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Here’s Your Christmas Gift From Us

Merry Christmas.   Here’s a gift from Merri and me, a thought and an exercise that can make your life more clear.

This is a special celebration, filled with wisdom for the ages.  Merri and I send our best wishes that for you, your friends and family, this is a special one… filled with joy and good.

I have great interest in ancient wisdom and its role in history.  I look for ideas that repeat themselves again and again.

For example my research on the Order of Knights Hospitaller and on Andean shamanic health secrets revealed that both disciplines used a similar posture.  This kneeling is often, mistakenly, associated as simply a position to prayer.

Actually this posture is much more.


In yoga this posture is known as the Warrior.


Image from Yogaoutlet.com (1).

This explanation of the Benefits of the Warrior I Pose from Yogaoutlet.com shows how this pose can assist in prayer and improve our natural health at the same time.

Virabhadrasana I (warrior) stretches the whole front side of the body while strengthening the thighs, ankles, and back.  This is a powerful standing pose that develops stamina, balance, and coordination.  It tones the abdomen, ankles, and arches of the feet.  This pose also stretches the chest and lungs, improving breathing capacity and invigorating the body.  It can be therapeutic for sciatica. It also encourages greater flexibility, strength, and range of motion in the feet, increasing circulation as it warms all of the muscles.

Beyond the physical posture, Warrior I creates deep concentration. Focusing on your foundation and building the pose from the ground up reduces distractions and hones your energy.  Your mind becomes focused, calm, and clear.

No wonder ancient wisdoms encouraged worshipers to use the posture.  What could be better that focus, calm and clarity when in prayer?

This is the type of information we seek to share with you… ancient wisdom from numerous sources that all shine a light on the same thing.

Here is another idea we found in our studies of ancient wisdoms beginning with the teachings of  the Knights Hospitaller.

I found that Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, Alexander von Humboldt, even Michaelangelo and many other names you would recognize have been members.  These men and the Grand Masters all had one special thing in common.  They were men of peace.

Yet these orders were founded nearly a thousand years ago around 1048 because of a war.  The hospitallers built and ran a hospital in Jerusalem for  pilgrims visiting the Holy City during the crusades.

This Order exists because of a war but are based on beliefs about how to attain peace.

Here is the simple Christmas thought that this order has passed down for a millennium.

“We are all one.  We have more in common than we have differences.  Love one another and live in peace.”

These orders have celebrated the birth of Christ, which offers hope to everyone and shows that all negativity can be overcome by the positive power of love.

This was confirmed in a wonderful Christmas article in an issue of the Economist magazine entitled “A Mary for All” (2) which points out links between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  One portion explains how Mary is Islam’s most honored woman and that she is the only one to have an entire chapter named after her in the Koran.

So here is the message of ancient wisdom that has been passed down for nearly a millennium.

“A thousand years is enough.  Let’s love one another regardless of race, religion or creed.  We have so much more in common than we have differences. We’ll all be more abundant if we have peace on earth for all men!”

Merry Christmas to you, one and all.

Gary & Merri

(1) Yogaoutlet:  The Warrior Pose

(2) www.economist.com: A Mary for All

Beyond Chelation

Vitality Force provides a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid that can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan.

A delegate at one of our courses was a doctor in his eighties but who had the energy and looks of a much, much younger man.  When asked about his secret of youth he said his vitality was based on several factors.  A few of them you would expect, such as good diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of activity in a strong, purposeful life.  Then he explained another secret of his youth and energy: chelation.

This youthful doctor told us he had been running the largest I.V. chelation center in the United States from Hawaii. Hardening of the arteries is such a huge problem in our modern world that he was making a fortune.

Then, he said, he had learned about a vitamin-mineral formula that was so effective that he shut down his clinics and exclusively used this simple formula which he felt had better results than I.V. chelation therapy.

Years of research are behind this comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional supplement, designed to maintain and promote vascular health, mental and physical well being.

