZ: Gain delicious, power packed weight reducing recipes from easy to obtain products from super market foods. Coddle Yourself Egg-High Protein Country Cottage Pie-Low Carb-Veggie Chile & Spaghetti- Weightless Bread-High Mountain Pure Protein Quinoa-Better Oatmeal of Steel- Several Soups for Super Strength-Berry Good Crunch Treat and Waist Less Apple Crumble are just a few.

Exercise for Strength and Better Health.  Medicine is dose. Too much exercise is as bad or worse as not enough. Learn how to let comfort be your exercise guide. Move with momentum-some exercises activate all muscles and provide the benefit of leverage, momentum and convenience so 12 minutes of exercise a day is enough. Blend body and mind-Alpha exercises take you into the zone so you win from the inside out.  Spin and bend-blend exercise secrets from India, the Andes and the East for easy and better health.? The Gentle Touch-if you have to breathe through the mouth you have done too much.

Here is what others have said about this information:

Though I ate more than ever, my weight dropped and I lost two inches off my waist.” – S.H. Oregon

The life path altering effects from the weekend with you and Merri continue. Thank you again. I have begun to change my diet. Bless you!” – D.B. Connecticut

You are indeed a spiritual pioneer, blending disciplines to create tools and resources for success in this new land of opportunity.  Anyone who thinks this is just all about money is missing the real message: This is about life in its most profound implications.” – W.P. Australia

I want to thank you for the wonderful time. I travailed from California to hear you convey your knowledge in the way you do so well, and I wasn’t disappointed.  The amount of information in the sessions was almost overwhelming, but it’s exactly what I went to hear.” – B.R. California

The technical information I gathered was most not new to me, but I like to compliment you for putting it all in the right perspective and to make it very understandable to all.  What was at our opinion one of the most important gaining of these 3 days is the opening of the new world, this new circle of what you call ‘normal’ people! (I call us ‘not normal’ as a matter of respect to the majority.)  But as we know, all is relative and depends at the point of view of each, His spiritual mind and his opinion about the senses of our being.” – E.V. Florida

People who, among other things, are active and productive and creative and resourceful, whose word can be counted upon; People who realize that spirituality DOES NOT mean sitting in a cave contemplating your navel and weaving baskets, nor does it equate in the Western culture with living in abject poverty.  People who realize that abundance is not a dirty word. People who understand that we are here to ENGAGE life, not to submit to circumstances out of fear and ignorance and apathy; People who don’t just use the most current ‘buzz words’ so they can feel like they are part of the group, but who actually DO something… Builders. Thank you for showing up in my life.” – E.W. Nevada

Good health is the most important asset in stressful times. Beyond the fact that modern health intervention (ie. hospital) can destroy one’s finances, being in good health brings the energy and balance required to make sound investing and business decisions.

When you order the three shamanic health reports that normally sell for $19.95 each, you save $19.95 plus get the report on the Hogberry free.

More important you learn how to feel better almost from the very first day.? Reduce stress, gain smooth steady energy without 10:30 am and 3:00 pm droops. Find out how to avoid being hungry right after you eat and how to make the cravings for sweets and junk food all but disappear.

I will send you this report “The FAST Way to Better Health” that reveals the secret of the Hogberry, FREE when you order my three Natural Health reports.

This is the only way to attain this report as it is not for sale or available to the general public.

As with all my reports and courses, satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  I want to be sure that the information in “The FAST Way to Better Health” works for you. The valuable knowledge you’ll gain in these reports works better when the nutrition, purification and exercise reports are combined so I have made this special offer.

Order all three Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for $39.90 and save $19.95.

Order all three Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for $39.90 and save $19.95.   Plus get the report “The Fast Way to Better Health” and our 60 day, full satisfaction or full, no questions asked, refund.

(1) www.usatoday.com/story/news/2020/05/23/obesity-makes-covid-19-risk-larger-hospitals-challenges-much-harder/5221600002/


Important Recomendation

Two Health & Wealth Tips

Here is one of the most important tips for your health & wealth.  Soothe the Vagus Nerve.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.06.39 AM

Image from article about the Vagus Nerve at Lifespa.com

Fight or flight syndrome is one of the worst problems we face in today’s stressed filled world.  Stress causes us to make bad investing and business decisions, drive too fast, gain weight and a myriad of other problems.

