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Amazon Spanish Camp

See below a special opportunity to learn Spanish in four days in an  Amazon Spanish Camp at La Selva Lodge, Ecuador.


La Selva Jungle Lodge is one of the best lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon and owner, Kjetil Haugan, offers several special privileges to our readers.  This has become the perfect place to have our first Super Learning + Spanish Camp in Ecuador.

The lodge is authentic… in operation since the 1980s and…


offering incredible eco tours…


jungle treks…


free birding…




wonderful cuisine… a true adventure that supports the indigenous community and environment.


The lodge is comfortable plus…


there is an indigenous spa and much much more.

There is plenty of space for meetings and…


private time.


Delegates to this course learn Super Thinking, Spanish and the wonders of the Amazon while they save hundreds of dollars.

See more about La Selva Lodge here

See details of  our Florida based Super Thinking + Spanish course here.

The Amazon Super Thinking + Spanish Camp Includes the Super Thinking + Spanish course fee plus four nights accommodation, all meals at La Selva Lodge, all excursions and all transport in the Amazon and an English naturalist guide.

Because Kjetil Haugan, a friend for more than a decade, recently purchased La Selva we have been able to help our Super Thinking + Spanish teacher Glenn Sterling put together a super special price that cuts the cost of your Spanish course in half.

(Fees do not include airfare to or from Quito, Ecuador, airfare from Quito to Amazon ($145), National Park Fee ($25), bar bill and or tips.)

You might well ask how we can create such a bargain and there are several reasons behind the  answer. First, because of our long standing relationship, the owner of La Selva, Kjetil has offered us a special price.  Second most hotels and tour businesses in Ecuador offer us a commission. We do not accept commissions and pass the savings on to our Ecuador Living Club subscribers.  Third when you enroll for this Amazon tour you are automatically enrolled as an Ecuador Living Club member… a $119 value.. but this makes you eligible for huge discounts at hotels including this Amazon lodge.

Glenn Sterling has combined all these benefits to create this special value.  For details of the next Amazon Spanish Camp contact Glenn Sterling at glenn sterling nnomad9@gmail.com


Green Investing Amazon Rain Forest Idea

Clean Ecuador Water & Skies are important stuff.


Photograph by Sebastian Liste for TIME from Times article Rain Forest with caption “Heart of the forest Ecuador’s Napo River feeds into the Amazon in oil-rich Yasuni National Park”

A February 2012 Times article “Rain Forest for Ransom” by Bryan Walsh outlines the importance of Ecuador’s environment in the Amazon. Here is an excerpt from that article (bolds are mine):   Yasuni National Park — a 10,000-sq-km reserve on the western fringes of the Amazon basin — is indeed a paradise, considered by many scientists to be the single most biodiverse spot on the planet. But it’s a paradise in danger of being lost. Oil companies have found rich deposits beneath the park’s trees and rivers, nearly 900 million barrels of crude worth billions of dollars. That’s money that Ecuador — a small South American country in which a third of the population lives below the poverty line and petroleum already accounts for more than half its export revenue — badly needs, money that oil companies and consumers will be only too happy to provide if drilling is allowed to go forward.

If Ecuador follows the usual path of development, that’s exactly what will happen — with disastrous consequences for the park. “Yasuni is a truly unique place in the world,” says Gorky Villa, an Ecuadorian botanist who works with the conservation group Finding Species. “Our concern is that it will be ruined before we can even understand it.” (See photos of the polluted area in Ecuador.)

But there may be another way. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has told the international community that his country would be willing to forgo drilling and leave Yasuni largely intact in exchange for donations equal to $3.6 billion over 13 years, or about half the expected market value of the park’s oil deposits. The plan — known as the Yasuni-ITT Initiative, after the name of the reserve’s oil field — would conserve Yasuni’s unique biodiversity and prevent the emission of over 800 million tons of carbon dioxide, an amount equal to Germany’s annual greenhouse-gas footprint. The Yasuni plan would be a first for global environmental policy: recognition that the international community has a financial responsibility to help developing nations preserve nature. “Oil is by far the most important part of Ecuador’s economy,” says Carlos Larrea, a professor at Andean University and a technical adviser on the Yasuni project. “But we are willing to keep that oil indefinitely unexploited if the international community contributes.”

Of course, from another perspective, the Yasuni initiative might look like environmental blackmail by Ecuador: Pay us or the forest gets it. And since the proposal was first floated a few years ago, Ecuador has struggled to get international partners to sign on, in part because momentum on climate policy has ebbed in the face of the prolonged global economic crisis. Nor does it help that Correa himself has sent mixed signals on the project, simultaneously preparing for drilling even as he asks for donations. (Read “Can Ecuador Trade Oil for Forests?”)

There is, however, no ignoring the essential justice of the plan. If we all really do have a shared stake in the natural heritage represented by hot spots like Yasuni, then we have a shared responsibility in helping a poor country preserve it. “We need these resources to develop the country, but we’re also responsible people who want to protect Yasuni,” Correa said in New York recently. “If the poor don’t receive direct benefits from conservation, conservation won’t be sustainable.”

For the past decade Merri and I have participated in protecting the Amazon rain forest in an economically viable way and just a decade ago we financed an Amazon camp for a small indigenous community.   Here is an excerpt from an article posted at our website after we took our first (and regretfully only) group to this camp in 2002. The  February 2002 article is entitled “Amazon Story”.

This tells of the camp we financed in the Amazon to help the indigenous avoid selling out to big oil.


Ecuador is the second largest oil exporter in South America and its economic plan for the next five years is based on doubling its production of the black gold.

Oil has been the nation’s short term economic salvation, but this is the reason we are here as well because this same oil also creates huge ecological problems, destroys rain forests, pollutes streams, etc.

One way of combating this problem has been the creation of numerous huge eco-reserves and we headed for one of the largest, the Cuyabeno (good man) Reserve, 2,700 square miles of deep jungle rainforest that is highly protected.

This area has been created to conserve the fauna and flora and meet requirements so the native inhabitants in joint administration with the government can continue to live, as they always have, here.

The preserve is set into two areas, the first is open to tours through just six tour operators and three lodges of which our lodge is one. (Merri and I are have such a belief in this project that we have financed and implemented it for them). No one except the indigenous are allowed into this area unless with one of the tour guides.

“Land of the Siona-Secoya”. This is what the lodge is about, its revenues are used in part to help support this tribe, building schools, providing basic needs and trying to stop the encroachment of western civilization so this community can live as they have for so many generations before.

A Kingfisher (a sign that the environment is clean- as they cannot stand pollution) landed on a red plant that the native guide tells is a contraceptive used by the locals. They boil it for two days and drink a cup a day to prevent unwanted childbirth. Yet the community here needs kids, only 43 remain in the community.

Perfumes floated through the areas, exotic, heady sweet smells, wild garlic, frangapani and huge banks of honey suckle.

Giant fish roiled in the water. Ara Paima (tarpon) are one of the major food sources for the natives here. They are caught by trolling with a small fish until the tarpon is attracted. Then one fisherman uses a small canoe and detachable harpoon that hooks a strong line into the fish, leading to a long, exciting ride and finally dinner for many. Pirannahs and catfish also frequent the river and will add to our daily fare while we are here.

After about two and a half hours of this jungle canyon, the first of three lodges appeared. Our lodge is deepest in the jungle so we journeyed further before we arrived.

The stilt lodge is hidden in the jungle and approached by steps up from the river and a boardwalk through vine-covered jungle that leads to a thatched covered tee shaped building surrounded by jungle green.

The next morning after a breakfast of tropical delights, we boated to an obscure path, climbed out and hiked to the village of the Siona-Secoya that we protect. Our partnership with this community began after the village Shaman, Aldemar, saw our partner (Santiagio Guamani) in a dream as the man who would help his people.


Regretfully that part of the Amazon was closed shortly after that first tour, so we donated the camp to the Ecuadorian tour operator (who was seen in a dream by the shaman) who could continue taking Ecuadorians there.

This is why we were delighted when our friend, Kjetil Haugan, purchased La Selva Lodge in another accessible part of the Amazon so we can sponsor camps there. This area is deep in the protected Amazon and is a pristine delight…we treasured our times in the Amazon and were so happy to introduce this excellent lodge and trip!

The first camp will be a Amazon Spanish camp conducted by Glenn Sterling.

Glenn just sent us this note which shows the beauty of clear skies and environmental cleanliness in Ecuador.

The Skies Over Ecuador

Glenn Sterling

Ecuador had 4 distinct regions and of course, skies to match each.  Galapagos, Pacific coast, Andes, Amazon (not the bookseller). 

I haven’t been to the Galapagos, but I have been to a lot of the rest of Ecuador.  Here are some of the images my camera took that you may easily see.  I’ve also included some of the Ecuadorian airborne – by this I mean birds and such.

One of the most glorious aspects of the Ecuadorian sky is cleanliness.  You know you’re breathing good clean air, either from high altitude or from lack of pollution.  A little bird told me.

Foggy cloud above Cayambe (mountain top) near Pappalacta hot springs.


Sky over the Amazon headwaters – a cooling, refreshing rain falls most afternoons for minutes.


The Napo River, riverboats, stunning Amazonian jungle and sky.


An exquisite butterfly alights on a plant at a cocoa farm outside Tena.


Commonly called a parrot, this Macau joined us for breaky at our hotel in Puyo.


Above Banos, the live volcano Tungurahua creates its own cloud.


Rain threatens the Andes cordillera lasting about 20 seconds with a bark much worse than its bite.


This colorful Parrot patrols the animal shelter at Cotundo guarding its entrance.


Near the coast about 2 miles from San Clemente daily colorful skies amaze everyone.



Join Glenn Sterling for photos and a once in a lifetime Amazon adventure that helps protect the rain forest environment as you learn Spanish in four days. March 2-6.


Read  Time’s Rain Forest for Ransom

Spanish Courses in Cotacachi & Bahia Ecuador

To enroll,  contact Super Thinking + Spanish Teacher Glenn Sterling at nnomad9@gmail.com

Three Day Super Thinking + Spanish courses tuned to real estate tours.  Super thinking + Spanish teacher Glenn Sterling has added a special schedule of Super Thinking + Spanish courses just before and after Ecuador real estate tours.

Most real estate tour delegates arrive in Ecuador through Quito.  Glenn’s Spanish courses provide a day for him to pick you up bring you to Cotacachi and get you back to your Coastal or Cuenca real estate tour.

You can enroll in a Three Day Super thinking plus Spanish course on its own or with an Ecuador real estate tour.

bahia-hotel tgs:

La Piedra, Bahia

Ecuador Amazon Lodge Update

Ecuador Living Club members get an upgrade on Ecuador Amazon lodge benefits.