That client and doctor friend gave us a month’s supply of this formula.  He thought it would be excellent for us and would help us with traveling also.  Merri and I tried this product ourselves and felt better and better.

We have made it a point to take heart healthy supplements since.  We love the savings we enjoy with the mixed supplement we use.   It is so much less expensive than all the numerous other vitamins and minerals that we had been taking.  We actually were spending less!

The system we use is so convenient.  Everything is in one simple scoop of powder we take daily.  Especially when we travel we just bring along a packet for each day we are on the road.  No more loading up pill boxes or bringing bottles (or suitcases full of bottles) of vitamins and stuff.

As is so often the case when we like something we start talking about it and pretty soon, a batch of friends were taking Vitality Force and telling us great things about their experiences.  They reordered so much of it through that I decided to make it available to all my readers.

Let me begin by saying that Vitality Force has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease and should only be taken as a food supplement.  Having said this, I share information about Vitality Force below.

This supplement combines over two dozen ingredients, known to have beneficial effects, into one total cardiovascular support program.

Vitality Force’s main ingredient is L-arginine.  Studies have shown that L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, an important cardiovascular signaling molecule.

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is the biological precursor of nitric oxide.

The medical establishment has known about the benefits of nitric oxide as nitroglycerine and amyl nitrite which creates a flood of nitric oxide have been used in medicine for over a century.

Nitric oxide is an important signal and effector molecule made by the blood vessels’ lining. The endothelium is exquisitely sensitive to the physical and chemical conditions inside our blood vessels. When the endothelium senses heart-healthy conditions, such as physical activity and low cholesterol, it releases more nitric oxide.  That’s good because nitric oxide expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and decreasing plaque growth and blood clotting.

In 1998, three research scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine when they discovered the natural nitric oxide cycle in our cells.  Nitric oxide is essential to a vital natural cycle at the cellular level.  It is so  important in neuroscience, physiology, and immunology, that one year it was named “Molecule of the Year”.   Research into its function led to a Nobel Prize for discovering its importance as a cardiovascular signalling molecule. The nitric oxide cycle especially helps the heart.

Nitric oxide is the simple molecule that improves the flow of blood to the heart body and brain, It also increases energy and stamina, relieve  stress, strengthens the immune and digestive system, plus improves clarity of mind.  Nitric oxide improves the health of the inner wall of a blood vessel, keeps vessels pliable and elastic, dilates blood vessels keeping blood flowing smoothly, relax blood vessels, keep platelets and white blood cells calm and prevent them from sticking to the vessel wall, prevent oxidation, slow plaque growth, suppress atherosclerosis and melt away plaque that already exists.

There are many benefits from removing plaque from the body:

  1. Helps to prevent arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries)
  2. Helps to rejuvenate your cardiovascular system
  3. Helps to improve conduction in all degrees of A-V heart block
  4. Helps increase American life expectancy
  5. Reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Improves vision and hearing
  8. Improves liver function
  9. Improves skin texture and tone
  10. Helps prevent abnormal cross linking of molecules that age tissue
  11. Helps to relieve symptoms of senility by increasing circulation to the brain
  12. Helps to relieve pain, hypoglycemia, phlebitis and scleroderma
  13. Dissolves fats in plaque lined arteries
  14. Helps make blood slippery and prevents abnormal blood clotting
  15. Helps to increase tissue oxygenation

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventative Medicine are the Future!

With our knowledge of alternative medicine doubling every three years and our technology advancing exponentially, we are entering an age where we are able to probably turn our biological clock backwards!  Instruments are now in use that can measure the functioning of each of our physical organs and new high potency nutritional supplements, hormonal balancing, and advanced oral chelation products have become available which can enhance the functioning of our organs and help prevent heart attacks and fight many of the auto-immune and degenerative diseases that are plaguing modern society.

There is one more benefit.  That is the savings and convenience.  Vitality Force is much more than just an all natural solution for cardiovascular health.