We are told that if we think positive we’ll feel positive.  Is the idea scientifically sound?  A study conducted at the University of North Carolina shows that the processor of positive thoughts inside our bodies is the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve originates at the brain stem and travels through the chest where it spreads out in multiple directions to innervate organs in the neck, thorax and abdomen, effectively connecting your brain to your lungs, digestive tract and, most notably, your heart.  This nerve controls the parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest and digest” nervous system.  Not only does it calm and rejuvenate the body, it balances the the life-saving, but degenerative “fight or flight” nervous system.

This nerve is such a powerful carrier of information that according to a New York Times article, “Sudden Stress Breaks the Heart”, (1)  a sudden emotional stress – from grief, fear, anger or shock – can cause heart failure.

The article says:  “A death in the family, an armed robbery, a car accident, a biopsy procedure and a surprise party were among the events that sent 18 women and one man to coronary care units in Baltimore with chest pains and weakening of the heart, according to an article in The New England Journal of Medicine.”

Try Tulsi.  One way to fortify the Vagus Nerve according to Dr. John Douillard at Lifespa.com is to use one of the most renown medicinal herbs of India, Tulsi Holy Basil.  This herb has been used for centuries to promote better sleep, immunity and stress resilience, support strength and stamina, and to enhance calm and clarity. (2)

A second approach is to make sure you have enough Omega3.

Evidence from numerous areas of research have shown that omega 3 oils have a significant ability to support Heart Rate Variability, HRV which reflects a healthy nerve-heart relationship.  The DHA component of Omega3, has been shown to improve vagal nerve tone which is a crucial part of healthy heart rhythms.

The vagus responds to our thoughts, both positive and negative and connects the thoughts to the major organs.  Impulses in the vagus nerve assists the adrenal glands during ‘fight or flight’ situations by stimulating the release of adrenaline in the brain.   The vagus nerve also activates the calming of the body after perceived dangers have passed.

Good vagal tone helps us be happier, less stressed and less likely to suffer from depression.  Our memories are better.  We can focus our attention and have increased brain-power.   The vagus nerve also plays a part in balanced insulin production as well as cardiovascular health and immune responses.

Due to the connection between the brain and the digestive system, nutrition is an important foundation of vagal nerve activity.  Omega-3 fatty acid intake can boost mood and vagal tone, and the presence of symbiotic digestive bacteria can positively affect the action of the nerve.  When we improve vagal tone, we help reduce stress.  This important connection between the brain and the heart helps strengthen the immune system, and helps us to feel better about everything we are doing and feeling.


OM3 – 6 Ratio – A Matter of Life & Death

The Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.  An imbalance in this ratio has been shown to contribute to an incredible array of deadly disease.  Contributors to the imbalance are everywhere and often hidden.

omega 3

A hidden killer.

An abstract published at NCBI’s (a branch of the National Institutes of Health) website (1) suggests that humans evolved on a ratio of about 1 to 1 and that Western diets today have a ratio of 15/1 or more.   This promotes diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Increasing omega-3  helps prevent many diseases such as cardiovascular disease colorectal cancer, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

Getting the ratio balanced is difficult because soybean oil (7 to 1 ratio), olive oil (13 to 1) and corn oil (49 to 1) are used in so many snack and fast foods.  The ubiquitous soybean oil alone represents an astounding 20 percent of the calories in the American diet.

Because of this Merri and I take Omega 3 Supplements every day and I asked Kris Vigue (the manufacture of the supplement we use) to write more about his Omega 3 program.

Here is Kris’s report.

Omega 3s reduce CRP and tumor necrosis factor markers for inflammation

By Kris Vigue

Omega 3s reduce CRP and tumor necrosis factor markers for inflammation.

Inflammation affects us all, but it’s imperative that we keep it under control to prevent chronic inflammation from taking over our lives. Unfortunately, the typical American diet consists of far too many omega-6 fatty acids, which are responsible for creating more inflammation within the body. The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids within the body should be closer to 1:1, rather than the average 15:1 that most Americans have. Combine that with the effects of stress, sugary foods, environmental toxins, and we have the perfect cocktail for high amounts of inflammation within our bodies.