La Selva Jungle Lodge is one of the best lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon and  we have been pleased to offer Ecuador Living club members several special privileges.

I was even more pleased to receive this note from our friend Kjetil Haugan. He wrote:  Gary, After several months of negotiations and I have purchased La Selva Jungle Lodge. I  am very optimistic about this and met the staff and the local community last weekend. We will upgrade the lodge into the top eco lodge with very personalized service.

First, the lodge. It has been…


rustic and authentic… in operation since the 1980s and…


offering incredible eco tours… jungle treks… free birding… wonderful cuisine… a true adventure that supports the indigenous community and environment.


The lodge is comfortable plus…


there is an indigenous…


spa and much more.

See here why La Selva is the number one lodge in the jungle.

The previous owners provided Ecuador Living club members a 15% discount (except not airfare from Quito – $130 – and not including their bar bill)   This included all meals and guided excursions and transportation to and from the lodge.

They also provided upgrades, plus the Canopy Breakfast free.

THE CANOPY BREAKFAST: The normal price for the breakfast is $30 per person and it is a real thrill.   Breakfast is served  135 feet high above the forest in our canopy tower at dawn. The tower is one of the most coveted spots at the lodge because of the wildlife sightings and perspectives from there.  Your Ecuador Living subscribers should bring their cameras.  We’ll bring delicious food and impeccable service.

There was more.  In addition to the discount… the free Canopy Breakfast they also provided a FREE the choice of either the SUNSET CRUISE or CANDLELIGHT DOCKSIDE DINNER.

Candlelight Dinner (Normal Price: $90 per couple: This is an extremely romantic candlelit dockside dinner for two on our lake alone except for you private attentive waiter and a single table. We’ll light up the entire dock with a trail of candles that leads to your table. Complimentary Cocktails OR Wine.

Sunset Cruise (Normal Price: $80 per couple):  Enjoy our decorated dugout canoe with snacks and wine; a sailor will take you both along the lagoon to savior the beauty of a sunset in the Amazon, completely alone and cheering for your love.

Ecuador Living club members have been able to save far more than the cost of a year’s club membership on just a La Selva Jungle Lodge adventure.

Now as La Selva is upgraded so too will be the benefits.  We have worked closely with Kjetil both in his Palmazul and Vistazul projects and his outstanding Galapagos cruises.  His new ownership of La Selva will add en expanded benefit to Ecuador Living club membership.


See how to get an Ecuador Living Club password here.

See how to learn about Ecuador in the USA and more as you save

Learn how to place Ecuador rental advertising

Learn how to place Ecuador real estate for sale ads

Amazon Lodge for Sale

Here is a huge turnkey business opportunity… and Amazon lodge for sale.

This Ecuador Amazon lodge for sale offers a unique profit and environmental opportunity.


Reserve and Eco-Lodge for sale in the Central Rainforest of Ecuador-South America.

This is a nice opportunity to buy and own a nice eco-lodge situated on an upper Amazon basin (950 meters over the sea), and scattered in our reserve (sanctuary of birds and butterflies), with an unbeatable view over the “Sangay” National Park, Sangay, Altares, Chimborazo Tungurahua Volcanoes, and “Pastaza and Puyo” Rivers.

The eco-lodge has 25 rooms for simple, double and triples occupancy plus 64.75 hectares (160 acres) of virgin rainforest in the central part of the Amazon region of Ecuador, South America.  Location: just 5 1/2 hours and half from Quito, 1 hour 30 minutes from and Baños town, 8 hours from Cuenca city , 9 hours from Guayaquil.

It has been built with construction materials that respect the eco-system of the rainforest to give our guests comfortable accommodation. Many events has been held on our eco-lodge and reserve due its exotic location, just to name a few: the visit of Candidates to Miss Ecuador to beauty pageant that selects Ecuador’s  representatives to Miss Universe, Raw television from UK a multi award winning production company specializing in great stories filmed a movie Locked Up Abroad” in our reserve, and some other Ecuadorian TV programs, the wife of our President visited twice our eco-lodge, see link for full information and our web page: www.altosdelpastazalodge.com

Those with a genuine interest in this Ecuador Amazon lodge and unique profit and environmental opportunity should contact the owner Fabian Bonilla for terms and price at drfabianbonilla@yahoo.com

Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve entrance.


General View of Altos del Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve entrance with “Sangay” Volcano and National Park in the background.


“Buo” House.


“Chinicuro” Cabins with view to the Rainforest.


Card room and small library.


Double accommodation at the lodge.


Room with views to the rainforest and Pastaza River.


Volcano view from lodge.




“Sunset” bar Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve


Refreshing pool with bar at the edge of earth.


Refreshing pool-at night-


Natural pool at Altos el Pastaza Reserve


Refreshing bath at Natural Pool- Altos Pastaza Reserve


Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge balcony (main point view-Mirador) with “Sangay “ Volcano and National Park at the background.


View to Pastaza River from Terrace Bar- Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve

This Ecuador Amazon lodge for sale offers a unique profit and environmental opportunity.

Reserve and Lodge on sale in Central Rainforest of Ecuador-South America.

“Próxima Parada” a TV travel program which shows the most important tourist attractions- destinations in Ecuador, announced that the lodge and reserve is one of the 10 more beautiful places to visit in Ecuador. The land is unique due its location on an upper Amazon basin overlooking the majestic “Pastaza and Puyo” Rivers.


At 950 meters (3,000 feet) above sea level with temperatures between 18 and 35 degrees celsius (65 & 95 F). This area is away from oil exploitation and other destructive practices, where guests can appreciate the “Sangay” National Park, Sangay, Altar, and much more.

The reserve is a sanctuary for a lot of species of birds and butterflies. The lodge is located in the central rainforest of Ecuador, Pastaza province, South America; it is dedicated to show the world this fascinating eco system and the beauty, magic and diversity of the tropical rainforest, with visits to Quichua communities, rainforest-canoes river rides, rafting, hiking to the primary and secondary rainforest in our reserve and as well to “Hola Vida” reserve and its waterfall.

The owners of the lodge believe the future of the rainforest is inextricably linked to the well being of its inhabitants, Their philosophy of providing quality and conservation, while preserving nature and offering guests a safe and unforgettable experience and they are looking for new owners to continue this eco venture.

Those  with a genuine interested in this Ecuador Amazon lodge and unique profit and environmental opportunity should contact Fabian Bonilla for terms and price at drfabianbonilla@yahoo.com

We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.

The Ecuador Living Club has a list of Ecuador attorneys who have helped subscribers to our Ecuador Living Club.

See how to get an Ecuador Living Club password here.

Learn how to place Ecuador rental advertising

Learn how to place Ecuador real estate for sale ads

Protect Your Savings in Ecuador

Old Accord Creates New Profits – Multi Currency Investments.

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priced in gold

Dollar chart from pricedingold.com (1)

The Fed has let the dollar lose most of its strength plus has allowed interest rates to fall so low, that safe investments cannot keep pace with the drop in purchasing power.


Chart from Grandfather Economic Report (2)

Many investors have forgotten about the risk of a falling dollar because the greenback has been strong for the past five years.  This temporary dollar strength came after the great recession of 2009 just as there was temporary dollar strength after the great recession of the 1980s.  Then about six years after the recession, an agreement was made by major governments to weaken the dollar.

There was a severe global economic recession affecting much of the developed world in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The United States and Japan exited the recession relatively early, but high unemployment would continue to affect Europe and the UK through to at least 1985.  As a consequence between 1980 and 1985, the US dollar had appreciated by about 50% against the Japanese yen, Deutsche mark, French franc and British pound, the currencies of the next four biggest economies at the time. Then the governments reached an agreement and exchange rate values of the dollar versus the yen declined by 51% from 1985 to 1987.

Now the world is again in the same place.  The recession is over.  Europe is a bit behind in recovery and the dollar is higher than before the recession.

There is no reason for the greenback to be  strong.

The agreement in 1985 was called the Plaza Accord.   Over just two years the greenback dropped nearly 50% versus other major currencies.  The next accord will generate great profits for those who know what to do while it ruins the purchasing power of dollar back investments.

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Next Extra Profit Created by Value Breakouts

Over the history of US equity markets, the  price of overall markets have risen about 9.1 percent, respectively, compounded annually.  Yet over more than a hundred years of stock market activity,  a majority of the profits have come from just a very few dramatic breakouts.

Equity markets are ruled in the short term by emotions that create unpredictable ups and downs.  Numerous fears of defaults, worries of double dip recessions, high unemployment, concerns about fiscal cliffs, hold investors back.  Yet global population growth and advances in production and prosperity are relentless economic fundamentals that increase value.

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Stocks rise from the cycle of war, productivity and demographics. Cycles create recurring profits. Economies and stock markets cycle up and down around every 15 years as shown in this graph.


The effect of war cycles on the US Stock Market since 1906.

Bull and bear cycles are based on cycles of human interaction, war, technology and productivity.  Economic downturns create war.

Here is the war stock cycle.  Military struggles (like the Civil War, WWI, WWII and the Cold War: WWIII) super charge inventiveness that creates new forms of productivity…the steam engine, the internal combustion engine,  production line processes, jet engines, TV, farming techniques, plastics, telephone, computer and lastly during the Cold War, the internet.  The military technology shifts to domestic use.  A boom is created that leads to excess.  Excess leads to correction. Correction creates an economic downturn and again to war.

Learn how the Cyber War (WWIV) may change the way we live and act and how this will affect currencies and investments.


* How to easily buy global currencies, shares and bonds.

* Trading down and the benefits of investing in real estate in Small Town USA.  We will share why this breakout value is special and why we have been recommending good value real estate in this area since 2009.

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keppler asset management chart

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Learn how much leverage to use.  Leverage is like medicine, the key is dose.  Buffett leverages his portfolio at a ratio of approximately 1.6 to 1.  This rate of expansion by the way is called the “Golden Ratio”.  It is a mathematical formula that controls the growth of most natural things; trees, the shape of leaves, the spiral of shells, as well as the way economies and societies grow.

We’ll sum the strategy, how to leverage cheap, safe, quality stocks and for what period of time based on your circumstances.

Learn to plan in a way so you never run out of money.  The seminar also has a session on the importance of having and sticking to a plan.  See how success is dependent on conviction, wherewithal, and skill to operate with leverage and significant risk.  Learn a three point strategy based on my 50 (almost) years of investing experience combined with wisdom gained from some of the world’s best investment managers and economic mathematical scientists.

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Learn the results of a $80,000 share purchase cost test that found the least expensive way to invest in good value.  The keys to this portfolio are good value, low cost, minimal fuss and bother.  Plus a great savings of time.  Trading is minimal, usually not more than one or two shares are bought or sold in a year.  I wanted to find the very least expensive way to create and hold this portfolio so I performed a test.

