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* IMPORTANCE OF NON-CONTROLLED CORPORATIONS: There are seven levels of corporate structures you can use with international business. One foolproof level for reducing tax is to use a non-controlled foreign corporation. Learn what, why and how in this lesson.


A bite of chilled wind sweeps the broad Andean marsh. A million sun diamonds sparkle and dance on a frying pan lake below. Damp odors smell, ooze, mud and grass. The silence sings in harmony with the taste of my blood, my senses concocting strange mixtures in the altitude-thinned air.

August 23rd, 1997 on a mountain slope overlooking the LLanganatis Valley. We stop, stand on a small, slippery cliff and look back into the sun filled Andean Valley below. As I walk, breathing heavily rarified air at the 14,000 feet altitude, I rethink how this trip has evolved. Merri and I, along with two medical doctors and friends, are here to walk into the sacred valley where western man has never been invited before. Our international business created this incredible adventure and business opportunity with wonderful tax benefits too! I share next page this example of how international business can bring you outstanding tax benefits, adventure and fun as well!

Case Study

This first lesson comes from our course International Business Made EZ so we can the focus on tax benefits you can gain, and how to attain them.

I want to share how structures that reduce or defer tax and protect your wealth can and will change your life for the better

This first study shows how my most recent international business story not only helped me attain these goals but was the most fulfilling I have experienced to date. This is far more exciting than my business in Malaysia when our airplane lost an engine over the jungle and we had to land in a tiny field and eventually get back to civilization.

Ecuador is a tiny South American country less than four hours from Miami which has one of the most incredible diversities in the world. Because Ecuador sits on the equator but is a mountainous country it has the same bio-diversity as all of the territory from Ecuador to the Arctic Circle.

The country is a tourist delight that offers sights, sounds and goods at prices so low it is hard to believe. As an emerging economy, the place is ripe with business potential. Everyone in Ecuador wants things from America and from Europe. The Ecuadorian Stock Market is at rock bottom prices. This frontier market is way undervalued. When, from my research, I learned all these facts I immediately started taking groups there for seminars on real estate, business and investing in Ecuador and South America. I figured I, along with my readers, could make a small fortune as I helped my clients and also helped the country of Ecuador. Benefits I would gain beyond this, I could never even begin to imagine! I have gained adventure, much better health and potential for longer life, plus one of the best tax and asset protection shelters that can ever exist.

After my first two journeys to Ecuador, I became fascinated with the fact that some of the valleys in Ecuador have special qualities that enhance longevity, with residents reaching extreme ages.

Further research brought me to an article in the January 1973 National Geographic entitled, "Every Day Over 100 is a Gift" written by Dr. Alexander Leaf. This article was written on the valley of Vilcabamba, where 1,080 people per 100,000 lived on average to be 100. We can compare this to three per 100,000 in the United States. More important those who reached a ripe age (even over 100) remained vital, sexually active, worked and participated regularly in the community.

This National Geographic article shows pictures of some of the world's oldest people. For example, a picture featured one of Vilcabamba's patriarchs, Miguel Carpio, getting a haircut. Carpio was aged 123 and said, "I would not like to be young again, but if I could take 15 years from my age (be 108 again)- wonderful!" Another picture showed

Hermelinda Leon, aged 94, who labors at the Vilcabamba bakery. The cover picture was a trim Jose Roa who at 87 years slogs daily through Ecuadorian ooze to make adobe.

We later learned from a happenstance introduction that there were more than one such valley where conditions allowed the residents to live exceptionally long lives. These valleys offered not only ideal living conditions, but special waters acclaimed in many global scientific journals. It is always news especially to the immense group of Baby Boomers any subject to do with health, longevity, spas, etc.

This greatly peaked my curiosity and excited me. I smelled valuable information for my readers and extra profit! There was knowledge about these valleys I wanted to know and share with my readers. Special Valleys

Further research helped me understand that the longevity was waning in many of the valleys because of pollution and altered life styles, but there was at least one unoccupied such valley where no westerner or even outsider had ever been. I felt that there might be excellent potential in such a valley for a spa or center where people could learn about ways to live longer and have better health.

Through extreme good luck, I was able to meet the head of the villagers who had protected this valley for centuries. Because of some things we had done to help the village we were told a remarkable 500-year-old prophecy, we told that the village was now able to open the valley to us and then those seeking health and those who want to learn the spiritual value of the valley.

This was the first time these protectors had ever taken any outsider into the valley. Rather than disclose information on this valley, hundreds were enslaved, tortured and killed over the centuries.

The affair was one almost of foreboding. I cannot explain why I felt this way rather than thrilled. The village held a special meeting of the protectors. I discovered that even Ecuadorians were not allowed to know the location of this valley, only the medicine men. We started our journey at 4:30 a.m. riding up into the mountains to a hiking point with the six llamas that would carry our food, two young boys to herd the llamas, a cook, the Taita Yatchak, the spiritual leader of South America, and his son and daughter.

We began hiking at about 10,500 feet, tramping through deep Alpine marsh for six hours as we ascended to 14,000 feet. Here we drank from the head waters of the Amazon and then descended straight down (4,000') a hidden mud animal trail for three hours into a virtually impenetrable cloud forest, ripped by thorns, cut by razor grass, soaked, caked in mud.