Higher levels of inflammation within the body have created a myriad of problems. Everything from heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases can be linked back to inflammation. While eating wild caught fish such as salmon would be an ideal way to raise your Omega-3 levels, our oceans have become so polluted that eating fish now poses more health risks than benefits. Mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), radioactive substances like strontium, and toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, chromium, and arsenic are typically found in fish.

There is a more convenient solution to raise your Omega-3 blood lipid levels, free of the harmful contaminants that are so prevalent in much of the fish stock available for consumption.

As we’ve learned in the past from one of our Super Thinking speakers, Dr. Jim Vigue, not all Omega-3 supplements are created equal.

We spent 11 months perfecting our formula so that it would enable the user to experience the maximum benefits that come from Omega-3s. After three years of testing, we are still absolutely convinced that it is the highest quality Omega-3 supplement on the market and the results our customers are getting have been tremendous.

The difference between our product and other fish oil supplements, is that our formula has a very powerful combination of krill oil and calamarine oil, the powerful natural antioxidant astaxanthin, vitamin D and a proprietary antioxidant blend. Our blend enters the cells with much higher efficiency than other products on the market.

The key with any Omega-3 supplement is to get the blood level of Omega-3s at a level that helps offset many of the diseases of aging, including heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and even some cancers. Research has shown that if we can get Omega-3 index (omega-3 blood lipid levels) around 8%, then we have the change that we will age at less than half the rate as those with an index around 3% (which is where most Americans are).

One of the main reasons why we created Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Plus was that studies have shown that many of the current Omega-3/fish oil supplements on the market would not raise a consumer’s index level to the levels needed to experience the true benefits of the nutrients. In one study, the Omega-3 index was measured in 704 individuals, some were taking fish oil supplementation and some were not. Only 1% of the group not taking fish oil had an Omega-3 index of 8%. However in the group that was taking fish oil, only 17% had an Omega-3 Index above 8%. That means that 83% of people in the study taking fish oil were NOT getting to the goal!

Athlete’s Best uses the ultra-pure Neptune Krill Oil as one of our ingredients and NKO has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation within the body. One of the most useful markers of inflammation is the presence of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood. Neptune Krill Oil was examined to see what effect it might have on chronic inflammation as measured by CRP in patient’s blood.

In this random, double blind study, 90 patients with chronic inflammation as measured by elevated blood CRP were divided into two equal groups. The first group received 300 mg per day of Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) while the second received a placebo. Before the study began, all patients refrained from taking any pain medication except acetaminophen and any supplements of foods containing high levels of Omega-6 for two weeks. During the study, blood samples were taken to measure serum CRP.

After just 7 days, the Neptune Krill Oil group had reduced their CRP levels by an average of 19.3% while the placebo group increased their CRP levels by 15.7%.

After only 14 days, the NKO group had reduced their CRP levels by 29.7% while the placebo group had increased their CRP by 32.1%.

Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Plus contains large amounts of phospholipids, potent antioxidants including astaxanthin, vitamin D, and a high ratio of pure Omega-3s from NKO & calamarine oil. Phospholipids protect cell membranes from injury; the Omega-3’s EPA and DHA trigger secretion of anti-inflammatory biochemicals; and astaxanthin inhibits production of pro-inflammatory biochemical.

Initially designed for athletes, we’ve seen this product benefit everyone who has continued its use. Continuing use is important as the body cannot produce Omega-3 fatty acids on its own. Studies have shown that the continued use of marine-derived Omega-3 supplementation has a significant lowering effect on inflammation markers within the body; in both those suffering from chronic inflammation and healthy individuals.

You can go on the Athlete’s Best website and pick up more information on the product.  A link is below.

This identical formula is being sold in gyms all over the country at much higher prices.

Dr. Jim has provided Gary Scott readers a $5 code which puts this price below even the normal price at athletesbest.com’s website.

Plus this price includes free shipping in the USA.

This brings the per bottle cost down to below $1.00 a day at $44.95 for this premium product with premium ingredients. Each bottle offers a 45 day supply of product.

A 90 day supply is $79.90 with free shipping which brings the cost per day even lower.  Gary Scott readers receive a 10% discount using the code GARYSCOTT10.

Since it takes roughly 90 days for red blood cells to go through a complete cycle, users really need to take the product (or any supplement for that matter) for at least 90 days to get the maximum benefit.