The Test for Low Cost Trading

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I created a test to see which offered the least expensive service.

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I set up the order for the country ETFs online, while my trust manager set up orders for the identical amounts of the same shares in his system.  Then we got on the phone, coordinated our timing and on a count of three each pushed the button “BUY”.

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(1) Dollar chart from pricedingold.com

(2) Grandfather Economic Report


Global Feet

A reason for being a one man multinational and having a six point command posture… with a global micro business and international investments is that your feet can do your voting.

The sun always shines somewhere and if clouds appear on the horizon of where you are… you have the ability to walk to a better place.  Or drive or sail or fly.  You have the choice.  You may choose to move on or not… but unlike most people that decision is yours.

So we have often looked in this site at the power of our feet to create freedom.

This message looks at the power of our feet to create good health.

I have often wondered about shoes. Can you…

feet and health

spot the…

feet and health


It’s the shoes… or lack thereof!

Long ago a yatchak in the Andes had me walk bare foot on wet morning dew grass. Then this Amazon shaman Aldemar… told me the same thing.

They both told me that the earth energy was vital to good health and to always exercise the legs using this LLama Walk exercise with…


bare feet.

This was no problem for me as I love going bare foot and do most of the time at our farms in North Carolina and grove in Florida as well as when we are at our Ecuador Hacienda.

This has been a habit since childhood and the bottoms of my feet remain pretty thick.

This always leaves me feeling grounded.

Now I see why.

I recall when living in Hong Kong many years ago. I was water skiing in Repulse Bay and hit a bottle… broken but still floating… I think this is what it was.   Whatever this put a 13 stitch gash in the bottom of my foot.  The MD at the emergency room broke three needles in the process of stitching me up.

His comment was “damn the bottom of your feet are like an elephant’s”.

One of the health experts who helped me a lot once taught me that after a long flight… as soon as possible after the flight get off the shoes and walk on the earth .

I had also learned that animal protein transferred the earth energy… so leather soles work well.

The footwear of Ecuador’s indigenous people is an espadrille that has a bottom made of natural fibers.

feet and health

“However”,  I often wondered, what impact do rubber and syntehtic insulating soles do to us?

feet and health

Converse… the shoes that 50 million or so Americans grew up in. I still wear them… all synthetic bottoms and all. Should I?

Our friend, and one of the best Medical Doctors I know, Dr. Joe Spano (listed in the 100 Best Doctors in the US) recently sent me an article that helps answer this question.

This article first points out the tremendous health impact electro-pollution can have on our bodies, including our heart.  Then it goes on to show a solution to electro pollution.

Here is an excerpt from “Are your shoes harming your health?” A link to the entire article is below.

“Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work—just like plugging a lamp into a power socket makes it light up.”—Excerpted from Earthing.

Today, I want to follow up with a surprisingly powerful way to help overcome electro-pollution so it won’t negatively affect your health. The solution is Earthing, which simply means connecting to the natural electric energy present on the surface of the planet we live on.

The Earth’s gentle energy is a remarkable source of healing, yet modern society is largely disconnected from it since we no longer live in contact with the ground. For example, we wear shoes made from synthetic insulating materials that disconnect us from the Earth’s energy. This separation makes us more vulnerable to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, poor sleep, and more.

I first learned about Earthing years ago when I was approached at an electro-medicine conference by Clint Ober, a pioneer in the cable television installation business. He wanted to speak with me about his Earthing theory and how it related profoundly to health. Intrigued, I sat down and listened.

What he had to say was unlike anything I had ever heard before…

Clint had survived a near-fatal health crisis, and came out of that experience determined not only to maintain his own wellness—but to find a higher mission in life. Suddenly, all of his success and wealth meant nothing. He gave it all up, and started his search for a second life’s calling.

One day Clint was people watching when he noticed that most people walk around in plastic or rubber soled footwear that breaks our connection—or grounding—to the Earth. He wondered if this could have an effect on health. It occurred to him rather innocently that he and most everyone else around him were insulated from the electrical surface charge of the Earth.

His thoughts went back to his years in the cable business. Before cable, you may remember that television was commonly affected by “snow,” or disturbing lines from electromagnetic interference. In the cable industry, systems in every home are grounded and shielded to prevent outside signals and fields from interfering with the transmission carried through the cable.

He wondered if grounding could also protect people from environmental electrical charges—or “electro-pollution?” And could a lack of grounding negatively affect health? Those questions inspired a personal pursuit into the world of science that has resulted in a major discovery. The answers turned out to be a resounding yes!

That’s where Earthing comes in—it discharges harmful electro-pollution from your body.

One of the best ways to discharge electro-pollution from your body is by “grounding” yourself—just like a television cable or household electrical system. It’s as simple as removing your shoes and walking barefoot on dirt, sand, the grass, and even unpainted concrete. The more time you spend directly connected to the Earth electrically grounding yourself, the better. Try starting with a half hour, reading in your backyard with your bare feet touching the ground.

That direct connection to the Earth protects you against the relentless free- radical stress caused by toxic wired, and wireless, waves that can cause electro-pollution in your body. You’re also getting an infusion of “activated” electrons produced on the surface of the earth by solar radiation and lightning strikes. It’s hypothesized that this infusion of negatively charged electrons stops the destructive free radicals involved in inflammation.

You’ll actually feel the effects of Earthing, in your mood and mental state.

Shortly after your foot touches the earth, an immediate normalization takes place. If you are tense, you relax. If you are too relaxed, your muscle tension returns to normal. The effect is similar on your brain waves. As your entire autonomic nervous system becomes more balanced, you’ll notice improved bodily function, and markedly improved sleep.

Inside your home, sleeping grounded with special conductive sheets is one of the best methods I know of to help restore the body’s self-healing and regulating mechanisms. You will not only sleep more soundly, but during the hours you’re asleep the natural energy of the Earth significantly boosts your body’s ability to function properly. Plus many people with chronic pain get significant relief!

I garden and…

healthy feet

work in…

feet and health


feet and health

bare feet.

I wonder what a magnet  in the shoes would would do?   Merri and I wear magnets at the base of our neck on long flights to overcome the loss of earth energy.

Perhaps a tiny one in the shoes between the foot and sole would help when one is stuck wearing shoes with artificial soles.


How We Can Serve You

How to Have Real Safety in 2020

The most important investment you can make in 2020, is in yourself. 

Invest in more time.  Invest in less stress. Invest in greater security.That’s why four years ago we created the Purposeful Investing Course (PI) because when it comes to finances, there are only three reasons why we should invest.  We invest for income.  We invest to resell our investments for more than we had invested.  We invest to make our world a better place.

We should not invest for fun, excitement or to get rich quick, or in a panic due to market corrections.

The core model portfolio we teach in the PI Course rarely changes, but is highly diversified in thousands of shares around the world… so there is higher long term profits, less stress and greater safety.

The portfolio consists of 19 country ETFs.  During the four years since we created the Purposeful Investing Course and set up a $40,000 real time portfolio at Motif Brokers, we have held the same 19 shares and have only traded three times.

The portfolio started with $40,000 and has risen to $53,591 ($49,015 in shares and the balance in accumulated cash).

The portfolio did really well from 2015 to 2018, better than the DJI Index.  Then as the US dollar grew in strength it fell behind.

The chart below shows the actual results of thos portfolio compared with the S&P 500.



This good value portfolio above is based entirely on good value financial information and mathematically based safety programs developed around investing models that date back 91 and 24 years.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets developed combining my 50 years of investing experience with study of the mathematical market value analysis of Keppler Asset Management.

In my opinion, Keppler is one of the best market statisticians in the world.  Numerous very large fund managers, such as State Street Global Advisers, use his analysis to manage over $2.5 billion of funds.

The Pifolio analysis begins with Keppler who continually researches international major stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return.  He compares each major stock market’s history.

Fwd: keppler

Michael Kepler CEO Keppler Asset Management.

Michael is a brilliant mathematician.  We have tracked his analysis for over 20 years.   He continually researches international major stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return.  He compares each stock market’s history.  From this, he develops his Good Value Stock Market Strategy and rates each market as a Buy, Neutral or Sell market.  His analysis is rational, mathematical and does not cause worry about short term ups and downs.  Keppler’s strategy is to diversify into an equally weighted portfolio of the MSCI Indices of each BUY market.

This is an easy, simple and effective approach to zeroing in on value because little time, management and guesswork is required.  You are investing in a diversified portfolio of good value indices.

A BUY rating for an index does NOT imply that any stock in that country is an attractive investment, so you do not have to spend hours of research aimed at picking specific shares.  It is not appropriate or enough to instruct a stockbroker to simply select stocks in the BUY rated countries.  Investing in the index is like investing in all the shares in the index.  You save time because all you have to do is invest in the ETF to gain the profit potential of the entire market.

To achieve this goal of diversification the Pifolio consists of Country Index ETFs.

Country Index ETFs are similar to an index mutual fund but are shares normally traded on a major stock exchange that tracks an index of shares in a specific country.  ETFs do not try to beat the index they represent.  The management is passive and tries to emulate the performance of the index.

A country ETF provides diversification into a basket of equities in the country covered.  The expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund as well so such ETFs provide diversification and cost efficiency.

Here is the Pifolio I personally use.

70% is diversified into Keppler’s good value (BUY rated) developed markets: Australia, Austria, France, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

30% of the Pifolio is invested in Keppler’s good value (BUY rated) emerging markets: Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The Pifolio consists of iShares ETFs that invested in each of the MSCI indicies of theseall good value BUY markets.

For example, the iShares MSCI Australia (symbol EWA) is a Country Index ETF that tracks the investment results the Morgan Stanley Capital Index MSCI Australia Index which is composed mainly of large cap and small cap stocks traded primarily on the Australian Stock Exchange mainly of companies in consumer staples, financials and materials. This ETF is non-diversified outside of Australia.

iShares is owned by Black Rock, Inc. the world’s largest asset manager with over $4 trillion in assets under management.

The fact that the Pifilios are invested in all the shares of the MSCI Index in each good value market reduces long term risk.

When the US stock market bull ends, know one knows for sure how long or how severe the correction will be.

When the bear arrives, what will happen to global and especially good value markets?

No  one knows the answer to this question.

What we do know is that the equally weighted, good value market Pifolios have the greatest potential long term and that math based trailing stops can be used to protect against a secular global stock market correction when it comes.

My fifty years of global investing experience helps take advantage of numerous long term cycles that are part of the universal math that affects all investments.

What you get when you subscribe to Pi.

You immediately receive a 120 page basic training course that teaches the Pi Strategy.   You learn all the Pi strategies, what they are, how to use them and what each can do for you, your lifestyle and investing.