By the time we arrived in the valley, it was just minutes before dark. We were fatigued by the high altitude, bone weary from our packs (which had seemed to add dozens of pounds as the day went by) and aching in every muscle and bone from fighting all day with the sucking mud (which had regularly pulled off our boots).

We stayed in a thatch hut, sleeping on grass, no heat, no running water, no nothing. The next morning, surprisingly enough, we all felt wonderful! We explored the valley which is perpetually wrapped in mist and fog. We swam in small icy, deep blue lagoons and did ancient exercises while the Yatchak talked with us. We were continually cold, wet, dirty and cramped-all 12 of us in this tiny hut with an earthen floor.

I cannot describe this except to say that none of us had ever had so much fun. There is something about the valley that I cannot explain yet, but even at times when we were really worried about some of the party who had gone into shock from fatigue, there was never a moment of regret.

We discovered a magical quality to this Sacred Valley and after our return have found that some powerful emotional and physical things have happened to us all. Merri and I, along with the others, feel stronger, more alert, more positive, more active and yet more serene than ever before in our lives.

This was an incredible adventure, plus it created the perfect business opportunity for the perfect tax position, The Ultimate International Tax Loophole.

Here is the tax part! Merri and I are doing all this in a 50% partnership with the Ecuadorian village. This will help protect and preserve the Scared Valley forever, will employ many indigenous people in the area and do wondrous things for the poor in Ecuador as well as enormously benefit the people who come, enjoy and learn at this center.

This venture also creates a perfect tax shelter because it will be owned and operated by 50% non-U.S. shareholders. This means that the company will never owe U.S. tax. This business won't even have to report to U.S. taxing authorities. If I plan my affairs correctly, my reporting as a U.S. citizen will also be minimal and I will be able to enjoy ownership of a company that can build up substantial reserves and value without creating any U.S. taxable events whatsoever. I explain how and why below.

Seven Taxing Levels

There are five ways to add asset protection.

Overseas Bank account,

Overseas Shares and Mutual Funds

Overseas Life Insurance Policies

Overseas Corporations

Overseas Trusts

Most investors never need more than the first two or three of these levels. Those who wish to conduct overseas business may need a corporate structure and those with substantial assets (millions) may in limited circumstances where one really wants to give an asset away use a tryst.

At the international business level there are seven legal ways to start.

#1: Sole Proprietorship
#2: U.S. Corporation
#3: Overseas International Business Corporation or Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership.
#4: Foreign Sales Company.
#5: Overseas Trust with Overseas Company.
#6: Multiple Overseas Corporate Structure.
#7: Overseas Corporate Structure with Genuine Non U.S. Shareholders.

Over the duration of this course we will review all of these structures and when each works best. But whenever it is possible to attain, the seventh structure is always the best from a tax and asset protection point of view. This generally is the best from a business point of view as well because it means you have someone abroad helping you with your business.

Merri's and my new business in Ecuador is exactly this situation. We now have business partners who will help us run our business and provide valuable knowledge. This assistance is invaluable. We could not do this business without their help and involvement.

The tax key is that any business owned 50% or less by a U.S. person and 50% or more by non U.S. persons pays no U.S. tax. Such a company does not have to even file a U.S. tax return.

This is a complicated law, filled with land mines and I would not hope to understand nor explain it all. Instead in this lesson I have asked my tax attorney to explain the legal aspects of this tax law. I will add my comments along the way to help you understand more in lay terms.

Before we look at the legal aspects let' answer the question, why write about all this business stuff in Ecuador. The answer is that the best tax and asset protections only work if they are involved in some legitimate lifestyle change. In other words if you set up an overseas structure and hire an attorney or someone to be your partner, according to the law you don't really have an overseas partner, etc. You must have a genuine legitimate business and real partner who is financing or working at the business with you.

So the key to most tax reduction and asset protection systems are based on a life style.

Why Not?

If you are doing something you love your chances of success improve. For example this business in Ecuador has been one of the most fulfilling steps Merri and I have ever taken. The love, the care, the friendships that have been created in this journey are beyond description. None of this would have happened had we not been out there building our business.

Second, the adventure and fun is just outstanding. Just to be where no other has been before. This is totally unique.

Third, what we have already been able to do in the way of employing indigenous people in Ecuador and in helping the village has been incredibly heartwarming and gratifying.

Fourth, the knowledge we have already brought to our clients has been wonderful. We have received so many rave letters from happy clients we have taken to Ecuador. Fifth, our horizons have been so broadened that we are still trying to regain our equilibrium.

Sixth, we will make a fortune from this as we help the village and our clients more and more.

Seventh, we'll gain tax benefits too!

I have named this course Everlasting Wealth instead of Tax and Asset protection Tips because I want it to go beyond just saving tax and reducing law suit risks.

Everlasting wealth means you'll never burn out, always have fresh and invigorating ideas and the desire to do more and more. This is what assures that your wealth will be forever.

So as we proceed with this course its really about getting your life in order, doing what you love and then making sure the legal stuff is better as well.

Know that around any next corner your adventure (in your own terms) and opportunity is waiting for you.

Your home work (already given is to check out the website www.offshoreinvestments.com

At this site you can learn more about financial centers around the world.

From this we can go interactive. List for me the things you want to do in life. I'll select a few and we'll match the centers, the ideas and how you can pursue your passions as you build better shelters for your wealth at the same time.

Until then, good global business and investing! Gary

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