The formula includes the highest quality arginine, vitamins, minerals, and other immune boosting ingredients. It works by dilating the blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to flow freely throughout the body.  This helps improve the  bio-availability of all nutrients and helps enhance your other supplements that you may already be taking.

I like the powdered form because research suggests that consuming liquid nutritional products provides significantly improved absorption, (80% vs. 20% from tablets).

Vitality Force supports:

* Cardiovascular health

* Healthy immune function

* Anti-aging properties

* Improved energy levels

*  Dilated blood vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and the cardiovascular system

* Increased efficiency of oxygen utilization for energy production

* Enhanced numbers of mitochondria to actually produce energy

The Vitality Force formula includes:

  • L-Citrulline
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • B1 (thiamine)
  • B2 (riboflavin)
  • B3
  • B5 (pantothenic acid)
  • B6 (pyridoxine)
  • B12 (methylcobalamin)
  • Folate
  • CoQ10
  • Omega 3
  • Resveratrol
  • Potassium
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Fulvic Minerals
  • AstraGin™
  • Fructooligo Saccharide
  • Stevia


(Click on image to read the label.)

I get all these ingredients in Vitality Force from one daily scoop of powder!  I take mine first thing each morning and can feel a big positive difference in my vitality.

The Ultimate Key to Vitality

Taking Vitality Force provides almost every vitamin and mineral that we were previously taking in separate form.

Merri and I have actually reduced our spending on vitamins and minerals.  The powder is tasty, easy to use and one container has a month’s supply, which at $44.95 makes this a very inexpensive way to get most of the vitamins and minerals you already take as you gain the chelation benefits.

Vitality begins with activity including physical activity.  Many factors in modern living inhibit our physical activity.  There is a lot of stress to maintain a lifestyle.  Modern conveniences like the computer, electricity and car make it easier not to exercise.  There is also a difficulty in obtaining vitamin filled and rich, healthy food.  All of this saps vitality and can lead to a negative health spiral.  We feel badly so we eat comfort food and sit.  This makes us feel worse and the negative spiral deepens.

One way to break bad habits and a negative health spiral is to generate more nitric oxide.

One way to generate more nitric oxide is simply by taking a scoop of Vitality Force each day!


Learn more or order the food supplement Vitality Force.  The price is $44.95 when you order one container.  I recommend ordering two. The price drops to $37.95 and two months’ supply will give your vitality kick start a better chance.

This special offer provides a 10% discount for our readers.  Simply add the code SAVE10GS

To order Vitality Force click here



Serious Health Care Inflation

Serious Health Care Inflation is Ahead

This site has warned that inflation is coming.  Now it is here!


Ecuador shamans help us have inexpensive natural health care.

One reason to know more natural health tips from ancient wisdoms such as Ecuador shamanic nutritional ideas is exemplified inan Economist  March 17th 2011 special report entitled “Patient heal thyself”.
Here is an excerpt from that report: In any discussion about the role of the state, one subject soon dwarfs all others: health care. McKinsey points out that American spending on this has grown at an annual lick of 4.9% over the past 40 years, whereas GDP per person has grown by just 2.1%.  Pessimists are convinced nothing can be done to restrain it.

A refreshingly different perspective is provided by Sir John Oldham, a British doctor who is clinical lead for productivity in the

National Health Service.

His view of what he calls the coming tsunami is as pessimistic as anybody’s. Health costs, he points out, are determined by long-term conditions—things like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and lung disease, which are usually linked to lifestyle and diet. Some 15m Britons suffer from such conditions, which take up 70% of “bed days” in hospitals.

The numbers of cases in other countries are equally worrying. They explain why America, which currently spends 16% of its GDP on health care, is theoretically on track to spend 100% of its GDP on health care by 2065, followed soon by Japan.
China too has seen a huge rise in such conditions. They are no longer diseases of the old: in America, says Sir John, the Facebook generation is picking them up so rapidly that it might be the first not to live longer than its parents. But they are still mainly diseases of the poor, who live less healthy lives, smoking more, drinking more and consuming more salt and trans fats in processed food.