You also begin receiving regular emailed Pifiolio updates and online access to all the Pifolio updates of the last four years.  Each update examines the current activity in a Pifolio, how it is changing, why and how the changes might help your investing or not.

Included in the basic training is an additional 120 page PDF value analysis of 46 stock markets (23 developed markets and 23 emerging stock markets).  This analysis looks at the price to book, price to earnings, average yield and much more.

You also receive two special reports.

In the 1980s, a remarkable set of two economic circumstances helped anyone who spotted them become remarkably rich.  Some of my readers made enough to retire.  Others picked up 50% currency gains.  Then the cycle ended.  Warren Buffett explained the importance of this ending in a 1999 Fortune magazine interview.  He said:  Let me summarize what I’ve been saying about the stock market: I think it’s very hard to come up with a persuasive case that equities will over the next 17 years perform anything like—anything like—they’ve performed in the past 17!

I did well then, but always thought, “I should have invested more!”  Now those circumstances have come together and I am investing in them again.

The circumstances that created fortunes 30 years ago were an overvalued US market (compared to global markets) and an overvalued US dollar.  The two conditions are in place again!

30 years ago, the US dollar rose along with Wall Street.  Profits came quickly over three years.  Then the dollar dropped like a stone, by 51%  in just two years.  A repeat of this pattern is growing and could create up to 50% extra profit if we start using strong dollars to accumulate good value stock market ETFs in other currencies.

This is the most exciting opportunity I have seen since we started sending our reports on international investing ideas more than three decades ago.  The trends are so clear that I have created a short, but powerful report “Three Currency Patterns for 50% Profits or More.”   This report shows how to earn an extra 50% from currency shifts with even small investments.  I kept the report short and simple, but included links to 153 pages of  Good Value Stock Market research and Asset Allocation Analysis.

The report shows 20 good value investments and a really powerful tactic that shows the most effective and least expensive way to accumulate these bargains in large or even very small amounts (less than $5,000).  There is extra profit potential of at least 50% so the report is worth a lot.

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With investors watching global stock markets bounce up and down, many missed two really important profit generating events over the last two years.  The price of silver dipped below $14 an ounce as did shares of the iShares Silver ETF (SLV).   The second event is that the silver gold ratio hit 80, compared to a ratio of 230 only two years before.

In September 2015, I prepared a special report “Silver Dip 2015” about a silver speculation, leveraged with a British pound loan, that could increase the returns in a safe portfolio by as much as eight times.  The tactics described in that report generated 62.48% profit in just nine months.

I have updated this report and “Silver Dip” report shares the latest in a series of long term lessons gained through 40 years of speculating and investing in precious metals.  I released the 2015 report, when the gold silver ratio slipped to 80.  The ratio has corrected and that profit has been taken and now a new precious metals dip has emerged.

I have prepared a new special report “Silver Dip” about a leveraged speculation that can increase the returns in a safe portfolio by as much as eight times.

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Tens of thousands have paid up to $999 to attend.

In 2020 I celebrate my 54th anniversary in the investing business and 52nd year of writing about global investing.  Our reports and seminars have helped readers have better lives, with less stress yet make fortunes during up and down markets for decades.  This information is invaluable to investors large and small because even small amounts can easily be invested in the good value shares we cover in our seminar.

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Subscribe to a Pi annual subscription for $197 and receive all the above.


Are your shoes harming your health?

Ecuador Living Update

Ecuador Living has it all… the mountains… the sea, Galapagos and the Amazon.

For the past decade www.Garyascott.com and www.EcuadorLiving.com has helped readers gain valuable information and trustworthy contacts in Ecuador.

Now we can do even more.

See below how we can now help you in all parts of Ecuador.

Ecuador Galapagos


We can help you with contacts in Galapagos.

Because we do not accept commissions, our Ecuador Living subscribers not only gain contacts, but can receive a 15% discount on Galapagos cruises on the Athala, the most luxurious cruise ship in the Galapagos. For details contact Kjetil Haugan at kjetil@haugancruises.com

Ecuador Amazon


Here I am with Eric Schwartz of La Selva Jungle Lodge and Ecuador Highlights Travel and our tour coordinator Bonnie Keough.

Merri and I were in Quito last week with Bonnie Keough knitting up contacts for our subscribers in the Amazon… plus improving the Ecuador travel savings our Ecuador Living subscribers receive.  We have been able to dramatically lower internal Ecuador airfares.

This recent Amazonian and travel upgrade means that wherever you are in Ecuador, Quito, Cuenca, Imbabura, Vilcabamba, the Pacific coast south to north, Galapagos or the Amazon we have contacts who can help you save and assure you enjoy dependable service.

From the mountain to the sea to the jungle we can help you in Ecuador.


Palmazul Spa on Ecuador’s Pacific offers discounts to Ecuador Living subscribers.

One service we provide is to scan Ecuador newspapers looking for unique properties and put our subscribers directly in touch with sellers… thus avoiding middle men mark ups and brokerage fees.

We also help our subscribers by asking developers (since we are not brokers and do not to accept real estate commissions) to provide discounts to our subscribers if they buy property.

We conduct real estate tours to help our subscribers learn Ecuador’s real estate market in the most efficient way.

Helping subscribers find and save on real estate is only one part of our service.

If you have an interest in traveling, investing, living, buying property or doing business in Ecuador a subscription to Ecuadorliving.com brings many other benefits.

One huge benefit is our honest opinion based on 40 years of international business and 15 years of residence, travel ad business in Ecuador.  You gain access to our extensive contacts plus you get to share the input from over 20,000 subscribers who continually let us know what they see hear and experience… good and bad.

We share the experiences we have gained living, traveling and working globally for 40 years and have been investing living and doing business in Ecuador for 15 years. We have an active Ecuador business and have personally purchased a 962 acre hacienda, condos in the mountains, a house, a hotel plus condos and apartments on the beach.  Our Ecuador Living service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador.

You immediately gain numerous savings as an Ecuador Living subscriber.

Ecuador Living subscribers receive a free nights stay at Land of the Sun Inn (formerly Meson de las Flores) when they stay four nights or more.   The fourth night is free the first time three nights are booked.

Subscribers are entitled to free use of wireless internet at Meson and the VOIP phone system at Meson (free calls to Europe, Canada and the US) even if they do not stay at the hotel.

The Relais and Cheteaux La Mirage Cotacach Spa offers upgrades on a space available and other benefits.

Other hotels that currently provide discounts to subscribers include the Radisson in Quito.

We sent the Radisson over 1,000 nights of guest business last year and because we do not take a travel agent commissions we can normally get about a 50% reduction for you on the room rate (that reduces the room to $50 to $75).

There are benefits at the boutique hotel Mansion del Angel in Quito as well.


Boutique Hotel Mansion del Angel.

In Cuenca two hotels offer discounts to our readers.

Villa Nova Inn
El Dorado

You can learn more about Ecuador Living benefits and subscription here.


Join Merri and me or Ecuador Living’s staff in Ecuador in March 2010.

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Dec. 13-14    Quito Real Estate Tour
Dec. 16-17    Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Ecuador Farc Comments

Yesterday’s message Ecuador FARC Thoughts inspired many comments I would like to share.

Plus after the comments, I hope… is a provoking thought on why…


bears get rich… sometimes. Bulls get rich sometimes. Pigs always get slaughtered.

First, the comments on Ecuador FARC & drugs.

Ecuador FARC & Drugs Comment #1: Hi Gary and Merri,  Of course Ecuador like most other countries had a ‘drug problem’ simply because drugs are in evidence all over the world. I found less evidence of drug-related stuff in Ecuador than here in inner-city Sydney where drug sales have been prevalent for the the last 30 to 40 years – mixed with a lot of alcoholism at the same time so this makes for a hight crime rate plus the odd racism riot from time to time which in turn makes for interesting anthropological studies as well. The Kooris here “explode” from time to time – thus venting their frustrations – but to their credit – don’t  import/export hard drugs to exploit countries like the US. Most Kooris are soft drug users (eg Marijuana etc) and only a few are hard core users/dealers to which quite a few blind eyes are being turned by some in the know. Sad really – many suffer from the activities of a few…  Ecuador is lot better than other countries – especially first world countries……

Ecuador FARC & Drugs Comment #2: Gary,  Relentless good news, when discussing any area in the world, is misleading and dishonest to those trying to learn about an area in which they may wish to visit or invest and eventually live.  Too many promoters would have us believe it’s just a rose garden paradise, but as so many U.S. Country singers have covered, “Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometime”.  Thank you for respecting the need to “keep it balanced”.

I did want to offer a comment to a statement in your recent article regarding “Ecuador drugs, military and FARC”.  Your statement was: “Yet my opinion is that this problem with the Farc is minor and strictly limited to remote parts of the Ecuador Colombia Amazon border.”  (I underlined the word “strictly” myself for emphasis).

I was in Ecuador in Jan. 09 and focused most of my visit on the central coast (an amazing place for many reasons and I will be back).  I based myself in Bahia and explored north and south from there.  While sitting out front of my accommodation one perfect evening, enjoying a cervesa with a couple of expats, I was told a story about a recent incident in San Vicente, just a few minutes ferry ride north of Bahia.  It seems that two FARC rebels made it this far south and attempted to do the business they do.  San Vicente residents identified these two for who they were and, publicly, beat them to death.  This is a violent story and I couldn’t imagine standing there and watching it happen; however, it does seem to say a lot about the attitudes in Ecuador (in San Vicente anyway) toward FARC.  They were hoping this would send a clear message to FARC that their business is not welcome there.

As we all know, it seems every rule has its exceptions.  I thought this was a good opportunity to remind your readers to expect the unexpected and remain aware of your surroundings (without trembling in paranoia) wherever we go in life.

Ecuador FARC & Drugs Comment #3:

Hi Gary, Congratulations! I couldn’t imagine a more thorough debunking of the article. You really pummeled it. Of course there are always those who will keep their noses down in the dirt believing to have sniffed out a conspiracy. But there is nothing you can do about them. I happen to own pigs as you know and though I hear they are quite intelligent, mine, I’m afraid, also just keep rooting around in the garbage, never convinced that somewhere underneath  a conspiracy is lurking. The analogy is purely intentional.

Ecuador FARC & Drugs Comment #4:

Hello Gary, You can go to www.snopes.com and locate these rumors or request they be checked out. Good site for debunking stuff like this.

This is a good suggestion I use www.snopes.com a lot.  Another site for quick accuracy checks similar to www.snopes.com is www.factcheck.org

Ecuador FARC & Drugs Comment #5:

Hi – I KNEW you would be the guy to cover ALL the bases!  Thx for a great report!  Hope all is well and NC is getting thru this crazy weather OK!