A 90 day supply is less than $.95 a day for a product that  provides a superior and proprietary Omega 3 formula, the Astaxanthin, the vitamin D and the antioxidant blend.

Order three month supply for 10% off the $79.90 price here

omega 3


(1) NCBI’s  The importance of the ratio of omega-6/omega-3 essential fatty acids

(References from for Kris’s report: Li K, Huang T, Zheng J, Wu K, Li D. Effect of Marine-Derived n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on C-Reactive Protein, Interleukin 6 and Tumor Necrosis Factor α: A Meta-Analysis. PLoS One. 2014 Feb 5;9(2):e88103. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0088103.)

Benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3 is important for longevity and good natural health.

Research has shown that high Omega-3 Index values are related to slow rates of “cellular aging.”

“No nutrient is more important for decreasing cardiovascular death – and more lacking – than omega-3.”  Bernadine Healy, MD  Cardiologist and Past President of American Heart Association  – Past Director of the NIH – Past Director of the Red Cross.

She concludes:   “Before long, your personal Omega-3 Index just could be the new cholesterol – the number you want to brag about.  Omega-3 content in red blood cells is a strong predictor cardiovascular disease.”

Low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are associated with higher rates of:

* Heart Disease, including:

* Sudden Cardiac Death (Primary Cardiac Arrest)

* Mortality from Congestive Heart Failure

* Mortality after Heart Attack

* 2nd Heart Attack

* 1st Heart Attack in those with High Triglycerides/Low HDL 2nd Stroke Cellular Aging

*  Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease, Inflammation ,Chronic Joint Swelling, Headaches, Prostate cancer.

In the USA and European Union, the average Omega-3 Index is 4-5%.

In Japan, the average diet is high in Omega-3 and the average Omega-3 Index is 9.5%.

In the USA, sudden cardiac death rates are about 20 times HIGHER than they are in Japan.

The importance of measuring your Omega-3 Index:

Omega Chart

In one study, the Omega-3 index was measured in 704 individuals, some were taking fish oil supplementation and some were not. Only 1% of the group not taking fish oil had an Omega-3 Index  of 8%.

However, in the group that was taking fish oil, only 17% had an Omega-3 Index above 8%.

83% of people in the study taking fish oil were NOT getting to goal!!!

Common fish oils don’t always supplement enough Omega 3.

Overall health can improve with a healthy omega index.  Heart disease is one area where omega-3s are known to benefit.  But there is also the fact that a healthy omega score slows down telomere reduction and cellular aging, limits cognitive decline and helps hold off Alzheimer’s and reduces overall inflammation levels in the body (thereby improving joint pain).

Inflammation is considered a major factor in all the diseases of aging and Omega 3 is involved in the process of reducing CRP (C-Reactive Protein) a major inflammation marker.  Omega 3 can help increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower readings of both triglycerides and PSA scores.

I use Athlete’s Best Omega 3 Supplement because it includes vitamin D, the anti oxidant astaxanthin  and a proprietary anti oxidant blend along with the krill oil and calamarine oil.

You can go on the Athlete’s Best website and pick up more information on the product.  A link is below.

This identical formula is being sold in gyms all over the country at much higher prices.

Dr. Jim has provided Gary Scott readers a $5 code which puts this price below even the normal price at the athletesbest website.

Plus this price includes free shipping in the USA.

This brings the per bottle cost down to below $1.00 a day at $44.95 for this premium product with premium ingredients.  Each bottle offers a 45 day supply of product.

A 90 day supply is $79.90 with free shipping which brings the cost per day even lower.  Gary Scott readers receive a 10% discount using the code GARYSCOTT10.

Since it takes roughly 90 days for red blood cells to go through a complete cycle users really need to take the product (or any supplement for that matter) for at least 90 days to get the maximum benefit.

A 90 day supply is less than $.95 a day for a product that  provides a superior and proprietary omega 3 formula, the Astaxanthin, the vitamin D and the anti oxidant blend.

Order three month supply for 10% off the $79.90 price here

omega 3



(1) http://www.nytimes.com  Sudden Stress Breaks Hearts

(2) http://lifespa.com/how-vagus-nerve-tone-reduces-pain-and-inflammation