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Cost of Living in Panama
Our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation tour sent us this message about Panama’s cost of living. Panama Cost of Living in 2019 What does it cost to live in Panama? That’s the question I get asked most often. The answer is… it depends on where you live and how you live. Some areas of […] (May 26, 2020)

Vaccine for the Stupid Gene
We all need to protect against our stupid gene. I’m in pretty good health and have taken care of my wealth… but I do at times succumb to the stupid gene.  Once I chained sawed my knee, deep in the woods far away from anyone.  Another time I fell out of a tree.  Despite the […] (May 25, 2020)

The Five Levels of Viral Immunity
There are five ways our system fights viral infections.  That’s why I recommend reading a rather long and somewhat complicated but vitally important article “How does the body’s immune system work against viruses?” (1). The ability to defend and control virus invasion in the body begins with mucus physical barriers that form the first level […] ()

The Second Global Recovery Step to Watch
Yesterday’s message looked at how two very important issues, privacy and nationalism, can impact our lives after the pandemic. The issues are highlighted in a Financial Times article by history professor Yuval Noah Harari, “The world after coronavirus” (1).   This is worth a read if you missed it yesterday. The issues will have a […] (May 18, 2020)

Two Steps to Watch for Recovery
Watching the pandemic recovery process can help us choose a prosperity path. Global catastrophic events are crossroads that create many types of change, some good for some, some bad for others. Natural disasters are really not calamities.  They are simply the unfolding of creation, when humanity is not prepared.   Tragedy and adversity are nature’s tools […] (May 17, 2020)

The Fiction Behind This Recession
Will we have a quick rebound from the economic shutdown created by the pandemic?   Or will we see a recession… even a depression? Know one knows, so we have to be ready to adapt. To gain a better grasp on what could happen, let’s first remember that all booms and busts are just figments of […] (May 15, 2020)

Ecuador and Gold
There is gold and legends of vast treasure in Ecuador. Legend also says that those who journey into certain treasure valleys either die with a stake in their heart or go mad.  I’m happy we did not know that legend when we decided to hike into the Llanganatis. Merri and me with a group of […] (May 14, 2020)

Why Gold Prices Will Soar
Gold is a poor value according to my reckoning.   See here why you should own it anyhow. I create a lot of confusion about investing in gold because there are two reasons to buy gold and silver.  So sometimes I am saying, “do not speculate in the precious metals, but invest in some”. The first […] (May 13, 2020)