Ecuador FARC & Drugs Comment #6:

Gary, Here’s my 2 cents worth to the discussion about Ecuador and the FARC:

1)  When we were there in 2007, we planned to visit Tulcan to see a famous topiary garden, but were stopped north of Ibarra by the federal police, who strongly suggested we not go because of the danger of guerrilla activity. There had also been a recent kidnapping of foreigners in the area.

2)  My workers, who come from Suzcal, not from anywhere near the border, insist that narcotraficantes are either taking over Ecuadorian farms near the border for coca production or chasing out the owners off them if they resist.  This, of course, is hearsay.

3)  A more interesting (at least to me) issue than the FARC is the rise of criminal armies who are replacing the 37 right-wing militias that Uribe managed to get rid of. Apart from the uncertainty of running for a third term, he has his hands full with the dilemma of either moving to control them (and having to admit his demobilization program has failed despite $5 billion of US anti-narcotic aid) and the hold that the US Congress has put on signing the treaty granting Columbia favored trading status until Uribe demonstrates a successful policy against drug gangs both right and left.

You may remember that the original purpose of the right-wing militias was to protect landowner interests against both peasants and the FARC. Over time, they morphed into drug trafficing and competition with the FARC.

My personal belief is that Uribe is unable to move against the criminal armies because too many members of his government, prominent businesses, and leading families are involved. If so, then Colombia is on its way to becoming Mexico 2.0. There’s so much money to be made that it becomes impossible to trust either the police, the army, the politicians or anyone else.

If you have access to today’s NYT, there an article on the above in the first section.

Personally, I doubt Correa is involved with the FARC: They have little legitimacy left as a populist, left-wing movement. I don’t doubt there are members in his government that support either or both sets of drug traffickers in Colombia. But as for specific fears about the FARC, I would be more worried about groups with deep connections in the political establishment.

Certainly Correa’s politics have led him to some dumb things like his deals with China. (You may remember the 2007 scandal where a chief minister was selling work visas and residency permits to Chinese employees of a company with a major contract in Ecuador). If he was awake, he would know that all over the world, China promises jobs, training, technology and support for local economies, then brings its own staff and stuff. If he imagines that China will be a better environmental steward in the Amazonian oil fields than Phillips and Texaco were, he’s in for a rude awakening.

I agree with this reader that the border areas of Ecuador should be avoided. We recommend that delegates do not visit Tulcan north of Ibarra nor Esmeraldas.

Ecuador FARC & Drugs Comment #7:

I follow your site with interest, having my own love affair with Cuenca while still living retired in New Mexico. Thought you should see this from today’s Los Angeles Times…gives quite a lot of detail on recent drug-related issues in Ecuador.


Perhaps someday we will cross paths down there.

Best regards

That article in the LA Times is worth a read and begins:

Cocaine trafficking keeps Ecuador anti-drug authorities busy

Seizures set a record last year for the country, which is growing in importance as a hub for shipments to the U.S. and Europe.

An Ecuadorean police officer guards containers of cocaine-laced molasses at a news conference in Guayaquil last May.   Reporting from Guayaquil, Ecuador – The beat cop quickly discovered why the three men at the entrance to the storage yard had bolted as he pulled up in his patrol car.

Inside the walled enclosure he saw 3 tons of cocaine and a large-scale processing lab, evidence of Ecuador’s growing importance as a trafficking hub for illegal drugs.

The mid-December raid in this port city’s Bastion Popular industrial zone capped a record year for Ecuador’s counter-narcotics police. They seized 63 tons of cocaine, twice as much as in 2008, and destroyed seven drug-processing laboratories, up from two.

Thank you readers for your comments.

Now, here… I hope… is a provoking thought about pigs.

The comments above about the intelligence of pigs reminded me of the aphorism  Bears get rich… some times. Bulls get rich sometimes. Pigs always get slaughtered.

I began thinking about La Selva Jungle Lodge which has been owned and operated by Eric and Maggie Schwartz for 25 years. Imagine what vision it took that long ago to invest heavily in a lodge deep in the Amazon… hours from anything.   Ecuador was very primitive 25 years ago compared to now.

Yet despite plenty of turmoil… including a war with Peru in the Amazon… they have built an incredible business. La Selva Lodge is an inspirational place and…




This thought conjured up two ideas… the first about the pig farm at La Selva Lodge.

Eric and Maggie have not only stuck with this project through thick and thin, and profited… they have come up with some aware winning ideas… like their pig farm.

Here is an excerpt from the La Selva Lodge website.

The Pig Farm – La Selva Jungle Lodge

Our indigenous neighbors from the community of Pilche raise no animals which is very good for La Selva for it means no forest needs to be cut for grazing or to plant crops for fodder.

Occasionally they have taken to hunting over the years as it is both instinctual and satisfies a need for protein. We wanted to come up with a viable solution to this pressure, however slight on our ecosystem and so devised the following proposal that you will find below as it was presented and won the 2007 Ecotourism Award.


To use food that would be wasted ; table scraps left uneaten by the tourists, parings not used in cooking, fruits and vegetables past their prime for usage as food to guests as fodder for a pig farm.

The pigs when grown from this ample diet are given to our indigenous neighbors.



1. In return for the pigs (protein) we eliminate hunting in the area since their dietary needs for protein have been satisfied and the agreement under which the pigs are given to the natives has been settled by contract.

2. Fertilizer is created from the pigs from which a tropical fruit will eventually be grown in an area of land on our property that was cleared many years ago and serves no use and is not big enough for a reforestation effort.

Project Description 

For over 20 years La Selva Jungle Lodge has made agreements with incentives to our indigenous neighbors to dissuade them from hunting and also from having domesticated animals larger than chickens (so as not to destroy the forest for grazing land.)  But as their population has grown and their taste for wild meat has not abated- while we have had much success in this area- the problem is far from solved.

Tourists come to eat three times a day, as does a staff of about thirty. This provides enough food waste per day to fill three 55 gallon drums which all these years has been composted with the byproduct only occasionally used; especially in the butterfly farm. This amount of food waste will feed a large amount of pigs, bought in ascending size and to be grown and gifted to our indigenous neighbors at regular intervals. We built a pig farm, use tourist food scraps for pig feed, gift the pigs to the natives and by so doing save more rainforest animals and plants.

The Pig Farm is a simple well-drained cement floor located near the same spot as the former compost heap with ample space, an attendant, and a water hose as needed. It is covered with a kind of rebar cage to ward off jaguars.

What a great idea and this exemplifies the fact that international investments can be enhanced by value… because pigs want perfect.

Eric and Maggie instead recognized problems… took risks… worked hard and created a paradise within a paradise and continue to keep the area a paradise.

You can reach Eric Schwartz with questions about La Selva Lodge at lscentral1@cs.com

Click here for La Selva Lodge’s website

Perfect rarely exists and the reality is that fear creates value.

Many readers write to me with their fears and seem to be looking for a perfect, easy to attain, low cost… totally safe… place where there is unlimited opportunity and where they will not have a worry in the world.

I have found and lived in some great places… Gresham Oregon, Petaluma, California, Hong Kong, London, Nailsworth Gloucestershire, Geneva Switzerland, Naples Florida, Cabarete Dominican Republic, Douglas Isle of Man, Lansing and Murphy North Carolina, Quito, Latacunga, Calacali, San Clemente, and Cotacachi Ecuador, Mt. Dora Florida.

These are all wonderful places…  but I have not yet found Shangri-La.

Sometime back, a sharp reader noted that Merri and I stepped up our international investments in Ecuador real estate investing exactly at the same time the new left sounding President Correa was elected.

He missed the fact that I had stepped up real estate tours when the country crashed in 2000 as well.

This reader sent me an article about Venezuela.

Here are excerpts from this article about international investments entitled “Rich Venezuelans heading to Florida.”

“They call it ‘Plan B’. As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez further tightens control of the South American country’s economy, wealthy Venezuelans who once thought they could live with his socialist edicts are turning to their backup plan — flight to the United States, particularly Florida.

“First the people who come are the businessmen in the highest circles, then the losing politicians, then the military and then the professionals,” said Miami-based immigration attorney Oscar Levin. “You’re beginning to see the (Venezuelan) professionals.”

“This latest and largest potential group of emigrants say they fear the effect Chavez’s socialist policies will have on the economy and on proposed educational reforms that could mirror the ideologically imbued education of Chavez ally and mentor, Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

I share this story for several reasons. First, I want anyone considering international investments or residence in Ecuador to understand what could happen if things go wrong.

Second, I want the same readers who are interested in international investments to note what is happening to Chavez and the Venezuelan currency.

Third, I want readers making international investments to understand the value of fear.

To understand fear generated value better… remember that my career started selling mutual funds and living in places where terror was taken for granted. I quickly learned that fear creates value. This simple fact should seem obvious, but is easy to forget. Arriving in Hong Kong for my first time in 1968 there were communist riots and bombs being set off in the streets. The first day I arrived a motorcycle policeman had his leg blown off by a terrorist bomb. The Chinese army was massed on the border and there were continual talks about an invasion. Hong Kong businessmen were fleeing. Real estate was literally being given away.

Life went on. We all figured out the fastest route to the British and American war ships in the harbor for a quick exit in case the Chinese decided to invade.  We watched out for boxes in the street that could be bombs. Then we just got busy with life. I rented a huge apartment on Shouson Hill Road overlooking the ocean and the village of Aberdeen. The owner wanted to sell this block of apartments but I had no money or experience then. He was so desperate that he made a deal. Instead of paying him $250 a month rent I invested $250 into mutual funds for him.

So how much value did that fear create? I decided to look see and checked out equivalent apartments for rent on the same Shouson Hill Road in Hong Kong now. Here is what I found that apartments which ran $250 a month to rent then cost now:  The ad said Features:

Sea views
Central Air-Conditioning
Size: 3000 – 3600 square feet
Bedrooms: 4
Rental Costs (approx. per month): HK$ 130,000 – 140,000 (US $16,667 – $17,949)

So rent jumped from $250 to $17,949 a month. Not bad if you are the owner. I was too young then to understand the value of fear and missed that opportunity.  Now I know better.

Not all the profits in Hong Kong were caused by fear.  Much of it was.

Those who made heavy investments in Hong Kong during that time of fear made huge fortunes. Had I understood the value of fear in the late 60s and early 70s, I could have made tens, even hundreds of millions of extra dollars.

In Hong Kong’s case there was fear that politics would go wrong. They did not and this pushed the value of HK international investments through the roof! Yet even when politics do go wrong investors can do well.

Take international investments in Chile as an example. This country went through one of the worst imaginable political scenarios beginning in 1973 when Pinochet led a coup d’état deposing democracy and using military power declared himself president and remained in power 17 years. The global press did not write as much negative news then because this dictatorship was against communism and this had the support of the United States. Hundreds, maybe thousands of dissidents were killed. Even more tortured. Yet those who invested there made fortunes.