One obvious way to alleviate this problem is to tax the things that are causing it: when governments are having to strengthen their ambulances to cope with heavier patients, it is time for a levy on cheeseburgers. But Sir John reckons that getting patients to help manage their illnesses might be even more promising.
Sir John suggests that the NHS should set up an incentive scheme for its workers to lead healthier lives that would create rewards (or, as he likes to call them, “care miles”). That would set a good example. But for the biggest employer in the country it could also save a lot of money.
Here is an Ecuador shaman’s health tip. Here’s a Delicious Spring Cleaning Tip.

Twice a year (spring and fall) I remind readers about the excellent book, “The 3-Season Diet”, written by a long time acquaintance, John Douillard. You can order it at John’s website. John has worked with Merri and me and we have attended several of his courses. He is a former professional athlete, helped train Billy Jean King, is a consultant to the New Jersey Nets and runs an Ayurvedic and chiropractic sports medicine practice in Boulder, Colorado.  www.lifespa.com
This book is an excellent health generator on how to lose weight, beat food cravings and get fit. The 3 Season Diet points out that there are three growing seasons, spring, summer and fall. We should have three diets we vary through the
year, low calorie-low fat in spring, high carbohydrate in summer and high protein in winter. This creates a food supply that fits the body’s requirements as it shifts to adapt to each of these seasons.
So it’s time to be switching our eating routines. At the beginning of the switch it’s also a good idea to do a bit of purification. Ayurvedic healers recommend internal cleansing at the change of each eating season.
Digestion is vital for good health. Spring, is thought the ideal time to rejuvenate digestion, as this is nature’s time for rejuvenation. With the melting of the snows and the thawing of the ground, the fluids in the body also start flowing more freely and performing an internal cleansing routine can help flush toxins out of the body.
One way to get cleansing started is to eat plenty of cooked apples and pears to get elimination going in the morning. Prunes, pineapple, papaya and pomegranate are other fruits that aid digestion and cleansing.

One trick Merri and I learned from a healer in the Andes is to eat just pineapple for an evening meal (eaten on an empty stomach).  This is a great and enjoyable cleansing.
Ecuador shaman’s health is inexpensive.
It costs a lot less to enjoy healthy food in Ecuador. A pineapple in Ecuador is 50 cents. Here, $4.99. Down south we can buy a large bag of pears (perhaps 12 to 15 pears) for $1. Here, two pears (not so fresh either) cost $2.29.
Whether you are in North America, Ecuador or wherever…Spring has sprung… so take a look at your diet. Do some spring cleaning and eat lighter foods now.

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Health Brings Wealth Link

Good health beings wealth and more.

Health, wealth and spirituality are connected as are ancient wisdoms that explain this reality.

See how this…


ancient exercise connects health, wealth and spirituality here.


Ancient Thinking Comes Round

There was great wisdom in a lot of ancient thinking.


See below how symbols like this can help you find value in real estate today.

What goes around, comes around… so many of the ideas that are now called modern science have been with mankind for thousands of years.

Around 3500 BC, the Mesopotamians began to attempt to record some observations of the world with extremely thorough numerical data.

Records of Pythagoras’ law in tablets dated as the 18th century BC.

Babylonian astronomy is still widely used in Western calendars.

Ancient Egyptian science included astronomy, mathematics and medicine including analysis of the brain that have been called “the very beginnings of modern neuroscience”.

Vital legacies of science included factual knowledge, especially in anatomy, zoology, botany, mineralogy, geography, mathematics and astronomy; an awareness of the importance of certain scientific problems, especially those related to the problem of change and its causes; and a recognition of the methodological importance of applying mathematics to natural phenomena and of undertaking empirical research.

The influence of this thought led one generation of science to the next.

Great knowledge has been known for thousands of years and when we look back at this knowledge we find ourselves on the threshold of modern science.


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