In the early 80s, a really nice house in Santiago’s fashionable suburbs was worth about $25,000. Now the same house will be worth well over $1,000,000. Real estate throughout Chile has appreciated enormously over these years.

No one likes uncertainty. But there is uncertainty everywhere. As populations grow, as the rich and the poor become more divided, it becomes impossible to have real control anywhere.

If we are faced with change everywhere, there is a logic to investing in places where there is enough fear to at least create a nice risk premium.

Ecuador offers special value in my opinion. There is fear internally, but as an outsider I see this as a nation of sweet, pacific people. This country was formed by a combining of many cultures and has always been adept at forming a consensus. Democracy is strong. The military has refused on numerous occasions to become involved in political affairs and the population has shown itself to be adverse to violence.

Chances here are that whatever political change takes place, it will be calm. If I am wrong, that’s why we get extra profit potential to take the risk.

Here are a few of the properties we’ll see in our February and March 2010 Imbabura real estate tour.

Studio condo.  Huge balcony. Some of the best views in town.  $49,000.
Yellow townhouse. Recently completed.  Just off leather street behind San Francisco park.  3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, great rooftop terrace, all very
good materials and finishing, $55,000.
Three bedroom condo. 2.5 bathrooms…hardwood cabinets and closets… furnished. $59,000.

San Miguel house.  3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, office, inside and outside fireplace, fountain, flowers.  Great condition.  Owner has the lot next door
and is building another place.  $104,000.


We hope to serve you on our 2010 tours.


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Ecuador India

An Ecuador India connection can help you enjoy greater wealth and better health.

As I was checking the weather online yesterday I noticed that the most read article at the weather channel was on how to reduce stress.

We change accelerating, we live in a stressful world… so we need every way possible to reduce stress.  This is important because stress is a great inhibitor of wealth and the root of a great deal of disease.

In a moment I’ll share ways to reduce stress by visiting sacred sites in Ecuador or enjoying  sacred celebration from India.  First let’s look at how the Ecuador India connection began and how this ancient link it can help reduce stress.

One reason to enjoy Ecuador or India are these country’s very cosmopolitan low stress attitudes towards earning and living in tune with nature.

For eons, Ecuador’s unique position and coastal existence allowed interaction with the people of areas we now call  India, China and Japan.  A great deal of the wisdom in the ancient Asian cultures passed into the Andean and Equatorial Pacific cultures… and vice versa.

The root of one of Ecuador’s indigenous languages (Quichua) for example is Sanskrit… or vice versa.

You can see the Ecuador India connection in many ways.  When Merri and I hiked into the LLanganatis with friends and a Taita Yatchak, one of these friends was Jay Glaser M.D.,  an MD who specialized in Ayurveda (the healing science of India).  He (along with Dr. Deepak Chopra) was medical director of the Ayurvedic Health Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  Jay helped us see how similar Andean words and health philosophies were to India’s .


Here we are with the yatchak in the LLanganatis.  Jay and his wife are far right.

On that trip, Jay helped us learn that both Andean and Indian traditions describe and use many medicinal plants in similar ways.

Anther example of the Ecuador India connection we discovered was  the name of valley where we hiked… “Llanganatis.”   This name is pronounced “Yanganatis” which Jay discovered means “Repeated Sacred Action”.   The Sanskrit word for repeated sacred action is “Yagya”.

Yagyas, in India, are repeated sacred words, sounds or thought with astrological roots.

Ecuadorian shamans also have sounds based on the sun, moon, stars, month, weeks and days, in the form of  chants that they use in ceremonies and combine with exercise. 

These sounds can help reduce stress.

Recent messages Ecuador Shamanic Imagination & Longevity and Imagination for Ecuador Real Estate Profit looked at power of thought… intention… imagination.

One view that can be taken of the universe is a manifestation of an infinite number of frequencies of time through space.  Frequency may be everything. Frequency certainly affects markets of all sorts…energy commodities, equities, metals, crops, currencies.  Many traders study frequency (charts) minutely.  Most technical trading is based on frequency.  Market momentum is almost everything to technical traders”.

Those who look at the universe in this way are viewing quantum aspects of existence.  Quantum mechanics is the part of science that tells us that our world is not anything like we expect or can even imagine.  The quantum state is the world where our intention turns energy into matter. At the quantum level everything comes from nothing. The present, future and past are one. Atoms spin up and down at the same time but when observed, choose a direction to spin depending on the universe we are in.

Quantum thinking is impossible in logic, but learning to function from this level of our existence can improve our lives at every level.

This is why Merri and I have use Andean chants, Andean and Indian exercises and meditation for years. We have found that they help unify us with the human part of quantum existence.  This union is invaluable when it comes to eliminating the stress of making decisions, that are beyond our logical abilities, about health, wealth and family.

The inability to measure the results of quantum thinking used to bother me enormously until I observed how well this thought modality worked for us.

There is plenty of support for this thinking as well.

Years ago I read an article about Aristotle Onassis. He was asked about his use of astrology. His reply was that to be a millionaire, astrology wasn’t really needed, but to become a billionaire, it was essential!  This struck a chord as I lived in Hong Kong and saw the most successful businessmen there (often billionaires) look beyond logic. To make billions one has to take enormous risks. Taking such risks require us to see in ways that go beyond our logic, reason and understanding.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” touches on our ability to think beyond logic. He explains how humans have the ability to spot patterns and behavior based on very narrow slices of experience. He calls this process “Thin Slicing”, a way to make fast, accurate decisions.

The President of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., an Internet marketing firm in Texas is one of the top marketers in the world. The president, Dr. Joe Vitale uses this type of thought process and yagyas in business.

He has written so many books on how to succeed I can’t list them all here. He is the author of the international best-seller, “The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!”, the best-selling e-book “Hypnotic Writing”, and the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audioprogram, “The Power of Outrageous Marketing”, along with numerous other works. He has written books for the American Marketing Association and the American Management Association, including The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising and his clients include small presses to large publishing houses, such as Doubleday Books in New York. He has also helped large companies, from The American Red Cross to Hermann Children’s Hospital in Houston.

He shares two heart-warming stories about astrology, one of a life saved and the second about a new business paradigm.

Joe is a fiery and inspiring speaker. He has spoken before hundreds of business groups, including the Sales and Marketing Executives, and the first Houston Publishers and Authors Association conference. You read earlier about his publishing and consulting successes. The point is Joe is very much a man of the modern, Western business world. He is well into the ideals of Western wealth, money and success in materialism.

Yet Joe was going through a transformation and was writing new books about the spiritual aspects of wealth. He needed help in marketing these new books. Since we do not know Joe, we’ll use his exact words from his best selling book (it outsold Harry Potter at Amazon.com) about how he used astrology.

Success Guidelines Tale

“Karmic Surgery” by Dr. Joe Vitale

“Dr. Marcus Gitterle is an emergency room physician and anti-aging specialist. We met after he read one of my books, love it and emailed me, saying he lived in the same small town I do. We had lunch and became quick friends.

“One day, he told me about a way to do “karmic surgery”. This was new to me and made me aware of a new tool that was almost magical. It could help you release any troubling problem, or heal any condition, or achieve any intention, and do it without your doing anything. In fact, others did it for you.

“Marc explained it like this: “Just as you have a problem and go into the surgery, the problem is taken out while you are asleep. When you awaken, the problem is no longer there. You might be told to rest more, to drink more fluids, but in essence you are now free of the problem. All you did was agree to let others remove it for you.”

What that doctor was talking about was yagyas… Sacred Indian chats.

A yagya is a Vedic mantra, a sound of correct pronunciation and rhythm that creates a frequency aimed at influencing specific imbalances.   One could call it an organized, specific prayer.  Viewed in a scientific manner a yagya is a dedicated frequency.  A recent message Ecuador Wonders took a view on frequency and its role in our quantum existence.

Joe gave a testimonial on how yagyas influenced his best friend. He wrote:

“Saved from Death”

“My best friend of two decades was on her death bed a year ago. After being in a near-fatal car accident, having both knees replaced, her back broken, suffering from depression, then becoming suicidal and anorexic due to medication she never should have accepted, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she lay unconscious and dying.

“We had already tried everything. She had gone to healers, doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists. I hired home health care for her. She prayed, meditated, listened to tapes. I asked 500 friends of mine to pray for her and send her healing energy. Nothing was breaking her free. I feared I would lose my best friend of 25 years.

Joe then tells how in desperation, he used yagyas to find ways to help her. He writes:

“Within two days she woke up in the hospital, sat up, and stood up. The day before, she could not move or even turn over in bed! Now she was ready to go home. The hospital was stunned. The doctors couldn’t explain it. They kept her for further testing and observations.

“She just got better and better. A week later, this same woman who was near dead, was released from the hospital. She is now walking, talking, smiling, driving, and very glad to be alive. I saw her yesterday. I thought I might never see her again. This is a genuine miracle.

Joe says that this is the power of yagyas.

Then Joe tells how he used yagyas to help create a publishing miracle as well. He wrote:

“As you know by now, this book you are holding is based on a popular little work I released a few years ago called, Spiritual Marketing. I knew the book contained a powerful five-step process for manifesting your heart’s desires, and I knew it from all the people who emailed me every day, telling me their miraculous stories.

“What frustrated me was the fact that the book was basically available only online. I knew that it needed to reach a wider audience. So I set the intention to find a strong publisher, with distribution abilities, and the power to get my book out there into the world.

Joe tells how he used yagyas and says: I didn’t know how this would work, or if it would. But I trusted. I took action. “Within a few weeks, I received an email from the senior editor at Wiley who is now the publisher of this very book! Now stop and think about this. My original book, titled Spiritual Marketing, had been a number one best-seller at Amazon twice. Its success had been written about in the New York Times. The e-book version of the book had been down-loaded an estimated one million times. The e-book had been translated into seven languages. Thousands of people wrote me about it. The best agent in the country shipped the book to major publishers for two years. “Yet” nothing!

Joe explains that nothing ever happened to bring the book to a global audience until he used astrology to help his intention and to clear any inner blocks preventing his goal from manifesting. He explains that yagyas are a way to clear current blocks “whether those blocks are from this lifetime or another” so you can go on to attract whatever you want.

There are wild, weird and wonderful ways that you can use our global contacts and experience to reduce stress with quantum thinking as well.

One way is through yagyas.

Years ago, Merri and I helped Dr. Deva Shankar Dixit and his Vedic Life Foundation to buy land near the Ganges River to create a yagya center .

The Vedic Life Foundation is a non profit organization established to share traditional Yagyas and with the world.

The yagya center is close to the Ganges River in one of India’s holiest places, Brahmavarta (Bithoor), in Kanpur, U.P., India.

This is the yagya center that provided the yagyas mentioned above for Dr. Joe Vitale.  Today Vedic Life Foundation is the second largest Vedic yagya organization in India. Around six thousand people globally have received Vedic yagyas from the center.


Dr. Dixit with Vedic priests at the yagya center.

Now Dr. Dixit has finished construction so his pundits have a holy place to repeat their yagyas.

Change creates stress and we live in a world of accelerating change.  We however do not have to be victims of excessive stress.  Getting in touch with our own quantum reality helps us know change and understand how to gain health and wealth from it in this modern world.


Another way to learn more about eliminating stress through quantum thinking is at our upcoming Super Thinking + Spanish seminar and at our March 2010 Ecuador Shamanic Tour.

Ecuador shamans use music in their ceremonies.

ecuador shamans

like at this Ecuador shaman minga.

Learn about how to learn Spanish in three days here.

Longevity Secret

Here is a longevity secret.

This is  a recent comment from a reader in the Pacific Northwest:  Gary, Thank you very much for this product.  I have taken it for 2 months, am down 20 lbs of fat and put on 5 or 6 lbs of muscle.  I currently weigh 194lbs on my way down to 178 where I was 2 ½ years ago. My blood pressure has gone from dangerously high to 133 over 83 and headed further South. I am 70 years old and feel terrific since using this product.  It has done wonders for my energy.

If you see more orders come from my area  I may be the cause of it as I’ve been spreading the word.  I’ve shared it with personal trainers in my gym who train boomers and others and have some credibility as they see it working well for me.  

Ecuador Longevity Secret


Merri and I lived and worked with this Ecuador Yatchak for seven years This photo was taken after a purification ceremony at a sacred spring.

A huge health focus by this yatchak was purification… from the inside and out.  He had us walk in mountain mists. The negative ions in the mists attached to free radicals and purified the skin to cleanse us from the inside out.

Another purification was of our blood. Herbs… minerals and a low calcium diet.  There was almost no dairy served.

Since it is difficult for most of us to eat cleansing food in the West, this message looks at a longevity alternative and begins by showing  how and why, in the 1960’s, due to strict OSHA regulations, the government curtailed a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid that can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan.

Access to good health care is vital and should be enjoyed by all.  Yet it is not.  It had been a Western birthright… each generation living longer than the last.  New research shows this is no longer true for all.  Government studies show that there are widening gaps in life expectancy based on income, race, sex, education and geography.

There are two Americas measured by wealth and  health, and the distortions are growing.

A government-sponsored study by Harvard researchers found that life expectancy actually declined in a substantial number of counties from 1983 to 1999, particularly for women. Most of the counties with declines are in the Deep South, along the Mississippi River, and in Appalachia, as well as in the southern Plains and Texas.

The article went on to say that the people of Appalachia used to be among the longest lived. I can believe it. There is a family cemetery here on our farm. These five headstones show the occupants lived to be 86, 91, 95, 100 and 115!  The 115 year old lived from 1794 to 1909. I  wonder what type of medical insurance she had back here in these hills?

Here is that cemetery.


This problem of declining service is growing in more sectors than just American health care.

This growing gap is a concern on many fronts…but means, that in many parts of the Western world, good health care is only available to an increasingly smaller portion of top earners.

To overcome this problem Merri and take many steps to improve how we feel each day and hopefully enhance our activity and longevity.  We meditate daily… have a strong sense of purpose in our business and life, keep a regime of regular, mild exercise and yoga and eat our own or locally grown food whenever we can.  We also use numerous nutritional disciplines… including a mix of nutrients recommended some years ago by a reader and seminar delegate.

This delegate was an M.D.  He was in his eighties but had the energy and looks of a much, much younger man.  When asked about his secret of youth he said his vitality was based on several factors. A few of them you would expect, such as good diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of activity in a strong, purposeful life. Then he explained another secret of his youth and energy: chelation.

The youthful doctor told us he had been running the largest I.V. chelation center in the United States from Hawaii. Hardening of the arteries is such a huge problem in our modern world that he was making a fortune.

Then, he said, he had learned about Beyond Chelation (TM) a vitamin-mineral formula created by Dr. Gary Gordon. The doctor said he found this so effective that he shut down his clinics and exclusively used this simple formula which he (after seeing the results of Dr. Gordon’s formula) felt had better results than I.V. chelation therapy.

Over 30 years of Dr. Gordon’s experience as a clinician, researcher and educator in chelation therapy are behind this comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional supplement, designed to maintain and promote vascular health, mental and physical well being.

Our client and doctor friend gave us a month’s supply of this formula. He thought it would be excellent for us and would help us with traveling also. Merri and I tried this product ourselves and felt great, plus we loved the savings we enjoyed. It is so much less expensive than all the numerous other vitamins and minerals that we had been taking. We actually were spending less! In addition this system is so convenient. Everything is in one simple daily packet. Especially when we travel we just bring along a packet for each day we are on the road. No more loading up pill boxes or bringing bottles (or suitcases full of bottles) of vitamins and stuff.

We liked this product so much we began passing the favor on to many delegates at seminar.  As is so often the case when we like something we start talking about it and pretty soon, a batch of friends were taking Beyond Chelation Improved and telling us great things about their experiences.

Here is an example of raves we receive on April 21, 2012 from a delegate who received a month’s supply in early March:

I was introduced to and given 30 days supply of a product (for which I must thank my good friend, Merri Scott, profusely) that is clinically proven to clean out the blood and much much more.

Almost Miraculous results?  Well…you be the judge.

Look at the 2 blood tests (lipids,sugars etc.) I had done recently, just 2 months apart.

My Cholesterol was 330 then, 169 now!
My triglycerides were 1350 then, 199 now!

Both incredibly, dangerously high, if fact doctor said he never saw or even heard of Tri’s so high.   (I checked on the internet, others do have them that high).

My (FBS) Blood sugar was 150,  now 129!

Hemaglobin count up appreciably (red blood cells), which is real good too!

And Blood Pressure at the time was 130/80, a bit high, now 107/70= Perfect said the doc!

Man I feel a whole lot better too.

How did I do it?

1) Exercise greatly intensified & consistent= 3-5 days a week in gym weight-lifting, plus biking-walking-swimming.

2) Diet= a) Dropped fatty meats (ie. Bacon/Pork chops etc).
             b) “NO WHITES ALLOWED” DIET= No white Sugar, Flour or Starch (yes= ouch!).
                 b-1= Cut non-white and white GLUTENS (mostly Gluten-free) too!
                 b-2= Mucho water, and only purely natural fruit juices… fresh squeezed & ground (minimized frequency).
                 b-3= More adamantly continued NO ALCOHOL consumption!
             c) Added more fresh veggies & fruits, as many as can be found in BZ (Not many veggies variety esp).

I had been adjusting diet and starting to exercise (Gym= Weights & Biking) 3 months before the tests so who knows if they were even higher before I tested?

The slight dieting and much more exercising alone, evidently, did not change it much!

I have lost about 33 lbs of fat ,and gained 10 pounds of muscle, so I am down 23 lbs, from 244 to 221!

Lost some love-handle & gut inches ! I am going for under 200, over the next few months,where I haven’t been for about almost 20 years!

I have had high cholesterol and triglycerides, since I was in my mid to late 30’s (now 58),and always did diet and exercise changes to adjust them down a bit, but never were they anywhere near this “before drastic action” high  before, nor have they ever been this low after the 2nd test and resultant phenomenal improvements! I continue to refuse to take the poisonous Pharmaceuticals Doc’s keep trying to stuff down my gut! No PHARMA. PHARMA-KILLS!

“Health is our greatest Wealth”…no assets have real value when we lose it!

Thank God for: good friends, good food, good info, good nutrition, good energy, good exercise, and good health!

May Goodness & Mercy follow & lead us, over the mountains and thru the valleys, revealing light thru the darkness all the days of our lives!

I DO FEEL SO GOOD again!  Via Con Dios !

They reordered so much of it through us that I decided to make it available to all my readers at a really special price… lower than I believe you can get anywhere on the internet to see if readers are interested in obtaining Beyond Chelation Improved through us.

Let me begin by saying that Beyond Chelation Improved has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease and should only be taken as a food supplement. Having said this I share Dr. Gordon’s information below.

Dr. Garry Gordon of Payson, Arizona, is one of the fathers of the Chelation Therapy movement and he developed this cardiovascular nutritional supplement called “Beyond Chelation”.

This supplement combines more than sixty ingredients, known to have beneficial effects, into one total cardiovascular support program. “The name of this new product states exactly what it is,” says Dr. Gordon. “It’s what the public should be taking if they’ve already had chelation or can’t afford it, or simply want to take advantage of new breakthroughs that permit us to safely and effectively reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.” In addition to promoting heart health, Dr. Gordon has found that his supplement has multiple anti-aging effects. Along with Dr. Dean Ornish of Sausalito, California, who demonstrated in a five-year study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that heart disease could be reversed, Dr. Gordon believes that vascular disease can be arrested and cured. However, for those unable to stick to an extremely low-fat diet (below 9% in total fat content) and the meditation and exercise mandated in Dr. Ornish’s program, Beyond Chelation may provide similar effects. In his own practice, Dr. Gordon has been able to document significant improvements of blood flow to the legs, head and heart of patients experiencing problems of clot, spasm and arrhythmia with the use of oral chelation formula so that fewer than 5% have had to have heart surgery.

There are many benefits from chelation:

  1. Helps to prevent Arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries)
  2. Helps to rejuvenate your cardiovascular system
  3. Helps to improve conduction in all degrees of A-V heart block
  4. Helps to abolish extra heart beats, skipped beats and rapid heart beats
  5. Helps to decrease ventricular arrhythmia due to digitalis toxicity
  6. Helps as a pre-operative preparation
  7. Helps remove lead and heavy metals from the system
  8. Helps increase American life expectancy
  9. Reduces toxic lead and metal deposits and abnormal calcium deposits
  10. Reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  11. Improves circulation
  12. Improves vision and hearing
  13. Improves liver function
  14. Improves skin texture and tone
  15. Helps prevent abnormal cross linking of molecules that age tissue
  16. Helps to relieve symptoms of senility by increasing circulation to the brain
  17. Helps to relieve pain, hypoglycemia, phlebitis and scleroderma
  18. Dissolves fats in plaque lined arteries
  19. Helps make blood slippery and prevents abnormal blood clotting
  20. Helps to increase tissue oxygenation

How does Chelation Therapy work?

It is a largely hidden fact that the main blood vessel leaving the heart of a healthy 80 year old man has 140 TIMES more pathologic calcium in it than the main blood vessel of a healthy boy of ten. By means of chelation therapy, this unwanted calcium (causing a build up of vulnerable plaque, hardening of the arteries, and potential heart problems) is removed from blood vessels and put into water-soluble complexes (chelates), which are readily excreted through the kidneys. Clinical observations reveal, however, that the amount of calcium in bones is not affected by the removal of calcium in the arteries nor is it diminished by the use of EDTA chelation therapy.

What is EDTA and is it safe?

Chelation therapy (using the synthetic amino acid known as EDTA) has been a standard treatment for lead and heavy metal poisoning since World War II. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, patients taking EDTA chelation therapy for lead poisoning reported improved memory, vision, hearing and smell, and diminished leg and heart pain. Since then nearly 1,000,000 patients with cardiovascular disease have been treated successfully. Further, EDTA has been used as a food additive for over 30 years, the average American consuming between 15-30 mgs in their diets daily.

Why was EDTA put on the back burners?

In the 1960’s, prior to the current strict OSHA regulations, workers poisoned by high levels of lead at their jobs were given EDTA tablets by their company doctors to excrete the lead. The government, wanting to get to the source of the problem, ordered this remedy to be curtailed and the working environment improved. Because of this situation and with this order, oral EDTA chelation went into seclusion.

Why is Oral Chelation surfacing now?

Through almost 30 years of comparative case studies, researchers have discovered that oral and IV EDTA chelation therapy (especially when augmented by scientifically formulated nutritive support) improved the functioning of most organs of the body. Recently, biological age determination testing has gained widespread scientific acceptance, which allows us to prove that Chelation therapy improves the functioning of most organs, effectively turning back their biological clocks. It also may be a solution to the newly discovered cause of 85% of the major heart attacks now targeting half of the American males in the United States who are over 40 years of age: vulnerable plaque.

Preventive Medicine and Longevity Medicine: the Medicine of the Future!

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventative Medicine are the Future! With our knowledge of alternative medicine doubling every three years and our technology advancing exponentially, we are entering an age where we are able to probably turn our biological clock backwards! Instruments are now in use that can measure the functioning of each of our physical organs and new high potency nutritional supplements, hormonal balancing, and advanced oral chelation products have become available which can enhance the functioning of our organs and help prevent heart attacks and fight many of the auto-immune and degenerative diseases that are plaguing modern society.

What is “Beyond Chelation”? With over 30 years of experience as a clinician, researcher & educator in Chelation Therapy, Dr. Gordon has formulated a comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional support supplement designed to maintain and promote cardiovascular health and combined it with the finest ingredients known for mental and physical well being within a product known as “Beyond Chelation,” the new cardio-support, multi-vitamin-mineral of the future augmented by amino-acids, polysaccharides, herbs and more.

There is one more benefit and that is the savings and convenience. Taking Beyond Chelation Improved provides almost every vitamin and mineral that we were previously taking in separate form. Merri and I have actually reduced our spending on vitamins and minerals. Plus Beyond Chelation Improved comes in a handy nine capsule cellophane packets, that is easy to carry and take each day. One container has thirty packets, a month’s supply, which at $59.998 (49.99 plus $9.99 shipping) makes this a very inexpensive way to get most of the vitamins and minerals you already take as you gain the chelation benefits.

Beyond Chelation Improved (TM) consists of 30 packets with 9 capsules. Each packet contains: three multi-vitamins/minerals, three detoxifiers (which deliver a combined total of 400 mgs of EDTA), one Omega 3 marine lipid concentrate, one evening primrose oil and one Ginkgo Biloba capsule. This formula provides the finest multi-vitamin/mineral available and essential ingredients to feed the heart, chelators to help rid the body of heavy metals and help control chronic inflammation, which now is known to be the MAJOR cause of heart attacks and strokes. It also provides Ginkgo Biloba with phosphatidyl serine and choline for their proven neuroprotective effects, as well as their anti-platelet activity.

Dr. Gordon has purposely left IRON out of this supplement because recent research has linked the availability of iron to infectious organisms in arteries, which are now proven to be directly linked to blood clots that cause 85% of heart attacks and strokes.


Beyond Chelation Improved $49.99 + (9.99 shipping)  Order a month’s supply here.

We are sorry we cannot send to Canadian and overseas buyers.   Please contact Cheri Hall to get manufacturers address.  Please Email cheri@garyascott.com

A reader wrote: This formula helped produce MIRACULOUS results for me in 30 days! No it’s NOT MLM, and NO I do NOT sell it!

Cholesterol from 330 to 169…triglycerides from 1355 to 199…blood sugar from 150 to 120…blood pressure from 130 to 107… plus aided in fat loss, energy gain…overall well-being…along with Exercise and the “NO WHITE” (sugar-flour-starch) diet!

I BLESS Gary & Merri Scott (GaryaScott.com) for introducing and gifting it to me, when I was at their Super-learning Spanish  and Super-thinking course (which I highly recommend too= Mucho Mejor!) . It just may have saved my life…or helped alot!   SALUD! Health is our greatest Wealth!

Longevity comes in many ways… prevention and good medical intervention when prevention did not do the job.  Beyond Chelation and Ecuador health care are answers to both.


Learn more about longevity at our upcoming Super Thinking + International Investing and Business Seminar October 5-6-7 in North Carolina.



Ecuador Shamanic Imagination & Longevity

Ecuador shamans use imagination to enhance longevity.

Stress is a frequent cause of disease that shortens our lives. Yet most stress is created by total figments of our imagination.

Most religious and medical disciplines tell us how to combat the imaginary diseases before they become hardened into a physical realm… with Faith… Prayer…. Meditation… and Imagination.

After yesterday’s message about Ecuador Profit & Imagination a reader reminded me of Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.


Our Ecuador shamanic minga tour uses imagination when we visit the sacred Lake Quicocha. Here are delegates on a minga with Merri loading at the dock.

Ecuador shamans use imagination as a vital part of their healing… as do healers in many part so the world.

Stephen T. Chang for example writes in his book, “The Complete System of Self Healing Internal Exercises”:

The proper use of imagination plays an important part in some of the internal exercises.  It has been recognized for centuries that a thought is as much a material reality as a material object and in fact they are one in the same.  They are both forms of energy, the distinguishing difference being that they exist at different frequencies and wave lengths of vibration.  Imagination is used in some cases to bring together the mind and the body so that they function as a unit. By using our imagination we may begin to explore our minds and bodies.


Our Ecuador shamanic minga delegates travel to the other side of this mist shrouded lake in these boats.

Chang supports this thought with studies from Dr Karl H. Pribram who is a professor at Georgetown University , and an emeritus professor of psychology and psychiatry at Stanford University and Radford University.  He is a board-certified neurosurgeon and received a Nobel prize for pioneering work on the limbic system, relationship of the frontal cortex to the limbic system, the sensory-specific “association” cortex of the parietal and temporal lobes, and the classical motor cortex of the human brain.

Some philosophers and scientists even believe that our world is a hologram. Dr. Pribram’s research suggests that everything is  made of every person’s projection, individually and also as well as collectively.


This Ecuador yatchak and his wife take us across the lake.

Some of Pribam’s comments include:

Both Science and Spiritual have already proved (or not exactly) that we are all interconnected with each other. Quantum Physics has discovered that in the purest form of all existence, there is only energy.

In a hologram, the whole world is actually contained in every single part, which also means that when a light is shone through the smallest sliver of a holographic film will reveal the whole image. I mean, “The whole thing!” And this is true no matter how microscopically small it may goes.

If indeed we’re right that these quantum-like phenomena, or the rules of quantum mechanics, apply all the way through to our psychological processes, to what’s going on in the nervous system — then we have an explanation perhaps, certainly we have a parallel, to the kind of experiences that people have called spiritual experiences. Because the descriptions you get with spiritual experiences seem to parallel the descriptions of quantum physics. That’s why Fritjof Capra wrote The Tao of Physics, why we have The Dancing Wu Li Masters, and all of this sort of thing that’s come along. And in fact Bohr and Heisenberg already knew; Schroedinger talked about the Upanishads, and Bohr used the yin and yang as his symbol. Because the conceptions that grew out of watching the quantum level — and therefore now the neurological and psychophysical level, now that it’s a psychological level as well — seem to have a great deal in common with our spiritual experience. Now what do I mean by spiritual experience? You talked about mental activity, calling it the mind. That aspect of mental activity, which is very human — it may be true of other species as well, but we don’t know — but in human endeavor many of us at least seem to need to get in contact with larger issues, whether they’re cosmology, or some kind of biological larger issue, or a social one, or it’s formalized in some kind of religious activity. But we want to belong. And that is what I define as the spiritual aspects of man’s nature.

If this is true then a thought reflects the entire universe.

The shamanic tour heads for…


this shore… where…


reeds and flowers are collected for…


a ceremony by…


the yatchak of…


earth (the flowers)…


fire and air (smoke) and…


then water where…


we plant our wishes… desires… plans… our imagination.

Ecuador shamanic healing uses imagination in healing in similar ways to the Taoist approach to health.

For example maintaining balance during accelerated change is a root of Ecuador shamanic and Taoist healing.

Both of these sciences believe that stress, environmental social and internal are the initiators of disease so they recommend internal exercises that restore balance and  increase longevity.

For example Taoist healers  believe that change upsets the water balance when people feel confined and restricted by circumstances in which they lack  freedom.  This water imbalance can clog the functions of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

The exercise to restore balance is called The Monkey Exercise because the monkey epitomizes boundless activity, curiosity and free will.

This exercise relies almost entirely on imagination. Here is how Stephen Chang describes the Monkey Exercise:

Begin by standing or sitting. Take a few deep breaths while imagining yourself a monkey. When the visualization is complete, kick off your shoes. Throw off your clothes, and begin to act like a little monkey. Sit on the floor. Crouch in a chair. Leap about.  Bounce up and down. Hang upside down or by one arm, whatever is physically possible to do without strain or exertion.  This exercise is completely free-style; all the movements and actions should act out impulses and whims as they occur to you.

Such a simple… yet effective exercise for longevity… using just imagination.

When Merri and I hiked with friends and the Taita Yatchak into the LLanganatis were were put through the initiations of earth, water, fire and air. Then the yatchak taught us an exercise to eliminate undue stress from worries about change and the future.  On this path…


the yatchak taught is to look ahead… then close our eyes and keep walking… to trust and have faith in what we are… what we know and our connection with the whole.

That’s a good exercise… but perhaps best started in an empty… flat field!

Excessive stress shortens lives and kills.  Yet this frequent visitor is almost entirely (or perhaps is entirely) created by total figments of our imagination.  Ecuador shamans and healers using ancient wisdom (and MDs with sugar pills and placebos) fight fire with fire and use imagination to heal and enhance longevity.


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Ecuador shamans use music in their ceremonies.

ecuador shamans

like at this Ecuador shaman minga.

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